4th September, on this day

422 St Boniface I ends his reign as Catholic Pope
476 Romulus Augustulus, last Roman emperor in west, is deposed
1260 The Senese Ghibellines, supported by the forces of King Manfred of Sicily, defeat the Florentine Guelphs at Montaperti
1618 "Rodi" avalanche destroys Plurs, Switzerland, 1,500 killed
1666 In London, England, the most destructive day in the Great Fire
1669 The siege of Candia ends with the Venetian fortress surrendering to the Ottomans
1781 The town of Los Angeles is founded by Spanish settlers and is named 'El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora La Reina de Los Angeles' - The Town of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels
1862 Maryland Campaign Gen. Lee takes the Army of Northern Virginia, and the war, into the North.
1864 Bread riots in Mobile, Alabama
1870 Emperor Napoleon III, nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte, is deposed and the Third Republic declared by France
1884 Britain ceases to send convicts to New South Wales in Australia
1885 The world's first cafeteria opens in New York
1886 Indian Wars: After almost 30 years of fighting, Apache leader Geronimo surrenders with his remaining warriors to General Nelson Miles in Arizona.
1888 George Eastman patents 1st roll-film camera and registers "Kodak"
1894 In New York City, 12,000 tailors strike against sweatshop working conditions.
1909 The first Boy Scout rally takes place at Crystal Palace in London
1918 US troops land in Archangel, Russia, stay 10 months
1920 Last day of Julian civil calendar (in parts of Bulgaria)
1923 Maiden flight of the first U.S. airship, the USS Shenandoah.
1927 Charles Lindbergh visits Boise, Idaho, on his cross-country tour
1933 1st airplane to exceed 300 mph (483 kph), JR Wendell, Glenview, Il
1939 A German submarine sinks the British liner 'Athenia' off the Irish coast
1939 The Polish ghetto of Mir is exterminated
1939 Japan declares neutrality in European war.
1940 A German submarine makes the first attack against a United States ship (the USS Greer) despite US neutrality.
1944 The Allies liberate Brussels and Antwerp in Belgium
1945 US regains possession of Wake Island from Japan
1948 Queen Wilhelmina of Netherlands abdicates
1949 The Peekskill Riots erupt after a Paul Robeson concert in Peekskill, NY.
1950 1st helicopter rescue of American pilot behind enemy lines
1950 Darlington Raceway is the site of the inaugural Southern 500, the first 500-mile NASCAR race.
1950 D McI Hodgson of St Ann Bay, Nova Scotia catches a 997 lb tuna
1951 In US, 1st transcontinental TV broadcast, by President Truman
1954 1st passage of McClure Strait, fabled Northwest Passage completed
1955 British TV newsreaders are seen in vision for the first time.The first is the BBC's Kenneth Kendall
1956 The IBM RAMAC 305 was introduced, the first commercial computer that used magnetic disk storage.
1957 Little Rock Crisis - Orval Faubus, governor of Arkansas, calls out the National Guard to prevent African American students from enrolling in Central High School.
1962 Beatles record "How Do You Do It"
1963 Swissair Flight 306 crashes near Dürrenäsch, Switzerland; killing all 80 people on board.
1964 Queen Elizabeth II opens the Forth Road Bridge across the Firth of Forth in Scotland.. It is 6,156 feet long with a centre span of 3,300 feet
1964 NASA launches its 1st Orbital Geophysical Observatory (OGO-1)
1965 Beatles' "Help!," single goes to number 1 and stays for 3 weeks
1967 6.5 earthquake of Kolya Dam India, kills 200
1967 Vietnam War: Operation Swift begins: U.S. Marines engage the North Vietnamese in battle in the Que Son Valley.
1970 Russian ballerina Natalia Makarova defects to the West during a visit to London by the Kirov Ballet
1970 George Harrison releases "My Sweet Lord" single
1971 A Boeing 727 carrying Alaska Airlines Flight 1866 crashes near Juneau, Alaska, killing all 111 people on board.
1972 US swimmer Mark Spitz becomes 1st athlete to win 7 olympic gold medals
1972 Thieves steal 18 paintings from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in what was at the time the largest art theft in North America
1975 The Sinai Interim Agreement concerning the Arab-Israeli conflict is signed.
1981 In Britain, the start of the Greenham Common peace protest outside the US Air Force base in Berkshire, England - a demonstration against the future deployment of Cruise missiles which arrive at the base in 1983
1983 Scott Michael Pellaton sets barefoot waterski speed rec (119.36 mph)
1984 Brian Mulroney leads the Canadian Progressive Conservative Party to power in the 1984 federal election, ending 20 years of nearly uninterrupted Liberal rule.
1985 The wreck of the ocean liner 'Titanic' is photographed by remote control on the North Atlantic seabed where she sank in 1912 after hitting an iceberg on her maiden voyage
1988 Mike Tyson crashes a silver BMW into a tree near Catskills, NY
1995 The Fourth World Conference on Women opens in Beijing with over 4,750 delegates from 181 countries in attendance.
1996 War on Drugs: Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) attack a military base in Guaviare, starting three weeks of guerrilla warfare in which at least 130 Colombians are killed.

4th September 2005

Officials predict thousands of dead

Paris hit by third deadly blaze

New Orleans 'security restored'

4th September 2006

Gunman fires on Jordan tourists

Kabul suicide bomber kills five

Australia mourns 'colourful son'

4th September 2007

Felix slams into Central America

Air raid 'kills 50 Congo rebels'

Lebanon army 'killed 222 rebels'

4th September 2008

US condemns Russia over Georgia

Haiti facing storm 'catastrophe'

Roman Empire 'raised HIV threat'

4th September 2009

Many die in Afghan tanker blasts

'Five die' in China ethnic unrest

US jobless rate at 26-year high

4th September 2010

Birthdates which occurred on 4th September:

1736 Robert Raikes England, Sunday school pioneer
1768 Fran‡ois Ren‚ de Chateaubriand France, poet/novelist/statesman
1802 Marcus Whitman missionary, led to US securing Oregon
1803 Sarah Childress Polk 1st lady
1810 Donald McKay US naval architect, built fastest clipper ships
1824 Anton Bruckner Austria, Wagner disciple & monumental bore
1824 Phoebe Cary Cincinnati, American poet (Poems of Alice & Phoebe Cary)
1825 Dadabhai Naoroji 1st Indian in British parliament
1846 Daniel Burnham US, architect/built skyscrapers
1872 Darius Milhaud Aix-en-Provence France, composer (Maximilien)
19-- Kim Thayll Wash, rock guitarist (Soundgarden-Badmotorfinger)
19-- Mark Tapscott actress (Young & Restless)
1901 Paul Osborn playwright (Mornings at 7)
1902 Lorna Johnstone England, equestrian dressage (Olympic-13th-1968)
1904 Hjordis T”pel Sweden, diving/4 X 100m relay (Olympic-bronze-1924)
1907 Leo Castelli Trieste, American art dealer
1908 Richard Wright US, author (Native Son, Uncle Tom's Children)
1912 Alexander Liberman editor/painter/photographer (639)
1915 Dick Thomas Phila Pa, TV host (Village Barn)
1917 Henry Ford II automaker (Ford)
1918 Gerald Wilson Shelby Miss, orch leader (Redd Foxx)
1918 Paul Harvey Tulsa Okla, news commentator (The rest of the story)
1918 William Talbert tennis doubles champ (US 1942, 45, 46, 48)
1919 Howard Morris NYC, comedic actor (High Anxiety)
1920 Craig Claiborne food columnist (NY Times Cookbook)
1926 Robert J Lagomarsino (Rep-R-Ca)
1928 Dick York Fort Wayne Ind, actor (Darrin-Bewitched, Inherit the Wind)
1928 Donald E Petersen Minn, exec (Ford Motors)
1929 Thomas Eagleton (Sen-D-Mo, Dem VP candidate 1972)
1933 Richard Castellano Bronx, actor (Godfather, Lovers & Other Strangers)
1937 Dawn Fraser Australia, 100m freestyle (Olympic-gold-1956, 60, 64)
1938 Leonard Frey Bkln NY, actor (Best of West, Mr Smith)
1942 Ray Floyd Fort Bragg NC, PGA golfer (Masters 1976)
1943 Giuseppi Gentile Italy, triple jumper (Olympic-bronze-1968)
1944 Jennifer Salt LA Calif, actress (Sisters, Soap, Wedding Party)
1947 Alan Greisman Sally Field's husband/producer (Fletch, Surrender)
1949 Tom Watson KC Mo, PGA golfer (British Open 1975,77,80,82)
1951 Judith Ivey El Paso Texas, actress (Lady in Red, Hello Again)
1953 Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs NYC, actor (Freddie-Welcome Back Kotter)
1959 Armin Kogler Austria, skier (2-time winner of jumping World Cup)
1959 William Kennedy Smith Kennedy accused of rape in Florida (1991)
1960 Peter Virgile soap actor
1965 Terri Lynn Doss Chicago Ill, playmate (Jul, 1988)
1966 Debra Lewin South Burlington Vermont, Miss Vermont-America (1991)
1968 John Preston Utah, actor (Greg-General Hospital)
1970 Ione Skye (Leitch) Hertfordshire England, actress (Say Anything)
1970 Jennifer Nakken Cedar City Utah, Miss Utah-America (1991)
1972 Danny Ponce Waltham Mass, actor (Willie-Valerie/Hogan Family)
1972 Merald Knight Atlanta Ga, singer (Gladys Knights & Pips)
2179 Nyota Uhura Nairobi Kenya, communications officer (Star Trek)


Deaths which occurred on September 4th:
1553 Cornelia da Nomatalcino monk converted to Judaism, burned at stake
1965 Albert Schweitzer dies
1975 Walter Tetley voice (Sherman-Bullwinkle Show), dies at 60
1981 Verne Rowe actor (Verne-Fernwood 2 Night), dies at 59
1985 George O'Brien actor, dies of a stroke at 85
1985 Isabel Jeans actress, dies at 93
1990 Irene Dunne actress (5 oscars), dies of heart failure at 91
1991 Charlie Barnet saxophonist, dies of pneumonia at 77
1991 Dottie West country singer, dies at 58 in a car crash
1991 Thomas Tryon actor (Cardinal)/writer (Other), dies at 65