29th September, on this day

522 BC Darius I of Persia kills the Magian usurper Gaumâta, securing his hold as king of the Persian Empire
480 BC Battle of Salamis: The Greek fleet under Themistokles defeats the Persian fleet under Xerxes I.
61 BC Pompey the Great celebrates his third triumph for victories over the pirates and the end of the Mithridatic Wars on his 45th birthday.
235 St Pontianus ends his reign as Catholic Pope
855 Benedict III begins his reign as Catholic Pope
1227 Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor, is excommunicated by Pope Gregory IX for his failure to go on crusade.
1349 People of Krems Austria accuse Jews of poisoning the wells
1364 Battle of Auray, English forces defeat French at Brittany
1650 Henry Robinson opens 1st marriage bureau (England)
1785 Chaidic sect is excommunicated in Cracow, Poland
1789 US War Dept established a regular army
1793 Tennis is 1st mentioned in an English sporting magazine
1829 Foundation of the first professionally organised police service in Britain - organised by Home Secretary Sir Robert Peel. Officers became known as either 'Peelers' or 'Bobbies'. Scotland Yard formed in London
1848 Battle of Pákozd: Hungarian forces defeat Croats at Pákozd; the first battle of the War of Independence.
1850 The Roman Catholic hierarchy is re-established in England and Wales by Pope Pius IX
1859 Great auroral display in US
1864 The Battle of Chaffin's Farm is fought as part of the Siege of Petersburg in the American Civil War
1885 Britain gets its first electric street tram in Blackpool
1890 1st pro baseball game, NY Metropolitans beat the Washington Nationals 4-2 in 5 innings at the Polo Grounds in NYC
1902 Impresario David Belasco opened his 1st Broadway theatre
1906 USA declares a provisional government in Cuba following the resignation of President Palma
1907 The cornerstone is laid at Washington National Cathedral in the U.S. capital.
1911 Italy declares war on the Ottoman Empire.
1915 A hurricane claims 275 in the Mississippi Delta
1916 American John D Rockefeller becomes the world's first billionaire during the share boom in the United States of America
1918 Allied forces scored a decisive breakthrough of the Hindenburg Line
1924 Plutarco Elías Calles is proclaimed President of Mexico.
1930 Boquer¢n battle ends Paraguay border dispute
1930 Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw turns down a peerage
1936 Radio used for 1st time for a presidential campaign
1938 British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and German leader Adolf Hitler sign the 'Munich Agreement ' limiting German expansion in Europe. Chamberlain retuns to Britain claiming to have negotiated 'peace with honour' and declares ' I believe it is peace in our time'
1940 1st US merchant ship "Booker T Washington" commanded by a black captain (Hugh Mulzac), launched at Wilmington Delaware
1941 Holocaust in Kiev, Ukraine: German Einsatzgruppe C starts Babi Yar massacre. According to the Einsatzgruppen Operational Situation Report No. 101, at least 33,771 Jews from Kiev and its suburbs were killed at Babi Yar on September 29 - 30, 1941.
1941 Heavyweight Champ Joe Louis KOs Lou Nova in 6
1943 Eisenhower and Italian Marshal Pietro Badoglio sign an armistice
1944 Soviet troops invade Yugoslavia
1950 In America, the Bell Telephone Company demonstrates the first automatic answering machine
1951 1st colour telecast of football game on network, Phila (CBS)
1951 S B Nicholson discovers 12th satellite of Jupiter
1952 British and world water speed record holder John Cobb is killed on Loch Ness in Scotland when his craft 'Crusader' breaks up after hitting a waves at 240 mph
1954 The convention establishing CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) is signed.
1957 300 die as express train hits stalled train (Montgomery, W Pakistan)
1957 20 MCi (740 petabecquerels) of radioactive material is released in an explosion at the Soviet Mayak nuclear plant at Chelyabinsk.
1960 Nikita Khrushchev, leader of Soviet Union, disorders a meeting of the United Nations General Assembly with a number of angry outbursts.
1962 Launch of Alouette 1, 1st Canadian satellite (on US Delta rocket)
1963 Rolling Stones 1st tour (opening act for Bo Diddley and Everly Bros)
1964 The Argentine comic strip Mafalda is published for the first time.
1966 The Chevrolet Camaro, originally named Panther, is introduced.
1971 Oman joins the Arab League.
1972 Sino-Japanese relations: Japan establishes diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China after breaking official ties with the Republic of China.
1973 Soyuz 12 returns to Earth
1975 WGPR in Detroit, Michigan, becomes the world's first black-owned-and-operated television station.
1977 Muhammad Ali won a unanimous, 15-round decision over Earnie Shavers
1977 Soviet space station Salyut 6 launched into Earth orbit
1979 Pope John Paul II becomes 1st pope to visit Ireland
1982 Tylenol Crisis of 1982 : Cyanide laced Tylenol capsules kills 7 in Chicago
1985 First of 5 cyanide-laced Tylenol victims dies
1986 USSR releases US journalist Nicholas Daniloff confined on spy charges
1988 UN peacekeeping forces win Nobel Peace prize
1988 NASA launches STS-26, the return to flight mission, after the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.
1990 Washington National Cathedral construction is completed after 83 years
1991 The first freely-elected President of Haiti , Jean-Bertrand Aristide, is removed from office in a military coup
1992 Brazilian President Fernando Collor de Mello resigns.
2001 The Syracuse Herald-Journal, a U.S. newspaper dating back to 1839, ceases publication.
2003 Hurricane Juan makes landfall in Nova Scotia.
2004 The Burt Rutan Ansari X Prize entry SpaceShipOne performed a successful spaceflight, the first of two needed to win the prize.
2007 Calder Hall, the world's first commercial nuclear power station, the magnox reactor and Calder hall was demolished in a controlled explosion.

29th September 2005

Bomb kills 5 U.S. soldiers

Africans die in Spanish enclave

India hit by strike over reforms

29th September 2006

Russian officers on spying charge

Saddam judge relative shot dead

France urges EU immigration curbs

29th September 2007

Kabul bus blast kills 27 troops

Tourists hurt in Maldives blast

'Kurd attack' kills 12 in Turkey

29th September 2008

House votes down bail-out package

Deadly blast rocks Lebanese city

Abducted Western tourists freed

29th September 2009

Typhoon leaves 31 dead in Vietnam

Powerful quake off Samoa islands

Iran insists on 'nuclear rights'

29th September 2010

Birthdates which occurred on 29th September:

1511 Michael Servetus Spain, physician (Christianism Rostituta)
1755 Robert Lord Clive, founded British empire in India
1758 Horatio Nelson Burnham Thorpe Britain, naval hero at Trafalgar
1838 Henry Hobson Richardson US Romanesque revival architect
1848 Caroline Ardelia Yale US, educated deaf
1893 Fabien Sevitzky Vishny Volotchok Russia, conductor (Phila Orch)
1895 Joseph Banks Rhine Penn, parapsychologist (Extra-Sensory Perception)
19-- Alex Skolnick rocker (Testament-Souls of Black)
19-- Arch Whiting Larchmont NY, actor (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea)
19-- Barry Snider Salinas Calif, actor (Harry-Beacon Hill)
19-- Donovan Scott Chico Calif, actor (Leonard-Life With Lucy)
19-- Miguel Gallardo spanish singer (Corazon Viajero)
19-- Robert Gentry actor (All My Children)
19-- Suzanne Lederer Great Neck NY, actress (Carol-Eishied)
19-- Taime Downe rocker (Faster Pussycat-Wake Me When It's Over)
1901 Enrico Fermi Italy, physicist, gone fission (Nobel-1938)
1902 Miguel Alem n president of Mexico (1946-52)
1903 Ted Decorsia Bkln NY, actor (Police Chief Hegedorn-Steve Canyon)
1907 Gene Autry Tioga Tx, cowpoke/singer/actor/Calif Angels owner
1907 Michael Shepley Plymouth England, actor (Dick & the Duchess)
1907 Richard Harkness Artesian SD, newscaster (Story of the Week)
1908 Greer Garson North Ireland, actress (Pride & Prejudice)
1910 Virginia Bruce actress (Action in Arabia)
1912 Michelangelo Antonioni Ferrara Italy, director (Blow-up)
1913 Stanley E Kramer producer/director (On the Beach)
1915 Brenda Marshall Phillipines, actress (Sea Hawk, Paris After Dark)
1916 Trevor Howard England, actor (Mutiny on Bounty, Ryan's Daughter)
1919 Masao Takemoto Japan, gymnast (Olympic-gold-1960)
1920 James Mitchell Calif, actor (Oklahoma, Devil's Doorway)
1922 Lizabeth Scott Scranton, Pa, actress (Dark City, Desert Fury)
1923 O.A. "Bum" Phillips football coach (Houston Oilers/New Orlean Saints)
1924 Steve Forrest Huntsville Tx, actor (Ben-Dallas, SWAT)
1925 John Tower (Sen-R-Tx)
1927 Adhemar Ferreira da Silva Brazil, triple jumper (Olympic-gold-52, 56)
1927 Paul McCloskey (Sen-R-Calif)
1929 Bob Newhart Oak Park Ill, actor/comedian (Bob Newhart Show)
1930 Richard Bonynge Sydney Australia, conductor (Aust Orch Sydney-1976)
1931 Anita Ekberg Sweden, actress (La Dolce Vita, War & Peace)
1931 Eddie Barth Phila, actor (Shaft, Simon & Simon)
1932 Robert Benton Texas, writer/director (Kramer vs Kramer)
1935 Jerry Lee Lewis singer (Great Balls of Fire, Breathless)
1939 Larry Linville Ojai Calif, actor (Frank Burns-M*A*S*H, Blue Movie)
1939 Mylene Demongeot Nice France, actress (Just Another Pretty Face)
1942 Donna Corcoran Quincy Mass, actress (Man Without a Star)
1942 Ian McShane Blackburn England, actor (Roots, Bare Essence)
1942 Jean-Luc Ponty France, fusion violinist (Frank Zappa)
1942 Madeline Kahn Boston Mass, actress (Young Frankenstein, High Anxiety)
1942 William Nelson (Rep-D-Fla), astronaut (STS 61C)
1943 Lech Walesa Popowo Poland, leads Polish Solidarity (Nobel 1983)
1948 Bryant Gumbel New Orleans La, sportscaster/TV host (Today Show)
1948 Mark Farner Mich, guitar/vocalist (Grand Funk Railroad-Locomotion)
1948 Viktor Krovopouskov USSR, sabres (Olympic-gold-1976, 1980)
1953 Drake Hogestyn Ft Wayne Indiana, actor (7 Brides for 7 Brothers)
1954 Cindy Morgan [Cichorski], Chicago Ill, actress (Tron)
1956 Sebastian Coe England, 1500m runner (Olympic-gold-1980, 84)
1960 Leslie Graves Silver City NM, actress (Capitol)
1960 Wendy White Atlanta Ga, tennis player
1964 Julie Peterson Havre de Grace Md, playmate (Feb, 1987)
1966 Jill Whelan Oakland Calif, actress (Vicki-Love Boat)
1968 Luke Goss rocker (Bros-I Owe You Nothing)
1968 Matt Goss rocker (Bros-I Owe You Nothing)
1969 Erika Eleniak Glendale Ca, playmate (Jul, 1989)
1970 Emily Lloyd actress (Wish You Were Here)


Deaths which occurred on September 29th:
1895 Louis Pasteur dies
1959 Harold Huber actor (I Cover Times Square), dies at 49
1962 Patrick Corry developed self-rotating rock drill, dies in the Bronx
1964 Robert Burton actor (Dr Gordon-Kings Row), dies at 69
1970 Edward Everett Horton actor/narrator (Bulwinkle Show), dies at 84
1975 Casey Stengel NY Yankee manager (1949-60), dies in Glendale at 85
1978 Pope John Paul I
1986 Betty Kean actress (Amy Tucker-Leave it to Larry), dies at 69
1987 Henry Ford II dies in Detroit at 70
1988 Charles Addams cartoonist (Addams Family), dies at 76 of heart attack
1989 A.A. Busch Jr brewer/baseball owner (St Louis Cards), dies at 90