17th September, on this day

1176 The Battle of Myriokephalon is fought between the Byzantine Empire and the Seljuk Turks in Phrygia
1394 Jews are expelled from France by order of King Charles VI
1462 The Battle of Swiecino (or Battle of Zarnowiec) is fought during Thirteen Years' War.
1577 Peace of Bergerac signed between Henry III of France and the Huguenots.
1630 US city of Boston is founded
1631 Sweden wins a major victory at the Battle of Breitenfeld against the Holy Roman Empire during the Thirty Years War.
1745 In Scotland, the Jacobite supporters of Bonnie Prince Charlie - the Young Pretender - occupy Edinburgh
1776 The Presidio of San Francisco is founded in New Spain.
1778 Treaty of Fort Pitt signed, the first formal treaty between the United States and a Native American tribe (the Lenape or Delaware).
1787 Under the chairmanship of George Washington, 39 delegates (out of a possible 42) officially approve and sign the Constitution of the United States of America
1789 William Herschel discovers Mimas, satellite of Saturn
1809 Peace between Sweden and Russia in the Finnish War. The territory to become Finland is ceded to Russia by the Treaty of Fredrikshamn.
1819 1st whaling ship arrives in Hawaii
1859 Joshua A. Norton declares himself Emperor Norton I of the United States.
1862 Battle of Sharpsburg (Antietam)-bloodiest day of the Civil War
1863 Pope Pius IX encyclical On persecution in New Grenada
1894 Battle of Yalu River, the largest naval engagement of the First Sino-Japanese War.
1894 "A Gaiety Girl' opens at Day's Theatre in New York. Its the first British musical to make it onto Broadway
1900 Philippine-American War: Filipinos under Juan Cailles defeat Americans under Colonel Benjamin F. Cheatham at Mabitac.
1908 Lt Thomas Selfridge of the US Army Signal Corps is the first person to be killed in a plane crash.- flying with air pioneer Orville Wright when their plane crashes at Fort Meyer in Virginia
1911 1st transcontinental airplane flight, NY-Pasadena in 82 hrs 4 min
1914 Andrew Fisher becomes Prime Minister of Australia for the third time.
1916 Manfred von Richthofen ("The Red Baron"), a flying ace of the German Luftstreitkräfte, won his first aerial combat near Cambrai, France.
1922 Radio Moscow begins transmitting (12 KWs-most powerful station)
1924 The Border Defence Corps was established in the Second Polish Republic for the defence of the eastern border against armed Soviet raids and local bandits.
1928 The Okeechobee Hurricane hits Lake Okeechobee Florida drowning 1,800-2500
1931 In America, record company RCA Victor demonstrates the Long-Playing Record (LP) with a playing speed of 33 and a third revolutions per minute.The initial venture fails because of the high cost of production. The firstmicrogroove records don't appear commercially until 1948
1934 1st 33 1/3 rpm recording released (Beethoven's 5th)
1939 Russia takes advantage of its non-aggression treaty with Germany to invade Poland from the East (Germany had invaded Poland from the West on September 1st)
1939 A German U-boat U 29 sinks the British aircraft carrier HMS Courageous.
1941 A decree of the Soviet State Committee of Defense, restoring Vsevobuch in the face of the Great Patriotic War, was issued
1943 Load of "ammunition in transit" explodes at Norfolk Naval Air Station
1944 Blackout regulations are eased in Britain to allow lights on buses, trains and at railway stations for the first time since the beginning of World War II in 1939
1944 During World War II, British and American paratroopers begin 'Operation Market Garden' - landing thousands of troops behind German lines in Holland.British paratroops, sent to capture and hold the bridge over the Rhine at Arnhem, fight for 10 days before being forced to retreat having suffered heavy losses. Their battle is the subject of a book and subsequent film 'A BridgeToo Far'
1948 Lehi (also known as the Stern gang) assassinates Count Folke Bernadotte, who was appointed by the UN to mediate between the Arabs and Jews.
1949 Steamer "Noronic" burns at pier killing 128 (Toronto, Canada)
1952 "I am an American Day" and "Constituion Day" renamed "Citizenship Day"
1953 1st successful separation of Siamese twins
1956 Black students enter Clay Ky elementary school
1956 Television was first broadcast in Australia.
1957 2 male attorneys "stand in" as actress Sophia Loren and producer Carlo Ponti wed by proxy in Juarez, Mexico
1959 Transit 1A, 1st navigational satellite launched; failed to orbit
1959 Typhoon kills 2,000 in Japan and Korea
1961 One of London's largest 'Ban the Bomb' demonstrations against the proliferation of nuclear weapons ends with 830 arrests - including actress Vanessa Redgrave and playwright John Osborne
1962 US space officials announce selection of 9 new astronauts
1963 "The Fugitive" premiers on ABC TV
1963 Train struck makeshift bus full of migrant workers, killing 32
1964 "Bewitched" premiers on ABC TV
1964 Beatles are paid a then record $150,000 for a concert (Kansas)
1964 Supremes release "Baby Love"
1967 "Mission Impossible" premieres on CBS-TV
1967 Mount Washington cog railway train derails, kills 8 (NH) 0
1968 Zond 5 completes circumnavigation of the Moon
1970 Fighting breaks out along the Syria-Jordanian border between Jordanian troops and the fedayeen.
1972 "M*A*S*H," premiers on TV
1975 Rollout of 1st space shuttle orbiter Enterprise (OV-101)
1976 NASA publicly unveils space shuttle Enterprise in Palmdale, Calif
1978 Begin, Sadat and Carter sign the Camp David accord
1980 Solidarity labor union in Poland forms
1984 Brian Mulroney sworn in as Canada's 18th PM succeeding John Turner
1985 Soyuz T-14 carries 3 cosmonauts to Salyut 7 space station
1989 Hurricane Hugo begins 4 day sweep through Caribbean, killing 62
1989 NYC court of appeals overturns lower court decision and returns America's Cup back to the
1990 Soviet Union and Saudi Arabia restore diplomatic ties
1991 North Korea, South Korea, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Marshall Islands and Micronesia join the United Nations.
1991 The first version of the Linux kernel (0.01) is released to the Internet.
1993 Last Russian troops leave Poland.
1983 Vanessa Williams becomes the first black Miss America.
1995 American comedian Bob Hope is taken to court by a butler he'd sacked for refusing to shave off his beard
1997 Newspaper editors in Britain agree on less intrusive coverage of the Royal Family in future in response to the critical public opinion of the media following the death of Diana, Princess of Wales in Paris
1998 Chaos in Staffordshire, England, when animal rights activists release around 6,000 animals from a mink farm
2002 Kashmir violence continues after polls

17th September 2005

Iran resolved to pursue nuclear program

Iraqi market bombing kills many

German rivals make one last push

17th September 2006

World rallies for peace in Darfur

Nato hails Afghan mission success

Four killed in Thai bomb blasts

17th September 2007

Iran scorns French warning of war

Iraq shootout firm loses licence

Chernobyl to be covered in steel

17th September 2008

US government rescues insurer AIG

Blasts rock US embassy in Yemen

'US drone' kills five in Pakistan

17th September 2009

Obama shelves Europe missile plan

Italian forces die in Kabul blast

Suicide blasts hit Somalia base

17th September 2010

Birthdates which occurred on 17th September:

879 Charles III [The Simple], king of France (893-923)
1271 Wenceslas II king of Bohemia & Poland (1278-1305)
1730 Baron Frederick von Steuben Germany, made Continental Army winners
1743 Marquis de Condorcet France, enlightenment philosopher
1774 Joseph Caspar Mezzofanti Cardinal/linguist (understood 70 languages)
1819 Thomas Andrews Hendricks (D) 21st US VP; died in office
1850 Ab¡lio Manuel Guerra Junqueiro Portuguese poet (The Simple Ones)
1857 Konstantin Tsiolkovsky pioneer in rocket & space research
1869 Christian Lange Norway, pacifist/internationalist (Nobel 1921)
1884 Charles Tomlinson Griffes Elmira NY, composer (White Peacock)
19-- Chris Conrad actor (Matt-High Mountain Rangers)
19-- Ty Tabor rocker (King's X-Faith Hope Love)
1904 Frederick Ashton choreographer (Cinderella)
1907 Warren E Burger Minn, Supreme Court chief justice (1969-86)
1917 Lawrence Jacob Atlantic City NJ, artist (Sanitarium)
1917 Peter Bennett London, actor (Leonides-Adv of Sir Lancelot)
1921 Virgilio Barco Vargas president of Colombia (1986-90)
1922 Ursula Howells London, actress (Girly, Murder is Announced)
1923 Hank Williams country singer (Cold, Cold Heart, Hey Good Lookin')
1927 George Blanda Penn, NFL hall of famer (Bears, Oilers, Raiders)
1928 Roddy McDowall actor (Planet of the Apes, Lord Love a Duck)
1930 David Huddleston Vinton Va, actor (How the West Was Won)
1930 Edgar Dean Mitchell Hereford Texas, Capt USN/astronaut (Apollo 14)
1930 Thomas P Stafford Weatherford Ok, USAF/astronaut (Gem 6 9, Ap 10 18)
1931 Anne Bancroft AKA Mrs Mel Brooks, Bronx, actress (Graduate)
1933 Charles Grassley (Sen-R-Iowa)
1933 Dorothy Loudon Boston Mass, actress (Garbo Talks, Garry Moore Show)
1933 Patricia Crowley Olyphant Pa, actress (Please Don't Eat the Daisies)
1934 Maureen "Little Mo" Connolly tennis, 1st woman grand slam (1953)
1934 Orlando Cepeda Giants player (NL MVP 1967)
1935 Ken Kesey author (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest)
1938 Paul Benedict Silver City NM, actor (Harry-The Jefferson)
1939 David Souter Weir NH, Supreme Court Justice (1990- )
1941 William Grut Sweden, penthathlete (Olympic-gold-1948)
1942 Beverly Aadland Hollywood Cal, Errol Flynn's last girlfriend
1942 Doris Brown US, 800m runner (Olympic-5th-1968)
1948 John Ritter Burbank Calif, actor (Jack-3's Company, Hooperman)
1955 Rita Rudner comedienne (Funny People)
1958 Daniel Nunez Cuba, weightlifter (Olympic-gold-1980)
1959 Hank Ilesic Edmonton, CFL punter, place kicker (Edmonton, Toronto)
1960 Terry Nihen Concord Mass, playmate (December, 1983)
1962 Dustin Nguyen actor (Harry-21 Jump Street)
1968 Suzy Cote Santa Barbara Calif, actress (Samantha-Guiding Light)


Deaths which occurred on September 17th:
1908 Thomas Selfridge earlier aviator, dies in an air crash
1948 Count Folke Bernadotte UN mediator for Palestine, assassinated
in Jerusalem by Jewish extremists
1961 Adnan Menderes PM of Turkey (1950-60), dies at 62
1980 Anastasio Somoza Former Nicaraguan Pres assassinated in Paraguay
1984 Richard Basehart actor, dies at 70 following several strokes
1989 Jay Stewart annoucer on Let's Make a Deal, commits suicide