1st September, on this day

69 Traditional date of the destruction of Jerusalem
462 Possible start of first Byzantine indiction cycle.
891 Norsemen defeated near Louvaine, France
1267 (Nachmanides) arrives in Jerusalem to establish Jew community
1532 Lady Anne Boleyn is made Marchioness of Pembroke by her fiancé, King Henry VIII of England.
1614 Vincent Fettmich expells Jews from Frankfurt-on-Main, Germany
1644 Battle of Tippermuir, Montrose defeats Elcho's Covenanters, reviving Royalist cause.
1661 1st Yacht race, England's King Charles vs his brother James
1666 Great London Fire begins in Pudding Lane. 80% of London is destroyed
1715 King Louis XIV of France dies after a reign of 72 years—the longest of any major European monarch.
1739 35 Jews sentenced to life in prison in Lisbon, Portugal
1752 The Liberty Bell arrives in Philadelphia.
1763 Catherine II of Russia endorses Ivan Betskoy's plans for a Foundling Home in Moscow
1772 Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa founded in San Luis Obispo, California.
1799 Bank of Manhattan Company opens in NYC (forerunner to Chase Manhattan)
1804 Juno, one of the largest main belt asteroids, was discovered by German astronomer Karl Ludwig Harding.
1807 Aaron Burr acquitted of charges of plotting to set up an empire
1836 Reconstruction begins on Synagogue of Rabbi Judah Hasid in Jerusalem
1836 Narcissa Whitman, one of the first white women to settle west of the Rocky Mountains, arrives at Walla Walla, Washington.
1858 1st transatlantic cable fails after less than 1 month
1859 Pullman (sleeping cars) carriages are first introduced - on the Bloomington to Chicago line in the United States. Sleeping carriages designed and patented by American inventor and businessman Goerge Mortimer Pullman
1859 RC Carrington and R Hodgson make 1st observation of solar flare The solar superstorm affects electrical telegraph service.
1862 Battle of Chantilly - Confederate forces attack retreating Union troops in Chantilly, Virginia.
1864 Confederate troops abandon the city of Atlanta, in Georgia which is occupied by the Unionists the following day
1865 Joseph Lister performs 1st antiseptic surgery
1870 Franco-Prussian War: Battle of Sedan is fought, resulting in a decisive Prussian victory.
1870 Napoleon III captured at Sedan
1873 Cetshwayo ascends to the throne as king of the Zulu nation following the death of his father Mpande.
1874 Sydney General Post Office opens in Australia
1875 A murder conviction effectively forces the violent Irish anti-owner coal miners, the "Molly Maguires", to disband.
1878 1st female telephone operator starts work (Emma Nutt in Boston)
1879 In southern Africa, Britain signs a peace treaty with Zulu chiefs
1894 Great Hinckley Fire: A forest fire in Hinckley, Minnesota, kills more than 400 people.
1896 Chop Suey, supposedly a traditional Chinese meal, is invented in New York
1897 The Boston subway opens, becoming the first underground rapid transit system in North America.
1902 A Trip to the Moon, considered one of the first science fiction films, is released in France.
1905 Alberta and Saskatchewan become 8th and 9th Canadian provinces
1906 Papua placed under Australian administration
1908 In the Middle East, the opening of the Hejaz Railway linking Damascus and Medina
1911 M Fourny sets world aircraft distance record of 720 km
1914 The last passenger pigeon, a female named Martha, dies in captivity in the Cincinnati Zoo.
1914 St Petersburg, Russia changes name to Petrograd
1916 Bulgaria declares war on Romania
1916 Keating-Owen Act (child labor banned from interstate commerce)
1918 US troops land in Vladivostok, Siberia, stay until 1920
1922 NYC law requires all "pool" rooms to change name to "billards"
1923 An earthquake in Japan leaves the cities of Tokyo and Yokohama in ruins and kills an estimated 500,000 people
1923 Great Kanto earthquake
1928 Albania becomes a kingdom, with Zogu I as king
1932 NYC Mayor James J "Gentleman Jimmy" Walker resigns (graft charges)
1933 First publication of the classic science-fiction novel 'The Shape Of Things to Come' by H.G.Wells
1939 Physical Review publishes 1st paper to deal with "black holes"
1939 Germany invades Poland and the bombing of the Polish capital, Warsaw, begins at 6am. In Britain, for the first time in history, the King goes to Downing Street instead of the Prime Minister going to Buckingham Palace as Neville Chamberlain needs to stay near his telephone during a crisis which leads to the start of World War II when Germany refuses British demands to withdraw troops from Poland
1939 British authorities begin the evacuation of more than a million woman and children from major cities as the possibility of war with Germany becomes a probability
1939 George C. Marshall becomes Chief of Staff of the United States Army.
1939 The Wound Badge for Wehrmacht, SS, Kriegsmarine, and Luftwaffe soldiers is instituted. The final version of the Iron Cross was also instituted on this date.
1939 Switzerland mobilizes its forces and the Swiss Parliament elects Henri Guisan to head the Swiss Army (an event that can happen only during war or mobilization).
1941 Yellow star becomes obligatory for Jews in the Reich to wear
1945 Japan surrenders ending WW II (US date, 9/2 in Japan)
1948 Communist form North China People's Republic
1948 UN's World Health Organization forms
1949 1st network detective series-Private Eyes-premiers
1950 West Berlin granted a constitution
1951 US, Australia and New Zealand sign ANZUS treaty
1951 Britain's first supermarket opens at Earl's Court in London
1956 Indian state of Tripura becomes a territory
1957 Excursion train crashed into a ravine killing 175, injuring 400
1961 The Eritrean War of Independence officially begins with the shooting of the Ethiopian police by Hamid Idris Awate
1961 USSR tests nuclear bombs in central Asia
1962 10,000 die in an earthquake in western Iran
1962 UN announces Earth population has hit 3 billion
1962 Channel Television launches to 54,000 households in the Channel Islands.
1969 Military leader Muammar Gaddafi (later giving himself the title of Colonel) siezes power in Libya, overthrowing the regime of King Idris
1970 Attempted assassination of King Hussein of Jordan by Palestinian guerillas, who attacked his motorcade.
1971 Qatar declares independence from Britain
1971 The penny and the thrupenny piece coins cease to be legal tender as Britain continues the changeover to decimal coinage
1972 Bobby Fischer beats Russian world champion Boris Spassky in Reykjavik to become the first American world chess champion. It was Spassky's first defence of the title he won on 1969
1973 74-year-old Hafnia Hotel burns, killing 35 (Copenhagen, Denmark)
1973 George Foreman KOs Jose Roman in the 1st to retain heavyweight title
1974 The SR-71 Blackbird sets (and holds) the record for flying from New York to London: 1 hour 54 minutes and 56.4 seconds.
1975 Gunsmoke goes off the air
1976 450 people are injured and at least 50 arrested during violence at the annual Notting Hill Carnival in London
1976 In US, Wayne L Hays, (Rep-D-Oh), resigns (scandal with Elizabeth Ray)
1977 1st TRS-80 Model I computer sold
1978 Jacqueline Smith of Great Britain scores 10 straight dead center strikes on a 4" disk in World Parachute Championships in Yugoslavia
1978 In Britain, former Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe is charged with inciting David Holmes to murder
1979 LA Court orders Clayton Moore to stop wearing Lone Ranger mask
1979 Pioneer 11 makes 1st fly-by of Saturn, discovers new moon, rings
1981 A coup d'état in the Central African Republic overthrows President David Dacko.
1981 Fiona Brothers sets women's propeller boat speed record (116.279 MPH)
1982 Former Ipswich manager Bobby Robson is appointed manager of the England football manager
1982 Palestinian Liberation Organization leaves Lebanon
1982 The United States Air Force Space Command is founded.
1983 Korean Air Flight 007 strays into Siberia and is shot down by a Soviet jet
1985 US-French expedition locates wreckage of Titanic off Newfoundland
1989 In Britain, the Conservative Government of Margaret Thatcher, begins the contoversial privatisation of the public water authorities
1990 Prince Charles, Prince of Wales is recovering in hospital after a second operation on his right arm which was broken when he fell from his polo pony
1991 Uzbekistan declares independence from the Soviet Union
1997 In Britain, details are announced of arrangements for the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales killed in a car crash in France. In Paris, claims that the car driver, Henri Paul - who was also killed - had been three times over the French drink-drive limit and may have been driving at more than 120 mph
2004 The Beslan school hostage crisis begins when armed terrorists take hundreds of school children and adults hostage in the Russian town of Beslan in North Ossetia.
2006 Luxembourg became the first country to complete the move to all digital television broadcasting.

1st September 2005

Anarchy in New Orleans

Mass burials for stampede victims

Beslan grieves a year after siege

1st September 2006

Dozens killed in Iran plane fire

Warning of long Baghdad struggle

Syria 'to enforce arms embargo'

1st September 2007

Bhutto vows early Pakistan return

'Leading Eta bomb maker' arrested

US welcomes Iraq militia 'freeze'

1st September 2008

Hurricane Gustav batters US coast

EU suspends talks on Russia pact

US hands over key Iraq province

1st September 2009

Poland angry at Soviet war role

Fiji suspended from Commonwealth

Libya marks Gaddafi anniversary

1st September 2010

Birthdates which occurred on 1st September:

1791 Lydia Sigourney US, religious author (How to Be Happy)
1849 Elizabeth Harrison US, educator (Natl Congress of Parents & Teachers)
1854 Engelbert Humperdinck Germany, opera composer (Parsifal)
1864 Sir Roger David Casement Ireland, martyr (IRA)
1866 James "Gentleman Jim" Corbett heavyweight champion boxer (1892-97)
1875 Edgar Rice Burroughs novelist (Tarzan, Mars Saga)
19-- Arnaldo Santana El Paso Tx, actor (Hector-AKA Pablo)
19-- Mari Gorman NYC, actress (Vivian-Harper Valley PTA)
19-- Marisela Verena Cuba, spanish singer
1900 Richard Arlen actor (Alice in Wonderland)
1904 Ray Flaherty AFL/NFL/AAFC coach (NY Giants)
1907 Walter Reuther labor leader/president of UAW & CIO
1910 Jack Hawkins London England, actor (Ben-Four Just Men)
1922 Melvin R Laird (Rep-R-Mich), US Secretary of Defense (1969-73)
1922 Vittorio Gassman actor (War & Peace)
1922 Yvonne De Carlo Vancouver BC, actress (10 Commandments, Munsters)
1923 Rocky Marciano heavyweight champion boxer (1952-56)
1933 Ann Richards (Gov-Tx)
1933 Conway Twitty [Harold Jenkins], Miss, country singer (Hello Darlin')
1935 Seiji Ozawa Hoten Manchuria, conductor (Boston Symphony Orchestra)
1937 Al Geiberger golfer (US PGA lowest score on 18 holes, a 59)
1937 Ron O'Neal Utica NY, actor (Superfly)
1938 George Maharis Astoria NY, actor (Buz-Route 66, Most Deadly Game)
1939 Heinrich Messner Austria, downhill skier (Olympic-bronze-1972)
1939 Lily Tomlin Detroit, comedienne/actress (9 to 5, Laugh-in, All of Me)
1944 Leonard Slatkin LA Calif, conductor (Concert Orch, Neth)
1946 Barry Gibb singer (BeeGees-Stayin' Alive)
1946 Erich Sch„rer Switzerland, 2 man bobsled (Olympic-gold-1980)
1957 Gloria Estefan Cuba, singer (Miami Sound Machine-Conga, 1-2-3)


Deaths which occurred on September 1st:
1159 Adrian IV only English pope (1154-59), dies (birth date unknown)
1557 Jacques Cartier French explorer, dies (birth date unknown)
1648 Marin Mersenne French mathematician, dies at 59
1715 Louis XIV the great, king of France (1643-1715), dies at 76
1838 William Clark 2nd lt of Lewis & Clark Expedition, dies at 68
1862 Oliver Tilden of the Bronx, killed in the Civil War in Virginia
1914 Martha last known passenger pigeon, dies at Cincinnati Zoo
1955 Philip Loeb actor (Jake-The Goldbergs), dies at 61
1967 James Dunn actor (Uncle Earl-It's a Great Life), dies at 65
1969 Drew Pearson newscaster (Drew Pearson), dies at 71
1977 Ethel Waters actress (Beulah)/singer (Stormy Weather), dies at 76
1983 Henry "Scoop" Jackson (Sen-D-Wash), dies at 71
1984 Howland Chamberlain actor, dies at 73
1986 Murray Hamilton actor (Rich Man Poor Man), dies at 63
1988 Leonor Sullivan (Rep-D-Missouri, 1955-77), dies at 86
1989 A Bartlett Giamatti baseball commissioner, dies of heart attack at 51