15th October, on this day

533 Byzantine general Belisarius makes his formal entry into Carthage, having conquered it from the Vandals
1520 King Henry VIII of England orders bowling lanes at Whitehall
1552 Khanate of Kazan is conquered by troops of Ivan Grozny.
1582 Many Catholic countries switch to Gregorian calendar, skip 10 days. October 4 of this year is followed directly by October 15.
1641 Paul de Chomedy de Maisonneuve claims Montreal
1655 Jews of Lublin are massacred
1764 Edward Gibbon observes a group of friars singing in the ruined Temple of Jupiter in Rome, which inspires him to begin work on The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
1783 Jean Pilƒtre de Rozier makes captive-balloon ascent
1789 1st US presidental tour-George Washington in New England
1815 - Napoleon I of France begins his exile on Saint Helena in the Atlantic Ocean.
1846 Dr William Thomas Green Morton 1st public use of ether
1860 11-year-old Grace Bedell writes to Lincoln, tells him to grow a beard
1863 American Civil War: The CSS H. L. Hunley, the first submarine to have sink a ship, sinks during a test, killing its inventor, Horace L. Hunley.
1864 American Civil War: The Battle of Glasgow is fought, resulting in the surrender of Glasgow, Missouri, and its Union garrison, to the Confederacy.
1878 Edison Electric Light Company incorporated
1880 Cologne Cathedral completed, 633 years after it begun
: it was the tallest structure in the world, until the completion of the Washington Monument followed by the Eiffel Tower.
1888 The "From Hell" letter sent by Jack the Ripper is received by the investigators
1894 Alfred Dreyfus is arrested for spying - Dreyfus affair begins
1904 The Russian Baltic Fleet leaves Reval, Estonia for Port Arthur during the Russo-Japanese War.
1917 World War I: At Vincennes outside of Paris, Dutch dancer Mata Hari is executed by firing squad for spying for Germany.
1919 14 horses begin 300-mile race from Vt to Mass for $1000 prize money
1928 German dirigible "Graf Zeppelin" lands in Lakehurst, NJ to complete its first trans-Atlantic flight
1932 Tata Airlines (later to become Air India) makes its first flight
1934 The Soviet Republic of China collapses when Chiang Kai-shek's National Revolutionary Army successfully encircle Ruijin, forcing the fleeing Communists to begin the Long March.
1937 Ernest Hemingway novel "To Have and Have Not" published
1939 LaGuardia Airport opens in NYC
1940 "The Great Dictator", a satiric social commentary film by and starring Charlie Chaplin, is released.
1941 Jews caught outside the Polish Ghetto walls could be put to death
1944 The Arrow Cross Party (very similar to Hitler's NSDAP (Nazi party)) takes over the power in Hungary.
1945 The former premier of Vichy France Pierre Laval is shot by a firing squad for treason
1946 Nuremberg Trials: Hermann Göring poisons himself the night before his execution.
1949 Administration of territory of Manipur taken over by Indian government
1949 Billy Graham begins his ministry
1949 Tripura accedes to the Indian union
1951 "I Love Lucy" debuts on CBS TV
1953 British nuclear test Totem 1 detonated at Emu Field, South Australia.
1959 "Untouchables" premieres
1964 Craig Breedlove sets auto speed record of 846.97 kph
1965 The National Coordinating Committee to End the War in Vietnam stages the first public burning of a draft card in the United States to result in arrest under a new law.
1966 Black Panther Party was created by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale.
1969 Vietnam Moratorium Day; millions nationwide protest the war
1970 Thirty-five construction workers are killed when a section of the new West Gate Bridge in Melbourne collapses
1970 Anwar Sadat becomes president of Egypt
1974 National Guard mobilizes to restore order in Boston school busing
1976 1st debate of major-ticket VP nominees Mondale (D) vs Dole (R)
1981 Professional cheerleader Krazy George Henderson leads what is thought to be the first audience wave in Oakland, California.
1983 US Marine sharpshooters kill 5 snipers at Beirut Intl Airport
1985 Shuttle Columbia carries Spacelab into orbit
1985 Shelley Taylor of Australia makes fastest swim ever around Manhattan Island, doing it in 6 hours 12 minutes 29 seconds
1987 The Great Storm of 1987 hits France and England.
1988 Amnesty International's Global Concert Tour ends in Buenos Aires
1989 Billy Graham is given the 1,900th star on Hollywood Blvd
1989 S Afr pres FW de Klerk frees Sisulu and 4 other political prisoners
1990 Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to lessen Cold War tensions and open up his nation
1997 The first supersonic land speed record is set by Andy Green in ThrustSSC (United Kingdom)
1997 The Cassini probe launches from Cape Canaveral on its way to Saturn.
2001 NASA's Galileo spacecraft passes within 112 miles of Jupiter's moon Io.
2003 China launches Shenzhou 5, its first manned space mission.
2003 The Staten Island Ferry boat Andrew J. Barberi runs into a pier at the St. George Ferry Terminal in Staten Island, killing 11 people and injuring 43.
2005 Iraqi constitution ratification vote
2005 Riot in Toledo, Ohio breaks out during a National Socialist/Neo-Nazi protest; over 100 are arrested.
2007 17 Activists in New Zealand arrested in the country's first post 9/11 anti-terrorism raids across the country.

October 15th 2005

Iraq votes in historic referendum

Romania bird flu is lethal strain

Pakistan says quake toll 38,000

October 15th 2006

North Korea condemns UN sanctions

New surge of violence hits Iraq

Woman gives birth to grandchild

October 15th 2007

US 'wants state of Palestinian now'

Madrid 'bomb plot' trial starts

Airbus delivers first superjumbo

October 15th 2008

EU leaders seek broad bank reform

Shares tumble on recession fears

Gunfight on Thai-Cambodia border

October 15th 2009

Pakistan rocked by fresh attacks

US troops killed in Afghan blast

Arctic to be 'ice-free in summer'

Birthdates which occurred on October 15th:

70 -BC- Virgil (Publius Vergilius Maro) Mantua Italy (’neid), poet
1542 Akbar Indian Mughal emperor (1556-1605)
1674 Robert Herrick Mass, British poet (Together)
1785 Jos‚ Miguel Carrera president of Chile (1811-14)
1829 Asaph Hall discovered satellites of Mars, Phobos & Deimos
1831 Helen Maria Hunt Jackson author (Ramona)
1844 Friedrich Nietzsche Germany, philosopher/anti-semite (šbermensch)
1858 John L Sullivan Mass, heavyweight boxing champ (1882-92)
1881 P.G. Wodehouse British-American writer (Stiff Upper Lip Jeeves)
1896 Melville Cooper Birmingham England, TV panelist (I Got a Secret)
19-- Chris De Burgh rock singer (Lady in Red)
19-- Dean Davidson rocker (Blackeyed Susan-Electric Rattlebone)
19-- Jere Burns actor (Kirk-Dear John)
19-- John Getz Davenport Iowa, actor (Rafferty, MacGruder & Loud)
19-- Mark Leonard Chicago Ill, actor (Sarek-Star Trek)
19-- Phil Varone rock drummer (Saigon Kick-New World)
19-- Robert Thaler Cedar Rapids Iowa, actor (Renegrades)
1900 Fritz Feld actor (Jack Benny Show, At the Circus)
1900 Mervyn Le Roy movie producer (Devil at 4 O'Clock)
1902 William Edmundson Spokane Wash, vocalist (Southernaires)
1905 C P Snow England, novelist/scientist (Death Under Sail)
1907 John Cardinal Dearden US cardinal (1969-88)
1908 John Kenneth Galbraith writer (Affluent Society-1958 Hillman Award)
1909 Robert Trout Wake County NC, newscaster (ABC)
1917 Arthur Schlesinger Jr historian/author (1946 Pulitzer-Age of Jackson)
1917 Jan Miner Boston Mass, actress (Crime Photographer)
1921 Mario Puzo author (Godfather)
1924 Colin Romoff NYC, orch leader (Andy Williams Show)
1924 Lee A Iacocca CEO (Chrysler Corp)
1926 Evan Hunter [Ed McBain], American writer (Blackboard Jungle)
1926 Jean Peters actress (Viva Zapata!, Apache, Deep Waters)
1930 Phillipe Leroy Paris France, actor (Night Porter, Leonardo da Vinci)
1932 Abby Dalton Las Vegas, actress (Ellie-Joey Bishop Show, Falcon Crest)
1934 Peter Haskell Boston Mass, actor (Bracken's World, Rituals)
1935 Bobby-Joe Morrow US, 100m/200m dash (Olympic-gold-1956)
1937 Barry McGuire Oklahoma City, singer (Eve of Destruction)
1937 Linda Lavin Portland Maine, actress (Alice, Barney Miller)
1939 Carmelo Bossi Italy, light middleweight boxer (Olympic-silver-1960)
1942 Penny Marshall Bronx NY, actress (Odd Couple, Laverne & Shirley)
1945 Jim Palmer NYC, Oriole pitcher/sportscaster/jockey underwear salesman
1946 Richard Carpenter New Haven Ct, vocalist (Carpenters-Close to You)
1951 Roscoe Tanner tennis player (Wimbledon Finals 1979)
1953 Tito Jackson singer (Jackson 5-ABC, Never Can Say Goodbye)
1955 Tanya Roberts [Leigh], Bronx NY, actress (Charlie's Angels, Sheena)
1958 Jayne Modean Hartford Ct, actress (Nurse Hooter-Trauma Center)
1959 Sarah Ferguson [Fergie], Duchess of York
1966 Jeffrey Jacquet Bay City Texas, actor (Mork & Mindy, Whiz Kids)
1991 Owen Joseph Kline son of Phoebe Cates & Kevin Kline


Deaths which occurred on October 15th:
1564 Andreas Vesalius anatomist, dies at 49
1910 Stanley "Midnight Assassin" Ketchel HW boxing champ, shot & killed
1917 Mata Hari Dutch dancer/German spy executed by firing squad in Paris
1945 Pierre Laval former premier of Vichy France, executed
1946 Hermann Goering Nazi Reichmarshal, poisons himself in prison
1958 John Hamilton actor (Perry White-Superman), dies at 61
1964 Cole Porter composer, dies
1965 Carl Hoff orch leader (Music Hall), dies at 60
1968 Bea Benaderet NYC, actress (Kate-Petticoat Junction), dies at 62
1981 Frank DeKova actor (Chief Wild Eagle-F Troop)
1983 Pat O'Brien actor, dies of heart attack at 83

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