24th November, on this day

380 Theodosius I makes his adventus, or formal entry, into Constantinople
496 Anastasius II begins his reign as Catholic Pope
642 Theodore I begins his reign as Catholic Pope
1190 Isabella of Jerusalem marries Conrad of Montferrat at Acre, making him de jure King
1542 Battle of Solway Moss : decisive English victory agianst the Scots
1639 1st observation of transit of Venus occurred (only 2, record event)
1642 Abel Janzoon Tasman discovers Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania)
1643 Battle of Tuttlingen : French forces led by Marshal Josias Rantzau battle with the armies of the Holy Roman Empire led by Franz von Mercy
1703 1st Lutheran pastor ordained in America, Justus Falckner at Philadelphia
1759 Destructive eruption of Vesuvius
1850 Danish troops defeat a Schleswig-Holsteinian force in the Schleswig-Holsteinian town of Lottorf
1859 Charles Darwin publishes "On the Origin of Species"
1863 Civil War battle for Lookout Mountain began in Tennessee
1864 Battle of Columbia : part of the Franklin-Nashville Campaign of the American Civil War
1871 National Rifle Association formed (NYC)
1874 Joseph F Glidden patents barbed wire
1898 The International Conference of Rome for the Social Defense Against Anarchists opens

1903 Clyde Coleman of NYC patents automobile electric starter
1917 Nine police officers and one civilian are killed when a bomb explodes at the Milwaukee, Wisconsin police headquarters building.
1922 Author and Irish Republican Army member Robert Erskine Childers is executed by an Irish Free State firing squad for illegally carrying a revolver.
1930 1st woman pilot on a transcontinental air flight Miss Ruth Nichols (Mineola, NY to CA), in a Lockheed-Vega, took 7 days
1932 In Washington, D.C., the FBI Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory (better known as the FBI Crime Lab) officially opens
1940 Slovakia becomes a signatory of the Tripartite Pact, officially joining the Axis Powers
1941 HMS Dunedin is torpedoed and sunk
1941 The United States grants Lend-Lease to the Free French
1943 The USS Liscome Bay is torpedoed near Tarawa and sinks with nearly 650 men killed
1944 Bombing of Tokyo :The first bombing raid against the Japanese capital from the east and by land is carried out by 88 American aircraft
1944 Battle of Guilin–Liuzhou : decisive Japanese victory
1947 John Steinbeck's novel "The Pearl" published
1947 Un-American Activities Committee finds "Hollywood 10" in contempt because of their refusal to reveal whether they were communists
1949 Britain nationalises its steel and iron industry
1954 1st US Presidential airplane christened
1958 Mali becomes an autonomous state within French Community
1962 In Britain, the first broadcast of the satirical TV programme "That Was The Week That Was" introduced by David Frost
1963 1st live murder on TV - Jack Ruby assassinates Lee Harvey Oswald
1963 Newly sworn-in US President Lyndon B. Johnson confirms that the United States intends to continue supporting South Vietnam both militarily and economically.1964 Rebellion ends in Zaire
1965 British Government imposes an experimental 70 mph speed limit on motorways
1965 Joseph Désiré Mobutu seizes power in the Congo and becomes President; he goes on to rule the country (which he renames Zaire in 1971) for over 30 years, until being overthrown by rebels in 1997
1966 A Bulgarian plane with 82 people on board crashes near Bratislava, Slovakia
1966 1st TV station in Congo, Kinshasa (Za‹re)
1966 400 die of respiratory failure and heart attack in killer NYC smog - the smoggiest day in the city's history
1969 Apollo 12 returns to Earth
1971 Dan "DB" Cooper parachutes from a Northwest AL 727 with $200,000
1971 Prison rebellion at Rahway State Prison, NJ
1972 One of the eight 1933 pennies minted in Britain is auctioned at Sotherbys for £7,000
1974 Donald Johanson and Tom Gray discover the 40% complete Australopithecus afarensis skeleton, nicknamed "Lucy" after The Beatles song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," in the Awash Valley of Ethiopia's Afar Depression.
1980 Ronald Reagan Jr marries Doria Palmieri
1983 PLO exchanges 6 Israeli prisoners for 4,500 Palestinians and Lebanese
1989 Communist Party resigns in Czechoslovakia
1989 Czech politician Alexander Dubcek makes his first public appearance for more than 20 years to address a pro-democracy rally in Prague
1991 Freddie Mercury, Lead singer of rock band Queen dies
1992 In the People's Republic of China, a China Southern Airlines domestic flight crashes, killing all 141 people on-board.
1993 In Liverpool, 11-year-olds Robert Thompson and Jon Venables are convicted of the murder of 2-year-old James Bulger
1993 The last 14 bottles of Scotch whisky, salvaged from the wreak of the SS Politician which sank in 1941, are sold at auction for £11,500. The episode was the inspiration for the film 'Whisky Galore'
1998 America Online announces it will acquire Netscape Communications in a stock-for-stock transaction worth US$4.2 billion
2004 Male Po'ouli dies of Avian malaria in the Maui Bird Conservation Center in Olinda, Hawaii before it could breed, making the species in all probability extinct.
2006 Israeli rapist Benny Sela escapes from police custody while being transferred to a court hearing.
2007 Australians elect the Kevin Rudd-led centre-left Australian Labor Party, ending the eleven-year tenure of the Howard Government, a centre-right Liberal/National coalition led by John Howard

November 24th 2005

Many killed in Iraq car bombing

Toxic leak reaches Chinese city

S Korea cloning pioneer disgraced

November 24th 2006

Baghdad Shias mourn bomb victims

Radiation found after spy's death

Row over 'Aids' death certificate

November 24th 2007

Dozens killed in Pakistan blasts

Children killed in Afghan bombing

Raids target militants in Kirkuk

November 24th 2008

Deadly bomb attacks hit Baghdad

Heavy Brazil floods leave 45 dead

Carter shocked by Zimbabwe crisis

November 24th 2009

4 die in Israeli helicopter crash

China executes 2 in milk scandal

Obama wants to 'finish the job' in Afghanistan

November 24th 2010

Yemen car bomb attack 'kills 15'

Irish unveil tough austerity plan

Somalis guilty of US ship attack

November 24th 2011

Birthdates which occurred on November 24th:

1632 Benedict de "Baruch" Spinoza Amsterdam, rationalist philosopher
1713 Father Junipero Serra had a mission in California
1713 Laurence Sterne Ireland, novelist/satirist (Tristram Shandy)
1784 Zachary Taylor (Whig) 12th President (Mar 5,1849-July 9,1850)
1849 Frances Hodgson Burnett author of children's book (My Secret Garden)
1864 Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec France, painter (At the Moulin Rouge)
1868 Scott Joplin US, entertainer/composer (The Entertainer)
1876 Walter Griffin US architect, city planner; designed Canberra, Austria
1877 Alben W Barkley Graves County KY, (35th Vice President-D-1949-53)
1888 Cathleen Nesbitt Belfast Ireland, actress (Agatha-Farmer's Daughter)
1888 Dale Carnegie author (How to Win Friends & Influence People)
1889 Albert J Sylvester England, ballroom dancer (Alex Moor Award-1977)
19-- Carol Mayo Jenkins Knoxville TN, actress (Fame)
19-- M.P. Carter actor (George Carroll-Guns of Paradise)
1905 Irene Wicker singer/actress (Singing Lady)
1908 Libertad Lamaraque Agentina, actress (Madreselva, Puerta Cerrada)
1908 Ray Carter Chicago IL, orchestra leader (Arthur Murray Dance Party)
1911 Kirby Grant Butte MT, actor (Sky King)
1912 Garson Kanin American playwright/producer (Double Life)
1912 Geraldine Fitzgerald Dublin Ire, actress (Pawnbroker, Easy Money)
1917 Howard Duff Bremerton Wash, actor (Flamingo Road, Knots Landing)
1918 Tom "Stubby" Fouts Carroll County IN, actor (Polka-go-round)
1921 John V Lindsay (Mayor-R/D-NY, 1965-73)
1925 William F Buckley Jr right-wing curmudgeon (Firing Line)
1927 Alfredo Kraus Las Palmas Canary Islands, tenor (La Scala)
1929 Eileen Barton Brooklyn, singer (Broadway Open House)
1930 Dante Lavelli AAFC/NFL end (Cleveland Browns)
1932 Katalin Juhasz-Nagy Hungary, foils (Olympic-gold-1964)
1934 Alfred Schnittke Russia, composer (St Florian)
1934 Martin Charnin Broadway lyricist (Annie, West Side Story)
1935 Ron Dellums Oakland CA, (Rep-D-CA)
1939 Yoshinobu Miyake Japan, featherweight (Olympic-gold-1964, 68)
1942 Billy Connolly Scotland, comedian/actor (Blue Money)
1942 Marlin Fitzwater press secretary (George Bush)
1944 Claudia Dreifus
1946 Ted Bundy Burlington VT, serial murderer
1947 Dwight Schultz Baltimore MD, actor (A-Team)
1948 Steve Yeager catcher (Los Angeles Dodger)
1950 Damon Evans Baltimore MD, actor (Lionel-The Jeffersons)
1950 Roscoe Born Topeka KS, actor (Mark-Paper Dolls)
1951 Gaby Landhage Goteborg Sweden, model (Model of the Rear)
1956 Doug Davidson actor (Young & Restless)
1957 Denise Crosby Hollywood CA, actress (Tasha-Star Trek: Next Gen)
1958 Carmel (McCourt) England, rocker (Storm, More More More)
196- Dana Tyler newscaster (WCBS-TV NYC)
1962 Lesa Ann Pedriana Milwaukee WI, playmate (April, 1984)
1963 Lisa Howard actress (Days of Our Life, Rolling Vengeance)


Deaths which occurred on November 24th:
1572 John Knox Scottish preacher, dies
1959 Dr Lyman Bryson educator (UN Casebook), dies at 71
1962 James J Kilroy tank inspector (Kilroy was here), dies at 60
1963 Lee Harvey Oswald JFK's assassinator shot dead by Jack Ruby
1974 Charles Quinlivan actor (Frank-Mr Garland), dies at 50
1980 George Raft NYC, actor, dies at 85
1991 Eric Carr musician (Kiss-Beth), dies at 41
1991 Freddie Mercury, lead singer of rock group Queen, dies of AIDS aged 45

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