13th November, on this day

867 St Nicholas I ends his reign as Catholic Pope
1002 St. Brice's Day massacre : English king Ethelred II launches massacre of Danish settlers
1160 Marriage of Louis VII of France with Adele of Champagne
1642 At the Battle of Turnham Green of the First English Civil War the Royalist forces withdraw in face of the Parliamentarian army and fail to take London.
1775 American Revolutionary forces under Col. Ethan Allen capture Montreal
1789 Ben Franklin writes "Nothing . . . certain but death and taxes"
1830 Oliver Wendell Holmes publishes "Old Ironsides"
1839 1st US anti-slavery party, Liberty Party, convenes in NY
1841 James Braid first sees a demonstration of animal magnetism, which leads to his study of the subject he eventually calls hypnosis.
1843 Mt Rainier in Washington State erupts
1851 The start of a telegraphic service between London and Paris
1851 The Denny Party lands at Alki Point, the first settlers of what would become Seattle, Washington.
1854 "New Era" sinks off NJ coast with loss of 300
1865 PT Barnum's New American museum opens in Bridgeport
1887 'Bloody Sunday' in London when violence erupts in Trafalgar Square at a Socialist rally attended by Irish agitators
1907 French cyclist Paul Cornu flies a twin rotor helicopter
1909 259 miners die in a fire at St Paul Mine at Cherry Ill
1909 Collier's magazine accuses U.S. Secretary of the Interior Richard Ballinger of questionable dealings in Alaskan coal fields.
1914 Brassiere is patented in the United States by heiress Mary Phelps Jacob. Previously women had worn a version of the child's liberty bodice to protect them when playing sport
1916 End of the Battle of Somme in which 400,000 British troops were killed or injured
1916 Prime Minister of Australia Billy Hughes is expelled from the Labor Party over his support for conscription.
1918 Allied troops occupy Constantinople the capital of the Ottoman Empire.
1921 "The Sheik," starring Rudolph Valentino, is released
1921 US, France, Japan and British Empire sign a Pacific Treaty
1927 In US, NY-NJ Holland Tunnel, 1st twin-tube underwater auto tunnel, opens
1930 Discovery of planet Pluto
1933 In US, 1st modern sit-down strike, Hormel meat packers, Austin, MN
1936 Edward VIII tells British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin he intends to marry American divorcee Mrs Wallis Simpson
1940 Walt Disney's "Fantasia" released
1941 British aircraft carrier "Ark Royal" is torpedoed in the Mediterranean by U 81, sinking the next day.
1942 British forces retake Tobruk in North Africa from the Germans
1942 Naval Battle of Guadalcanal : U.S. and Japanese ships engage in an intense, close-quarters surface naval engagement during the Battle of Guadalcanal.
1942 In US, Minimum draft age lowered from 21 to 18
1946 1st artificial snow produced from a natural cloud, Mt Greylock, MA
1947 In Britain, Chancellor of the Exchequer Hugh Dalton resigns after admitting he had disclosed tax proposals to a reporter several minutes before presenting his Budget to the House of Commons
1954 Great Britain defeats France to capture the first ever Rugby League World Cup in Paris in front of around 30,000 spectators.
1956 United States Supreme Court declares Alabama and Montgomery, Alabama laws requiring segregated buses illegal; thus ending the Montgomery Bus Boycott
1960 Fire in movie theater kills 152 children (Amude, Spain)
1960 Sammy Davis Jr marries Swedish actress May Britt
1965 "Yarmouth Castle" burns and sinks off Bahamas, killing 89
1969 In US, VicepPresident Spiro T Agnew accused network TV news depths of bias and distortion
1969 Anti-war protesters in Washington, DC stage a symbolic March Against Death.
1970 Bhola cyclone : A 150-mph tropical cyclone hits the densely populated Ganges Delta region of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), killing an estimated 500,000 people in one night. This is regarded as the 20th century's worst natural disaster.
1970 Lt Gen Hafez al-Assad becomes PM of Syria following military coup
1971 Mariner 9, 1st to orbit another planet (Mars)
1978 NASA launches HEAO
1979 Ronald Reagan in NY announces his candidacy for President
1982 Korean boxer Duk Koo Kim fatally injured when KOed by Ray Mancini
1982 Vietnam War Memorial dedicated in Washington DC
1985 Nevado del Ruiz volcano erupts in Colombia, kills 25,000
1985 Xavier Suarez is sworn in as Miami, Florida's first Cuban-born mayor.
1986 US violates Iran arms boycott
1987 In Britain, a rapist is jailed for eight years at Bristol Crown Court after being convicted on evidence based on genetic fingerprinting
1990 Aramoana Massacre : In Aramoana, New Zealand, Resident David Gray shot dead 13 people
1994 Voters in Sweden decide to join the European Union in a referendum.
1995 A truck-bomb explodes outside of a US-operated Saudi Arabian National Guard training center in Riyadh, killing five Americans and two Indians. A group called the Islamic Movement for Change claims responsibility.
2000 Philippine House Speaker Manuel B. Villar, Jr. passes the articles of impeachment against Philippine President Joseph Estrada
2001 Doha Round : The World Trade Organization ends a four-day ministerial conference in Doha, Qatar.
2001 War on Terrorism : In the first such act since World War II, US President George W. Bush signs an executive order allowing military tribunals against foreigners suspected of connections to terrorist acts or planned acts on the United States.
2002 Iraq disarmament crisis : Iraq agrees to the terms of the UN Security Council Resolution 1441
2002 The oil tanker Prestige sinks off the Galician coast and causes a huge oil spill
2007 An explosion hits the south wing of the House of Representatives of the Philippines in Quezon City, killing four people, including Congressman Wahab Akbar, and wounding six.

November 13th 2005

Jordan shows 'would-be bomber'

Riot-hit Lyon bans public meeting

UK troops out of Iraq 'next year'

November 13th 2006

Sri Lanka 'recruits child fighters'

'Taleban law' passed in Pakista

Suicide bomb kills 11 in Baghdad

November 13th 2007

'Hidden costs raise' US war price

Soldiers killed in Cameroon raid

Philippine Blast kills Muslim MP

November 13th 2008

Afghan suicide attack kills eight

Chrysler calls for cash lifeline

Bush defends free-market system

November 13th 2009

Pakistan spy agency bombed

9/11 suspects face New York trial

'Large amounts' of water on Moon

November 13th 2010

Taliban insurgents in attack Nato base

Burma releases Aung San Suu Kyi

German zoo fire kills 26 animals

November 13th 2011

Birthdates which occurred on November 13th:

354 St Augustine of Hippo Numidia, Algeria, convert/Christian philosopher
1312 Edward III king of England (1327-77)
1792 Edward John Trelawney England, traveler/author (Adv of Younger Son)
1831 James Maxwell Edinburgh Scot, physicist (Treatise on Electricity)
1833 Edwin Thomas Booth US, US Hall of Fame/actor (Hamlet)
1838 Joseph F Smith 6th President of Mormon church
1850 Robert Louis Stevenson Scotland, author (Treasure Island)
1854 George Whitefield Chadwick Lowell MA, composer (Judi Van Winke)
1856 Louis D Brandeis Massachusetts, Supreme Court Justice (1916-39)
1882 John Lowry Mount Vernon NY, NYC builder (Radio City Music Hall)
1898 Earl Sande jockey (Hall of Famer)
19-- Aldo Nova rocker (Blood on the Bricks)
19-- Daniel Pilon Montreal Canada, actor (Nick-Hamptons)
19-- J.A. Preston Washington DC, actor (Mayor Cleveland-Hill St Blues)
19-- Tom Atkins Pittsburgh PA, actor (Lt Diehl-Rockford Files)
1906 Conrad Thibault Northbridge MA, singer (Jacques Fray Music Room)
1906 Hermione Baddeley England, actress (Camp Runamuck, Maude, Good Life)
1915 Howard Cooke Jamaica, (1991 Mico Gold Medal Award)
1916 Jack Elam Miami AZ, actor (The Dakotas, East Street, Rio Lobo)
1917 Robert Sterling Newcastle PA, actor (George Kirby-Adv of Topper)
1922 Jack Narz Louisville KY, TV gameshow host (Dotto, Video Village)
1922 Madeleine Sherwood Montreal, actress (Mother Superior-Flying Nun)
1922 Oskar Werner film actor/director (Shoes of the Fisherman, Das Ekel)
1923 Linda Christian Tampico, Mexico, actress (Athena, VIPs, Battle Zone)
1930 Fred Harris (Sen-D-Oklahoma)
1932 Olga Fikotova Czech, discus thrower (Olympic-gold-1956)
1932 Richard Mulligan Bronx NY, actor (Soap, Empty's Nest, Big Bus)
1933 Adrienne Corri Glasgow Scotland, actress (River, Dr Zhivago)
1938 Jean Seberg Marshaltown Iowa, actress (Breathless, Paint Your Wagon)
1941 Dack Rambo Delano CA, actor (Guns of Will Sonnett, Dallas)
1941 Mel Stottlemyre Wash, pitcher (NY Yankee)/pitching coach (NY Met)
1942 Beth Brickell Camden Arkansas, actress (Gentle Ben)
1943 John Paul Hammond NYC, blues singer (So Many Roads)
1947 Joe Mantegna Chicago IL, actor (House of Games, Weeds)
1948 Sheila Frazier NYC, actress (Gloria-Lazarus Syndrome)
1949 Terry Reid guitarist (River, Bang Bang You're Terry Reid)
1949 Whoopi Goldberg [Caryn Johnson], NYC, actress (Color Purple, Burglar)
1953 Tracy Scoggins Galveston TX, actress (Colbys, Gumshoe Kid)
1971 John Francis Zingg Boston MA, rocker (4 Fun-Unbelievable Fun Boys)
1972 Shom-Rock rocker (Young Nation)
1972 T-Haxx rocker (DYC)


Deaths which occurred on November 13th:
867 St Nicholas I (the Great) pope (858-67), dies
1460 Henry the Navigator prince of Portugal, dies at 66
1687 Death of actress Nell Gwynn aged 37 - mistress of King Charles II of England
1829 Sam Patch loses his life in a 125' dive into Genesse Falls
1868 Gioacchino (Antonio) Rossini composer (Barber of Seville), dies at 76
1961 Wally Brown actor (Jed Fame-Cimarron City), dies at 57
1974 Karen Silkwood killed in a car crash under suspicious circumstances
1983 "Alvin" Junior Samples country singer (Hee Haw), dies at 56
1984 Dorothy Arnold actress, dies at 66

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