9th May, on this day

1457 BC Battle of Megiddo (15th century BC) between Thutmose III and a large Canaanite coalition under the King of Kadesh. It is the first battle to have been recorded in what is accepted as relatively reliable detail.
328 Athanasius is elected Patriarch bishop of Alexandria.
1092 Lincoln Cathedral consecrated
1336 Italian poet Francesco Petrarca climbs Mont Ventoux
1386 Treaty of Windsor between Portugal-England
1450 'Abd al-Latif (Timurid monarch) assassinated.
1460 Court yard episcopal palace Atrecht has witch burnings
1502 Columbus left Spain on his 4th and final trip to New World
1519 Austrian adel/burgerij in uprising against central government
1573 Polish Parliament selects duke of Anjou as king
1588 Duke Henri de Guises troops occupy Paris, France
1662 First recorded Punch & Judy Show in Britain at Covent Garden in London
1671 Irishman Colonel Thomas Blood attempts to steal the British Crown Jewels from the Tower of London. Despite being caught red-handed, he is pardoned by King Charles II
1689 English King William III declares war on France
1695 Scottish Parliament meets to discuss the Massacre of Glencoe
1726 Five men arrested during a raid on Mother Clap's molly house in London are executed at Tyburn.
1738 England routes fleet in Mediterranean Sea and West-Indies
1753 King Louis XV disbands French parliament
1754 1st newspaper cartoon in America-divided snake "Join or die"
1766 John Byron back in England after trip around the world
1785 Joseph Bramah receives British patent for beer pump handles
1788 English parliament accepts abolishing of slave trade
1836 HMS Beagle with Charles Darwin departs Port Louis, Mauritius
1837 "Sherrod" burns in Mississippi River below Natchez, MS; 175 dies
1846 Battle of Resaca de la Palma-US sends México back to Rio Grande
1851 Opening of the Great Exhibition - a celebration of British manufacturing and commercial prowess - in the Crystal Palace
1862 Battle of Farmington, MS
1862 Battle of Fort Pickens, FL (Pensacola), evacuated by CS
1862 US Naval Academy relocated from Annapolis, MD to Newport RI
1864 Battle of Cloyd's Mount and Swift Creek, VA (Drewery's Bluff, Fort Darling)
1864 Ship battle at Helgoland, Austria-Denmark
1864 Skirmish at Ware Bottom Church, VA
1868 Anton Bruckner's 1st Symphony in C, premieres
1873 Der Krach: Vienna stock market crash heralds Long Depression .
1874 The first horse-drawn omnibus made its début in the city of Mumbai, plying on two routes.
1874 Victoria Embankment, in London opens
1877 Mihail Kogalniceanu reads, in the Chamber of Deputies, the Declaration of Independence of Romania. This day became the Independence Day of Romania
1887 Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show opens in London.
1896 The first Horseless Carriage Show opens at the Imperial Institute in London. 10 engine-powered models go on show to the public
1899 Lawn mower patented
1901 Australia opens its 1st parliament in Melbourne
1904 The steam locomotive City of Truro becomes the first steam engine to exceed 100mph.
1911 Fire breaks out at Empire Theater in Edinburgh Scotland
1914 President Wilson proclaims Mother's Day
1915 German and French fight the Battle of Artois
1916 British-France Sykes-Picot meet over division of Turkey
1920 The Polish army under General Edward Rydz-Smigly celebrated their capture of Kiev with a victory parade on Khreschatyk.
1925 Cornerstone for Hebrew University, Jerusalem laid
1926 Richard Byrd and Floyd Bennett make 1st flight over North Pole
1927 Australian Parliament 1st convenes in new capital, Canberra
1930 Britain appoints John Masefield as Poet Laureate
1933 Spanish anarchists call for general strike
1933 In Germany, Chancellor Adolf Hitler orders the burning of 'un-German' books. A large bonfire of books is set alight in front of Berlin University. Other such bonfires are lit around Germany. Authors considered 'un-German' include Karl Marx; Sigmund Freud, Bertolt Brecht and Albert Einstein
1936 Italy takes Addis Ababa, annexing Abyssinia (Ethiopia)
1939 Catholic church beatified the 1st Native American, Kateri Tekakwitha
1940 World War II: the RAF begins night bombing of Germany
1941 British Army breaks German spy codes
1942 Belgrade becomes the first Axis-conquered city to murder or eliminate its Jewish population, largely with the help of Serbian collaborators.
1942 The SS murder 588 Jewish residents of the Podolian town of Zinkiv (Khmelnytska oblast, Ukraine).
1943 5th German Panser army surrenders in Tunisia
1944 1st eye bank opens (NYC)
1944 Country singer Jimmie Davis becomes Governor of Louisiana
1944 Dutch resistance fighter Gerard Musch arrested
1944 Russians recapture Crimea by taking Sevastopol
1945 The final German surrender to Marshal Georgy Zhukov at Berlin-Karlshorst is signed by Colonel-General Hans-Jürgen Stumpff as the representative of the Luftwaffe, Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel as the Chief of Staff of OKW, and Admiral Hans-Georg von Friedeburg as Commander-in-Chief of the Kriegsmarine.
1945 General Alexander Löhr, commander of German Army Group E in Topolšica signed unconditional surrender of German occupying forces in former Yugoslavia; end of World War II in Slovenia.
1945 Russian troops capture Prague, Czechoslovakia (National Day)
1945 Jersey liberated from Nazis
1945 Hermann Göring is captured by the United States Army.
1945 Nazi propagandist Max Blokzijl arrested
1945 Norwegian Nazi collaborators Vidkun Quisling arrested
1945 Victory celebration at Red Square
1946 King Victor Emmanuel II of Italy abdicates, replaced by Umberto
1949 Britain's 1st launderette opens in Queensway, London
1949 Prince Rainier III becomes leader of Monaco
1950 French Foreign minister Robert Schuman announces the Schuman Plan for European integration
1951 Air raid on Chinese positions at Yalu River
1955 German Federal Republic joins NATO
1956 First ascent of Manaslu, the world's eighth-highest mountain.
1958 Botvinnik recaptures world chess championship
1960 Nigeria becomes a member of the British Commonwealth
1960 US is 1st country to use the birth control pill legally. Start of the sexual revolution of the 1960s.
1960 US send U-2 over USSR
1962 Beatles sign their 1st contract with EMI Parlophone
1962 Laser beam successfully bounced off Moon for 1st time
1962 US performs atmospheric nuclear test at Christmas Island
1963 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1964 Khrushchev visits Egypt
1964 Peter and Gordon release "World Without Love"
1965 Beatles attend a Bob Dylan concert
1965 Luna 5 launched (USSR) 1st attempt to soft land on Moon (fails)
1966 China People's Republic performs nuclear test at Lop Nor People's Rebublic of China
1968 In London, the arrest of the Kray twins, Ronald and Reggie - British gangsters wanted for murder and armed robbery
1970 100,000s demonstrate against Vietnam War
1971 Friends of Earth return 1500 non-returnable bottles to Schweppes
1974 House Judiciary Committee begin formal hearings on Nixon impeachment
1977 Hotel Poland in Amsterdam destroyed by fire, 33 killed
1977 Patty Hearst let out of jail
1978 The body of former Italian prime Minister Aldo Moro is found in the boot of a car in the centre of Rome - a victim of the terrorist group the Red Brigades
1978 Fee Waybill of the Tubes breaks a leg falling off stage
1979 US and USSR sign Salt 2 treaty, limiting nuclear weapons
1980 35 motorists die as a Liberian freighter rams a Tampa Bay Bridge
1980 In Norco, California, five masked gunman hold up a Security Pacific bank, leading to a violent shoot-out and one of the largest pursuits in California history. Two of the gunmen and one police officer were killed while thirty-three police and civilian vehicles were destroyed in the chase.
1987 183 die aboard a Polish jetliner that crashes in Warsaw
1987 Actor Tom Cruise (27) and actress Mimi Rogers (33), marry
1988 Australia's new parliament house is opened by Queen Elizabeth
1988 Belgium: 8th Government of Martens forms
1989 Journalists petition Chinese Government for freedom of press
1990 New York Newsday reporter Jimmy Breslin suspended for a racial slur
1991 Italian actress Laura Antonelli found guilty of cocaine possession
1991 Michael Landon appears on Tonight Show to talk about his cancer
1992 Armenian forces capture Shusha in the Karabakh War, marking a major turning point.
1992 Final episode of "Golden Girls" airs on NBC-TV
1993 Landslide in Nambija, Ecuador, kills 300
1993 Paraguay holds its 1st presidential and parliamentary elections in 50 years
1994 Massachusetts murderer Joel Rifkind found guilty in New York
1995 Kinshasa, Zaire under quarantine after an outbreak of Ebola virus
1997 1st US ambassador since Saigon fell arrives in Vietnam
1998 Sex changed singer Dana International wins the Eurovision Song Contest for Israel with the song: 'Diva'
2002 The 38-day stand-off in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem comes to an end when the Palestinians inside agree to have 13 suspected militants among them deported to several different countries.
2002 In Kaspiysk, Russia, a remote-controlled bomb explodes during a holiday parade killing 43 and injuring at least 130.
2004 Chechen president Akhmad Kadyrov is killed in a landmine bomb blast under a VIP stage during a World War II memorial victory parade in Grozny, Chechnya.
2006 Estonia ratifies the European Constitution.
2006 George Preca canonised as the first Maltese saint in history

9th May 2006

Ahmadinejad letter attacks Bush

African babies 'dying at birth'

India and US to explore the Moon

9th May 2007

Air raid 'kills Afghan civilians'

Electricity rationed in Zimbabwe

Putin in veiled attack on Estonia

9th May 2008

Burma warned over cyclone delays

Hezbollah takes over west Beirut

Gaza mortar attack kills Israeli

9th May 2009

Pakistan 'fighting for survival'

Chad claims victory in rebellion

'Sea battle' near Tamil war zone

9th May 2010

'US drone' missile strike kills 10

'Pakistan Taliban' behind NY bomb

Foreign troops join Russia's Victory Day parade

Birthdates which occurred on 9th May :

1265 Dante Alighieri Italian poet (Divina Commedia)
1596 Abraham van Diepenbeeck painter
1738 John Pindar [Peter] physician/poet
1740 Giovanni Paisiello Italian composer (Barber of Seville)
1783 Alexander Ross Canada, pioneer/fur trader
1785 James Pollard Espy Pennsylvania, meteorologist (Philosphy of Storms)
1793 Johannes C de Jonge Dutch historian/archivist
1796 August Pauly German classicus (Real Encyclopedia)
1800 John Brown abolitionist; led attack on Harpers Ferry
1801 Samuel Cousins mezzotint engraver
1810 Louis Gallait historical painter
1810 WFLC Marianne princess of Orange-Nassau/daughter of king Willem I
1814 Adolph von Henselt composer
1824 William Edmonson "Grumble" Jones Brigadier General (Confederate Army)
1829 Ciro Pinsuti pianist/composer
1833 Boleslaw Dembinski composer
1837 Adam Opel German manufacturer (cycling, motorcars)
1843 Belle Boyd spy (Confederate)/actress/lecturer
1844 [Maria] Catharina Beersmans Belgian actress (Bad Herders)
1846 Nikolay Feopemptovich Solov'yov composer
1855 Julius Rontgen composer
1860 Sir James Matthew Barrie Scotland, novelist (Margaret Ogilvy, Peter Pan, The Little Minister)
1865 August de Boeck composer
1873 Howard Carter British archaeologist/Egyptologist (found King Tutankhamen's tomb)
1873 Lilian Mary Baylis manager (Old Vic & Sadler's Wells Theater)
1882 Henry J Kaiser builder (Liberty Ships, Jeeps, Boulder Dam)
1883 José Ortega y Gasset Spain, philosopher (Revolt of the Masses)
1887 Jules Van de Leene Belgian writer
1892 Eric Westberg composer
1892 Zita empress (Austria)/Queen (Hungary)
1895 Lucian Blaga Romaniams philosopher/poet (Dogmatic Aeon)
1895 Richard Barthelmess New York NY, actor (Broken Blossoms, Noose)
1899 Edward Pollock saxophone/clarinet
19-- Jeanna Michaels New London CT, actress (Connie-Dallas, General Hospital)
1901 Fuzzy Knight Fairmont WV, actor (Oklahoma Annie, Cowby & the Lady)
1901 George Duckworth cricket wicket-keeper (England late 20's early 30's)
1903 Walter Dehmel writer
1906 Eleanor Estes author (Ginger Pye, Moffats)
1907 Baldur von Schirach German writer/Nazi politician (Frame)
1910 Barbara Woodhouse dog training expert
1910 P E Palia cricketer (appeared in India's 1st Test-Lord's 1932)
1911 Harry Simeone Newark NJ, choral director (Kate Smith Show)
1912 Pedro Armendariz México, actor (From Russia With Love)
1913 John Hayes Admiral
1913 Victor Smith Admiral (Australian Chiefs of Staff)
1914 Carlo Maria Giulini conductor
1914 Frank Chacksfield arranger/orchestra leader
1914 Hank Snow Nova Scotia Canada, country singer (I Went to Your Wedding)
1914 Josef Muller-Brockmann graphic designer/writer
1914 Theodore Kheel labor negotiator (Fair Employment Practices)
1915 Richard Janvrin British Vice Admiral
1916 Bernard William George Rose composer/organist
1916 Cyril Bowles bishop of Derby
1916 Douglas Guest organist
1917 George Fleming cyclist
1917 John Arnatt actor (Circumstantial Evidence)
1918 Mike Wallace Brookline MA, newscaster (Biography, 60 Minutes)
1918 Orville Freeman Minneapolis MN, (Senator-D-MN)/Secretary of Agriculture (1961-69)
1919 Arthur English comedian/actor (Malachi's Cove)
1920 Richard Adams author (Day Gone By)
1922 Sheila Burrell actress (Black Orchid, Paranoiac, Laughter in Dark)
1924 Bulat S Okudzjava Russian author (Student!)
1924 Connie Russell New York NY, singer (Club Embassy, Garroway at Large)
1924 Gerard Wernars Dutch graphic designer (Library stamps 1991)
1924 Jean J A Girault French director/screenwriter (l'Amour)
1925 Peter Leng Master General of the Ordnance
1926 Alistair MacFarlane principal (Heriot-Watt University England)
1926 Francis Kennedy British diplomat
1926 Joshua Hassan chief minister (Gibralter)
1926 Robin Cooke president (New Zealand Court of Appeal)
1927 John McDermott Lord Justice of Appeal (Northern Ireland)
1927 Manfred Eigen German physicist/chemist (Nobel 1967)
1927 Ray Katt baseball player
1928 Barbara Ann Scott Ottawa Ontario Canada, figure skater (Olympics-gold-1948)
1928 Pall Pampichier Palsson composer
1928 Richard A "Pancho" Gonzalez Los Angeles CA, tennis star (US 1948-49)
1929 Anthony Lloyd Lord Justice of Appeal
1930 Joan Sims actress (Carry on Behind, Carry on Cleo)
1931 Vance DeVoe Brand Longmont CO, astronaut (Apollo 18, STS-5, 41B, 35)
1932 Conrad Hunte cricketer (great West Indian opener 1958-66)
1932 David Plastow CEO (Medical Research Council)
1932 Gavin Lyall author (Conduct of Major Maxim)
1932 Geraldine McEwan actress (Henry V)
1932 J Alex McMillan (Representative-R-NC, 1985- )
1933 Johnny Grant unofficial mayor of Hollywood
1934 Alan Bennett England, playwright/actor (Secret Policeman's Other Ball)
1934 John Robertson deputy chairman (Barclays de Zoete Wedd)
1934 Roy Massey Master of Choristers (Hereford Cathedral)
1936 Albert Finney Salford UK, actor (Dresser, Under the Volcano)
1936 Floyd Robinson baseball player (White Sox, Reds, A's)
1936 Glenda Jackson Cheshire England, actress (Women in Love)
1936 Terry Downes middleweight boxing champion (1961-62)
1936 Terry Drinkwater TV newsman (CBS)
1937 Dave Prater Ocilla GA, rock vocalist (Sam & Dave)
1937 Sonny Curtis Meadow TX, guitarist (Crickets)
1938 Geoffrey Holland civil servant
1938 Nokie Edwards rocker (Ventures)
1939 Bruce Mather composer
1939 Herbert Hippauf baseball player
1939 Jim Dent Augusta GA, PGA golfer (1989 MONY Syracuse Senior)
1939 Kenneth Warby fastest man on water at 300 knots (345 mph)
1939 Nokle Edwards rocker
1939 Ralph Boston Laurel MS, long jumper (Olympics-gold/silver/bronze-60, 64, 68)
1940 Dick Morrissey saxophonist
1940 James L Brooks producer/director (Broadcast News, Taxi, Critic)
1941 Dorothy Hyman England, sprinter (Olympics-silver-60)
1941 Jan Dibbets sculptor/artist (Dutch Mountains)
1941 Pete Birrell rock bassist (Freddie & The Dreamers)
1942 John D Ashcroft (Governor-MO)
1942 Mike Millward rocker
1942 Tommy Roe Atlanta, rocker (Hooray for Hazel)
1942 William Olner MP
1943 Bruce Milner rocker (Every Mother's Son)
1943 Maurice Foster cricketer (West Indies batsman of 70's)
1944 Don Dannemann rocker (Cyrkle)
1944 Richard [Richie] Furay Yellow Springs OH, rock vocalist (Buffalo Springfield, Poco)
1945 Steve Katz New York NY, rock guitarist/vocalist (Blood, Sweat & Tears)
1946 Candice Bergen Beverly Hills, actress (Carnal Knowledge, Murphy Brown)
1947 Anthony Corlan Cork City Ireland, actor (Something for Everyone)
1948 John Drayton Mahaffey Kerrville TX, PGA golfer (1978 PGA Champion)
1949 Billy Joel Hicksville Long Island NY, singer/songwriter/piano player (Pianoman, Captain Jack, Bridge)
1949 Oleg Yuriyevich Atkov Russian cosmonaut (Soyuz T-10)
1950 James A Butts Los Angeles CA, triple jumper (Olympics-silver-1976)
1950 Matthew Kelly actor/TV host (Holding the Fort, Relative Strangers)
1950 Tom Petersson Rockford IL, rock bassist (Cheap Trick)
1951 Alley Mills Chicago IL, actress (Norma Arnold-Wonder Years)
1952 Patrick Ryecart actor (Silas Mariner)
1953 Daniel Talbot Montréal Québec, golfer (Québec Open-1979, 81, 84)
1953 Gregory Beecroft Corpus Christi TX, actor (Guiding Light)
1953 Ron Jackson baseball player
1953 Scott McInnis (Representative-R-CO)
1954 Balazs Taroczy Hungary, tennis star
1955 Kevin Peter Hall Pittsburgh PA, actor (Misfits of Science)
1955 Myra Blackwelder LPGA golfer
1957 Fred Markham 1st man to pedal a bike 65 mph
1957 John Stuper baseball pitcher (St Louis Cardinals)
1958 Esko Rechardt Finland, yachtsman (Olympics-gold-1980)
1959 Andrew Jones cricketer (highly consistent for New Zealand at 1st drop)
1959 Asantha De Mel cricketer (pioneering Sri Lankan Test opening bowler)
1960 Iain Butchart cricket all-rounder (Zimbabwe, Test vs Pakistan 1995)
1960 Jim Reilly rocker (Red Rockers)
1960 Tony Gwynn Los Angeles CA, outfielder (San Diego Padres)
1961 Rene Capo Pinal del Rio Cuba, half-heavyweight judoka (Olympics-96)
1962 David Gahan Epping Essex England, rock vocalist (Depeche Mode-Dreaming of Me)
1962 John Corbett actor/singer (Chris-Northern Exposure)
1962 Paul Heaton rocker (The Housemartins-Happy Hour, Over There)
1964 Miloslav Mecir Czechoslovakia, tennis player (Olympics-gold-1988)
1965 Ben Volpeliere-Pierrot rocker (Curiosity Killed Cat-Keep Distance)
1965 Marc Logan NFL running back (Washington Redskins)
1965 Steve Yzerman Cranbrook British Columbia, NHL forward (Team Canada, Detroit)
1966 Mark Tinordi Red Deer, NHL defenseman (Washington Capitals)
1968 Bruce Pickens NFL cornerback (Oakland Raiders)
1968 David Benoit NBA forward (Utah Jazz, New Jersey Nets)
1968 Marie-José Pérec Guadeloupe, French 200 meter/400 meter runner (Olympics-2 gold-96)
1968 Vince Workman NFL running back (Packers, Panthers, Colts)
1969 Carla Overbeck Pasadena CA, soccer defender (Olympics-96)
1969 Renn Crichlow Ottawa Ontario, canoeist (Olympics-92, 96)
1970 Doug Christie NBA guard/forward (Toronto Raptors)
1972 Dan Hollander Royal Oak MI, figure skater (1996 Great Lakes champion)
1972 Dave Barr WLAF quarterback (Scotland Claymores)
1972 Simon Hollingsworth Australian 400 meter hurdler (Olympics-92, 96)
1974 Pete Kelley 218¼ lbs (99 kg) US weightlifter (Olympics-14th-1996)
1974 Shin Yahata hockey forward (Team Japan 1998)
1974 Stephane Yelle Ottawa, NHL center (Colorado Avalanche)
1976 Faye Johnstone Auckland New Zealand, archer (Olympics-96)
1980 Angela Nikodinov Spartanburg SC, figure skater (1997 Pacific Senior champion)
1980 Tatewin Means Miss South Dakota Teen USA (1996)


Deaths which occurred on May 9th:
1079 Stanislaus Polish bishop of Cracow, murdered
1280 Magnus VI Lagaboeter King of Norway (1263-80), dies at 42
1443 Niccoló d'Albergati Italian cardinal, dies
1460 Jean Lavite Atrechts painter, dies
1474 Peter van Hagenbach Elzasser knight/land guardian, beheaded
1590 Karel "Cardinal" van Bourbon archbishop of Rouen, dies at 66
1657 William Bradford Governor (Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts), dies
1667 Marie Louise de Gonzague-Nevers French Queen of Poland (1645-48)
1688 Frederick William Great Elector of Brandenburg, dies at 68
1707 Dietrich Buxtehude German organist/composer, dies at about 69
1745 Tomaso Antonio Vitali composer, dies at 82
1760 Nikolaus Ludwig und Pottendorf Austrian composer, dies at 59
1770 Charles Avison composer, dies at 61
1785 Franz Xaver Schnitzer composer, dies at 44
1791 Francis Hopkinson US writer/music/lawyer, dies at 53
1799 Claude-Benigne Balbastre composer, dies at 72
1805 Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller poet/playwright, dies at 45
1822 Charles Duquesnoy composer, dies at 62
1850 Louis-Joseph Gay-Lussac chemist/physicist, dies
1853 Johann Philipp Samuel Schmidt composer, dies at 73
1864 "Uncle" John Sedgwick US Union general-major, dies in battle at 50
1864 Thomas Donnely Doubleday US Union Colonel, dies in an accident
1880 Johann Hermann Berens composer, dies at 54
1884 Hermanus W Witteveen theologist, dies at 69
1903 Rudolf Serkin Bohemian/US pianist, dies
1905 Ernst Pauer composer, dies at 78
1926 Joseph Mallaby Dent publisher, dies
1927 Tommy Routledge cricketer (4 Tests for South Africa 1892-96), dies
1928 Constantin Dimitrescu composer, dies at 81
1931 A[lbert] A[braham] Michelson US physicist (1907 Nobel), dies at 78
1937 Walter Mittelholzer Swiss aviation pioneer, dies in crash at 43
1944 Ethel Mary Smyth composer, dies at 86
1945 Clem Hill cricketer (49 Tests for Australia 1896-1912), dies
1949 Louis II Prince of Monaco, dies
1951 Marie Ault dies at 80
1952 Canada Lee black actor (Lost Boundaries), dies in New York NY at 45
1957 Ezio F Pinza Italian bass (Scale of Milan, New York Metropolitan Opera), dies
1957 Heinrich Campendonk German painter/wood carver/glasier, dies at 67
1958 Bill Goodwin TV announcer (Burns & Allen), dies at 47
1965 Leopold Figl premier Austria, dies at 62
1966 Alfred Mendelsohn composer, dies at 56
1966 Wilhelmus M Bekkers bishop of Dukeenbosch, dies
1967 Elmar Berkovich Dutch industrial designer (Eindhoven theater), dies
1967 Philippa Duke Schuyler composer, dies at 35
1968 Finlay Currie dies at 90
1968 Harold Gray US comic strip artist (Little Orphan Annie), dies at 74
1968 Marion Lorne actress (Aunt Clara-Bewitched), dies at 81
1968 Phil Arnold actor (Skidoo, Errand Boy, Damn Yankees), dies at 58
1970 Percy Brier composer, dies at 84
1970 Walter Reuther UAW union leader/president (CIO), dies in a jet crash
1974 Lyubomir Pipkov composer, dies at 69
1975 Philip Dorn dies at 73
1976 Raymond Chevreuille Belgian composer, dies at 74
1976 Valentino Bucchi composer, dies at 59
1977 James Jones US writer (Bad Blood, From Here to Eternity), dies at 55
1977 Walter Kraft composer, dies at 71
1979 Cyrus S Eaton Canada/US multi-millionaire, dies at 95
1979 Lan Adomian composer, dies at 73
1981 C E "Nip" Pellew cricketer (10 Tests 484 runs at 37), dies
1981 Nelson Algren US writer (Man with the Golden Arm), dies at 72
1982 Ab [Albert] Visser poet/writer (Kaïn sloeg Abel), dies
1985 Edmond O'Brien actor (Sam Benedict, Johnny Midnight), dies at 69
1986 Dirk de Vroome [Red Giant] Limbourg activist, dies at 60
1986 Herschel Bernardi actor (Lieutenant Jacoby-Peter Gunn, Arnie), dies at 62
1986 Tenzing Norgay Tibetan climber (Mount Everest 1953), dies at 71
1987 Obafemi Awolowo Nigeria, President of Nigeria (1979-83), dies at 78
1989 Keith Whitley country singer (Don't Close Your Eyes), dies at 33
1989 Paul J Steenbergen actor (Ciske de Rat), dies at 82
1990 Luigi Nono Italian composer (Intolleranza), dies at 66
1990 Pauline Frederick 1st woman to moderate Presidential debate, dies at 84
1991 James L Reinsch media-advisor (Roosevelt/Churchill/Kennedy), dies
1991 Ronnie Brody British actor (Superman III, Whats Up Nurse), dies at 72
1991 Rudolf Serkin Bohemian/US pianist, dies
1992 Mike Tyrell [Red Baron] British air acrobat, dies in an accident
1993 Freya Stark English author (Sunday Bloody Sunday), dies at 61
1993 Mary Duncan Sanford dies at 98
1993 Penelope Gilliatt [Conner] British author
1995 Abha Gandhi servant to Gandhi, dies at 68
1995 Charles Montgomery Monteith publisher, dies at 74
1995 Marshall Royal jazz Sax/Clarinet, dies at 82
1995 Percy Mansell cricketer (355 runs in 13 Tests for South Africa), dies

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