31st May, on this day

1279 BC Rameses II (The Great) (19th dynasty) becomes pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. 70 Rome captures 1st wall of the city of Jerusalem
1223 Mongol invasion of the Cumans: Battle of the Kalka River - Mongol armies of Genghis Khan lead by Subutai defeat Kievan Rus and Cumans.
1495 Emperor Maximilian, Pope Alexander VI, Milan, King Ferdinand, Isabella and Venice sign anti-French Saint League
1564 Battle on Gotland: Lübeck and Denmark beat Sweden
1621 Sir Francis Bacon thrown into Tower of London for 1 night
1634 US colony Massachusetts Bay annexes Maine colony
1659 Netherlands, England and France sign Treaty of The Hague
1665 Jerusalem's rabbi Sjabtai Tswi proclaims himself Messiah
1669 Citing poor eyesight, Samuel Pepys records the last event in his diary.
1678 Lady Godiva rides naked through Coventry in a protest of taxes
1696 John Salomonsz elected chief of Saint-Eustatius
1727 France, England and Netherlands sign accord of Paris
1744 French troops conquer Kortrijk
1790 US copyright law enacted
1790 Alferez Manuel Quimper explores the Strait of Juan de Fuca.
1793 Beginning of the Reign Of Terror in France, in which thousands go to the guillotine during the French Revolution
1821 Cathedral of Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary, 1st US Catholic cathedral, is dedicated in Baltimore
1836 HMS Beagle anchors in Simons Bay, Cape of Good Hope
1837 Astor Hotel (most elaborate in US) opens in NYC, it later becomes the Waldorf-Astoria
1853 Elisha Kane's Arctic expedition leaves New York aboard the Advance
1859 Big Ben , in the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament in London, first begins recording time
1861 General Beauregard is given command of Confederate Alexandria Line
1862 Battle of Seven Pines, VA (Fair Oaks); North defeats South
1864 Raid at Morgan's Kentucky
1864 Battle of Cold Harbor - The Army of Northern Virginia under Robert E. Lee engages the Army of the Potomac under Ulysses S. Grant & George G. Meade.
1866 In the Fenian Invasion of Canada, John O'Neill leads 850 Fenian raiders across the Niagara River at Buffalo, New York/Fort Erie, Ontario, as part of an effort to free Ireland from the English. Canadian militia and British regulars repulse the invaders in over the next three days, at a cost of 9 dead and 38 wounded to the Fenian's 19 dead and about 17 wounded
1868 Dr James Moore (UK) wins 1st recorded bicycle race, (2k) velocipede race at Parc fde St Cloud, Paris
1870 Congress passes 1st Enforcement Act (rights of blacks)
1870 E J DeSemdt patents asphalt pavement
1878 German battleship Grosser Kurfürst sinks, 284 killed
1879 1st electric railway opens at Berlin Trades Exposition
1879 Madison Square Garden opens its doors
1883 French fleet under Pierre begins siege of Tamatave, Madagascar
1884 Dr John Harvey Kellogg patents "flaked cereal"
1889 Johnstown Flood; 2,209 die in Pennsylvania
1891 Work on trans-Siberian railway begins
1899 Conference of Bloemfontein fails
1900 British troops under Lord Roberts occupy Johannesburg
1900 Piet de Law captures Lieutenant-Colonel Spragges Irish Yeomanry
1900 US troops arrive in Peking, help put down Boxer Rebellion
1902 End of the Boer War in South Africa with the signing of the Peace of Vereeniging. Boers accept British sovereignty but are promised self-government in the Orange River Colony and the Transvaal
1905 Emperor Wilhelm II lands in Tanger
1906 Attack on King Alfonso XIII and Victoria von Battenberg in Madrid
1907 Taxis 1st began running in NYC
1910 The colonies of the Cape of Good Hope, Natal, the Transvaal and the Orange River Colony are united to form the Union of South Africa
1910 Lord Baden-Powell's sister Agnes forms the Girl Guides
1911 In Belfast, the launch of the White Star liner Titanic - one of the largest vessels in the world
1912 US marines land on Cuba
1915 An LZ-38 Zeppelin makes an air raid on London
1916 Battle of Skagerrak: British-German sea battle at Jutland (10,000 dead)
1916 British battle cruiser Invincible explodes, killing all but 6
1916 During WWI British and German fleets fight Battle of Jutland
1917 1st jazz record released (Dark Town Strutters Ball)
1919 1st wedding held in an aircraft (over Houston, TX)
1919 NC-4 aircraft commanded by AC Read completes 1st crossing of Atlantic
1921 Tulsa Race Riot: A civil unrest in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, the official death toll is 39, but recent investigations suggest the actual toll may be much higher.
1923 China and USSR exchange diplomats
1924 The Soviet Union signs an agreement with the Peking government, referring to Outer Mongolia as an "integral part of the Republic of China", whose "sovereignty" therein the Soviet Union promises to respect.
1926 Portuguese President Bernardino Machedo resigns after coup
1927 The last 'Tin Lizzie' car comes off the production line, almost unchanged since it was introduced as the model T Ford in 1908
1928 1st aerial crossing of the Pacific takes off from Oakland
1930 Building begins on Albert Canal in Belgium
1930 Comet 73P/1930 (Schwassmann-Wachmann 3) approaches 0.0617 astronomical units (AUs) of Earth
1935 Quake kills 50,000 in Quetta, Pakistan
1937 1st quadruplets to finish college (Baylor University)
1937 German battleships bomb Almeria, Spain
1939 Denmark signs a non-aggression pact with Germany
1940 General-Major Bernard Montgomery leaves Dünkirchen
1940 Prime Minister Winston Churchill flies to Paris
1941 41 U boats sunk this month (325,000 ton)
1941 British troops vacate Kreta
1941 German occupiers forbids Jews access to beach and swimming pools
1942 Luftwaffe bombs Canterbury
1942 Imperial Japanese Navy midget submarines begin a series of attacks on Sydney, Australia.
1943 "Archie" comic strip 1st broadcast on radio
1944 Allied breakthrough in Italy
1947 Communists grab power in Hungary
1947 Eastern DC-4 crashes between Port Deposit & Perryville MD, kills 53
1947 Italian Government of Gasperi forms
1951 Netherlands and South Africa sign cultural accord
1953 Lebanese President Camille Shamun disbands government
1955 Construction begins on Soviet cosmodrome launch facilities
1955 Great Britain proclaims emergency crisis due to railway strike
1955 US Supreme Court orders school integration "with all deliberate speed"
1957 Great Britain performs nuclear test at Christmas Island (atmospheric)
1958 Dick Dale invents "surf music" with "Let's Go Trippin"
1958 US performs nuclear test at Bikini Island (atmospheric tests)
1961 Chuck Berry's amusement park, Berryland in St Louis, opens
1961 Dominican Republic President Trujillo assassinated
1961 JFK visits Charles de Gaulle in Paris
1961 Union of South Africa becomes a republic, leaving the Commonwealth
1962 Nazi war criminal Adolph Eichmann is hanged in Jerusalem
1964 Charles Schmid kills first Pied Piper victim
1969 John Lennon and Yoko Ono record "Give Peace a Chance"
1969 Stevie Wonder releases "My Cherie Amour"
1970 At 03:23 PM, Yungay, Peru levelled by 7.75 earthquake (50-70,000 die)
1974 Israel and Syria sign an agreement concerning Golan Heights
1974 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakhstan/Semipalitinsk, USSR
1976 Loudest PA (76 KW) for Who's Quadrophenia in London
1977 Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani becomes heir apparent to throne of Qatar
1977 Trans Alaska oil pipeline completed
1979 Zimbabwe proclaims independence
1980 Police and youthful rebels battle in Zurich
1984 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1985 41 Tornados in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and Canada kill 88 and injure more than 1,000
1985 Guatemala adopts constitution
1990 NYC's Zodiac killer shoots 3rd victim, Joseph Ponce
1990 Seinfeld starring Jerry Seinfeld, debuts on NBC as Seinfeld Chronicles
1991 Oldest bride - Minnie Munro, 102, weds Dudley Reid, 83, in Australia
1991 Sides in Angola sign a treaty ending 16 year civil war
1993 President Dobrica Cosic of little Yugoslavia flees
1996 Mark Van Thillo and Abigail Alling, former biospherian win $100,000 lawsuit against Biospheric Development for Space Biospheres Ventures
1996 Right-wing Benjamin Netanyahu wins the election against Shimon Peres to become Prime Minister of Israel
1998 Geri Halliwell confirms she's leaving the successful British group The Spice Girls

31st May 2006

Iraq imposes emergency in Basra

US 'prepared to join Iran talks'

Java earthquake toll passes 5,800

31st May 2007

US urges new greenhouse gas goals

Italy inmates seek death penalty

US arrests internet 'spam king'

31st May 2008

"Burma policy costs lives" - US

Clashes at Nairobi food protest

S Koreans protest against US beef

31st May 2009

West Bank fighting kills six Palestinians

US abortion doctor is shot dead

Last Titanic survivor dies at 97

31st May 2010

Deaths as Israeli forces storm Gaza aid ship

Turkey rocket attack 'kills six'

25 bodies found in abandoned mine in Mexico

Birthdates which occurred on 31st May :

1469 Manuel I king of Portugal (1495-1521) during era of exploration
1472 Erardus van der Mark prince-bishop of Luik/cardinal
1557 Theodorus I (Fedor Ivanovitsj) czar of Russia (1584-98)
1656 Marin Marias composer
1664 Giulio Alberoni Spanish/Italian minister/cardinal
1674 Friedrich Erhard Niedt composer
1701 Alexander Cruden compiler of a concordance to King James Bible
1744 Richard Edgeworth writer, Bath
1753 Pierre V Vergniaud French politician/police leader
1773 Ludwig Tieck writer
1802 Cesare Pugni composer
1804 Jeanne-Louise Farrenc composer
1810 Horatio Seymour Governor (Union), died in 1886
1817 Edouard Deldevez composer
1817 Georg Herwegh writer
1818 John Albion Andrew Governor (Union), died in 1867
1819 Walt Whitman West Hills NY, poet (Leaves of Grass)
1837 Ernest Daudet French writer (White Terror)
1837 Joseph Grimaldi London, clown
1837 Stephen Dodson Ramseur Major General (Confederate Army), died in 1864
1837 William Henry Fitzhugh "Rooney" Lee Major General (Confederate Army)
1838 Henry Sidgwick English philosopher (Wife at University)
1857 Pius XI [Ambrogio DA Ratti] Italy, 259th Roman Catholic Pope (1922-39)
1860 Walter Richard Sickert Munich Danish/English painter (The Miner)
1861 Emily Perkins Bissell welfare worker (1st christmas seal drive, 1907)
1863 Francis E Younghusband British journalist/explorer
1864 Albert J M Bakker Dutch actor (Teun the night watch)
1866 Vladimir Ivanovich Rebikov composer
1872 Charles G Abbot US, astronomer (Constant Sun)
1872 William Heath Robinson England, illustrator/cartoonist (Don Quixote)
1875 Italo Montemezzi composer
1879 Mark Hambourg composer
1887 Gunnar Olof Björling Finnish/Swedish language poet (Vilande Dag)
1887 Saint-John Perse France, poet/diplomat (Nobel 1960)
1888 Jack Holt US, golddigger/actor (Cat People, San Francisco, Brimstone)
1889 Athene Seyler London, actress (Make Mine Mink)
1892 Gregor Strasser German pharmacist/NSDAP-Reich organization leader
1892 Konstatin G Paustovski Russian author (Bespokojnaja Joenostj)
1892 Louis Fourestier composer
1892 Willem Ravelli baritone singer
1894 Fred Allen Cambridge MA, comedian (Fred Allen Radio Show)
1897 Margalo Gillmore London, actress (Skirts Ahoy, High Society)
1898 Johan Brouwer Dutch pianist/writer/resistance fighter
1898 Norman Vincent Peale Ohio, clergyman (Power of Positive Thinking)
1899 Leonid Leonow writer
1900 Helma Wolf-Catz Dutch author (Undercurrent, Coral Reef)
1902 Billy Mayerl composer
1902 Henk Schaer [Hendricus JM Schaareman] actor/conductor
1902 Ralph Walter Wood composer
1905 Roy Peaches Davis baseball pitcher
1907 Valston Hancock British air marshal
1908 Don Ameche Kenosha WI, actor (Cocoon, Trading Places)
1909 Jan Lewando British director (Marks & Spencer)
1909 Thor Thorvaldsen Norway, yachtsman (Olympics-gold-1948, 52)
1910 Elizabeth Blackwell Hastings, 1st woman doctor of medicine
1910 Francis Avery Jones British gastro-enterologist
1911 Edward Adamson art therapist/collector
1912 Barbara Pepper New York NY, actress (Doris Ziffel-Green Acres, Rogue Tavern)
1912 Dave O'Brien Big Springs TX, actor (Kiss Me Kate, 1st Aid)
1912 Henry M "Scoop" Jackson (Senator-D-WA)
1912 Martin Schwarzschild US astronomer (evolution)
1913 Peter Gibson British Rear-Admiral
1914 Akira Ifukube composer
1915 Conrad W Mönnich theologist (Branch of olive)
1916 Bert Haanstra Holten Netherlands, director (Fanfare)
1916 John Vivyan actor (Mr Lucky, Wrong Man, Imitation of Life)
1916 Judy Campbell actress (Convoy, Bonnie Prince Charlie)
1919 Chet Gierlach music publisher/composer
1919 Emmanual Tettey Mensah musician
1920 Edward Bennett Williams lawyer/team owner (Redskins, Baltimore Orioles)
1921 Alida Valli Pola Italy, actress (Miracle of the Bells, 3rd Man)
1921 Andrew Grima British jeweller
1921 Robert Arthur Ley UK, sci-fi author (Telepath, Power of X)
1922 Denholm Elliott London England, actor (Alfie, Cuba, Doll's House, King Rat)
1922 Elisabeth arch duchess of Austria/princess of Liechtenstein
1923 Clint Rainier III Prince of Monaco (1949- )
1923 Wolfgang Lesser composer
1924 Russell Endean cricketer (28 Tests for South Africa, handled the ball 1956)
1926 Derek Birley British Vice-Chancellor (Ulster University)
1926 Probir Sen cricket wicketkeeper (India in late 40's/early 50's)
1926 Viscount Ingleby
1927 Isabel Stoate British diplomat
1927 James Eberle British Admiral/director (Royal Institute of International Affairs)
1927 Michael Sandberg British CEO (Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corp)
1928 Jacob Lateiner Havana Cuba, pianist/professor (Juiliard)
1928 Pankaj Roy cricketer (Indian opener, 413 partnership w/Vinoo Mankad)
1929 ? 1st reindeer born in the US
1929 Aladar Zoltan composer
1929 Elaine Stewart Montclair NJ, actress (Take the High Ground)
1929 Neil Shaw British CEO (Tate & Lyle)
1930 Clint Eastwood San Fransisco CA, actor (Dirty Harry)/mayor (Carmel CA)
1930 William Taylor British Chairman of Convocation (London University)
1931 John Schrieffer US physicist (Nobel 1972)
1931 Justice Turner
1931 Shirley Verrett New Orleans, mezzo-soprano (Cassandra-Les Troyens)
1931 Steve Horn (Representative-R-CA)
1932 Elizabeth Southey British CEO (National Federation of Women's Institutes)
1932 George Vallings British Vice-Admiral
1932 Ronald Hampel British CEO (ICI)
1934 Bent Peter Rasch Denmark, canoe (Olympics-gold-1952)
1934 Jim Hutton Binghamton NY, actor (Ellery Queen)
1934 Karl-Erik Welin composer
1935 Bruce Bolton cricketer (two Tests New Zealand vs England 1959)
1937 Vladislav Ivanovich Gulyayev Russia, cosmonaut
1938 John Prescott British MP
1938 Peter Yarrow New York NY, (Peter, Paul & Mary-Puff the Magic Dragon)
1939 Charles Drain singer
1939 Terry Waite Anglican Church envoy/Lebanese hostage
1940 Augie Mayer rocker (Sir Douglas Quintet)
1940 Elfi Mikesch cinematographer (Erotique, Out of America, Malina)
1941 Gil [Walter] Morgan Haddock GA, PGA golfer (1990 Kemper Open)
1941 Johnny Paycheck Greenfield OH, singer (Take This Job & Shove It)
1941 June Clark British Professor of Nursing (Middlesex University)
1941 Kenneth Cooper New York NY, harpsichordist/professor (Barnard, Brooklyn)
1942 Happy Hairston NBA star (Cincinnati, Detroit, Los Angeles)
1942 John Daniel British Vice-Chancellor (Open University)
1943 Earl of Macclesfield
1943 Joe Namath Beaver Falls PA, NFL QB (New York Jets), the $400,000 man (1969 Superbowl)
1943 Sharon Gless Los Angeles CA, actress (Chris Cagney-Cagney & Lacey)
1944 Mick Ralphs guitarist (Mott the Hoople, Bad Company)
1945 Linda Davies British Judge
1946 Debbie Moore founder/CEO (Pineapple Dance Studios)
1946 Maeve Kinkead New York NY, actress (Guiding Light)
1946 Rainer Werner Fassbinder German director (Marriage of Maria Braum)
1946 Steve Bucknor cricketer (West Indian Test umpire, FIFA referee)
1947 William H Campbell Jr rocker
1948 Duncan L Hunter (Representative-R-CA, 1981- )
1948 John "Bonzo" Bonham Birmingham England, drummer (Led Zeppelin-Stairway to Heaven)
1948 Lynda Bellingham actress (Sweeney, Scarlet Tunic)
1948 Rhea Perlman Brooklyn NY, actress (Carla-Cheers, Zena-Taxi)
1949 Steven Kampmann Philadelphia PA, actor (Kirk-Newhart)
1950 Edward Barker cartoonist
1950 Gregory Harrison Catalina CA, actor (Trapper John, Logan's Run)
1950 Tom Berenger Chicago IL, actor (Big Chill, Someone to Watch Over Me)
1955 Ben de Lisi British fashion designer
1955 Laura Baugh Gainesville FL, LPGA golfer (1994 Youngstown Classic-9th)
1956 Bart van Poppel Dutch bassist/guitarist/singer (Tambourine)
1956 Yoshiko Sakakibara Chiba Japan, actress (Sailor Moon, Vampire Hunter)
1957 Jim Craig North Easton MA, hockey goalie (Olympics-gold-1980)
1957 Stephen Jones British milliner
1958 Angel Franco Asuncion Paraguay, golfer (1993 Nike Dominion)
1958 Gary George Hallberg Berwyn IL, PGA golfer (1983 Andy Williams)
1958 Kyle Secor Tacoma WA, actor (Tim Bayliss-Homicide)
1958 Mkhuseli Jack South African UDF-leader (consumer boycots)
1960 Chris Elliott New York NY, actor/comedian (Get a Life, David Letterman Show)
1960 Norm Johnson NFL place kicker (Seattle Seahawk, Pittsburgh Steelers)
1960 Peter Winterbottom British rugby player
1961 Harry Enfield London England, comedian (Dermot-Men Behaving Badly, Saturday Live)
1961 Lea Thompson Rochester Minnesota, actress (Back to the Future, Caroline In The City, Casual Sex, Space Camp)
1962 Corey Hart Montréal Canada, vocalist (I Wear My Sunglasses at Night)
1962 Henry Williams CFL receiver (Edmonton Eskimos)
1962 Joe Orsulak Glen Ridge NJ, outfielder (Florida Marlins)
1962 Noriko Hidaka actor (Ranma ½, Baoh, Akazukin Chacha)
1963 Wendy Smith rocker (Prefab Sprout-2 Wheels Good)
1964 DMC rocker
1964 Scotti Hill Manhasset NY, rock guitarist (Skid Row-Psycho Love)
1965 Annette Renee Peters [nee Hand] Reno NV, 1500/3000 runner
1965 Brooke Shields New York NY, model/actress (Blue Lagoon, Suddenly Susan)
1966 Jessica Monroe Palo Alto CA, Canadian rower (Olympics-96)
1966 Roshan Mahanama cricketer (Sri Lankan opening batsman)
1967 Kenny Lofton East Chicago IL, outfielder (Cleveland Indians)
1967 Sandrine Bonnaire Clermont France, actress (Vagabond, Police)
1968 Duane Causwell NBA center (Miami Heat, Sacramento Kings)
1969 Juliet Haslam Adelaide South Australia, field hockey midfielder (Olympics-96)
1970 Cory Mantyka CFL guard (British Columbia Lions)
1971 Brad Elberg CFL running back (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)
1971 Lenny McGill NFL cornerback (Atlanta Falcons)
1971 Murray Hocking Victoria Australia, badminton player (Olympics-96)
1971 Sarah O'Hare model (Cosmopolitan-Jan 1994)
1971 Troy Malave Cumana Venezuela, outfielder (Boston Red Sox)
1972 Bryan Walker safety (Washington Redskins)
1972 Eileen Richetelli Milford CT, diver (Olympics-96)
1973 Dominique van Roost Verviers Belgium, tennis star (1995 Futures-Great Britain)
1973 Marty Janzen Miami FL, pitcher (Toronto Blue Jays)
1973 Tyrone Williams NFL defensive back (Green Bay Packers-Superbowl 31)
1974 Bindi Mansfield Mooerbank New South Wales Australia, diver (Olympics-96)
1974 Jim Carey Dorchester MA, NHL goalie (Washington Capitals)
1974 Steve Martin defensive tackle (Indianapolis Colts)
1990 Liberty Irene Kasem daughter of Casey & Jean Kasam


Deaths which occurred on May 31st:
0455 Petronius Maximus senator/Emperor of Rome, lynched
1091 Hendrik van Verdun bishop of Luik (1075-91), dies
1198 Moses ben Solomon Ha-Cohen rabbi of Mainz, dies
1504 Engelbert II earl of Nassau-Dillenburg-Dietz, dies
1551 Aristotele "Basiano" da Sangallo Italian set designer, dies
1567 Péreguin de la Grange French minister/martyr of Reform, dies
1594 Tintoretto Italian Mannerist painter, dies at 75
1620 Willem Louis earl of Nassau-Dillenburg, dies at 59
1665 Pieter J Saenredam Dutch architectural painter, dies at 67
1696 Heinrich Schwemmer composer, dies at 75
1740 Frederick-William I king of Prussia (1713-1740), dies at 51
1806 Michaël FB baron von Melas Austrian general, dies at 77
1809 Ferdinand von Schill Prussian officer/rebel, dies in battle at 33
1809 Franz Josef Haydn Austrian composer (Jahreszeiten), dies in Wien (Vienna) Austria at 77
1832 Évariste Galois French revolutionary/mathematician, dies at 20
1837 Joseph Grimaldi greatest clown (king of pantomime), dies at 57
1849 Léonard du Bus de Gisignies Governor-General of Netherlands-Indies, dies at 69
1854 Vatroslav Lisinski composer, dies at 34
1862 Robert Hatton Confederate Brigadier-General, dies in battle at about 34
1900 James Loudon Governor-General of Netherlands-Indies (1871-75), dies at 75
1900 John Power Irish baronet/whiskey manufacturer, dies in battle
1906 Hermann Schell German theologist (Gott und Geist), dies at 56
1906 King Alfonso XIII assassinated in Madrid
1906 Victoria von Battenberg assassinated in Madrid
1908 C L "Boy" Johnson cricketer (Test for South Africa 1895-96), dies
1910 Elizabeth Blackwell 1st woman physician, dies at 89
1916 Horace Hood British spy (Battle of Jutland), dies in battle
1928 Ludwig Enneccerus German leader, dies at 85
1928 Manuel de Oliveira Lima Brazilian historian, dies at 60
1942 Reinhard Heydrich German protector of Bohemia & Moravia, assassinated
1947 Adrienne Ames actress (Black Sheep, 24 Hours), dies at 39
1947 Henri G Casadesus Fr altviolist/composer (viola d'amour), dies at 66
1948 Jose Vianna da Motta composer, dies at 80
1952 Walter Schellenberg German lawyer/headed spy (Venlo), dies
1955 "Wild Bill" Vukovich killed in the Indianapolis 500
1955 Raoul Gunsbourg composer, dies at 95
1960 Willem Elsschot [Alfons de Ridder] Flemish writer (Kas), dies at 78
1961 ? Trujillo Dominican Republic President, assassinated at 69
1962 Adolf Eichmann war criminal, hanged for crimes against Jews in WWII at Ramie Prison in Israel at 56
1962 Eduardo Toldra composer, dies at 67
1963 Carel C van Essen archaeologist (Art of Ancient Rome), dies at 63
1971 Dainty Ironmonger cricketer (74 wickets in 14 Tests after age 46), dies
1971 Massimo Campigli Italian painter/illustrator, dies at 75
1971 Reinhold Niebuhr US theologist, dies at 78
1973 Albert Egges van Giffen Dutch archaeologist, dies at 89
1974 Adelle Davis US nutrionalist (Let's stay healthy), dies at 70
1976 Jacques Monod French biochemist, dies
1976 Martha Mitchell wife of former Attorney General John Mitchell, dies in New York at 57
1979 Nigel Howard cricketer (England captain 1951-52 tour of India), dies
1982 Jack Dempsey former heavyweight boxing champion/actor, dies at 86
1987 Dorothy Patrick actress (Torch Song, New Orleans, High Wall), dies
1989 C L R James cricket writer (distinguished Trinidadian), dies
1989 Dr Charles A Hufnagel artificial heart valve pioneer, dies at 72
1989 Terry Drinkwater CBS news correspondent, dies at 53 of cancer
1991 Angus Wilson [Johnstone-W] British writer (Wrong Set), dies
1991 H N "Swanie" Swanson literary agent, dies at 91 from a stroke
1992 Lutz Stavenhagen top aid to Chancellor Helmut Kohl, dies at 52
1993 John Granger actor (Advise & Consent), dies at 69
1994 Doug Freeman cricketer (2 Tests of leg-spin for New Zealand 1933), dies
1994 Emmanuel "Manny" Klein trumpeter, dies at 86
1994 Herva Nelli soprano, dies at 85
1994 Sidney Gilliat British screenwriter/director, dies at 86
1995 Tim Mara owner (New York Giants), dies at 59
1996 Colin Morris playwright/documentary filmmaker, dies at 80
1996 Elsbeary Hobbs singer, dies at 59
1996 Neela Sanjiva Reddy President of India (1977-82), dies
1996 Paul Peter Piech artist, dies at 76
1996 Peter Gordon Dorrell archaeologist/photographer, dies at 68
1996 Timothy Francis Leary Harvard professor/LSD guru, dues of cancer at 75
1997 Rosie Will Monroe WWII icon (Rosie the riveter), dies at 76

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