22nd May, on this day

334 BC - The Greek army of Alexander the Great defeats Darius III of Persia in the Battle of the Granicus.
12 BC - A daytime meteor shower, possibly Zeta Perseid observed in China
760 14th recorded perihelion passage of Halley's Comet
1176 Murder attempt by "Assassins" on Saladin near Aleppo
1200 Peace of Goulet
1370 Jews are expelled/massacred from Brussels Belgium
1377 Pope Gregory XI issues five papal bulls to denounce the doctrines of English theologian John Wycliffe.
1455 Open battle in England's 30-year War of the Roses (St Albans)
1455 Richard of York takes St Albans, kidnapping King Henry VI
1526 Pope Clemens VII, France, Genoa, Venice, Florence & Milan form Anti-French League of Cognac
1570 1st atlas, with 70 maps, published
1594 Earl Mauritius & Willem Louis begins siege of Groningen
1629 Emperor Ferdinand II & Danish King Christian IV sign Peace of Lübeck
1659 France, England & Netherlands sign "Hedges Concerto" treaty
1712 Emperor Karel VI crowned king of Hungary
1746 Russia and Austria signs treaty of cooperation
1761 1st life insurance policy in US, issued in Philadelphia
1762 Sweden and Prussia sign peace treaty
1784 Ceylonese student leader Pieter Quint Ondaatje demands democracy
1803 1st public library opens (Connecticut)
1807 Former Vice President Aaron Burr is tried for treason in Richmond, VA (acquitted)
1807 Townsend Speakman 1st sells fruit-flavored carbonated drinks (Philadelphia)
1809 Second and last Day of the Battle of Aspern-Essling (near Vienna), Napoleon was repelled by an enemy army for the first time.
1819 The SS Savannah leaves port at Savannah, Georgia, United States, on a voyage to become the first steamship to cross the Atlantic Ocean. The ship arrived at Liverpool, England on June 20.
1826 The HMS Beagle departed Plymouth with Charles Darwin aboard.
1836 Felix Mendelssohn's oratorium "St Paul" premieres in Düsseldorf
1840 Britain ends the practice of sending convicts to the penal colony of Australia
1843 1st wagon train, 1000+ departs Independence MO for Oregon
1848 The abolition of slavery in Martinque
1849 Abraham Lincoln patents a buoying device
1856 Congressman Preston Brooks of South Carolina beats Senator Charles Sumner with a cane in the hall of the United States Senate for a speech Sumner had made attacking Southerners who sympathized with the pro-slavery violence in Kansas ("Bleeding Kansas").
1858 Confederación Granadina (now Colombia) forms
1863 General Grant begins siege on Vicksburg
1863 War Department establishes Bureau of Colored Troops
1864 Battle of North Anna River, VA (Totopotamy River, Haw's Shop, Hanovertown)
1868 Great Train Robbery; 7 men (Reno Brothers) make off with $98,000 in cash
1872 Amnesty Act restores civil rights to Southerners (except for 500)
1888 Leroy Buffington patents a system to build skyscrapers
1892 Dr Washington Sheffield invents toothpaste tube
1897 Official opening of the Blackwall Tunnel under the River Thames in London
1900 Edwin S Votey patents pneumatic piano player .
1906 Wright Brothers patent an aeroplane
1915 Britain's worst train disaster - 227 killed when a troop train hits a passenger train at Gretna Green in Scotland
1915 Lassen Peak erupts with a powerful force, and is the only mountain to erupt other than Mount St. Helens in the continental US during the 20th century.
1916 French troops occupy parts of Fort Douaumont Verdun
1923 Stanley Baldwin succeeds Andrew Bonar Law as British premier
1924 In Chicago, Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb kidnap Robert Franks
1926 "Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue" by Gene Austin hits number 1
1926 Chiang Kai-shek replaces communists in Guomindang China
1927 8.3 earthquake strikes Nan-Shan China, 200,000 killed
1931 Canned rattlesnake meat 1st goes on sale in Florida
1933 Loch Ness Monster is 1st reportedly sighted by John Mackay
1933 World Trade Day/National Maritime Day 1st celebrated
1936 Aer Lingus (Aer Loingeas) is founded by the Irish government as the national airline of the Republic of Ireland.
1939 German Fuhrer Adolf Hitler and Italian Fascist leader Benito Mussolini sign a 'Pact of Steel' to support each other in the event of war
1940 Dutch Premier De Geer begins working with Nazis
1940 Prime Minister Winston Churchill flies to Paris
1941 British troops attack Baghdad
1942 México declares war on Nazi-Germany and Japan
1943 1st jet fighter is tested
1943 RAF scatters 1st copies of "The Flying Hollander"
1943 Stalin disbands Komintern
1945 6th Marine division reaches suburbs of Naha, Okinawa
1947 "Truman Doctrine" goes into effect, aiding Turkey and Greece
1947 1st US ballistic missile fired
1950 Celal Bayar elected president of Turkey
1953 President Eisenhower signs Offshore Oil Bill
1954 Robert Zimmerman aka Bob Dylan is Bar Mitzvahed
1955 Oldest man to drive in the Grand Prix (aged 55) finishes 6th
1956 "Bob Hope Show" last airs on NBC-TV
1957 South Africa Government approves race separation in universities
1960 An earthquake measuring 9.5 on the moment magnitude scale, now known as the Great Chilean Earthquake, hits southern Chile. It is the most powerful earthquake ever recorded.
1960 Virtually all coastal towns between 37th and 44th parallels severely damaged by tsunami that strikes Hilo HI at 01:04 AM
1961 1st revolving restaurant (Top Of The Space Needle in Seattle), opens
1962 Continental Airlines Flight 11 crashes after bombs explode.
1963 Assassination attempt of Greek left-wing politician Gregoris Lambrakis, who will die five days afterwards.
1964 U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson announces the goals of his Great Society social reforms to bring an "end to poverty and racial injustice" in America.
1965 Beatles' "Ticket to Ride" single goes number 1
1967 Egyptian president Nasser closes Straits of Tiran to Israel
1967 The L'Innovation department store in the centre of Brussels, Belgium, burns down. It is the most devastating fire in Belgian history, which results in 323 dead and missing and 150 injured.
1968 The nuclear-powered submarine the USS Scorpion sinks with 99 men aboard 400 miles southwest of the Azores.
1969 Stafford and Cernan pilot Apollo 10 flies 9.4 miles (15km) above lunar surface
1970 Arab terrorists kill 9 children and 3 adults on a school bus
1970 France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
1972 Ceylon becomes the Republic of Sri Lanka within the British Commonwealth
1972 American President Richard Nixon and Soviet President Leonid Brezhnev meet in Moscow to discuss an arms limitation treaty. The first time a US President has set foot in Russia
1973 President Nixon confesses his role in Watergate cover-up
1974 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1977 The Orient Express, the Paris to Istanbul train service, arrives in Istanbul for the last time after 94 years of service
1979 Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau is voted out of office after 11 years, when his Liberal Party is defeated in a General election by the Progressive Conservative Party
1980 Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue marry
1981 In Britain, murderer Peter Sutcliffe - nicknamed the Yorkshire Ripper - is found guilty of killing 13 women and the attempted murder of 7 others. He is sentenced to a minimum of 30 years in jail
1981 Soyuz 40 returns to Earth
1985 US sailor Michael L Walker arrested for spying for USSR
1987 30 killed in a Texas tornado
1988 Károly Grósz succeeds party leader János Kádár in Hungary
1990 Microsoft releases Windows 3.0
1990 North and South Yemen merge to form Republic of Yemen
1991 Roh Jai Bong resigns as premier of South Korea
1992 India launches its Agni rocket
1992 Johnny Carson's final appearance as host of the Tonight Show
1997 Kelly Flinn, US Air Force's first female bomber pilot certified for combat, accepts a general discharge in order to avoid a court martial.
1998 Northern Ireland votes 'Yes' to a new peace agreement designed to end 30 years of violence between Protestants and Catholics
1998 Lewinsky scandal: A federal judge rules that United States Secret Service agents can be compelled to testify before a grand jury concerning the scandal, involving President Bill Clinton.
2002 American civil rights movement: A jury in Birmingham, Alabama, convicts former Ku Klux Klan member Bobby Frank Cherry of the 1963 murders of four girls in the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church.
2004 Felipe, Prince of Asturias, of the Spanish Royal Family marries Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano.
2004 The U.S. town of Hallam, Nebraska, is wiped out by a powerful F4 tornado that broke a width record at an astounding 2.5 miles wide. It also killed one local resident.
2006 Results from the Montenegrin independence referendum, 2006 are announced. 55.4% of voters voted to become independent from the Serbia and Montenegro Union.

22nd May 2006

Montenegro chooses independence

Dozens die in Afghan air strike

WHO chief dies after blood clot

22nd May 2007

Explosion rocks Turkish capital

US urges China to speed up reform

Italy strike hits air travellers

22nd May 2008

Afghan Koran protest turns deadly

Gazan shot dead at blockade demo

UN head tours cyclone-hit Burma

22nd May 2009

Fierce battle in Somali capital

Deadly car bomb in Pakistan city

Arrests in Chinese slavery case

22nd May 2010

Air India Express crash in Mangalore leaves many dead

Afghan insurgents attack key base

US 13-year-old 'in Everest record'

Birthdates which occurred on 22nd May :

1671 Abraham Patras Governor-General of East-Indies (1735-37)
1722 Johannes Schmidlin composer
1759 Gervais-François Couperin composer
1780 Jan Emmanuel Dulezalek composer
1783 Thomas Forbes Walmisley composer
1804 John William (Turk) Livingston Commander (Union Navy), died in 1885
1808 G de Nerval writer
1813 Richard Wagner Leipzig Germany, composer (Ring, Flying Dutchman)
1820 Alexander Ernst Fesca composer
1821 Alfred Sully Brevet Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1879
1826 George Parr cricketer (legendary Notts batsman, 1st England touring captain)
1828 Albrecht Gräfe pioneer eye surgeon; founded modern ophthalmology
1844 Mary Cassatt US, Impressionist painter (Woman Bathing)
1850 Johann Schrammel composer
1852 Emile Sauret composer
1859 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle UK, author-brought Sherlock Holmes to life twice
1862 August Cuppens Flemish author/pastor
1865 Enrique Morera composer
1874 Daniel F Malan premier of South-Africa (1948-54)
1874 Francesco Paolo Neglia composer
1879 Eastwood Lane composer
1879 Hendrik Heyman Belgian minister of Nÿverheid/mayor
1879 Jean Emile Paul Cras composer
1879 Warwick Armstrong cricketer (Big Ship Great Aussie skipper 1920-21)
1884 Alceo Toni composer
1885 Julio Fonseca composer
1891 J R Becher writer
1891 Robert Gordon Sproul educator/college president (University of California)
1892 Louis van Tulder Dutch tenor (From Office Stool to High C)
1897 Robert Neumann Austrian/British author (Waters of Babylon)
1898 René de Vos Dutch actor/composer (Jij Bent Mijn Leven)
1902 Al Simmons Milwaukee WI, outfielder (A's)/lifetime batting average of .334
1904 Anne de Vries writer (Bartje)
1906 Harry Ritz US comic (Ritz Brothers-Silent Movie)
1907 Hergé [Georges Rémi] Belgian cartoonist (Kuifje)
1907 Laurence Olivier England, actor (Rebecca, Hamlet, Jazz Singer)
1907 Lord Laurence Olivier actor (Rebecca, Hamlet, Jazz Singer)
1910 Johnny Olson TV announcer (Price is Right)
1911 Anatol Rapoport Russian/US mathematician/biologist (game theory)
1912 Hendrik Koekoek Dutch MP (Farmers Party)
1913 Andrea C Bensddorp Dutch/South African actress (Commensaal)
1913 Carlyle Blackwell Jr California, actor (Docks of New York)
1914 Vance Packard Granville Summit PA, author (Hidden Persuaders)
1916 Gordon Binkerd composer
1917 Jean-Louis Laffitte Curtis novelist
1918 David Land impressario
1919 Paul Vanden Boeynants premier Belgium (1966-68, 1978-79)
1920 Hugh Armstrong Clegg industrial relations academic
1920 Thomas Gold astronomer (proposed steady-state theory of universe)
1922 Judith Crist New York NY, movie critic (TV Guide)
1924 Charles Aznavour [Chahnour Varinag Aznavourian] Paris France, French-Armenian singer (Monsieur Carnavel, Tin Drum)
1924 Claude Andre Francois Ballif composer
1924 Helen Wedemeyer Hilo HI, actress (Hawaii Five-O)
1925 Jean Tinguely Swiss sculptor artist (movement objects)
1927 Eric Petrie cricketer (New Zealand wicketkeeper of the late 1950's)
1927 Michael Constantine Reading PA, actor (Room 222, Don't Drink the Water)
1928 Roscoe Robinson US gospel singer
1928 T Boone Pickens CEO (Shamrock, Mesa Petroleum Co)
1929 Asher Ben-Yohanan composer
1930 Dieuwke Y W de Graaff-Nauta Dutch undersecretary of the Interior
1931 Kenny Ball rocker
1933 John Browning Denver CO, pianist (Leventritt Award-1956)
1934 Peter Nero New York NY, conductor/pianist (A Sunday in New York)
1938 Frank Converse actor (It's About Time, Dr Cook's Garden, Movin' On)
1938 Richard Benjamin New York NY, director/actor (Goodbye Columbus, He & She)
1938 Susan Strasberg New York NY, actress (In Praise of Older Women, Manitou)
1940 Bernard Shaw news correspondant (CBS, CNN)
1940 Erapalli Prasanna cricketer (one of India's big four spinners)
1940 Michael Sarrazin actor (Seduction, They Shoot Horses Don't They)
1941 Paul Winfield Los Angeles CA, actor (Star Trek II, Huckleberry Finn, Mars Attacks)
1941 Sebastian Forbes composer
1942 Barbara Parkins Vancouver British Columbia, actress (Betty-Peyton Place, Asylum)
1942 Calvin Simon US rock vocalist (Funkadelic-1 Nation Under a Groove)
1942 Malika A Sabirova Russian dancer
1942 Pallo Jordan South African ANC member/heads (Radio Freedom)
1943 Tommy John pitcher (Yankee/Dodger)
1945 Victoria Wyndham Chicago IL, actress (Rachel Cory-Another World)
1948 Richard Baker (Representative-R-LA)
1950 Bernie Taupin lyricist, writes with Elton John
1952 Jan Todd woman power lifter, once lifted 248 kg in a squat
1952 R W Eaks Colorado Springs CO, Nike golfer (1990 Quicksilver Open)
1953 John Edward Stevens New York NY, bank robber (FBI Most Wanted List)
1954 Jerry Dammers keyboardist (Specials-The Special)
1955 Iva Davies rock guitarist/vocalist (Icehouse)
1955 Sam Coppersmith (Representative-D-AZ)
1956 Douglas Heyes Jr Los Angeles CA, actor (Captains & the Kings, Aspen)
1959 [Steven Patrick] Morrissey Manchester England, rocker (The Smiths-Hand in Glove, & solo artist-November Spawned a Monster)
1959 Ed Fry actor (Larry-As the World Turns, Adam Cory-Another World)
1961 Dana Williams Dayton OH, singer (Diamond Rio-Meet in the Middle)
1962 Andrew Donald Magee Paris France, PGA golfer (1988 Pensacola Open)
1964 David Lidberg jockey
1966 Donald Royal NBA forward (Charlotte Hornets, Orlando Magic)
1966 Jose Mesa Azua Dominican Republic, pitcher (Cleveland Indians)
1968 Alan Levine Park Ridge IL, pitcher (Chicago White Sox)
1968 Brent Geiberger Santa Barbara CA, Nike golfer (1994 Queen Mary-2nd)
1968 Carmie Vairo Vancouver British Columbia, softball infielder (Olympics-96)
1968 Mike Harbold Oakland CA, sprint kayak (Olympics-96)
1968 Randy Brown NBA guard (Chicago Bulls)
1969 Tim Wiley Lexington MA, kayak (alternate-Olympics-96)
1969 Vaughn Eshelman Philadelphia PA, pitcher (Boston Red Sox)
1970 Clyde Johnson cornerback (Kansas City Chiefs)
1970 Eric Wunderlich US, 200 meter breaststroke (Olympics-96)
1970 Marcus Dowdell NFL wide receiver/kick returner (Arizona Cardinals)
1970 Naomi Campbell London England, model/actress (Cool as Ice, Unzipped)
1971 Corey Croom NFL running back (New England Patriots)
1971 Troy Barnhart Hanford CA, water polo 2 meter offense (Olympics-96)
1972 Alison Eastwood daughter of actor Clint/actress (Tightrope)
1972 Mike Hollis NFL kicker (Jacksonville Jaguars)
1972 Rich Owens NFL defensive end (Washington Redskins)
1973 Aaron Graham corner (Arizona Cardinals)
1973 Daniel Tiatto Australian soccer midfielder (Olyroos, Olympics-96)
1973 Julian Tavarez Santiago Dominican Republic, pitcher (Cleveland Indians)
1973 Leslie Ratliffe WLAF offensive tackle (Rhein Fire)
1974 Greg Jones linebacker (Washington Redskins)
1975 Cole Hauser Santa Barbara CA, actor (Randy-High Incident)[or Mar 22]
1975 Janne Niinimaa Raahe Finland, NHL defenseman (Finland Olympics-bronze-98, Edmonton Oilers, Philadelphia Flyers)
1976 Christian Vande Velde Chicago IL, cyclist (Olympics-96)


Deaths which occurred on May 22nd:
0337 Constantine the Great emperor of Rome (306-37)/anti semite, dies
0987 Louis V le Faineant the Lazy, king of France (986-87), poisoned at 20
1501 Robert Gaguin French writer/diplomat (Arte Metrificandi), dies at 66
1540 Francesco Guicciardini Italian historian/President of Romagna, dies at 57
1667 Alexander VII [Fabio Chigi] Italian Pope (1655-67), dies at 68
1688 Johann A Quenstedt German Lutheran theologist, dies at 70
1781 Garret Wesley Mornington composer, dies at 45
1801 Heinrich Gottfried Reichard composer, dies at 58
1819 John H van Kinsbergen Lieutenant-Admiral/founder (Corps Marines), dies at 84
1825 Domenico Corri composer, dies at 80
1859 Ferdinand II [Re Bomba] Dutch King of Sicily, dies at 49
1868 Julius Plücker German mathematician/physicist (formula of P), dies
1873 Alessandro Manzoni writer, dies at 88
1878 Franz von Holstein composer, dies at 52
1880 Heinrich Freiherr von Gagern German liberal politician, dies at 80
1885 Victor(-Marie) Hugo French writer (Les Misérables), dies at 83
1898 Edward Bellamy writer, dies at 48
1910 Jules Renard French writer (Le plaisir the rompre), dies at 46
1921 Marie E Wilton writer, dies
1925 John [Denton Pinkstone] French British field marshall (WWI), dies at 72
1928 William Gairdner English missionary (Nile Mission Press), dies at 54
1932 Lady Augusta [Isabella Gregory] playwright (Gold Apple), dies at 80
1939 Ernst Toller writer, dies at 45
1939 Willem de Mérode poet (Precious Blood), dies at 51
1945 Carel A Lion Cachet lithographer/wood carver, dies
1948 Claude McKaye Jamaican/US poet/author (Banjo, Home to Harlem), dies in Chicago at 57
1949 Hans Erich Pfitzner Russian/German composer, dies at 80
1949 Klaus H T Mann German/US writer (Turning Point), dies
1953 Vaclav Klicka composer, dies at 70
1958 Magdalene Székely-Lulofs author (Our Italian Employees), dies at 58
1961 Joan Davis actress (I Married Joan), dies of heart attack at 53
1965 Bobby Watson comedian (Hitler Gang, Boys Town), dies at 77
1965 Heinrich Barth Swiss philosopher (Das Sein in der Zeit), dies
1966 Tom Goddard cricketer (22 wickets in 8 Tests for England 1930-39), dies
1967 [James Mercer] Langston Hughes US author (Tambourines to Glory), dies at 65
1967 Henry C Rümke psychiatrist (Light of Man), dies at 74
1970 Joseph W Krutch US writer (Measure of Man), dies at 76
1972 Margaret Rutherford English actress (Murder Ahoy, VIP's), dies at 80
1975 Torben Meyer actor (Viking, Roberta, Sunny), dies at 90
1977 Gijsbert van Hall banker/mayor of Amsterdam (1957-67), dies at 73
1977 Marius Monnikendam Dutch choir composer, dies at 80
1978 Bjarne Brustad composer, dies at 83
1984 John Marley actor (Cat Ballou), dies following heart surgery at 77
1986 Martin Gabel actor (Thief, Marnie), dies at 63
1987 Mario Zafred composer, dies at 65
1988 Dennis Day tenor/comedian (Jack Benny Show, Danny Boy), dies at 71
1988 Giorgio Almirante Italy, fascist (member of parliament), dies at 73
1990 Max Wall actor (Jabberwocky), dies
1990 Rocky Graziano boxer, dies at 71, of heart failure
1991 Lino Brocka director (Macho Dancer, Jaguar), dies in car crash at 51
1993 Mieczyslaw Horszowski Polish/US pianist (Carnegie Hall), dies at 100
1994 Frederick Hemming McClintock criminologist, dies at 68
1994 Mitacq [Michel Tacq] Belgian comic strip artist (Beaver Patrol), dies
1995 Robert Flemyng actor (Kafka, Rebecca, Funny Face), dies at 83
1996 Duncan Montgomery Stewart academic, dies at 66
1996 Rex Collings writer/publisher, dies at 70

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