21st May, on this day

143 Earliest known date in America-pre Mayan king Harvest-Bergvorst installed
685 Battle at Nechtansmere: Picten beat Northumbrians
878 Syracuse is captured by the Muslim sultan of Sicily.
879 Pope John VIII gives blessings to duke Branimir and to Croatian people, considered to be international recognition of Croatian state
996 Pope Gregory V crowns his cousin Otto III German emperor
1216 French crown prince Louis enters England
1260 Kublai Khan of the Mongol Empire sends his envoy Hao Jing and two other advisors to the Chinese Song Dynasty court of Emperor Lizong of Song; while attempting to negotiate with the Song in order to resolve their conflict, Hao Jing and his fellow emissaries were imprisoned by order of the high Chinese chancellor, Jia Sidao.
1420 Treaty of Troyes-French King Charles VI gives France to English
1471 Henry VI of England is murdered in the Tower of London during the War of the Roses. He is succeeded by Edward IV
1502 Portuguese Admiral Da Nova discovers St Helena
1526 Sermon of Bathe, Aargau: TC evangelical theology
1553 English Lady Jane Grey marries Guildford Dudley
1602 Martha's Vineyard 1st sighted (Captain Bartholomew Gosnold)
1662 Charles II of England marries Catherine de Braganza, daughter of John IV of Portugal
1674 General John Sobieski chosen King of Poland
1683 West Indian Company sells 1/3 of Suriname
1725 The Order of St. Alexander Nevsky was instituted in Russia by the empress Catherine I. It would later be discontinued and then reinstated by the Soviet government in 1942 as the Order of Alexander Nevsky
1758 Mary Campbell is abducted from her home in Pennsylvania by Lenape during the French and Indian War.
1793 Curaçao Island Council forbids criticism on House of Orange
1804 Lewis and Clark Expedition begins
1809 Battle at Aspern-Essling: Austrian arch duke Karl beats Napoleon
1819 1st bicycles (swift walkers) in US introduced in NYC
1825 Prince Willem FK marries Louise AWA of Prussia
1832 1st Democratic National Convention (Baltimore)
1840 Captain William Hobson claims British sovereignty over the whole of New Zealand. Official recognition as a British colony comes in 1841
1846 1st steamship arrives in Hawaii
1851 Gold discovered in Australia
1851 Abolition of slavery in Colombia, South America.
1856 Lawrence, KS captured, sacked by pro-slavery forces
1861 North Carolina is 10th state to secede from Union
1861 Richmond, VA is designated Confederate Capital
1863 Siege on Port Hudson, Louisiana begins
1864 GEN David Hunter takes command of Department of West Virginia
1864 This is the day of completion of Russian-Caucasus war (the day of mourning of Circassian people).
1866 1st-class debut of G F Grace aged 15 years 159 days
1871 French regular troops attack Commune of Paris; 17,000 die -- Bloody Week
1879 Battle of Iquiquw
1881 American Red Cross founded by Clara Barton
1894 Official opening of the Manchester Ship Canal linking the River Mersey with the inland English city of Manchester
1894 22-year-old French Anarchist Émile Henry is executed by guillotine.
1897 Yerkes Observatory 40" (1 meter) refractor used for 1st time
1904 Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) forms in Paris, France
1906 Louis H Perlman patents a demountable tire carrying rim for cars 4
1914 Greyhound Bus Company begins in Minnesota
1916 Clocks and watches go forward one hour in Britain as the daylight Saving Act (Summer time) is introduced
1917 Leo Pinckney, 1st American drafted during WWI
1917 Great Atlanta fire of 1917.
1918 House of Representatives passes amendment allowing women to vote
1922 "On the Road to Moscow" is 1st cartoon to receive a Pulitzer Prize
1924 Leopold and Loeb kidnap Bobby Franks for fun
1925 Canadians allow to beer sales
1925 Roald Amundsun leaves Spitsbergen with 2 seaplanes to North Pole
1927 Lindbergh lands in Paris, France, after 1st solo air crossing of Atlantic
1929 Automatic electric stock quotation board installed, NYC ½
1932 Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman to make a solo air crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, from Newfoundland to Ireland
1934 Oskaloosa IA, becomes 1st US city to fingerprint its citizens
1936 Sada Abe is arrested after wandering the streets of Tokyo for days with her dead lover's severed genitals in her hand. Her story soon became one of Japan's most notorious scandals.
1937 A Soviet station becomes the first scientific research settlement to operate on the drift ice of the Arctic Ocean.
1940 Allied counter attack at Atrecht North-France
1940 AVRO-chairman Willem Vogt fires all Jewish employees
1940 Reynaud forms French Government
1941 1st US ship sunk by a U-boat (SS Robin Moore)
1941 German airforce occupies airport at Maleme Kreta
1942 Great-Britain convoy PQ16 departs to Russia
1944 Hitler begins attack on English/US "terror pilots"
1945 German war criminal Heinrich Himmler captured
1945 Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart wed
1950 Vietnamese troops of Ho Chi-Minh attack Cambodia
1951 Opening of the Ninth Street Show otherwise known as the 9th Street Art Exhibition was a gathering of a number of notable artists, and it was the stepping-out of the post war New York avant-garde, collectively know as the New York School.
1953 French Government of Mayer resigns
1954 Amendment to give 18-year-olds right to vote is defeated
1955 1st transcontinental round-trip solo flight-sunrise to sunset
1956 Jordan government of Said el-Mufti forms
1956 Shot Redwing-Cherokee is successfully detonated at Bikini Atoll at the Pacific Proving Grounds in the Marshall Islands. With a yield of 3.8 megatons, it is the first aircraft deliverable hydrogen bomb tested by the United States.
1957 French Government of Mollet resigns
1958 Indonesian paratroopers reconquers Morotai Island
1958 US performs nuclear test at Bikini Island (atmospheric tests)
1961 Alabama Governor John Malcolm Patterson declares martial law in an attempt to restore order after race riots break out.
1964 1st nuclear-powered lighthouse begins operations (Chesapeake Bay)
1964 Fire in Wégimond Belgium resort, kills 19
1964 US begin intelligence flights above Laos
1966 American boxer Cassius Clay (Muhammed Ali) ends the hopes of British heavyweight champion Henry Cooper winning the world heavyweight titles when the bout is stopped in Round 6 because of a severe cut above Cooper's eye. Earlier in the fight, Clay was almost counted out - but was saved by the bell to end the round and then controversially taking longer than normally allowed before beginning the next round
1968 Cubs Billy Williams sets outfielder record of 695 straight game
1968 Paul McCartney and Jane Asher attend an Andy Williams concert
1968 US nuclear-powered sub (Scorpion), with 99 men, reported missing and is later found at the bottom of the ocean off Azores
1968 USSR performs nuclear test (underground)
1969 In America, a court sentences Sirhan Sirhan to death for the 1968 murder of Senator Robert Kennedy. The sentence is later reduced to life imprisonment
1970 National Guard mobilized to quell disturbances at Ohio State University
1970 USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya, USSR
1971 National Guard mobilized to quell riot in Chattanooga, TN
1972 Michelangelo's Pietà, in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, is damaged by a vandal.
1975 Trial against Baader-Meinhof-group begins in Stuttgart
1977 Fire in hotel Duc de Brabant, Brussels, kills 19
1978 Yamada Mumon Roshi appointed head of Zen Rinzai Sect
1979 White Night riots in San Francisco following the manslaughter conviction of Dan White for the assassinations of George Moscone and Harvey Milk.
1979 Elton John becomes 1st western rocker to perform live in the USSR
1979 National Volksraad installed in Namibia
1980 "Empire Strikes Back" premeires
1981 François Mitterrand becomes President of France
1982 In the Falklands War, British troops establish a bridgehead at Port San Carlos and Argentine planes sink HMS Ardent with the loss of 22 members of the crew
1983 David Bowie's "Let's Dance" single goes number 1
1986 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1987 Military coup in Fiji Islands under Lieutenant Colonel Sitivani Rabuka
1987 Xignals PC Board BBS begins in Alabama
1988 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1991 Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi is assassinated when a bomb, planted in a bouquet of flowers, explodes during election campaigning in the southern state of Tamil Nadu
1991 Ethiopia's Marxist president (Mengistu Haile Mariam) resigns and flees
1992 China People's Republic performs nuclear test at Lop Nor People's Rebublic of China
1993 Opposition leader Xanana Gusmao of East-Timor sentenced to life
1993 Venezuela president Carlos Andrés Pérez fired
1994 South Yemen secedes from Yemen
1996 The MV Bukoba sinks in Tanzanian waters on Lake Victoria, killing nearly 1000.
1996 The Trappist Martyrs of Atlas are executed.
1996 Blackout in many areas of Queens, NY
1998 Indonesian President Suharto resigns from power after being threatened with impeachment
2001 French Taubira law which officially recognize the Atlantic slave trade and slavery as crimes against humanity.
2003 An earthquake hits northern Algeria, killing more than 2,000 people.
2004 Sherpa Pemba Dorjie climbs Mount Everest in 8 hours 10 minutes, breaking his rival Sherpa Lakpa Gelu's record from the previous year.
2004 Stanislav Petrov is awarded the World Citizen Award for averting a potential World War III in 1983.
2006 The Republic of Montenegro holds a referendum proposing independence from the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro; Montenegrin people choose independence by the majority of 55%.

21st May 2006

Iraqi PM vows to tackle terrorism

Gunmen open fire on Kashmir rally

Colombia city power grid attacked

21st May 2007

Fighting rages in Lebanese camp

China's child fines 'spark riot'

Pirates halt Somali aid shipments

21st May 2008

SA leader orders army to deploy

'Witches' burnt to death in Kenya

Naples faces 'disaster measures'

21st May 2009

Iraq bombings kill 23 in Baghdad and Kirkuk

Obama vow on Guantanamo

New York 'bomb plot' men in court

21st May 2010

Car bomb in central Iraq kills 22

Israel army kills infiltrators

Pakistan arrests over Times Square bomb plot

Birthdates which occurred on 21st May :

0427 -BC- Plato (Aristocles), Athens(?)
1471 Albrecht Dürer Nürnberg Germany, Renaissance painter/print maker
1527 Philip II King of Spain (1556-98) & Portugal (1580-98)
1633 Joseph de La Barre composer
1671 Azzolino Bernardino Della Ciaia composer
1680 Frederich Karl Erbach composer
1688 Alexander Pope England, poet (Rape of the Lock)
1720 Antonio Corbisiero composer
1722 Wilhelm Gottfried Enderle composer
1775 Lucien Bonaparte prince of Canino/Musignano
1780 Elizabeth Fry Quaker minister/prison reformer/nurse
1796 Reverdy Johnson representative (Union), died in 1876
1808 Gérard de Nerval [Labrunie] French poet/writer (Sylvia)
1821 John F Loudon Dutch entrepreneur/colonial director
1822 Dabney Herndon Maury Major General (Confederate Army), died in 1900
1822 Mosby Monroe Parsons Brigadier General (Confederate Army) died in 1865
1825 George Lafayette Beal Brevet Major General (Union volunteers)
1826 Danillo II ruler of Montenegro
1834 Charles-Albert Gobat Switzerland, politician/lawyer/author (Nobel 1902)
1835 Newton Martin Curtis Brevet Major General (Union volunteers)
1841 Joseph Parry composer
1843 Louis Renault French lawyer
1851 Léon Bourgeois France, politician, internationalist (Nobel 1920)
1855 Emile A G Verhaeren Belgian poet/writer (Les Flammes Hautes)
1858 José Battle Ordonez Uruguay, politician
1860 Willam Einthoven Dutch physiologist/inventor (electrocardiograph)
1865 C J Thomsen Denmark, archaeologist, named Stone/Iron/Bronze Ages
1867 John James Ferris cricketer (mighty Australian bowler of late 1880's)
1867 Marie Joseph Leon Desire Paque composer
1872 Henry Warren Boston MA, inventor (Telechon electric clock)
1873 Emil Ermatinger Switzerland, literature historian
1873 Everard Verachtert Flemish translator (I speak beschaafd Dutch)
1878 Glenn Hammond Curtiss US, inventor (hydroplane)
1878 Louis L H de Visser Dutch MP (CPN)
1880 Pablo Luna y Carne composer
1882 Georgine M "May" Basting actress (Hostage Rights of Aemstel)
1887 Mabel Taliaferro New York NY, actress (Sentimental Tommy, My Love Come Back)
1888 May Aufderheide composer
1890 Albert van Raalte conductor (AVRO-orchestra)
1892 John Peale Bishop US poet (This Side of Paradise)
1893 Arthur Carr cricket captain (England vs Australia 1926)
1893 Simon Delmonte actor/director (Boemeladvocaat)
1898 Armand Hammer New York NY, millionaire industrialist (Occidental Petroleum)
1898 Charles Hába Czechoslovakia, violinist/composer
1899 Ilse Lagner writer
1899 Ralph Sanford Springfield MA, actor (Life & Legend of Wyatt Earp)
19-- Anthony Corder rocker (Tora Tora-Walkin' Shoes)
19-- Booth Savage Fredericton New Brunswick Canada, actor (Jason West-Hot Shots)
19-- John Ricco rock guitarist (Warrior Soul-Last Decade of The Century)
19-- John Zee New York NY, actor (Bring 'em Back Alive)
19-- Lynnie Greene Boston MA, actress (Maria-On Our Own)
1901 Horace Heidt Alameda CA, orchestra leader (Swift Show Wagon)
1901 Suzanne Lilar [Verbist], France/Belgian writer (Le burlador)
1903 Ali Sastroamidjojo Indonesian attorney/minister/premier (1953..7)
1903 Manly Wade Wellman Angola, sci-fi author (After Dark, Devil's Planet)
1903 Pedro Aramburu President of Argentina
1904 Fats [Thomas Wright] Waller New York NY, jazz singer/composer (Ain't Misbehavin')
1904 Robert Montgomery Beacon NY, actor/director (Earl of Chicago, Yellow Jack)
1905 Edward Lockspeiser composer
1906 Helen Willis Moody Roark tennis player (US Open 1923-25, 27-29, 31)
1906 Keith Rigg cricketer (Australian Test batsman in the thirties)
1909 Guy de Rothschild French banker
1911 André Renard Belgian worker's union leader (Syndical Unifié)[or 5/25]
1916 Harold Robbins New York NY, author (Moneychangers, Carpetbaggers, Betsy)
1916 Joseph Janni producer
1916 Leonard Manasseh architect
1917 Dennis Day New York NY, Irish tenor/comedian (Jack Benny Show, Danny Boy)
1917 Heather Swift local councillor
1917 Jean-Louis Curtis French writer (Just Causes)
1917 Raymond Burr New Westminster British Columbia Canada, actor (Perry Mason, Ironsides, Godzilla)
1917 Ronald John Bilsland Colville businessman
1918 Leonard Mullens rubber physicist
1919 Lord Maxwell senator/professor (college of Justice Scotland)
1919 Mark Wood bishop (Ludlow)
1920 Anthony Steel London, actor (Malta Story, Wooden Horse)
1921 Andrei Sakharov Moscow, physicist, human rights worker (Nobel '75)
1923 Bettye Danoff LPGA golfer
1923 Doris Mae Akers gospel singer/songwriter
1924 Peggy Cass Boston MA, actress/TV panelist (To Tell the Truth, Mame)
1924 Robert Parris Philadelphia PA, composer (Book of Imaginary Beings)
1926 Dan Perlsweig horse trainer
1926 Joseph Horovitz composer
1926 Rick Jason New York NY, actor (Day of the Wolves, Eagles Attack at Dawn)
1926 Robert Creeley Massachusetts, poet/novelist (The Island)
1927 George Levy antique dealer/heritage campaigner
1927 Kay Kendall Yorkshire England, actress (Genevieve, Les Girls)
1929 Charles Wadsworth Barnesville GA, pianist (Lincoln Center)
1929 Paul Winslow cricketer (big-hitter for South Africa, 108 vs England 1955)
1929 Robert Welch designer/silversmith (Robert Welch flatware)
1930 David Smith principal/vice chancellor (Edinburgh University)
1930 Malcolm Fraser PM of Australia (Liberal, 1975-83)
1930 Stanley Wells director (Shakespeare Institute University of Birmingham)
1931 Desmond Wilcox broadcaster
1931 George Vassiliou President of Cyprus (1988-93)
1932 G Wohmann writer
1932 John Armitage principal (College of St Hilda & St Bede Durham)
1932 Robert Sherlaw Johnson composer
1933 Barry Norman Britain, film critic (The Film Greats)
1933 Richard Libertini Cambridge MA, actor (Soap, Ghost)
1934 Phillip King British sculptor
1935 Terry Lightfoot clarinetist/bandleader (New Orleans Jazzmen)
1936 Ama Samy Burma, Jesuit priest/Zen teacher/disciple of Yamada Koun
1936 Dipak Nandy founder (Runnymead Trust)
1938 David Groh Brooklyn NY, actor (Joe-Rhoda, Don-Another Day)
1938 Urs Widmer writer
1939 Heinz Holliger composer
1941 Anatoli Semyonovich Levchenko USSR, cosmonaut (TM-4)
1941 Ronald Isley Cincinnati OH, singer (Isley Brothers-Twist & Shout)
1942 David Hunt Wales Secretary of state
1942 Robert C Springer St Louis, Colonel USMC/astronaut (STS-29, STS-38)
1943 Hilton Valentine rock guitarist (Animals-House of the Rising Sun)
1944 Janet Dailey US, author
1944 Manual Pina fashion designer
1944 Marcie Blane rocker
1944 Mary Robinson President of Republic of Ireland (Labour, 1990- )
1944 Mike Degett horse trainer
1945 Ernst Willi Messerschmid Reutlingen Germany, astronaut (STS 22)
1946 David Hill Australian TV-reporter/owner (Fox Sports)
1946 Ronald Bear actor/director (Havana, Make-up)
1947 Bill Champlin Oakland CA, rocker
1947 Dorothy Germain LPGA golfer
1947 Richard Hatch Santa Monica CA, actor (Battlestar Galactica)
1948 Carol Potter actress (Beverly Hills 90210)
1948 Leo [Gerard] Sayer Shoreham-on-Sea England, singer (When I Need You)
1949 Andrew Nell editor (Sunday Times)
1949 Arno Hintjens Belgian singer (T C Matic)
1949 Rosalind Plowright British soprano (Aida, Senta)
1950 Roger Hodgson London, rocker (Supertramp-The Logical Song)
1951 Al Franken comedian/writer/actor (Saturday Night Live, Stuart Saves His Family)
1952 Mr T [Lawrence Tero] Chicago IL, actor (A-Team, Rocky III, T & T)
1954 Bill Abbott Sarnia Ontario, yachter (Olympics-96)
1954 Marina Langner Dusseldorf Germany, Miss World runner-up (1975)
1955 John Glavin rock keyboardist (Molly Hatchet
1955 Liaqat Ali cricket pace bowler (Pakistan in six Tests 1975-79)
1955 Stan Lynch Gainesville FL, rock drummer (Tommy Petty & Heartbreakers)
1956 Joanna M C "Annemarie" Henselmans singer/cabaretière (School Desk)
1957 Judge Reinhold Wilmington DE, actor (Fast Times at Ridgemont High)
1957 Sue Woodstra Colton CA, volleyball player (Olympics-silver-1984)
1958 Mike Barson rock keyboardist (Madness)
1958 Monte Lynch cricketer (Surrey batsman, West Indies Rebel, England ODI player)
1959 Nick Cassavetés actor (Rosemary's Baby, Quiet Cool)
1960 Mark Kevin Carnevale Annapolis MD, PGA golfer (1992 Chattanooga)
1961 Tim Lever keyboard/sax (Dead or Alive-You Spin Me Round)
1963 Yelena Vodorezova USSR, figure skater (Olympics-1976)
1964 Annabel Schofield Llanelli Wales, actress (Laurel Ellis-Dallas)
1964 Tom Harding Kalamazoo MI, Canadian Tour golfer (1991 Transamerica)
1964 Tommy Albelin Stockholm Sweden, NHL defenseman (Calgary Flames)
1966 Manon Kelley Québec City Canada, actress (Red Lips 2)
1967 Cindy Haley Tyler TX, LPGA golfer (1987 Texas Amateur-2nd)
1967 Rogel Nachum Israel, Men's triple jump (Olympics-1996)
1967 Todd Doohan Sarnia Ontario, Canadian Tour golfer (Western Ontario Amateur-92)
1967 Tracy Simien NFL linebacker (Kansas City Chiefs)
1969 Reid Simpson Flin Flon, NHL left wing (New Jersey Devils)
1970 Dorsey Levens NFL running back (Green Bay Packers-Superbowl 31)
1970 Roman Turek Strakonice Czechoslovakia, hockey goalie (Team Czechoslovakia Republic, Olympics-98)
1970 Scott "Munnster" Munn Larkspur CA, rower (Olympics-1996)
1970 Veronica Sanchez Michoan México, WPVA volleyballer (Hermosa-17-1994)
1971 Eric Nies actor (MTV Real World, Grind)
1971 Jeff Stavroff Columbus OH, Canadian Tour golfer (1994 Space Coast-4)
1972 Alesha Oreskovich Tampa FL, playmate (June 1993)
1972 Liliko Ogasawara Englewood NJ, middleweight judoka (Olympics-96)
1974 Fairuza Balk (The Craft Gas Food Lodging)
1978 Kandy Marshall Miss Virginia Teen USA (1996)
1981 Beth Botsford 100 meter/200 meter backstroke (Olympics-gold-96)
1985 Frustaci Septuplets California, Patricia Frustaci gives birth to 7


Deaths which occurred on May 21st:
0987 Louis V last Carlovingians King of France (966-987), dies
1254 Koenraad IV Roman Catholic-German king (1237-54), dies at 26
1481 Christian I king of Denmark/Norway/Sweden, dies
1524 Thomas Howard 2nd duke of Norfolk general/premier, dies at about 80
1542 Hernando de Soto dies while searching for gold, near Mississippi River
1639 Giovan D "Tommaso" Campanella Italian philosopher/poet, dies at 70
1647 Pieter Corneliszoon Hooft poet/playwright (Warenar), dies at about 65
1650 James G Marquis of Montrose, Scottish general, hanged
1690 John Eliot English missionary in Massachusetts, dies at 85
1703 Roemer Vlacq Dutch Admiral, dies in battle
1725 Robert Haley earl of Oxford English Whig-premier (1710-4), dies at 63
1786 Carl W Scheele Swedish pharmacist/chemist, dies at 43
1790 Thomas Warton English poet (Oxford sausage), dies
1810 Charles Chevalier d'Eon de Beaumont French spy, dies at 81
1812 Joseph Wolfl composer, dies at 38
1815 Roman Hoffstetter composer, dies at 73
1817 Johann Friedrich Christmann composer, dies at 64
1844 Guiseppi Baini composer, dies at 68
1860 Johannes Frederick Frohlich composer, dies at 53
1885 Gavril Yakimovich Lomakin composer, dies at 73
1894 August A Kundt German physicist, (test of Kundt), dies at 54
1895 Franz von Suppe Austrian composer (Poet und Bauer), dies at 76
1897 Karol Mikuli composer, dies at 77
1919 Victor A D Ségalen [Max Anély] French ship's doctor/writer, dies
1924 Bobby Franks killed by Leopold & Loeb, at 14
1926 Georgy L'vovich Catoire composer, dies at 65
1926 Ronald Arthur A Firbank British writer (Prancing Nigger), dies at 40
1929 V P F A Royle cricketer (one Test England vs Australia 1879), dies
1933 John Henry Mackay Scottish/German author (Der Schwimmer), dies at 69
1935 Hugo de Vries botanist Gruppenweise Artbildung, dies at 87
1935 Jane Addams a founder of ACLU (Nobel 1973), dies at 65
1949 Klaus Mann German writer, dies at 42
1952 John Garfield actor (Juarez, Air Force), dies at 39
1954 Janos Hammerschlag composer, dies at 68
1957 Edwin St Hill cricketer (two Tests for West Indies 1930-31), dies
1966 Pat O'Malley silent film actor (Wild One, Quiet Man), dies at 75
1968 Doris Lloyd actress (Oliver Twist), dies of heart strain at 71
1970 Vinton Hayworth actor (General Schaeffer-I Dream of Jeannie), dies at 63
1971 Dennis King actor (Devil's Brother), dies of heart ailment at 73
1973 Carlo E Gadda Italian engineer/writer (War Diary), dies at 79
1973 George Breakstone actor/director (Great Expectations), dies at 53
1973 Vaughn Monroe singer/orchestra leader (Vaughn Monroe Show), dies at 61
1976 Sulo Nikolai Salonen composer, dies at 77
1978 Joseph EA "Jo" Spier Dutch cartoonist/water color painter, dies at 77
1980 Ida Kaminska actress (Shop on Main Street), dies
1981 Yuki Shimoda actor (Farewell to Manzanar), dies
1983 Finn Einar Mortensen composer, dies at 61
1984 Andrea Leeds actress (Stage Door, Earthbound), dies of cancer at 70
1984 Ann Little actress (Roaring Road), dies
1987 Alejandro Rey actor (Carlos-Flying Nun), dies at 57
1988 Dino Conte Grandi Italy, delegate to league of nations, dies at 92
1990 Franklyn Seales actor (Silver Spoon, Onion Field), dies of AIDS at 37
1990 Mary Victor Bruce who flew around the Empire State Building in 1930, dies
1990 Moelvi Mohammed Farouk Indian spiritual leader, murdered
1991 Bobby Dale dies at 92
1991 Jean Van Joutte PM of Belgium (1952-54), dies
1991 Rajiv Gandhi Indian Prime Minster (1984-91), assassinated at 46
1992 Brendan Nulholland Daily Mail reporter, dies at 59
1992 Elizabeth David British cookbook writer, dies
1992 Mrithi gorilla (Gorilla in the Mist), dies at 24
1992 Skip Stephenson TV host (Real People), dies
1993 John Frost English Lieutenant-Colonel (operation Market Garden 1944), dies at 80
1993 John Holland actor (They Saved Hitler's Brain), dies at 65
1994 Cliff Wilson snooker player, dies at 60
1994 Forsyth Hardy documentary film pioneer, dies at 84
1994 Giovanni Goria PM of Italy (1987-88), dies
1994 John Henry Weidner Dutch/US resistance fighter, dies at 81
1995 Kieron Walsh academic, dies at 46
1995 Les Aspin US Secretary of Defense (1993-95), dies of stroke at 56
1995 Patrick Bowles writer/translator, dies at 68
1996 Al "Lash" La Rue cowboy actor (Lash of the West), dies at 78
1996 Bobby Tulloch ornithologist, dies at 67
1996 Eric Stuart Woord archaeologist, dies at 83
1996 Laurence Dowdall lawyer, dies at 91
1996 Mary Perot Nichols journalist, dies at 79
1996 Peter Fletcher music teacher, dies at 60

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