13th May, on this day

535 St Agapitus I begins his reign as Catholic Pope
609 Pope Boniface I turns Pantheon into Catholic church
641 Eligius (Saint Eloy) becomes bishop of Doornik-Noyon
1110 Crusaders march into Beirut causing a bloodbath
1364 Peter Coutherel banished from Leuven
1497 Pope Alexander VI excommunicates Girolamo Savonarola
1559 Excavated corpse of heretic David Jorisz burned in Basel
1568 Mary Queen of Scots is defeated by the pro-English Earl of Moray at the Battle of Langside in Glasgow
1588 King Henri III flees Paris
1607 Captain John Smith lands on the coast of Virginia and begins the first permanent English settlement in the New World calling it Jamestown
1619 Dutch statesman Johan van Oldenbarnevelt is executed in The Hague after having been accused of treason.
1624 Admiral Hermites fleet blockade Lima Peru
1637 Cardinal Richelieu of France creates the table knife
1643 Battle at Grantham: English parliamentary armies beat royalists
1643 Heavy earthquake strikes Santiago Chile; kills 1/3 of population
1648 Construction of the Red Fort at Delhi was completed.
1652 Ingen Ryuki invited to become the abbot of Sofokuji temple in Nagasaki
1654 Venetian fleet under Admiral Adeler beats Turkish
1777 University library at Vienna opens
1779 War of Bavarian Succession ends : Treaty of Teschen
1787 The first fleet of ships carrying convicts to the new penal colony of Australia leaves England. They arrive in January 1788
1828 US passes Tariff of Abominations
1830 Republic of Ecuador is founded, with Juan Jose Flores as president
1846 US declares war on México, 2 months after fighting begins
1861 Queen Victoria announces England's position of neutrality
1861 Great Comet of 1861 discovered in Australia.
1864 Atlanta Campaign - Battle of Resaca, GA
1865 South Brownsville, TX (Palmito Ranch) Final engagement of Civil War PVT John J Williams of 34th Indiana is last man killed
1874 Pope Pius IX encyclical "On the Greek-Ruthenian rite"
1880 In Menlo Park, New Jersey, Thomas Edison performs the first test of his electric railway.
1882 Toba-Indians killed 20 members of French expedition
1888 Brazil abolishes slavery
1888 Princess Isabel of Brazil signs "Lei Auréa" abolishing slavery
1890 Lord Salisbury offers Germany Helgoland in exchange for Zanzibar, Uganda and Equatoria
1905 James J Jeffries retires as boxing champion
1906 Bezalel Art School opens in Jerusalem
1909 The first Giro d'Italia took place in Milan. Italian cyclist Luigi Ganna was the winner.
1912 Royal Flying Corps is established in England
1913 1st 4 engine aircraft built and flown (Igor Sikorsky-Russia)
1916 1st observance of Indian (Native American) Day
1917 1st appearance of Mary to 3 shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal
1926 German Government of Luther falls
1927 "Black Friday" on Berlin Stock Exchange
1930 Farmer killed by hail in Lubbock TX; this is the only known fatality due to hail
1931 Paul Doumer elected President of France
1932 Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich marries Nina Varsar
1934 Great dustbowl storm
1936 Quiroga Government takes office in Spain
1939 SS St Louis departs Hamburg with 937 Jews fugitives
1939 The first commercial FM radio station in the United States is launched in Bloomfield, Connecticut. The station later became WDRC-FM.
1940 British bomb factory at Breda
1940 After setting up Britain's wartime Coalition Government, Prime Minister Winston Churchill tells Parliament he could offer ' nothing but blood, toil, tears and sweat.'
1940 Dutch Queen Wilhelmina flees to England
1940 German breakthrough at Grebbe line
1941 Martin Bormann, is named head of the Nazi Party Chancellery in Germany, following Deputy Fuhrer Rudolf Hess' mysterious flight to Scotland
1941 Trial against resistance fighter comte d'Estienne d'Orves begins
1941 Yugoslav royal colonel Dragoljub Mihailovic starts fighting with German occupation troops, beginning the Serbian resistance.
1942 Helicopter makes its US 1st cross-country flight
1943 The Italian Commander-in-Chief in Tunisia surrenders his forces - a day after his German counterpart. The Allies are now holding some 250,000 prisoners of war in North Africa
1943 German occupiers confiscate all radios
1945 US troops conquer Dakeshi, Okinawa
1946 US convicts 58 camp guard of Mauthausen concentration camp to death
1947 Senate approved the Taft-Hartley Act limiting the power of unions
1948 1948 Arab-Israeli War: The Kfar Etzion massacre is committed by Arab irregulars, the day before the declaration of independence of the state of Israel on May 14.
1949 1st British-produced jet bomber, Canberra, makes its 1st test flight
1950 Diner's Club issues its 1st credit cards
1950 The first Round Ever of the Formula 1 World Championship held at Silverstone
1952 Pandit Nehru becomes premier of India
1952 The Rajya Sabha, the upper house of the Parliament of India, held its first sitting.
1954 Labour Party wins British municipal elections
1954 Anti-National Service Riots, a riot in Singapore by Chinese Middle School students.
1954 US performs atmospheric nuclear test at Enwetak Atoll
1957 In Britain, the BBC begins its regular television schools programmes
1958 French settlers riot against French army in Algeria
1958 Jordan and Iraq form the Arab Federation
1958 Pierre Pflimlin forms French Government
1958 Rioters attack US Vice President Nixon in Venezuala
1958 Velcro's trade mark is registered.
1960 1st launch of Delta satellite launching vehicle; it failed
1960 Hundreds of UC Berkeley students congregate for the first day of protest against a visit by the House Un-American Activities Committee. 31 students are arrested, and the Free Speech Movement is born.
1965 Rolling Stones record "Satisfaction"
1965 Several Arab nations break ties with West Germany after it established diplomatic relations with Israel
1966 Federal education funding is denied to 12 school districts in the South because of violations of the 1964 Civil Rights Act "
1967 Octagonal boxing ring is tested to avoid corner injuries
1968 1,000,000 French demonstrate against De Gaulle and Pompidou
1968 Talks between North Vietnamese and American negotiators begin in Paris aimed at ending the Vietnam War
1969 Race riots in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, later known as the May 13 Incident.
1970 Beatles movie "Let it Be" premieres
1971 Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane seriously injured in a car accident
1972 115 die in nightclub atop 7-story Sennichi department store (Osaka ,Japan)
1979 Shah and family sentenced to death in Teheran
1980 An F3 tornado hits Kalamazoo County, Michigan. President Jimmy Carter declares it a federal disaster area.
1981 Mehmet Ali Agca attempts to assassinate Pope John Paul II in St. Peter's Square in Rome. The Pope was rushed to the Agostino Gemelli University Polyclinic to undergo emergency surgery, and managed to survive.
1982 Braniff Airlines files for bankruptcy
1982 Soyuz T-5 is launched-Berezovoi and Lebedev for 211 days in space
1984 Johan Cruyffs last competitive match
1985 Philadelphia Police bomb a house held by group "Move", kills 11
1989 Approximately 2,000 students begin hunger strike in Tiananmen Square, China
1991 Apple releases Macintosh System 7.0
1991 South African activist Winnie Mandela convicted of abducting 4 blacks
1992 Three American astronauts from th US space shuttle Endeavour, walk simultaneously in space for the first time - retrieving and repairing the Intelsat-6 satellite - in a walk lasting almost 8 and a half hours
1993 Ezer Weizman is sworn in as Israel's 7th President - nephew of Israel's first president Chaim Weizmann, in 1948
1993 Methane gas explosion in Secunda coal mine South-Africa, kills 50
1994 Palestinian police take over control of Jericho from Israeli soldiers
1995 6.5 earthquake hits Greece
1996 Over 600 people are killed by a tornado in the northern Bangladesh district of Tangail
1996 OJ Simpson appears on British TV discussing his not guilty verdict
1997 The official report into the 1996 Channel Tunnel fire severely criticises the safety procedures run by the operators, Eurotunnel
1998 Race riots broke out in Jakarta,Indonesia, where shops owned by Indonesian of Chinese descendants were looted and women raped. India carries out two nuclear tests at Pokhran, in addition to the three conducted on May 11. United States and Japan impose economic sanctions on India.
2000 In Enschede, the Netherlands, a fireworks factory explodes, killing 22 people, wounding 950, and resulting in approximately €450 million in damage.
2001 Silvio Berlusconi's House of Freedoms coalition wins the Italian general elections.
2005 The Andijan Massacre occurs in Uzbekistan.
2006 2006 São Paulo violence: A major rebellion occurs in several prisons of the Brazilian state.
2006 The largest shopping mall in Colombia, the Santa Fe Commerical Center, opens in Bogota.
2007 Construction of the Calafat-Vidin Bridge between Romania and Bulgaria begins.
2007 Republic Protests in Turkey

13th May 2006

Red alert for Indonesia volcano

Attacks in Brazil 'leave 21 dead'

Hybrid bear shot dead in Canada

13th May 2007

Afghan Taleban commander killed

Bombings leave many dead in Iraq

Gun clashes follow Gaza killings

13th May 2008

Bombings rock Indian tourist city

Search for China quake survivors

UN calls for Burma aid corridor

13th May 2009

Tamil war zone hospital hit again

Gun battle in Nigeria oil swamps

Shuttle reaches Hubble telescope

13th May 2010

Thai red-shirt supporter Gen Khattiya shot

Kyrgyz regional offices stormed

3 held in New York bomb plot

Birthdates which occurred on 13th May :

1314 Sergius of Radonesh Russian saint
1592 John Cloppenburg vicar/theologist
1655 Innocent XIII [Michelangiolo dei Conti] Italy, 244th Roman Catholic Pope (1721-24)
1717 Maria Theresa Empress of Austria (Wife of emperor Franz I)
1729 Henry William (Baron) Stiegel early American glassmaker
1730 Charles Watson-Wentworth 2nd marquis of Rockingham (Whig) British PM (1765-66, 1782)
1735 Horace Coignet composer
1746 Oliver Brownson composer
1756 Wojciech Zywny composer
1761 Adrian Loosjes Pzn publisher/writer (Mauritius Lijnslager)
1769 Joâo VI King of Portugal (1816-26)
1776 Charles Ots composer
1776 Rodrigo Ferreira da Costa composer
1792 Pius IX "Pio Nono" [Giovanni-Maria Mastai-Ferretti], Pope (1846-78)
1795 Joshua Ratoon Sands Commander (Union Navy), died in 1883
1828 Josephine Elizabeth Butler social reformer
1830 Zebulon Baird Vance Governor (Confederacy), died in 1894
1831 Willem baron of Goltstein of Oldenaller Dutch minister of Colonies
1840 Alphonse Daudet French writer (Tartarin of Tarascon)
1842 Sir Arthur Seymour Sullivan London England, composer (Gilbert & Sullivan)
1843 Count Paul J Smet de Naeyer Belgian politician
1847 Johannes Haarklou composer
1854 Louis H Chrispijn Dutch director (Lost & Found, Silvia Silombra)
1854 Paul Klengel composer
1856 Peter Henry Emerson 1st to promote photography as an independent art
1857 Ronald Ross England, pathologist (Nobel 1902)
1857 Sir Ronald Ross England, pathologist (Nobel 1902)
1859 Eugust Enna composer
1866 Ottokar Eugen Novacek composer
1867 Sir Frank Brangwyn Wales, painter/muralist/cartoonist (Willam Morris)
1868 Paolo Gallico composer
1874 Henry Clough-Leiter composer
1876 Raoul Laparra composer
1881 Ilona Durigo Hungarian singer
1882 Georges F Braque French cubist painter (The Bike)
1883 Henk JFM Sneevliet leader RSAP/editor Spartacus (Dutch-Indies)
1886 Joseph Achron Latvia/US violinist/composer (Golem suite)
1891 Fritz Rasp Bayreuth Germany, actor (Diary of a Lost Girl)
1896 Charles F Pahud de Mortanges Dutch equestrian (Olympics-gold-1928, 32)
19-- Leslie Winston Austin TX, actress (Cindy-Waltons)
1900 Jos Panhuysen author (Pornographer)
1903 Alfred Pugsley civil engineer
1903 Paul Page Birmingham AL, actor (Girl From Havana, Moth)
1904 Alfred Earle Birney poet
1904 Tim Wall cricketer (18 Tests for Australia 1928-34)
1906 Thomas Mitchell architect/engineer
1907 Austin Whitaker schoolmaster classical scholar/archivist
1907 Daphne du Maurier English writer (Rebecca, Parasites)
1907 Laurence Kirwan archaeologist
1908 Michael Richardson commandant (Home for Disabled Sailors)
1911 Maxine Sullivan [Marietta Williams], US singer/actress (Going Places)
1911 Robert Middleman Cincinnati OH, actor (Barney-The Monroes)
1912 Helen Craig San Antonio TX, actress (Snake Pit, They Live by Night)
1913 Sanjiva Reddy President (India)
1913 William R Tolbert President of Liberia (1971-80)
1914 Joe Louis world heavyweight boxing champion (1937-49)
1915 John Habakkuk principal (Jesus College in Oxford)
1917 Paul Osmond British senior civil servant
1917 Wilhelmus C Wijen [Broeder Pius] social worker (Curaçao)
1918 John Johnston British diplomat (Rhodesia, Malaysia)
1920 Ratu Kasmisere Mara PM of Fiji (1960-70, 70- )/President (1994- )
1921 Syd[ney G] Vincent British mine workers leader
1926 Beatrice Arthur [Frankel] New York NY, actress (Maude, Dorothy-Golden Girls)
1927 Clive Barnes New York Times drama critic (New York Times, New York Post)
1927 Herbert Ross director/choreographer (Footloose)
1930 Mike Gravel (Senator-R-AK)
1931 Eileen Diss theatrical designer (August, Secret Places, Betrayal)
1931 Jim Jones reverend, poisoned over 900 in Guyana (Jonestown Massacre)
1931 Sydney Lipworth CEO (Monopolies & Mergers Commission)
1931 William Utting chief inspector (British Social Services)
1933 Alden Ashforth composer
1933 Sid Morrison (Representative-R-WA, 1981- )
1933 Stig Gustav Schonberg composer
1934 Adolf Muschg writer
1935 Nigel Butterley composer
1935 Yizhak Sadai composer
1936 Alan Rayfield governor (Long Latin Prison)
1936 Rafael Campos Santiago Dominican Republic, actor (Tonka)
1937 John Cope MP/Paymaster General
1937 Judith Somogi New York NY, conductor (Frankfurt Opera-1982)
1937 Roger [Joseph] Zelazny sci-fi author (6 Hugos, Chronicles of Amber)
1937 Zohra Lampert New York NY, actress (Doctor's Hospital)
1938 Buck Taylor Hollywood CA, actor (Monroes, Gunsmoke)
1939 Anthony Hide racehorse trainer
1939 Harvey Keitel Brooklyn NY, actor (Taxi Driver, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs)
1939 Terry Dill Forth Worth TX, PGA golfer (1992 Bank One Senior Classic)
1939 William W Cobey Jr (Representative-R-NC, 1985-87)
1940 Bruce Chatwin England, writer (On the Black Hill)
1940 Richard Brooks singer (Impressions)
1941 Imca Marina [Bijl], singer (Viva España, Bella Italia, Oh Brazil)
1941 Joe Brown singer/guitarist
1941 Ritchie Valens singer (Donna, La Bamba)
1941 Senta Berger Vienna Austria, actress (Cast a Giant Shadow)
1942 Jim Douglas jazz guitarist
1942 Vladimir A Dzhanibekov USSR, cosmonaut (Soyuz 27, 39, T-6, T-12, T-13)
1943 Mary Wells Detroit MI, singer (My Guy)
1944 Betsy Finley Ashton broadcast journalist/author/lecturer
1944 Carolyn Franklin US singer/songwriter (Baby Baby Baby, Angel)
1944 Clive Radley cricketer (England batsman in 8 Tests 1978)
1944 Crispin Agnew of Lochnaw British explorer/genealogist
1945 Magic Dick [Richard secondalwitz], harmonicaist (J Geils Band-Centerfold)
1946 Danny Klein New York NY, rock bassist (J Geils Band-Centerfold)
1946 Tim Pigott-Smith actor (Sweet William, Jewel in Crown)
1947 David Hughes cricketer
1947 Overend Pete Watts rock bassist (Mott the Hoople-All the Young Dudes)
1947 Stephen R Donaldson US, secondci-fi author (Lord Foul's Bane)
1949 Franklin Ajaye Brooklyn NY, comedian/actor (Jazz Singer, Car Wash)
1949 John Glover conductor
1949 Zoe Wanamaker actress (Raggedy Rawney)
1950 Danny Kirwan rocker (Fleetwood Mac)
1950 John "Jocko" Marcellino rocker/actor (Tagget, Hot to Trot, Rain Man)
1950 Peter Gabriel London England, rocker (Sledgehammer, Shock the Monkey, Solsbury Hill, Genesis-The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway)
1950 Stevie Wonder [Steveland Morris] Saginaw MI, singer/songwriter (I Just Called To Say I Love You, Superstition, You are The Sunshine of My Life, My Cherie Amour)
1951 Paul Thompson rock drummer (Roxy Music)
1951 Selina Scott TV newscaster (West 57th)
1952 John R Kasich (Representative-R-OH, 1983- )
1952 Manfred Langer Austrian/Dutch disco builder
1952 Sew Shivnarine cricketer (3 Tests for West Indies 1978, later USA captain)
1956 Aleksandr Yuriyevich Kaleri Russia, cosmonaut (Soyuz TM-14)
1956 Darius Rucker lead vocalist (Hootie & the Blowfish-Let Her Cry)
1957 Claudie André-Deshays France, cosmonaut (Soyuz TM-24)
1957 Eloise Broady Houston TX, playmate (April 1988)
1958 Frances Barber Wolverhampton England, actress (Castaway)
1959 Robert Earnshaw racehorse trainer
1960 Richard M "Dick" van de Toorn actor (Pastorale)
1960 Shannon Vessup-Millen Los Angeles CA, WPVA volleyballer (National-9th-1991)
1961 Dennis Rodman NBA forward (Chicago Bulls)
1963 Julian Brookhouse rocker (Curiosity Killed Cat-Keep Your Distance)
1963 Wally Masur England, tennis star
1964 Jose Rijo pitcher (New York Yankees, Cincinnati Reds)
1964 Sam Randolph Santa Barbara CA, Nike golfer (1993 New England-2nd)
1964 Sara Gomer England, tennis star
1965 Chris Washburn NBAer
1968 Annette DeLuca North Bergen NJ, LPGA golfer
1968 James Harris NFL defensive end (Minnesota Vikings)
1969 Lyle Mouton Lafayette LA, outfielder (Chicago White Sox)
1970 Doug Evans NFL defensive back (Green Bay Packers-Superbowl 31)
1970 Giuseppe Busillo hockey forward (Team Italy 1998)
1970 Mark Beaufait Royal Oak MI, US hockey forward (Olympics-1994)
1970 Mitch Lyons NFL tight end (Atlanta Falcons, Pittsburgh Steelers)
1970 Selwyn Jones NFL defensive back (Seahawks, Denver Broncos-Superbowl 32)
1971 Hamish Pepper Auckland New Zealand, laser single handed yachter (Olympics-96)
1971 Michael Sirotka Chicago IL, pitcher (Chicago White Sox)
1971 Rob Fredrickson NFL linebacker (Oakland Raiders)
1971 Tom Nalen NFL center (Denver Broncos-Superbowl 32)
1972 Darryl Sydor Edmonton, NHL defenseman (Dallas Stars)
1972 Josh Heinrich NFL/WLAF defensive end (Lions, Barcelona Dragons)
1973 Brooke Jennifer Gambrell Boise ID, Miss America-Idaho (1996)
1973 Michelle Mouser Miss USA-Ohio (1997)
1974 Albert Connell wide receiver (Washington Redskins)
1974 Lisa Jacob 800 meter freestyle relay (Olympics-96)
1975 Chris Crawford NBA forward (Atlanta Hawks)
1977 Diane Halber Torrance CA, figure skater (1996 National Collegiate champion)
1977 Sara DeCosta ice hockey goalie (USA, Olympics-98)


Deaths which occurred on May 13th:
0384 Servatius/Aravatius bishop of Tongeren, dies at 65+
1381 John of Chatillon Governor/Viceroy of Holland, dies
1390 Robert II the Steward King of Scotland (1371-90), dies
1619 Johan van Oldenbarnevelt lands advocate, beheaded
1732 Theodor Schwartzkopff composer, dies at 72
1776 Anton de Haen medical Ratio medendi, dies at 71
1787 Johann Michael Malzat composer, dies at 38
1793 Martin Gerbert composer, dies at 72
1812 Johann Matthias Sperger composer, dies at 62
1831 Christian G Körner German lawyer, dies at 74
1832 Georges Cuvier French zoologist (La Règne Animal), dies at 62
1835 John Nash British town planner/architect (Regent's Park), dies
1839 Israel Ashkenazi of Shklov found Ashkenazic community (1815), dies
1839 Joseph Fesch French cardinal/war commission/earl/senator, dies
1864 Junius Daniel Confederate Brigadier-General, dies at 35
1873 Kaspar Masek composer, dies at 79
1882 Jules-Nicolas Crevaux French explorer, murdered at 35
1884 Cyrus Hall McCormick inventor, dies
1885 Juliana Horatia [Gatty] Ewing author (Lob Lie-by-the-Fire), dies
1892 Jean Alexander Ferdinand Poise composer, dies at 63
1896 Nora Perry writer, dies
1904 Jan Boissevain ship owner/politician, dies
1914 R E Foster only dual England captain at cricket & soccer, dies
1916 Sholem Aleichem yiddish writer (Fiddler on the Roof), dies
1925 Boris V Savinkov Russian writer/terrorist, dies
1930 Fridtjof Nansen diplomat (Nobel 1922), dies
1930 Helena Lange German feminist, dies
1931 Josif Marinkovic composer, dies at 79
1933 Paul Ernst writer, dies at 67
1942 Hyam Greenbaum composer, dies at 41
1951 Marianne [Goudeket-]Philips author (Issue Beukennoot), dies at 65
1956 Aleksandr A Fadejev Russian author (Young Guard), commits suicide at 54
1961 Gary Cooper 2 time Academy award winning actor (High Noon), dies at 60
1962 Dr H Trendley Dean introduced fluoridation into water
1962 Frank Jenks actor (Colonel Flack), dies of cancer at 60
1962 Franz Jozef Kline US expressionist painter, dies at 51
1962 H Trendley Dean doctor (introduced fluoridation into water)
1966 Henk [Hendrik M] of Randwijk poet/editor in chief (illegal), dies
1967 Frank McGrath actor (Wagon Train), dies at 64
1971 Valerian Mikhaylovich Bogdanov-Berezovsky composer, dies 67
1972 Dan Blocker actor (Hoss-Bonanza), dies following surgery at 41
1975 Bob Wills actor (Lone Prairie), dies at 69
1978 Albert Roberts cricketer (5 Tests for New Zealand, 7 wickets), dies
1979 Nelly Aenders actress (In Pyama), dies at 65
1981 Carl Weinrich composer, dies at 76
1982 Irmgard Keun West German writer (Blühende Neurosen), dies at 72
1982 Kara Abulfazogli Karayev composer, dies at 64
1982 Renzo Rossellini Italian composer, dies at 74
1985 Leatrice Joy silent screen star, dies in Riverdale (Bronx) New York NY at 91
1985 Selma Diamond actress/comedienne (Selma-Night Court), dies of cancer at 64
1988 Chet Baker jazz trumpeter, falls to death out of a hotel window at 59
1990 Venedikt Jerofejev Russian writer, dies
1991 Jimmy McPartland jazz cornetist, dies of cancer at 83
1992 Floyd Arceneaux trumpeter, dies at 58
1992 Gisela Elsner writer, dies at 55
1993 Borolas [Joaquin Garcia] Mexican comedian (Santa Sangre), dies of heart attack at 71
1993 Evert "Eef" Dolman Dutch cyclist (Olympics-gold-1964), dies at 47
1994 Arthur Basil Cotle medievalist, dies at 77
1994 Duncan Hamilton driver, dies at 74
1994 Ruth Gillette actress (Wild Gold), dies of cancer at 88
1995 Cecil Marley cricketer (WICBC president 1971-74, Jamaican captain 1946), dies
1996 John "Jack" Baines mountaineering publisher, dies at 57

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