7th March, on this day

161 Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius dies and is succeeded by co-Emperors Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus, an unprecedented political arrangement in the Roman Empire.
321 Roman Emperor Constantine I decrees that the dies Solis Invicti (sun-day) is the day of rest in the Empire.
1138 Conrad III von Hohenstaufen re-elected German king
1529 Battle of Shimbra Kure Imam Ahmad Gragn, withstands the assault of the numerically superior army of Lebna Dengel, Emperor of Ethiopia.
1530 King Henry VIII's divorce request is denied by the Pope Clement VII then declares that he, not the Pope, is supreme head of England's church
1560 Christian fleet under Gian Andrea lands at Djerba, N Africa
1573 Turkey and Venice signs peace treaty
1621 Jan Pieterszoon Coen's troops land on Lontor, East Indies
1633 Prince Frederik Henry appoints himself viceroy of Limburg
1644 Massachusetts establishes 1st 2-chamber legislature in colonies
1696 English King Willem III departs Netherlands
1724 Pope Innocent XIII ends papacy
1774 British close port of Boston to all commerce
1778 Captain James Cook 1st sights Oregon coast, at Yaquina Bay
1799 The Royal Institution is founded
1799 Siege of Jaffa Napoleon captures city
1804 Foundation of British and Foreign Bible Society
1808 Portugal's regent Dom Juan IV arrives in Rio De Janeiro
1814 Napoleon I of France wins the Battle of Craonne
1815 Napoleon I of France meets troops of the Fifth Regiment sent by Louis XVIII at Grenoble, and convinces them to join him on his march to Paris
1821 Battle of Rieti between Austria and Neapolitan rebels. The Austrians were victorious.
1827 Shrigley Abduction: Ellen Turner, a wealthy heiress in Cheshire, England is abducted by Edward Gibbon Wakefield, a future politician in colonial New Zealand.
1835 HMS Beagle returns from Concepción to Valparaiso
1838 'Swedish nightingale' Jenny Lind makes her operatic debut in Stockholm
1843 1st Catholic Governor in US, Edward Kavanagh of Maine, takes office
1847 US General Scott occupies Vera Cruz, Mexico
1848 In Hawaii, Great Mahele (division of lands) signed
1850 Daniel Webster endorses Compromise of 1850
1851 Poll tax levied on Russo-Polish Jews entering Austrian Galicia ends
1854 Charles Miller patents 1st US sewing machine to stitch buttonholes
1862 Battle of Elkhorn Tavern, Day 2, Generals McCulloch & McIntosh killed
1865 Battle of Wyse Fork a battle fought in the Carolinas Campaign of the American Civil War, resulting in a Union army victory.
1876 Alexander Graham Bell patents telephone
1876 Battle at Gura: Ethiopian emperor Yohannes IV beats Egyptians
1896 Gilbert and Sullivan's last operette "Grand Duke" premieres in London
1897 John and Bill Kellogg give their first cornflake cereal to patients at a sanitorium
1900 Battle at Poplar Grove South Africa, President Kruger flees
1900 In London, fire destroys the roof of Buckingham Palace
1902 Boers beat British troop in Tweebosch, Transvaal
1906 Finnish Senate accepts universal suffrage, except for poor
1908 Cincinnati Mayor Mark Breith stood before city council and announced that, "women are not physically fit to operate automobiles"
1911 Revolution in Mexico. US sent 20,000 troops to Mexican border
1911 Willis Farnsworth, Petaluma CA, patents coin-operated locker
1912 Roald Amundsen announces discovery of the South Pole
1914 Prince Wilhelm von Wied becomes King of Albania
1917 The all-white Original Dixieland Jazz Band release the world's first jazz record, "Dixie Jazz Band One Step", released by RCA Victor in Camden NJ
1918 Bolshevik Party changes its name to the Russian Communist party
1918 Finland forms an alliance with Germany.
1921 Red Army under Trotsky attack sailors of Kronstadt
1926 1st transatlantic telephone call (London-New York)
1927 Earthquake measuring 8 on Richter scale strikes Tango, Japan
1932 Riots at Ford-factory Dearborn MI, kills 4
1933 Game of "Monopoly" invented
1935 Saar incorporated into Germany
1936 Hitler breaks Treaty of Versailles, sends troops to Rhineland
1937 Bucharin, Jagoda and Rykov pushed out of CPSU in USSR
1939 Glamour magazine begins publishing
1939 Guy Lombardo and Royal Canadians 1st record "Auld Lang Syne"
1941 First British troops land in Greece, at Piraeus.
1941 British troops invade Abyssinia (Ethiopia)
1942 15 Mk-VB Spitfires reach Malta
1942 1st cadets graduated from flying school at Tuskegee, US
1943 Allies are now in full control of Tunisia.
1943 General-Major Patton arrives in Djebel Kouif, Tunisia
1944 Japans begins offensive in Burma. Japanese begin an invasion attempt on India, starting a four-month battle around Imphal.
1945 Cologne taken by allied armies
1945 US 9th Armoured Division attacks Remagen,Germany, crosses Rhine
1945 Yugoslavia government of Tito forms
1947 The Kuomintang and Communist Party of China resume full-fledged Civil War
1948 The Dodecanese islands officially become part of Greece again, ending the Italian rule
1950 The Soviet Union issues a statement denying that Klaus Fuchs served as a Soviet spy
1951 Operation Ripper - In Korea, United Nations troops led by General Matthew Ridgeway begin an assault against Chinese forces.
1959 1st aviator to fly a million miles (1.61 Mkm) in a jet (MC Garlow)
1962 Beatles made their broadcasting debut on BBC radio
1962 Launch of OSO 1, 1st astronomy satellite (solar flare data)
1965 America sends the first official combat troops to Vietnam
1965 Alabama state troopers and 600 black protestors clash in Selma The event was televised and was dubbed Bloody Sunday
1965 Christian-democrats win parliament in Chile
1966 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1967 Teamster president Jimmy Hoffa begins 8-year jail sentence at Lewisburg Federal Prison for defrauding the union and jury tampering (commuted Dec 23, 1971)
1969 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakhstan/Semipalitinsk, USSR
1969 Queen Elizabeth II opens the new Victoria Line on London Underground
1971 Egypt refuses to renew the Suez ceasefire
1973 Comet (Lubos) Kohoutek discovered at Hamburg Observatory
1973 Sheik Mujib ur-Rahman's Awami League wins election in Bangladesh
1974 "Monitor" (US Civil War Ship) restored at Cape Hatteras NC
1974 1st general strike in Ethiopia
1975 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1975 The body of heiress Lesley Whittle is found in a 60ft drain shaft in Staffordshire 52 days after being kidnapped from her home in Shropshire by Donald Neilson, known as the Black Panther
1976 Morocco and Mauretania break diplomatic relations with Algeria
1977 Ali Bhutto's Pakistan People's Party wins elections
1977 Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin meets President Carter
1978 Belgian baron Charles Bracht kidnapped
1981 1st homicide at Disneyland, 18 year old is stabbed to death
1984 The United States attacks San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua.
1989 Iran drops diplomatic relations with Britain over Salman Rushdie's book "The Satanic Verses"
1989 The State Council of the People's Republic of China declares martial law in Lhasa, Tibet.
1990 3 passengers killed and 162 injured as subway train derails (Philadelphia)
1991 Iraq continues to explode oil fields in Kuwait
1993 Diff'rent Stroke actor Todd Bridges arrested for stabbing a tenant
1994 ANC chief Nelson Mandela rejects demand by white right-wingers for separate homeland in South Africa
1994 Charles Taylor resigns as President of Liberia
1994 The Supreme Court of the United States rules in Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Music, Inc.that parodies of an original work are generally covered by the doctrine of fair use.
1994 US Navy issues 1st permanent order assigning women on combat ship
1995 New York becomes 38th state to have the death penalty
1996 1st surface photos of Pluto (photographed by Hubble Space Telescope)
1996 The first democratically elected Palestinian parliament is formed.
1997 5 sue Japanese Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto, because his smoking has violated the country's constitution guaranteeing a wholesome life
2004 New Democracy wins the national elections in Greece.
2005 Mass protest outside the National Assembly of Kuwait building for women's voting rights in Kuwait.
2006 Apple Inc. is granted the patent to the iPod
2007 Garuda Indonesia Flight 200 The aircraft crashed and burst into flames while landing at Adisucipto International Airport
2007 British House of Commons votes to make the upper chamber, the House of Lords, 100% elected.

7th March 2006

Indian temple city hit by blasts

Iran demands nuclear compensation

French protest at youth job plan

7th March 2007

Indonesia jet explodes on landing

Fresh attacks hit Shia pilgrims

Ethnic violence flares in Vanuatu

7th March 2008

Israel buries victims of shooting

Spain attack halts poll campaign

Abkhazia in independence

7th March 2009

Car bomb kills eight in Pakistan

Two shot dead at Antrim army base

Nasa launches Earth hunter probe

7th March 2010

Iraq parliamentary election hit by insurgent attacks

Nigeria clashes see '100 deaths'

3 dead in plunge from Glasgow flats

Birthdates which occurred on 7th March :

1543 Johan Casimir count of Rhine (occupied Gent)
1574 John Wilbye composer
1602 Kano Tanju Japanese painter (palaces, portraits)
1621 Georg Neumark composer
1659 Henry Purcell English organist/composer (Dido & Aeneas)
1663 Tomaso Antonio Vitali composer
1682 Johan W van Ripperda Dutch diplomat/baron/duke
1693 Clement XIII [Carlo Rezzonico], Pope (1758-69)
1707 Stephen Hopkins (Governor-RI) signed Declaration of Independence
1715 Ewald Christian von Kleist German lyric poet (Der Frühling)
1731 Jean-Louis Laruette composer
1762 Sebastiaan C Nederburgh director-general (East Indies Company)
1765 Joseph N Niépce French inventor (photography)
1769 Josef Alois Ladurner composer
1773 Tommaso Marchesi composer
1785 Alessandro Manzoni Italy, poet/novelist (Betrothed)
1792 John Herschel Slough England, William Herschel's son, astronomer
1797 Karl Schwencke composer
1799 Frantisek L Celakovsky Czechoslovakian poet (national anthem, folk song)
1807 Franz Grave von Pocci German poet/composer (Der Alchemist)
1811 Christian Heinrich Hohmann composer
1813 Judocus Smits Dutch Catholic newspaper pioneer/founder (The Time)
1820 Gustav Heinrich Graben-Hoffman composer
1822 Victor Masse composer
1827 Henry DeLamar Clayton Major General (Confederate Army), died in 1889
1831 John Bratton [Old Reliable], US physician/Confederate Brigadier General
1832 Orlando Metcalfe Poe Brigadier General (Union volunteers), died in 1895
1837 Henry Draper Virginia, astro-spectro-photographer (Moon, Jupiter)
1841 Olegario Víctor Andrade Argentina, poet (El nido de cóndores)
1842 Anne van Diest Belgian physician/feminist
1844 Anthony Comstock New Canaan CT, anti-vice crusader/philatelist
1849 Luther Burbank Lancaster MA, horticulturist
1850 Tomás G Masaryk Czechoslovakia, Father/President of Czechoslovakia (1918-35)
1856 Matilde Serao [Tuffolina], Italian writer (Land of Cockayne)
1857 Julius Wagner von Jauregg Austria, psychiatrist (Nobel 1927)
1858 Nikolai Artzibushev composer
1866 Paul Ernst writer
1869 Ernst J Cohen Dutch chemist
1872 Piet Mondrian Holland, abstract painter (Broadway Boogie Woogie)
1872 Vasily Andreyevich Zolotaryov composer
1875 Maurice Joseph Ravel Cibourne France, composer (Boléro)
1883 Carl Deis composer
1886 Raymond Largay Wisconsin, actor (April in Paris, Variety Girl)
1887 Heino Eller composer
1888 Alidius van Starkenborch Stachouwer Governor of Netherland Indies (1936-45)
1891 Marcel Barger [Meyer Streliskie], cabaret performer (I keep Susy)
1895 Juan Jose Castro composer
1896 Erwin Bodky composer
1898 Jan Bata Czechoslovakian shoe manufacturer
1900 [Albert] Carel Willink Dutch painter (magic realism)
1900 Giuseppe Capogrossi Italian painter
1902 Heinz [Heinrich William] Ruehmann Essen Germany, actor/director (Der Hauptmann von Köpenick)
1904 Ivar Ballangrud Norway, Olympics speed skater (4 gold, 2 silver)
1904 Reinhard Heydrich German Governor (Bohemen/Moravia (Lidice))
1904 Virginia Downing actress (Gig, Butterfield 8)
1904 Willy Forst Austria actor/director (Vienna Blood)
1905 Vera Fjodorova Panova Russian author (Sputniki)
1906 Alejandro Garcia Caturla composer
1906 Hans Lachman composer
1907 Juan Francisco Giacobbe composer
1907 Mircea Eliade religious historian (Le Yoga)
1908 Anna Magnani Rome Italy, actress (Rose Tattoo, Miracle)
1908 Joop [Joseph] van Santen Dutch 1st chamber member (CPN)
1908 Tomas de Manzarraga composer
1909 Greta Schoon writer
1909 Leo Malet writer
1911 Stefan Kisielewski composer
1914 Morton DaCosta Philadelphia PA, director (Island of Love, Music Man)
1915 Jacques Chaban-Delmas French politician
1917 Davis Roberts Mobile AL, actor (Mr Johnson-Boone)
1917 Janet Collins ballerina
1917 Robert Erickson composer
1918 June Wayne artist/lithographer/teacher
1919 Jocelyn Olaf Hambro financier
1919 Mochtar Lubis Indonesian writer (Twilight in Djakarta)
1920 Willie Watson cricketer (England batsman & soccer international)
1924 Eduardo Paolozzi British sculptor (Hydra)
1924 Kobo Abe Tokyo Japan, playwright (Woman, the Dunes)
1930 Anthony Armstrong-Jones [Earl of Snowdon] London England, photographer
1930 James Broderick Charleston NH, actor (Brenner-Brenner, Doug-Family)
1931 C W Stubblefield music promoter
1931 Cornelis T "Cor" van de Molen director Social Businesses of Press
1931 Donald Barthelme US, writer (Snow White)
1934 King Curtis [Curtis Ousley], rocker
1934 Nari Contractor cricketer (Indian batsman & captain)
1934 Willard Scott weather forecaster (Today Show)
1936 Georges Perec French writer (Seire Noire, Retour a la bien-aimee)
1937 Anne Kristen actress (Truth or Dare, Rachel-Dr Finlay, Sunset Song)
1937 Don Bonker (Representative-Democrat-WA, 1975- )
1938 Homero Blancas Houston TX, PGA golfer (1972 Phoenix Open)
1938 Janet Guthrie race car driver, 1st woman to race in Indy 500
1939 Marion Marlowe St Louis MO, singer (Arthur Godfrey & Friends)
1940 Daniel J Travanti Kenosha WI, actor (Frank Furillo-Hill St Blues)
1940 Harald Gerlach writer
1940 Rudi [Rudolf] Dutschke German student leader (Glasnost Berlin)
1940 Viktor Petrovich Savinykh USSR, cosmonaut (Soyuz T-4, T-13, TM-5)
1942 Al[bert] Tanara WLAF defensive coach (Amsterdam Admirals)
1942 Michael Eisner Mount Kisko NY, CEO (Walt Disney)
1942 Paul Preuss US, sci-fi author (Medusa Encounter, Starfire)
1942 Tammy Faye Bakker gospel singer/wife of Jim Bakker (PTL)
1942 Tommy F Robinson (Representative-Democrat-AR, 1985- )
1942 U N Kulkarni cricketer (Indian pace bowler in four Tests 1967-68)
1943 Carole Peel Australian softball assistant coach (Olympics-bronze-96)
1943 Chris White rock bassist (Zombies-Never Even Thought)
1943 Leon Frank Sylvers rocker
1944 Elton Gallegly (Representative-Republican-CA)
1944 Jürgen Theobaldy writer
1944 Townes Van Zandt musician
1945 Arthur Lee rocker (Vindicator)
1945 John Heard Washington DC, actor (Cat People, Cutter's Way, CHUD)
1946 Matthew Fisher London, rock keyboardist (Procol Harum)
1946 Peter Wolf rock singer (J Giels Band-Centerfold, Freeze Frame)
1947 Donna Loren Boston MA, singer/actress (Beach Blanket Bingo)
1947 Lewis J Stadlen Brooklyn NY, actor (John-Benson, Savages, Windy City)
1947 Richard Lawson Loma Linda CA, actor (Eddie-The O'Neills)
1947 Robert O'Neill Crossman politician
1950 Franco Harris NFL fullback (Pittsburgh Steelers)
1950 Mark Pinter Decorah IA, actor (Karl-Behind the Screen, Another World)
1951 Linda Gibboney actress (Search for Tomorrow, Jessica-Generations)
1952 Ernie Isley US vocalist/guitarist (It's Your Thing, Heat is On)
1952 Lynn Swann NFL receiver (Pittsburgh Steelers)/sportscaster
1952 Vivian Richards West Indian master blaster
1953 Jules Shear rock musician
1953 Kathleen Sullivan Pasadena CA, newscaster (E!)
1954 Matt Frenette rock drummer (Loverboy)
1958 Rik Mayall comedian (Drop Dead Fred, Bottom, Little Noises)
1959 Thomas Edward Lehman Austin MN, PGA golfer (1994 Memorial Tournament)
1960 Ivan Lendl Czechoslovakia, tennis pro (US Open 1985-87)
1960 Joe Carter Oklahoma City OK, outfielder (Toronto Blue Jays)
1961 Mary Beth Evans Pasadena CA, actress (Katherine-General Hospital, Kayla-Days of our Lives)
1962 Taylor Dayne [Leslie Wunderman], Long Island NY, vocalist (I'll Always Love You)
1963 Mike Eagles Sussex, NHL center (Washington Capitals)
1963 Mohammad Ishaq cricketer (UAE batsman 1996 World Cup)
1964 Amy Baltus Bloomington IN, WPVA volleyballer (Nationals-13th-1992)
1964 Jeff Criswell NFL tackle (Kansas City Chiefs)
1965 [Willie] Flipper Anderson NFL wide receiver (Indianapolis Colts)
1965 Cameron Daddo Melbourne Australia, actor (Brian Petersen-Models Inc)
1965 Jesper Bo Parnevik Stockholm Sweden, PGA golfer (1995 Nestle-5th)
1965 Steve Beuerlein NFL quarterback (Jacksonville Jaguars, Car Panthers)
1966 Jeff Feagles NFL punter (Arizona Cardinals)
1966 Mel Rojas Haina Dominican Republic, pitcher (Montréal Expos)
1966 Terry Carkner Smiths Falls, NHL defenseman (Florida Panthers)
1967 Zheng Haixia WNBA center (Los Angeles Sparks)
1968 Jeff Kent Bellflower CA, infielder (New York Mets)
1968 Ricky Proehl NFL wide receiver (Seattle Seahawks, Chicago Bears)
1969 Anne Marie Lauck Rochester NY, marathoner (Olympics-10th-96)
1969 Anthony Davis NFL linebacker (Kansas City Chiefs)
1969 Brian Jamieson Livingston NJ, rower (Olympics-silver-1996)
1969 Geoff Smith Edmonton, NHL defenseman (Florida Panthers)
1969 Matt Blundin NFL quarterback (Kansas City Chiefs, Detroit Lions)
1969 Sam Gash NFL running back (New England Patriots)
1970 Jacquelyn Doucette Miss Massachusetts-USA (1996)
1970 James Calvin Spivey Schiller Park IL, miler
1970 Kathy Gedney Indianapolis IN, WPVA volleyballer (US Open-25th-1994)
1971 Alison Herst Toronto Ontario, kayaker (Olympics-5-92, 96)
1972 Andrew Finch rower (Olympics-1996)
1972 Marina Hatzakis Australian rower (Olympics-96)
1974 Joost Volmer soccer player (FC Twente)
1975 Andrey Savenkov hockey defenseman (Team Kazakhstan Olympics-1998)
1975 William Hampton CFL defensive back (Calgary Stampeders)
1977 Ludmila Richterova Kosice Slovakia, tennis star (1995 Bournemouth)


Deaths which occurred on March 7th:
322 -BC- Aristotle dies
0161 Antoninus Pius [Titus Aurelius], emperor of Rome (138-61), dies at 74
1040 Harold I King of England (1035-40), dies
1111 Bohemund I of Tarente French ruler of Antioch, dies
1274 St Thomas Aquinas Italian thelogian dies at 48
1305 Gwijde van Dampierre count of Flanders/count of Namur, dies at 78
1719 Steven J Vennekool Amsterdam's master builder, buried
1724 Innocent XIII [Michelangiolo dei Conti], Pope (1721-24), dies at 68
1737 Guido Starhemberg Austrian earl/fieldmarshal, dies at 79
1750 Cornelis Troost Dutch painter (Beslikte Zwaentje), dies at 52
1761 Antonio Palella composer, dies at 68
1786 Frantisek Benda composer, dies at 76
1802 Johann Georg Witthauer composer, dies at 50
1804 John Wedgwood founder (Royal Horticulture Society), dies
1809 Johann Georg Albrechtsberger Austrian composer, dies at 73
1810 Albertus H Wiese Governor-General of Netherland Indies, dies at about 48
1833 Rahel Varnhagen von Ense-Levin German author, dies at 61
1842 Christian Theodor Weinlig composer, dies at 61
1862 Ben McCulloch US Confederate Brigadier-General (KIA), dies at 50
1862 John Baillie McIntosh US General-Major (Union Army), dies at 32
1862 William Slack US Confederate Brigadier-General, dies in battle
1907 Victor Alphonse Duvernoy composer, dies at 64
1911 Antonio Fogazzarro Italian writer/poet (Il Santo, Leila), dies at 68
1924 Pat Moran manager (Cincinnati Reds), dies of Bright's Disease
1926 Jindrich Z Albestu Kaan composer, dies at 73
1931 Akseli V Gallen-Kallela Finnish painter/illustrator, dies at 65
1931 Theo van Doesburg [Christian Kupper], painter/architect, dies at 47
1932 Aristide Briand 11 x premier of France (Nobel 1926), dies at 69
1939 Amadeo Roldan composer, dies at 38
1941 Arnold Schering German musicologist, dies at 63
1941 Günther Prien German commandant (U-47), dies in battle
1945 Adolf Bartels German writer/racist, dies at 82
1951 Ali Razmara Shah of Iran (1950-51), assassinated
1951 Ivor Novello British writer (Keep the Home Fires Burning), dies at 58
1951 Shah Ali Razmara of Iran assassinated
1951 Shah Ali Razmara of Iran, assassinated
1955 Tom Dugan actor (Pick a Star), dies at 66
1959 Arthur C Pigou English economist (Economics of Welfare), dies
1959 Hinsdale Smith developer of roll-down auto windows, dies at 88
1961 Englebert van Anderlecht Belgian painter, dies at 42
1961 Max Hymans WWII resistance fighter/Head of Air France, dies at 60
1964 Franz Alexander Hungarian/US psycho analyst, dies at 73
1968 Yuri Aleksayevich Gagarin USSR cosmonaut (Vostok I), dies at 31
1973 André de Meulemeester Belgian WWI pilot [Eagle of Flanders], dies at 78
1975 Ben Blue actor (Accidental Family, Frank Sinatra Show), dies at 73
1975 Francine Larrimore actress (John Meade's Woman), dies at 76
1976 Erwin Kroll composer, dies at 90
1979 Guiomar Novaes pianist (Brazilian Order of Merit), dies at 84
1979 Klaus Egge Norwegian composer (Fanitullen), dies at 72
1981 John Gnagy artist (Learn to Draw), dies at 73
1981 Kirill Petrovich Kondrashin Russian conductor/composer, dies at 67
1982 Charles Borromeo Mills composer, dies at 68
1983 Igor Markevich composer, dies at 70
1983 Robert Bray actor (Corey-Lassie, Simon-Stagecoach West), dies at 65
1985 George Schick Czechoslovakian conductor (Chicago Symphony), dies at 76
1985 Robert W Woodruff CEO (Coca-Cola), dies at 95
1985 Victor W Farris inventor of paper milk carton, etc, dies
1986 Jacob K Javits (Senator-Republican-NY), dies in Palm Beach FL at 81
1988 Divine [Harris Glenn Milstead] transvestite actor (Hairspray, Polyester, Pink Flamingos), dies in Los Angeles at 42
1988 Robert Livingston actor (Lone Ranger), dies at 83 of emphysema
1990 Max Neuhaus composer, dies at 50
1993 Arnold Franchetti Ital/US composer, dies
1993 Earl Wrightson singer/actor (Pinafore), dies of heart failure at 77
1993 Tony Harris cricketer (8 Tests for South Africa 1947-49, 100 runs), dies
1995 Don Cook British foreign correspondent, dies at 74
1995 Jaap van den Hurk TV-director (NCRV), dies
1995 Jacques Lefebvre Belgian air force general, commits suicide at 64
1995 John Arthur Neill Lambert composer teacher organist, dies at 69
1995 Paul-Emile Victor French pole explorer, dies at 87
1995 Thijmen Kuijt resistance fighter/co-found paper (Typhoon), dies at 82
1996 Aled Eames maritime historian, dies at 74

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