5th March, on this day

363 Roman Emperor Julian moves from Antioch with an army of 90,000 to attack the Sassanid Empire, in a campaign which will bring about his own death.
1046 Naser Khosrow begins the seven-year Middle Eastern journey which he will later describe in his book Safarnama
1133 Henry II of England born. The first of the House of Plantagenet to rule England
1496 English King Henry VII hires John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto) to explore
1528 Utrecht Governor Maarten van Rossum plunders The Hague
1558 Smoking tobacco introduced in Europe by Francisco Fernandes
1616 Copernicus' "de Revolutionibus" placed on Catholic Forbidden index
1623 1st American temperance law enacted, Virginia
1625 Charles I becomes King of England
1651 South Sea dike in Amsterdam breaks after storm
1684 Emperor Leopold I, Poland and Venice sign Heilig Covenant of Linz
1689 Daniel Finch, 2nd Earl of Nottingham is named Secretary of State for the Northern Department.
1743 1st US religious journal, The Christian History, published, Boston
1746 Jacobite troops leave Aberdeen
1750 1st American Shakespearean production-"altered" Richard III, New York, NY
1760 Princess Carolina marries General Charles Christian van Nassau-Weilburg
1766 Don Antonio de Ulloa takes possession of Louisiana Terr from French
1770 Boston Massacre, British troops kill 5 in crowd; Crispus Attackus becomes 1st black to die for American freedom
1783 King Stanislaus Augustus Poniatowski grants rights to Jews of Kovno
1793 French troops are defeated by Austrian forces and Liège is recaptured.
1795 Treaty of Basel-Prussia ends war with France
1807 1st performance of Ludwig von Beethoven's 4th Symphony in B
1811 Battle of Barrosa an unsuccessful French attack on a larger Anglo-Spanish force attempting to lift the siege of Cádiz, Spain during the Peninsular War
1820 Dutch city of Leeuwarden forbids Jews to go to synagogues on Sundays
1821 Monroe is 1st President inaugurated on March 5th, because 4th was Sun
1824 First Burmese War: The British officially declare war on Burma.
1836 Mexican army attacks Alamo Travis draws a line in the sane with his sword
1836 Samuel Colt manufactures 1st pistol, 34-caliber "Texas" model
1845 Congress appropriates $30,000 to ship camels to western US
1850 Opening of Menai Bridge between Wales and Anglesey, built by Robert Stephenson
1856 Covent Garden Opera House destroyed in a fire
1856 Georgia becomes 1st state to regulate railroads
1861 The "Stars and Bars" is adopted as the flag of the Confederate States of America.
1862 Union troops under Brigadier-General Wright occupy Fernandina, FL
1863 Battle of Thompson's Station, Tennessee
1864 1st track meet between Oxford and Cambridge
1867 Attempt to blow up Clerkenwell Prison by Fenian agents. Dynamite charges demolish nearby tenements killing six people and causing 120 casualties "including 15 permanently injured with loss of eyes, legs, arms etc."[4]
1868 Stapler patented in England by C H Gould
1868 US Senate organises to decide charges against President Andrew Johnson
1872 George Westinghouse Jr patents triple air brake for trains
1896 Italian Governor of Eritrea, General Baldissera, reaches Massawa
1896 Italian premier Crispi resigns
1900 British Government is offered peace proposals to end the Boer War by Transvaal President Paul Kruger and President Steyn of the Orange Free State. Britain subsequently rejects the offer
1900 Two U.S. cruisers are sent to Central America to protect US interests in a dispute between Nicaragua and Costa Rica
1901 Five Irish MPs are thrown out of the House of Commons in London by police for refusing to withdraw from the chamber
1903 Turkey and Germany sign an agreement to build the Constantinople-Baghdad Railway
1905 Russian troops begin to retreat from Mukden, Manchuria after losing one-hundred thousand troops in three days.
1907 1st radio broadcast of a musical composition aired
1907 The new Duma is opened in St. Petersburg, Russia and 40,000 demonstrators have to be dispersed by Russian troops
1908 1st ascent of Mount Erebus, Antarctica
1912 Spanish steamer "Principe de Asturias" sinks northeast of Spain, 500 die
1912 Italian forces are the first to use airships for a military purpose by using them for reconnaissance west of Tripoli behind Turkish lines.
1916 Spanish football club Real Club Deportivo Mallorca is founded.
1917 1st jazz recording for Victor Records released
1918 Moscow is declared capital of Russia in place of Petrograd
1922 "Nosferatu" premieres in Berlin
1923 Montana and Nevada become 1st states to enact old age pension laws
1924 Computing-Tabulating-Recording Corp becomes IBM
1924 King Hussein of Hedzjaz appoints himself kalief
1927 1,000 US marines land in China to protect American property
1931 Gandhi and British viceroy Lord Irwin sign pact
1933 FDR proclaims 10-day bank holiday closing all United States banks and freezing all financial transactions (the 'holiday' ended on March 13).
1933 Germany's Nazi Party wins majority in parliament (43.9%-17.2M votes)
1934 Mother-in-law's day 1st celebrated (Amarillo TX)
1936 Spitfire makes its 1st flight (Eastleigh Aerodrome in Southampton)
1938 Battle of Cape Palos the biggest naval battle of the Spanish Civil War,
1940 Members of Soviet politburo sign an order for the execution of 25,700 Polish intelligentsia, including 14,700 Polish POWs, known also as the Katyn massacre.
1940 Finland tells the Soviets they will agree to their terms for ending the war. The next day they send emissaries to Moscow to negotiate a peace treaty.
1942 Josip Broz Tito establishes 3rd Proletarit Brigade in Bosnia
1942 Dmitri Shostakovich's 7th Symphony, premieres in Siberia
1942 Japanese troop march into Batavia
1942 New conscription laws in the United Kingdom include women and men up to the age of 45.
1943 In early March, Rommel stirs up small attacks near the Mareth line, southern Tunisia.
1943 German advances around Kharkov threaten Russian achievements.
1943 Anti-fascist strikes in Italy
1943 RAF bombs Essen, Germany
1944 1st performance of Walter Piston's 2nd Symphony
1945 Allies bombs The Hague, Netherlands
1945 Generals Eisenhower, Patton and Patch meet in Luneville
1945 US 7th Army Corps captures Cologne
1946 Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill coins the phrase ' The Iron Curtain' for the dividing line between the Russian dominated Eastern Europe and Western Europe
1948 Actor Eli Wallach marries actress Anne Jackson
1948 US rocket flies record 4800 KPH to 126k height
1952 Terence Rattigan's "Deep Blue Sea" premieres in London
1953 Josef Stalin's death announced. Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev also dies on this day.
1955 Elvis Presley's 1st TV appearance on "Louisiana Hayride" show
1956 "King Kong" 1st televised
1957 Eamon de Valera's Fianna Fail-party wins election in Ireland
1957 Sergeant Bilko satirizes Elvis Presley (Elvin Pelvin)
1958 Explorer 2 fails to reach Earth orbit
1959 Iran and US sign economic and military treaty
1960 American rock 'n roll star Elvis Presley is discharged from the US Army
1962 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1963 Beatles record "From Me to You" and "Thank You Girl"
1963 In Britain the "Big Freeze" ends with the first frost free night since December 22
1963 In Camden, Tennessee, country music superstar Patsy Cline (Virginia Patterson Hensley) is killed in a plane crash along with fellow performers Hawkshaw Hawkins, Cowboy Copas and Cline's manager and pilot Randy Hughes while returning from a benefit performance in Kansas City, Kansas for country radio disc jockey "Cactus" Jack Call.
1964 Emergency crisis proclaimed in Ceylon due to social unrest
1965 Ernie Terrel beats Eddie Machen in 15 for heavyweight boxing title
1966 75 MPH air currents cause BOAC 707 crash above Mount Fuji, 124 die
1966 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1969 Gustav Heinemann elected President of West-Germany
1969 Joe Orton's "What the Butler Saw" premieres in London
1970 3 SDS Weathermen terrorist group bomb 18 West 11th St in New York NY
1970 Nuclear non-proliferation treaty went into effect
1972 Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis leaves communist party
1976 British £ falls below $2 for 1st time
1977 Formula One driver Tom Pryce dies after colliding with a track marshal at the South African Grand Prix in Kyalami.
1978 Landsat 3 launched from Vandenberg AFB, California
1979 Voyager I's closest approach to Jupiter (172,000 miles)
1979 Detection equipment picks up a gamma ray burst originating from the Large Magellanic Cloud, leading to the discovery of soft gamma repeaters.
1980 Earth satellites record gamma rays from remnants of supernova N-49
1981 US government grants Atlanta $1 million to search for black boy murderer
1982 After 19 years hosting the CBS Evening News, Walter Cronkite signs off for the last time.
1983 Bob Hawke (Labour) defeats Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser (Conservative)
1984 US accuse Iraq of using poison gas
1986 "Today" tabloid launched (Britain's 1st national color newspaper)
1991 Iraq releases all Gulf War prisoners and repeals its annexation of Kuwait
1992 Ethic committee votes to reveal congressmen who bounced checks
1993 A Macedonian Palair Flight 301, a F-100 on a flight to Zurich, crashes shortly after take-off from Skopje killing 83 of the 97 people on board.
1994 Singer Grace Slick arrested for pointing a gun at a cop
1995 Estonia Centrumlinkse Coalition party wins parliamentary election
1995 Graves of czar Nicholas and family found in St Petersburg
1998 Mariah Carey divorces Tommy Mottola
1998 Scientists at NASA announce the Clemetine probe has found water hidden as ice beneath the surface of the Moon - which could sustain a human colony
1998 NASA announces the choice of United States Air Force Lt. Col. Eileen Collins as commander of a future Space Shuttle Columbia mission to launch an X-ray telescope, making Collins the first woman commander of a space shuttle mission
1999 Paul Okalik is elected first Premier of Nunavut
2000 Southwest Flight 1455, a Boeing 737-3T5, overran the end of the runway while landing at Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport no fatalities
2001 In Mecca, 35 Muslim pilgrims are crushed to death during the annual Hajj pilgrimage.
2001 Santana High School shooting: A student shoots at other students at Santana High School in Santee, California, killing two and wounding thirteen.
2003 In Haifa, 17 Israeli civilians are killed by a Hamas suicide bomb in the Haifa bus 37 massacre.
2005 The Burkinabé Party for Democracy and Socialism holds its 1st National Convention

5th March 2006

Dozens killed in Pakistan clashes

Iran issues new nuclear warning

Time short in Kenya food 'crisis'

5th March 2007

Afghans killed 'in new US attack'

US and N Korea to open key talks

Kidnapped Britons' vehicles found

5th March 2008

Slave rescue bid resumes in Sudan

Terracotta city tourists' ordeal

Venezuela troops 'move to border'

5th March 2009

Car bomb hits Iraq cattle market

N Korea threatens civilian planes

Nato woos Russia on Afghanistan

5th March 2010

Blast hits convoy in Pakistan

Dozens hurt in Jerusalem clashes

Brown says Iraq war was 'right'

Birthdates which occurred on 5th March :

1324 David II Bruce king of Scotland (1331..71)
1326 Louis I [the Great] King of Hungary (1342-82), Poland (1370-82)
1512 Gerardus Mercator Rupelmonde (Belgium), geographer/mapmaker
1574 William Oughtred England, mathematician/inventor (slide rule)
1578 Charles d'Albert duke of Luynes premier of France/Governor of Picardië
1585 Johan Georg I elector of Saxon (1611-56) (Peace of Prague)
1637 John van der Heyden Dutch painter/inventor (fire extinguisher)
1658 Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac French colonial governor of America
1668 Francesco Gasparini composer
1696 Giovanni Battista Tiepolo Venetian Rococo painter (Isaac's Sacrifice)
1733 Vincenzo Galeotti [Tomazelli], Italian dancer/choreographer
1746 Jacob Wallenberg Swedish writer/naval chaplain
1748 William Shield composer
1750 Jean B G d'Ansse de Villoison French classical (Apollonii Lexicon)
1751 Jan Krtitel Kuchar composer
1756 Thomas Linley composer
1774 Christoph Ernst Friedrich Weyse composer
1794 Jacques Babinet French physicist/mathematician/astronomer
1805 Theodore Labarre composer
1817 Austen H Layard British archaeologist/diplomat
1824 Elisha Harris US, physician/found American Public Health Association
1824 James Merritt Ives lithographer (Currier & Ives)
1825 John Dunovant Brigadier General (Confederate Army), died in 1864
1825 Joseph Albert German photographer (albertotype)
1828 Johann Gungl composer
1840 Constance Fenimore Woolson Claremont NH, writer (Jupiter Lights)
1843 William F Sudds composer
1845 Alfonse Hasselmans composer
1850 Daniel Brink Towner composer
1852 Lady Isabella Gregory Ireland, writer/playwright (Golden Apple)
1853 Arthur W Foote Salem MA, organist/composer (Suite for Strings in E)
1853 Howard Pyle illustrator/painter/author (King Stork)
1867 Theodor Zöckler German theologist (Stanislauer Anstalten)
1868 Prosper Poullet Belgian viscount/jurist/minister
1869 Michael von Faulhaber cardinal/archbishop of Munich
1870 [B] Franc[lin] Norris US, writer (McTeague, Octopus)
1871 Maria do Carmo Geronimo Brazilian lives to be at least 126
1874 Arthur van Schendel Dutch writer (The World a Dancing Party)
1874 Henry Travers Berwick-Upon-Tweed Northumberland England, actor (Bells of St Mary's, High Sierra)
1877 Malcolm D Whitman tennis champion (US Open-1898)
1879 Walter Long actor (Moby Dick, Sheik, Sea Devils, Dragnet Patrol)
1886 Paul Radmilovic England, swimmer (Olympics-3 gold-1908)
1887 Heitor Villa-Lobos Rio de Janeiro Brazil, composer (Salon Waltz)
1888 Friedrich Schnack German journalist/writer (Rosewood)
1889 Frits Slomp [Frits de Rover], Dutch vicar/resistance fighter
1891 Harold Ogden "Chic" Johnson Chicago IL, comedian (Olsen & Johnson)
1893 Emmett J Culligan founder of water treatment organization
1894 Henry Daniell London, actor (Camille, Philadelphia Story, Body Snatchers)
1895 Fritz Usinger German writer (Eternal Struggle)
1897 Mei-ling Soong Madame Chiang Kai-shek
1899 Patrick Hadley composer
19-- Dyango Barcelona Spain, Spanish singer (A Fin Solos)
19-- Jo De Winter Sacramento CA, actress (Dr Lawrence-Gloria)
19-- Ray MacDonnell Lawrence MA, actor (Dr Joe Martin-All My Children)
1900 Ludwig Donath actor (Jolson Story, Jolson Sings Again)
1901 Julian Przybos Polish poet (Sruby)
1903 Lowell Peters Cleveland TN, vocalist (Southernaires)
1905 Gilroy Roberts US chief engraver (1948-64)
1908 Rex [Reginald Carey] Harrison Huyton Lancashire England, actor (My Fair Lady, Dr Doolittle)
1908 Sophie Stewart Scotland, actress (As You Like It, Under the Red Robe)
1909 Sutan Sjahrir premier of Indonesia (1945-47)
1911 Joseph Tomelty actor/playwright (Bedevilled, Moby Dick, Melba)
1913 Yulian Grigor'yevich Kreyn composer
1914 Joan Sterndale-Bennett London England, actress (Those Fantastic Flying Fools)
1916 Horace Ian Parrott composer
1917 Joseph Stone lawyer
1917 Virginia Christine Stanton IA, actress (Tales of Wells Fargo)
1918 Halsey S Colchester British SAS/spy (MI6)/priest
1918 Ranga Sohoni Indian cricketer (pace bowler of late 40's average 101)
1920 Delbert L Latta (Representative-Republican-OH, 1959- )
1920 Leontine Kelly 1st black female bishop (Methodist)
1920 Virginia Christine actress (Mrs Olson)
1921 Berkley Bedell (Representative-Democrat-IA, 1975- )
1922 Ebrahim Maka Indian cricket wicketkeeper (2 Tests 1952)
1922 James Noble Dallas TX, actor (Governor Gatling-Benson)
1922 Pier Paolo Pasolini Bologna Italy, director (Teorema, Pigsty)
1927 Jack [John Joseph Edward] Cassidy Richmond Hill NY, actor (Oscar/Jetman-He & She)
1929 Joan Shawlee Forest Hills NY, actress (Prehistoric Women)
1930 Lorin Maazel Neuilly France, conductor (NBC Symphony Orchestra 1941)
1931 Anthony Headges composer
1931 Barry Tuckwell Melbourne Australia, horn player (London Symphony Orchestra 1955-68)
1932 Walter Charles Marshall scientist
1933 Arlen Dean Snyder Rice KS, actor (Trauma Center)
1933 Norbert Linke composer
1934 James B Sikking Los Angeles CA, actor (Hill St Blues, Star Trek 3, Doogie Howser)
1935 Malcolm J Anderson tennis champion (US Open-1957)
1935 Philip K Chapman Melbourne Australia, astronaut (Apollo 14 support)
1936 Dale Douglass Wewoka OK, PGA golfer (1970 Phoenix Open)
1936 Dean Stockwell Hollywood CA, actor (Quantum Leap, Blue Velvet)
1937 Stephen Fitz-Simon entrepreneur
1938 Fred "Hammer" Williamson Gary IN, NFLer (Chiefs)/actor (Julia)
1938 Paul Evans singer/pedal guitarist (Damascus Road)
1939 Charles Fuller US writer (Zooman, Soldier Story)
1939 Samantha Eggar London England, actress (Collector, Dr Doolittle)
1939 Terry Curry English multi-millionaire
1940 Mary Rose Oakar (Representative)
1942 Michael D[iamond] Resnick sci-fi author (Sideshow, Eros Ascending)
1944 Paul Sands Los Angeles CA, comedian/actor (SCTV, Story Theater, St Elsewhere)
1945 Randy Matson US, shot putter (Olympics-gold-1968)
1946 Michael Warren South Bend IN, actor (Bobby Hill-Hill Street Blues)
1946 Murray Head singer
1946 Rocky Bleier Wisconsin, NFL running back (Pittsburgh Steelers)
1947 Eddie Hodges Hattiesburg MS, actor/singer (High Hopes, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn)
1948 Eddy Grant Guyana, reggae performer (Electric Avenue)
1948 Jacques Kloes singer (Dizzy Man's Band)
1950 Eugene Fodor Turkey Creek CO, violinist (1972 Paganini Award, 1974 Tchaikovsky Award)
1950 Harvey Jacob Alperin Minneapolis MN, actor (Cocktail)
1951 Rodney Hogg cricketer (prolific Australian wicket-taker 1978-84)
1952 Alan Clark keyboardist (Dire Straits-Sultans of Swing)
1953 Russel D Feingold (Senator-D-WI)
1953 Valery Grigoriyevich Korzun Russian Colonel/cosmonaut (TM-24)
1954 Marsha Warfield comedian/actress (Roz-Night Court)
1955 Marcia McCabe actress (Alice-One Life to Live)
1955 Penn Jillette Greenfield MA, magician (Penn & Teller-Penn & Teller are Dead)
1956 Mark Handley writer (Nell)
1957 Mark E Smith English rock vocalist (Fall-Fall in a Hole)
1957 Tim Holden (Representative-Democrat-PA)
1958 Andy Gibb Manchester England, singer/TV host (Solid Gold)
1958 Bill Timoney TV commercial actor (Addicted to Love)
1961 Dan Stuart US singer/songwriter (Green on Red)
1961 Zeke Mowatt NFL tight end (New York Giants)
1962 Elise Burgin Baltimore MD, tennis star
1962 Robert L Curbeam Jr Baltimore MD, astronaut (STS 85, sk-99)
1963 Eddo Brandes cricketer (Zimbabwe Test pace bowler)
1964 Reggie Williams NBA forward/guard (Denver Nuggets)
1966 Greg Clark CFL linebacker (Saskatchewan Roughriders)
1966 Michael Irvin NFL wide receiver (Dallas Cowboys)
1966 Tracy Kerdyk Coral Gables FL, LPGA golfer (1995 JAL Big Apple)
1967 Nicole Boegman Australian long jumper (Olympics-88, 92, 96)
1968 Marq Mellor Long Island NY, field hockey forward (Olympics-96)
1968 Roman Phifer linebacker (St Louis Rams)
1968 Shjon Podein Rochester, NHL left wing (Philadelphia Flyers)
1971 Amy Peistrup-Matthews Arlington Heights IL, WPVA (Old Orchard-17-1995)
1971 Brian Hunter Portland OR, outfielder (Houston Astros)
1971 Chad Fonville Jacksonville NC, infielder (Los Angeles Dodgers)
1971 James Roberson WLAF defensive end (Rhein Fire)
1971 Jose Mercedes El Seybo Dominican Republic, pitcher (Milwaukee Brewers)
1972 Brandon Hamilton CFL cornerback (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)
1972 Brian Grant NBA forward (Portland Trailblazers, Sacramento Kings)
1972 Hernan Gumy Buenos Aires Argentina, tennis star
1972 Mikael Tillstrom Sweden, tennis star
1972 Tom Hipsz CFL defensive tackle (Montréal Alouettes)
1973 Nicole Pratt Mackay Australia, tennis star (1995 Futures Australia)
1973 Paul Lieftink Dutch soccer player (NAC, Spakenburg)
1974 Brad Schumacher US, 400 meter/800 meter freestyle (Olympics-gold-96)
1974 Hans Bond Dutch soccer player (FC Volendam)
1974 Kevin Connolly actor (Beverly Hillbillies, Rocky V, Angus)
1975 Chris Silverwood cricketer (England Test pace bowler vs Zimbabwe 1996)
1975 Niki Taylor model (Elle, Marie Claire)
1976 Adriana Serra-Zanetti Modena Italy, tennis star (1995 Moscow semi)
1977 Bryan Berard NHL defenseman (Team USA Olympics-1998, New York Islanders)
1977 Natalie Bevins Miss West Virginia-USA (1997)
1978 Kimberly McCullough Bellflower CA, actress (Robin-General Hospital)


Deaths which occurred on March 5th:
0254 St Lucius I Pope (253-54), dies
1291 Sa'ad al'Da'ulah Jewish grand vizier of Persia, assassinated
1561 Carlo Caraffa Italian cardinal, dies at 41
1574 Philip of Saint-Aldegonde Flemish viceroy Holland/Zealand/Utrecht, dies
1576 Don Luís de Requesens y Zuñiga viceroy of Netherlands (1573-76), dies at 70
1605 Clement VIII [Ippolito Aldofireini], Pope (1592-1605), dies at 69
1625 James I (VI) king of England (1603-25)/poet/author, dies at 58
1644 Louise Juliana countess of Nassau, dies at 73
1732 Joseph-François Salomon composer, dies at 82
1770 Crispus Attuks slave, is 1st of 5 killed during Boston Massacre
1778 Thomas A Arne English composer (Alfred, Rule Britannia), dies at 67
1794 Rámon de la Cruz Spanish playwright/translator, dies at 62
1795 Josef Reicha composer, dies at 42
1827 Alessandro Volta Italian physicist (made 1st battery), dies at 82
1853 Georg A Kestner German art collector/diplomat, dies at 75
1873 Marie-Alexis Castillon de Saint-Victor composer, dies at 34
1876 Marie-C-S de Flavigny Agoult [Daniel Stern], Fren author, dies at 70
1893 Hippolyte Taine French philosopher/historian, dies at 64
1893 Richard Samuel Hughes composer, dies at 37
1895 Nikolai Leskow writer, dies at 64
1904 Alfred von Waldersee Prussian field marshal/chief-staff, dies at 71
1919 Jozef Surzynski composer, dies at 67
1932 Takuma Dan Japanese baron/financier/industrial, murdered
1941 Ludwig Quidde German historian/politician (Nobel 1927), dies at 82
1944 Max Jacob French writer, dies in Nazi concentration camp at 67
1947 Alfredo Casella Italian composer/conductor (La Giara), dies at 63
1948 Charles Prince cricketer (5 & 1 in only Test for South Africa), dies
1952 Vladimir Vladimirovich Scherbachov composer, dies at 63
1953 Josef V Stalin soviet leader responsible for 11 million murders, dies at 73
1953 Sergey Sergeyevich Prokofiev composer, dies at 61
1954 Julian Lowell Coolidge mathematician (Study-Segre school), dies at 80
1956 Erich Itor Kahn composer, dies at 50
1962 Anne C Veth Dutch cartoonist/art critic, dies at 82
1962 Otakar Jeremias composer, dies at 69
1963 Cyril Smith actor (Adventures of Sir Lancelot), dies at 70
1963 Hawkshaw Hawkins country singer (Ozark Jubilee), dies at 41
1963 Patsy Cline country singer (Crazy, I Fall To Pieces), dies in a plane crash at 30
1966 Anna Achmatova Ukrainian poet, dies at 76
1966 Enrique E Ecker Curaçaos/US bacteriologist, dies at 79
1967 Mischa Auer actor (My Man Godfrey), dies at 61 of a heart attack
1967 Mohammed H Mossadeq premier of Persia (1951-53), dies
1971 Winnie Lightner actress (Gold Dust Gertie, Sit Tight), dies at 71
1972 Nils Bjorkander composer, dies at 78
1973 Rupert Crosse actor (Too Late Blues), dies of cancer at 45
1974 Billy Dewolfe actor (Good Morning World), dies at 67
1974 Solomon I "Sol" Hurok US impresario, dies at 85
1977 Lockrem Johnson composer, dies at 52
1977 Moses Pergament composer, dies at 83
1979 Vicente Ascone composer, dies at 81
1980 Jay Silverheels actor (Tonto-Lone Ranger), dies at 60
1980 Winifred Wagner-William German World Festival organizer, dies at 82
1981 Brenda De Banzie actress (39 Steps, Hobson's Choice), dies at 64
1981 Paul Horbiger actor (3rd Man), dies at 86
1982 John Belushi comedian (Sat Night Live), dies of drug overdose at 33
1984 Harry Salter orchestra leader (Stop the Music), dies at 85
1984 Michael Sklar California, comedian (Laugh-in, Sha Na Na), dies at 39
1984 Tito Gobbi Italian baritone (Scarpia in Tosca), dies at 68
1984 William Powell actor (My Man Godfrey), dies at 91
1986 Teddy Hoad cricketer (West Indian captain 1930), dies
1990 Gary Merrill actor (Time Tunnel, Huckleberry Finn), dies at 75
1990 Gloria Carter Spann President Carter's sister, dies at 63 from cancer
1991 August de Schryver Belgian politician/founder (CVP), dies at 92
1991 Trijntje Jansma-Boskma oldest person in Netherland, dies at 109
1992 Andrew Samuel child actor (Our Gang), dies at 82
1992 Yevgeny Yevstigneev Russian actor (Welcome Kosta), dies at 65
1993 Diana Ochoa dies after long illness at 80
1993 Peter Bierdrager Dutch Fokker's-test pilot, dies in air crash
1994 Abdullah Al-Sallal President of Yemen (1962-67), dies
1994 Joe Daley jazz tenor/clarinet/flute player, dies at 75
1994 Paul Vincze medallist, dies at 86
1995 Ed Flanders actor (Dr Westphal-St Elsewhere), dies
1995 Marguerite Kelsey English painter/sculptor model (Haunting), dies at 86
1995 Peter John Norton naval diplomat/artist, dies at 82
1995 Vivian Stanshall British musician (Magical Mystery Tour), dies at 51
1996 Joshua Compston art impressario, dies at 26
1996 Khundaqar Mushtaq Amhed President of Bangladesh (1975), dies
1996 Nicolas Cotoner y Cotoner Spanish courtier, dies at 90
1996 Whit Bissell actor (Time Tunnel), dies at 86

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