25th March, on this day

1 Origin of Dionysian Incarnation of the Word
31 1st Easter, according to calendar-maker Dionysius Exiguus
421 Friday at 12 Prime Minister: city of Venice founded
708 Constantine begins his reign as Catholic Pope
752 Stephen ends his reign as Catholic Pope (or 26th)
1133 William the Conqueror orders 1st Domesday Survey of England
1199 Richard I is wounded by a crossbow bolt while fighting France which leads to his death on April 6.
1306 Robert the Bruce crowned king of Scotland
1409 Council of Pisa opens
1571 Catholic Italian businessman Roberto Ridolfi leaves Enngeland
1581 Portugese Cortes calls Philip II king of Portugal
1584 Sir Walter Raleigh renews Humphrey Gilbert's patent to explore North America
1598 Cornelis de Houtman's fleet departs for East-Indies
1609 English navigator and explorer Henry Hudson (who gave his name to Hudson Bay in Canada) sets off on his third voyage attempting to find the north-west passage from the Atlantic to Pacific Ocean
1634 Lord Baltimore founded Catholic colony of Maryland
1647 Cape of Good Hope; tour ship Haerlem stranded in Tafel Bay
1655 Christiaan Huygens discovers Titan, (Saturn's largest satellite)
1655 Protestants take control of Maryland at the Battle of the Severn.
1668 1st horse race in America takes place
1669 Mount Etna in Sicily erupts, destroying Nicolosi, killing 20,000
1700 England, France and Netherlands ratify 2nd Extermination treaty
1753 Voltaire leaves the court of Frederik II of Prussia
1774 English Parliament passes Boston Port Bill
1776 Continental Congress authorizes a medal for General George Washington
1802 France, Netherlands, Spain and England signs Peace of Amiens
1807 1st railway passenger service began in England
1807 The Slave Trade Act becomes law, abolishing the slave trade in the British Empire.
1807 George Canning becomes British minister of Foreign affairs
1811 Percy Bysshe Shelley is expelled from the University of Oxford for his publication of the pamphlet The Necessity of Atheism.
1813 1st US flag flown in battle on the Pacific, frigate Essex
1817 Tsar Alexander I recommends formation of Society of Israeli Christians
1821 Greece freedom revolt against anti Ottoman attack
1847 Pope Pius IX encyclical "On aid for Ireland"
1856 A E Burnside patents Burnside carbine
1857 Frederick Laggenheim takes 1st photo of a solar eclipse
1863 1st Army Medal of Honor awarded
1863 Skirmish at Brentwood, TN
1864 Battle of Paducah, KY (Forrest's raid)
1865 Battle of Bluff Spring, FL
1865 Battle of Fort Stedman VA: in front of Petersburg
1865 Battle of Mobile AL (Spanish Fort, Fort Morgan, Fort Blakely)
1865 SS General Lyon at Cape Hatteras catches fire & sinks, killing 400
1876 Glasgow 1st soccer match Scotland-Wales (4-0)
1882 1st demonstration of pancake making (Department store in New York NY)
1894 Coxey's Army of the unemployed sets out from Massillon OH for Washington DC
1895 Italian troops invade Abyssinia (Ethiopia)
1896 Modern Olympics begin in Athens Greece
1900 US Socialist Party is formed at Indianapolis
1901 55 die as Rock Island train derailed near Marshalltown, IA
1902 Irving W Colburn patents sheet glass drawing machine
1905 Rebel battle flags captured during war are returned to South
1910 Chalmers Auto Co. offers a new car to each leagues' batting champion
1911 146 die in a fire at Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in New York NY
1911 L D Swamikannu publishes "Manual of Indian Chronology" in Bombay
1913 Great Dayton Flood
1915 1st submarine disaster; a US F-4 sank off Hawaii, killing 21
1916 Women are allowed to attend a boxing match
1917 The Georgian Orthodox Church restores its autocephaly abolished by Imperial Russia in 1811.
1918 The Belarusian People's Republic was established.
1920 Greek Independence Day
1923 British government grants Trans-Jordan autonomy
1924 Greek parliament selects Admiral Paul Koundouriótis as premier
1925 King George of Greece is deposed and the new rulers proclaim the country a republic. March 25th is now officially the National Day of Greece
1931 Scottsboro Boys (accused of raping a white woman) arrested in Alabama
1935 1st Belgium government of Van Zealand resigns
1937 Italy and Yugoslavia sign no-attack treaty (Pact of Belgrade)
1937 Washington Daily News is 1st US newspaper with perfumed advertising page
1938 1st US bred horse (Battleship) to win Grand National Steeplechase
1939 Billboard Magazine introduces hillbilly (country) music chart
1939 Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli becomes Pope Pius XII.
1941 Kingdom of Yugoslavia joins the Axis powers with the signing of the Tripartite Pact.
1942 700 Jews of Polish Lvov-district reach Belzec Concentration camp
1943 Jimmy Durante and Garry Moore premiere on radio
1944 Germany troop executes 335 residents of Rome
1944 RAF Sergeant Nickolas Alkemade survives a jump from his Lancaster bomber from 18,000 feet without a parachute
1945 US 1st army breaks out bridgehead near Remagen
1945 US 4th Armored division arrives at Hanau and Aschaffenburg
1945 US Northern Tractor Flotilla departs Ulithi to Okinawa
1947 Agreement of Linggadjati ratified in Batavia
1947 Coal mine explosion in Centralia IL, claims 111 lives
1949 SS police chief Rauter request for a pardon, denied
1949 The film Hamlet, starring British actor Laurence Olivier, wins five Oscars - the first British film to win an academy award
1949 The extensive deportation campaign known as March deportation was conducted in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to force collectivisation by way of terror. The Soviet authorities deported more than 92,000 people from Baltics to remote areas of the Soviet Union.
1951 E Purcell and EM Ewen detect 21-cm radiation at Harvard physics lab
1954 RCA manufactures 1st color TV set (12½" screen at $1,000)
1955 East Germany granted full sovereignty by occupying power, USSR
1955 United States Customs seizes copies of Allen Ginsberg's poem "Howl" as obscene.
1957 Six European nations sign the Treaty of Rome to create a mutual trading bloc which becomes known as the Common Market
1958 Sugar Ray Robinson is 1st boxing champion to win 5 times
1958 West German parliament desires German atomic weapons
1959 French President De Gaulle acknowledges Oder-Neisse boundary
1960 1st guided missile launched from nuclear powered sub (Halibut)
1960 DH Lawrence' "Lady Chatterley's Lover" ruled not obscene (New York NY)
1960 Italian government Tambroni forms
1961 Elvis Presley performs live on the USS Arizona
1961 Explorer 10 launched into elongated Earth orbit (177/181,000 km)
1961 Sputnik 10 carries a dog into Earth orbit; later recovered
1962 French OAS-leader ex-General Jouhaud arrested
1964 Britain sets memorial for the late President John F Kennedy
1964 Egypt ends state of siege (1952-64)
1965 Martin Luther King Jr led 25,000 to state capitol in Montgomery, AL
1965 West German Bondsdag extends war crimes retribution
1966 Beatles pose with mutilated dolls and butchered meat for the cover of the "Yesterday and Today" album, It is later pulled
1966 North face of the Eiger is scaled for the first time
1967 The Turtles' "Happy Together" goes number 1
1967 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakhstan/Semipalitinsk USSR
1967 Who and Cream make US debut at Murray the K's Easter Show
1968 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1969 Andes Pact signed in Peru
1969 John and Yoko stage their 1st bed-in for peace (Amsterdam)
1969 Pakistan General Agha Mohammed Jagja Khan succeeds Ayub Chan as President
1970 Concorde makes its 1st supersonic flight (700 MPH/1,127 KPH)
1971 European council accepts Mansholt plan laying off 5 million farmers
1971 Tom Jones' "She's a Lady" goes gold
1972 America's LP "America" goes number 1
1975 Faisal ibn Abd al-Aziz, king of Saudi-Arabia (1964-75), shot by nephew
1976 Argentine military junta bans leftist political parties
1980 In England, Robert Runcie is enthroned as the 102nd Archbishop of Canterbury - the religious leader of the Church of England
1987 Supreme Court rules women/minorities may get jobs if less qualified
1988 The Candle demonstration in Bratislava was the first mass demonstration of the 1980s against the communist regime in Czechoslovakia.
1988 Robin Givens demands full access to husband Mike Tyson's money
1989 For the first time, both the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race crews enter the event with women coxes. The race ends with a win for Oxford
1990 Fire in illegal NYC social club, kills 87
1992 British scientists find new largest perfect number (2 756839 -1 2 756839)
1992 Russian manned space craft TM-14, lands. Cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev returns to Earth after a 10-month stay aboard the Mir space station.
1995 Boxer Mike Tyson released from jail after serving 3 years
1996 The EU's Veterinarian Committee bans the export of British beef and its by-products as a result of mad cow disease (BSE).
2006 The Capitol Hill massacre occurs: a gunman kills six people before taking his own life at a party in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood; it is one of the largest crime scenes the city has ever had.
2006 Protesters demanding a re-election in Belarus following the rigged Belarusian presidential election, 2006 clash with riot police. Opposition leader Aleksander Kozulin was among several protesters arrested.

25th March 2006

Nigeria to give up Charles Taylor

Belarus protests spark clashes

Canada seal cull gets under way

25th March 2007

Seizure unjustified, Iran warned

Earthquakes rock Pacific nations

Belarussian rally ends in clashes

25th March 2008

Iraq forces battle Basra militias

Sarkozy threat to Olympic opening

Battles on Comoros rebel island

25th March 2009

Clinton admits US blame on drugs

Japan's February exports halved

Militants claim Kashmiri attack

25th March 2010

Air strike in Pakistan 'kills 11'

Deal reached over Greece's debts

Pope accused of failing to act on sex abuse case

Birthdates which occurred on 25th March :

1133 Henry II King of England (1154-89)
1252 Konradijn Hohenstaufen [Koenrad van Zwaben], son of Konrad IV
1495 Leonhard Paminger composer
1528 Jacob Andreae German theologist (Schwäbische Konkordie)
1532 Pietro Pontio composer
1594 Maria Tesselschade Roemers Visscher Dutch writer
1653 Joseph Sauveur French physicist/mathematician
1688 Johann Gotthilf Ziegler composer
1699 Johann Adolf Hasse composer
1702 Christian Gottlieb Ziegler composer
1702 Pieter Teyler Van der Hulst Dutch silk merchant (Teyler's Museum)
1713 Jean-Baptiste Canavas composer
1723 Kaat Mussel [Catharina Mulder], Dutch demonstrater
1745 Nicolas Etienne Framery composer
1762 Francesco Giuseppi Pollini composer
1767 Joachim Murat marshal of France/King of Naples (1808-15)
1769 Salvatore Vigano composer
1770 Carl Friedrich Ebers composer
1782 Carolina [Maria A] Bonaparte (countess Lipona), sister of Napoleon)
1784 François-Joseph Fétis Belgian musicology/composer
1786 Giovanni B Amia Italian astronomer/physicist/botanist
1797 John Winebrenner US, clergyman, founded Church of God
1800 Paulin Paris French historian
1808 José de Espronceda y Delgado Spanish revolutionary/poet (Cortes)
1818 Isaac Ingalls Stevens Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1862
1820 Xavier F M G Earl of Merode, Belgian minister to Pope (in Rome)
1823 William Thompson Martin Major General (Confederate Army), died in 1910
1830 Julius Caesar cricketer (prominent batsman for Surrey)
1839 William Bell Wait US, educated the blind
1867 Arturo Toscanini Parma Italy, temperamental conductor
1867 Gutzon Borglum sculptor (Mount Rushmore)
1868 Bill Lockwood cricketer (England all-rounder in 12 Tests 1893-1902)
1869 Gustaaf Schamelhout Flemish physician/writer
1871 John Gutzon Borglum sculptor (Mount Rushmore)
1872 Vito Pardo Italian sculptor (Columbus monument in Argentina)
1873 Rudolf Rocker German/US anarchist
1875 Spencer Charters Duncannon PA, actor (3 Faces West)
1877 Alphonse de Châteaubriant French writer (Instantanés aux Pays-Bas)
1878 Henry graaf de Baillet-Latour Belgian President of IOC (1925-42)
1878 Theodore Samuel Holland composer
1879 Otakar Zich composer
1881 Béla Bartók Hungary, composer/pianist (Concerto for Orchestra)
1881 Louis Dosfel Flemish lawyer/writer (Assault!)
1882 Haydn Wood composer
1885 Veit Valentin German/US historian (Deutsche Revolution)
1887 Josef Capek Czechoslovakian painter/author/critic (Kulhavy Poutník)
1890 Marten Baersma [MH Bottema], Friesan author (De ljochte kimen)
1892 Andy Clyde Scotland, actor (George-Real McCoys, Cully-Lassie)
1893 Edward Hart (Representative-Democrat-NJ)/1st chairman of Committee on Un-American Activities
1894 Erik William Gustav Leidzen composer
1897 John Laurie Dumfries Scotland, actor (Jericho, Island of Desire)
1899 Bella Spewack Hungary, playwright (Kiss Me Kate)
1899 Jacques Audiberti French poet (Race of Men)
1901 Ed Begley Hartford CT, actor (Mr Koppel-Leave it to Larry)
1902 Sten Broman composer
1903 Frankie Carle Providence RI, orchestra leader (Golden Touch)
1905 Binnie Barnes London, actress (Last of the Mohicans, 3 Musketeers)
1906 Alan J P Taylor British historian (English history 1914-1915)
1906 Howard Pyle (Governor-Republican-AZ, 1951-55)
1906 Jean Sablon crooner
1908 Dame Bridget D'Oyly Carte British theater & hotel director
1908 David Lean Croydon England, director (Dr Zhivago, Ryan's Daughter)
1908 Helmut Käutner Düsseldorf Germany, director (Der Hauptmann von Köpenick)
1909 Dutch (Emil) Leonard baseball pitcher (Boston Red Sox, 1.01 ERA 1914)
1909 Jay Blackton New York NY, conductor/arranger (Guys & Dolls)
1910 Mario Peragallo Italian composer
1911 Willy Anthoons Flemish sculptor (Mystic verheffing)
1914 Marthe Robert essayist/translator
1914 Norman E Borlaug US agriculture scientist (Nobel 1970)
1916 Nikolay Ivanovich Peyko composer
1919 Jeanne Cagney actress (Lion is in the Streets, Quicksand)
1920 Patrick Troughton actor (Doctor Who)
1921 Nancy Kelly Lowell MA, actress (Double Exposure, Jesse James)
1921 Simone Signoret Wiesbaden Germany, actress (Casque d'Or, Room at the Top)
1922 Bruno VeSota Chicago IL, actor/director (Chopper, Teenage Doll, Wild Rovers)
1922 Eileen Ford modeling agency head (Ford Modeling Agency)
1923 Lee Hale Tacoma WA, choral director (The Entertainers)
1923 Wim Van Est [Locomotief/Pletmolen], Dutch cyclist
1924 Julia A Perry Lexington KY, US composer (Cask of Amontillado, Selfish Giant)
1924 Machiko Kyo Osaka Japan, actor (Gate of Hell, Rashomon, Ugetsu)
1925 Flannery O'Connor Georgia, novelist (A Good Man Is Hard to Find)
1926 Hans Rausing Swedish/British industrial/billionaire (Tetra Pak)
1926 Laszlo Papp Hungary, Olympics Boxer (Gold-1948, 1952, 1956)
1927 Leslie Claudius India, field hockey (Olympics-gold-1948, 52, 56)
1928 James A Lovell Jr Cleveland OH, USN/astronaut (Gemini 7, 12, Apollo 8, 13)
1929 Harris W Fawell (Representative-Republican-IL, 1985- )
1929 Kenneth Haigh Yorkshire England, actor (Search for the Nile)
1930 David Russell Burge composer
1931 Bohumil Golián Czechoslovakia, volleyball player (Olympics-bronze-1968)
1932 Wes Santee miler
1932 Woody (Woodson) Held baseball player
1934 Gloria Steinem Toledo OH, feminist/publisher (Ms Magazine)
1934 Johnny Burnette Memphis, guitarist (Trains Kept A-Rollin, You're 16)
1935 Susan Engel Vienna Austria, actress (Ascendancy)
1936 Lawrence Bernard "Larry" Gales bassist
1938 Hoyt Axton Duncan OK, actor (Black Stallion, Junkman, Rousters)
1939 Toni Cade Bambara director
1940 Anita Bryant Barnsdall OK, Miss Oklahoma-America (1958)/singer (George Gobel Show)/homophobe
1942 Aretha Franklin Memphis TN, Soul Sister #1/singer (Respect)
1942 Jacqueline Lichtenberg US, sci-fi author (Star Trek Lives!, Dreamspy)
1942 Paul Michael Glaser Cambridge MA, actor (Starsky-Starsky & Hutch)
1943 Pavel Lednev USSR, pentathlete (Olympics-gold-1980)
1943 Ronald Jeffers composer
1944 Frank Oz muppetteer (Grover-Sesame Street, Muppet Show)
1944 Ross Duncan cricketer (one Test Australia vs England 1971, 0-30)
1944 Terry L Bruce (Representative-Democrat-IL, 1985- )
1946 Bonnie Bedelia [Culkin] New York NY, actress (Die Hard, Heart Like a Wheel, New Land)
1947 Claudine Schneider (Representative-Republican-RI, 1981- )
1947 Elton John [Reginald Kenneth Dwight] Pinner Middlesex England, singer (Rocketman, Your Song, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road)
1948 Kelly Garrett actress/singer (Holdin)
1948 Michael Stanley Cleveland OH, rocker (Michael Stanley Band)
1948 Richard Lundy horse trainer
1949 Jean Potvin NHLer
1949 Neil Jones musician (Bend Me Shape Me)
1949 Nick Lowe Woodchurch Suffolk England, rocker (Rockpile-Cruel to be Kind)
1951 Bob Pelander rock keyboardist/vocalist (Michael Stanley Band)
1951 Maisie Williams Montserrat, rock vocalist (Boney M)
1952 Ken Boyd basketball
1953 Haroon Rashid cricketer (Pakistani & WSC batsman late 70's)
1953 Mary Gross Chicago IL, actress/comedian (Saturday Night Live, Club Paradise, Feds)
1956 Sonia M Lannaman England, 4X100 meter relayer (Olympics-bronze-1980)
1958 James McDaniel Washington DC, actor (Arthur Fancy-NYPD Blue)
1958 María Caridad Colón Cuba, javelin thrower, (Olympics-gold-1980)
1958 Yograj Singh cricketer (Indian pace bowler early 80's)
1959 Vince Guerra jockey
1960 Haywood Nelson New York NY, actor (Haywood-Grady, Dwayne-What's Happening)
1960 Robert Green Omaha NE, tennis star
1960 Steve Norman London England, rock saxophone player (Spandau Ballet-True)
1961 John Stockwell Galveston TX, actor (Born to Ride, City Limits)
1961 Mark David Brooks Fort Worth TX, PGA golfer (1994 Kemper Open)
1964 Alex Solls jockey
1964 Eric Woods California, Canadian Tour golfer (1993 Xerox British Columbia Open)
1964 Ken Wregget Brandon Manitoba Canada, NHL goalie (Pittsburgh Penguins)
1965 Avery Johnson NBA guard (San Antonio Spurs)
1965 Sarah Jessica Parker Nelsonville OH, actress (Square Pegs, LA Story)
1965 Sean "Hollywood" Hamilton DJ (Hangin' With Hollywood, Z-100)
1966 David Hohl Winnipeg Manitoba, freestyle wrestler (Olympics-9-92, 96)
1966 Jeff Cross NFL defensive end (Miami Dolphins)
1966 Jeff Healey Canada, blind pop guitarist (See the Light)
1966 Tom Glavine Concord MA, pitcher (Atlanta Braves, Cy Young 1991)
1967 Debi Thomas US, figure skater (Olympics-bronze-1988)
1967 Takayuki Miura hockey defenseman (Team Japan 1998)
1968 Dixon Edwards NFL linebacker (Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings)
1968 Errol Martin CFL linebacker (Edmonton Eskimos)
1968 Peter Blackburn Australia, badminton player (Olympics-96)
1969 Dale Davis NBA forward (Indiana Pacers)
1969 Dan Wilson Arlington Height IL, catcher (Seattle Mariners)
1969 Guy Newman Australian water polo goalie (Olympics-96)
1969 Scott Sanders Hannibal MO, pitcher (San Diego Padres)
1970 Magnus Larsson Sweden, tennis star
1970 Shawn Antoski Brantford, NHL left wing (Philadelphia Flyers)
1971 Aashish Kapoor cricketer (Indian off-spin batsman 1994- )
1971 AndrÄ Bolduc CFL slot back (Edmonton Eskimos)
1971 Cammi Granato ice hockey forward (USA, Olympics-98)
1971 Perry Klein NFL quarterback (Atlanta Falcons)
1971 Sheryl Swoopes Lubbock TX, WNBA forward (Houston Comets, Olympics-gold-96)
1972 Demet Edwards WLAF defensive tackle (Barcelona Dragons)
1972 Howard Battle Biloxi MS, infielder (Philadelphia Phillies)
1972 Lawrence Moten NBA guard (Vancouver Grizzlies)
1973 Andrei Nikolishin Vorkuta Russia, NHL center (Hartford Whalers)
1973 Bob Sura NBA guard (Cleveland Cavaliers)
1973 Ray Zellars NFL fullback (New Orleans Saints)
1974 Mike Adams wide receiver (Pittsburgh Steelers)
1974 Vyninka Arlow Australia, diver (Olympics-96)
1975 Miguel Mejia San Pedro de Macoris, outfielder (St Louis Cardinals)
1976 Monica Croscicka-Wnetrzak Miss Poland-Universe (1996)
1989 Chicken Kentucky 1st partial birth in space (chicken)
2184 Pavel Andreivich Chekov Leningrad, USSR (Star Trek-character)


Deaths which occurred on March 25th:
1223 Afonso II 3rd King of Portugal (1211-23), dies at 36
1458 Inigo López de Mendoza Spanish marquis of Santillana/poet, dies
1510 Georges d'amboise French archbishop of Narbonne/Rouen, dies at 49
1609 Johan Willem duke of Jülich/Cleef/Mark/Mountain/Ravensberg, dies
1692 Gerardus L Blasius Flemish anatomist, dies at about 66
1697 Hendrik Casimir II King of Nassau-Dietzstadhouder, dies
1751 Frederik of Hessen Kassel King of Sweden (1720-51), dies at 74
1766 Johannes Ritschel composer, dies at 26
1799 Constantin Reindl composer, dies at 60
1801 Anthony Ziesenis architect/sculptor (Camper), dies at 69
1801 Novalis writer, dies at 28
1823 Coelestin Jungbauer composer, dies at 75
1825 Rutger Jan Schimmelpenninck Dutch patriot/earl, dies at 63
1835 Friederike Blum writer, dies
1852 Alexis Garaude composer, dies at 73
1880 Joseph Rummel composer, dies at 61
1880 Ludmilla Assing writer, dies
1909 Ruperto Chapi y Lorente composer, dies at 57
1910 Kálmán Mikszáth Hungarian author (Szent Péter Esernyöje), dies at 63
1914 Frédéric Mistral French poet (Nobel-1904), dies
1918 Claude A Debussy French composer (Iberia/La mer), dies in Paris France at 55
1924 John Reedman cricketer (Test for Australia 1894, 17 & 4, 1 for 24), dies
1937 John Drinkwater English poet/playwright (Bird in Hand), dies at 54
1940 Ion Nonna Otescu composer, dies at 51
1948 Warren Hymer actor (Show Them No Mercy), dies at 42
1949 Hanns A Rauter German SS-commandant in Netherlands, executed at 54
1951 Edward Collins Hall of Fame infielder (White Sox, A's), dies at 63
1954 Gertrud Bäumer writer, dies
1956 George Luther Foote composer, dies at 70
1956 Robert Newton actor (Henry V, Odd Man Out), dies at 50
1957 Fud Livingston composer, dies at 50
1958 Emerson Whithorne composer, dies at 73
1959 Billy Mayerl composer, dies at 56
1962 Auguste Piccard Swiss explorer/balloonist, dies at 78
1963 David Moore US feather weight boxer, dies at 29
1965 Giorgio Federico Ghedini composer, dies at 72
1965 Viola Gregg Liuzzo US civil rights activist, murdered
1966 Colin Campbell actor (Leather Boys), dies at 83
1968 Douglas Evans actor (South Pacific Trail), dies in Hollywood
1969 Alan Mowbray actor (Dante, Colonel Flack), dies at 72
1969 Max F Eastman US critic/essayist (Love & Revolution), dies at 86
1969 Norman Gallichan cricketer (one Test for New Zealand, 30 & 2, 3-113), dies
1973 Edward Steichen pioneer of American photography, dies at 92
1974 Otto Waldis actor (Unknown World, Whip Hand), dies at 72
1975 King Faisal of Saudi Arabia shot to death by his nephew
1978 Jack Hulbert actor (Bulldog Jack), dies at 85
1979 ... Sykes British ambassador in The Hague, murdered
1979 Anton Heiller composer, dies at 55
1983 Martha Sleeper actress (Spitfire), dies of a heart attack at 72
1987 Henry R LaBouisse headed UNICEF (1965-79), dies at 83
1991 Eileen Joyce pianist, dies at 78
1991 Lee Donn pianist, dies of stroke at 96
1992 Nancy Walker actress (Ida Morgenstern-Rhoda), dies of cancer at 69
1992 Noémie Perugia French mezzo soprano, dies
1994 David Miles Bensuan-Butt Economist , dies at 79
1994 Michel R Vassallucci French/Netherlands publisher (Arena), dies at 32
1995 James Gardner designer, dies at 87
1995 Peter Herbert Penwarden priest, dies at 73
1995 Warren E Burger chief justice of US (1969-86), dies
1996 John Derrick Mordaunt Snagge news commentator (BBC), dies at 91
1997 Roberto Sanchez Vilella Governor of Puerto Rico in (1965-69), dies

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