20th March, on this day

141 6th predicted perihelion passage of Halley's Comet
1345 Saturn/Jupiter/Mars-conjunction; thought "cause of plague epidemic"
1525 Paris' parliament begins pursuit of Protestants
1569 Duke van Alva leads "tenth penning" in Ponts the Cé
1598 French king Henri IV and duke van Mercour sign treaty
1600 The Linköping Bloodbath takes place on Maundy Thursday in Linköping, Sweden.
1602 The Dutch East India Company is established.
1616 Walter Raleigh released from Tower of London after 13 years of imprisonment and seeks gold in Guyana
1627 France and Spain signs accord for fighting protestantism
1697 Willem de Vlamingh returns to Batavia after exploring "South Land"
1739 Nadir Shah occupies Delhi in India and sacks the city, stealing the jewels of the Peacock Throne.
1760 Great Fire of Boston destroys 349 buildings
1800 French army defeats Turks at Helipolis Turkey, and advance to Cairo
1806 Laying of the foundation stone of Britain's high security prison on Dartmoor in Devon
1814 Prince Willem Frederik becomes monarch of Netherlands
1815 Napoleon enters Paris after escape from Elba, begins 100-day rule
1819 Opening of the famous and exclusive Burlington Arcade (shopping precinct) in London
1833 US and Siam conclude commercial treaty
1848 Revolutions of 1848 in the German states: King Ludwig I of Bavaria abdicates
1848 King Louis I of Bayern abdicates to marry dancer Lola Montez
1852 Publishing of Harriet Beecher-Stowe's anti-slavery novel 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'. The book sells more than a million copies in its first year
1863 Battle of Vaught's Hill
1865 2nd day of Battle of Bentonville NC
1868 Jesse James Gang robs bank in Russelville, KY of $14,000
1883 Unity treaty of Paris signed; protects industrial property
1885 John Matzeliger of Suriname patents shoe lacing machine
1886 1st AC power plant in US begins commercial operation, Massachusetts
1890 German emperor Wilhelm II fires republic chancellor Otto Von Bismarck
1896 Marines land in Nicaragua to protect US citizens
1896 Uprising in Matabeleland
1897 France signs treaty with emperor Menelik II of Abyssinia
1899 At Sing Sing prison, Martha M. Place is sentenced to become the first woman executed in an electric chair
1913 Sung Chiao-jen, a founder of the Chinese Nationalist Party (Kuomintang), is wounded in an assassination attempt and dies 2 days later.
1914 In New Haven, Connecticut, the first international figure skating championship takes place.
1916 Albert Einstein publishes his general theory of relativity.
1916 Allies attack Zeebrugge, Belgium
1920 1st flight from London to South Africa lands (1½ months)
1922 USS Langley is commissioned, Navy's 1st aircraft Carrier
1923 Bavarian minister of Interior refuses to forbid Nazi SA
1924 Finnair begins scheduled flight of Helsinki-Tallinn
1930 Clessie Cummins sets diesel engine speed record of 129.39 kph
1931 Bishop Schreiber warns against national-socialism in Berlin
1932 Kara-Kalpak Autonomous Region in RSFSR becomes Kara-Kalpak ASSR
1933 Dachau, 1st concentration camp, completed
1933 Giuseppe Zangara is executed in Florida's electric chair for fatally shooting Anton Cermak in an assassination attempt against Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
1934 Great Hakodate fire, 4,170 square kilometers has lost, caused fire. Japanese authority estimated 2,165 killed, injured 9,485, 145,500 homeless. The great urban fire has worst disaster, except air bomb, earthquake fire in Japanese history.
1934 Test of practical radar apparatus made by Rudolf Kuhnold in Kiel Germany
1937 Franco-offensive at Guadalajara Spain
1939 7,000 Jews flee German occupied Memel Lithuania
1940 Paul Reynoud becomes French premier
1941 Nazi-German/Yugoslav pact drawn
1942 Convoy PQ13 departs Reykjavik Iceland to Russia
1942 General MacArthur vows, "I shall return"
1942 Major German assault on Malta
1943 British offensive against Mareth-line
1944 Bus falls off bridge into Passaic River, NJ, killing 16
1944 Mount Vesuvius, Italy explodes
1945 US 70th Infantry division/7th Armour division attack Saar
1946 Belgian government of Spaak, resigns
1947 180-metric ton blue whale (record) caught in South Atlantic
1951 Indonesian army offensive against Darul Islam on Java
1952 US Senate's final ratification of peace treaty restoring sovereignty to Japan
1954 1st newspaper vending machine used (Columbia Pennsylvania)
1956 E Ochab succeeds Beirut as 1st Secretary of Polish CP
1956 Mount Bezymianny on Kamchatka Peninsula (USSR) explodes
1956 Tunisia gains independence from France
1956 Union workers ended a 156-day strike at Westinghouse Electric Corp
1956 USSR performs nuclear test
1957 Britain accepts NATO offer to mediate in Cyprus, but Greece rejects it
1958 Greek Clandestine Burasi Bizim Radio (communist), Voice of Truth 1st transmission
1962 Sjoukje Dijkstra becomes world champion figure skater
1963 1st "Pop Art" exhibition (New York NY)
1963 Sikkim crown prince Paldan Thondup Namgyal marries Hope Cooke
1964 ESRO established, European Space Research Organization
1964 British group 'The Beatles' release 'Can't Buy Me Love' which immediately goes to the top of the British charts
1968 Military intervene in South-Yemen (leftist ministers resign)
1968 President Lyndon Johnson signs a bill removing gold backing from US paper money
1969 Abebe Bikila's auto-accident, near Addis Ababa
1969 Beatle John Lennon marries Yoko Ono in Gibraltar
1969 US President Nixon proclaims he will end Vietnam war in 1970
1972 19 mountain climbers killed on Japan's Mount Fuji during an avalanche
1974 In England, Princess Anne survives a kidnap attempt when shots are fired at her car while driving along The Mall in London
1976 Patricia Hearst convicted of armed robbery
1977 Parisians elect former Prime Minister Jacques Chirac as 1st mayor in a century
1977 Premier Indira Gandhi loses election in India
1979 Columbia flies on Shuttle carrier aircraft to Kennedy Space Center
1980 The Mi Amigo ship containing England's pirate Radio Caroline sinks
1980 US appeals to International Court on hostages in Iran
1981 Argentine ex-President Isabel Perón sentenced to 8 years
1981 Jean Harris sentenced 15-to-life for slaying of Scarsdale Diet Doctor
1981 Britain re-introduces the £50 note (it had been withdrawn in 1943).
1982 France performs nuclear test
1982 Reverend A Treurnicht forms Conservative Party of South Africa
1986 228 KPH gust of wind strikes Cairngorm (UK record)
1986 Jacques Chirac become Prime Minister of French government
1987 Food and Drug Administration approves sale of AZT (AIDS treatment)
1987 NASA launches Palapa B2P
1988 Eritrean War of Independence: Having defeated the Nadew Command, the Eritrean People's Liberation Front enters the town of Afabet, victoriously concluding the Battle of Afabet.
1990 Singer Gloria Estefan breaks her collarbone in a bus accident
1990 Ferdinand Marcos's widow, Imelda Marcos, goes on trial for bribery, embezzlement, and racketeering.
1991 Court awards Peggy Lee $3 million in contract violation suit against Disney
1991 Michael Jackson signs $65M six album deal with Sony records
1991 Supreme Court rules unanimously employers can't exclude women from jobs where exposure to toxic chemicals could potentially damage fetus
1991 US forgives $2 billion in loans to Poland
1992 Janice Pennington is awarded $1.3M for accident on Price is Right set
1992 Noriega's wife Felicidad arrested for stealing buttons from dresses
1993 IRA-bomb kills 3 year old in Warrington, England
1993 Morton Downey Jr weds Lori Krebs
1994 El Salvador's 1st Presidential election following 12-year-old civil war
1994 Zulu-king Goodwill Zwelithini founds realm in South Africa
1995 Beatles song, "Free As A Bird", with late John Lennon as lead singer, is released, 1st Fab Four single since their 1970 breakup
1995 Poison Gas released in Tokyo subway 12 killed, 4,700 injured
1996 Erik and Lyle Menendez found guilty of killing their parents
1996 British Government admits there is a possible link between 10 human deaths and the mad cow disease, BSE
1997 Liggett admits cigarettes are addictive
1999 Legoland California opens in Carlsbad, California.
2003 The US and her allies launch an invasion of Iraq in order to topple the regime of dictator Saddam Hussein
2005 A magnitude 6.6 earthquake hits Fukuoka, Japan, its first major quake in over 100 years. One person is killed, hundreds are injured and evacuated.
2006 Cyclone Larry makes landfall in eastern Australia, destroying most of the country's banana crop.
2006 Over 150 Chadian soldiers are killed in eastern Chad by members of the rebel UFDC. The rebel movement sought to overthrow Chadian president Idriss Deby

20th March 2006

Belarus ballot 'severely flawed'

Violence marks Iraq anniversary

Wal-Mart to hire 150,000 Chinese

20th March 2007

World 'ignoring Iraqi refugees'

Rival militants clash in Pakistan

Grand Canyon glass bridge to open

20th March 2008

Police 'shot at Tibet protesters'

Kyrgyzstan rocked by HIV scandal

Iraq leader sombre on anniversary

20th March 2009

US-Afghan units 'kill 33 Taleban'

Pakistan rocket attack 'kills 10'

Renault jobs row rocks EU summit

20th March 2010

Pope apologises for Irish priests' sex abuse

Somali Islamist commander killed

Russians stage anti-Putin rallies

Birthdates which occurred on 20th March :

1634 Balthasar Bekker Frisian theologist (Examiner of Comets)
1680 Baron Emanuele d' Astorga Italian composer (Stabat mater)
1725 Abdül-Hamid I 27th sultan of Turkey (1774-89)
1728 Franciscus L Kersteman Dutch lawyer/astrologist
1739 Eligio Celestino composer
1750 Martinus van Marum Dutch chemist/physicist (Homo Diluvii Testus)
1770 Johann Friedrich Hölderlin Tübingen Germany, lyric poet (Der Rhein, Andenken)
1774 John Braham composer
1804 Neal Dow Brigadier General (Union volunteers), died in 1897
1811 George Caleb Bingham US, politician/painter (Country Election)
1811 Napoleon Bonaparte II Napoleon's son/King of Rome
1812 George Bibb Crittenden Major General (Confederate Army), died in 1880
1813 Matthias Keller Ulm Germany, hymn writer (O Farther un High)
1820 Alexander J Cuza monarch of Moldavia/Wallachia/Romania
1823 John Echols Brigadier General (Confederate Army), died in 1896
1825 William Nelson Rector Beall Brigadier General (Confederate Army)
1826 Carel Vosmaer Dutch art historian/poet/editor
1828 Henrik Ibsen Norway, dramatist (Peer Gynt, Hedda Gabler)
1829 Charles Albert White composer
1830 Eugene Asa Carr Brevet Major General (Union Army), died in 1910
1833 Henry Southwick Perkins composer
1834 Charles William Elliot Boston MA, President of Harvard (1869-1909)
1846 Auguste Bender writer
1853 George Godfrey Chelsea MA, heavyweight boxer (Old Chocolate)
1856 Frederick Winslow Taylor father of scientific management
1863 Ernesto Nazareth composer
1868 Obe Postma Frisian poet/geography/historian (Frisian Clay Farm)
1870 Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck Prussian General/politician (East Africa)
1872 Bernhard Seklas composer
1872 Karin Michaelis writer
1882 René Coty Le Havre France, President of France (1953-58)
1883 Colin Campbell Falkirk Scot, actress (High Bright Sun, Leather Boys)
1883 Karl Hasse composer
1885 Eugen Herrigel Germany, philosopher/early pioneer of Zen in Europe
1885 Hendrik A de Fish [Henri Pauwels], Flemish philological/sociologist
1888 S V Vegesack writer
1890 Lauritz Melchior Copenhagen Denmark, baritone tenor (National Symphony)
1896 Hal Walker Ottumwa IA, director (I Married Joan)
19-- Big Bird muppet (Sesame Street)
1902 Edgar Buchanan Humansville MO, actor (Uncle Joe-Petticoat Junction)
1902 Kathryn Forbes short story writer (Mama's Bank Account)
1903 Vincent Richards hall of fame tennis pro (elected 1961)
1904 B(urrhus) F(rederic) Skinner Susquehanna PA, Behaviorism pioneer (Skinner box)
1906 Abraham Beame (Mayor-Democrat-NYC), NYC's 1st Jewish mayor
1906 Ozzie Nelson Jersey City NJ, actor (Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet)
1906 Pavel P Parenago Russian astronomer
1908 Frank Stanton Muskegon MI, broadcasting executive (CBS)
1908 Philip "Felix" Bekkers actor (Czardasvorstin)
1908 Sir Michael Redgrave Bristol England, actor (Browning Version, The Lady Vanishes)
1911 Mieke Verstraete Belgian/Dutch actress (Pleasantly Settled)
1913 Judith Evelyn Seneca SD, actress (13th Letter, Tingler, Rear Window)
1914 Sviatosiav Richter Zhitomir Ukraine, pianist (Stalin Prize-1945)
1914 Wendell Corey Dracut MA, actor (11th Hour, Peck's Bad Girl)
1914 William Baddeley rector (St James' Piccadilly)
1915 Dr Rudolf Kirchschläger President of Austria (1974-86)
1916 Pierre Messmer Prime Minister (France)
1917 Dame Vera Lynn singer (Anniversary Waltz)
1917 Dolf Verspoor literary/interpreter (M Nijhoff Prize 1958)
1917 Kalervo H Hortamo Finnish poet (Sydänmaa)
1917 Peter Caddy founder (Findhorn Community)
1918 Bernd-Alois Zimmermann German composer (Soldiers)
1918 Jack Barry Lindenhurst NY, game show emcee (Joker's Wild)
1920 Bryan Genesse actor (Bold & Beautiful)
1920 Douglas G Chapman biomathematical statistician
1920 Marian McPartland jazz pianist (Bill Mayer, Jimmy McPartland)
1920 Werner Klemperer Cologne Germany, actor (Colonel Klink-Hogan's Heroes)
1921 Amadou-Mahtar M'Bow Senegal, director general of UNESCO
1921 Primoz Ramovs composer
1922 Carl Reiner Bronx NY, comedian/actor (2000 Year Old Man, Dick Van Dyke Show)
1922 Doug Barnard Jr (Representative-Democrat-GA, 1977- )
1922 Jack Kruschen Winnipeg Canada, actor (Papa-Webster, Busting Loose)
1922 Larry Elgart New Haven CT, bandleader/alto sax (Elgart Orchestra)
1922 Ray Goulding Lowell MA, comedian (Bob & Ray)
1922 Sir Arnold Burgen college president (Academia Europaea)
1923 Marc Saporta French writer/essayist (Le Grand Défi)
1925 James Pickles judge
1925 John D Erlichman Politician (Nixon aide, Watergate conspirator)
1927 John Pierre Herman Joubert composer (Chamber Music for brass quintet)
1928 Anthony Blond British publisher (The Publishing Game, Book Book)
1928 Christopher Benstead race horse trainer
1928 Hans Küng Swiss religious theologist
1928 Jerome Cousins Biffle Denver CO, long jumper (Olympics-gold-1952)
1928 Mr [Fred McFeely] Rogers Latrobe PA, children's television host (Mr Roger's Neighborhood)
1930 Michel Magne composer
1931 Antonio Tauriello composer
1931 Dr John Rae British educator (Conscience & Politics)
1931 Hal Linden [Harold Lipshitz] Bronx NY, actor (Barney Miller, Blacke's Magic, Rothchild)
1931 Sir David Montgomery chairman (British Forestry Commission)
1932 Tod Dockstader composer
1933 David James Moore educationalist
1933 Jacquez Guyonnet composer
1934 Eric Hebborn artist/faker
1934 Marion Conti arch bishop (Aberdeen England)
1935 Ted Bessell Flushing Queens NY, actor (Don-That Girl, Frankie-Gomer Pyle)
1936 Lord Mark Saville of Newdigate British high court judge
1937 Elizabeth Gille writer translator/editor
1937 Helmut Recknagel Germany, 90 meter ski jump (Olympics-gold-1960)
1937 Jerry Reed Atlanta GA, singer/actor ('Gator, Bat 21, Smokey & the Bandit)
1937 Joe Rivers rocker (Johnnie & Joe)
1937 Mark Saville QC, British high court judge
1938 Frans J van der Heijden Dutch journal/Dutch MP (CDA)
1939 Brian Mulroney (P-C) 18th Prime Minister of Canada (1984-93)
1939 Earl of Seafield [Ginger] English large landowner
1940 Mickey Preger horse trainer
1941 Carlos Lopez jockey
1945 Larry Combest (Representative-Republican-TX, 1985- )
1945 Pat Riley Schenectady NY, NBA star/coach (San Diego Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks, Miami Heat)
1945 Tim Yeo British MP/Under-Secretary (State of Environment)
1946 Ranger Doug [Douglas Green], Illinois, singer (Riders in Sky-Cowboy Way)
1947 Carl Palmer drummer (Asia-Heat of the Moment, Emerson Lake & Palmer)
1947 John Eastburn Boswell medievalist
1948 Bobby Orr Parry Sound Ontario, Hall of Fame NHL defenseman (Boston Bruins)
1948 John de Lancie actor (Q-Star Trek Next Generation, Eugene Bradford-Days of our Lives)
1948 Pamela Sargent US, sci-fi author (Venus of Dreams, Cloned Lives)
1949 Chip Zien Milwaukee WI, actor (Love Sidney, Reggie)
1950 William Hurt Washington DC, actor (Big Chill, Children of a Lesser God)
1951 Guy Perry rock guitarist/vocalist (Motels-Only the Lonely)
1951 Jimmie Vaughan guitarist (Fabulous Thunderbirds)
1951 John Wetton rocker (Asia, UK, King Crimson)
1951 Madan Lal Britishcricketer (Indian medium pacer in the 70's)
1951 Tanya Boyd Detroit MI, actress (Celeste-Days of our Life)
1952 Anand Armitraj India, tennis player (Brother of ViJay)
1954 Charlie Simmer Ontario, NHL Left winger (Los Angeles Kings)
1954 Jim Seales Hamilton AL, singer (Shenandoah-Sunday in the South)
1956 Phillip Oppenhein British MP
1957 Spike Lee Atlanta GA, director (Mo Better Blues, Jungle Fever, Malcolm X)
1957 Theresa Russell [Paup] San Diego CA, actress (Black Widow, Straight Time, Razor's Edge)
1958 Holly Hunter Conyers GA, actress (The Piano, Broadcast News, Roe vs Wade)
1958 Rickey Jackson NFL defensive end (San Francisco 49ers)
1959 Dale Reid Ladybank Scotland, LPGA golfer (European Solheim Cup team)
1959 Richard Drummie rocker (Go West-Call Me, Don't Look Down)
1961 John Clark Gable Los Angeles CA, actor (Bad Jim)
1961 Kathy Guadagnino Albany NY, LPGA golfer (1985 US Women's Open)
1961 Slim Jim Phantom [Jim Mcdonnell] rock drummer (Stray Cats-Stray Cat Strut)
1963 Paul Annacone Southampton NY, tennis star
1963 Paul Mirkovich rock keyboardist (Nelson-Love & Affection)
1963 Ramon Andersson Middle Swan Australia, canoeist (Olympics-bronze-92, 96)
1964 Ruth Davidon Baltimore MD, rower (Olympics-6th-96)
1965 Chris Hoiles Bowling Green OH, catcher (Baltimore Orioles)
1965 Danielle Woodward Melbourne Victoria Australia, canoeist (Olympics-96)
1966 Blas Minor Merced CA, pitcher (Seattle Mariners)
1966 Giulio Caravatta CFL quarterback (British Columbia Lions)
1967 Bryan Genesse actor, (Rocco-Bold & Beautiful, Grady-Street Justice)
1967 Dana Rinehart Dalton Orlando FL, Miss Florida-America (1990)
1967 Mookie Blaylock NBA guard (Atlanta Hawks)
1967 Randy Gullatt horse trainer
1968 Eric Viscaal Dutch soccer star (PSV/AA Gent)
1968 Jurgen Rumrich Miesbach Germany, hockey forward (Team Germany 1998)
1968 Sheree Megan Higgins Matamata New Zealand, golfer (1991 Bridgestone)
1969 Caroline Brunet Québec City Québec Canada, kayaker (Olympics-silver-96)
1969 Konstantine Starikovitch Podolsk Russia, 238lbs US weightlifter (Olympics-96)
1969 Paul Atkinson jockey
1969 Sharon Manning WNBA center/forward (Charlotte Sting)
1969 Thang Thanh Nguyen Soc Trang Vietnam, murderer (FBI Most Wanted)
1970 Kristin Klein Santa Monica CA, volleyball outside hitter (Olympics-96)
1970 Ralph Dawkins NFL running back (New Orleans Saints)
1970 Ron George NFL linebacker (Atlanta Falcons)
1970 Todd Burger NFL guard (Chicago Bears)
1971 Janis Kelly Winnipeg Manitoba, volleyball player (Olympics-96)
1971 Manny Alexander Dominican Republic, infielder (Baltimore Orioles)
1972 Ajah Wilson-Ogechukwu soccer player (Roda JC)
1973 Jane March Edgeware England, actress (Lover)
1973 Nico Boje cricketer (South African ODI left-arm spinner 1996)
1973 Norman Tome Australian soccer striker (Olyroos, Olympics-96)
1974 P J Bogart New York NY, diver (Olympics-96)
1975 Brian Buetsch Rockford IL, figure skater (1997 Great Lakes Sr champion)
1976 Arno Knapen Dutch soccer player (Holten, FC Twente)


Deaths which occurred on March 20th:
0842 Alfonso II the Chaste king of Asturia (791-842), dies
1191 Clement III [Paolo Scolari], Pope (1187-91, 3rd crusades), dies
1351 Mohammed ibn-Tughluq sultan of Delhi India, dies
1393 Johannes Nepomucenus [Jan Nepomucky], Czechoslovakian saint, killed
1415 Henry IV Bolingbroke King of England (1399-1413), dies at 45
1501 Jean Carondelet lawyer/chancellor of Burgundy (1480-96), dies at 72
1531 Sicke Freerks/Frericx [Cutter], Dutch anabaptist, beheaded
1549 Thomas Seymour of Sudely English Lord Admiral, beheaded
1568 Albrecht von Hohenzollern 1st duke of Prussia, dies at 77
1617 Franciscus Aguilon physicist/theologist/mathematician, dies at 50
1619 Matthias II Holy Roman Catholic emperor (1611-19), dies
1646 Matthew Vossius historian (Annales Holland Zelandiaeque), dies at 35
1703 Johann Kunckel/Kunkel German alchemist/ambassador to Sweden, dies
1727 Sir Issac Newton English physicist/astronomer, dies in London at 84
1751 Frederick Louis English prince of Wales/son of George I, dies
1757 Johann Paul Kunzen composer, dies at 60
1767 Firmin Abauzit French huguenot/scholar, dies at 87
1804 Ignaz Malzat composer, dies at 47
1812 Jan Ladislav Dussek Bohemian pianist/composer, dies at 52
1848 Abraham des Amorie van der Hoeven Dutch theologist/poet, dies at 27
1866 Rikard Nordraak composer, dies at 23
1871 Antonio Buzzolla composer, dies at 56
1873 Adolfe Louis Eugene Fetis composer, dies at 52
1874 Hans Christian Lumbye composer, dies at 63
1887 Pavel Annenkov Russian literature historian, dies at 73
1892 Arthor Goring Thomas composer, dies at 41
1894 Lajos Kossuth Hungarian freedom fighter/president (1849), dies at 91
1898 Luis Palés Matos Puerto Rican poet (Tuntún the paso y grifería), dies
1899 Martha M Place of Brooklyn NY, becomes 1st woman to die by electrocution
1910 Félix Tournachon [Nadar], French writer/photographer, dies at 89
1911 Jean-Theodore Radoux composer, dies at 75
1913 Christian Barnekow composer, dies at 75
1913 Song Jiao-ren leader Chinese Guomindang-Party, dies
1920 Venustiano Carranza President of Mexico (1915-20), murdered at 60
1925 George N Curzon British Foreign minister (1919-22), dies at 66
1929 Ferdinand Foch Marshal of France (WWI), dies at 77
1933 Giuseppe [Joe] Zangara electrocuted for assassination attempt on FDR
1934 A Emma W T von Waldeck-Pyrmont Dutch queen (& regent), dies at 76
1936 Durant Clifford Parkin cricketer (Tests for South Africa 1891-92), dies
1941 D A van den Bosch anti-Nazi clergyman (Amersfoort Camp), dies
1942 Theodoro Valcarcel composer, dies at 41
1944 Felix Woyrsch composer, dies at 83
1950 Walter Eucken German economist, dies at 59
1951 Jan Ingenhoven composer, dies at 74
1951 Kathleen Lockhart Manning composer, dies at 60
1953 Graciliano Ramos Brazilian author (Vidas Secas), dies at 60
1962 C Wright Mills US sociologist (Power Elite), dies at 45
1962 Dr Andrew E Douglass Dendrochronologer (Study of Tree Rings) dies
1963 Karl Otten writer, dies at 73
1964 Brendan Behan Irish writer/poet, dies at 41
1964 Jean Rogister composer, dies at 84
1967 A J F Moody 1st US Army General to die in Vietnam
1968 Carl T Dreyer Danish director (Passion of Jeanne d'Arc), dies
1972 Aad de Haas Dutch religious painter/graphic artist, dies at 51
1972 Jan Engelman Dutch poet/art critic (At the Front), dies at 71
1972 Marilyn Maxwell actress (Grace-Bus Stop), dies at 50
1974 [Lavinia] Marian Fleming Poe Black US advocate in Virginia, dies at 83
1974 Chet Huntley newscaster (NBC Huntley-Brinkley Report), dies at 62
1974 Edward Platt actor (Chief-Get Smart), dies at 58
1976 Michael Goodliffe actor (Gorgon, 7th Dawn, Way Out), dies at 61
1982 Hendrik L van Beek Dutch Vice-Admiral, dies at 52
1987 Norman Harris guitarist (O'Jays), dies at 39 of heart failure
1988 Gil Evans Canadian/US jazz composer (Out of the Cool), dies at 75
1990 Jannetje Visser-Roosendaal Dutch writer, dies at 90
1990 Jev Jasjin Russian soccer goalie, dies at 60
1991 Conor Clapton Eric Clapton's son, falls out of 53rd floor window at 4
1992 Avonne Taylor actress (My Best Girl, Honor Among Lovers), dies at 93
1992 Frank Westbrook dancer/choreographer, dies at 82
1992 Georges Delerue French composer (Hiroshima, My Love), dies at 67
1993 Claudia Yeltsin mother of Russian President Yeltsin, dies at 85
1993 Jonathan Ball English youngster, killed by IRA at 3
1995 Merv Harvey cricketer (scored 12 & 31 in Test Australia vs England 46-47), dies
1995 Rachida Hammadi Algerian TV journalist, murdered at 32
1995 Sidney Kingsley US playwright (Pulitzer prize 1934), dies at 88
1996 Alan Ridout composer, dies at 61
1996 Claude Bourdet human rights activist/journalist, dies at 86
1996 Victor Zorza journalist/Russian specialist, dies at 71
1997 ? Hefner mother of Hugh Hefner (playboy), dies at 101
1997 Carlo Fassi figure skating coach (Fleming, Hamill), dies at 67

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