16th March, on this day

597 BC Babylonians capture Jerusalem, replace Jehoiachin with Zedekiah as king 1079 Iran adopts solar Hijrah calendar
1190 Crusaders start to massacre the Jews of York England many commit mass sucide rather than submit to baptism
1322 Battle of Boroughbridge in the First War of Scottish Independence.
1517 Pope Leo X signs 5th Council of Lateranen
1521 Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan reaches Philippine Islands
1527 Battle at Khanua: Mogol Emperor Babur beats Rajputen
1534 England severs all relations with Roman Catholic papacy
1621 Samoset, a Mohegan, visits the settlers of Plymouth Colony and greets them, "Welcome, Englishmen! My name is Samoset."
1641 General court declares Rhode Island a democracy and adopts new constitution
1660 English Long Parliament disbands
1689 The 23rd Regiment of Foot or Royal Welch Fusiliers is founded.
1690 France's King Louis XIV sends troops to Ireland to fight for King James II
1730 Willem Charles Henry Friso installed as viceroy of Drenthe
1731 Treaty of Vienna: Emperor Charles VI of England and Netherlands
1792 Murder attempt on King Gustavus III by count Ankarstrom at opera
1802 Law signed to establish US Military Academy (West Point NY)
1802 US army Corps of Engineers established (2nd time)
1812 Austria, in alliance with France, agrees to provide an army for Napoleon Bonaparte
1812 Battle of Badajoz (March 16 - April 6) - British and Portuguese forces besiege and defeat French garrison during Peninsular War.
1815 Willem I proclaimed king of the Netherlands, including Belgium
1818 Battle of Cancha Rayada - Spanish forces defeat Chileans under José de San Martín.
1822 Composer Gioacchino Rossini marries Spanish soprano
1827 1st US black newspaper, "Freedom's Journal" (New York NY), begins publishing
1829 Ohio authorizes high school night classes
1830 London's re-organised police force (Scotland Yard) forms
1830 New York Stock Exchange slowest day ever (31 shares traded)
1833 Susan Hayhurst becomes 1st US woman grad of a pharmacy college
1834 HMS Beagle anchors at Berkeley Sound, Falkland Islands
1836 Texas approves a constitution
1850 Nathaniel Hawthorne's "Scarlet Letter" published
1861 Arizona Territory votes to leave the Union
1861 Edward Clark became Governor of Texas, replacing Sam Houston, who was evicted from the office for refusing to take an oath of loyalty to the Confederacy.
1861 Confederate government appoints commissioners to Britain
1865 Battle of Averasboro, NC (1,500 casualities)
1867 First publication of an article by Joseph Lister outlining the discovery of antiseptic surgery, in The Lancet.
1869 Hiram R Revels makes the 1st official speech by a black in the Senate
1872 1st FA Cup Final: Wanderers-Royal Engineers 1-0 in Bolton
1876 Nelly Saunders snd Rose Harland fight 1st female boxing match (New York)
1877 Charles Bannerman completes 1st Test cricket century, 165 vs England
1882 US Senate ratifies treaty establishing the Red Cross
1888 The first recorded sale of a manufactured motor car. Emile Roger of Paris buys a petrol driven Benz
1900 Sir Arthur Evans finds old city of Knossus
1912 Lawrence Oates, ill member of Scott's South Pole expedition leaves the tent saying, "I am just going outside and may be some time."
1915 British battle cruisers Inflexible and Irresistible hit mines in Dardanelle
1917 Russia's Tsar Nicholas II abdicates
1922 Sultan Fuad I crowned king of Egypt, England recognizes Egypt
1926 Robert Goddard launches 1st liquid fuel rocket, goes 184' (56 meter)
1930 USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) floated out to become a national shrine
1933 Hitler names Hjalmar Shaft, president of Bank of Germany
1935 Hitler orders German rearmament, violating Versailles Treaty
1938 Noël Coward's musical "Operette" premieres in London
1939 From Prague Castle Hitler proclaimed Bohemia and Moravia a German protectorate.
1939 Hungary annexes republic of Karpato-Ukraine
1940 German air raid on British fleet base Scapa Flow
1941 Blizzard hits North Dakota and Minnesota killing 60
1941 Dmitri Shostakovich receives the Stalin Prize
1941 National Gallery of Art opens in Washington DC
1942 First V-2 rocket test launch (exploded at liftoff)
1944 Vichy Internal minister Pucheu sentenced to death
1945 The Battle of Iwo Jima ends but small pockets of Japanese resistance persist.
1945 Würzburg, Germany is 90% destroyed, with 5,000 dead, in only 20 minutes by British bombers.
1947 Convair Liner, 1st US twin-engine pressurized airplane, tested
1952 1870 mm rain in Cilaos, Réunion (world record)
1955 President Eisenhower upheld the use of atomic weapons in case of war
1959 Iraq and USSR sign economic/technical treaty
1962 1st launching of Titan 2-rocket
1962 US Super-Constellation disappears above Pacific Ocean, kills 167
1966 "Man From Uncle" star David McCallum receives huge welcome in London
1966 Gemini 8 launched with Armstrong and Scott, aborted after 6.5 orbits
1968 My Lai massacre occurs (Vietnam War); 450 die
1968 Robert F Kennedy announces Presidential campaign
1969 Viasa DC-9 crashes at Maracaibo's Grano de Oro airport, killing 155
1971 British heavyweight champion Henry Cooper announces his retirement after his controversial defeat by title challenger Joe Bugner
1972 John and Yoko are served with deportation papers
1973 Queen Elizabeth II opens the new London Bridge - the old one having been sold to an American oil tycoon for £1m and transported to the United States
1975 US Mariner 10 makes 3rd and final fly-by of Mercury
1976 British premier Harold Wilson resigns
1977 US President Carter pleads for Palestinian homeland
1978 Amoco Cadiz tanker spills 68.7 million gallons of oil off French coast
1978 Red Brigade kidnaps former premier Aldo Moro in Italy, 5 killed
1978 Soyuz 26 returns to Earth
1978 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1978 US Senate accepts Panamá Canal treaty
1984 Gunmen kidnap William Buckley, CIA station chief in Beirut
1984 South-Africa and Mozambique sign non attack treaty
1985 Associated Press correspondent Terry Anderson taken hostage in Beirut
1988 Federal grand jury indicts Marine Lt. Col. Oliver L. North and Navy Vice Adm. John M. Poindexter in Iran-Contra affair
1988 Halabja poison gas attack: The Kurdish town of Halabjah in Iraq was attacked with a mix of poison gas and nerve agents, killing thousands of people.
1988 North-Ireland Protestant fires on Catholic funeral, 3 killed
1988 US sends 3000 soldiers to Nicaragua's neighbor Honduras
1991 7 members of Reba McEntire's band are killed in a plane crash
1991 Members of Irish Gay and Lesbian Organization march in NYC parade
1992 South African President F.W De Klerk makes final plea to whites to end apartheid
1994 Russia agrees to phase out production of weapons-grade plutonium
1994 Moravcik forms Slovakia government
1994 Tonya Harding pleads guilty to felony attack on Nancy Kerrigan
1995 Mississippi House of Representatives ratifies 13th Amendement-formally abolishes slavery
1996 Mike Tyson KOs Frank Bruno in 2nd round
1997 Sandline affair - On Bougainville, soldiers of commander Jerry Singirok arrest Tim Spicer and his mercenaries of the Sandline International
1998 Sir George Martin, producer of The Beatles in the 1960s/1970s announces his retirement, aged 73
1998 Pope John Paul II apologises for inactivity and silence of some Roman Catholics during the Holocaust.
2003 Largest coordinated worldwide vigil, as part of the global protests against Iraq war.
2005 Israel officially hands over Jericho to Palestinian control
2006 The United Nations General Assembly votes overwhelmingly to establish the UN Human Rights Council.

16th March 2006

US launches major Iraq air attack

Thousands march in French law row

US backs first-strike attack plan

16th March 2007

Mugabe threat to expel envoys

Escape from UK-run prison in Iraq

US rejects ruling on UK soldier

16th March 2008

Tibet unrest spreads beyond Lhasa

Pakistan border strike 'kills 16'

Deadly clashes in west DR Congo

16th March 2009

Blast at Pakistan bus depot

Iranian drone 'shot down in Iraq'

Fritzl hears daughter's testimony

16th March 2010

Burka bombers shot dead

Nigeria village in machete attack

Uganda's Kasubi royal tombs gutted by fire

Birthdates which occurred on 16th March :

1585 Gerbrant A Bredero Holland, poet/playwright (Klucht van de Koe)
1609 Michael Franck composer
1634 Contessa Marie Madeleine La Fayette novelist
1651 Zaccaria Tevo composer
1663 Nicholas Siret composer
1729 Georg W "Franz" Panzer German vicar/librarian (Annales typographic)
1739 George Clymer US merchant (signed Declaration of Independence, Constitution)
1745 Johann Wilhelm Cornelius von Konigslow composer
1750 Caroline Lucretia Herchel Hanover, Germany, 1st modern woman astronomer
1751 James Madison Port Conway VA, (D-R), 4th US President (1809-17)
1757 Bengt Lidner Swedish poet (Medea, Yttersa Domen)
1774 Matthew Flinders English navigator/cartographer (coast Australia)
1776 Johan G Verstolk van Soelen Dutch minister of Foreign Affairs
1787 Georg Simon Ohm physicist (discovered Ohm's Law)
1802 George Archibald McCall Brigadier General (Union volunteers), died in 1868
1806 Norbert Rillieux inventor (sugar refiner)
1812 Henry Dwight Terry Brigadier General (Union volunteers), died in 1869
1814 Jules Eugene Abraham Alary composer
1821 Ernest Feydeau French author (Georges Feydeau)
1822 John Pope Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1892
1822 Rosa Bonheur French landscape painter (Buffalo Bill)
1823 William Henry Monk composer
1832 Charles Camp Doolittle Brevet Major General (Union volunteer)
1836 Andrew S Hallidie inventor (cable car)
1839 René François Armand Sully Prudhomme France, poet, 1st Nobel winner (1901)
1849 James E Smith became father at 100 with woman 64 years younger
1849 Reverend James E Smith became father at 100 with woman 64 years younger
1856 E Louis YY Napoleon Bonaparte French/English prince
1868 Maxim Gorki USSR, playwright (The Lower Depths, Night Asylum)
1873 Hippoliet Daeye Flemish painter (Sereniteit)
1876 Charles Halton Washington DC, actor (Dr Cyclops, Tugboat Annie Sails Again)
1878 Clemens A Graaf von Galen cardinal/bishop of Munster/anti-Nazi
1878 Henry B Walthall Shelby City AL, actor (Birth of a Nation, Klondike)
1878 Reza Sjah Pahlawi [Reza Chan], shah of Iran
1884 Harrison Ford Kansas City MO, silent screen actor (Just Married, Vanity Fair, Love In High Gear , Rubber Tires)
1885 Giacomo Benvenuti composer
1885 Sydney Chaplin South Africa, actor (Limelight)
1892 César Vallejo Peruvian/French poet (Los Heraldos Negros)
1893 Isobel Elsom actress (My Fair Lady, Love From a Stranger)
1896 Conrad Nagel Keokuk IA, actor (Celebrity Time)
1901 Walter E Schäfer German playwright
1902 Lucie Rie potter
1903 Mike Mansfield (Senator-Democrat-MT) majority whip
1903 Morgan Conway actor (Dick Tracy)
1903 Nicolai Lopatnikoff Revel Estonia, composer (Variaioni Concertanto)
1904 Clive Morton London England, actor (Goodbye Mr Chips, Moonraker)
1906 Francisco Ayala writer
1906 Henny Youngman London England, comedian (Take my wife please)
1908 Robert Rossen director/writer (Hustler All the King's Men, Mambo)
1910 Aladar Gerevich Hungary, sabres (Olympics-gold-1948)
1910 Andrew Miller-Jones British TV pioneer
1910 Iftikhar Ali Khan cricketer (Nawab of Pataudi, England & India)
1910 Martijn Lijnema boer/resistance fighter (WWII)
1910 Norman Wooland Düsseldorf Germany, actor (Hamlet)
1912 Patricia Nixon [Thelma Catherine] Ely NV, 1st lady (1969-74)
1916 Lloyd McBride union president (United Steelworkers)
1918 Aldo E van Eyck Dutch architect (City Hall)
1918 Howard Boatwright composer
1919 Erno Kiraly composer
1920 John Addison Surrey England, composer (Tom Jones-Academy Award)
1920 Leo McKern Sydney Australia, actor (Blue Lagoon, Help, Mouse that Roared)
1920 Percy Mansell cricketer (leg-spin all-rounder in 13 Tests for South Africa)
1922 Geoffrey Freeman Allen railway writer
1922 Harding Lemay North Bangor NY, headwriter (Another World)
1923 George Bean cricketer (92 runs in 3 Tests for England vs Australia)
1925 Cornell Borchers [Cornelia Bruch] Heydekrug Germany, actress (Big Lift, Floodtide, Istanbul)
1926 Jerry Lewis [Joseph Levitch] Newark NJ, entertainer/fund raiser (MDA), especially loved in France
1927 Daniel Patrick Moynihan US ambassador to UN/(Senator-Democrat-NY, 1977-2001)
1927 Karlheinz Böhm Darmstadt Germany, actor (Face of Fear, Peeping Tom, Unnatural)
1927 Olga San Juan New York NY, actress (Variety Girl, 1 Touch of Venus)
1927 Vladimir M Komarov Moscow Russia, cosmonaut (Voshkod I Soyuz 1)
1928 Christa Ludwig Berlin Germany, soprano (Vienna State Opera)
1928 Ramon Barce composer
1929 Edwin London composer
1930 Minoru Miky composer
1931 Betty Johnson Guilford County NC, singer (Jack Paar Show, I Dreamed)
1931 Don Richard Carpenter novelist
1932 Ronnie Walter Cunningham Creston IA, Colonel USMC/astronaut (Apollo 7)
1933 Ruth Bader Ginsberg justice (US Supreme Court)
1936 Thelma Hopkins England, high jumper (Olympics-silver-1956)
1937 Constanca Capdeville composer
1937 David Del Tredici Cloverdale CA, composer (1980 Pulitzer)
1940 Bernardo Bertolucci Parma Italy, director (Last Tango in Paris)
1940 Jan P Pronk Dutch politician (PvdA)
1940 Jan Schaefer Dutch Assistant Secretary of State (PvdA)
1942 Chuck Woolery Kentucky, TV game show host (Love Connection)
1942 Jerry Jeff Walker composer (Mr BoJangles)
1945 Börries von Münchhausen writer, dies
1946 Erik Estrada New York NY, actor (CHiPs, Cross & Switchblade, Lightblast)
1948 Margaret [Edith] Weis US, sci-fi author (Dragons of Spring Dawning)
1948 Michael Bruce rocker/actor (Rudy-Rainbow Drive)
1949 Bertha Knox Gilkey welfare & tenement rights for urban women
1949 Elliott Murphy US singer/songwriter
1949 Victor Garber Montréal Québec Canada, actor (Days & Nights of Molly Dodd)
1951 Kate Nelligan London Ontario, actress (Bethune, Eye of the Needle)
1951 Ray Benson Philadelphia PA, country singer (House of Blue Lights)
1951 Ritchie Teeter rocker
1954 Dav Whatmore cricketer (Colombo Australia bat 1979, Sri Lanka coach 1995-)
1954 Hollis Stacy Savannah GA, LPGA golfer (US Open 1977, 78)
1954 Jimmy Nail singer/actor (Evita, Spender, Howling II)
1954 Nancy Wilson San Francisco CA, rocker (Heart-These Dreams, Never, What about Love)
1955 Isabelle Huppert Paris France, actress (Cactus, Heaven's Gate)
1956 Ozzie Newsome NFL tight end (Cleveland Browns)
1957 Pearl Moore WBL guard (New York Stars)
1959 Michael J Bloomfield Flint MI, Major USAF/astronaut (STS 86)
1959 Stan Thorn Kenosha WI, singer (Shenandoah-Sunday in the South)
1961 Mel Gray NFL wide receiver/kick returner (Houston/Tennessee Oilers)
1962 Marcel Brands soccer player (RKC)
1963 Phung Vuong Saigon Vietnam, murderer (FBI Most Wanted List)
1965 Cindy Brown US, basketball player (Olympics-gold-1988)
1966 Brad Bergen Prince Albert Saskatchewan, hockey defenseman (Team Germany 1998)
1966 Catarina Pollini WNBA forward (Houston Comets)
1966 David Nascimento soccer player (Roda JC/FC Utrecht)
1966 Rodney Peete NFL quarterback (Philadelphia Eagles)
1967 Dan Owens NFL defensive tackle (Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Lions)
1967 John Mangum NFL safety (Chicago Bears)
1968 Jason van Blerk soccer player (Go Ahead Eagles)
1969 Ottis Gibson cricketer (Barbados fast bowler, West Indies 1995)
1969 Pat Harlow NFL tackle (New England Patriots, Oakland Raiders)
1969 Steve Israel NFL cornerback (San Francisco 49ers, New England Patriots)
1970 Kelli James Medford NJ, field hockey forward (Olympics-96)
1971 Brett Carolan NFL tight end (San Francisco 49ers)
1971 Eric Ravotti NFL linebacker (Pittsburgh Steelers)
1973 Bert Zuurman soccer player (SC Heerenveen)
1974 Heath Streak cricketer (Zimbabwean pace bowler 1993-)
1974 Lamont Burns guard (New York Jets)
1976 Michelle Rae Collie Miss Bahamas-Universe (1996)
1991 Wolfgang Van Halen son of Eddie Van Halen & Valerie Bertinelli


Deaths which occurred on March 16th:
0037 Tiberius Claudius Nero emperor of Rome (14-37), dies at 77
1072 Adalbert archbishop of Bremen-Hamburg, dies
1536 Ibrahim Pasha grand-visier of Osmaanse Rich, murdered at about 45
1629 Emilia of Nassau daughter of Willem of Orange, dies at 59
1736 Giovanni B Pergolesi Italian composer (Stabat Mater), dies at 26
1738 Georg Baehr German master builder (Frauenkirche, Dresden), dies at 72
1804 Francisco marquis Albergati Capacelli Italian playwright, dies at 75
1806 Giuseppe Colla composer, dies at 74
1819 Nicolas Sejan composer, dies at 73
1838 Nathaniel Bowditch astronomer & navigation expert, dies at 64
1841 Félix Savart French surgeon/physicist, dies at 49
1843 Anton R Falck Dutch minister of Education/Colonies, dies at 65
1867 Benjamin Hanby composer, dies at 33
1878 William Banting English undertaker, dies
1881 Modest P Mussorgsky Russian composer (Boris Godunov), dies at 42
1882 Charles R Darwin English naturalist (Origin of species), dies at 73
1887 Emanuel Kania composer, dies at 59
1898 Aubrey (Vincent) Beardsley English illustrator (Salome), dies at 23
1909 George Thorndike Angell lawyer (ASPCA), dies at 85
1910 Eduard FW Pflüger German physiologist, dies at 80
1914 Gaston Calmette editor (Le Figaro), killed by Madame Caillaux at 55
1914 Sir John Murray piloted HMS Challenger to Christmas Island, dies
1919 Sigurd von Koch composer, dies at 39
1930 Miguel Primo de Riveray Orbaneja Sp dictator (1923-30), dies at 60
1933 Alfred Her Hungarian mathematician, dies at 47
1935 John J R Macleod Scot/Canadian physiologist (Nobel 1923), dies at 58
1937 J Austen Chamberlain English Minister of Foreign Affairs (Nobel), dies at 73
1938 Egon Friedell writer, dies
1940 Selma O Lagerlöf Swedish author (Nils Holgersson, Nobel-09), dies at 81
1941 John Murray Canada oceanographer (Challenger), dies at 73
1942 Alexander van Zemlinsky Austrian composer (African Dance), dies at 69
1945 Pierre Drieu la Rochelle French writer/poet, commits suicide at 52
1946 Marius HLW "Max" Blokzijl Dutch Nazi propagandist, executed at 61
1955 Mayhew Lake composer, dies at 75
1956 Joseph John Richards composer, dies at 77
1957 Mosa Pijade Yugoslavian MP (communist), dies at 67
1958 Leon J Cadore pitched the 26 inning game, dies at 65
1959 John Sailling last documented Civil War vet, dies at 111
1962 John Owen Jones composer, dies at 85
1964 Nicholas Joy actor (Boss Lady), dies at 80
1967 James Friskin composer, dies at 80
1968 Bengt Gunnar Ekelöf Swedish poet (Nun Serviam), dies at 60
1968 June Collyer actress (June-Stu Erwin Show), dies at 60
1968 Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco composer, dies at 72
1970 Arthur Adamov Russian/French playwright, dies at 61
1970 Tammi Terrell singer (Ain't No Mountain High Enough, You're All I Need), dies from brain tumor at 23
1971 Bebe Daniels actress (Silver Dollar, My Past), dies at 70
1971 Chuck Fleetwood-Smith cricketer (Victoria & Australia), dies
1971 Thomas E Dewey US Presidential candidate (R 1944, 48), dies at 68
1972 Harold "Pie" Traynor hall of fame 3rd baseman (Pittsburgh Pirates), dies at 72
1973 Carl Benton Reid actor (Trap, Underwater City), dies at 79
1973 M Revis [Willem Fisherman), author (People that Mutiny), dies at 68
1975 T-Bone Walker blues guitarist (Funky Town, Well Done), dies at 64
1978 Aldo Moro 5 times Prime Minister of Italy, assassinated by terrorists
1979 Jean Monnet French economist/CEO (ECSC), dies at 90
1983 Arthur Godfrey TV host (Arthur Godrey Show), dies at 79
1985 B V A Röling Dutch lawyer (WWII Tokyo trials), dies at 78
1985 Roger Huntington Sessions US composer (Black Masks), dies at 88
1987 Scott McKay actor (Guest in House, 30 Seconds over Tokyo), dies at 71
1988 Dorothy Adams Foulger actress (Laura, Devil Commands), dies at 88
1990 Ernst Bacon composer, dies at 91
1991 7 members of Reba McIntire's band killed in a plane crash
1991 Jan H van Roijen Dutch diplomat/Foreign Minister, dies at 85
1991 Wim van den Brink Dutch actor (Turkish Fruit, Red Sien), dies
1992 Renzhong Weangn China politician (1934-45), dies
1993 Chishu Ryu Japanese actor (Autumn Afternoon), dies of cancer at 86
1993 Djilalli Lyabès Algerian minister of Higher Education, murdered
1993 Don Randolph actor (Harem Girl), dies of pneumonia at 87
1993 Giovanni Testori Italian writer (Arialda), dies at 69
1993 Mohammed Hussein Nagdi Iran diplomat/resistance fighter, murdered
1995 Albert Maurice Hackett playwright/screenwriter, dies at 95
1995 Clan Fraser of Lovat soldier/Landowner, dies at 83
1995 Lord Lovat [Shimi], Scottish landowner, dies at 83
1995 Sydney Simone band leader, dies at 80
1996 Joseph Lee Pope singer, dies at 62
1996 Olive Netta Parsons co-founder (Collet's bookshop), dies at 104
1996 Peter Clemoes Anglo-Saxon scholar, dies at 76

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