15th March, on this day

44BC Roman dictator Julius Caesar is assassinated
221 Liu Bei, a Chinese warlord and member of the Han royal house, declares himself emperor of Shu-Han, claims his legitimate succession to the Han Dynasty.
351 Constantius II elevates his cousin Gallus to Caesar, and puts him in charge of the Eastern part of the Roman Empire.
493 Theodorik the Great beats Odoaker of Italy
752 St Zachary ends his reign as Catholic Pope
933 Battle at Riade: German King Henry I beats Magyaren
1311 Battle of Halmyros: The Catalan Company defeats Walter V of Brienne to take control of the Duchy of Athens, a Crusader state in Greece.
1360 France invasion army lands on English south coast, conquers Winchel
1382 Conservative "Popolo Grasso" regain power in Florence Italy
1391 Jew hating Monk in Seville Spain stirs up people to attack Jews
1493 Christopher Columbus returns to Spain after 1st new world voyage
1560 Failed assault on royal palace in Amboise France
1562 General François de Guise enters Paris France
1580 Spanish king Philip II puts 25,000 gold coins on head of prince Willem of Orange
1672 King Charles II enacts Declaration of Indulgence
1729 Sister St Stanislas Hachard, 1st US nun, takes her vows, N Orleans
1744 French King Louis XV declares war on England
1776 U.S Congress resolves that the authority of the British Crown should be suppressed
1776 South Carolina became the first American colony to declare its independence from Great Britain and set up its own government.
1778 Nootka Sound, Vancouver Island discovered by Captain Cook
1781 Battle of Guilford Court House, South Carolina (British suffer heavy losses)
1812 1st Russian settlement in California, Russian River
1820 Maine admitted as 23rd state
1824 Building work starts on the London Bridge designed by John Rennie
1827 Freedom's Journal, 1st Black newspaper, publishes
1848 Revolution breaks out in Hungary. The Habsburg rulers are compelled to meet the demands of the Reform party.

1862 General John Hunt Morgan begins 4 days of raids near Gallatin TN
1864 Red River Campaign-Union forces reach Alexandria LA
1867 Michigan becomes 1st state to tax property to support a university
1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings become the 1st pro baseball team
1875 1st US cardinal (John McCloskey) invested
1877 Commencement of 1st Test Cricket, Australia vs England at MCG
1885 1st performance of César Franck's "Lesson Djinns"
1887 Michigan appoints 1st salaried game & fish warden in US(William Alden Smith)
1889 6 US and German warships perish in harbor of Apia, Samoa, 200 die
1892 1st escalator patented by inventor Jesse W Reno (New York NY)
1892 New York State unveils automatic ballot booth (voting machine)
1901 Horse racing is banned in San Francisco, last race March 16th
1903 Frederick Lugard occupies Sokoto West Africa
1905 Cretan revolutionaries announce the re-unification of Crete with the rest of Greece.
1906 Rolls, Royce and Johnson form Rolls Royce Ltd
1907 Finland is 1st European country to give women the right to vote
1909 American Gordon Selfridge opens 'the world's most beautiful store' in London's Oxford Street
1913 1st Presidential press conference (Woodrow Wilson)
1913 Cleveland establishes 1st small claims court
1915 Netherlands merchant ship Tubantia torpedoed and sinks in North Sea
1916 General Pershing, 15,000 troops chasing Villa into Mexico, stays 10-months
1917 Nicholas II, last Russian tsar, abdicates
1923 Lenin is hit with his 3rd stroke
1926 The dictator Theodoros Pangalos is elected President of Greece without opposition.
1926 Belgium's "black monday", franc falls
1928 Mussolini modifies Italy electoral system (abolishes right to choose)
1930 1st seaplane glider flown, Port Washington NY
1930 1st streamlined submarine of US navy, USS Nautilus, launched
1933 NAACP begins coordinated attack on segregation and discrimination
1933 German leader Adolf Hitler proclaims the beginning of the Third Reich – claiming it will endure for a thousand years
1937 1st blood bank is established (Chicago IL)
1937 1st state contraceptive clinic opens (Raleigh NC)
1939 Hitler occupies Bohemia and Moravia (Czechoslovakia); Slovakia independence/ Czechoslovakia ceases to exist.
1940 Göring says 100-200 church bells enough for Germany, smelt the rest
1941 Blizzard in North Dakota kills 151
1943 Allied reconnaissance flight over Java
1943 Red Army evacuates Kharkov
1944 Italian town of Cassino destroyed by Allied bombing
1945 Billboard publishes its 1st album chart (King Cole Trio is #1)
1946 British premier Attlee agrees with India's right to independence
1948 Sir Laurence Olivier on the cover of LIFE magazine
1950 NYC hires Dr Wallace E Howell as its official "rainmaker"
1951 Persia nationalizes Anglo-Iranian Oil Company
1952 Greatest 24-hour rainfall begins; 187 cm at La Réunion, Indian Ocean
1955 US Air Force unveils self-guided missile
1956 Musical 'My Fair Lady' opens on Broadway starring Jullie Andrews and Rex Harrison. The title is adapted from the cockney pronunciation of Mayfair
1957 3rd nation to explode a nuclear bomb (Britain)
1958 USSR performs atmospheric nuclear test
1959 Robert Foster sets record by staying underwater 13 minutes 42.5 seconds
1960 Key Largo Coral Reef Preserve established (1st underwater park)
1960 National Observatory at Kitt Peak, Arizona dedicated
1961 South Africa withdrews from British Commonwealth
1962 5 research groups announce simultaneously discovery of anti-matter
1963 Victor Feguer, a Federal prisoner, is put to death at the Fort Madison, Iowa prison. This is the last execution of a Federal prisoner until the execution of Timothy McVeigh in 2001.
1964 LBJ asks for a War on Poverty
1964 Liz Taylor's 5th marriage (Richard Burton)
1964 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakhstan/Semipalitinsk USSR
1965 President Lyndon B. Johnson, responding to Selma crisis, tells U.S. Congress "We shall overcome" while advocating the Voting Rights Act.
1965 TGIFriday's 1st restaurant opens in New York NY
1966 Racial riots erupt in the Watts section of Los Angeles
1967 AFCENT-headquarter moves to Brunssum
1967 Marshal Arturo da Costa e Silva sworn in as President of Brazil
1968 British minister of Foreign affairs George Brown resigns
1968 Diocese of Rome announces that it "deplored the concept", but wouldn't prohibit rock and roll masses at Church of San Lessio Falconieri
1968 LIFE magazine calls Jimi Hendrix "most spectacular guitarist in the world"
1968 Uprising in South Yemen
1968 US Mint stops buying and selling gold
1969 Violent Chinese-Russian border dispute (100s dead)
1970 Expo '70 opens in Osaka, Japan
1971 CBS TV announces it is dropping "Ed Sullivan Show"
1971 Chatrooms make their debut on the Internet
1972 Assassination attempt on Governor George Wallace of Alabama
1972 Danish airliner hit mountain in Sheikdom of Oman killing 112
1972 NASA selects 3 part configuration for Space Shuttle
1973 US and Soviet envoys begin fourth round of the arms limitation SALT talks in Vienna, Austria
1974 Brazilian President Garastazu Médici resigns
1975 Bundy victim Julie Cunningham disappears from Vail CO
1976 Failed coup in Nigeria
1977 US House of Representatives begin 90 day test of televising its sessions
1978 Operation Litani: Israeli offensive in South Lebanon to rid area of Palestine guerrillas
1978 People's Rebublic of China performs nuclear test at Lop Nor People's Rebublic of China
1979 Apparat releases Newdos+ 2.1 for Radio Shack's TRS-80
1981 Suriname failed coup under Sergeant-Major Wilfred Hawker
1982 Actress Theresa Saladana, stabbed repeatedly by obsessed fan
1982 Nicaragua suspends their citizens rights for 30 days
1984 Tanzania adopts constitution
1985 The first Internet domain name is registered (symbolics.com).
1985 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1986 Funeral services held for Swedish Prime Minister Olaf Palme
1988 Israeli authorities impose a travel ban on Palestinians in the Occupied Territories
1988 NASA reports accelerated breakdown of ozone layer by CFK
1988 The Halabja poison gas attack of the Iran-Iraq War begins.
1989 Soviet Union's President Mikhail Gorbachev calls for rapid measures to ease chronic Soviet food shortages
1990 Fernando Collor de Mello sworn in as President of Brazil
1990 Iraq executes London based newspaper journalist Farzad Bazoft after a closed-trial conviction for spying
1990 The Soviet Union announces that Lithuania's declaration of independence is invalid.
1990 The ethnic clashes of Târgu Mures begin on the anniversary of the Revolutions of 1848 in the Habsburg areas.
1991 Germany formally regains complete independence after the four post-World War II occupying powers (France, the United Kingdom, the United States and the Soviet Union) relinquish all remaining rights.
1991 4 Los Angeles police are charged with beating Rodney King
1991 Territories of Amapa and Roraima become states in Brazil
1992 UN officially embarks on its largest peacekeeping operation
1999 Pluto again becomes outermost planet
1999 Prominent solicitor Rosemary Nelson is killed by a car bomb at Lurgan, Co Armagh in Northern Ireland
2003 Hu Jintao takes over presidency for the People's Republic of China.
2004 Announcement of the discovery of 90377 Sedna, the farthest natural object in the Solar system so far observed.

15th March 2006

UN creates new human rights body

Abbas denounces Israeli jail raid

Milosevic body returns to Serbia

15th March 2007

Mugabe tells critics to 'go hang'

Key 9/11 figure 'beheaded Pearl'

Population 'is growing and aging'

15th March 2008

Albania rocked by huge explosions

China sets Tibet protest deadline

Pakistan restaurant blast

15th March 2009

Afghan attack kills US soldiers

Four dead in explosion in Yemen

Israeli police officers shot dead

15th March 2010

Deadly car bomb strikes Iraq city of Falluja

26 die as bus plunges into river

Pakistan air strike kills 9 militants

Birthdates which occurred on 15th March :

0076 Hadrian Roman Emperor (builder of Hadrian's Wall)
1493 Anne Pierre Adrien duke of Montmorency marshal of France
1666 Georg Baehr German master builder (Frauenkirche, Dresden)
1678 Dominique Marie Valet French Roman Catholic/old-catholic bishop
1713 Nicolas Louis de Lacaille astronomer who mapped the So Hemisphere
1733 Johann Zoffany German painter, baptized
1750 Caroline Herschel astronomer/discoverer
1754 Silvestro Palma composer
1767 Andrew Jackson Waxhaw SC, General/(D) 7th President (1829-37)
1779 William Lamb (Whig) Viscount Melbourne, British Prime Minister (1834, 1835-41)
1790 Nicola Vaccai composer
1801 Coenraad J van Houten Dutch cocoa manufacturer
1808 Gaetano Gaspari composer
1809 Joseph Jenkins Roberts 1st President of Liberia
1810 Aernout Drost Dutch literary (Hermingard van de Eikenterpen)
1811 Robert Allen Brevet Major General (Union Army), died in 1886
1824 Branko Radicevic Serbian poet (1st Serbian Uprising)
1830 Paul von Heyse Germany, writer (Nobel 1910)
1831 Edward Aylesworth Perry Brigadier General (Confederate Army)
1835 Eduard Strauss Austria, composer (318 Dance)
1836 Henrique Alves de Mesquita composer
1838 Alice Cunningham Fletcher ethnologist/author/Indian music (Stranger in Her Native Land)
1844 Bransby Cooper cricketer (in Dhaka Batsman in Australia's 1st Test)
1851 Jozef Surzynski composer
1852 Lady Augusta Gregory Ireland, playwright/poet/Yates mistress
1855 Lútzen Wagenaar Frisian writer/vicar (Tsjerk Ages)
1858 Liberty Hyde Bailey US botanist (Plantbreeding)
1864 Johan Halvorsen composer
1864 Leslie Stuart composer
1867 Lionel Pigot Johnson England, poet/critic (Ireland & Other Poems)
1867 Will Rossiter composer
1871 Betsy van den Arend Dutch [Betje], actress (Miss Hobbs)
1873 David Vaughan Thomas composer
1873 Lee Shubert producer (theatres in New York & Los Angeles named after him)
1874 Harold L Ickes social activist, New Deal politician
1878 Hanson Carter cricketer (Yorkshire Aussie wicketkeeper of early 20th century)
1879 Gerrit J Heering Dutch theologist (Fall of Christianity)
1884 Rudolf Piskacek composer
1894 Slava Vorlova composer
19-- Robert Milli actor (All My Children)
19-- Sergio Vargas Dominican Republic, Spanish singer (Aquiestá El Merengue)
1900 Gilberto Freye Brazilian sociologist/writer
1901 Colin McPhee Montréal Canada, composer (H2O, Mechanical Princibles)
1901 J Pat O'Malley Burnley England, actor (Touch of Grace, Gunn, Star!)
1901 Theo Uden Marsman Dutch orchestra leader
1902 Kitty Masters actress
1902 Zarah [Stina Hedberg] Leander Karlstad Vämanland Sweden, singer/actress (Gabriela)
1904 George Brent Dublin Ireland, actor (42nd St, Jezebel)
1905 Berthold Schenck von Stauffenberg attempted to assassinate Hitler
1905 Joe E Ross comedian (Gunther Toody-Car 54, Ritzik-Phil Silvers Show)
1907 Jimmy McPartland jazz trumpeter/actor (Magic Horn)
1907 Paul Maxey Wheaton IL, actor (Matt-Lassie, Mayor-People's Choice)
1910 An Rutgers van der Loeff-Basenau children book writer (Skating Race)
1912 Duncan Stuart Wilson-MacDonald fighter pilot
1912 Louis Paul Boon Flemish writer (Kapellekensbaan)
1912 Sam [Lightnin'] Hopkins Centerville TX, blues stylist (Ball of Twine)
1913 Lex Goudsmit Dutch actor (Fiddler on the Roof)
1913 MacDonald Carey Sioux City IA, actor (One Life to Live, Dream Girl)
1915 David Schoenbrun CBS broadcast bureau head (Washington DC, Paris France)
1915 Richard Ward Glenside PA, actor (Beacon Hill)
1916 Geert Lubberhuizen publisher (Busy Bee)
1916 Harry James Albany GA, trumpeter (married to Betty Grable)
1918 Janet Leach potter
1918 Richard Ellmann US, literary scholar/writer (Oscar Wilde)
1919 John Gregson Liverpool England, actor (Gideon CID, Shirley's World)
1919 Lawrence Tierney Brooklyn, actor (Abduction, Dillinger)
1920 Ranganandhan Francis India, field hockey (Olympics-gold-1948, 52, 56)
1922 Louis Boon writer
1923 George Vogel race horse trainer
1923 Laurence A Tisch New York NY, CEO (Loews Corp)
1924 Juij Bondarew writer
1924 Lockrem Johnson composer
1926 Benjamin Burwell Johnson composer
1926 Norm Van Brocklin NFL QB/coach (Los Angeles Rams), hall of famer
1926 Tim Valentine (Representative-Democrat-NC, 1983- )
1927 Carl Smith Maynardville TN, country singer (Grand Ole Opry)
1927 Philip Vincent Belloc Jebb architect
1928 Nicolas Flagello composer
1929 Tiezo Matsumura composer
1932 Alan Lavern Bean Wheeler TX, Captain USN/astronaut (Apollo 12, Skylab 3)
1932 David Alliance Iran/British textile factory/multi-millionaire
1933 Cecil Perceval Taylor composer/jazz pianist (University of Wisconsin)
1933 Ronald Roseman composer
1933 Roy Clark country singer (Hee Haw)
1934 Daniel George "Danny" Apolinar composer/songwriter
1934 Wolfgang Hufschmidt composer
1935 Jimmy Lee Swaggart evangelist
1935 Judd Hirsch Bronx NY, actor (Alex-Taxi, Dear John, Ordinary People)
1936 Donald K Sundquist (Representative-Republican-TN, 1983- )
1938 Dick Higgins composer
1939 Robert Nye writer (Facts of Life & other fiction, 3 Views of Man)
1940 Phil Lesh [Chapman] Berkeley CA, rock bassist (Grass Roots, Grateful Dead)
1941 Dick Top Dutch actor/director (Witch of Haarlem)
1941 Mike Love Los Angeles CA, rock saxophonist/vocalist (Beach Boys-In My Room, Surfin' USA)
1942 Hughie Flint London England, rock drummer (Bonzo Dog Band)
1943 Brenda Scott Cincinnati OH, actress (Midge-Road West)
1943 David Cronenberg Toronto Ontario, director (Shivers, Fly, Brood)
1944 Chi Cheng Taiwan, sprinter/80 meter hurdler (Olympics-Bronze-68)
1944 David Costell Pittsburgh PA, rocker (Gary Lewis & the Playboys-This Diamond Ring)
1944 Jacques Doillon director/writer (La Fille de Quinze Ans)
1944 Ralph MacDonald rock percussionist (Graceland)
1944 Sly Stone Dallas TX, rocker (Sly & the Family Stone-Everyday People)
1945 Jörgen Sundelin Sweden, yachtsman (Olympics-gold-1968)
1945 Mark J Green Brooklyn NY, lawyer/author (Closed Enterprise System)
1945 Tracy Smith runner
1946 Bobby Bond baseball player (Giants, Yankees, etc)
1946 David Wall English ballet dancers/director (Royal Academy of Dancing)
1946 Howard Scott San Pedro CA, rock guitarist/vocalist (War, Cisco Kid)
1947 David Colley cricketer (New South Wales quickie, 3 Tests for Australia 1972)
1947 Larisa Grigoriyevna Pozharskaya Russian cosmonaut
1947 Ry[land] Cooder Los Angeles CA, blues guitarist (Crossroads)
1947 Stomu Yamash'ta composer
1947 Tomas Pettersson Sweden, cyclist (Olympics-silver-1968)
1949 John Duttine actor (Day of the Triffids)
1953 Colin Croft cricketer (West Indian fast bowler 1977-82)
1953 Judi Spiers TV presenter
1954 Craig Wasson Eugene OR, actor (Body Double, 4 Friends, Men's Club)
1955 Dee Snider Massapequa NY, (Twisted Sister-We're Not Gonna Take It)
1955 Marcia McCabe Bryn Mawr PA, actress (Alicia Grande-1 Live to Live)
1955 Mohsin Khan cricketer (Pakistani opening batsman late 70s early 80s)
1956 Clay Matthews NFL linebacker (Atlanta Falcons)
1957 Park Overall Nashville TN, actress (Laverne-Empty Nest, Mississippi Burning)
1958 Laura Carrington actress (Simone Hardy-General Hospital, Louisa-Alphabet City)
1959 Eliot Teltscher California, tennis player (US Davis Cup team)
1959 Harold Baines Easton MD, outfielder (Chicago White Sox, Texas Rangers)
1960 Donna Smith Portland OR, playmate (March, 1985)
1961 Craig Ludwig Rhinelander, NHL defenseman (Dallas Stars)
1961 Fabio [Lanzoni] Italy, romance novels model (Fabio After Dark)
1961 John Melendez jockey
1961 Terry Cummings NBA forward (Milwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia 76ers)
1962 Igor Aleinikov film Maker
1962 Jimmy Baio Brooklyn NY, actor (Billy Tate-Soap, Brass, Playing for Keeps)
1962 Steve Coy rocker (Dead or Alive-Spin Me Round)
1962 Terrence Trent D'Arby New York NY, rock vocalist (Wishing Well)
1963 Bret Michaels Harrisburg PA, guitarist (Poison-Talk Dirty to Me)
1963 Don Simington jockey
1963 Frans Koenn Dutch rock bassist (Loïs Lane-Precious)
1963 Jimmy Baio Brooklyn NY, actor (Billy Tate-Soap)
1964 Alison Johnson Tustin CA, WPVA volleyball player (US Open-4th-1993)
1964 Rockwell [Kennedy Gordy] Detroit MI, rock vocalist (Somebody's Watching Me)
1964 Ron Hall NFL tight end (Detroit Lions)
1965 Marianne Morris Middletown OH, LPGA golfer (1995 McDonald's LPGA-3rd)
1966 Chris Bruno actor (Michael-All My Children, Dennis-Another World)
1966 Karen Weiss St Paul MN, LPGA golfer (1995 Chick-fil-A Charity-7th)
1967 Kirk Scrafford NFL tackle (San Francisco 49ers)
1968 John Tardy US heavy metalist (Obituary, Slowly We Rot)
1968 Rob Anderson Kamloops British Columbia, Canadian Tour golfer (British Columbia Amateur-1990, 92)
1968 Sabrina Salerno Genoa Italy, Miss Italy (1984)/singer (Boys)
1969 Louis Riddick NFL safety (Cleveland Browns, Atlanta Falcons)
1970 Chris Dalman NFL guard/center (San Francisco 49ers)
1970 Diego Nargiso Naples Italy, tennis pro
1970 Eric Castle NFL free safety (San Diego Chargers)
1970 Paul Kruse Merritt, NHL left wing (Calgary Flames)
1971 Patrick Reidy Melbourne Victoria Australia, basketball forward (Olympics-96)
1971 Reyna Royo Miss Panamá-Universe (1996)
1971 Robbie Pratt jockey
1972 Casey Cristin Mizell Miss South Carolina-USA (1997)
1972 David Rhodes WLAF wide receiver (Rhein Fire)
1972 Filip Dewulf Belgium, tennis star
1972 Oliver Gibson NFL defensive tackle (Pittsburgh Steelers)
1972 Steve Danielson Honolulu, field hockey defender (Olympics-96)
1973 Franca Fehlauer Hamburg Germany, golfer (Belgian International Jr champion 1991)
1974 Imad Baba Humble TX, soccer midfielder (Olympics-gold-96)
1975 Cornell Brown linebacker (Baltimore Ravens)
1976 Laurent Gras hockey forward (Team France 1998)
1980 Deidra Graham Salt Lake City UT, gymnast (alternate-Olympics-96)
1986 Tyler Noyes actor (CJ-One Life to Live)
1989 Caitlin Wachs actress (Chloe Waters-Profiler)


Deaths which occurred on March 15th:
0044 -BC- Julius Cæsar assassinated in Roman Senate in the Portico of the Theater of Pompey
0493 Odiaker German army leader/King of Italy (476-93), dies
0752 Zachary Greek/Italian Pope (741-52), dies
0963 Romanus II Byzantine emperor (959-63), dies at 25
1034 Mieszko II King of Poland (1025-34), dies
1673 Salvatore Rosa Italian painter (Baroque)/poet/music/actor, dies at 57
1723 Johann C Günther writer, dies at 27
1731 Adolf H van Rechteren Dutch diplomat/politician, dies at 75
1842 Maria Luigi C Z S Cherubini Italian composer (Dies Irae), dies at 81
1880 Jan K J de Jonge Dutch historian, dies at 51
1881 Emory Upton US Union General-Major (Selma), commits suicide at 42
1883 Karol Studzinski composer, dies at 55
1905 Arnold Kerdijk Dutch liberal/founder (Social Weekly), dies at 60
1905 B Amalie Skram-Alver Norwegian author (Paa St Jørgen), dies at 58
1906 Alfred Gilpin Jones Lieutenant-Governor of Nova Scotia (1900-06), dies at 81
1918 Jose Silvestre de los Dolores White Lafitte composer, dies at 82
1918 Juliette Marie Olga Lili Boulanger composer, dies at 24
1918 Lili Boulanger composer, dies at 24
1929 Pine-Top Smith jazz pianist (Boogie Woogie Piano), dies at 24
1930 Antonio Beltramelli writer, dies at 51
1938 Edmund Tylecote cricketer (England keeper in 6 Tests 1882-86), dies
1940 Alfred Marr cricketer (Test for Australia 1885, scored 0 & 5), dies
1942 Alexander van Zemlinsky Austrian/US composer (African Dance), dies at 70
1944 Otto von Below German commandant (WWI), dies at 86
1945 Herman B Wiardi Beckman Dutch MP (SDAP), dies at 41
1954 Arthur Fickenscher composer, dies at 82
1962 Sam Wren actor (Wren's Nest), dies at 64
1964 Paul Cavanagh actor (Black Arrow, Woman in Green), dies at 75
1966 Abe Saperstein founder (Harlem Globetrotters), dies at 63
1966 Heinrich Lemacher composer, dies at 74
1969 Miles Malleson actor/writer (Postman's Knock), dies at 80
1970 Josef Martin Bauer writer, dies at 68
1970 Tarjei Vesaas Nowegian author/novelist/writer (Isslottet), dies at 72
1971 Jean-Pierre Monseré Flemish cyclist, dies at 22
1973 Carl Benton Reid actor (Burke's Law), dies at 82
1975 Antonino Rocca professional wrestler/sportscaster, dies at 49
1975 Aristotle S Onassis Greek shipping magnate, dies at 69
1977 Kamal Joemblat Lebanese politician, murdered
1983 José Luis Sert Spanish-US architect/urban developer, dies at 80
1984 Tommy Cooper comedian, collapses & dies on stage
1987 Sterling W Cole (Representative-Republican-NY), dies at 82
1988 Dmitri F Polyakov Russian Secretary-General/top spy for US, executed
1990 Tom Harmon NFL tail back (Heisman Trophy), dies in Los Angeles at 70
1991 Budd [Lawrence] Freeman US jazz saxophonist (Eel), dies at 84
1991 Eileen Sedgwick silent film actress (Hot Heels), dies at 93
1992 Helen Deutsch screenwriter, dies of natural causes
1992 Jack Washburn actor (Black Orchid), dies after long illness at 64
1992 Vanessa Lee actress (Split), dies at 71
1993 Anthony Bowles music writer (Jesus Christ Superstar), dies at 61
1993 Dennis Gregory actor (Village of the Damn), dies of pneumonia at 40
1993 Ricardo M Arias Espinosa President of Panamá (1955-56), dies
1994 Mae Zetterling Swedish actress (Night Games), dies at 68
1995 Carlos Menem Jr son of Argentine President, dies at 26
1996 Helen Chadwick artist, dies at 42
1996 Olga Rudge violinist, dies at 100
1996 Roswell Leavitt Gilpatric lawyer/diplomat, dies at 89
1997 Gail Davis ( Annie Oakley), dies at 72

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