10th March, on this day

241 BC Battle of Aegusa: Roman fleet sinks 50 Carthagean ships
418 Jews are excluded from public office in the Roman Empire
483 St Simplicius ends his reign as Catholic Pope
1526 Emperor Charles V marries princess Isabella of Portugal
1535 Bishop Tomás de Berlanga discovers Galápagos Islands
1578 Queen Elizabeth I gives Johan Casimir £20,000 to aid Dutch rebellion
1624 England declares war on Spain
1629 King Charles I dissolved Parliament; he called it back 11 years later
1661 French King Louis XIV ends office of premier
1681 English Quaker William Penn receives charter from Charles II, making him sole proprietor of colonial American territory Pennsylvania
1734 Spanish army under Don Carlos (III) draws into Naples )
1791 John Stone, Concord,MA, patents a pile driver
1791 Pope condemns France's Civil Constitution's treatment of the clergy
1801 First census in Great Britain
1804 Louisiana Purchase: In St. Louis, a formal ceremony is conducted to transfer ownership of Louisiana Territory from France to the United States.
1814 Napoleon I of France is defeated at the Battle of Laon in France.
1831 King Louis Philippe founds The French Foreign Legion, with headquarters at Sidi-bel-Abbes in Algeria

1848 The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo is ratified by the United States Senate, ending the Mexican-American War.
1849 Abraham Lincoln applies for a patent; only US President to do so
1862 Great Britain and France recognizes independence of Zanzibar
1864 Grant is named commander of the Union armies
1864 Red River campaign Louisiana
1865 Battle of Monroe's Crossroads, North Carolina
1876 1st telephone call made (Alexander Graham Bell to Thomas Watson)
1880 General Wolseley opens new legislative council in Pretoria
1880 Salvation Army of England sets up US welfare and religious activity
1883 First electric trams begin running in London
1886 First Crufts's Dog show in London-organised by Charle Cruft, general manager of a dog biscuit firm
1893 Ivory Coast becomes a French colony
1893 New Mexico State University cancels its 1st graduation ceremony, its only graduate Sam Steele was robbed and killed the night before
1896 After Bob Fitzsimmons KOs much larger Jim Corbett to win world heavyweight championship he says, "The bigger they are, the harder they fall"
1896 Charilaos Vasilakos of Greece wins 1st modern marathon in 3:18
1900 Battle at Driefontein, South-Africa (Boers vs British army)
1902 A United States court of appeals rules that Thomas Edison did not invent the movie camera.
1902 Earthquake destroys Turkish city of Tochangri
1903 Harry Gammeter, Cleveland, patents multigraph duplicating machine
1905 Japanese Army captures Mukden (Shenyang)
1906 1st performance of Maurice Ravel's "Sonatine"
1906 At least 1099 miners are killed in a colliery disaster near Lens in France
1906 London Underground opens Bakeroo line (Baker Street to Waterloo Line)
1910 China ends slavery
1914 Suffragettes in London damages painter Rokeby's Venus of Velasquez
1915 British expedition Army in Belgium captures Neuve Chapelle
1918 Warner Bros. releases its first major film My Four Years in Germany.
1919 British Government decides in favour of building a tunnel underneath the English Channel linking England and France
1922 Mahatma Gandhi is arrested in India, tried for sedition, and sentenced to six years in prison, although he is released after two years of the sentence, being released in February 1924 after an operation for appendicitis.
1922 State of siege proclaimed during mine strike Johannesburg, South Africa
1923 Lenin suffers a stroke (not the stroke that killed him)
1925 Walter Mittelholzer is 1st to flies over Demawend mountain, Iran
1925 Olympiacos is founded in Piraeus.
1926 Run on Belgian banks
1927 Albania mobilize by threat of Serbian, Croatian and Slovenes
1927 Bavaria lifts ban on Hitler's speeches
1931 British Labour party removes fascist sir Oswald Mosley
1933 Major earthquake in Long Beach, CA
1939 17 villages damaged by hailstones in Hyderabad, India
1941 British and Italian troops meet in a brief conflict in Eritrea.
1941 Portsmouth suffers heavy casualties after another night of heavy bombing by the Luftwaffe.
1942 Ttroops capture Rangoon, Burma
1943 The USAAF 14th Air Force is formed in China, under General Claire Chennault, former head of the "Flying Tigers."
1943 The US House of Representatives votes to extend the Lend Lease plan.
1945 Germany blows-up Wessel Bridge on Rhine
1945 Japan declares Vietnam Independence
1945 Patton's 3rd Army makes contact with Hodge's 1st Army
1945 Tokyo in fire after night time B-29 bombing
1945 US troops lands on Mindanao
1946 Train derailment kills 185 near Aracaju Brazil
1951 Henri Queuille becomes Prime Minister of France.
1952 Military coup by General Fulgencio Batista in Cuba
1956 General strike in Cyprus protesting exile of archbishop Makarios
1956 Peter Twiss sets new world air record 1,132 mph (1,823 kph)
1957 Thousands of soccer fans riot in Italy
1959 Tennessee Williams' "Sweet Bird of Youth" premieres in New York NY
1959 Uprising against Chinese occupation force in Lhasa Tibet
1960 USSR agrees to stop nuclear testing
1964 US reconnaissance plane shot down over East Germany
1966 North Vietnamese capture US Green Beret Camp at Ashau Valley
1967 Singer Sandy Shaw releases 'Puppet on a String' which wins the Eurovision Song Contest for Britain
1968 Ferry boat sinks in harbor of Wellington, New Zealand (200 killed)
1969 James Earl Ray pleads guilty in murder of Martin Luther King Jr
1970 Capt. Ernest Medina is charged with My Lai war crimes.
1971 US Senate approves amendment lowering voting age to 18
1972 1st black US political convention opens (Gary, IN)
1972 General Lon Nol becomes President and prince Sirik Matak premier of Cambodia
1972 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakhstan/Semipalitinsk USSR
1973 Morocco adopts constitution
1974 Christian Democrats win Belgium parliamentary election
1974 A Japanese soldier is found on Lubanf Island in the Philippines unaware that World War II had ended 29 years earlier
1975 Dog spectacles patented in England
1977 Rings of Uranus discovered during occultation of SAO
1978 Soyuz 28 returns to Earth
1982 President Reagan proclaims economic sanctions against Libya
1982 Sygzygy: all 9 planets aligned on same side of Sun
1985 French socialists lose election (National Front 9%)
1987 Vatican formal opposition to test-tube fertilization, surrogate motherhood and embryo transfer
1987 Pan Am Flight 125 incident involving the forward cargo door no casualties
1988 Avalanche at Swiss Ski resort "Klosters" nearly kills Prince Charles
1989 Air Ontario Flight 1363 The aircraft crashed after only 15 seconds because it was not able to achieve enough altitude to clear the trees beyond the end of the runway due to ice and snow on the wings. 24 DIE
1990 Lieutenant General Avril resigns as President of Haiti
1990 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1990 Observer journalist Farzad Bazoft is sentenced to death by an Iraqi military court for espionage. Daphne Parish, a British nurse accused of helping him is sentenced to 15 years in prison
1991 500,000 people rally in Moscow in support of Russian President Boris Yeltsin
1994 1 million Greeks attend Melina Mercouri's funeral
1995 Car bomb explodes in Karachi at shiite mosque, 17+ killed
2000 The NASDAQ stock market index peaks at 5132.52, signaling the beginning of the end of the dot-com boom.
2006 Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter arrives at Mars.
2006 Mass unrest by the PCC started in São Paulo (the biggest city in Brazil) which would eventually kill more than 152 people

10th March 2006

Italy bid for PM corruption trial

Africa to decide on Darfur force

Dutch jail 'terror group' Muslims

10th March 2007

Iraq plea to help tackle violence

Civilians flee Sri Lanka fighting

Taleban try bartering for captive

10th March 2008

Baghdad bomb kills five US troops

Victorious Spanish PM urges unity

EU warns of climate change

10th March 2009

'Dozens dead' in Baghdad bombing

Riots break out in Kenyan capital

Sea rise 'to exceed projections'

10th March 2010

Scientists to review climate body

6 killed in attack on World Vision office

Collider to shut down for a year

Birthdates which occurred on 10th March :

1452 Ferdinand II the Catholic, King of Aragon/Sicily (expelled Jews)
1503 Ferdinand I German emperor (1558-64)
1538 Thomas Howard Duke of Norfolk; executed by Queen Elizabeth (1572)
1628 Constantine Huygens Jr Dutch poet/painter/cartoonist
1656 Adolf H van Rechteren Dutch diplomat/politician
1698 Gaetano Maria Schiassi composer
1713 Christian Friedrich Schale composer
1713 Raphael Weiss composer
1748 John Playfair Scotland, clergyman/geologist/mathematician
1755 Philipp Christoph Kayser composer
1771 Georg F Creuzer German philological/historian (Idea und Probe)
1772 Friedrich von Schlegel Germany, romantic writer/critic (Lucinde)
1776 Luise queen of Prussia/wife of Frederik Willem III
1780 Juan Jose Landaeta composer
1787 William Etty English painter (nudes)
1788 Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff German poet (Das Marmorbild)
1809 William David Porter Commander (Union Navy), died in 1864
1810 John McCloskey US, president of St John's College (Fordham University)
1812 Victor Tesch Belgian lawyer/minister of Justice
1818 George Wythe Randolph Secretary of War (Confederacy), died in 1867
1822 Willem Roelofs Dutch painter/lithographer
1824 Major General Thomas J Churchill Confederate Army/Fought at Wilson's Creek, Red River
1832 William Henry Penrose Brigadier General (Union volunteers), died in 1903
1833 Pedro Antonio de Alarcón Spain, writer (Three-Cornered Hat)
1839 Dudley Buck Hartford CT, organist/church composer
1842 Ina Donna Coolbrith US, poet laureate of California
1844 Pablo Martin M de Sarasate y Navascuez composer (Spanish Dancing)
1845 Alexander III [Romanov] Russian tsar (1881-94)
1850 Mary Mills Patrick US, 1st president of Istanbul Women's College
1865 Pim [Willem JH] Mulier Dutch journalist/writer/sport-organizer
1867 Lillian D Wald US, sociologist/organizer (Visiting Nurses)
1870 Alfred Kastner composer
1872 Felix Borowski composer
1873 Jakob Wassermann Germany, novelist (My Life as German & Jew)
1875 Alexander Borisovich Goldenweiser composer
1877 David Mendes Chumaceiro Curaçao, poet (Crisálidas)
1878 Karel van de Woestijne Flemish writer/poet (God at Sea)
1880 Michael Jacobs New York NY, boxing promoter
1884 Stuart Holmes Chicago IL, actor (Prisoner of Zenda)
1888 Barry Fitzgerald Dublin Ireland, actor (Academy Award-Going My Way)
1888 Krsto Odak composer
1891 Jacob van Gelderen economist/sociologist/Dutch 2nd Chamber (SDAP)
1891 Sam Jaffe New York NY, actor (Gunga Din, Dr Zorba-Ben Casey)
1892 Arthur Oscar Honnegger Le Havre France, composer (King David)
1892 Eva Turner British soprano
1896 Harry Krimer actor (Napoleon)
1896 Nancy Cunard writer
1898 Cy Kendall St Louis MO, actor (Mysteries of Chinatown)
1899 Finn Hoffding composer
19-- Ariane Munker actress (Ryan's Hope, Guiding Light, Doctors)
19-- Kari Kane rocker (Pretty Boy Floyd-Rock & Roll)
19-- Lissette Lima Peru, Spanish singer (Caricatura)
19-- Lupita D'Alessio Mexico, Spanish singer (Soy Autentica... Y Punto)
1900 Sherman Billingsley Enid OK, talk show host (Stork Club)
1903 Bix Beiderbecke jazz cornet player (In a Mist)
1905 Rene Bernier composer
1907 Robert de Roos composer
1908 Carl Albert US speaker of house (1971-77)
1908 Kristian Palusalu Finland, heavyweight wrestler (Olympics-gold-1936)
1909 Gerard Croiset Dutch clairvoyant
1911 Warner Anderson Brooklyn NY, actor (Doctor, Lineup, Matthew-Peyton Place)
1914 Chandler Harper golfer (1950 PGA champion)
1916 James Herriot Scotland, writer (All Creatures Great & Small)
1916 Manuel A "Manny" Greenhill record producer
1918 Heywood Hale Broun journalist
1920 Jethro Burns country singer (Homer & Jethro)
1923 [Kenneth C] "Jethro" Burns Conasauga TN, mandolinist/country singer (Homer & Jethro)
1921 Cec Linder Galica Poland, actor (Goldfinger)
1921 Paul Coates New York NY, columnist (Tonight! America After Dark)
1922 Adam Kennedy Lafayette IN, actor (Dion-Californian)
1922 Pamela Mason London, actress (Navy vs Night Monsters)
1923 Ara Parseghian football coach (Northwestern, Notre Dame)
1925 Ed van der Elsken movie photographer (Een liefdesgeschiedenis)
1925 M J J A [Sef] Imkamp Dutch politician (D66)
1926 Marques Haynes NBA hall of famer (Harlem Globetrotters)
1927 Claude Laydu actress (Diary of a Country Priest)
1927 Donn Trenner New Haven CT, orchestra leader (ABC's Nightlife)
1927 Paul Wunderlich German lithographer/painter/sculptor
1928 Arthur Milton cricketer (England opening batsman late 50's)
1928 James Earl Ray assassin (Martin Luther King Jr)
1930 Raymond Rasberry pianist/singer
1930 Sandor Iharos athlete
1932 Anatoliy Roschin USSR, super heavyweight wrestler (Olympics-gold-1972)
1933 Bernadetta Matuszczak composer
1934 Judith Jamison artistic director (Alvin Ailey Dance Theater)
1935 Gary Owens announcer (Laugh-in)
1936 Juda Bar-Norwegian Israeli/Dutch mime/actor (King)
1937 Oscar Abrams community organizer
1937 Tamara Press USSR, shot putter (Olympics-gold-1960, 64)
1938 Ijaz Butt cricketer (Pakistani opening batsman in 8 Tests 1958-60)
1938 Marina Vlady Clichy France, actress (Conjugal Bed, The Hunt)
1938 Ron Mix NFL tackle (San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders)
1939 Irina Press USSR, 80 meter hurdles/Pentathlete (Olympics-gold-1960, 64)
1940 Chuck [Carlos Ray] Norris Ryan OK, martial arts actor (Walker Texas Ranger, Missing in Action)
1940 David Rabe Dubuque IA, playwright (Streamers)
1940 Dean Torrence Los Angeles CA, surf music singer (Jan & Dean-Little Old Lady from Pasadena)
1940 Francis Schwartz composer
1940 Wayne Dyer psychologist (Universe Within You)
1941 Daniel Kirkland Lentz composer
1941 Piotr Warzecha composer
1941 Sandra Palmer Fort Worth TX, LPGA golfer (1986 Mayflower Classic)
1943 Alfred Whitford Lerdahl composer
1943 Angelique Pettyjohn Los Angeles CA, actress (Body Talk, Star Trek)
1943 Stephen Montague composer
1945 Katharine Houghton Hartford, actress (Guess Who's Coming to Dinner)
1946 Gaylord Birch drummer (Reconstruction, Honey Dripper)
1947 Avril "Kim" Campbell Canada's 1st female Prime Minister/19th Prime Minister (June 25, 1993-November 4, 1993)
1947 Laurie Langenbach Dutch author
1947 Tom Scholz rock guitarist/keyboardist (Boston-More Than a Feeling)
1948 Austin Carr NBA star (Cleveland Cavaliers)
1948 Eddie Grundy rocker
1950 Ted McKenna rocker (Alex Harvey Band)
1952 Oupa J Gqozo South African warden/army commandant (Ciskei)
1953 Caroline H "Carolien" van de Berg actress (Havinck)
1955 Bunny DeBarge Grand Rapids MI, rocker (Debarge)
1955 Juliusz Machulski Poland, director/writer/actor (Do It Yourself)
1956 Janet Anderson West Sunbury PA, LPGA golfer (1982 US Women's Open)
1957 Adolfo Horta Camaguey Cuba, heavyweight boxer (Olympics-silver-1980)
1957 Shannon Lee Tweed St Johns Newfoundland, playmate (November 1981) actress (Meatballs 3)
1958 Sharon Stone Meadville PA, actress (Basic Instinct, Sliver, Casino)
1960 Linda Jezek California, backstroke swimmer (Pan Am Gold-1979)
1961 Jesse Sapolu NFL guard (San Francisco 49ers)
1961 Laurel B Clark Ames IA, Lieutenant Commander USN/astronaut
1961 Mitch Gaylord Van Nuys CA, gymnast (Olympics 1984)/actor (American Anthem)
1962 Andre Waters NFL safety (Arizona Cardinals)
1962 Gary Clark rocker (Danny Wilson-Mary's Prayer)
1963 Jasmine Guy Boston MA, actress (Whitley-Different World)
1963 John Cangelosi Brooklyn NY, outfielder (Houston Astros)
1964 Cynthia Brimhall Ogden UT, playmate (October 1985)
1964 Greg Campbell cricketer (Aussie pace-bowler 1989-90)
1964 Neneh Cherry Stockholm Sweden, Swedish pop singer (Buffalo Stance)
1964 Prince Edward Anthony Richard Louis of Britain
1965 Paul Masotti CFL receiver (Toronto Argonauts)
1965 Rod Woodson NFL cornerback/kick returner (Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers)
1966 Edie Brickell Mrs Paul Simon/rocker (& New Bohemians)
1966 Michael Timlin Midland TX, pitcher (Toronto Blue Jays)
1966 Stephen Mailer New York NY, actor (Red Meat, League of Their Own, War & Love)
1967 Derrick Graham guard (Seattle Seahawks)
1969 Jay Hillmann WLAF running back (Rhein Fire)
1969 Ricky Seagall rocker (Partridge Family)
1969 Stephen Leaney Australia, Canadian Tour golfer (1993 Infinit TPC-7th)
1970 Antonio Edwards NFL defensive end (Seattle Seahawks)
1971 Frank Habermann WLAF defensive linebacker (Rhein Fire)
1971 Morris Unutoa corner (Philadelphia Eagles)
1971 Shad Williams Fresno CA, pitcher (California Angels)
1972 Jack Kellogg WLAF CB (Frankfurt Galaxy)
1973 Eva Herzigova Litvinov Czechoslovakia, model (Guess Jeans, Wonderbra)
1975 Stefan Bergkvist Leksand Sweden, NHL defenseman (Pittsburgh Penguins)
1976 Barbara Schett Innsbruck Austria, tennis star
1977 Shannon Miller Rolla MO, gymnast (Olympics-2 gold/2 silver/3 bronze-92, 96)


Deaths which occurred on March 10th:
0037 Tiberius Claudius Nero Roman emperor (14-37), dies at 78
0483 Simplicius Italian Pope (468-83), dies
1546 Thomas Elyot English diplomat (Boke named the Governor), dies at 46
1585 Rembert Dodoens [Rembertus Dodonaeus], physician/botanist, dies at 67
1592 Michiel Coxcie Flemish (court)painter/carpet designer, dies
1597 Petrus Forestus Dutch physician (Willem of Orange), dies
1700 Diogo Diaz Melgaz composer, dies at 61
1701 Johann Schelle composer, dies at 52
1716 Wenzel Ludwig von Radolt composer, dies at 48
1735 Dirk T van Cloon Dutch lawyer/Governor-General of E Indies, dies at about 46
1792 John Stuart 3rd earl of Bute/English premier (1760-63), dies at 78
1819 Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi writer, dies
1826 Johan VI M L J King of Portugal (1816-26), dies at 56
1832 Muzio Clementi Italian composer, dies at 79
1861 Josepf François Snel composer, dies at 67
1864 Maximilian II Jozef King of Bayern (1848-64), dies at 52
1865 William Henry "Little Billy" Chase Whiting Confederate General-Major, dies at 48
1866 Antonio Francesco Gaetano S Pacini composer, dies at 87
1870 Isaak-Ignaz Moscheles composer, dies at 75
1872 Giuseppe Mazzini Italian revolutionary (Giovane Italy), dies at 66
1875 Louis Joseph Daussoigne-Mehul composer, dies at 84
1888 Ciro Pinsuti Italian pianist/composer, dies at 57
1892 Otto van Raised Governor-General of Netherland Indies (1884-88), dies at 69
1897 Teodulo Mabellini composer, dies at 79
1900 Johann Peter Emilius Hartmann composer, dies at 94
1901 Vasily Georgiyevich Wrangell composer, dies at 38
1906 Eugen Richter German MP (Liberal), dies at 67
1910 Carl Heinrich Carsten Reinecke composer, dies at 85
1910 Karl Lueger Austrian anti-semite/mayor of Vienna, dies at 65
1913 Harriet Tubman abolitionist, conductor on Underground RR, dies in New York
1922 Arthur Hervey composer, dies at 67
1922 Horace Wadham Nicholl composer, dies at 73
1935 Barend Barendse actor/director (Broken Lives), dies at 82
1940 Louis de Vries Dutch actor (Merchant of Venice), dies at 68
1943 Tully Marshall actor (Let's Go, Red Dust), dies at 78
1944 David Vogel Ukrainian author, dies in Auschwitz at 52
1948 Jan Masaryk Czechoslovakian Foreign minister, commits suicide or is murdered
1953 Charles Gordon Curtis inventor of (Curtis-steam turbine), dies at 92
1966 Frederik "Frits" Zernike Dutch physicist (Nobel 1953), dies at 77
1966 Mari Sandoz US author (Cheyenne Autumn), dies at 64
1968 Helen Walker actress (Brewster's Million), dies of cancer at 47
1971 Mabel Wheeler Daniels composer, dies at 92
1973 Sir Richard Sharples Governor of Bermuda, is assassinated
1974 June Harrison actress (Land of the Lawless), dies at 48
1974 Quinto Maganini composer, dies at 76
1975 Leopold Samuel composer, dies at 91
1977 E Power Biggs English organist/composer (CBS), dies at 70
1977 Pieter Jan Bouman Dutch sociologist/historian, dies at 74
1977 Willem Schermerhorn Dutch premier (1945-46), dies at 82
1980 Doctor Tarnoff Jean Harris kills Scarsdale diet doctor
1980 Herman Tarnower doctor (Scarsdale Diet), killed by Jean Harris
1984 June Marlowe actress (Pardon US), dies at 81
1985 Konstantin Chernenko party leader/President of USSR (1984-85), dies at 73
1986 Ray Milland actor (Lost Weekend-Academy Award 1945), dies at 81
1988 Andy Gibb singer, dies in Oxford England of an inflammatory heart virus at 30
1988 Glenn Cunningham US world record miler, dies at 78
1988 William Brocklesby Wordsworth composer, dies at 79
1990 Michael Stewart UK Secretary of State (1965-66, 68-70), dies
1992 Roy Holmer Wallack dies of pneumonia at 64
1993 C Northcote Parkinson English historian/sociologist (Law of P), dies
1993 David Gunn abortion doctor, killed by Michael Griffin at 47
1994 Cecil Rolph Hewitt journalist/policeman, dies at 92
1994 Charles Bukowski German/US writer (Barfly, Hollywood), dies at 73
1994 Robert Shea author, dies of cancer
1995 Alexander Hyatt-King Mozart scholar, dies at 84
1995 Carel Birnie ballet producer, dies at 69
1995 Hendrik W van Leeuwen Dutch musician, dies at 79
1995 Richard Baerlein racing writer, dies at 84
1996 Lucius E Burch Jr US civil rights leader, dies at 84
1996 Ross Hunter US producer (Airport, Madame X, Pillow Talk), dies at 75

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