29th June, on this day

512 A solar eclipse is recorded by a monastic chronicler in Ireland.
1149 Raymond of Antioch is defeated and killed at the Battle of Inab by Nur ad-Din.
1194 Sverre is crowned King of Norway.
1534 Jacques Cartier makes the European discovery of Prince Edward Island.
1613 The original Globe Theatre in London burns down after a cannon is fired during a performance of a Shakespearean play and sets fire to the straw roof
1620 After denouncing smoking as a health hazard, King James I of England bans the growing of tobacco in Britain
1644 Charles I of England defeats a Parliamentarian detachment at the Battle of Cropredy Bridge, the last battle won by an English King on English soil.
1659 The Russians, led by prince Trubetskoy are defeated by the Ukrainian armies of Ivan Vyhovsky in the Battle of Konotop.
1767 British passes Townshend Revenue Act levying taxes on America
1776 Mission Dolores founded by SF Bay
1776 Va state constitution adopted AND Patrick Henry made governor
1786 Alexander Macdonell and over five hundred Roman Catholic highlanders leave Scotland to settle in Glengarry County, Ontario.
1801 Britain holds its first population census - producing a population figure of 8,800,000
1854 Gadsden Purchase (parts of Az, NM) from Mexico for $10 million
1855 Publication of the first edition of the Daily Telegraph newspaper
1858 Treaty of Algun, China cedes north bank of Amur River to Russia
1862 Day 5 of the 7 Days-Battle of Savage's Station
1863 Lee orders his forces to concentrate near Gettysburg, PN
1863 Very 1st First National Bank opens in Davenport, Iowa
1864 Grand Trunk Railway accident; 100 killed
1868 Formation of the Press Association in London - the UK's first national news agency
1880 France annexes Tahiti.
1888 First (known) recording of classical music made, Handel's Israel in Egypt on wax cylinder.
1895 Laying of the Foundation Stone for Westminster Cathedral in London
1895 Doukhobors burn their weapons as a protest against conscription by the Tsarist Russian government.
1899 Brazo River in Texas floods 12 miles wide causing $10 mil damage
1899 The Headingley cricket ground in Leeds hosts its first Test Match - England v Australia
1905 Inaugural meeting of the Automobile Association (AA) in the Trocadero Restaurant in London - an organisation set up to campaign for the rights of motorists
1913 Beginning of the 2nd Balkan War
1914 Jina Guseva attempts to assassinate Grigori Rasputin at his home town in Siberia.
1916 Sir Roger Casement, Irish Nationalist and British diplomat is sentenced to death for his part in the Easter Rising.
1916 Boeing aircraft flies for 1st time
1925 Canada House opens in London, England.
1927 1st flight from West Coast US arrives in Hawaii

1929 1st high-speed jet wind tunnel completed Langley Field Ca
1936 Empire State Building emanates high definition TV-343 lines
1940 US passes Alien Registration Act requiring Aliens to register
1945 Ruthenia, formerly in Czechoslovakia, becomes part of Ukrainian SSR
1946 British arrest 2,700 Jews in Palestine as alleged terrorists
1949 South Africa begins implementing apartheid; no mixed marriages
1949 US troops withdraw from Korea after WW II
1952 1st aircraft carrier to sail around Cape Horn-Oriskany
1954 Atomic Energy Comm voted against reinstating Dr J Robert Oppenheimer
1956 American playwright Arthur Miller marries Hollywood film star Marilyn Monroe
1958 Brazil win football's World Cup - beating Sweden 5-2 in the final in Stockholm.
1960 Opening of the BBC Television Centre in London.
1961 Launch of Transit 4a, with 1st nuclear power supply (SNAP-3)
1962 1st flight Vickers (British Aerospace) VC-10 long-range airliner
1963 Beatles' 1st song "From Me to You" hits the UK charts
1964 1st draft of Star Trek's pilot "The Cage" released
1964 Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed after 83-day filibuster in Senate
1966 In Britain, Barclays Bank introduces the Barclaycard - the UK's first credit card.
1966 US bombs fuel storage facilities near N Vietnamese cities
1967 Israel removes barricades, re-unifying Jerusalem
1967 Keith Richards is sentenced to 1 year in jail on drugs charge
1969 1st Jewish worship service at White House
1970 US ends 2 month military offensive into Cambodia
1971 Three Russian cosmonauts are killed when their Soyuz 11 spacecraft crashes on landing
1972 USSR launches Prognoz 2 into earth orbit (549/200,000 km)
1974 Isabel Perón is sworn in as the first female President of Argentina. Her husband President Juan Peron had delegated responsibility due to weak health and died two days later
1976 Seychelles gains independence from Britain
1977 Supreme Court ruled out death penalty for rapists of adults
1978 Walter F Mondale begins trip to Mid-East
1984 USSR offers to start talking about banning SDI
1986 Entrepreneur Richard Branson sets a new speed record for crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a hot air balloon - 3 days, 8 hours and 31 minutes.
1986 Argetina win football's World Cup - beating West Germany 3-2 in the final in Mexico City

1990 Marla Maples' father sues the National Enquirer for $12M
1995 STS-71 Mission (Atlantis docks with the Russian space station Mir for the first time.)
1995 The Sampoong Department Store collapses in the Seocho-gu district of Seoul, South Korea, killing 501 and injuring 937.
1995 Lisa Clayton becomes the first woman to make a solo non-stop voyage around the world - completing a 286 day voyage.
1997 American heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson is disqualified from the ring for biting off part of the ear of Evander Holyfield in the third round of their fight in Las Vegas
2002 2nd Battle of the Western Sea between South Korea and North Korea lead to the death of six South Korean sailors and sinking of a North Korean vessel.
2002 U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, serves as Acting President for two and a half hours, while President George W. Bush undergoes a colonoscopy procedure.
2006 Hamdan v. Rumsfeld: The U.S. Supreme Court rules that President George W. Bush's plan to try Guantanamo Bay detainees in military tribunals violates U.S. and international law.
2007 Two car bombs are found in the heart of London at Piccadilly Circus.
2007 Apple Inc. released the iPhone for the United States market.

29th June 2006

US Guantanamo tribunals 'illegal'

Israel justifies Hamas detentions

Google launches payment service

29th June 2007

Police avert car bomb 'carnage'

Red + condemns Burma 'abuses'

Lebanon army 'kills protesters'

29th June 2008

Defiant Mugabe seals sixth term

Israel approves prisoner exchange

Chinese riots over girl's death

29th June 2009

Fraudster Madoff gets 150 years

Afghan guards held after shootout

Russian exercises anger Georgia

29th June 2010

India Maoists kill 26 policemen

Shares slump on euro bank fears

Iraq army general dies as bombings kill 8

Birthdates which occurred on 29th June :

1805 Hiram Powers US sculptor (Greek Slave)
1858 George Washington Goethals engineer (built Panama Canal)
1861 William James Mayo surgeon/co-founder Mayo clinic in Minnesota
1863 James Harvey Robinson Ill, historian (Ordeal of Civilization)
1865 Shigechiyo Izumi achieved oldest authenticated age (120 y 237 d)
1865 William E Borah lawyer/(Sen-R-Id)
1886 James Van DerZee famous African
19-- Don Dokken heavy metal rocker (Dokken-Alone Again)
19-- John Fujioka Olau Hawaii, actor, (Kevin-Last Resort)
19-- Kimberlin Brown actress (Sheila-Young & Restless)
19-- Wendy Kilbourne actress (Devon-Midnight Caller)
1900 Antoine Saint-Exup‚ry France, aviator/writer (Wind, Sand & Stars)
1901 Frieda Inescort Edinburgh Scotland, actress (Pride & Prejudice)
1901 Nelson Eddy actor/baritone (Great Duets with Jeanette MacDonald)
1907 Joan Davis St Paul Minn, actress (I Married Joan)
1909 Leroy Anderson US, composer (Syncopated Clock)
1911 Prince Bernhard Germany, (Constort to Queen Juliana of Netherlands)
1912 Jos‚ Pablo Moncayo Garcia Guadalajara M‚xico, composer (Huapango)
1914 Rafael Kubelik Bychory Czechoslovakia, conductor (Cornelia Farooli)
1916 Ruth Warwick St Joseph Mo, actress (All My Children, Peyton Place)
1919 Slim Pickens Kingsburg Calif, actor (Dr Strangelove, Blazing Saddles)
1923 Chou Wen-Chung Cheefoo China, composer (Mode of Shang)
1924 Ezra Laderman NYC, composer (Jacob & the Indians)
1925 Cara Williams Bkln NY, actress (Pete & Gladys, Cara Williams Show)
1928 Ian Bannen Scotland, actor (Eye of the Needle, Gorky Park)
1929 Johnny Ace Memphis, ballad singer (My Song)
1929 Peter George US, light middleweight (Olympic-gold-1952)
1930 Robert Evans US, actor/director (Best of Everything)
1933 Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle actor (Keystone Comedies, Mabel & Fatty)
1934 Carl Levin (Sen-D-MI)
1936 David Jenkins US, figure skater (Olympic-gold-1960)
1936 Harmon Killebrew baseball player (Minnesota Twins)
1938 Billy Storm singer (Valiants-This is the Night)
1941 Kwame Toure (Stokley Carmichael) civil rights leader
1943 Roger Ruskin Spear rocker (Bonzo Dog Band-Urban Spaceman)
1944 Gary Busey Goose Creek Tx, actor (Buddy Holly Story, Star in Born)
1945 "Little" Eva Boyd rock vocalist (Locomotion)
1947 Richard Lewis comedian/actor (Anything But Love)
1948 Fred Grandy Sioux City Iowa, actor (Gopher-Love Boat)/(Rep-R-Iowa)
1949 Dan Dierdorf NFLer, sportscaster (Monday Night Football)
1959 Larry Parham 4th victim of NYC's Zodiac killer (1st to die)
1960 Sergey Kopylov USSR, cyclist (Olympic-gold-1980)
1963 Anne-Sophie Mutter Rheinfeldin Germany, violinist (Berlin Phil)
1964 Pepper Johnson NFL line backer (NY Giants)
1964 Stedman Pearson rocker (5 Star-Silk & Steel)
1967 Melora Hardin Houston Tx, actress (Family Tree, Best Times)
1972 Samantha Smith Houlton Mo, actress (Elizabeth-Lime Street)


Deaths which occurred on June 29th:
1852 Henry Clay the great compromiser, dies at 75
1923 General JC Gomez Venezuala's 1st VP, assassinated
1941 Ignace Paderewski Polish statesman pianist, dies in NY at 80
1959 A Cecil Snyder Chief Justice of Puerto Rico, dies at 51
1967 Jayne Mansfield actress, dies in a car crash at 34
1978 Bob Crane actor (Hogan's Heroes), murdered at 59
1979 Lowell George rocker (Mothers of Invention. Little Feat), dies at 34
1982 Henry King director, dies at 86
1986 Robert Drivas actor (Our Private World), dies at 47
1990 Irving Wallace author (Book of Lists, Peoples Almanac), dies at 74

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