23rd June, on this day

1305 Flemish-French peace treaty signed at Athis-sur-Orge.
1314 Start of the Battle of Bannockburn south of Stirling, Edward II of England & Robert I of Scotland met in battle. Scotland won and Edward fled the field and Scotland.
1532 Henry VIII and François I sign secret treaty against Emperor Charles V.
1565 Turgut Reis (Dragut), commander of the Ottoman Navy dies, during the Siege of Malta.
1611 The mutinous crew of Henry Hudson's fourth voyage sets Henry, his son and seven loyal crew members adrift in an open boat in what is now Hudson Bay; they are never heard from again.
1661 Marriage contract between Charles II of England and Catharina of Portugal.
1683 William Penn signs friendship treaty with Lenni Lenape indians
in Pennsylvania; only treaty "not sworn to, nor broken"
1713 French residents of Acadia given one year to declare allegiance to Britain or leave Nova Scotia Canada.
1757 British troops, commanded by Robert Clive, win the Battle of Plassey in Bengal - laying the foundations of the British Empire in India
1758 Battle of Krefeld - British forces defeat French troops at Krefeld in Germany.
1760 Battle of Landshut, Silesia
1775 1st regatta held on Thames, England
1784 1st US balloon flight (13 year old Edward Warren)
1794 Empress of Russia Catherine II grants Jews permission to settle in Kiev.
1810 John Jacob Astor organizes Pacific Fur Co (Astoria, Oregon)
1812 War of 1812: Great Britain had revoked the restrictions on American commerce, thus eliminating one of the chief reasons for going to war.
1848 Bloody insurrection of workers in Paris
1848 Adolphe Sax patents the saxophone
1860 US Secret Service created
1865 At Fort Towson, Gen Stand Watie surrenders last sizeable army

1868 The world's first practical typewriter is patented by Christopher Sholes in Milwaukee, USA with keys laid out in alphabetical order
1888 Frederick Douglass is the first African-American nominated for US president.
1894 International Olympic Committee is founded at the Sorbonne, Paris, at the initiative of Baron Pierre de Coubertin.
1919 Defeat of German forces at Cesis in northern Latvia during Estonian Liberation War, now celebrated annually as Estonian Victory Day.
1925 Landslides create 3-mile long "Slide Lake" (Gros Ventre, Wyoming)
1931 Wiley Post and Harold Catty took off for flight around world
1938 Marineland opens in Florida-1st aquarium
1939 Government of Eire declares membership of the IRA (Irish Republican Army) to be illegal
1939 France turns over Sanjak of Alexandretta (the Hatay) to Turkey
1940 German leader Adolf Hitler surveys newly defeated Paris in now occupied France.
1941 Lithuanian Activist Front initiates Lithuanian 1941 independence from the Soviet Union; it lasted only briefly as the Nazis occupied Lithuania a few weeks later.
1942 The first selections for the gas chamber at Auschwitz take place on a trainload of Jews from Paris.
1942 Germany's latest fighter, a Focke-Wulf FW190 is captured intact when it mistakenly lands in Wales.
1944 4 tornadoes strike Appalachia, killing 153
1944 Thomas Mann becomes a US citizen
1945 The Imperial Japanese armed forces ended organized resistance to the U.S. armed forces in the Mabuni area on the southern tip of the main island of Okinawa.
1947 Truman's veto of Taft-Hartley Act overridden by congress
1949 1st 12 women graduate from Harvard Medical School
1951 British diplomats Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean flee to the USSR before the British authorities have the opportunity to arrest them for spying
1955 Walt Disney's "Lady and the Tramp" released
1956 Colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser becomes President of Egypt after an election in which voting is compulsory and he is the only candidate
1959 Convicted Manhattan Project spy Klaus Fuchs is released after only nine years in prison and allowed to emigrate to Dresden, East Germany (where he resumed a scientific career).
1959 A fire in a resort hotel in Stalheim, Norway kills 34 people
1967 John Entwistle of the rock group Who weds Alison Wise
1967 LBJ and Alexei Kosygin hold 1st of 2 summit meetings in Glassboro, NJ
1967 US Senate censures Thomas J Dodd (D-Ct) for misusing campaign funds
1968 74 are killed and 150 injured in a football stampede towards a closed exit in a Buenos Aires stadium.
1969 Joe Frazier beats Jerry Quarry for the heavyweight boxing title
1970 Rocker Chubby Checker arrest for marijuana pocession
1972 Hurricane Agnes is costliest natural disaster in American history
1972 45 countries leave the Sterling Area, allowing their currencies to fluctuate independently of the British Pound.
1972 Nixon and Haldeman agree to use CIA to cover up Watergate
1972 President Nixon signs act barring sex discrimination in college sports
1973 A fire at a house in Hull, England, which kills a six year old boy is passed off as an accident; it later emerges as the first of 26 deaths by fire caused over the next seven years by arsonist Peter Dinsdale.
1976 CCN Tower in Toronto, tallest free-standing structure (555 m) opens
1979 The rock group, the Knack releases "My Sharona"
1981 Amanda Maccaro becomes 1st American to win Russian Ballet Competition
1981 NYC mayor Koch turns down a $7,500 offer to perform comedy
1985 An Air India jumbo jet explodes (terrorist bomb) off the coast of Ireland killing all 329 on board
1986 Tip O'Neill refuses to let Reagan address House
1986 Brighton bomber Patrick Magee, found guilty of planting the bomb at the Grand Hotel, Brighton during the Conservative Party Conference in 1983, is jailed for a minimum of 35 years
1988 James Hansen testifies to U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources that it was 99% probable that global warming had begun.
1989 The movie "Batman" premiers
1990 Moldavia declares independence.
1990 A rally to save Alien Nation from cancellation held at Stat of Liberty
1991 Tony Randall and Jack Klugman star in Bdwy performance of Odd Couple
1997 Diana, Princess of Wales apologises for taking her two sons, Princes William and Harry, to see the 15 certificated film The Devil's Own about an IRA assassin

23rd June 2006

Iraq attacks leave 14 dead

Seven charged over 'Chicago plot'

US secretly tracked bank records

23rd June 2007

Karzai angry over West's tactics

EU leaders agree on reform treaty

N Korea reactor 'shut in weeks'

23rd June 2008

Tsvangirai seeks embassy refuge

EU imposes new sanctions on Iran

Raids hit EU 'people-smugglers'

23rd June 2009

'Dozens dead' in US drone strike

German troops die in Afghanistan

Intel and Nokia band together

23rd June 2010

Obama fires US Afghan commander

Four soldiers die in Afghanistan

2 die in Gulf spill clean-up

Birthdates which occurred on 23rd June :

1763 Jos‚phine Martinique, empress of France
1846 George Sax inventor (the saxophone)
1848 Antoine Joseph Sax inventor (the saxophone)
1875 Carl Milles Uppsala Sweden, fountain sculptor (Wedding of Rivers)
1876 Irvin S Cobb Ky, writer/humorist (Old Judge Priest)
1887 John Finley Williamson Canton Ohio, conductor (Westminster Choir)
1894 Alfred Kinsey entomologist/sexologist (Kinsey Report)
1894 Duke of Windsor [King Edward VIII of England] (briefly in 1936)
19-- Chuck Billy rocker (Testament-Souls of Black)
19-- Jim Metzler Newburgh NY, actor (Best Times, North & South)
19-- Joseph Roman South Phila, actor (Sgt Brill-Quincy ME)
19-- Lela Ivey actress (Edge of Night)
19-- Lizzy Borden rocker (Red Rum, Norturios)
1902 Dr Howard T Engstrom Boston, a designer of Univac computer
1904 Dr Carleton Coon prof of anthropology (What in the World)
1910 Jean Anouilh France, dramatist (Thieves' Carnival)
1911 David Ogilvy advertising whiz (Ogilvy & Mathers)
1912 Alan Turing mathematician pioneer in computer theory (Turing Machine)
1913 William P Rogers US secretary of state (1969-73)
1916 Irene Worth Nebraska, actress (Deathtrap, Nicolas & Alexandra)
1922 Francis Thorne Bay Shore NY, composer (Burlesque Overture)
1927 Bob Fosse Chicago Ill, choreographer/director (Cabaret, Damn Yankees)
1929 Dave King Twickenham England, comedian (Kraft Music Hall)
1929 Henri Pousseur Malm‚dy Belgium, composer (Homo Habitis)
1929 June Carter Cash Maces Spring Va, country singer (Johnny Cash Show)
1930 Donn F Eisele Columbus Ohio, Col USAF/astronaut (Apollo 7)
1933 Bert Convy game show host (Win, Lose or Draw)
1935 Gy”rgy K rp ti Hungary, water polo (Olympic-gold-1952, 56, 64)
1940 Adam Faith England, singer (Poor Me, What Do You Want?)
1940 Diana Trask Australia, singer (Sing Along With Mitch)
1940 Wilma Rudolph US, 100m/200m sprinter (Olympic-gold-1960)
1943 James Levine musical conductor (Tosca)
1946 Russ Thacker Wash DC, producer (Golden Seal)
1946 Ted Shackelford Okla City Okla, actor (Dallas, Knots Landing)
1950 Sally Geeson Sussex England, actress (Bless This House)
1953 Filbert Bayi Tanzania, 3,000m runner (Olympic-silver-1980)
1962 Paul LaGreca Bronx NY, actor
1964 Joey Allen Ft Wayne Indiana, rock guitarist (Warrant-Cherry Pie)
1964 Trent Bushey Haverhill Mass, actor (David Rampal-All My Children)
1967 Laurie Wood Orange Calif, playmate (March, 1989)


Deaths which occurred on June 23rd:
1969 Stanley Andrews actor (Old Ranger-Death Valley Days), dies at 78
1972 Elton Britt country singer (Sat Night Jamboree), dies at 54
1973 Fay Holden actress (Mother-Andy Hardy films), dies at 77

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