20th June, on this day

451 Battle of Chalons: Flavius Aetius' victory over Attila the Hun.
1214 University of Oxford receives its charter.
1402 Battle of Angora (Ankara)-Tatars defeat Turkish Army
1567 Jews are expelled from Brazil by order of regent Don Henrique
1631 The sack of Baltimore: the Irish village of Baltimore is attacked by Algerian pirates.
1632 Britain grants 2nd Lord Baltimore rights to Chesapeake Bay area
1685 Monmouth Rebellion: James Scott, 1st Duke of Monmouth declares himself King of England at Bridgwater.
1756 In India, the night of the infamous 'Black Hole of Calcutta' where more than 140 British soldiers and civilians are placed in a small prison cell - 18 feet by 14 feet - by the Nawab of Bengal. The following morning only 23 emerge alive
1779 Battle of Stone Ferry
1782 Congress approves Great Seal of US and the eagle as it's symbol
1789 In France, the formation of the National Assembly to oppose the domination of the French aristocracy - Tennis Court Oath
1791 King Louis XVI caught trying to escape French Revolution
1792 A crowd of at least 20,000 storm the Tuilieries in Paris in an attempt to negotiate constitutional and social reforms with king Louis XVI
1793 Eli Whitney applies for a cotton gin patent
1819 Paddle-wheel steamship SS Savannah becomes the first steamship to cross the Atlantic - arriving in Liverpool, England after departing Savannah, Georgia USA 27 and a half days earlier
1837 England issues its 1st stamp, 1P Queen Victoria
1837 Queen Victoria at 18 ascends British throne following death of uncle King William IV Ruled for 63 years ending in 1901
1862 Barbu Catargiu, the Prime Minister of Romania, is assassinated.
1863 1st bank chartered in US (National Bank of Davenport Iowa)
1863 West Virginia admitted as 35th US state
1867 President Andrew Johnson announces purchase of Alaska
1871 Ku Klux Klan trials began in federal court in Oxford Miss
1874 1st US Lifesaving Medal awarded (Lucian Clemons)
1877 Alexander Graham Bell installs world's first commercial telephone service in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
1893 Lizzie Borden found innocent in New Bedford Mass
1895 1st female doctor of science earned (Caroline Willard Baldwin)
1895 Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras form a short-lived confederation
1900 The assassinaion of the German Ambassador in Beijing, Baron von Ketteler, begins the siege of the foreign legations in the city by the Chinese group known as Boxers (righteous, harmonious fists). The Boxer Rebellion lasts until the middle of August, 1900
1910 "Krazy Kat" comic strip by George Herriman debuts in NY Journal
1919 150 die at the Teatro Yaguez fire, Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.
1923 Mexican revolutionary leader Pancho Villa is assassinated on his farm
1926 Mordecai W Johnson becomes 1st black president of Howard University
1936 Jesse Owens of the US sets 100 meter record at 10.2
1939 Test flight of 1st rocket plane using liquid propellants
1942 World War II: German troops in North Africa captured the coastal town of Tobruk
1943 New Quebec (Chubb) Crater discovered in northern Quebec
1944 Congress charters Central Intelligence Agency
1944 Battle of the Philippine Sea concludes with a decisive US naval victory. The lopsided naval air battle is also known as the “Great Marianas Turkey Shoot”.
1947 President Truman vetoes Taft-Hartley Act
1948 Toast of the Town, later The Ed Sullivan Show, debuts.
1949 American tennis player 'Gorgeous' Gussie Moran causes a sensation at the Wimbledon Championships by wearing lace-trimmed pants under a short skirt
1956 A Venezuelan Super-Constellation crashed in Atlantic Ocean off Asbury Park, New Jersey killing 74 people.
1960 Federation of Mali and Senegal becomes independent of France
1960 American Floyd Patterson becomes the first boxer to regain the world heavyweight championship - knocking out Sweden's Ingemar Johansson in New York
1963 Beatles form "Beatles Ltd" to handle their income
1963 Russia and America agree to install a telephone 'hot-line' between Moscow and Washington - completed on August 30th
1966 Sheila Scott completes 1st round-the-world solo flight by a woman
1967 Muhammad Ali convicted of refusing induction into armed services
1968 Jim Hines becomes 1st person to run 100 meters in under 10 seconds
1969 150,000 attend Newport '69, Jimi Hendrix gets $120,000 to appear
1969 A referendum in Rhodesia backs Premier Ian Smith's proposal for the country to declare itself a republic
1973 Ezeiza massacre in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Snipers fired upon left-wing peronists. At least 13 are killed and more than 300 injured.
1975 The film 'Jaws' goes on general release throughout the United States of America
1977 Opening of the 8,000 mile oil pipeline across Alaska. Oil enters Trans-Alaska pipeline exits 38 days later at Valdez
1982 Israeli PM Menachem Begin arrives in Washington
1986 Doctors at Bethesda Naval remove 2 small benign polyps from Reagan's colon
1987 Rugby Union's first World Cup is won by New Zealand - beating France 29-9 in the final in Auckland
1987 Johnny Carson marries 4th wife Alexis Mass
1988 Price is Right model Janice Pennington is knocked out by a TV camera
1990 40,000-50,000 die in a (7.6) earthquake in Iran
1990 Nelson Mandela lands in NYC to begin a tour of the US
1990 Asteroid Eureka discovered.
1991 German parliament decides to move the capital from Bonn back to Berlin.
1996 English cricket umpire Harold 'Dickie' Bird receives a standing ovation by players and spectators at Lords when he takes the field to officiate in his final Test Match

20th June 2006

US soldiers' bodies found

IVF could 'ease population woes'

Paris unveils tribal art museum

20th June 2007

EU to drop idea of constitution

First S Leone war crimes verdicts

Strike bites in Nigerian cities

20th June 2008

China 'frees Tibetan protesters'

Israelis 'rehearse Iran attack'

Abu Hamza loses extradition fight

20th June 2009

'Many dead' in Iraq truck bombing

'Dozens dead' in Pakistan clashes

Iran police clash with protesters

20th June 2010

Twin Baghdad car bombings kill 26

Poland votes after deadly crash

Israel eases curbs on Gaza goods

Birthdates which occurred on 20th June :

1674 Nicholas Rowe England, poet laureate (Jane Shore, Tamerlane)
1819 Jacques Offenbach Cologne, French composer (Tales of Hoffmann)
1868 Helen Miller Shepard philanthropist/established Hall of Fame
1894 George Delacorte NYC, philanthropist/publisher (Dell Books)
1899 Helen Traubel St Louis, Missouri, soprano (or 6/16/1903)
1899 Jean Moulin hero of the French Resistance during WW II
19-- Alisan Porter actress (Tess Holland-Perfect Strangers)
19-- Amir Derakh rocker (Jailhouse-Alive in a Mad World)
19-- Chuck Wagner Nashville Tn, actor (Automan)
19-- Jimmy Chalfant rocker (Kix-Hot Wire)
19-- Larry Riley Memphis Tn, actor (Harry-Stir Crazy)
19-- Paul Kreppel Kingston NY, actor (Sonny-It's a Living)
1903 Glenna Collett Vare RI, Natl Am Golf champ (1922, 25, 28-30, 35)
1906 Bob Howard Newton Mass, singer/pianist (Sing it Again)
1907 Lillian Hellman playwright (Toys in the Attic, Little Foxes)
1909 Errol Flynn actor (Captain Blood, Robin Hood, Against All Flags)
1911 Gail Patrick Birmingham Ala, actress (My Man Godfrey, Love Crazy)
1919 Bruce Gordon London England, actor (Frank Nitti-Untouchables)
1920 DeForest Kelley Atlanta Ga, actor (Dr Leonard McCoy-Star Trek)
1924 Audie Murphy Kingston Tx, WWII hero/actor (Destry, Joe Butterfly)
1924 Chet Atkins Luttrell Tenn, guitarist (Me & My Guitar)
1928 Jean-Marie Le-Pen France, leader National Front party
1928 Martin Landau actor (Mission Impossible, Space 1999, Tucker)
1931 Arne Nordheim Larvik Norway, conductor/composer (Aftonland)
1931 Olympia Dukakis actress (Moonstruck)
1933 Brett Halsey Santa Ana Calif, actress (Paul-Follow the Sun)
1933 Danny Aiello NYC, actor (Moonstruck, Radio Days)
1933 Jean Boiteux France, 400m freestyle swimmer (Olympic-gold-1952)
1934 Rossana Podesta Tripoli Lybia, actress (Hercules, Ulysses)
1942 Brian Wilson Inglewood Calif, singer (Beachboys-In My Room)
1945 Anne Murray Nova Scotia, Canada, singer (Snow Bird)
1945 James F Buchli New Rockford ND, USMC/astr (STS 51C, 61A, 29, 48)
1945 John McCook Ventura Cal, actor (Codename: Firefox, Bold & Beautiful)
1946 Andr‚ Watts Nuremberg Germany, concert pianist (Oberon)
1947 Candy Clark actress (Man Who Fell to Earth, Q, American Graffiti)
1950 Lionel Richie singer (Commodores, Hello, Penny Lover)
1952 John Goodman actor (Roseanne, Everyone's All American)
1953 Brian Duffy Boston Mass, Major USAF/astronaut (STS 45)
1953 Cyndi Lauper Brooklyn, singer (Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Vibes)
1955 Michael Anthony rocker (Van Halen-Jump, 1984)
1957 Butch Patrick Inglewood Calif, actor (Real McCoys, Eddie-Munsters)
1960 John Taylor rocker (Duran Duran-Girls on Film)
1960 Michael Corbett Collingwood NJ, actor (David-Young & Restless)
1961 Karin Enke German DR, speed skater (Olympic-gold-1980, 84)
1967 Joseph William Cathcart rock guitarist (Nelson-Love & Affection)


Deaths which occurred on June 20th:
1837 King William IV of England, dies
1947 Benjamin `Buggsy' Siegel gangster, shot dead in Beverly Hills Cal
1963 Gordon Jones actor (Mike the Cop-Abbott & Costello), dies at 52
1963 Joseph Self murderer, executed; last Wash state execution in 25 yrs
1963 Ralph Sanford actor (Life & Legend of Wyatt Earp), dies at 64
1965 Ira Louvin country singer (Louvin Brothers), dies at 41
1966 Georges LemaŒtre originator of "big bang" theory, dies at 71
1977 Abner Biberman actor (Imhook-Kodiak), dies at 68
1984 Estelle Winwood actress (Miracle on 34th Street), dies at 99
1984 Sunny Johnson actress, dies of cerebral hemorrhage at 30
1986 Tim Herbert comedian (Dagmar's Canteen), dies at 71
1990 Ina Balin actress, dies at 52, of pulmonary hypertension in Conn

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