16th June, on this day

1487 The last major battle in the War of the Roses in England between the Yorkists and the Lancastrians. At least 6,000 are killed during the Battle of Stoke Field
1567 Mary Queen of Scots thrown into Lochleven Castle prison
1586 Mary Queen of Scots recognizes Philip II of Spain as her heir.
1671 Cossack rebel leader Stenka Razin tortured, executed in Moscow
1745 Sir William Pepperell captures the French Fortress Louisbourg in Louisbourg, Nova Scotia
1746 War of Austrian Succession: Austria and Sardinia defeat a Franco-Spanish army at the Battle of Piacenza.
1755 British capture Fort Beaus‚jour, expel the Acadians
1779 Spain declares war on Britain and lays siege to the British territory of Gibraltar
1815 Battle of Ligny and Battle of Quatre Bras, two days before Waterloo.
1824 In Britain, the founding of the RSPCA - the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
1832 Battle of Kellogg's Grove, Ill
1836 Formation of the London Working Men's Association begins the Chartist Movement.
1846 The Papal conclave of 1846 concludes. Pope Pius IX is elected pope, beginning the longest reign in the history of the papacy (not counting St. Peter).
1858 Abraham Lincoln says "A house divided against itself cannot stand"
1858 Battle of Morar takes place during the Indian Mutiny.
1864 Siege of Petersburg and Richmond begins
1882 17" hailstones weighing 1.75 lbs fall in Dubuque, Iowa
1883 Victoria Hall theatre panic in Sunderland, England kills 183 children
1903 American car manufacturer Henry Ford forms the Ford Motor Company
1903 Roald Amundsen commences first east-west navigation of the Northwest Passage by leaving Oslo, Norway.
1904 Eugen Schauman assassinates Nikolai Bobrikov, Governor-General of Finland.
1904 The day at the centre of the James Joyce novel Ulysses. Now celebrated internationally as 'Bloomsday' after the novel's main character Leopold Bloom
1909 1st US airplane sold commercially, by Glenn Curtiss for $5,000
1915 Foundation of the British Women's Institute
1917 1st Congress of Soviets convene in Russia
1919 League of Red Cross Societies open headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland
1922 Henry Berliner demonstrates his helicopter to US Bureau of Aeronautics
1922 General election in Irish Free State: large majority to pro-Treaty Sinn Féin.
1925 The most famous Young Pioneer camp of the USSR, Artek established.
1930 Sovnarkom establishes decree time in the USSR.
1933 National Industrial Recovery Act becomes law (later struck down)
1940 Commuinist govt installed in Lithuania
1940 Marshal Henri Philippe Pétain becomes Premier of Vichy France.
1943 Race riot in Beaumont Texas (2 die)
1947 1st network news-Dumont's "News from Washington"
1947 Pravda denounces Marshall Plan
1949 Gas turbine-electric locomotive demonstrated, Erie Pa
1955 President Juan Peron survives an attempted coup led by Argentine naval officers
1955 Pope Pius XII ex-communicated Argentine Pres Juan Peron
1958 Hungarian politician Imre Nagy, prime minister of Hungary in 1956 when Russian tanks were used to help quell a popular uprising, is hanged for treason
1961 Russian ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev defects to the West after landing at Paris Airport with other members of the Kirov Ballet
1963 Levi Eshkol replaces David Ben-Gurion as Israeli PM
1963 Valentina Tereshkova becomes 1st woman in space, aboard Vostok 6
1964 Quake strikes Niigata Japan
1967 50,000 attend Monterey International Pop Festival
1970 Race riots in Miami Florida
1971 Racial disturbance in Jacksonville, Florida
1972 In America, security guards arrest five burglars inside the Democratic Party headquarters at the Watergate building in Washington DC
1972 In Hanover, West German police capture Ulrike Meinhoff - co-founder of the Baader-Meinhof urban terrorist group
1972 Largest single-site hydro-electric power project in Canada starts at Churchill Falls, Labrador.
1975 Randy Farland finds a 14-leaf clover near Sioux Falls, SD
1976 Thousands of schoolchildren in the South African township of Soweto near Johannesburg, begin a revolt against the Government instruction that teachers must teach is Afrikaans in black schools. More than 1,000 people – including many children - are killed in the rioting
1977 Leonid Brezhnev named president of USSR
1982 England international Bryan Robson scores a goal against France in Bilbao after just 27 seconds of the game - the quickest World Cup goal in history
1982 Britain requests Argentina arrange for return of prisoners
1983 Charlos Vieira completes 191 hr "nonstop" cycling in Leiria, Portugal
1983 European Space Agency launches European Comm Satellite 1, Oscar 10
1986 1 day general strike in South Africa
1987 Subway gunman Bernhard Goetz acquitted on all but gun possession
charges after shooting 4 black youths who tried to rob him
1988 In Santa Barbara, CA, a team of 32 divers begin cycling underwater
on a standard tricycle, to complete 116.66 miles in 75 hrs 20 mins
1989 "Ghostbusters II" premiers
1991 Boris Yeltsin elected president of Russian SSR
1992 US President George Bush and Russian President Boris Yeltsin meet in Washington - and produce an agreement for each country to cut its' strategic weapons arsenals by almost two-thirds by the year 2003
1994 A Chinese operated Tupolev TU-154 crashes 10 minutes after takeoff killing 160.
1997 Dairat Labguer massacre in Algeria; some 50 people killed.
1998 Judges in America uphold the decision to convict British au pair Louise Woodward of manslaughter and the passing of a reduced sentence - the number of days already spent in custody awaiting trial for the killing of Matthew Eappen - the young boy left in her care in Massachussets
1999 In South Africa, Thabo Mbeki is sworn in as President - in succession to the country's first black President Nelson Mandela

16th June 2006

'Shoe bomber' hits Baghdad mosque

Gates ends daily Microsoft role

Report on global slum crisis

16th June 2007

Fatah militants storm parliament

Repairs ease space mission woes

Amazon river 'longer than Nile'

16th June 2008

'Many dead' as migrant boat sinks

Eurozone inflation at record 3.7%

Honda makes first hydrogen cars

16th June 2009

'Mass opposition rally' in Tehran

GM agrees Saab sale to Koenigsegg

BA asks staff to work for nothing

16th June 2010

BP 'to fund $20bn spill payouts'

Pakistan troops 'held by Taliban'

Deadly flash floods hit southern France

Birthdates which occurred on 16th June :

1874 Arthur Meighen (C) 9th PM of Canada (1920-21, 1926)
1895 Stan Laurel comedian (Laurel & Hardy)
1899 Nelson Doubleday US, publisher (Doubleday)
19-- Geoffrey Pierson actor (Ryan's Hope)
19-- Ian Buchanan actor (General Hospital, Gary Shandling Show)
19-- Nancy Lane Passaic NJ, actress (Tina-Rhoda, Angie, Duck Factory)
19-- Pat Briggs rocker (RU Ready)
1902 Barbara McClintock US, cytogeneticist (Nobel 1983)
1907 Jack Albertson Malden Mass, actor (Thin Man, Chico & the Man)
1910 E.G. Marshall Owatonna Minn, actor (Lawrence-Defenders)
1910 Ilona Massey Budapest Hungary, actress/singer (Ilona Massey Show)
1912 Enoch Powell England, (C), racist
1917 Katharine Graham newspaper publisher (Wash Post)
1920 John Howard Griffin US, photographer/author (Black Like Me)
1922 Frances Rafferty Iowa, actress (Abbott & Costello in Hollywood)
1925 Faith Domergue New Orleans, actress (House of 7 Corpses)
1928 Sergiu Comissiona Buch Romania, conductor (Haifa Symph 1959-64)
1935 Jim Dine Cincinatti Oh, pop artist (St John the Divine)
1937 August Busch III CEO (Anheuser-Busch)
1937 Erich Segal author (Love Story, Oliver's Story)
1938 Joyce Carol Oates US, novelist (Garden of Earthly Delights) (1946)
1938 Mickie Finn Hugo Okla, TV hostess/banjo player (Mickie Finn's)
1940 Billy "Crash" Craddock Greensboro NC, singer
1941 Lamont Dozier Detroit, songwriter (Dozier-Holland-Dozier)
1942 Giacomo Agostini Lovere, Italy, world motorcycle race champion
1943 Joan Van Ark NYC, actress (Valene-Dallas/Knots Landing)
1944 Reg Presley singer (Troggs-Wild Thing)
1944 Takamiyama [Jesse Kuhaulua] Hawaii, 1st non-Japanese sumo champion
1948 Brian Eno rocker (Here Comes the Warm Jets)
1949 Kale Browne San Rafael Calif, actor (Michael Hudson-Another World)
1950 Jesse Dizon Oceanside Calif, actor (Ramon-Operation Petticoat)
1951 Roberto Duran boxer (fists of stone, no m…s)
1951 Sonia Braga Maringa Brazil, actress (Dona Flor & Her 2 Husbands)
1952 Aleksandr Zaitsev USSR, pairs figure skating (Olympic-gold-1976, 80)
1952 Gino Vanelli singer (Living Inside Myself)
1957 Clio Goldsmith Paris France, actress (The Gift, Heat of Desire)
1968 Patrick Stuart Hollywood Cal, actor (Will Cortlandt-All My Children)
1975 Frederick Koehler actress (Kate & Allie)


Deaths which occurred on June 16th:
1216 Innocent III pope, dies at 54
1671 Stenka Razin Cossack rebel leader, tortured, executed in Moscow
1686 -BC- Hammurabi the Great dies in Babylon
1959 George Reeves actor (Superman, Gone With the Wind), shoots himself
1969 John Scott rocker with the Pretenders, dies at 25
1976 Francis E Meloy Jr US ambassador to Lebanon, kidnapped & killed
1977 Wernher von Braun dies at 65 from smoking
1982 John Honeyman-Scott guitarist of the Pretenders, overdoses on drugs

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