5th July, on this day

649 St Martin I begins his reign as Catholic Pope
767 Constantine begins his reign as Catholic Pope
1295 Scotland and France form an alliance, the beginnings of the Auld Alliance, against England.
1610 John Guy sets sail from Bristol with 39 other colonists for Newfoundland.
1643 1st recorded tornado in US (Essex County, Massachusetts)
1687 Isaac Newton's PRINCIPIA published by Royal Society in England
1775 US Congress adopts the Olive Branch Petition.
1803 The convention of Artlenburg leads to the French occupation of Hanover (which had been ruled by the British king).
1808 Battle of Buenos Aires
1809 Battle of Wagram starts, the two-day battle was the largest yet of the Napoleonic Wars.
1811 Venezuela, 1st South American country to gain independence from Spain
1813 War of 1812: Three weeks of British raids on Fort Schlosser, Black Rock and Plattsburgh, New York begin.
1814 Americans defeat British and Canadians at Chippewa, Ontario
1830 France invades Algeria, begins a 40 year conquest
1833 Admiral Charles Napier defeats the navy of the Portuguese usurper Dom Miguel at the third Battle of Cape St. Vincent.
1841 In England, the founding of the Thomas Cook travel agency with the first official 'Cook's Tour' involving almost 600 teatotallers taking the train from Leicester to Loughborough to attend a temperance meeting
1859 Capt NC Brooks discovers Midway Islands
1861 US civil war engagement at Carthage, Missouri
1865 William Booth founded Salvation Army in London
1865 The Locomotives and Highways Act in Britain introduces a speed limit for road vehicles of 4 mph in rural areas and 2 mph in urban areas
1884 Germany takes possession of Cameroon.
1891 Hail kills 6 horses in Rapid City, SD
1932 Oliveira Salazar becomes dictator of fascist Portugal
1934 "Bloody Thursday" - Police open fire on striking longshoremen in San Francisco.
1935 The National Labor Relations Act, which governs labor relations in the United States, is signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
1937 Spam, the luncheon meat, was introduced into the market by the Hormel Foods Corporation.
1937 Highest recorded temperature in Canada, at Yellow Grass, Saskatchewan: 45° C (113° F).
1940 Diplomatic relations broken between Britain and Vichy government in France
1943 The Battle of Kursk, the largest full-scale battle in history, included world largest tank battle at Prokhorovka village
1943 An Allied invasion fleet sails for Sicily (Operation Husky, July 10, 1943).
1944 Harry Crosby takes 1st rocket airplane, MX-324, for maiden flight
1945 British World War II prime minister Winston Churchill is defeated in the post-war General Election which is won by the Labour Party lead by Clement Attlee
1945 World War II: American General Douglas MacArthur announces the liberation of the Philippine Islands
1946 Louis Reard's bikini swimsuit design debuts at Paris fashion show
1948 Britain's National Health Service Act begins
1950 Law of Return passes, guarantees all Jews right to live in Israe
1950 Korean War: Task Force Smith - First clash between American and North Korean forces.
1951 Junction transistor invention announced, Murray Hill, NJ
1954 Elvis Presley has his first commercial recording session. He sang That's All Right (Mama) and Blue Moon of Kentucky. Widely considered to be the birth of Rock and Roll.
1954 The BBC broadcasts its first television news bulletin.
1958 First ascent of Gasherbrum I, 11th highest peak on the earth.
1962 Algeria gains independence after 132 years of French rule
1963 1st Beatle tune to hit US charts, Del Shannon "From Me to You" at number 87
1965 International opera singer Maria Callas, aged 41, gives her last public stage performance in 'Tosca' at Covent Garden, London
1966 National Guard mobilizes in Omaha after 3rd night of rioting
1966 Saturn I rocket launched at Cape Kennedy
1968 John Lennon sells his psychedelic painted Rolls-Royce
1969 Rod Laver wins his 4th Wimbeldon championship
1969 In Britain, more than 300,000 rock fans attend a free pop concert given by the Rolling Stones in London's Hyde Park in memory of guitarist Brian Jones who died two days earlier
1970 Air Canada DC-8 crashes 7 miles from Toronto's airport killing 109
1973 Catastrophic BLEVE (Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion) in Kingman, Arizona, following a fire that broke out as propane was being transferred from a railroad car to a storage tank, kills 11 firefighters. This explosion has become a classic incident studied in fire department training programs worldwide.
1973 "Live and Let Die," James Bond film premiers
1973 Isle of Man begins issuing their own postage stamps
1974 American tennis players Chris Evert and Jimmy Connors - who're engaged to be married, each win the singles titles at Wimbledon
1975 American Arthur Ashe beats fellow American Jimmy Connors to become the first black tennis player to win the men's singles title at Wimbledon
1975 Cape Verde Island gain independence after 500 years of Portuguese rule
1977 Pakistan's army, led by Gen Mohammad Zia ul-Haq, seizes power
1978 Soyuz 30 spacecraft touches down in Soviet Kazakhstan
1981 Rajan Mahadevan recites 31,811 digits of ã from memory
1983 Woman gives birth to baby 84 days after brain death (Roanoke, VA)
1985 Nicholas Mark Sanders (England) begins circumnavigation of the
globe, covering 13,035 road miles in 78 days, 3 hr, 30 min
1986 Nancy Reagan cuts red, white and blue ribbon; reopens Statue of Liberty
1986 Martina Navratilova wins the Women's Singles title at Wimbledon for the 7th time
1987 Australian Pat Cash wins Wimbledon, upsets number 1 seed Ivan Lendl
1987 First instance of the LTTE using suicide attacks on Sri Lankan Army. The Black Tigers are born and in the following years continue to use it to deadly effect.
1989 Rod Stewart hits his head while on stage & knocks himself out
1989 US Army Colonel Oliver North, found guilty of being involved in the Iran-Contra affair, is fined $150,000 and given a suspended jail sentence
1994 The United States announced it would refuse further unrestricted immigration from Haiti.
1996 Dolly the sheep becomes the first mammal cloned from an adult cell.
1998 Japan launches a probe to Mars, and thus joins the United States and Russia as a space exploring nation.
2003 SARS is declared to be contained by the WHO.
2004 First Indonesian presidential election by the nation.
2006 North Korea tests four short-range missiles, one medium-range missile, and a long-range Taepodong-2. The long-range Taepodong-2 reportedly fails in mid-air over the Sea of Japan.
2006 Emergency United Nations Security Council meeting held at the U.N in New York City because of the North Korean missile tests

5th July 2006

Outcry over N Korea missile test

Enron ex-chief Kenneth Lay dies

Illegal fishing hits tuna stocks

5th July 2007

Blasts at radical Pakistan mosque

Afghan prison bodies discovered

Baghdad killings 'rise sharply'

5th July 2008

'Many killed' in Syrian jail riot

Mbeki in Harare for crisis talks

Waxwork Hitler beheaded in Berlin

5th July 2009

Bomb hits Philippine church-goers

Somali civilians killed by shells

Deadly floods hit China, Vietnam

5th July 2010

China bus fire kills 24 workers

Scores killed in Afghan anti drugs operation

Iranian aircraft 'refused fuel'

Birthdates which occurred on 5th July :

1755 Sarah Kemble Siddons Brecon England, tragic actress (Fatal Marriage)
1781 Sir Stamford Raffles founded Singapore
1794 Sylvester Graham developed graham cracker
1801 David G Farragut Knoxville Tenn, naval hero
1810 Phineas Taylor Barnum Bethel Conn, circus promoter (Barnum & Bailey)
1853 Cecil John Rhodes South Africa, politician, diamond merchant
1857 Clara Zetkin German women's rights advocate
1867 Dr Andrew Ellicott Douglass Dendrochronologer (study of tree rings)
1877 Wanda Landowska Warsaw Poland, harpsichordist
1879 Dwight Filley Davis donated tennis' Davis Cup
1879 Wanda A Landowska Warsaw Poland, harpsichordist (Musique Ancienne)
1886 Willem Drees PM of Netherland (1948-58)
1889 Jean Cocteau France, writer/artist/film maker (Le Potamak)
1891 John Northrop US, biochemist, crystallized enzymes (Nobel 1946)
1897 Paul Ben-Haim (Frankenburger) Mnchen Germany, Israeli composer
19-- Claudia Wells Malaysia, actress (Off the Rock, Fast Times)
19-- Joseph Breen Mount Kisco NY, actor (Paul Slavinsky-Loving)
19-- Louise Shaffer actress (Ryan's Hope)
1900 Bernard Cardinal Alfrink cardinal of Ultrecht Netherlands
1902 Henry Cabot Lodge (R) politician/ambassador (VP candidate 1960)
1904 Don Goddard Binghamton NY, news ancher (ABC Evening News 1958-59)
1904 Milburn Stone Bruton Ks, actor (Doc-Gunsmoke)
1909 Andrei Gromyko USSR, diplomat/USSR President (1985-89) [7/18 NS]
1913 Smiley Lewis Louisiana, vocalist (I Hear You Knockin')
1918 George Rochberg Paterson NJ, composer (Concord Quartet)
1923 John McKay WV, football coach (USC, Tampa Bay)
1924 Beverly Tyler Scranton Pa, actress (Lorelei-Big Town)
1924 Jan¢s Starker Budapest Hungary, cellist (Chic Symph 1953-58)
1928 Beverly Tyler Scranton Pa, actress (Best Foot Forward, Fireball)
1928 Warren Oates Depoy Ky, actor (East of Eden, Stoney Burke)
1929 Katherine Helmond Galveston Tx, actress (Soap, Mona-Who's the Boss)
1936 Shirley Knight Goessei Kansas, actress (Endless Love, Secrets)
1937 Brooke Hayward LA Calif, author (Haywire)
1944 Jamie Robertson guitarist (The Band)
1944 Robbie Robertson writer (Carny)
1945 Curtis Blefary baseball player (1965 AL rookie of year)
1945 Jeffrey Kramer NYC, actor (Ted Stein-Struck by Lightning)
1948 Julie Nixon Eisenhower Wash DC, daughter of Richard Milhaus
1949 Benny Stolovitz fictional character on LA Law
1950 Gary Matthews baseball player (1973 NL rookie of year)
1951 Huey Lewis rocker (& the News-Need a New Drug)
1951 Richard "Goose" Gossage relief pitcher (Yankees, Padres)
1952 Terence T "Tom" Henricks Bryan Oh, Lt Col USAF/astronaut (STS 44)
1956 James Lofton NFL wide reciever (Bills, Packers, Raiders)
1958 Patsy Pease Winston-Salem NC, actress (Kimberly-Days of Our Lives)
1959 Marc Cohn singer (Walking in Memphis)
1959 Patricia Pease Jeffers NC, actress (Kimberly-Days of our Life)
1972 Michael Bays Enrico Calif, actor (Bronx Zoo, Days of Our Live)


Deaths which occurred on July 5th:
1948 Carole Landis actress, dies at 29
1950 Pvt Kenneth Shadrick of WV becomes 1st US fatality in Korean War
1969 Tom Mboya economics minister, assassinated in Narobi Kenya
1969 Walter Gropius architect (found Bauhaus school of design), dies at 86
1979 Judson Laire actor/singer (Papa-Mama), dies at 76
1983 Harry James swing-era bandleader/trumpet player, dies in Las Vegas
1985 Marion Byron actress, dies at 73
1990 Mitch Snyder homeless advocate, commits suicide at 46 by hanging

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