29th July, on this day

1014 Byzantine-Bulgarian Wars: Battle of Kleidion: Byzantine emperor Basil II inflicts a decisive defeat on the Bulgarian army, and his subsequent savage treatment of 15,000 prisoners reportedly causes Tsar Samuil of Bulgaria to die of shock.
1030 Ladejarl-Fairhair succession wars: Battle of Stiklestad - King Olaf II fights and dies trying to regain his Norwegian throne from the Danes.
1565 Mary Queen of Scots marries her cousin, Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley
1567 James VI is crowned King of Scotland at Stirling.
1588 The Spanish Armada - a fleet of more than 125 ships sent from Spain to invade England - is defeated by an English fleet commanded by Lord Howard and Sir Francis Drake
1693 War of the Grand Alliance: Battle of Landen - France wins a Pyrrhic victory over Allied forces in the Netherlands.
1715 10 Spanish treasure galleons sunk off Florida coast by hurricane
1751 1st international world title prize fight-Jack Stack of England,
beats challenger M Petit of France in 29 mins in England
1793 John Graves Simcoe decides to build a fort and settlement at Toronto, having sailed into the bay there
1830 Abdication of Charles X of France.
1836 Inauguration of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.
1848 Irish Potato Famine: Tipperary Revolt - In Tipperary, an unsuccessful nationalist revolt against British rule is put down by police.
1858 1st commercial treaty between US and Japan signed
1858 US citizens allowed to live anywhere in Japan
1864 Confederate spy Belle Boyd is arrested by Union troops and detained at the Old Capitol Prison in Washington, DC.
1874 Major Walter Copton Wingfield patents a portable tennis court
1890 Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh dies two days after shooting himself at the site of one of his most famous paintings
1899 The First Hague Convention is signed.
1900 King of Italy, Humbert I, is assassinated at Monza near Milan
1907 Sir Robert Baden-Powell sets up the Brownsea Island Scout camp in Poole Harbour on the south coast of England. The camp ran from August 1-9, 1907, and is regarded as the founding of the Scouting movement.
1914 1st transcontinental phone link made between NYC and SF
1915 US marines land in Haiti, stay until 1924
1920 1st US transcontinental airmail flight from NY to SF
1921 Adolf Hitler becomes leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party.
1928 Walt Disney's "Steamboat Willie" is released
1930 The airship R100 begins its first passenger-carrying flight from England to Canada
1932 In Washington, DC, U.S. troops disperse the last of the "Bonus Army" of World War I veterans.
1936 RCA shows the 1st real TV program (dancing, film on locomotives,
Bonwit Teller fashion show & monologue from Tobacco Road & comedy)
1937 Tungchow Mutiny
1945 The BBC Light Programme radio station was launched for mainstream light entertainment and music
1947 Gas leak explodes in a beauty parlor, 10 women die in Harrisonburg Va
1948 King George VI opens 14th modern Olympic games in London
1952 1st nonstop transpacific flight by a jet
1956 Jacques Cousteau's Calypso anchors in 7,500 m of water (record)
1957 International Atomic Energy Agency established by UN
1958 President Eisenhower signs NASA and Space Act of 1958
1959 First United States Congress elections in Hawaii as a state of the Union.
1961 Wallis and Futuna Islands become a French overseas territory
1965 Beatles movie "Help" premiers, Queen Elizabeth attends
1965 Gemini 5 returned after 12d 7h 11m 53s
1966 British group The Beatles make their last live appearance - in San Francisco
1967 Explosion and fire aboard carrier USS Forrestal in Gulf of Tonkin kills 134, $100 million in damage
1967 Four days after its 400th anniversary a quake (6.5) strikes Caracas, Venezuela causing severe damage and leaving 500 dead
1968 Pope Paul VI bans Roman Catholics from all artificial forms of birth control
1968 Mount Arenal, Costa Rica kills 80 in Pelee-type eruption
1968 Pope Paul VI reaffirms stand against artificial birth control
1969 Mariner 6 begins transmitting far-encounter photos of Mars
1970 6 days of race rioting in Hartford, Ct
1973 Greek plebiscite chooses republic over monarchy
1974 2nd impeachment vote against Nixon by the House Judiciary Committee
1975 Ford became 1st US president to visit Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz
1976 In New York City, the "Son of Sam" kills one person and seriously wounds another in the first of a series of attacks.
1978 Pioneer 11 transmits images of Saturn and its rings
1981 In Britain, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales marries Lady Diana Spencer at St Paul's Cathedral in London - a ceremony watched by a worldwide television audience of more than 700 million
1982 Andy Taylor of rock group Duran Duran weds Tracie Wilson
1985 19th Space Shuttle Mission (51-F)-Challenger 8-launched s
1987 Ben & Jerry's & Jerry Garcia agree on a new flavor Cherry Garcia
1987 British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and President of France François Mitterrand sign the agreement to build the tunnel under the English Channel (Eurotunnel).
1988 FDIC bails out 1st Republic Bank, Dallas, with $4 billion
1988 Gorbachev pushes plan electing president & parliament in March, 1989
1988 Judge orders NASA to release unedited tape from Challenger cockpit
1988 Last US Playboy Club (Lansing, Mich) closes
1988 South African govt bans anti-apartheid film "Cry Freedom"
1991 Donald Trump gives Marla Maples a 7+ carat engagement ring
1993 Despite hearing evidence against the man known as 'Ivan the Terrible' in the Nazi prison camps during World War II, the Israeli Supreme Court clears John Demjanjuk of war crimes
2005 Astronomers announce their discovery of Eris.

29th July 2006

Israel rejects UN aid truce call

Army attack breaks Darfur truce

Gunman kills one at Jewish centre

29th July 2007

Iraq celebrates football victory

Japan's PM accepts 'utter defeat'

World owes US a debt, says Brown

29th July 2008

World trade talks 'failed again'

Iraqis attack al-Qaeda stronghold

Bosnian Serbs jailed for genocide

29th July 2009

Spanish barracks hit by car bomb

Iran exiles 'killed in Iraq raid'

Nigerian Islamist fighters 'flee'

29th July 2010

DR Congo boat sinking 'kills 140'

Baghdad hit by deadly gun and bomb attacks

Second US sailor 'found dead'

Birthdates which occurred on 29th July :

1805 Alexis de Tocqueville France, statesman/writer (Democracy in America)
1861 Alica Hathaway Lee Roosevelt 1st wife of Theodore Roosevelt
1869 Booth Tarkington US, novelist (17, Magnificent Ambersons)
1871 [Gregory Efimovich] Rasputin the mad Russian monk
1878 Don Marquis Ill, journalist/poet (archy & mehitabel)
1883 Benito Mussolini [Il Duce], Fascist Italian dictator (1922-43)
1887 Sigmund Romberg Nagykanizsa Hungary, operetta composer (Blossom Time)
1892 William Powell actor (Thin Man, My Man Godfrey)
1898 Isidor Isaac Rabi Poland, physicist (explored atom-Nobel-1944)
19-- David Sederholm Phila Pa, actor (Bill Hayes-Ryan's Hope)
19-- Evan Rogers Northampton Mass, rocker (Rythm Syndicate)
19-- Jack Blessing Balt Md, actor (Chip Frye-Small & Frye)
19-- Jeanetta Arnette Wash DC, actress (Bernadette-Head of the Class)
19-- John Sykes rocker (Sleep Relaxation)
19-- Paul Sylvan NYC, actor (Woody-Busting Loose)
1900 Don Redman Piedmont WV, orch leader (Sugar Hill Times)
1900 Eyvind Johnson Sweden, novelist (Return to Ithaca-Nobel 1974)
1905 Clara Bow silent screen actress (It, Saturday Night Kid)
1905 Dag Hammarskj”ld 2nd UN Secretary-General (1953-61) (Nobel 1961)
1905 Thelma Todd actress (Dangerous Female, Devil's Brother)
1907 Melvin Belli Sonora Calif, lawyer, SF's "King of Torts"
1913 Stephen McNally NYC, actor (Split Second, 30 Seconds over Tokyo)
1914 "Professor Irwin Corey comedian (Car Wash)
1921 Richard Egan SF Calif, actor (Empire, Redigo, Pollyanna)
1924 Lloyd Bochner Toronto, (Cecil-Dynasty, Lonely Lady, Naked Gun 2«)
1924 Robert Horton LA Calif, actor (Kings Row, Wagon Train, Arena)
1925 Mikis Theodorakis Chios Greece, composer (Raven)
1926 Russel Firestone polo great (Circle F-1959 champs)
1930 Paul Taylor dancer & choreographer (Paul Taylor Dance Company)
1932 Nancy Kassebaum (Sen-R-Ks)
1933 Robert Fuller Troy NY, actor (Laramie, Wagon Train)
1935 Peter Schreier Meissen Germany, tenor (Dressden State Opera 1961)
1936 Elizabeth Dole US Secretary of Transportation (1983-87)
1938 Peter Jennings Toronto Canada, news anchor (ABC Evening News)
1941 David Warner Manchester NH, actor (Holocaust)
1943 Roz Kelly Mt Vernon NY, actress (Owl & Pussycat, Happy Days)
1946 Neal Doughty keyboardist (REO)
1950 Radu Voina Romania, team handball (Oly-silver/2 bronze-1972, 76, 80)
1951 Leslie Easterbrook LA Calif, actress (Ryan's Hope, Police Acadamy 5)
1953 Geddy Lee lead singer (Rush-Tom Sawyer)
1959 Gary Springer NYC, actor (Bernice Bobs Her Hair)
1959 Nelli Kim USSR, gymnist (Olympic-2 golds-1976)
1963 Alexandra Paul NYC, actress (Christine, American Flyers, Dragnet)
1964 Lisa Peluso actress (Search for Tomorrow, Ava Alden Rescott-Loving)
1972 Wil Wheaton actor (Star Trek Next Generation-Wesley, Stand By Me)
1973 Stephen Dorff Atlanta, actor (I Know My Name is Steven)
1973 Wanya Morris [Squirt], Phila Pa, rapper (Boyz II Men)


Deaths which occurred on July 29th:
1030 King Olav Haraldsson of Norway, dies in battle of Stiklestad
1164 King Olaf of Norway, dies
1890 Vincent Van Gogh dies in Auvers, France
1900 Umberto I Italian king assassinated by anarchist Gaetano Bresci
1960 Richard Simon cofounder of Simon & Shuster, dies
1974 Cass Elliot singer of Mamas & Papas chokes to death at 30 in London
1982 Harold Sakata actor (Kenji-Sarge), dies at 62
1983 David Niven actor (Rugues), dies in Switzerland at 73
1983 Luis Bu¤uel movie director, dies at 83 of cirrhosis of liver
1983 Raymond Massey actor, dies of pneumonia in Beverly Hills, Calif at 86
1984 Fred Waring orch leader (Fred Waring Show), dies at 84
1984 Woodrow Parfey actor (Time Express), dies at 61 of a heart attack
1985 James F Nolan actor (Dante), dies of cancer at 69
1988 Ellin Berlin (MacKay) Mrs Irving Berlin, dies at 86