11th July, on this day

911 Signing of the Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte between Charles the Simple and Rollo of Normandy.
1156 Siege of Shirakawa-den in Japan.
1302 Battle of the Golden Spurs (Guldensporenslag in Dutch) - a coalition around the Flemish cities defeats the king of France's huge knightly army.
1346 Charles IV of Luxembourg elected emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.
1405 Chinese fleet commander Zheng He set sail to explore the world for the first time.
1533 Pope Clement VII excommunicated England's King Henry VIII
1576 Martin Frobisher sights Greenland.
1690 William of Orange defeats the deposed Catholic, King James II, at Battle of the Boyne in Ireland
1735 Mathematical calculations suggest it was on this day that Pluto moved from the ninth to the eighth most distant planet from the Sun for the last time before 1979.
1740 Jews are expelled from Little Russia by order of Czarina Anne
1750 Halifax, Nova Scotia almost completely destroyed by fire.
1776 English explorer Captain James Cook sets sail from Plymouth at the start of his third and last voyage
1789 Jacques Necker dismissed as Finance Minister for France sparking the Storming of the Bastille.
1792 Prussia army moves into French territory
1796 The U.S. takes possession of Detroit from Great Britain under terms of the Jay Treaty.
1798 The United States Marine Corps is re-established; they had been disbanded after the American Revolutionary War.
1804 VP Aaron Burr kills Alex Hamilton in a pistol duel near Weehawken
1811 Italian scientist Amedeo Avogadro publishes his memoir about molecular content of gases.
1812 US invades Canada (Detroit frontier)
1818 Keats writes "In the Cottage Where Burns Was Born," "Lines Written
in the Highlands," and "The Gadfly"
1848 In London, the official opening of Waterloo Station
1859 A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens is published.
1864 Confederate forces led by Gen J Early begin invasion of Wash DC
1882 The British Mediterranean fleet begins the Bombardment of Alexandria in Egypt as part of the 1882 Anglo-Egyptian War.
1893 The first cultured pearl is obtained by Kokichi Mikimoto.
1895 The brothers Lumière show film for scientists.
1897 Salomon August Andrée leaves Spitsbergen to try to reach the North pole by balloon. He later crashes and dies.
1902 British Prime Minister Lord Salisbury retires and is succeeded by his nephew, Arthur Balfour
1905 Black intellectuals and activists organize Niagara movement
1914 Babe Ruth debuts in Major league baseball.
1921 Truce called in the Irish War of Independence
1921 Mongolia gains independence from China
1922 Hollywood Bowl opens.
1934 FDR became 1st pres to travel through Panama Canal
1943 Massacres of Poles in Volhynia
1943 German and Italian troops launch a counter-attack on Allied forces in Sicily.
1944 Franklin D. Roosevelt says he will run for a fourth term as President of the United States.
1947 The Exodus 1947 heads to Palestine from France.
1950 In Britain, the first appearance on television of children's puppet Andy Pandy
1955 Congress authorizes all US currency to say "In God We Trust"
1960 Ivory Coast, Dahomey, Upper Volta and Niger declare independence
1962 1st transatlantic TV transmission via satellite (Telstar I)
1962 American Fred Baldasare becomes the first man to cross the English Channel under the water (scuba)
1962 Cosmonaut Micolaev set then record longest space flight - 4 days
1967 Kenny Rogers forms 1st Edition
1969 David Bowie releases "Space Oddity"
1969 Rolling Stones release "Honky Tonk Woman"
1971 Copper mines in Chile nationalized.
1973 A Brazilian Boeing 707 crashes near Paris on approach to Orly Airport, killing 123 people of the 134 on-board.
1975 China's Terracotta Army uncovered near the ancient capital of Xian. More than 8,000 life sized warriors were buried around 206BC to guard the tomb of the first Chinese Emperor.
1976 American singer Frank Sinatra marries for the sixth time - to Barbara Marx
1977 Medal of Freedom awarded posthumously to Rev Martin Luther King Jr
1977 In Britain, Gay News is fined £1,000 for publishing a poem portraying Jesus as a homosexual
1978 Los Alfaques Disaster: a truck carrying liquid gas crashes and explodes at a coastal campsite in Tarragona, Spain killing 216 tourists.
1979 US Skylab enters atmosphere over Australia and disintegrates

1980 American hostage Richard I Queen freed by Iran
1981 Sebastian Coe of UK sets record for 1000 m, 2:12.18
1982 Italy beats West Germany 3-1 for soccer's 12th World Cup in Madrid
1983 A Boeing 727 crashes into hilly terrain after a tail strike in Cuenca, Ecuador, claiming 119 lives.
1987 According to the United Nations, the world population crossed the 5,000,000,000 (5 billion) mark.
1988 Mike Tyson hires Donald Trump as an advisor
1990 NYC police arrest "Dartman" (stabbed over 50 women with darts)
1991 A Nationair DC-8 crashed during an emergency landing at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, killing 261. The Canadian charter was ferrying Hajj pilgrims on behalf of Nigeria Airways.
1995 Full diplomatic relations are established between the United States and Vietnam.
1995 Srebrenica Genocide: Serb army from Yugoslavia and Bosnia, capture the Bosniak town of Srebrenica. More than eight thousands inhabitants are murdered. It is generally regarded to be the most horrific event in recent European history.
1995 A Cubana de Aviacion Antonov An-24 crashes into the Caribbean off southeast Cuba killing 44 people.
1995 English actor Hugh Grant is fined $750 by a court in Los Angeles court, put on probation for two years and ordered to take an Aids Education Course after admitting to lewd conduct with a prostitute
2006  209 people are killed in a series of bomb attacks in Mumbai, India.

11th July 2006

Scores dead in Mumbai bombs

US detainees to get Geneva rights

Countries agree migration plans

11th July 2007

Red Mosque 'now militant-free'

Algerian bombing ahead of games

Rebels behead Philippine troops

11th July 2008

US mortgage firms' shares dive

Leak closes French nuclear plant

US soldiers 'found dead in Iraq'

11th July 2009

Passenger boat capsizes off Hait

When football came home to Iraq

5 troops die in Afghanistan

11th July 2010

Iniesta fires Spain to World Cup glory

74 World Cup fans die in Uganda blasts

Farc 'bodyguards die' in army raid

Birthdates which occurred on 11th July :

1274 Robert the Bruce Scotland, King (1328-1329)
1558 Robert Greene Elizabethan dramatist (Friar Bacon)
1754 Thomas Bowdler famous prude, bowdlerized Shakespeare
1767 John Quincy Adams Braintree, Mass, 6th Pres (D) (1825-1829)
1838 John Wanamaker merchant (Wanamakers Dept Store)
1851 Millieand Christine NC, siamese twins
1861 George William Norris (Rep-Neb)
1888 Dr Lyman Bryson Valentine Nebr, educator (UN Casebook)
1892 Thomas Mitchell NJ, academy award winning actor (Outlaw, Adventures)
1899 E.B. White writer (Charlotte's Web, Elements of Style)
19-- Bobbi Jordan Hardensburg Ky, actress (Tootsie-Blondie, Turnabout)
19-- Brett Somers New Brunswick Canada, actress (Blanche-Odd Couple)
19-- Jay Johnson Abernathy Texas, ventriloquist (Chuck-Soap)
19-- Rodney Saulsberry actor (Capitol)
1906 Harry Von Zell Indianapolis Ind, TV announcer (Burns & Allen)
1910 Irene Hervey LA Calif, actress (Aunt Meg-Honey West)
1915 Colin Purdie Kelly US, 1st US air hero during WW II
1915 Yul Brynner Sakhalin Is Japan, actor (King & I)
1916 Gough Whitlam (ALP) Australia, PM (1972-75)
1920 Yul Brynner actor (King & I, 10 Commandments)
1922 Gene Evans Hollbrook Az, actor (My Friend Flicka, Matt Helm, Alamo)
1927 Herbert Blomstedt Springfield Mass, conductor (Oslo Phil 1954-61)
1929 Hermann Prey Berlin Germany, baritone (Wolfram-Tannhaser)
1931 Tab Hunter actor (Damn Yankees, Lust in the Dust, Battle Cry)
1931 Thurston Harris Indianapolis, vocalist (Little Bitty Pretty One)
1943 Susan Seaforth Hayes SF, actress (Days of our Life, Young & Restless)
1945 Deborah Harry singer (Blondie) actress (Videodrome, Hairspray)
1946 Beverly Todd Ohio, actress (Roots, Having Babies, Redd Foxx Show)
1947 Jeff Hanna rock vocalist (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band-Mr Bojangles)
1950 Bonnie Pointer singer (Pointer Sisters)
1953 Leon Spinks US, heavyweight boxing champ (1978, Olympic-gold-1976)
1953 Peter Bergman Guantanamo Bay Cuba, actor (Starland Vocal Band)
1955 Sergey Babinov USSR, ice hockey star (Olympic-gold-1972)
1956 Sela Ward actor (Hilary-Emerald Point NAS)
1957 Michael Rose rocker (Black Uhuru-Brutal, Positive)
1957 Pete Murphy rocker (Love Hysteria)
1958 Mark Lester Oxford England, actor (Oliver, Prince & Pauper)
1958 Ray Dodds rocker (Fairground Attraction-You Send Me)
1959 Richie Sambora guitarist (Bon Jovi-You Give Love a Bad Name)
1959 Suzanne Vega rocker (My Name is Luka)
1966 Mel Appleby rocker (Mel & Kim-Coming to America)
1977 Brandy Gold Northridge Calif, actress (Annie-Baby Makes 5)


Deaths which occurred on July 11th:
1593 Giuseppe Arcimboldo 1st surrealist painter, dies (birth date unkn)
1804 Alex Hamilton killed by VP Aaron Burr in pistol duel near Weehawken
1909 Simon Newcomb celestial mechanics authority, dies
1937 George Gershwin composer (American in Paris), dies at 38
1965 Ray Collins actor (Halls of Ivy, Perry Mason), dies at 75
1971 Carleton Young actor (Court of Last Resorts), dies at 64
1973 Isabel Randolph actress (Mrs Nester-Our Miss Brooks), dies at 83
1980 Peggy Knudson acttress (April-So This is Hollywood), dies at 57
1987 Thomas F Waddell found of Gay olympics, dies of AIDS at 50
1989 Sir Laurence Olivier acting great, dies at 82

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