1st July, on this day

251 The battle of Abrittus is won by Goths against Romans. Roman Emperors Decius and Herennius Etruscus are killed.
1097 Battle of Dorylaeum: Crusaders under Bohemond of Taranto defeat a Seljuk army under Qilich Arslan I.
1520 La Noche Triste: Joint Mexican Indian force led by Aztecs under Cuitláhuac defeat Spanish Conquistadors under Hernán Cortés.
1535 Sir Thomas More went on trial in England charged with treason
1569 Union of Lublin: The Kingdom of Poland (Polish Crown) and Great Duchy of Lithuania confirm a real union, the united country is called the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth or the Republic of Both Nations.
1690 Army of England's Protestant King William III defeats Roman Catholic King James II in Battle of the Boyne in Ireland (Now celebrated on July 12 as "The Battle of the Orange" )
1776 1st vote on the Declaration of Independence
1782 American privateers attack Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.
1816 Fr frigate Medusa wrecked; basis of Gericault's "Raft of the Medusa"
1823 United Provinces of Central America gain independence from Mexico
1837 Compulsory registration of births, marriages and deaths comes into effect in England and Wales
1847 1st US postage stamps go on sale
1850 At least 626 ships lie at anchor around SF Bay
1858 Charles Darwin presents his Theory on Evolution and Natural Selection to the Linnaean Society in London
1859 Balloon covers a record 809 miles over St Louis
1861 1st public schoolhouse opens at Washington and Mason St, SF
1862 Russian State Library is founded.
1862 Congress outlaws polygamy (1st time); bad news for Utah
1862 Day 7 of the 7 Days - Battle of Malvern Hill
1862 Lincoln appoints Isaac Newton sec of agriculture-no kidding!
Internal Revenue Law imposes 1st federal taxes on inheritance,
tobacco and on incomes over $600 (progressive rate)
1863 American Civil War: Start of three day Battle of Gettysburg with Confederate troops, led by General Robert E.Lee, launching the first attack
1863 Free city delivery of mail begins in 49 US cities;
1867 The Dominion of Canada is established by the British North American Act comprising four million people and four provinces - Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. July 1st is now Canada's National Day
1870 James W Smith of SC is 1st black to enter West Point
1873 Prince Edward Island becomes 7th Canadian province
1874 1st US kidnapping for ransom, 4-year-old Charles Ross, $20,000
1875 Universal Postal Union established
1879 Charles Taze Russell publishes the first edition of the religious magazine The Watchtower.
1881 1st international telephone conversation, St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada, and Calais, Maine, United States
1881 General Order 70, the culmination of the Cardwell-Childers reforms of the British Army's organisation, came into effect
1892 The Homestead Strike, a strike by the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers against the Carnegie Steel Company, begins.
1898 Britain is given a 99 year lease on Hong Kong on the southern coast of China
1898 Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders charge up San Juan Hill
1899 Gideon Society established to place bibles in hotels
1904 Start of the 3rd modern Olympic Games at St Louis, Missouri, USA. The United States win 80 gold medals
1908 Beginning of the first Tour De France cycle race
1910 Union of South Africa becomes a dominion
1911 Introduction of the British Copyright Act - protecting an author's works for 50 years after their death
1912 In London, the first Royal Variety Command Performance
1916 At least 20,000 British soldiers are killed and a further 40,000 are injured on the first day of the Battle of the Somme. It is the greatest number of British casualties in a single day's fighting in modern history
1916 Eisenhower marries Mary `Mamie' Geneva Doud in Denver Colo
1917 Race riots in East St Louis Illinois (40 to 200 reported killed)
1921 Formation of the British Legion
1921 Communist Party of China was founded.
1924 Through regular transcontinental airmail service established, NYC-SF
1929 In the United States, the cartoon character Popeye the Sailor is created by Elzie Segar
1931 Ice vending machines introduced in LA 25 lbs
1931 United Airlines began service (as Boeing Air Transport)
1932 NY Gov FDR nominated for president at the Dem Convention in Chicago
1934 1st x-ray photo of entire body, Rochester, NY
1935 The American Bureau of Investigation is re-named the Federal Bureau of Investigation (the FBI
1937 The 999 telephone emergency service comes into operation in Britain
1940 The French collaboration Government is established at Vichy
1941 Bulova Watch Co. pays $9 for 1st ever network TV commercial
1942 In North Africa, the German advance under the command of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel is halted at El Alemein
1942 Following an eight month siege, Sevastopol in the Crimea falls to German forces
1944 Bretton Woods Conference starts, establishing IMF and World Bank
1946 Rajah cedes Sarawak to the British crown
1946 US drops atom bomb on Bikini atoll (4th atomic explosion)
1947 Britain's Dominion Affairs office becomes Commonwealth Relations office
1947 British parliament passed India independence act. According to this took a decision for giving independence to India on August 15
1949 Bao Dai's Republic of Vietnam gains independence from France
1956 Elvis Presley wearing a tuxedo appears on The Steve Allen Show
1959 World Refugee Year begins
1960 In Africa, Ghana becomes a republic with Kwame Nkrumah its first President
1960 Italian Somalia gains independence, unites with Somali Republic
1962 Burundi and Rwanda gain independence from Belgium (National Days)
1963 Beatles record "She Loves You" and "I'll Get You"
1963 US postal service institutes the (Zone Improvement Plan) zip code
1963 The British Government admits that former diplomat Kim Philby had worked as a Soviet agent.
1966 Medicare goes into effect
1967 Colour television comes to Europe with a seven hour transmission on BBC 2 in Britain from the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships
1967 BBC starts their World Radio Club
1967 Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," goes to number 1 for 15 weeks
1967 The European Community is formally created out of a merger with the Common Market, the European Coal and Steel Community, and the European Atomic Energy Commission.
1968 John Lennon's 1st full art exhibition (You are Here)
1968 US, Britain, USSR and 58 nations sign Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty
1968 The CIA's Phoenix Program is officially established.
1969 Prince Charles is invested Prince of Wales by his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, at Caernarvon Castle in north Wales
1969 John and Yoko are hospitilized after a car crash
1971 Golden Gate Bridge paid for but the toll remains
1972 First Gay Pride march in England
1973 1st US-China basketball game, US collegiates beats Shanghai 96-61
1974 Monmouthshire renamed Gwent and becomes part of Wales
1977 British tennis player Virginia Wade wins the Women's Singles Championship at Wimbledon in its' Centenary Year and during Queen Elizabeth II's Jubilee year
1978 Former President Nixon makes 1st public speech since resigning in 1974
1978 Northern Territory of Australia becomes self-governing
1980 Steve Overt runs world record 3:48.8 mile in Oslo
1981 Laurel Canyon Calif murders (4 die, 1 wounded)
1981 Radio Shack 3rd release of Model III TRSDOS 1.3
1982 2,100 Unification church couples wed in NYC
1982 Kosmos 1383, 1st search and rescue satellite, launched
1982 Over 2000 Unification Church couples marry at NY, MSG
1983 A North Korean Ilyushin Il-62M jet en route to Conakry Airport in Guinea crashes into the Fouta Djall Mountains in Guinea-Bissau, killing all 23 people on board
1987 American radio station WFAN in New York City is launched as the world's first all-sports radio station
1989 Hugh Hefner (Playboy founder) weds playmate Kimberly Conrad
1990 German Democratic Republic accepts the Deutsche Mark as its currency
1990 In Victoria, Australia, helmetless bike riding becomes illegal
1991 In Prague, the formal ending of the Warsaw Pact, the defence agreement between countries under Soviet influence in Eastern Europe
1994 PLO leader Yasser Arafat enters Gaza for the first time since his exile 27 years earlier
1997 China regains sovereignty of Hong Kong
1998 First meeting of the historic Northern Ireland Assembly in Belfast following the signing of the Good Friday Peace Agreement
1999 The Scottish Parliament is officially opened by Queen Elizabeth on the day powers are officially transferred from the old Scottish Office in London to the new devolved Scottish Executive in Edinburgh. .
2000 The Oresund Bridge, connecting Sweden and Denmark, opens for traffic.
2002 The International Criminal Court is established to prosecute individuals for genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and the crime of aggression.
2002 A Bashkirian Airlines (flight 2937) Tupolev TU-154 and a DHL (German cargo) Boeing 757 collide in mid-air over Ueberlingen, southern Germany, killing 71.
2006 The first operation of Qinghai-Tibet Railway in the People's Republic of China.
2007 Smoking in England is banned in all public indoor spaces. With the ban already in force in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, this means it is illegal to smoke in indoor public places anywhere in the UK. Ban also put into effect in Australia.
2007 Prince William and Prince Harry throw a concert in memory of their mother the late Diana, Princess of Wales, on what would have been her 46th birthday.

1st July 2006

Somme horror marked 90 years on

Clashes break out in Gaza Strip

Baghdad market blast kills scores

1st July 2007

Israel releases Palestinian funds

AU focuses on government

China finds secret tomb chamber

1st July 2008

Mongolia calls state of emergency

Markets slide on inflation fears

China knife attacker 'kills five'

1st July 2009

Iran 'disqualifies' EU from talks

Survivor speaks of Yemenia crash

Croatia's PM Sanader steps down

1st July 2010

Deadly blasts hit Pakistan shrine

Turkey Kurdish clashes 'kill 17'

China launches global English TV

Birthdates which occurred on 1st July :

1646 G.W. Leibniz German mathematician/philosopher; postulated monads
1788 Jean-Victor Poncelet mathematician, founded projective geometry
1804 George Sand France, novelist (Valentine, Le Figaro)
1807 Thomas Green Clemson mining engineer, endowed Clemson University
1810 Walter White secretary (NAACP)
1857 Roger Connor 1st baseman (NY Giants)
1861 Samuel D Riddle horse owner (Man 'o War)
1872 Louis Bl‚riot 1st man to fly an airplane across English Channel
1879 L‚on Jouhaux France, socialist, cofounded UN's ILO (Nobel 1951)
1892 James M Cain Minneapolis Mn, novelist (Postman Always Rings Twice)
1893 Walter Francis White Atlanta Georgia
1899 Charles Laughton England, actor (Mutiny on the Bounty)
19-- Barbara Whinnery Berkeley Calif, actress (Cathy Martin-St Elsewhere)
19-- Constance Ford actress (Ada Hobson-Another World)
19-- Florence Stanley Chicago Ill, actress (Bernice-Barney Miller/Fish)
19-- Frank Parker actor (Day of Our Life)
19-- Roddy Bottum rocker (Faith No More-The Real Thing)
19-- Shirley Hemphill Asheville NC, actress (What's Happening)
19-- Tom Hodges
19-- Vito Bratta NY, rocker (White Lion-Mane Attraction)
1901 Irna Phillips Chicago, created 6 soap operas (Guiding Light)
1902 Billy Wyler director (Mrs Miniver)
1907 Bill Stern Rochester NY, sportscaster (Saturday Night Fights)
1908 Estee Lauder CEO (Estee Lauder's cosmetics)
1909 Madge Evans Manhattan NYC, TV panelist (Masquerade Party)
1911 Alvino Rey Cleve Ohio, orch leader (King Family)
1912 David Brower environmentalist/president Sierra Club
1914 Cristyl Cranz Germany, slalom (Olympic-gold-1936)
1915 Willie Dixon Vicksburg Miss, bassist (Walkin' the Blues)
1916 Olivia de Havilland Tokyo Japan, actress (Adventures of Robin Hood)
1925 Farley Granger actor (Arnold, Rope)
1926 Hans Werner Henze Gttersloh Germany, composer (Das Floss Medusa)
1930 Imelda Marcos former 1st lady (Philipines)/shoe collector
1931 Leslie Caron Boulogne-Biliancourt France, actr (Lili, Father Goose)
1932 Bobby Day [Robert Byrd), Fort Worth Tx, rock vocalist (Rockin' Robin)
1934 Claude Berri Paris France, director (Le Sex Shop, L'Homme Blesse)
1934 Jamie Farr Toledo Oh, actor (Klinger-M*A*S*H, AfterMASH)
1934 Jean Marsh London England, actress (Dark Places, Eagle has Landed)
1934 Sydney Pollack director (Tootsie, Presumed Innocent)
1941 Rod Gilbert Canada, NHL wing (NY Rangers)
1941 Sally Quinn Georgia, CBS newscaster (Morning Show)
1941 Twyla Tharp Indiana, choreographer (Twyla Tharp Dance Troupe)
1942 Genevieve Bujold Montr‚al, actress (King of Hearts, Choose Me)
1942 Karen Black Park Ridge Ill, (5 Easy Pieces, Trilogy of Horror, Pyx)
1945 Deborah Harry rocker (Blondie-Heart of Glass)
1946 Ron Silver NYC, actor (Entity, Silkwood, Best Friends)
1951 Daryl Anderson Seattle, actor (Animal-Lou Grant)
1951 Fred Schneider vocals/guitarist (B-52's-Rock Lobster)
1951 Trevor Eve Wales, actor (Shadow Chasers)
1952 Dan Aykroyd Ottawa Canada, comedian/actor (SNL, Dragnet)
1956 Lorna Patterson Whittier Calif, actress (Airplane, Pvt Benjamin)
1960 Evelyn "Champagne" King Bronx NY, singer (Shame, I'm In Love)
1961 Carl Lewis US, olympic track & field star (Gold-1984, 1988)
1961 Lady Diane Spencer (Princess Di) consort of England
1964 Poi Burton rocker (Transvision Vamp-Velveteen)
1967 Pamela Anderson Ladysmith BC, playmate (Feb, 1990) (Home Improvement)


Deaths which occurred on July 1th:
1958 Dr Harry Nicholls Holmes crystallized vitamin A, dies at 78
1979 Richard Ward actor (Beacon Hill), dies at 64
1981 George Voskovec actor (Fred-Nero Wolfe, Peter-Skag), dies at 76
1983 R Buckminster Fuller inventor/philosopher, dies in LA at 87
1986 Roy Poole actor (Winds of War), dies at 62
1991 Michael Landon actor (Bonanza), dies at 54 from cancer

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