5th January, on this day

0269 St Felix I begins his reign as Catholic Pope
1438 Pope Eugenius IV deallocated council of Basel to Ferrara
1463 French poet François Villon banished from Paris
1477 Battle at Nancy, Burgundy vs Switzerland, 7000+ killed
1500 Duke Ludovico Sforza's troops reconquer Milan
1531 Pope Clemens VII forbids English king Henry VIII to re-marry
1554 Great fire in Eindhoven. Netherlands
1638 Petition in Recife Brazil leads to closing of their 2 synagogues
1649 Francesco Cavalli's opera "Giasone" premieres in Venice
1675 Battle at Turkheim (Colmar) French army beats Brandenburg
1709 Sudden extreme cold kills 1000s of Europeans
1717 Prussian King Frederik Willem I buys conscript for nobles
1719 England/Hannover/Saxony-Poland/Austria sign anti-Prussian/Russian pact
1757 Failed assassination attempt on French king Louis XV by Damiens
1781 British naval expedition led by Benedict Arnold burns Richmond VA
1800 1st Swedenborgian temple in US holds 1st service, Baltimore MD
1804 Ohio legislature passes 1st laws restricting free blacks movement
1809 Treaty of Dardanelles concluded between Britain and France
1822 Central America proclaims annexation to Mexican Empire
1825 Alexandre Dumas pare fights his 1st duel; his pants fall down
1834 Kiowa Indians record this as the night the stars fell
1836 Davy Crockett arrives in Texas, just in time for the Alamo
1840 Records show 95,820 licensed public houses in England on this date
1841 James Clark Ross (UK) is 1st to enter pack ice near Ross Ice Shelf
1850 California Exchange opens
1854 Steamship San Francisco wrecked-300 die
1859 1st steamboat sails, Red River
1861 Alabama troops seize Forts Morgan and Gaines at Mobile Bay
1861 250 Federal troops are sent from New York to Fort Sumter
1862 Battle of Hancock
1875 President Grant sends federal troops to Vicksburg MS
1884 Princess Ida, written by Gilbert and Sullivan, is first performed at the Savoy Theatre in London
1892 1st successful auroral photograph made
1895 French Captain Alfred Dreyfus, convicted of treason, publicly stripped of his rank; later declared innocent
1895 Henry James' play "Guy Domville" opens in London
1896 German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen's discovers x-rays
1900 Irish Nationalist leader John Edward Redmond advocates a revolt against British home rule
1905 Charles Perrine announces discovery of Jupiter's 7th satellite, Elara
1909 Colombia recognizes Panamá's independence
1911 Portuguese expel Jesuits
1914 James Cox of Ford Motor Co announces wages will jump from $2.40/9-hour day to $5.00/8-hour day
1916 Austria-Hungary offensive against Montenegro
1918 British premier Lloyd George demand for unified peace
1919 Anton Drexler, along with Gottfried Fedder and Dietrich Eckart establish the German Workers Party (DAP), which later changes its name to the National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazi Party)
1919 Spartacus uprising in Berlin state of siege
1925 Under Polish control, Danzig establishes Port Gdansk post office
1927 Fox Studios exhibits Movietone
1929 Coup by King Alexander in South Slavia
1930 Mao Tse-tung writes "A Single Spark Can Start a Prairie Fire"
1933 Work on Golden Gate Bridge begins, on Marin County side
1934 Fenway Park catches fire for 2nd time (May 8th 1926 also)
1937 Only unicameral state legislature in US opens 1st session (Nebraska)
1940 Finnish offensive at Suomossalmi against Russia
1941 British/Australian troops conquer Bardia Lybia
1942 55 German tanks reach North-Africa
1943 William H Hastie, civilian aide to secretary of war, resigns to protest segregation in armed forces
1945 Pepe LePew debuts in Warner Bros cartoon "Odor-able Kitty"
1945 Surprise attack on Liese-Aktion-office on Marnix St, Amsterdam
1945 Japanese pilots are first ordered to use Kamikaze (‘Divine Wind’ in Japanese) tactics
1949 President Harry S Truman labels his administration the "Fair Deal"
1953 Passenger ships Willem Ruys and Orange collide in the Red Sea
1957 Eisenhower asks Congress to send troops to the Mid East
1959 Coral Records release "It Doesn't Matter Anymore" by Buddy Holly. This was Holly’s last record before his tragic death in a plane crash that also killed singers Ritchie Valens and J.P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson
1961 US breaks diplomatic relations with Cuba
1962 Tony Sheridan and Beatles produce "My Bonnie" and "The Saints"
1963 "Camelot" closes at Majestic Theater New York City NY after 873 performances
1964 Pope Paul VI visits Jordan and Israel
1968 Dr Benjamin Spock indicted for conspiring to violate draft law
1968 Alexander Dubcek becomes the new leader of Czechoslovakia. In what came to be known as the "Prague Spring", Dubeck introduced liberal reforms to the Communist regime. However, in August, the Soviet Union put an end to this reform process with the invasion of Czechoslovakia
1969 USSR Venera 5 launched for 1st successful planet landing (Venus)
1970 23,000 Belgian mine workers strike
1971 Birth of 'One Day' international cricket - England v. Australia in Melbourne - after the planned five-day Test Match is abandoned because of rain
1971 Harlem Globetrotters lose 100-99 to New Jersey Reds, ending 2,495-game win streak
1972 President Nixon authorises the development of a space shuttle
1972 West-Pakistani sheik Mujib ur-Rahman freed
1973 Mali and Niger break diplomatic relations with Israel
1975 14 die when British freighter "Lake Illawarra" rams pylon bridge between Derwent and Hobart, Tasmania and ship sinks
1975 Salyut 4 with crew of 2 is launched for 30 days
1976 Ten Protestants are brutally gunned down in Northern Ireland, in what is believed to be a revenge killing after the recent murder of five Catholics
1976 Cambodia is renamed "Democratic Kampuchea"
1977 Kenya President Jomo Kenyatta disbands parliament
1981 In Britain, Peter Sutcliffe, the 'Yorkshire Ripper', who killed 13 women in four years, is formally charged in court
1982 Arkansas judge rules against obligatory teaching of creation
1985 The world first learns about Israel’s 'Operation Moses', in which thousands of Jewish Ethiopian refugees have been airlifted out of Sudan, fleeing the famine in Ethiopia
1987 Surrogate Baby M case begins in Hackensack, NJ
1988 Austrian President Waldheim's war record investigated
1989 2 French TV newsmen arrested for trying to plant fake bombs on 3 airlines at JFK airport in security test
1993 Shetland Oil disaster in the North Sea
1995 Lockheed C-140 Jetstar crashes at Isfahan Persia, 18 killed
1997 Russian forces withdraw from Chechnya.
1998 Ice storm knocks out electricity in Québec and Ontario
1998 Vandals decapitate Copenhagen's Little Mermaid
2001 A report funded by The Department of Health in England finds that the convicted serial killer, former GP Harold Shipman, may have killed in excess of 300 of his patients
2005 Eris, the largest known dwarf planet in the solar system, is discovered by the team of Michael E. Brown, Chad Trujillo, and David L. Rabinowitz using images originally taken on October 21, 2003, at the Palomar Observatory.
2007 Taiwan High Speed Rail open between Taipei and Kaohsiung.

5th January 2006

Israel's Sharon fights for life

Iraq suicide bomb blasts kill 110

Pilgrim hostel collapses in Mecca

5th January 2007

Hanging 'makes martyr of Saddam'

Sri Lankan bus blast 'kills five'

New book tells Anne Frank's tale

5th January 2008

Iraqi soldier 'killed US troops'

S Lanka clashes 'kill 26 rebels'

Georgia president 'wins election'

5th January 2009

Casualties rise in Gaza offensive

Dozens die in Guatemala landslide

Steep sales drop for US carmakers

5th January 2010

Iceland leader vetoes bank repayments bill

Somali militants force WFP exit

Google unveils own smartphone

Birthdates which occurred on 5th January :

1548 Francisco Suárez Granada Spain, philosopher/theologian
1560 William Cobbold composer
1592 Shah Jahan Mughal emperor of India (1628-58), built Taj Mahal
1596 Henry Lawes English composer
1620 Miklós Zrínyi Hungarian poet/writer (The Peril of Sziget)
1661 Jacob Balthasar Schutz composer
1679 Pietro Filippo Scarlotti composer
1710 Friedrich Wilhelm Reidt composer
1729 Paul C la Fargue cartoonist/painter
1759 Jacques Cathelineau French royalist/army leader
1769 Jean Baptiste Say French economist (Political Economics)
1773 Pieter Fontijn Dutch painter/drawer
1778 Fortunato Santini composer
1779 Stephen Decatur US, naval hero (War of 1812)
1779 Zebulon Montgomery Pike explorer (Pike's Peak)
1780 Claire countess of Rémusat/Vergennes/French author (Salon)
1787 John Burke Irish genealogist (Burke's Peerage)
1788 Kaspar Ett German organist/composer
1806 Andre H C van Hasselt Belgian poet (La Belgium)
1810 Auguste Mermet composer
1811 Cyrus Hamlin educator/missionary (established Robert College, Turkey)
1813 Thomas Neville Waul Brigadier General (Confederate Army), died in 1903
1822 Joseph Brevard Kershaw Major General (Confederate Army), died in 1894
1823 William Rockstro composer
1828 August Valentine Kautz Brevet Major General (Union Army), died in 1895
1835 Friedrich Richard Faltin composer
1835 Hendrik E van Rijgersma Dutch government doctor on Saint Maarten
1840 John Doby Kennedy Brigadier General (Confederate Army), died in 1896
1846 Rudolf Christoph Eucken Germany, Idealist philosopher (Nobel 1908)
1848 Khristo Botev hero of Bulgarian revolt against Turkey, poet
1850 Theodoor Verstraete Flemish painter/etcher
1855 King Camp Gillette inventor (safety razor)
1858 Gustaf af Geijerstam Swedish author (Boken om Lillebror)
1859 DeWitt B Brace inventor (spectrophotometer)
1863 Konstantin Stanislavsky Russian actor/director/methodist
1871 Frederick Shepherd Converse Newton MA, composer
1874 Joseph Erlanger doctor (shock therapy-Nobel 1944)
1876 Konrad Adenauer Cologne Germany, chancellor of Germany (1949)
1880 Nicolai Karlovich Medtner composer
1881 Nikolay Andreyevich Roslavets composer
1890 Cora Witherspoon New Orleans LA, actress (Bank Dick), dies
1891 Johan Boskamp Dutch actor/singer (Potasch & Perlemoer)
1892 Francesca Bertini Florence Italy, actress (Odette, Assunta Spina)
1893 Friedrich Blume German musicologist (Das Rassenproblem in der Musik)
1895 Jeannette Piccard balloonist/Episcopal priest
1896 Hendrik Algra Dutch MP (ARP)
1897 Jack Wagner OH, actor (Jive Junction)
1897 Theo Mackeben German pianist/composer (Lady Fanny, Bel Ami)
1899 Albert van Dalsum Dutch actor/director (Little Rascal)
19-- Claudia North New York City NY, high society child (December, 1979)
19-- Kelly Nickels rock bassist (LA Guns-It's Over Now)
1900 Paula Ludwig writer
1900 Yves Tanguy French/US sailor/surrealistic painter
1901 H L Honore comte d'Estienne d'Orves French officer/resistance fighter
1901 Mario Scelba premier Italy (1954-55)
1902 Dorothea "Stella" Gibbons English author (Cold Comfort Farm)
1902 Hubert Beuve-Méry French newspaper publisher (Le Monde (The Voice))
1902 Pierre Palla Dutch pianist/organist
1903 Leighton Lucas composer
1903 Telésforo A Palm Curaçao, composer/pianist
1905 László Papp Hungary, middleweight boxer (Olympics-gold-1948, 52, 56)
1906 Kathleen Kenyon 1st person to place date on remains of Jericho
1907 Anton Ingolic Slavic author (After Splavih, After Prelomu)
1907 Wilhelm "Willi" J Soukop Austrian/British sculptor
1908 George Dolenz Trieste Italy, actor (A Bullet for Joey, Count of Monte Cristo-TV series)
1909 Jean-Pierre Aumont Paris France, actor (Count of Monte Cristo, Cat & Mouse, Happy Hooker)
1909 Simon Harcourt Nowell-Smith bibliophile
1909 Stephen Cole Kleene mathematician (Regular Expressions)
1910 Erica Morini Vienna Austria, concert violinist
1912 Frank Pace Jr US Secretary of Army (1950-53)
1914 George Reeves [George Lescher Bessolo], actor (Superman)
1915 Mabel Leigh potter
1915 Uta Graf singer/teacher
1917 Reginald Smith Brindle composer
1917 Wieland Wagner German opera director
1918 Jeanne Dixon Medford WI, psychic (Gift of Prophecy)
1920 Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli Brescia Italy, pianist
1920 Mohammad Aslam Khokhar cricket (Pakistani bat scored 16 & 18 in only test)
1921 Friedrich Dürrenmatt Switzerland, playwright/novelist (Visit)
1921 Jean d'Aviano grand duke of Luxembourg (1964- )
1923 Robert L Bernstein New York City NY, publisher (Random House)
1923 Sam Phillips musician/record company founder (Sun)
1925 Wolf Morris actor (Decoy)
1926 Claude (Buddy) Young NFL running back (Yankees, Texans, Colts)
1926 Robert Earle Baldwin NY, TV host (GE College Bowl)
1928 Imtiaz Ahmed cricketer (Pakistan wicket-keeper in 41 Tests 1952-62)
1928 Walter Fritz Mondale (Senator-D-MN)/42nd Vice President (1977-81)
1928 Zulfikar Ali Khan Bhutto President/Premier (Pakistan)
1929 Wilbert Harrison singer
1930 Richard Hayes Passaic NJ, singer/emcee (Name That Tune)
1930 Edward Galven Givens Jr Quanah TX, Major USAF/astronaut
1930 Frederick Charles Tillis composer
1931 Alfred Brendel Wiesenberg Moravia, Austrian pianist
1931 Alvin Ailey choreographer (American Dance Theater)
1931 Robert Duvall San Diego CA, actor (Great Santini, Taxi Driver)
1931 Walter Davis US, running high jumper (Olympics-gold-1952)
1932 Chuck Noll Cleveland OH, NFL coach (Pittsburgh Steelers)
1932 Raïsa Maximovna Titorenko Gorbachev Russia's 1st lady (1982-1991)
1932 Umberto Eco author (Name of the Rose)
1935 Nancy L Johnson (Representative-R-CT, 1983- )
1938 Jim Otto NFL center (Oakland Raiders)
1938 Juan Carlos I king of Spain (1975- )
1938 Edwin Elliason Washington, US archer (Olympics-92)
1938 Leo Avery abbot of Quarr
1938 Piet Kruiver Dutch soccer star
1939 Bridget Parker England, equestrian 3 day event (Olympics-gold-1972)
1939 Peter Struycken statues/computer expert/teacher
1940 Dany Saval Oakland CA, actress (Boeing Boeing, Moon Pilot)
1941 Bob Cunis cricketer (New Zealand pace bowler of the late 60's)
1941 Grady Thomas US rock vocalist (Parliaments, Funkadelic, Maggot Brain)
1941 Mansur Ali Khan cricketer (Nawab of Pataudi, Indian batsman & capt)
1942 Charlie Rose Henderson NC, newscaster (CBS Night Watch)
1942 Cliff Potts Glendale CA, actor (Ted-Lou Grant)
1942 Maurizio Pollini Milan Italy, pianist
1942 Eusebio de Silva Ferreira Mozambique/Portugal soccer star (Europa Cup 1 1962)
1944 Felix Arons Dutch director/actor (Waaldrecht)
1945 Sam Wyche NFL coach (Cincinnati Bengals)
1946 Diane Keaton Louisiana, actress (Annie Hall, Little Drummer Girl)
1947 Ted Lange Oakland CA, actor (Isaac-Love Boat, Mr T & Tina)
1947 Michael DeWine (Representative-R-OH, 1983- )
1948 Parthasarathy Sharma cricketer (Indian batsman of the mid-70's)
1948 Thom Mooney rocker
1949 George Brown rock drummer (Kool & the Gang-Celebration)
1949 Chris Stein Brooklyn NY, rock guitarist (Blondie-Heart of Glass, Call Me)
1950 Michael O'Donoghue writer/performer
1953 Pamela Sue Martin Westport CT, actress (Nancy Drew, Fallon-Dynasty)
1954 Bryan Hitt rocker (REO Speedwagon-Keep on Loving You)
1957 Vincent Calloway Kentucky, trumpet player (Midnight Star-No Parking)
1958 Suzy Amis Oklahoma City OK, actress (Blame it on Rio, Where the Heart is)
1959 Kapil Dev India's cricket player
1961 Curt Bader Bloomfield IA, sprint kayak (Olympics-96)
1962 Brendon Kuruppu cricketer (Sri Lankan batsman, 201* debut vs New Zealand 1987)
1962 Danny Jackson US baseball pitcher (Royals/Phillies/Cardinals)
1962 Donald John Cowie Auckland New Zealand, yachting Star class (Olympics-96)
1962 Joel Wyner actor/director (Lyle Springer-Sirens, Listen, Club)
1963 Jeff Fassero Springfield IL, pitcher (Montréal Expos)
1963 Rick Ambrose singer (Jewel)
1964 Ted Harris Poley Englewood NJ, rocker (Danger Danger-Screw It)
1964 John Erickson Woodland Hills CA, golfer (1991 Windsor Charity)
1964 Tracy Ham CFL quarterback (Montréal Alouettes)
1965 Rick Tuten NFL punter (Seattle Seahawks)
1966 Kate Schellenbach musician (Luscious Jackson)
1966 Renaldo Turnbull NFL defensive end (New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers)
1967 Ricky Paull Goldin San Francisco CA, actor (Doug-Hail to the Chief, Another World)
1967 Chris Nabholz US baseball pitcher (Boston Red Sox)
1967 J B Brown NFL cornerback (Miami Dolphins, Pittsburgh Steelers)
1967 Ray Crockett NFL defensive back (Denver Broncos-Super Bowl XXXII)
1968 Carl Evans actor (Guiding Light)
1968 Felton Spencer NBA center (Utah Jazz)
1968 Jean Zedlitz Stockton CA, LPGA golfer (1994 Children's Med-14th)
1968 Joe Juneau Pont-Rouge Québec Canada, NHL center (Washington Capitals)
1968 Leila Meskhi Tbilisi Georgia SSR, tennis star (1995 Hobart)
1969 David Dixon NFL guard (Minnesota Vikings)
1969 Derrick Ned NFL fullback (New Orleans Saints)
1969 Kurt Barber NFL defensive end (New York Jets)
1969 Marilyn Manson singer/musician
1970 James Patton NFL defensive end (Buffalo Bills)
1971 Eric Smith NFL/WLAF wide receiver (Chicago Bears, Scotland Claymores)
1971 Hillary Butler WLAF linebacker (Frankfurt Galaxy)
1971 Jason Bates Downey CA, infielder (Colorado Rockies)
1972 Joseph Patton NFL guard (Washington Redskins)
1974 John Drew Nichols Oklahoma, rocker (PC Quest-Can You See)
1974 Calvin Collins center/guard (Atlanta Falcons)
1974 Michelle Scerri Melbourne Australia, golfer (1995 Tasmanian)
1975 Ray Morgan announcer (I'd Like to See)
1975 Warrick Dunn running back (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
1979 Sarah Price Miss Louisiana Teen-USA (1997)
1980 Garette Patrick Ratliff actor (Return to Blue Lagoon)


Deaths which occurred on January 5th:
1066 King Edward the Confessor of England, dies
1066 Edward de Belijder the Confessor, king of England (1043-66), dies
1387 Pedro IV king of Aragon/conqueror of Sicily, dies at 67
1425 John of Bavaria/Bayern liege of Holland/Zealand/Dordrecht, poisoned
1477 Charles the Bold, duke of Burgundy/writer, dies at 43
1524 Marko Marulic/Marulus/Splichanin/Pecinich Croatian poet, dies at 73
1589 Catherine de' Medici Queen mother of France, dies at 69
1592 Willem II Duke of Gulik/Kleef/Gelre, dies at about 75
1595 Ercole Procaccini Italian painter, dies
1603 Pieter Adriaansz van der Werff mayor of Lead, dies at 73
1684 Claude Audran II French painter/engraver, dies at 44
1740 Antonio Lotti Italian opera composer, dies at about 72
1746 Anton Simon Ignaz Praelisauer composer, dies at 53
1759 Thomas-Philippe et de Boussu South Netherlands cardinal, dies at 79
1762 Elisabeth Petrovna tsarina of Russia (1741-62), dies at 52
1783 Friedrich Wilhelm Reidt composer, dies on 73rd birthday
1788 Johann Schneider composer, dies at 85
1796 Samuel Huntington US judge (signed Declaration of Independence), dies at 64
1799 Mohammed Esad Galib Dede Turkish poet (Hüsn-ü asjk, dies at about 41
1807 Michel Adanson French biologist (Plant classes), dies at 79
1814 Johann Gottfried Krebs composer, dies at 72
1827 Frederick of York English duke/bishop/General , dies at 63
1848 Ferdinando Orlandi composer, dies at 73
1856 Pierre J David [David d'Angers], French sculptor, dies at 67
1858 Johann Radetzky von Radetz Austrian earl/field marshal, dies at 91
1860 St John Nepomucene Neumann 1st male US saint, dies
1862 Joseph Frohlich composer, dies at 81
1888 Henri Herz composer, dies at a day before 85th birthday
1891 Guillaume L Baud Dutch minister of Colonies (1848-49), dies at 89
1904 Karl A von Zittel German geologist/paleontologist (Libya), dies at 64
1922 Sir Ernest Shackleton Antarctic explorer (Endurance), dies aboard his ship at 47
1933 Calvin Coolidge 30th President (1923-29), dies in Northampton MA at 60
1936 Ramón M del Valle-Inclán playwright (Tirano banderas), dies at 66
1940 Tina Modotti [Maria del Carmen], Italian/Mexican communist, dies at 46
1942 Yves Paringaux French chief of staff, murdered
1943 George Washington Carver famous black American agricultural scientist dies at 81
1944 Adolph Goldschmidt German/Swiss art historian, dies at 80
1945 Dezsö Szabó Hungarian writer (Wiped-out Village), dies at 65
1951 Andrei P Platonov Russian author (Prok, Kotlovan), dies at 51
1952 Nawab of Pataudi cricket (play polo 3 Tests for England 3 for India), dies
1952 Victor Alexander John Hope viceroy of India (1936-43), dies at 64
1956 Jeanne F Bourgeois French head mistress (Moulin Rouge), dies at 84
1960 Donald Knight cricketer (54 runs in 2 Tests for England 1921), dies
1960 Pavel P Parenago Russia, cosmonaut, dies at 53
1963 Rogers Hornsby baseball player, dies of a heart ailment at 66
1965 Neil Craig actor (Calling Dr Kildare), dies at 73
1965 Paul Arntzenius painter/graphic artist/etcher, dies at 81
1966 George Duckworth cricketer (24 Tests for England, ct 45 stp 15), dies
1968 Jean Murat actor (On the Riviera), dies at 79
1969 Franz T Csokor Austria author (Gottes General), dies at 83
1969 Tom Aherne actor (Hustler, April Fools), dies of influenza in NY
1970 Joseph A Yablonski candidate for United Mine Workers president, murdered
1970 Max Born German/British physicist (Nobel 1954), dies at 87
1970 Roberto Gerhard composer, dies at 73
1971 Sonny Liston World Champ heavyweight boxer (1962-64), found dead at 36
1973 Cornelis van Dis Dutch MP (SGP), dies at 79
1974 Roy Bargy orchestra leader (Jimmy Durante Show), dies at 79
1975 Don Wilson Astro pitcher dies at 29 of carbon monoxide poisoning
1976 Georges E Migot French composer, dies at 84
1977 Onslow Stevens actor (Mr Fisher-This is the Life), dies at 74
1979 Charles Mingus US jazz bassist/composer/orchestra leader, dies at 56
1981 Harold C Urey US chemist (Deuterium, Nobel 1934), dies at 87
1981 Paul Félix Flemish architect (Song of the Sun), dies at 67
1982 Hans Conried actor (Bullwinkle Show, Make Room for Daddy), dies at 64
1982 Harvey Lembeck actor (Phil Silvers, Hathaways), dies at 56
1987 Margaret Laurence Canadian author, dies at 60
1988 "Pistol Pete" Mavarich NBAer (Atlanta), dies of a heart attack at 40
1990 Arthur Kennedy actor (Air Force), dies of a brain tumor at 76
1990 Bart LaRue entertainer, dies
1991 John Eckhardt actor born without legs (Freaks), dies at 82
1991 Marie Madeline Sullivan actress (Elvira Mistress of Dark), dies at 80
1991 Vasko Popa Serbian WWII-partisan/poet (Sporedno Nebo), dies at 68
1993 George L George Russian/US journalist/director/producer, dies at 85
1993 Henk Knol Suriname MP (PvdA), dies at 61
1993 Jennifer Raine Bissell daughter of Alan Napier, dies 60
1993 Juan Benet Goitia Spanish writer (Herrumbrosas Lanzas), dies at 65
1993 Klaas Wiersma Dutch Secretary of Justice (VVD), dies
1993 Leonce Gras Flemish singer/conductor, dies at 84
1993 Nyamuisi Muvingi Zaire minister of Culture, murdered
1993 Ronnie Welsh actor (Patterns), dies of brain cancer at 52
1993 Westley A Dodd US murderer, 1st hanging in US since 1965
1994 Brian Johnston cricketer (BBC radio commentator for 40 yrs), dies
1994 Louis R J Ridder van Rappard Dutch mayor of Zoelen, dies at 87
1994 Thomas P "Tip" O'Neill (D-MA)/Speaker of House (1977-86), dies at 81
1994 Victor van Os Dutch jazz guitarist, dies at 39
1994 William Raynor writer, dies at 73
1995 Francis Lopez French dentist/operetta composer (Andalousie), dies at 78
1995 Mansour Satari Brigadier General/commandant (Iran Air Force), dies at 46
1995 Yahya Ayyash PLO bomb maker, booby trapped cellular phone at 28
1996 Jay Morris Arena inventor/pediatrician, dies at 86
1996 Joseph Daniel White singer/bandleader, dies at 84
1996 Lincoln Kirstein ballet administrator, dies at 88
1996 Richard Versaille tenor, dies at 63
1997 Andre Franquin cartoonist, dies at 72
1998 Georgi Sviridov composer, dies at 82
1998 Sonny Bono (Representative-R-CA)/singer (Sonny & Cher), dies skiing at 6

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