18th January, on this day

0336 St Mark begins his reign as Catholic Pope
0350 General Magnentius drives out Western Roman emperor Constans
0532 Nika uprising at Constantinople fails, 30-40,000 die
1486 King Henry VII of England marries Elizabeth, daughter of Edward IV
1520 King Christian II of Denmark and Norway defeats Swedish forces at Lake Asunden, leading to him sucessfully conquering Sweden
1535 Francisco Pizarro founds Lima, Peru
1644 Perplexed Pilgrims in Boston reported America's 1st UFO sighting
1650 French Prince Louis II of Condé captured
1670 Pirate Henry Morgan defeats Spanish defenders, captures Panamá
1691 English king William III travels to The Hague
1701 Frederik I/Sophie Charlotte van Hanover crowned king/queen of Prussia
1733 1st polar bear exhibited in America (Boston)
1777 San Jose, CA founded
1778 Captain James Cook stumbles over Sandwich Islands (Hawaiian Islands)
1788 Britain establishes a penal settlement at Botany Bay in Australia
1795 Governor/Viceroy Willem V flees Scheveningen to England
1817 San Martin leads a revolutionary army over Andes
1840 Electro-Magnetic Intelligencer, 1st US electrical journal, appears
1850 British blockade Piræus, Greece to enforce mercantile claims
1854 Filibuster William Walker proclaims Republic of Sonora in NW México
1862 Confederate Territory of Arizona is formed
1865 Battle of Fort Moultrie, SC
1871 Wilhelm I is crowned the first German Emperor at the Versailles Palace in the aftermath of the Franco-Prussian War
1884 General Charles Gordon departs London for Khartoum
1896 British troops occupy Kumasi, West Africa
1905 French government of Combes falls
1908 Frederick Delius' "Brigg Fair" premieres
1911 1st shipboard landing of a plane (Tanforan Park to USS Pennsylvania)
1913 Turkish-Greek sea battle near Troy Naval Battle of Lemnos ends
1915 Train crashes at Colima-Guadalajara Mexico, about 600 die
1915 World War I: Japan issues the 'Twenty-One Demands' to China, which seek to increase Japanese power within China
1915 Battle of Jassin
1919 WWI Peace Congress opens in Versailles, France
1919 Bentley Motors is established in London
1922 Irish author Liam O'Flaherty and others occupy the Rotunda in Dublin
1929 Stalin proposes to ban Trotsky from the Politburo
1930 Dmitri Shostakovich's opera "The Nose" premieres in Leningrad
1943 Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto begin resistance of Nazis
1943 Presliced bread sale banned to reduce bakery demand for metal parts
1943 Soviets announce they broke the long Nazi siege of Leningrad
1943 Besieged defenders of Leningrad link up with relieving forces, ending the 900-day siege.
1944 1st Chinese naturalized US citizen since repeal of exclusion acts
1947 Small river steamer sank on Yangtze River, kills 400
1951 Hermann Flake sentenced to death due to "hate campaign against German Democratic Republic"
1954 Fanfani forms Italian government
1956 German Democratic Republic forms own army (National People's Army)
1957 3 B-52's set record for around-the-world flight, 45 hours 19 minutes
1960 US and Japan sign joint defense treaty
1961 Zanzibar's Afro-Shirazi party wins 1 seat by a single vote and parliament by a single seat
1962 In US, Southern University closed due to demonstrations
1962 US begins spraying foliage in Vietnam to reveal Viet Cong guerrillas
1962 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1963 In Britain, the leader of the Labour Party, Hugh Gaitskell dies suddenly from a heart condition
1964 Beatles 1st appearance in Billboard Chart (I Want to Hold Your Hand at number 35)
1964 Plans for the World Trade Center announced (New York City NY)

1967 Yellowknife replaces Ottawa as capital of NW Territories, Canada
1967 Albert DeSalvo (Boston Strangler) sentenced to life in prison
1967 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1968 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakstan/Semipalatinsk USSR
1969 Expanded 4 party Vietnam peace talks began in Paris
1969 United Airlines Flight 266 a Boeing 727-22C en route from Los Angeles, CA to Milwaukee, WI via Denver, CO loses all electrical power and crashes into Santa Monica Bay. The crew of six, and 32 passengers are killed.
1969 Soyuz 5 returns to Earth
1972 Two leading campaigners from black majority rule in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), the former Prime Minister of Southern Rhodesia, Garfield Todd and his daughter, Judith, are both arrested upon the orders of Rhodesian Prime Minster, Ian Smith
1973 John Cleese's final episode on "Monty Python's Flying Circus" on BBC
1974 "The $6 Million Man" starring Lee Majors premieres on ABC TV
1974 Israel and Egypt sign weapons accord
1980 Pink Floyd's "The Wall" hits number 1
1980 Studio 54 owners Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager sentenced to 3½ years in prison for tax evasion and fined $20,000
1981 Iran accepts US offer of $7.9 billion in frozen assets
1981 Wendy O Williams arrested in Milwaukee for on-stage obscenity
1983 IOC restores Jim Thorpe's Olympic medals 70 years after they were taken from him for being paid $25 in semipro baseball
1984 83 die in acoal mine (Mitsui Miike, Omuta, Kyushu, Japan,
1985 U.S. officials walk out of a World Court case concerning U.S. paramilitary activities against the Nicaraguan government
1986 AIDS charity record "That's What Friends are For" hits number 1
1988 Airliner crashes in SW China, killing all 108 on board
1989 Astronomers discover pulsar in remnants of Supernova 1987A (LMC)
1990 South Africa says its reconsidering ban on African National Congress
1990 Washington DC, Mayor Marion Barry arrested in drug enforcement sting
1991 Eastern Airlines goes out of business after 62 years
1991 The Israeli cities of Tel Aviv and Haifa come under attack from Iraqi Scud missiles during the Gulf War
1991 US acknowledges CIA and US Army paid Noriega $320,000 over his career
1993 In US, Martin Luther King Day observed in all 50 states for 1st time
1995 Pope John Paul II begins visit to Australia
1995 Cave paintings and engravings over 17,000 years old are discovered in southern France near Vallon-Pont-d'Arc
1996 In Britain, in what is dubbed the ‘Third Battle of Newbury', six environmentalist groups add their support to an anti-bypass campaign in Newbury, Berkshire
1996 Lisa Marie Presley filed for divorce from Michael Jackson in NY
1997 In north west Rwanda, Hutu militia members kill 3 Spanish aid workers, 3 soldiers and seriously wound one other.
1997 Boerge Ousland of Norway becomes the first person to cross Antarctica alone and unaided.
1998 Lewinsky scandal: Matt Drudge breaks the Bill Clinton - Monica Lewinsky affair story on his website The Drudge Report.
2000 The Tagish Lake meteorite impacts the Earth.
2001 The British digital television channel e4 (TV) was launched.
2002 Sierra Leone Civil War is finally declared over.
2003 A bushfire kills 4 people and destroys more than 500 homes in Canberra, Australia.
2005 A U.N. World Conference on Disaster Reduction in Kobe, Japan begins.
2007 The strongest storm in the UK for 17 years kills 14 people, Germany sees the worst storm since 1999 with 13 deaths. Hurricane Kyrill, causes at least 44 deaths across 20 countries in Western Europe. Other losses include the Container Ship MSC Napoli destroyed by the storm of the coast of Devon, England.

18th January 2006

Worldwide share slide reaches US

EU under fire over human rights

$1.9bn pledged for bird flu fight

18th January 2007

Iran condemns US 'kidnap' in Iraq

Huge storms sweep northern Europe

'Wild Cambodia jungle-girl' found

18th January 2008

Fifteen die in Iraq cult clashes

Belgians killed in Yemen attack

Bush calls for economy kick-star

18th January 2009

Hamas announces ceasefire in Gaza

Civilians 'killed' in Sri Lanka

Gabon crash kills French soldiers

18th January 2010

Kabul hit by Taliban attack

Ukraine hospital collapses after blast

IMF in 'double-dip' warning

Birthdates which occurred on 18th January :

1543 Alfonso Ferrabosco composer
1641 François Michel le Tellier French statesman (Marquis de Louvois)
1657 Hendrik Casimir II Dutch Fieldmarshal (Nassau)
1685 Tiberius Hemsterhuis Dutch Classical prof, baptized
1689 Charles de Montesquieu France, philosopher/writer (Lettres Persanes)
1726 Hendrik prince of Prussia/diplomat
1732 Jean-Guillain Cardon composer
1751 Ferdinand Kauer composer
1779 Peter Roget thesaurus fame/inventor (slide rule, pocket chessboard)
1782 Daniel Webster Salisbury NH, orator/politician/lawyer
1793 William Henry Havergal composer
1795 Anna Paulowna Romanova monarch of Russia/daughter of czar Paul I
1809 Richard Caswell Gatlin Brigadier General (Confederate Army), died in 1896
1813 Joseph Farwell Glidden inventor (1st commercial usable barbed wire)
1815 James Chesnut Jr Brigadier General (Confederate Army), died in 1885
1815 Richard Yates Warsaw KY, Governor-Illinois (1861-65), died in 1873
1817 Jacques Gregoir composer
1818 Johannes van Vloten Dutch literary/theologist
1820 Abraham Buford Brigadier General (Confederate Army), died in 1884
1829 Louis van Haecke Flemish chaplain/author (Blood to Bridge)
1831 Edward Ferrero Brevet Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1899
1835 César A Cui Vilna Lithuania, fort architect/composer
1835 Jan van Droogenbroeck Flemish poet
1840 Austin Dobson England, poet/critic/biographer
1840 Ernst Rudorff composer
1841 Alexis-Emmanuel Chabrier France, composer (Le Roi Malgré Lui)
1849 Sir Edmund Barton 1st PM of Australia (1900-03)
1854 Thomas A Watson needed by Bell, inventor assistant (Telephone)
1856 Dr Daniel Nathan Hale Williams famous African-American
1856 John Hyatt Brewer composer
1857 Otto von Below German commandant (WWI)
1861 Hans Goldschmidt German chemist
1861 Raymond Huntington Woodman composer
1867 Rubén Darío national poet (Nicaragua)
1869 Willem De Vreese Flemish linguist/biblographer
1870 Berend Modderman printer (Drukkers yearbook)
1871 Franz Blei [Peregrinus Steinhövel], Austrian painter/critic
1872 Paul Leautaud [Maurice Boissard], France, writer (Petit ami)
1878 Hendrik Baels Belgian politician
1879 Henri-Honoré Giraud French General /member of parliament
1880 Paul Ehrenfest Austria/Netherlands physicist (adiabates hypothesis)
1881 Gaston Gallimard French publisher (Librairie Gallimard)
1882 Alan Alexander Milne English author (Winnie-the-Pooh)
1882 Jacob Clay Dutch philosopher/physicist (Mesones)
1882 Sylvia Pankhurst English feminist
1884 Arthur Ransome English author (Swallows & Amazons)
1886 Antoine Pevsner French sculptor
1886 Peter Alma Dutch painter/graphic artist
1892 Oliver Hardy Harlem GA, comedy team member (Laurel & Hardy)
1893 John Lawrence Seymour composer
1893 Jorge Guillén Valladolid Spain, poet/critic (Cántico, Final)
1894 Wilhelm HC Tenhaeff Dutch parapsychologist
1896 Hans H Holm Norwegian poet (Jonsoknatt)
19-- Jose Luis Perales Spain, Spanish singer (Con El Paso del Tiempo)
19-- Mike Marquis rocker (Kik Tracee-Hot Wire)
1901 Arie Querido Dutch social psychiatrist
1903 Berthold Goldschmidt German/British (opera)composer (Beatrice Cenci)
1904 Cary Grant England, actor (Arsenic & Old Lace, North by Northwest)
1904 Henri-Georges Adam French etcher/painter/sculptor (Grand Nude)
1905 Chick Chandler Kingston NY, actor (Barney-One Happy Family)
1906 Hans Aeschbacher Swiss sculptor (Venus de Six-Tours)
1907 Janos Ferencsik Budapest Hungary, conductor (Budapest Opera)
1908 Albert P Morano (Representative-R-CT, 1951-59)
1908 Jacob Bronowsky British mathematician/cultural historian
1910 Arthur John Howard actor (Frieda, Last Holiday, Paradiso, Glass Cage)
1911 Gabor Darvas composer
1912 William Sansom English writer (The Loving Eye)
1912 Charles Moeller Belgian theologist (Humanisme et sainteté)
1912 René Gabriëls Belgian billiard pro (7 World/9 European championships)
1913 Danny Kaye Brooklyn NY, UNICEF/comedian/actor (Danny Kaye Show)
1914 Arno Schmidt writer
1916 Alec Coxon cricketer (England pace bowler in one Test, 2-90 & 1-82)
1917 Oscar Lewenstein impressario
1918 Adriano Mandarino Hypolito priest
1918 Bohuslav Jeremias composer, dies at 58
1918 Ton Brandsteder CEO/founder (Sony Nederland)
1919 Juan Antonio Orrego-Salas Santiago Chile, composer
1921 Bruce Woodcock boxer
1922 Constance Moore Sioux City IA, actress (Window on Main Street)
1922 Yehezkiel Braun composer
1924 Donald Baverstock TV producer
1925 Anthony Joly de Lotbiniere TV producer
1925 Gilles Deleuze philosopher
1925 Roepie Kruize Dutch field hockey player (Olympics-Bronze-48/Silver-52)
1932 Joe Schmidt NFL Hall-of-Famer
1932 Robert Anton Wilson US, sci-fi author (Trick Top Hat)
1933 John Boorman producer/director (Exorcist II, Deliverance, Zardoz)
1933 David Bellamy English botanist/tv-program maker
1933 Ray Dolby sound expert/inventor (Dolby noise limiting system)
1933 Vladimir Yevgrafovich Bugrov cosmonaut
1935 Raymond Briggs English author (Fungus the Bogeyman)
1939 Bernard Glassman New York, Zen teacher/head (Zen Center of NY)
1941 Bobby Goldsboro Marianna FL, singer (Honey)
1941 David Ruffin Mississippi, vocalist (Temptations-Papa Was a Rolling Stone)
1941 Tom Bailey rock vocalist (Thompson Twins-Doctor Doctor)
1941 Iva Zanicchi actress (Ragazza Tutta d'Oro)
1943 Dave Greene rocker
1944 Larry "Legs" Smith rocker (Bonzo Dog Band-Urban Spaceman)
1944 Relus ter Beek Dutch Minister of defense (PvdA)
1946 Katia Ricciarelli actress (Falstaff, Otello, Turandot)
1948 Takeshi Kitano Tokyo Japan, actor (Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence)
1950 John Hughes director (Breakfast Club, 16 Candles, Weird Science)
1950 Claudia de Colombia Bogato Columbia, Spanish singer (Yo Creo En Ti)
1950 Gilles Villeneuve Canadian auto racer
1953 Brett Hudson Portland OR, comedian (Bonkers, Hudson Brothers Show)
1955 Johannes AM "Hans" van Tongeren Dutch actor (Hunk)
1955 Kevin Costner Los Angeles CA, actor (Fandango, Silverado, Bull Durham)
1955 Mable Fergerson Los Angeles CA, 4x400m runner (Olympics-silver-1972)
1956 Mark Collie Waynesboro TN, country singer (Another Old Soldier)
1957 Tom Bailey rock vocalist/keyboardist (Thompson Twins-Doctor Doctor)
1958 Jeffrey N Williams Superior WI, Major Army/astronaut
1958 Larry Smith NBA player
1959 Bob Rosenberg rocker (Will To Power)
1961 Mark D Messier Edmonton Alberta, NHL Center (Edmonton, New York Rangers)
1962 Alison Arngrim actress (Nellie-Little House of the Prairie)
1962 David O'Connor equestrian 3-day (Olympics-silver-96)
1963 Jane Horrocks Lancashire England, actress (Absolutely Fabulous)
1964 Brady Anderson Silver Spring MD, outfielder (Baltimore Orioles)
1964 Jenny Holliday Australian softball pitcher (Olympics-bronze-96)
1965 Richard Dunwoody British jockey)
1967 M C Tab [Sharon Richard], New York City NY, rapper
1967 Kim Perrot WNBA guard (Houston Comets)
1967 Peter Cox Jr Bronxville NY, fencer-sabre (Olympics-96)
1969 Larry Webster defensive tackle (Baltimore Ravens)
1969 Marvin Pope CFL defensive end (Calgary Stampeders)
1970 Leo Araguz NLF/WLAF punter (Oakland Raiders, Rhein Fire)
1971 Andre Coleman NFL wide receiver/kick returner (San Diego Chargers)
1971 Greg Engel NFL center (San Diego Chargers)
1972 Dwayne Carswell NFL tight end (Denver Broncos-Super Bowl XXXII)
1972 Mike Lieberthal Glendale CA, catcher (Philadelphia Phillies)
1972 Ryan Kuehl defensive tackle (Washington Redskins)
1972 Steven Conley linebacker (Pittsburgh Steelers)
1972 Vinod Kambli cricketer (prolific Indian batsman 1993-)
1973 Crispian Mills London, vocalist/guitarist (Kula Shaker)
1973 Edward Jasper defensive tackle (Philadelphia Eagles)
1973 Junior Burrough NBA forward (Boston Celtics)
1973 Regilio Vreede soccer player (Blue White, RKC)
1974 Devon Odessa actor (Sharon-My So Called Life, Girl of Limberlost)
1974 Shane Burton defensive tackle (Miami Dolphins)
1975 Derek Smith linebacker (Washington Redskins)
1976 Laurence Courtois Kortrijk Belgium, tennis star (1995 finalist Jakarta)
1976 Vincent Polvliet soccer player (FC Utrecht)
1981 Kimberly Gloudemans Miss California Teen-USA (1997)
1981 Latoya Farley Miss Oklahoma Teen-USA (1996)


Deaths which occurred on January 18:
1367 Pedro I king of Portugal (1357-67), dies at 46
1479 Louis IX the Rich, duke of Bayern (U of Ingolstadt), dies at 61
1580 Antonio Scandello Italian composer (Passion of John), dies at 63
1659 Benedikt Lechler composer, dies at 64
1664 Moise Amyrault French theologist/vicar, dies
1666 Adriaen A Bloemaert Dutch landscape painter, dies at about 56
1677 John A van Riebeeck Dutch founder Cape Colony, dies at 57
1730 Peter II czar of Russia (1727-30), dies at 14
1760 Claudio Casciolini composer, dies at 62
1769 Hakuin Ekaku Zen teacher (reformer of Rinzai school), dies in Japan
1854 Juda Turo American philanthropist, dies
1862 John Tyler 10th US President (1841-45), dies in Richmond VA at 71
1875 Joseph Philbrick Webster composer, dies at 55
1886 Michal Czajchovski [Sadik Pasja], writer, dies
1890 Amadeus I FM king of Spain (1870-73), dies at 44
1902 Filippo Marchetti composer, dies at 70
1906 Bartolomé Mitre President of Argentina (1862-70), dies at 84
1913 Edmond R H Regout Dutch industrialist/politician, dies at 49
1919 John C F son of English king George V, dies at 13
1921 Adolf von Hildebrand German sculptor, dies at 73
1923 Wallace Reid actor (Birth of a Nation), dies at 31
1936 Rudyard Kipling author (Gunga Din, Nobel 1907), dies in Burwash England at 70
1940 Kazimierz P Tetmajer Polish writer/poet (Young Poland), dies at 74
1951 Robert Mark US chairman (Caste World Congress), dies at 41
1954 Sydney Greenstreet actor (Conflict, Maltese Falcon), dies at 74
1962 Raymond Moulaert composer, dies at 86
1963 Johnnie Moyes journalist/cricketer (South Australian batsman), dies
1966 Kathleen Norris US author, dies at 85
1967 Barney Ross Welterweight Boxing Champ (1934), dies at 57
1967 Albert Conti actor (Eagle, Jazz Heaven, Topaz), dies at 79
1967 Harry Antrim actor (Ma & Pa Kettle), dies of heart attack at 83
1967 Reese "Goose" Tatum basketballer (Harlem Globetrotters), dies at 45
1967 Simon Berkelbach van der Sprenkel vicar/theologist, dies at 84
1968 Lee Tracy actor (Martin Kane-Martin Kane Private Eye), dies at 69
1968 Bert Wheeler actor (Rainmakers, High Flyers, Dixiana), dies at 72
1968 John Ridgely actor (Air Force, Possessed, Big Sleep), dies at 58
1970 David O McKay 9th Mormon president, dies at 96
1971 Catherine Calvert actress (Fires of Faith), dies of stroke at 80
1972 Rudolf Wittelsbach composer, dies at 69
1976 Ad Verhoeven soccer player (Xerxes, Sparta), dies in crash
1976 Sonia Dresdel actor (Fallen Idol, Secret Tent), dies at 67
1977 Carl Zuckmayer German/Swiss/US playwright (Second Wind), dies at 80
1977 Paul Nordoff US composer (Frog Prince), dies at 67
1977 Yvonne Printemps actress (Paris Waltz, Voyage to America), dies at 81
1978 Carl Betz actor (Alex Stone-Donna Reed Show), dies at 56
1978 Ivan Ivonovich Dzerzhinsky composer, dies at 68
1979 Cyril Mockridge composer, dies at 82
1980 Cecil Beaton British photographer, dies at 76
1982 Trent Lehman actor (Butch-Nanny & the Professor), dies at 20
1982 Burnet Corwin Tuthill US composer (Laurentia), dies at 93
1982 Ramón (J) Sender (Garcés) Spanish writer, dies at 79
1984 Malcolm H Kerr 9th president of American University of Beirut, shot dead
1985 Mahmoud Taha Sudanese Moslem leader, hanged at 76
1985 Wilfrid Brambell actor (Hard Day's Night, Boys), dies at 72
1986 Claire James actress (Jack Armstrong), dies
1989 Bruce Chatwin British writer, dies at 49
1990 Melanie Appleby rocker (Mel & Kim), dies of liver cancer at 23
1991 Hamilton Fish congressman (NY), dies at 102
1991 Lillian Bond actress (Air Mail, Pick-up, Blond Cheat), dies at 83
1991 Nita Krebs actor (Munchkin-Wizard of Oz), dies of heart attack at 85
1992 John Remme entertainer, dies of AIDS at 56
1992 Tom Elios entertainer, dies
1993 M Eleonore Lippits 1st Dutch female missionary doctor, dies at 85
1993 Mia Meijer Dutch playwright/director (Machine Child), dies
1993 Mike Templeton 2nd person to receive a heart pump, dies at 34
1994 Arthur Altman songwriter, dies at 83
1995 Adolph F J Butenandt German bio-chemist (Nobel 1939), dies at 91
1995 Charles Baskerville vocalist, dies at 54
1995 Joseph Kagan businessman, dies at 79
1996 Leonor Fini painter, dies at 87
1996 Minnesota Fats [Rudolf Wanderone Jr], billiard hustler, dies at 82
1996 N T Rama Rao PM of Andhra Pradesh India (1983-84, 84-89, 94-95), dies
1997 Myfanwy Piper librettist, dies at 85
1997 Neville Crump racehorse trainer, dies at 86
1997 Paul Tsongas (Senator-D-MA), dies at 55

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