13th January, on this day

0888 Duke Odo becomes king of West-France
1099 Crusaders set fire to Mara. Syria
1328 Edward III of England marries Philippa of Hainault, daughter of the Count of Hainault
1426 Battle of Brouwershaven
1547 Earl Henry Howard of Surrey sentenced to death
1610 Galileo Galilei discovers Callisto, 4th satellite of Jupiter
1621 Jan Pieterszoon Coen's fleet sets sail to Moluccas (from Jacarta)
1630 Patent to Plymouth Colony issued
1695 Jonathan Swift ordained an Anglican priest in Ireland
1733 James Oglethorpe and 130 English colonists arrive at Charleston, SC
1785 John Walter publishes 1st issue of London Times
1794 Congress changes US flag to 15 stars AND 15 stripes
1830 Great fire in New Orleans thought to be set by rebel slaves
1840 The steamship Lexington burns and sinks four miles off the coast of Long Island with the loss of 139 lives.
1849 Vancouver Island granted to Hudson's Bay Co
1854 Anthony Foss patents the accordion
1863 Chenille manufacturing machine patented by William Canter, New York City NY
1863 Thomas Crapper pioneers one-piece pedestal flushing toilet
1865 Federals attack Fort Fisher. NC
1869 National convention of black leaders meets in Washington DC
1869 Coloured National Labor Union, 1st Black labour convention
1874 A British army doctor reaches the British sentry post at Jalalabad, Afghanistan, the only survivor of a 16,000-strong Anglo-Indian expeditionary force that was massacred during its retreat from Kabul
1874 Battle between jobless and police in New York City NY, 100s injured
1874 US troops land in Honolulu to protect the king
1882 Richard Wagner completes his opera "Parsifal"
1883 Fire in circus Ferroni in Berditschoft. Poland kills 430
1888 National Geographic Society founded (Washington DC)
1893 British Independent Labour Party forms (Keir Hardie as its leader)
1894 Revolution in Sicily crushed by government troops
1895 Oscar Wilde's "Ideal Husband" premieres in London
1898 In France, Emile Zola's article ‘J'accuse’ is printed, exposing a military cover-up now known as the Dreyfus Affair. Zola is subsequently found guilty of libel, though later pardoned
1906 1st radio set advertised (Telimco for $7.50 in Scientific American) claimed to receive signals up to one mile
1908 Rhoades Opera House burns in Boyertown, PA, killing 170
1908 French pilot Henry Farman is 1st European to fly roundtrip
1911 Roald Amundsens anchors at Walvis Bay
1915 Earthquake in Avezzano Italy kills 30,000
1915 W Churchill presents plan for assault on Dardanelles
1916 World War I: In an attempt to relieve their compatriots under heavy siege by Turkish forces at Kut-al Amara in Mesopotamia, British forces under the command of Lieutenant General Fenton Aylmer launch an attack against Turkish defensive positions on the banks of the Wadi River
1920 New York Times editorial (falsely) reports rockets can never fly
1922 Conference of Cannes concerning German retribution payments ended
1924 Nationalist Wafd-party wins Egyptian parliament elections
1927 US and Mexico battle over oil interests
1929 Humanist Society established, Hollywood CA
1930 "Mickey Mouse" comic strip 1st appears
1935 Plebiscite in Saar, indicates a desire (90.3%) to join Nazi Germany
1939 Northwest Airlines Flight 1, a Lockheed L14H Super Electra, crashes on takeoff from Miles City, Montana, killing all four on board. The aircraft's cross-feed fuel valve leaked fuel into the cockpit and an intense fire broke out.
1942 German U-boats begin harassing shipping on US east coast
1942 Henry Ford patents a method of constructing plastic auto bodies
1942 Allied Conference for war trials
1942 Interallied war trial conference publishes St James Declaration
1943 British Prime Minister Winston Churchill arrives in Casablanca
1943 Hitler declares "Total War"
1943 Russian offensive at Don under General Golikov
1943 US infantry captures Galloping Horse-ridge Guadalcanal
1945 Prokofchev's 5th Symphony premieres in Moscow
1950 The Soviet Ambassador to the United Nations, Jacob Malik, storms out of a meeting of the UN Security Council, as a Soviet proposal to expel the Chinese Nationalist representative is rejected. Malik announces his intention to boycott future meetings of the Council
1951 German General F Christian freed early from Dutch prison
1951 9 Jewish Kremlin physicians "exposed" as British/US agents; known as the Doctors' Plot
1953 Gas explosion in Belgium coal mine kills 14
1953 Marshal Josip Tito chosen president of Yugoslavia
1954 Military rule in Egypt; 318 Mohammedan Brotherhood arrested
1957 Wham-O Company produces the 1st Frisbee
1958 Over 9,000 scientists from 44 different countries petition the UN to end the testing of nuclear weapons
1958 In Scotland, the serial killer Peter Manuel is arrested after a series of attacks over a two year period that left nine people dead
1958 US newspaper "Daily Worker" ceases publication
1959 De Gaulle grants amnesty to 130 to Algerian death row convicts
1959 King Boudouin promises Belgian Congo independence
1964 In Calcutta (Kolkata), India, more than 100 people are killed following Hindu-Muslim rioting
1964 In Manchester, NH, US, 14-year-old Pamela Mason is murdered. Edward Coolidge is tried and convicted of the crime, but the conviction is set aside by the landmark 4th Amendment Case "Coolidge vs. New Hamphire (1971)."
1966 American President Lyndon Johnson appoints the first African-American to a cabinet position. Robert C. Weaver is made head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development
1966 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1967 Coup in Togo
1967 Rolling Stones appear on Ed Sullivan Show
1968 Johnny Cash records the album ‘At Folsom Prison’ live at Folsom State Prison, U.S.A
1968 Beginning of Tet-offensive in Vietnam
1969 Beatles release "Yellow Submarine" album
1969 Scandinavian Airlines Flight 933 crashes in Los Angles with 15 fatalities
1972 The Prime Minister of Ghana is ousted by a military coup whilst receiving medical treatment in London
1972 American President Richard Nixon announces that 70,000 U.S. troops will leave South Vietnam over the following three months
1976 Sarah Caldwell is 1st woman to conduct at NY's Metropolitan Opera House as she led orchestra in a performance of "La Traviata"
1979 YMCA files libel suit against Village People's YMCA song
1980 Head of narcotic brigade arrested for drug smuggling in Belgium
1980 Togo's constitution becomes effective
1982 Air Florida 737 took off in a snowstorm, crashes into the 14th St Bridge in Washington, DC, and falls into the Potomac River, killing 78
1985 Express train derails in Ethiopia, kills at least 428
1986 Bloody coup overthrows government of South Yemen
1987 7 top New York Mafia bosses sentenced to 100 years in prison each
1987 W German police arrest Mohammed Ali Hamadi, suspect in 1985 hijacking
1989 "Friday the 13th" virus strikes hundreds of IBM computers in Britain
1989 Ruins of Mashkan-shapir (occupied 2050-1720 BC) found in Iraq
1989 Subway gunman Bernhard Goetz begins 1-year jail sentence
1990 L. Douglas Wilder is elected governor of Richmond, Virginia in the U.S.A. He becomes the first African American governor
1991 UN Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar meets with Saddam Hussein in Baghdad
1991 As protesters continue to fight for Lithuanian independence, 13 people are killed and more than 140 injured by the Soviet military
1991 42 killed in riot at exhibition soccer match in Orkney, Johannesburg, South Africa
1991 President Mario Soares of Portugal re-elected
1992 US serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer pleads guilty but insane
1993 American, British and French planes bomb a series of targets over southern Iraq. The action is taken in response to repeated Iraqi breaches of the 'no-fly zone' implemented after the end of the Gulf War in 1991
1994 Italian government of Ciampi resigns
1995 America3 becomes 1st all-female crew to win an America's Cup race
2001 San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador, is hit by a huge earthquake, leaving over 1,000 people feared dead
2007 Two thirds of the Venus's southern hemisphere suddenly brightened as something triggered aerosols to form at a furious rate

13th January 2006

Bush urges Iran nuclear diplomacy

Hajj crush police 'not to blame'

EU pledges $100m to bird flu fund

13th January 2007

Martial law declared in Somalia

Brazil subway station collapses

Missing US teens discovered alive

13th January 2008

Confront Iran early - Bush

Scandal-hit Interpol chief quits

S Lankan spent 50 years on remand

13th January 2009

Israelis 'push on into Gaza City'

Joy as Ethiopians withdraw

Dangerous coding errors revealed

13th January 2010

Obama makes Haiti earthquake vow

7 killed by suicide bomber in Iraq

US financial crisis panel begins

Birthdates which occurred on 13th January :

1381 St Colette abbess/reformer (Poor Clares)
1406 Matteo Palmieri Italian writer (Della vita civile)
1505 Joachim II Hector ruler (Brandenburg)
1596 Jan J Goyen Dutch landscape painter
1616 Antoinette Bourignon Flemish mystic/French religious fanatic
1628 Charles Perrault France, lawyer/writer (Mother Goose)
1674 Prosper Jolyot de Crébillon French poet (Atrée et Thyeste)
1683 Johann Christoph Graupner German composer
1690 Gottfried Heinrich Stolzel composer
1727 Johann Christoph Schmugel composer
1734 Luca Sorkocevic composer
1778 Anton Fischer composer
1788 Carl Ludwig Cornelius Westenholz composer
1802 Eduard von Bauernfeld Vienna, comedic playwright
1807 Napoleon Bonaparte Buford Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1883
1808 Salmon P Chase (Senator-R) cabinet member, 6th chief justice (1864-73)
1812 Humphrey Marshall Brigadier General (Confederate Army), died in 1872
1815 William Henry French Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1881
1824 Ignacy Marceli Komorowski composer
1834 Horatio Alger Jr Revere MA, author (Lost at Sea, Work & Win)
1835 Gustaaf Rolin-Jaequemyns Belgian jurist/minister of the Interior
1850 Leon Francis Victor Caron composer
1859 Karl Bleibtreu German author (Revolution of Literature)
1859 Kostís Palamás Greek poet/scholar (Flogera tou Basília)
1864 Wilhelm K W Wien German phyicist (Nobel 1911)
1866 Vasily Sergeyevich Kalinnikov composer
1869 Emanuele F duke of Aosta, Italian General (WWI)/fascist
1870 Henryk Opienski Polish composer/conductor (St Moniuszko)
1874 Jozef E van Roey Flemish cardinal/archbishop of Mechlin
1884 Johannes Elsensohn Dutch actor/writer (Arie, novel from the Jordan)
1884 Sophie Tucker [Kalish], Russia, singer/last of red hot mammas
1885 Alfred Fuller CEO (Fuller Brush Man)
1892 Paul Smart US, yachtsman (Olympics-gold-1948)
1893 Clarke Ashton Smith US, sci-fi author (Lost Worlds, Genius Loci)
1893 Jan Evangelista Zelinka composer
1895 Anton Betzner writer
1895 Fortunio Bonanova Palma de Mallorca Spain, opera singer
1898 Pedro de Teixeira de Mattos Dutch diplomat
1900 Yasuji Kiyose composer
1903 Kay Francis [Katherine E Gibbs], Oklahoma City OK, actress (False Madonna)
1904 Richard Addinsell London England, composer (Taming of Shrew)
1905 Percy Humphrey musician
1906 Maxime Jacob composer
1907 Sabine Zlatin nurse
1909 Danny Barker jazz guitarist
1909 Marinus van der Lubbe Dutch communist
1911 Johannes Bjelke-Petersen premier (Queensland Australia)
1913 Jeff Morrow New York City NY, actor (Bart-Union Pacific, Temperatures Rising)
1913 Ralph Edwards Merino CO, TV host (This is Your Life)
1915 Edward Frederick Weston Goodman property developer
1916 Osa Massen Copenhagen Denmark, actress (Jack London, Rocketship XM)
1916 Bella Lewitsky choreographer
1917 Felix Guerro Diaz composer
1918 Steve Dunne Northampton MA, actor (Professional Father)
1918 Lester Sill pioneer music publisher/record producer
1918 Ted Willis prolific English screenwriter (It's Great to be Young)
1919 Army Archerd Hollywood columnist/TV host (Movie Game)
1919 Robert Stack Los Angeles CA, actor (Eliot Ness-Untouchables, Airplane, Unsolved Mysteries)
1923 Jack Watling London, actor (Nanny, Adventure for 2, Naked Heart)
1923 Danil Shafran cellist
1924 Philip Rawson artist/teacher
1925 Gwen Verdon Louisiana, actress/singer/dancer (Cotton Club, Sweet Charity)
1925 Rosemary Murphy Munich Germany, actress (Margaret-Lucas Tanner)
1926 Carolyn Heilbrun [Amanda Cross], author (Lady Ottoline's Album)
1926 Pamela M Cunnington English architect/author (Change of Use)
1928 David Sheiner New York City NY, actor (Paul-Mr Novak, Norman-Diana)
1928 Gregory Walcott Wilson NC, actor (87th Precinct)
1929 Joseph Anthony Pass guitarist
1929 Wim Bary Dutch actor/theater director (Nice Boys)
1930 Frances Sternhagen Washington DC, actress (Outland, Starting Over)
1930 Liz Anderson rocker
1930 Roman Ciesiewicz artist/graphic designer
1931 Charles Nelson Reilly New York City NY, actor (Match Game, Ghost & Mrs Muir)
1933 Nurdin Jivraj Tanzanian/British hotel magnate (Buckingham International)
1933 Ron[ald Joseph] Goulart US, sci-fi author (Deadwalk, Plunder, Cheap Thrills)
1933 Tom B Gola NBA Hall-of-Famer
1934 Rip Taylor comedian (Gong Show, $1.98 Beauty Show)
1936 Ami Maayani composer
1936 Edward R Madigan (Representative-R-IL, 1973- )
1937 Hajé J Schartman Dutch MP (CDA)
1938 Billy Gray Los Angeles CA, actor (Bud-Father Knows Best)
1938 Paavo Johannes Heininen composer
1941 Meinhard Nehmer German Democratic Republic, 2 man bobsledder (Olympics-gold-1976)
1943 Richard Moll California, actor (Night Court, House, Dungeonmaster, Survivor)
1943 William Duckworth composer
1945 [Eileen] Joy[ce] Chant [Rutter] UK, sci-fi author (High Kings)
1947 Peter Sundelin Sweden, yachtsman (Olympics-gold-1968)
1947 John Lees England, rock guitarist/vocalist (Medicine Man)
1948 Kenia Jayantilal cricketer (5 at Kingston 71 his only inns for India)
1948 T Bone' Burnett rocker
1949 Brandon Tartikoff TV exec (NBC)
1949 Rakesh Sharma India, cosmonaut (Soyuz T-11)
1952 Cornelius Bumpus keyboardist (Doobie Brothers-Minute by Minute)
1952 Sharon Gabet Fort Wayne IN, actress (Raven-Edge of Night, Brittany-Another World, Melinda-One Life To Live)
1954 Vicki McCarty Los Angeles CA, playmate (September 1979)
1955 Fred White rocker (Earth Wind & Fire-Shining Star, Easy Lover)
1955 Jay McInerney author (Bright Lights, Big City)
1955 Titus M Mafolo South Africa journalist/ANC-leader
1955 Trevor Rabin rocker (Yes)
1956 Janet Hubert-Whitten actress (Vivian Banks-Fresh Prince of Bel Air)
1956 Jay McInerney writer (Bright Lights, Big City)
1956 Malcolm Foster rock bassist (Pretenders-Mystery Achievement)
1957 Christina Seufert Sacramento CA, diver (Olympics-bronze-1984)
1957 Don Snow rocker (Squeeze)
1957 Mark Francis O'Meara Goldsboro NC, PGA golfer (1984 Greater Milwaukee)
1958 Ricardo Acuna Chile, tennis star
1959 Kevin Anderson Illinois, actor (Hoffa, Sleeping with the Enemy)
1961 Julia Louis-Dreyfus New York City NY, comedienne (SNL, Seinfeld, Day by Day, Soul Man, Troll)
1961 Graham "Suggs" McPherson Sussex, rock vocalist (Madness-Our House)
1961 Kelly Hrudey Edmonton, NHL goalie (Los Angeles Kings)
1961 Kent Hull NFL center (Buffalo Bills)
1962 Brett Maxie NFL safety (Carolina Panthers, Green Bay Packers)
1962 Kevin Mitchell US baseball outfielder (New York Met, San Francisco Giants, Cincinnati Reds)
1963 Tim Patrick Kelly Trenton NJ, guitarist (Slaughter-Stick it Live)
1963 Dirk Tazelaar cricketer (Queensland & Surrey left-arm pace bowler)
1963 Felita Carr Fort Lauderdale FL, dance skater (& Komarov-1995 Pac Champ)
1964 Penelope Ann Miller Los Angeles CA, actress (Kindergarden Cop, Gwen-Popcorn Kids)
1966 Joseph Harper Ventura CA, canoe (alternate-Olympics-96)
1966 Marcus Turner NFL cornerback/safety (New York Jets)
1966 Patrick Dempsey Lewiston ME, actor (Mike-Fast Times, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Can't Buy Me Love, Face The Music)
1966 Tabitha Stevens fictional character (Bewitched)
1968 Kelly Boucher Calgary Alberta, basketball forward (Olympics-96)
1969 Andre Cason US runner (world record 50 indoor)
1969 Dan Footman NFL defensive end (Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis Colts)
1969 John Flannery guard/corner (Dallas Cowboys)
1969 Katarzyna Nowak Lodz Poland, tennis star (1994 Futures France)
1969 Kevin Foster US baseball pitcher (Chicago Cubs)
1969 Orlando Miller Changionola Panamá, infielder (Houston Astros)
1969 Robert Wilson NFL running back (Miami Dolphins)
1969 Stephen Hendry British snooker player
1970 Keith Mitchell Palm Springs CA, actor (Jeffrey-Waltons, Gun Shy)
1970 Anne-Marie Goddard Utrechtum Netherlands, playmate (Jan, 94)
1970 Frank Kooiman soccer player (Sparta)
1970 Keith Coogan Palm Springs, actor (Adventures in Babysitting, Hiding Out)
1970 Nachi Abe WLAF tight end (Scotland Claymores)
1971 Elmer Dessens Hermosillo Mexico, pitcher (Pittsburgh Pirates)
1972 Byron "Bam" Morris NFL running back (Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers)
1972 Nicole Eggert Glendale CA, actress (Charles in Charge, Chrissie-TJ Hooker, Summer-Baywatch)
1972 Richard Woodley NFL cornerback (Detroit Lions)
1973 Nikolai Khabibulin Sverdlovsk Russia, NHL goalie (Winnipeg Jets)
1974 Matt Lepsis NFL tackle (Denver Broncos-Super Bowl XXXII)
1974 Sergei Brylin Moscow Russia, NHL center (New Jersey Devils)
1975 Angela Holbeck Australian rower (Olympics-96)
1976 Gary Brent cricketer (Zimbabwe ODI pace bowler 1996)
1976 Vaclav Batlik Costa Mesa CA, canoe (alternate-Olympics-96)


Deaths which occurred on January 13:
0533 Remigius van Reims 1st bishop of Reims (459-533)/saint, dies about 96
0858 Aethelwolf king of Wessex (Battle at Aclea), dies
0888 Charles III the Fat One, King of Franconia/Roman emperor, dies
1049 Derrick IV Count of Holland (1039-49), dies in battle
1177 Hendrik Jasomirgott Babenberg Duke of Austria, dies
1307 Arnoud van Foreest Dom deacon of Utrecht, dies
1330 Frederick (III) the Handsome, duke of Austrian/German anti-king, dies
1488 Hermann Vischer "the Old", buried
1599 Edmund Spenser poet (Faerie Queene), dies at about 46
1625 Pieter Bruegel "the Older" (Bloemenbruegel), Flemish painter, dies
1651 Abraham C Bloemaert painter/cartoonist/engraver, dies at 86
1682 Simon van Leeuwen Dutch lawyer/historian, dies at 55
1691 George Fox founder of Quakers, dies at 66
1702 Peter Rabus Dutch poet/translator (Great Name Book), dies at 41
1762 Leonhard Trautsch composer, dies at 68
1795 François-Joseph Krafft composer, dies at 73
1797 Elisabeth C von Brunswick-Bevern wife of Frederick II, dies at 81
1828 Alexandre-Auguste Robineau composer, dies at 80
1838 Ferdinand Reis composer, dies at 53
1864 Stephen Foster composer (My Old Kentucky Home), dies in a New York hospital at 37
1879 WF Hendrik the Navigator prince of Netherlands/viceroy of Luxembourg, dies at 58
1892 Charles Albert White composer, dies at 62
1901 Carlo Angeloni composer, dies at 66
1913 Thomas P Krag Norwegian author/novelist (Jon Graeff, Ulf Ran), dies at 44
1914 Bernardus H Heldt Dutch MP, dies at 72
1914 Valentin de Zubiaurre y Unionbarrenechea composer, dies 76
1924 Georg H Quincke German physicist (Test of Quincke), dies at 89
1928 Johan Peter Koch Danish officer/explorer, dies at 57
1929 Wyatt Earp US marshall (OK Corral), dies at 80
1930 C-E Auguste Rateau French inventor (R-steam turbine), dies at 66
1934 Jean-Baptiste Marchand soldier/explorer (Sudan), dies at 70
1937 Walter Brearley cricketer (17 wickets in 4 Tests for England 1905-12), dies
1939 Jacob Ruppert CEO (New York Yankees, 1915-39), dies
1941 James Joyce novelist (Ulysses), dies in Zürich Switzerland, at 58
1943 Sophie Taeuber/Täuber-Arp Swiss sculptor, dies at 53
1947 Veit Valentin German/US historian (German People), dies at 61
1954 Roland Diggle composer, dies at 69
1958 Edna Purviance actress (Charlie Chaplin, Sunnyside), dies at 61
1958 John Lindeboom Dutch vicar/church historian, dies at 75
1960 Sibilla Aleramo [Rina Faccio], Italian poet (Una Donna), dies at 83
1962 Ernie Kovacs comedian, dies in a car crash in West Los Angeles, at 42
1963 Leonardus G Kortenhorst Dutch MP (KVP), dies at 76
1968 Bill Masterson (Minnesota Northstars) checked into the boards & killed
1969 Fred Price cricket wicket-keep (England, vs Australia Headingley 1938), dies
1969 Wilton Graff actor (Bloodlust, Just Before Dawn), dies at 65
1971 Bernard "Heinz" Lammerding German SS-General/contractor (Tulle), dies at 65
1971 Henri Tomasi French composer (Don Juan de Mañara), dies at 69
1971 Robert Still composer, dies at 60
1976 Margaret Leighton British actress (Much ado about nothing), dies at 53
1978 Hubert Humphrey (Senator-D-MN, Vice President), dies at 66 in Waverly MN
1978 Joseph V McCarthy baseball manager (New York Yankees), dies at 96
1979 Donny Hathaway Chicago IL, rocker (Ghetto), commits suicide at 33
1980 André Kostelanetz Russian conductor, dies at 78
1981 Emiel van Hemeldonck Belgian writer (Mary, My Child), dies at 83
1982 Marcel Camus French director (Orfeu Negro), dies at 69
1983 Arthur Space actor (Doc Weaver-Lassie), dies of cancer at 74
1983 D Mack Reynolds US writer (Amazon Planet, Once Departed), dies
1983 Doodles Weaver comedian (Spike Jones & City Slickers), dies at 71
1983 John McHugh actor (Unspeakable), dies of a heart attack at 69
1985 Carol Wayne Johnny Carson's teatime movie hostess, dies at 42
1986 Abdel Fattah Ismail President of South-Yemen (1969-80), murdered
1987 E van Ruller Dutch journalist/co-founder (Trouw, Loyal), dies
1988 Chiang Ching-kuo President of Taiwan (1978-88), dies at 81
1989 Joe Spinell actor (Maniac, Star Crash, Strike Force), dies at 51
1992 Josef Neckermann German founder mail-order firm/travel bureau, dies
1992 Yvonne Bryceland actress (Road to Mecca), dies of cancer at 66
1993 Rene Pleven PM of France (1950-51, 51-52), dies
1994 Frederick William Sternfield musicologist, dies at 79
1994 Johan J Holst Norwegian minister of defense/foreign affairs, dies at 56
1995 Arnold Smith painter (Vigelius Prize 1935), dies at 89
1995 Arthur Mervyn Stockwood bishop, dies at 81
1995 Maxwell Henley Harris Austrian poet/publisher (Critics), dies at 73
1995 Ruby Starr vocalist (Grey Ghost), dies of brain tumor at 44
1996 Denise Grey [Edouardine Verthuy], actress (Julietta), dies at 99
1996 Willian Myuon Bany Guerrilla leader dies
1997 William Mills painter, dies at 74

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