9th February, on this day

474 Zeno crowned as co-emperor of the Byzantine Empire.
772 Adrian I begins his reign as Catholic Pope
1267 Synod of Breslau orders Jews of Silesia to wear special caps
1499 France and Venice sign treaty against Milan
1537 Pope Paul III routes Cardinal Pole to England
1540 First recorded horse racing meeting in Britain is held at the Roodeye Field, Chester
1554 Battle at London Sir Thomas Wyatt defeated
1574 Louis of Nassau ends siege of Maastricht
1621 Alexander Ludovisi is elected Pope Gregory XV
1667 Treaty of Andrussovo Russia/Poland signs peace treaty
1674 English re-conquer New York from Netherlands
1718 French colonists land in Louisiana, USA
1742 British ex-premier Walpole becomes 1st Earl of Orford
1744 Battle at Toulon (French/Spanish vs English fleet of Admiral Matthews)
1775 English Parliament declares Massachusetts colony is in rebellion
1788 Austria declares war on Russia
1799 USS Constellation captures French frigate Insurgente off Nevis, West Indies
1801 France and Austrian sign Peace of Lunéville
1807 French Sanhedrin convened by Napoleon
1822 American Indian Society formed
1825 House of Representatives elects John Quincy Adams 6th US President
1830 Explorer Charles Sturt discovers the source of the Murray River in Australia
1849 Roman Republic declared
1855 Battle of Derasge between Kassa Hailu's forces and the forces of the warlord Wube Haile Maryam
1861 Jefferson Davis and Alexander Stephens elected president and Vice President of CSA
1861 Tennessee votes against secession
1861 Confederate Provisional Congress declares all laws under the US Constitution were consistent with constitution of Confederate states
1863 Fire extinguisher patented by Alanson Crane
1867 Nebraska becomes 37th US state
1870 Grant signs the bill establishing US Federal Meteorological Service
1885 1st Japanese arrive in Hawaii
1886 President Cleveland declares a state of emergency in Seattle because of anti-Chinese violence
1893 Canal builder De Lesseps and others sentenced to prison for fraud
1893 Verdi's opera "Falstaff" premieres in Milan
1893 World's first public striptease at the Moulin Rouge in Paris
1895 Volleyball invented by W G Morgan in Massachusetts
1900 Dwight Davis established a new tennis trophy, the Davis Cup
1904 Japan declares war on Russia.
Battle of Port Arthur was the starting battle of the Russo-Japanese War
1906 Natal proclaims state of siege in Zulu uprising
1909 1st US federal legislation prohibiting narcotics (opium)
1913 10 Day Tragedy of Mexico-City; 3,000 die
1916 World War I : Britain introduces Conscription
1918 US Army chaplain school organized at Fort Monroe VA
1920 International treaty recognizes Norwegian sovereignty over Svalbard
1922 Snow on Mauna Loa, Hawaii
1922 Italian government of Bonomi falls
1923 Soviet Aeroflot airlines established
1924 Nakhichevan ASSR constituted within Azerbaijan SSR
1925 Haifa Technion (Israel), opens
1925 German Minister Stresemann proposes security treaty with France
1926 Teaching theory of evolution forbidden in Atlanta, GA schools
1929 USSR, Estonia, Latvia, Poland and Romania sign Litvinov Pact
1932 US airship Columbia crashes during storm (Flushing, NY)
1934 Balkan Entente alliance forms (Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey & Romania)
1939 Belgian Spaak government falls
1940 Erich von Manstein is placed in command of German XXXIII Armour Corps, removing him from planning the French invasion.
1941 British troops conquer El Agheila
1941 World War II: German troops commanded by General Erwin Rommel cross from Italy to North Africa
1941 Nazi collaborators destroy pro-Jewish café Alcazar Amsterdam (Alcazar refused to hang "No Entry for Jews" signs in front of cafe)
1941 British battleships shell Genoa; British planes attack Leghorn.
1941 Churchill again pleads with the US: "give us the tools."
1942 Japanese troops land near Makassar, South Celebes
1942 British troops are now in full retreat into Singapore for a final defence.
1942 Daylight Savings War Time goes into effect in US
1942 Top United States military leaders hold their first formal meeting to discuss American military strategy in the war.
1943 US Marines win the battle to re-take the island of Guadalcanal from the Japanese
1943 The Russians take Belgograd.
1943: Munich and Vienna are heavily bombed, along with Berlin.
1943 FDR orders minimal 48 hour work week in war industry
1943 German riots at "plutocratenzoontjes", 1,200 in Vught Camp
1943 Nazis arrest Dutch sons of rich parents
1945 The "Colmar pocket", the last German foothold west of the Rhine, is eliminated.
1945 Germany destroys Ruhrdammen
1945 WAAF-corporal flies along the tail of a Spitfire
1947 Bank robber Willie Sutton escapes jail in Philadelphi, PA
1949 American film actor Robert Mitchum is jailed for 2 months in Los Angeles for smoking marijuana
1950 Senator Joseph McCarthy charges State Dept infested with 205 communists
1953 "The Adventures of Superman" TV series premieres in syndication
1954 Mario Scelba forms new government in Italy
1956 R Lacoste follows Catroux as premier of Algeria
1959 Coasters' "Charlie Brown" peaks at number 2
1961 Joseph Ileo appointed premier of Congo
1962 Jamaica becomes an independent nation within the British Commonwealth
1962 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1963 1st flight of Boeing 727 jet
1964 'Beatlemania' grips America as an estimated 70 million watch 'The Beatles' appear on 'The Ed Sullivan Show'
1964 GI Joe character created
1964 9th Winter Olympics games close at Innsbruck, Austria
1967 In London, Queen Elizabeth II meets Soviet leader Alexei Kosygin at Buckingham Palace
1969 World's largest airplane, Boeing 747, makes 1st commercial flight
1971 Apollo 14 returns to Earth
1971 Quake in San Fernando Valley kills 65 and causes over $½ billion damage
1971 Probably 1st gay theme TV episode - All in the Family
1972 British Government declares a 'state of emergency' three months into a National Miners' Strike
1975 Soyuz 17 returns to Earth
1978 Ted Bundy kills Kimberly Leach, 12, Lake City FL; later executed
1982 Japan Air Lines Flight 350 was a McDonnell Douglas DC-8-61 that crashed on approach to Tokyo International Airport (Haneda). Among the 166 passengers and 8 crew, 24 passengers were killed.
1985 Madonna's "Like a Virgin" album goes number 1 for 3 weeks
1986 Halley's Comet reaches 30th perihelion (closest approach to Sun)
1988 British Members of Parliament vote to allow TV cameras into the House of Commons on an experimental basis
1986 Haydar Bakr al-Attas appointed President of South Yemen
1987 New York Stock Exchange installs ladies restroom in the Exchange Luncheon Club
1989 Michael Manley's Socialist Party wins Jamaica parliamentary election
1990 Galileo flies by Venus
1990 Namibia's constitution ratified
1992 Fastest yodeler-22 tones/15 falsetto in 1 second by Thomas School of Germany
1993 Army of opium king Khun Sa kills 60 in NE Burma
1994 Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and Israel's Foreign Minister Shimon Peres reach agreement on security issues that have stalled the Israeli/ PLO peace negotiations
1995 Space Shuttle astronauts Bernard A. Harris, Jr. and Michael Foale become the first African American and first Briton, respectively, to perform spacewalks.
1996 The Irish Republican Army declares the end of its 18 month ceasefire shortly followed by a large bomb in London's Canary Wharf.
1997 Fox cartoon series "Simpsons" airs 167th episode the longest-running animated series in cartoon history
1998 Failed assassination attempt on Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze
2001 The American submarine USS Greeneville accidentally strikes and sinks the Ehime-Maru, a Japanese training vessel operated by the Uwajima Fishery High School.
2002 XIX Winter Olympics opens in Salt Lake City UT/Québec City

9th February 2006

Bush details 'foiled terror plot'

Worshippers die in Pakistan blast

Nigeria plans huge bird flu cull

9th February 2007

Jerusalem 'tense' after clashes

US air strike kills Iraqi troops

Mauritania 'to let migrants land'

9th February 2008

Blast at Pakistan election rally

Police killed in Algeria ambush

Japan accuses Russia of incursion

9th February 2009

Australia set to resume grim search

Four US soldiers killed in Iraq

Paris airports close for storms

9th February 2010

Afghanistan avalanches kill 24

South Africa fire in orphanage kills 15

Toyota recalls Prius cars worldwide

Birthdates which occurred on 9th February :

1404 Constantine XI Dragases last Byzantine Emperor
1441 Ali Sjir Neva'i [Fani] Turkish poet/author (Mahbub al-kulub)
1578 Giambattista Andreini Italian playwright/actor (L'adamo)
1579 John Meursius [van Meurs], Dutch historian
1602 Franciscus van de Enden Flemish Jesuit/free thinker/tutor of Spinoza
1607 Abraham Megerle composer
1708 Egidio Romoaldo Duni composer (opéra-comique)
1735 Adriaan Kluit Dutch historian
1741 Henri-Joseph Rigel composer
1744 Amos Bull composer
1756 Karel Blazej Kopriva composer
1771 Daniel Belknap composer
1772 Frans Mikael Franzén Finnish-Swedish poet (Abo)
1773 William Henry Harrison Virginia, (Whigs) 9th President (March 4-April 4, 1841)
1775 Farkas/Wolfgang Bolyai Hungary, mathematician (parallel axiom)
1780 Walenty Karol Kratzer composer
1783 Vasili A Zjukovski Russian folk poet/translator (Homer)
1808 Francesco Gomez da Rocha composer
1814 Samuel Jones Tilden philanthropist for New York Public Library
1822 Charles T Stork Dutch industrialist
1826 John Alexander Logan Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1886
1830 Abdül Aziz Istanbul Ottoman, 32nd sultan of Turkey (1861-76)
1834 Felix Dahn writer
1834 Franz Xaver Witt composer
1846 Wilhelm Maybach German engineer, designer of 1st Mercedes
1853 Sir Leander Starr Jameson PM of South African Cape colony
1853 Leander Starr Jameson PM of South African Cape colony
1854 Aletta [Henriëtte] Jacobs 1st Dutch female physician
1854 Edward Carson 1st Baron Carson, lawyer/leader (Irish Unionist Party)
1857 Johannes T de Visser theologist/Dutch 1st minister of Education
1863 Anthony Hope [Hopkins] London, novelist
1865 Erich von Drygalski German Federal Republic, geographer/glaciologist/Antarctic explorer
1865 Mrs [Beatrice] Patrick Campbell England, actress (Pygmalion, Sean O'Casey's mistress)
1866 George Ade US, journalist/playwright/humorist (Fables in Slang)
1867 Edward Naylor composer
1867 Natsume Sôseki [Natsume Kinnosuke] Japanese author (Kokoro)
1871 Howard T Ricketts US pathologist (studied typhus fever)
1871 Franc S Finzgar Slovenian clergyman/writer (Our Blood)
1874 Amy Lowell US, critic/Imagist poet (Patterns, Sword Blades & Poppy Seed)
1874 Vsevolod Meyerhold Russian theatrical producer/director/actor (Houligan)
1875 Sidney Hugo Nicholson composer
1876 Martin Stixrud Norway, figure skater (Olympics-bronze-1920)
1876 Aloïs Walgrave Flemish writer/pastor (Silent hours)
1879 Carl Natanael Berg composer
1879 Jacques Bainville French historian/essayist/journalist
1882 Thomas Campbell South African cricket wicketkeeper (5 Tests 1909-12)
1884 Frederik Gerretson [Geerten Gossaert], Dutch poet/politician)
1885 Alban Maria Johannes Berg Vienna Austria, a Lulu of a composer!
1887 Henry Zimmerman baseball player (1912-batted .372 with 14 home runs)
1887 Vital Celen Flemish writer (Puppy Love)
1890 Jacobus J P Oud Dutch architect/co-founder (Stijl)
1891 Pietro Nenni Italy, socialist/minister of foreign affairs (1946-47)
1891 Ronald Colman England, 1947 Academy Award actor (Tale of 2 Cities)
1892 Peggy Wood Brooklyn NY, actress (One Life to Live, Mama)
1892 Barend ter Haar Dutch lawyer (Indonesian adat justice)
1897 Sir Charles Edward Kingsford-Smith pioneer Australian aviator
19-- Darren Dalton actor (Chris-Best Times)
1901 Brian Donlevy Portadown Ireland, actor (Barbary Coast, Glass Key, Wake Island, Dangerous Assignment)
1902 Blanche Calloway US vocalist/dancer (12 Clouds of Joy)
1902 Chester H Lauck Allene AR, actor (Dreaming Out Loud, 2 Weeks to Live)
1903 Georg Trexler composer
1906 Gwen Catley British soprano
1907 Aubrey "Dit" Clapper NHL hall of famer (Boston Bruins)
1908 Jackie Fields US, featherweight boxer (Olympics-gold-1924)
1909 Dean Rusk US Secretary of State (1961-69)
1909 Heather Angel Oxford England, actress (Informer, Last of Mohicans)
1909 Carmen Miranda [Maria do Carmo Miranda Da Cunha] Marco de Canavezes Portugal, vocalist/actress (Copacabana, Date With Judy)
1909 Harald Genzmer composer
1909 John Eustace Theodore Brancker lawyer/parliamentarian
1910 Jacques Monod French biochemist
1911 Eustace Wenworth Roskill law lord
1912 Hubert William Dean air armaments specialist
1913 Leo van der Kar masseur/businessman/founder (Sports funds)
1914 Bill (Rhymes with Wreck) Veeck baseball club owner
1914 Ernest Tubb Texas, guitarist/singer (I'm Walking the Floor over You)
1914 Ralph Herman Milwaukee WI, orchestra leader (Circus Time)
1914 Max Manus resistance fighter
1921 B M Ducat-Amos Air Commandant/director (RAF Nursing Service)
1921 Charles Montgomery Monteith publisher
1922 James C "Jim" Laker Bradford England, cricket off spinner
1923 Norman E Shumway Michigan, pioneer cardiac transplant surgeon
1923 Brendan Behan Dublin Ireland, author/poet (Hostage)
1923 Kathryn Grayson North Carolina, vocalist/actress (Anchors Aweigh, Kiss Me Kate)
1924 George Guest British organist
1925 Vic Wertz baseball player
1926 Garret FitzGerald Prime Minister of Ireland
1927 Donald Miller CEO (Scottish Power)
1927 Norman Adams painter/ceramic sculptor
1928 Roger Mudd Washington DC, news anchor (CBS Weekend News, NBC Evening News)
1929 Bill Barrett (Representative-R-NB)
1929 James Mulcro Drew composer
1929 Lennox Butler cricketer (1 Test West Indies vs Australia 1955, 16 & 2-151)
1929 Willem Kersters Flemish composer (Parwati, Gospel Song)
1930 Emil Petrovics composer
1931 Robert Morris sculptor
1931 Xavier Benguerel composer
1933 Countess of Airlie
1933 Jo Ann Prentice LPGA golfer
1933 Justice Johnson
1933 Lord Williams of Elvel
1934 John A Ziegler Jr Grosse Pointe MI, 4th NHL president (1977-92)
1935 Paul Flynn MP
1936 Clive Swift Liverpool, actor (Frenzy, Passage to India)
1937 Brian Wenham media consultant/journalist
1937 Johnny Sayles US vocalist (You Made Me Wiggle)
1939 Barry Mann singer (Who put the Bomp)
1939 Janet Suzman South Africa, actress (Dry White Season, Nuns on the Run)
1940 Brian Bennett London, rock drummer (Shadows)
1940 Ronnie Claire Edwards Oklahoma City OK, actress (Corabeth-Waltons, 8 Seconds, Sweet Bird of Youth)
1940 Smokey Robinson rocker (& Miracles-Tears of Clown)
1941 Sheila James Kuehl politician/actress (Zelda-Dobie Gillis)
1942 Carole King [Klein], Brooklyn NY, pianist/singer (Tapestry)
1942 Peder Lunde Jr Norway, yachtsman (Olympics-gold-1960)
1942 Charlie Morrow composer
1942 Milos Stedron composer
1943 Joe Pesci Newark NJ, actor (Half Nelson, Goodfellas)
1943 Jonny Nilsson Sweden, 10K speed skater (Olympics-gold-1964)
1943 Squire Fridell Oakland CA, actor (Rosetti & Ryan)
1943 Barbara Lewis US vocalist (Hello Stranger)
1943 James King New Orleans LA, basketball player (Olympics-gold-1968)
1943 Ryland Davies tenor
1944 Alice Walker US, novelist (Color Purple, Meridian)
1945 Mia (Maria) Farrow Los Angeles CA, actress (Rosemary's Baby, Purple Rose of Cairo)
1945 Bill Bergey NFLer
1946 Annette Penhaligon
1946 M J H Sterling Vice-Chancellor (Brunel University)
1947 Joe Ely Amarillo TX, country vocalist (Honky Tonk Masquerade)
1947 Major Harris US R&B-singer (Love won't Let me wait)
1949 Judith Light Trenton NJ, (Angela-Who's the Boss, 1 Life to Live)
1949 Bernard Gallacher British golfer
1949 Janet Issaca Ashford writer
1950 Andrew N Meltzoff developmental psychologist
1950 Lloyd Weldon Keasor Pumphrey MD, wrestler (Olympics-silver-1976)
1950 Terry Hawkins theatre administrator
1951 Dennis "Dee Tee" Thomas saxophonist (Kool & the Gang-Celebration)
1951 Jay Inslee (Representative-D-Washington)
1951 Penny Peyser Irvington NY, actress (Rich Man Poor Man, Knots Landing)
1952 Danny White quarterback (Dallas Cowboys)
1953 Andre Sevard NHLer
1953 Antonius GM "Toon" Agterberg Dutch actor (Hunk)
1953 Gary Franks (Representative-R-CT)
1954 Ulrich Walter German Federal Republic, cosmonaut
1955 Charles Shaughnessy London England, actor (Maxwell Sheffield-The Nanny, Shane-Days of our Lives)
1955 Jm J Bullock Casper WY, actor (Monroe-Too Close for Comfort)
1956 Philip Jackson Ford Jr North Carolina, basketball player (Olympics-gold-1976)
1957 Gordon Strachan soccer player
1957 Mohammed Valli Moosa South African leader (UDF)
1958 Alexander "Sandy" W B Lyle Shrewsbury England, PGA golfer (1988 Phoenix Open)
1960 Holly Johnson vocalist (Frankie Goes to Hollywood-Relax)
1960 Peggy A Whitson Mt Ayr IA, PhD/astronaut
1961 John Kruk US baseball 1st baseman (Philadelphia Phillies)
1962 Diego Perez Spain, tennis star
1962 Martin D Lascelles grandson of English princess Mary
1963 Bonnie Levin Miami Beach FL, WPVA volleyballer
1963 Madusa Miceli [Debra Ann], Milan Italy, wrestler (WCW)
1963 Mike Rindel cricketer (N Transvaal opening bat ODI ton vs Pakistan 1995)
1963 Travis Tritt Marietta GA, country vocalist (Country Club)
1964 Rachel Bolan rocker (Skid Row)
1965 David Brandon NFL linebacker (Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Falcons)
1965 Lennox Lewis London England, Super heavyweight boxer (Olympics-gold-1988)
1966 James "Rachel" Bolan Point Pleasant NJ, rocker (Skid Row-Psycho Love)
1966 Amanda Roocroft opera singer
1967 Kate Golden Beaumont TX, LPGA golfer (1992 Ping/Welch-5th)
1967 Stevon Moore NFL safety (Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens)
1967 Todd Pratt US baseball catcher (Philadelphia Phillies)
1968 Derek Strong NBA forward (Los Angeles Lakers, Orlando Magic)
1968 Marcus Meloan Agana Guam, Canadian Tour golfer (1992 US Amateur Champion)
1968 Paul Claxton Vidalia GA, Nike golfer (NIKE Central Georgia Open-38th)
1969 Jeff Pahukoa NFL guard/tackle (Atlanta Falcons)
1969 Jimmy Smith NFL wide receiver (Jacksonville Jaguars)
1969 Peta Edebone Australian softball outfielder (Olympics-bronze-96)
1969 Thomas Brandl Bad Tolz Germany, hockey forward (Team Germany 1998)
1969 Todd Lyght US football quarterback (St Louis Rams)
1970 Glenn McGrath cricketer (New South Wales & Australian fast bowler 1993-)
1970 Grant Moorhead New Plymouth New Zealand, Australasia golfer
1971 Gonzalo Floyd CFL defensive end (Hamilton Tiger Cats)
1971 Jason Mathews NFL tackle (Indianapolis Colts)
1971 Jim Miller NFL quarterback (Pittsburgh Steelers, Atlanta Falcons, Jaguars)
1971 Ken Felder US baseball outfielder (Milwaukee Brewers)
1971 Pat O'Neill NFL punter/place kicker (New England Patriots)
1971 Sharon Case Detroit MI, actress (Sharon Collins-Young & Restless)
1972 Jason George actor (Michael Bourre-Sunset Beach)
1972 Norbert Rosza Hungarian swimmer (100 meter freestyle record)
1973 Amber Valletta Phoenix AZ, model (Face, House of Style, Bazaar)
1974 Brad Maynard punter (New York Giants)
1974 John Wallace NBA forward (Toronto Raptors)
1974 Orlando Bobo guard (Minnesota Vikings)


Deaths which occurred on February 9th:
1555 John Hooper deprived Bishop of Gloucester, burnt for heresy
1567 Henry Stuart earl of Darnley/Consort of Mary Queen of Scots, murdered
1583 Jeseph Sanalbo Jewish convert in Rome, burned at stake
1588 Marquis of Santa Cruz Spanish Admiral, dies
1617 Hans Christoph Haiden composer, dies at 44
1640 Murad IV sultan of Turkey (1623-40), dies in Baghdad at 27
1670 Frederik III King of Denmark/Norway (1648-70), dies at 60
1675 Gerard Dou Dutch painter, buried
1740 Vincenz Lubeck composer, dies at 85
1751 Henri F D'Aguesseau Chancellor of France (1717-50), dies at 82
1765 Elisabetta de Gambarini composer, dies at 33
1811 Nevill Maskelyne 5th Astronomer Royal of England (1765-1811), dies
1812 Franz Anton Hoffmeister composer, dies at 57
1817 Franz Wilhelm Tausch composer, dies at 54
1824 Anna K Emmerick/Emmerich German poet, dies at 49
1846 Henry Gally Knight architect/writer, dies
1849 Corneille Vander Planken composer, dies at 76
1860 Edmond Willem van Dam van Isselt Dutch military/liberal politician, dies at 63
1874 Jules Michelet French historian (History of France), dies at 75
1881 Feodor M Dostoevski Russian novelist (Crime & Punishment), dies at 59
1891 Johan B Jongkind Dutch/French painter (Winter View), dies at 71
1906 Paul Laurence Dunbar black dialect poet, dies at 33 in Dayton OH
1916 Hynek Ignac Frantisek Vojacek composer, dies at 90
1916 Jack Barrett cricketer (2 Tests for Australia 1890), dies
1917 Francis Allan cricket bowler (lefty in 1879 Australia-England Test), dies
1918 Emiel van der Straeten [Delrue], Flemish playwright, dies at 30
1924 Nils Kj'r Norwegian playwright (Det Lykkelige Valg), dies at 53
1932 Junnosuke Inouye Japanese minister of Finance, murdered
1935 Karl Nef Swiss musicologist, dies at 61
1936 Jacques Bainville French historian/essayist/journalist, dies at 57
1938 Truby King pioneer of mothercraft, dies
1943 ... Reydons wife of General Reydons, shot to death by resistance
1945 George J L Maduro resistance fighter (Madurodam), dies in Dachau
1945 Jan Bakker resistance fighter, executed at 26
1948 Karl Valentin German comic/writer, dies at 65
1949 Poul Julius Ouscher Schierbeck composer, dies at 60
1952 Norman Douglas essayist/novelist, dies
1957 Miklós Horthy von Nagybanya Hung Admiral/regent (1920-44), dies at 88
1960 Ernst von Dohnanyi US composer, dies at 82
1961 Grigory Levenfish International chess grandmaster from Russia, dies at 70
1964 Willie Bryant singer (Sugar Hill Times), dies at 55
1966 Sophie Tucker Russian/US singer/actress (My Yiddish Mama), dies at 79
1968 Barbara Everest actress (Inquest, Madeleine), dies at 77
1968 Frederik M baron van Asbeck lawyer (League of Nations), dies at 78
1969 [George] Gabby Hayes actor (Albuquerque, Colorado), dies at 83
1969 Manuel Plaza Reyes Chilean marathoner (Olympics-gold 1928), dies at 68
1973 Max Yasgur owner Woodstock-festival farmland, dies at 53
1974 Cees de Lange Dutch conferencier, dies at 60
1975 Constant Burniaux Belgian art historian (L'amour Vivre), dies at 82
1977 Gaus an orangutan who lived to be 59
1977 Denys Amiel French dramatist/playwright (Le mouton noir), dies at 92
1977 Sergei Ilyushin Russian airplane builder (Ilyushin), dies at 82
1978 Kimberly Leach killed by Ted Bundy in Lake City FL at 12
1979 C I J Smith cricket all-rounder (5 Tests for England 1935-37), dies
1980 Antoine Pompe Belgian architect, dies at 106
1981 Bill Haley vocalist (Rock Around Clock), dies of heart attack at 55
1984 Balasaraswathi Indian classical dancer, dies in Madras
1984 Yuri Andropov General Secretary of Soviet Communist Party (1982-84), dies at 69
1993 David Willis British journalist (BBC World Service), dies at 54
1993 Kate Wilkinson actress (Clara-Another World), dies of cancer at 76
1993 Nasrullah Mansoor Afghan guerilla leader/governor of Paktia, dies
1994 Arnold Smith British 1st Secretary-General of Commonwealth (1965-75), dies at 79
1994 Jarmila Novotna Czechoslovakia/US soprano (Madame Butterfly), dies at 86
1994 Louis Kaufman US violinist/conductor (Gone with the Wind), dies at 88
1995 David Wayne [Wayne Mcmeekan], US actor (Dallas), dies at 81
1995 J William Fulbright (Senator-D-AR)/anti-Vietnam War, dies at 89
1996 Adolf Galland General (Luftwaffe), dies at 83
1996 Alistair Cameron Crombie historian of science, dies at 80
1996 Barry Troyna teacher/educational sociologist, dies at 44
1996 Charles Henry "Harry" Urwin trade unionist, dies at 80
1996 Gerald Savory actor playwright/TV producer (3 Weeks), dies at 86
1996 Neil Franklin soccer star, dies at 74
1997 Barry Evans actor (Dr Upton-Dr in the House), dies at 53
1998 Laxness Iceland's Nobel Literature laureate, dies at 95
2002 Princess Margaret sister of Queen Elizabeth II of England, dies from a stroke at 71

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