6th February, on this day

46 BC Julius Caesar defeats the combined army of Pompeian followers and Numidians under Metellus Scipio and Juba at Thapsus.
337 St Julius I begins his reign as Catholic Pope
1189 Riots of Lynn in Norfolk spread to Norwich, England
1508 Maximilian I crowned Holy Roman Emperor
1577 King Henri de Bourbon of Navarra becomes leader of Huguenots
1626 Huguenot rebels and the French sign Peace of La Rochelle
1651 Cardinal Mazarin flees Paris
1685 Charles II of England dies
1685 James II of England begins reign
1693 Royal charter granted College of William and Mary, Williamsburg VA
1716 England and Netherlands renew alliance
1740 Pope Clement XII dies at age 87 and ends a 10 year reign as pope
1778 France recognizes US, signs treaty of aid in Paris; 1st US treaty
1778 England declares war on France
1788 Massachusetts becomes the sixth state of the United States of America
1815 NJ issues 1st US railroad charter (John Stevens)
1819 Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles founds freeport harbour Singapore
1820 86 free black colonists sail from New York NY to Sierra Leone, Africa
1820 US population announced at 9,638,453 (1,771,656 blacks (18.4%))
1832 1st appearance of cholera at Edinburgh, Scotland
1832 US ship destroys Sumatran village in retaliation for piracy
1836 HMS Beagle/Charles Darwin reach Diemen's Land (Tasmania)
1840 Britain and Maori chiefs sign 'Treaty of Waitangi' giving Britain sovereignty over New Zealand
1852 Opening of Holloway Prison for Women in London
1854 Composer R Schumann is saved from suicide attempt into the Rhine
1861 English Admiral Robert Ritzroy issues 1st storm warnings for ships
1861 1st meeting of Provisional Congress of Confederate States of America
1862 Victory at Battle of Fort Henry for General Ulysses S Grant in Tennessee, and ten days later Fort Donelson; Grant earns the nickname "Unconditional Surrender" Grant
1862 Naval Engagement at Tennessee River-USS Conestago vs CSS Appleton Belle
1864 Battle of Morton's Ford
1865 2nd day of battle at Dabney's Mills (Hatcher's Run)
1865 Robert E Lee becomes Commander in Chief of Confederate forces during the American Civil War
1867 Peabody Fund forms to promote Black education in South
1869 Harper's Weekly publishes 1st picture of Uncle Sam with chin whiskers
1891 1st great train robbery by Dalton Gang (Southern Pacific number 17)
1899 Spanish-American War ends, peace treaty ratified by Senate
1900 Battle at Vaalkrans, South-Africa (Boers vs British army)
1904 Russian-Japanese war began
1911 Great fire destroys downtown Constantinople/Istanbul Turkey
1918 In Britain, the Representation of the People's Act receives the Royal Assent, giving the vote to all women over the age of 30
1919 1st day of 5-day Seattle general strike
1920 Saarland administrated by League of Nations
1921 "The Kid", starring Charlie Chaplin and Jackie Coogan, released
1922 Cardinal Achille Ratti elected Pope Pius XI
1922 US, UK, France, Italy and Japan sign Washington naval arms limitation
1927 In Paris, the first major public performance of 10 year old violinist Yehudi Menuhin
1932 Fascist coup in the Memel territory
1933 Highest recorded sea wave (not tsunami), 34 meters (112 feet), in Pacific hurricane near Manila
1933 20th Amendment goes into effect; Presidential term begins in Jan not March
1933 President von Hindenburg and von Papen end Prussian parliament
1935 Board game "Monopoly" goes on sale for the 1st time
1935 1st election to allow women to vote in Turkey
1936 4th Winter Olympics games open in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
1936 Pravda criticizes Shostakovich's ballet "Clear Brook"
1937 K Elizabeth Ohi becomes 1st Japanese-US female lawyer
1939 Spanish government flees to France
1941 Battle of Beda Fomm Italian 10th army destroyed
1941 British troops conquer Bengazi, Libya
1943 1st Spitfire in action above Darwin, Australia, Mu Ki-46 shot down
1943 Singer Frank Sinatra debuts on radio's "Your Hit Parade"
1945 8th Air Force bombs Magdeburg/Chemnitz
1945 Russian Red Army crosses the river Oder
1948 1st radio-controlled airplane flown
1951 "Broker Special" train crashes in Woodbridge NJ, killing 84
1951 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site Argonne Atomic Lab (Illinois), to demonstrate lax in security
1952 England replaces King George VI stamp series with Queen Elizabeth II
1953 US controls on wages and some consumer goods were lifted
1956 Chicago's Daily Defender, begins publishing
1956 French premier Guy Mollet pelted with tomatoes in Algiers
1956 University of Alabama refuses admission to Autherine Lucy (because he's black)
1958 Seven Manchester United footballers are among the 21 people killed when their plane crashes in snow and ice during its take-off from Munich Airport
1959 Fidel Castro is interviewed by Edward R Murrow
1959 US 1st successful Titan intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM)
1964 France and Britain agree to share costs for the building of the Channel Tunnel - with initial estimates said to be around £160 million
1965 Righteous Brothers "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" hits number 1
1967 Cultural Revolution in Albania
1967 Heavyweight Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) TKOs Ernie Terrell in 15 in Houston for heavyweight boxing title
1968 10th Winter Olympics games opens in Grenoble, France
1968 Former President Dwight Eisenhower shot a hole-in-one
1971 1st time a golf ball is hit on the Moon (by Alan Shepard)
1974 US House of Representatives begins determining grounds for impeachment of Nixon
1975 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1979 Supreme court of Lahore affirms death sentence against premier Bhutto
1981 Beatles McCartney, Starr and Harrison record a tribute to John Lennon
1983 Nazi fugitive Klaus Barbie is brought before a court at Lyon, in France to face charges of being responsible for crimes against humanity
1984 Moslem militiamen take over West Beirut from Lebanese army
1987 No-smoking rules take effect in US federal buildings
1988 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakhstan/Semipalitinsk USSR
1989 Lech Walesa begins negotiating with the Polish government
1990 Steve Briers of Wales recited the entire lyrics of Queen's album "A Night At The Opera" in 9 minutes and 58.44 seconds backwards!
1994 José Maria Figueres elected President of Costa Rica
1994 Martti Ahtisaari elected President of Finland
1995 The National Trust for Scotland bans foxhunting on any of its' land
1995 Beachboy Brian Wilson wed Melinda Ledbetter
1996 A Birgen Air Boeing 757 crashes into the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Dominican Republic killing 189.
1996 Heidi Fleiss scheduled to begin her 7 year jail sentence
1997 Diane Blood, 32, in England, won right to use her dead husbands sperm
1998 Mary Kay LeTourneau, 36, former teacher, who violated probation by seeing 14 year old father of her baby, sentenced to 7½ years
1998 Washington National Airport is renamed Ronald Reagan National Airport.
1998 In Corsica, the prefect Claude Erignac is assassinated in Ajaccio, presumably by Yvan Colonna.
2004 In Russia, a suicide-attack in a Moscow metro kills 40 commuters, and injures a hundred and twenty-nine. The blast is blamed on Chechen separatist groups.

6th February 2006

Muslim cartoon fury claims lives

Relatives attack sunk ferry firm

Face op woman braves media glare

6th February 2007

Iran envoy 'abducted in Iraq'

Climate change 'affecting' China

US to get Africa command centre

6th February 2008

Dozens dead in US storms

Thousands hit by Bolivian floods

Flood gates to open in Mozambique

6th February 2009

UN halts Gaza aid over 'thefts'

Kyrgyz closure of US base 'final'

Phelps suspended over 'pot pipe'

6th February 2010

Snowstorm paralyses east US

G7 pledges to cancel Haiti debt

Australia signs huge China coal deal

Birthdates which occurred on 6th February :

1461 Dzore Drzic Croatian poet
1536 Toyotomi Hideyoshi 2nd of three unifier of Japan in 16th century
1564 Christopher Marlowe English poet/dramatist (Dr Faustus)
1608 Antonio Vieira Portuguese Jesuit preacher
1612 Antoine Arnauld [Grand Arnauld], French lawyer/theologist
1665 Anne Stuart Queen of England (1702-14)
1673 Maximilian Dietrich Freisslich composer
1695 Andre Cheron composer
1705 Johann Matthias Leffloth composer
1724 Paul-Louis Cyfflé Flemish sculptor (Terre de Lorraine)
1753 Evariste Désiré Desforges chevalier de Parny French poet
1756 Aaron Burr Newark NJ, (D-R), 3rd US Vice-President (1801-05), dueler
1778 Ugo Foscolo Italy, writer/poet (Last Letters of Jacopo Ortis)
1788 Károly Kisfaludy Hungary, romantic poet (Tartars in Hungary-1819)
1793 Pietro Rovelli composer
1797 Joseph Maria von Radowitz Prussian minister of Foreign affairs
1798 Théodore Caruelle d'Aligny French painter/etcher
1802 Charles Wheatstone English physicist/musician
1804 Ragnerus L van Andringa de Kempenaer Dutch officer/swindler
1807 Hans Matthison-Hansen composer
1818 William Maxwell Evarts (Union), died in 1901
1830 Marcellus Monroe Crocker Brigadier General (Union volunteers), died in 1865)
1832 John Brown Gordon Major General (Confederate Army), died in 1904
1833 James Ewell Brown "JEB" Stuart Major General (Commander of Cavalry, Confederate Army)
1833 José M de Pereda y Sánchez the Porrúa Spanish writer (Sotileza)
1834 William Dorsey Pender Major General (Confederate Army), died in 1863
1838 Sir Henry Irving [John H Brodribb], England, knighted 1895/actor (Hamlet)
1848 Luigi Mancinelli composer
1860 Johan [Eliza J] de Meester Dutch journalist/writer (Geertje)
1864 John Henry Mackay Scottish/German author/poet (Anarchists)
1866 Karl T Sapper German geography/geologist (Vulkankunde)
1872 Theodor Lessing writer
1874 Milton Bennett Medary US, architect (Washington Chapel)
1876 Wilhelm Schmidtbonn[-Schmidt] German playwright (Der Sprechende Eros)
1878 Waclaw Gieburowski composer
1879 Carl Ramsauer
1881 Karl Weigl composer
1886 Louis Piérard Belgian journalist/writer (Great Germany)
1888 Ljudmil Stojanow Bulgarian poet (Metsh i Slowo, Cholera)
1889 Karel Wellens Flemish painter
1889 Siegfried Kracauer writer
1890 Anton Hermann Fokker aviation pioneer
1893 Sir Muhammad Zafrulla Khan President of UN General Assembly (1962-63)
1895 George Herman (Babe) Ruth Baltimore MD, baseball great (Yankees)
1897 Alberto [de Almeida] Cavalcanti Brazil, director (Nicholas Nickleby)
1899 Ramon Novarro [José RG Samaniegos], Durango Mexico, actor (Ben Hur)
1900 Roy Smeck guitarist/banjoist
1900 Rudolf Värnlund Swedish playwright (Heliga Familjen)
1901 Ben Lyon Atlanta GA, actor (I Cover the Waterfront, Night Nurse)
1902 Louis Nizer lawyer/author (defended blacklisted stars in the '50s, Catspaw)
1903 John Dunning cricketer (New Zealand medium-fast bowler of 30's)
1903 Pieter G Buckinx Flemish writer (Temptation of Poverty)
1904 Claudio Arrau Chile, composer/pianist (Boston Symphony Orchestra)
1905 Wladislaw Gomulka premier of Poland
1907 Sam Green industrialist/inventor
1908 General Edward Lansdale model for "Quiet American" & "Ugly American"
1908 Amintore Fanfani premier of Italy
1908 Thomas Dorrington Tomlinson national Park Warden
1909 Israel Citkowitz composer
1910 George H Poyser English soccer player/manager (Brentford)
1910 Irmgard Keun West German writer (Das kunstseidene Mädchen)
1911 A W "Dooley" Briscoe cricketer (batted in 2 Tests for South Africa 30's)
1911 Ronald Reagan Illinois, actor (Bedtime for Bonzo)/40th President (R) (1981-89)
1912 Eva Braun mistress of Adolf Hitler
1913 John Lund Rochester NY, actor (Wackiest Ship in the Army)
1913 Mary Nicol Leakey palaeontologist
1915 Derk Roemers Dutch politician (Social-Democrat)
1916 Bill Doggett rocker
1917 Arthur Gold Toronto, Canada, pianist
1917 Liberato Firmino Sifonia composer
1919 Lindsay Tuckett cricketer (son of Len, 9 Tests for South Africa 1947-49)
1919 Louis Heren journalist/writer (China's Three Thousand Years)
1920 James H Scheuer (Representative-D-NY, 1965-73, 75- )
1922 Patrick MacNee London England, actor (Jonathan Steed-Avengers)
1923 Maurice Le Roux composer
1924 Billy W William Ambrose right soccer star
1924 Billy Wright English soccer player
1924 Paolo Volponi Italian communist/author (Road to Rome)
1927 Smokey Burgess baseball catcher (Pittsburgh Pirates)
1929 Sixten Jernberg Sweden, skier (Olympics-gold-1956/60/64)
1929 Keith Waterhouse English writer (Billy Liar, Say Who Are You?)
1931 Mamie Van Doren Rowena SD, actress (Navy vs Night Monsters)
1931 Rip Torn Texas, actor (Coma, Summer Rental, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof)
1931 Freddie Trueman cricketer ("Fiery Fred", 307 wickets for England)
1932 François Truffaut Paris France, director (Jules & Jim, Fahrenheit 451)
1933 Leslie Crowther English TV-comic/quizmaster
1933 Walter E Fauntroy (Representative-D-DC, 1971- )
1936 Otis Williams rocker (Charms)
1936 Wies Andersen [Aloïs de Bois], Belgian actor/producer (Maigret)
1937 Baldev Singh Chahal campaigner
1938 Ellsworth Milburn composer
1939 Mike Farrell St Paul MN, actor (BJ Honeycutt-MASH, Battered)
1940 Tom Brokaw Yankton SD, news anchor (NBC Nightly News 1982- )
1940 Jimmy Tarbuck English comic/golfer
1941 Gigi Perreau Los Angeles CA, actress (Journey to Center of Time)
1941 Stephen Albert composer
1942 John London bassist (Michael Nesmith band)
1943 Fabian Forte Philadelphia PA, singer (Turn Me Loose, Tiger)
1943 Gayle Hunnicutt Ft Worth TX, actress (Legend of Hell House, Dallas)
1944 Michael Tucker Baltimore MD, actor (Stuart Markowitz-LA Law)
1945 Bob Marley Jamaican reggae vocalist (Bob Marley & Wailers-Roots Rock Reggae)
1947 Charles Hickcox US, 200 meter/400 meter medley swimmer (Olympics-3 gold-1968)
1949 Frank Rich US politician
1949 Manuel Orantes tennis champion (US Open-1975)
1949 Richie Zisk baseball player
1950 Natalie Cole Los Angeles CA, singer (Unforgettable, Pink Cadillac, Miss You Like Crazy)
1950 Mike Batt composer/arranger
1950 Punky Meadows Washington DC, rock guitarist (Angel)
1950 Rich Glover NFLer
1951 Maria Christina Belgian princess/daughter of Leopold III
1952 John Sanderford Orlando FL, actor (Recoil, Ryan's Hope)
1952 Richard Charsworth Australian women field hockey head coach (Olympics-96)
1953 Susie Hutchison Flintridge CA, equestrian show jumper (Olympics-96)
1954 Scott Kempner "Top Ten" rocker (Del Lords)
1955 Eric Money NBAer
1956 Jon Walmsley Lancashire England, actor (Jason-Waltons)
1956 Linda Grovenor Baltimore MD, actress (Die Laughing, Wheels of Fire)
1957 Jerry Marotta rocker (Orleans-Love Takes Time)
1957 Kathy Najimy actress (Sister Act, Veronica's Closet)
1957 Robert Townsend Chicago IL, comedian/actor (Hollywood Shuffle, Ratboy)
1958 Barry Miller Los Angeles CA, actor (Fame, Peggy Sue Got Married)
1958 Bill Dawley baseball player
1958 Cecily Adams Queens NY, entertainment caster (American Heart)
1958 Kelly Leadbetter Phoenix AZ, LPGA golfer (1986 Hennessy French Open)
1958 Mark Hamilton Louisville KY, sprint kayak Olympics-96)
1958 Simon Baker Australian speed walker, (Olympics-84, 88, 96)
1960 Megan Gallagher Reading PA, actress (Slap Maxwell, Millennium)
1961 Yuri Ivanovich Onufriyenko Russian major/cosmonaut (Mir, Soyuz TM-23)
1962 Axl Rose [William Bailey] Lafayette IN, rocker (Guns & Roses)
1963 David Capel cricketer (England all-rounder in 15 Tests 1987-90)
1963 Mike Hough Montréal, NHL left wing (Florida Panthers)
1964 Matt Hayes Australian soling yachtsman (Olympics-96)
1964 Skip Ewing Redlands CA, country vocalist (Coast of Colorado)
1965 Jan Sverák Zatec Czechoslovakia, director (Kolya, Jizda, Ropaci)
1966 Rick Astley rock vocalist (Never Gonna Give You Up)
1966 Alex Antonitsch Austria, tennis star
1966 Tom Tupa NFL punter/quarterback (Cleveland Browns, New England Patriots)
1967 Bennie Dekker Dutch soccer player (NEC/AZ/De Graafschap)
1967 Mike Evans WLAF defensive tackle (Amsterdam Admirals)
1967 Randy Hilliard NFL defensive back (Denver Broncos-Superbowl 32)
1968 Imtiaz Abbasi UAE cricket wicket-keeper (World Cup 1996)
1968 Malika Mahfoud Copenhagen Denmark, golfer (Gippsland Ladies Amateur)
1968 Richard Newbill WLAF linebacker (London Monarchs)
1969 April Lerman Chicago IL, actress (Lila-Charles in Charge)
1969 Anna Acker-Macosko Marshfield WI, LPGA golfer (1995 Gold Coast Tour)
1969 Bob Wickman Green Bay WI, pitcher (Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees)
1969 Greg Patrick WLAF safety (Frankfurt Galaxy)
1969 James Jones NFL defensive tackle (Denver Broncos, Baltimore Ravens)
1969 Kurt Abbott US baseball player (Florida Marlins)
1969 Rajindra Dhanraj Trinidad cricket leg-spinner (West Indies 1994-95)
1970 Jeff Rouse US, 50 meter/100 meter backstroke swimmer (Olympics-gold/silver-92, 96)
1970 Mark Hutton Adelaide Australia, pitcher (New York Yankees)
1971 Brad Hogg cricketer (WA chinaman all-rounder, Australia vs India 1996)
1971 Carlos Rogers NBA forward/center (Toronto Raptors)
1971 Lance Bade Vancouver British Columbia, US double trap (Olympics-bronze-1996)
1971 Mana Endo Hiroshima Japan, tennis star (1996 3rd round Australian Open)
1971 Peter Tchernyshev St Petersburg Russia, dance skater (& Naomi Lang)
1972 David Binn NFL safety (San Diego Chargers)
1972 Mark Labbrook Australian 200 meter/400 meter runner (Olympics-96)
1972 Shawn Respert NBA guard (Milwaukee Bucks, Toronto Raptors)
1973 Arie Obdam Dutch soccer player (FC Volendam)
1973 Fred Miller tackle (St Louis Rams)
1973 Lulama Masikazana cricket wicket-keeper (Kwazulu for E Province)
1974 Nathan Davis defensive tackle (Atlanta Falcons)
1974 Olaf Lindenbergh soccer player (Ajax, De Graafschap)
1975 Chad Allen Dallas TX, baseball outfielder (Olympics-bronze-96)
1975 Leo Insam hockey defenseman (Team Italy 1998)
1976 Elina Zisi Miss Greece-Universe (1997)
1976 Kim Zmeskal Houston TX, US gymnast (Olympics-92)
1984 Brandon Hammond actor (Gregory Hines Show)


Deaths which occurred on February 6th:
743 Hisham ibn 'Abd al-Malik 10th Moslem caliph, dies at about 52
0891 Photius Byzantine theologist/patriarch of Constantinople/saint, dies
1140 Thurstan archbishop of York, dies
1497 John Ockeghem Flemish singer/composer, dies at 79
1612 Christopher Clavius calendar reformer, dies (birth date unknown)
1617 Prosper Alpinus Italian physician/botanist, dies at 63
1685 Charles II King of England/Scotland/Ireland (1660-85), dies at 54
1695 Ahmed II 21st sultan of Turkey (1691-95), dies
1699 Jozef Ferdinand of Bavaria heir of Spanish king Carlos II, dies
1725 Johann Philipp Krieger composer, dies at 75
1783 Lancelot "Capability" Brown English architect (Kew), dies at about 67
1785 Iman Willem Falck Dutch governor of Ceylon (1765-83), dies at 48
1793 Carlo Goldoni Italian author (L'avaro), dies at 85
1798 Niels Schiorring composer, dies at 54
1804 Joseph Priestley England/US theologist/philosopher/chemist, dies at 70
1807 John Reid composer, dies at 85
1859 Johannes Josephus Viotta composer, dies at 45
1865 John Pegram US Confederate Brigadier-General, dies in battle at 33
1881 Pieter Mijer Governor-General of Netherlands Indies (1866-72), dies at 68
1896 Abraham Czn van Stolk Dutch art collector, dies at 82
1897 Ebenezer C Brewer British writer (Dictionary of Phrase & Fable), dies
1899 Georg Leo earl von Caprivi German chancellor, dies at 67
1914 J Albert Neuhuys Dutch painter (Hague School), dies at 69
1916 Anne C A I van Diest Belgian physician/feminist, dies at 73
1917 Edouard A Drumont French anti-semite journalist, dies at 72
1918 Gustav Klimt Austrian painter/cartoonist, dies at 55
1919 Friedrich W Mengelberg German sculptor/painter, dies at 81
1923 Edward E Barnard US astronomer (5th moon Jupiter), dies at 65
1927 Daniël F Scheurleer Dutch musicologist/banker, dies at 71
1930 Eva Strittmatter writer, dies at 17
1938 Marianne V von Werefkin Russian/German/Swiss house painter, dies at 77
1941 Maximilien Luce French painter, dies at 82
1942 Wobbe de Vries Dutch linguist, dies at 78
1943 HA Seyffardt Dutch Lieutenant-General/NSB "minister", dies at 71
1945 Jan Bos Dutch resistance fighter, executed
1945 Paul Bos Dutch resistance fighter, executed
1947 Albert J Bakker Dutch actor (Teun the night watch), dies at 82
1947 Luigi Russolo composer, dies at 61
1948 Robert Brasillach French author/Nazi collaborator, dies at 38
1952 George VI King of Britain (1936-52), dies at 56 (succeeded by daughter, Elizabeth II)
1958 7 soccer players of Manchester United die in an air crash at Munich
1960 Jesse Belvin rocker, dies at 26 in a car crash
1961 Archibald T Davison composer, dies at 77
1963 Mohammed ibn al-Chattabi Abd el-Krim Morocco opposition leader, dies
1963 Werner Erich Josten German composer (Jungle), dies at 77
1964 Sophocles Venizelos premier of Greece (1944, 50-51), dies at 69
1964 W L Cornford England cricket wicket-keeper (4 Tests vs New Zealand 1930), dies
1965 Jack Wagner actor (Jive Junction), dies at 68
1966 Johan Algot Haquinius composer, dies at 79
1967 Martine Carol French actress (Nana), dies of heart attack at 46
1968 C Montague Shaw actor (Buck Rogers, Planet Outlaws), dies at 85
1970 Roscoe Karns actor (Captain Shafer-Hennesey), dies at 78
1972 Julian H Steward US anthropologist (South American), dies at 70
1973 Ira S Bowen US physicist/astronomer (Mt Wilson/Palomar), dies at 74
1976 Vince Guaraldi jazz pianist (Charlie Brown TV specials), dies at 43
1979 Alain Teister Dutch sculptor/writer, dies at 47
1979 Arthur van Schendel Dutch art historian, dies at 68
1982 Ben Nicholson England, painter/sculptor (Circle), dies at 87
1985 Charles Briggs actor (13 Frightened Girls, Captain Newman), dies at 53
1985 Dandy Nichols actress (Confessions of a Window Cleaner), dies at 78
1986 William Collier actor (Up the River, She's My Weakness), dies
1988 Lee Goodman actor (Imitation of Life), dies of TB at 64
1988 Marghanita Laski English author (Victorian chaise-lounge), dies
1989 Andre Cayatte dies
1989 Barbara Tuchman historian (Guns of August-Pulitzer), dies at 77
1990 Jane Novak silent screen actress (Ghost Town), dies of stroke at 94
1990 John Merivale actor (Caltiki), dies
1991 Danny Thomas comedian/actor (Jazz Singer), dies of a heart attack at 76
1991 Marten Levendig Dutch TV correspondent to Moscow, dies
1992 Frank Wilson actor (Beware, Sunday Sinners, Club), dies at 37
1992 Wade Preston actor (Man Called Sledge), dies at 62
1993 Frances Hunt actress (You're a Sweetheart), dies of stroke at 77
1994 Ignace Strasfogel Polish/US pianist/conductor/composer, dies at 84
1994 Jack Kirby cartoonist (X-Men, Spiderman, Hulk), dies at 76
1994 Joseph Cotten actor (Citizen Kane), dies at 88
1994 Norman Del Mar conductor/writer (Conducting Brahms), dies at 74
1995 Arthur S Taylor Jr US drummer/author (Notes on notes), dies at 65
1995 James Ingram Merrill US poet (Braving the elements), dies at 68
1996 Guy Madison actor (Wild Bill Hickok), dies at 74
1996 Ronald Fletcher broadcaster, dies at 85
1996 Rosemary Tsay drama critic/SOE operator, dies at 76
1998 [Johann Hoelzel] Falco singer (Rock Me Amadeus), dies at 40
1998 Carl Wilson rock vocalist (Beach Boy), dies of lung cancer at 51
1998 Nazim al-Kudsi Syrian PM (1949, 1950-51)/President (1961-63), dies

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