14th February, on this day

842 Charles II and Louis the German sign treaty
1014 Pope Benedict VIII crowns Henry II, Roman German emperor
1076 Pope Gregory VII excommunicates Henry IV
1130 Jewish Cardinal Pietro Pierleone elected as anti-pope Anacletus II
1130 Pope Innocent II begins papacy
1349 2,000 Jews burned at the stake in Strasbourg, France
1540 Emperor Charles V enters Ghent without resistance, executes rebels
1477 First recorded St Valentine's Day message from Margery Brews to her fiance John Paston of Norfolk
1548 Battle of Uedahara was the first defeat suffered by Takeda Shingen, and the first field battle in Japan at which firearms were used
1556 Archbishop Thomas Cranmer declared a heretic
1610 Polish king Sigismund III, Forges Dimitri number 2 and Romanov family sign covenant against czar Vasili Shushki
1613 King James I's daughter Elizabeth marries Frederik
1630 Dutch fleet of 69 ships reaches Pernambuco, Brazil
1670 Roman Catholic emperor Leopold I chases Jews out of Vienna
1689 English parliament places Mary Stuart/Prince Willem III on the throne
1711 Händel's opera Rinaldo, premieres
1778 "Stars and Stripes" arrives in foreign port for 1st time (France)
1779 Battle of Kettle Creek is one of the most important battles of the American Revolutionary War
1794 1st US textile machinery patent granted, to James Davenport, Philadelphia, PA
1797 Battle of Cape St Vincent : British and Spanish fleets clash
1803 Apple parer patented by Moses Coats, Downington, PA
1814 Battle of Vauchamps : final major engagement of the Six Days Campaign of the Napoleonic Wars
1822 Britain's postal services employ extra sorters as the fashion of sending messages to loved ones on this day continues to grow in popularity
1831 Battle of Debre Abbay : Ethiopian war
1831 Battle of Stoczek was the first major battle of the November Uprising in Poland
1848 James K Polk became 1st President photographed in office (Matthew Brady)
1852 In London, the Great Ormond Street Hospital For Sick Children admits its first patient - 3 year old Eliza Armstrong
1859 Oregon admitted as 33rd US state
1862 Galena, 1st US iron-clad warship for service at sea, launched, Connecticut
1864 Battle of Meridian was between Union forces led by Major General William Tecumseh Sherman and Confederate forces under Lieutenant General Leonidas Polk
1876 A G Bell and Elisha Gray apply separately for telephone patents; Supreme Court eventually rules Bell rightful inventor
1879 Chilean troops occupy Antofagasta
1889 1st trainload of fruit (oranges) leaves Los Angeles for the east
1894 Venus is both a morning star and evening star
1895 Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being Earnest" opens in London
1896 Theodor Herzl publishes "Der Judenstaat"
1900 Date of events in movie "Picnic at Hanging Rock"
1912 1st US submarines with diesel engines commissioned, Groton CT
1912 Arizona becomes 48th state
1918 USSR adopts New Style (Gregorian) calendar
1919 Battle of Bereza Kartuska was between the organised forces of the Second Polish Republic and Soviet Russia
1924 IBM Corporation founded by Thomas Watson
1929 St Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago IL, 7 gangsters killed
1931 Spanish government of General Damasco Berenguer falls
1939 Launch of 42,345 tonne German battleship 'Bismarck'
1939 Victor Fleming replaces George Cukor as director of Gone With the Wind
1940 British merchant vessel fleet is armed
1940 British government calls for volunteers to fight in Finland.
1941 Carson McCullers' "Reflections in a Golden Eye" published
1941 German Africa Corps lands in Tripoli, Libya and move eastward toward advanced positions such as El Agheila, where the British have stopped; the British have been weakened by the transfer of some troops to Greece.
1942 Japanese parachutists land near oil center Palembang Sumatra
1943 Rostov-on-Don, Russia is liberated by the Red Army
1943 Soviets recapture Rostov
1944 SHAEF headquarters are established in Britain by U.S. General Dwight D. Eisenhower
1944 Anti-Japanese revolt on Java.
1945 Perú, Paraguay, Chile and Ecuador join the United Nations
1945 Bombing of Prague by about sixty B-17 Flying Fortresses
1946 Bank of England nationalised
1950 USSR and China sign peace treaty
1952 6th Winter Olympics games opens in Oslo, Norway
1952 Comedian Joey Adams marries gossip columnist Cindy Heller
1954 Senator John Kennedy appears on "Meet the Press"
1956 Khrushchev denounces Stalin at USSR Communist Party Conference
1956 20th Congress of CPSU opens in Moscow
1957 Georgia Senate unanimously approves Senator Leon Butts' bill barring blacks from playing baseball with whites
1958 Arab Federation of Iraq and Jordan forms
1959 $3.6 million heroin seizure in New York NY
1960 Marshal Ayub Khan elected President of Pakistan
1962 1st lady Jacqueline Kennedy conducts White House tour on TV
1963 British politician Harold Wilson is elected leader of the Labour Party following the death of former leader Hugh Gaitskell
1963 US launches communications satellite Syncom 1
1966 Australia introduces 1st decimal currency postage stamps
1966 Writers Andrei Sinjavski and Joeij Daniël found guilty
1967 Aretha Franklin records "Respect"
1967 Latin American nuclear free zone proposal drawn up
1971 Movie "Ben Hur" 1st shown on television
1971 Richard Nixon installs secret taping system in White House
1972 John and Yoko co-host "Mike Douglas Show" for entire week
1972 Luna 20 (Russia) launched to orbit and soft landing on Moon
1975 Bomb explodes at annex of Amsterdam metro station
1976 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1978 1st "micro on a chip" patented by Texas Instruments
1980 US launches Solar Maximum Mission Observatory to study solar flares
1984 Singer Elton John marries Renate Blauel in Sydney, Australia
1984 British ice skaters Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean win the ice dance gold medal at the Winter Olympics in Sarejavo - gaining maximum points for artistic expression
1985 Hostage CNN reporter Jeremy Levin is released in Beirut
1987 Mark Thatcher,son of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher marries American Diane Burgdorf in London
1988 Alfredo Stroessner re-elected President of Paraguay
1989 Robin Givens is granted a divorce from Mike Tyson in Dominican Republic
1989 Union Carbide agrees to pay $470 million damages for Bhopol disaster
1989 A 'Fatwa', a death sentence, is issued against author Salman Rushdie for his views on the Muslim religion in his book 'The Satanic Verses'
1989 World's 1st satellite Skyphone opens
1990 92 people are killed aboard Indian Airlines Flight 605 at Bangalore, India.
1990 Perrier recalls 160 million bottles of sparkling water after traces of benzene, a carcinogen, are found in some
1990 Space probe Voyager 1 takes photograph of entire solar system
1991 Air raid shelter at Baghdad bombed killing 300
1992 Cease fire in Somalia begins
1993 Fire in Linxi department store in Tangshan, China, kills 79
1994 Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia (51) weds Deborah Koons
1995 Roseanne weds bodyguard Ben Thomas
1996 China launches a Long March 3 rocket, carrying the Intelsat 708 satellite. The rocket flew off course 3 seconds after liftoff and crashed into a rural village.
1998 Authorities in the United States announce that Eric Robert Rudolph is a suspect in an Alabama abortion clinic bombing.
2000 The spacecraft NEAR Shoemaker enters orbit around asteroid 433 Eros, the first spacecraft to orbit an asteroid.
2002 The Tullaghmurray Lass sinks off the coast of Kilkeel, County Down, Northern Ireland killing three members of the same family on board.
2004 In a suburb of Moscow, Russia, the roof of the Transvaal water park collapses, killing more than 25 people, and wounding more than 100 others.
2005 Lebanon's former Prime Minister, Rafik Hariri, is assassinated, prompting the country to fall into chaos and devisions.
2005 Seven people were killed and 151 wounded in a series of bombings by suspected Al-Qaeda-linked militants that hit the Philippines' Makati financial district in Metro Manila, Davao City, and General Santos City.

14th February 2006

Saddam in 'hunger strike' protest

Two die in Pakistan cartoon clash

Sharon son jailed for corruption

14th February 2007

EU endorses damning report on CIA

Bush maintains pressure on Iran

DaimlerChrysler cuts 13,000 jobs

14th February 2008

Hezbollah chief threatens Israel

Ecuador probes 'attack on tribe'

Gunman kills six at US university

14th February 2009

'US strike' kills 27 in Pakistan

G7 will avoid protectionism

Drug firm in developing world vow

14th February 2010

Civilians die in Afghan offensive

10 Yemeni troops die in air crash

Spectators hurt by waves at US surfing contest

Birthdates which occurred on 14th February :

1462 Edzard I Cirksena the Great, earl of East-Friesia (1494-1528)
1483 Zahir al-Din Mohammed Babur Shah prince/founder Mogols-dynasty
1487 Henry II of Bavaria bishop of Utrecht/Worms/Freising
1513 Domenico Maria Ferrabosco Italian composer
1515 Frederick III the Pious, elect of the Palts
1533 Christianus Adrichomius Dutch priest/writer (Vita Jesu Christi)
1546 Johann Pistorius German theologist/historian
1572 Hans Christoph Haiden composer
1602 Pier Francesco Cavalli Italian opera composer
1638 Sybilla Schwarz writer
1670 Georg Gabriel Schutz composer
1679 Georg Friedrich Kauffman composer
1707 Claude-Prosper J de Crébillon French writer (Le sopha)
1760 Richard Allen Philadelphia PA, 1st black ordained by Methodist-Episcopal church
1778 Fernando Joseph Maria Sor composer
1806 Lajos Count Batthyány, revolutionary premier of Hungary (1848-49)
1813 Alexander Sergeyevich Dargomyzhsky composer
1813 John McNeil Brevet Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1891
1817 Frederick Douglass African-American abolitionist/lecturer/editor
1819 James Green Martin Brigadier General (Confederate Army), died in 1878
1824 Winfield Scott Hancock Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1886
1829 Alfred Iverson Jr Brigadier General (Confederate Army), died in 1911
1835 François Haverschmidt Dutch writer (Snikken en grimlachjes)
1838 Margaret Knight inventor, "the female Thomas Edison"
1845 Cecil De Vere 1st official British chess champion (1866)
1847 Anna Howard Shaw US, suffragette
1853 Jan van Rijswijck Flemish journalist/mayor (Antwerp)
1856 Frank Harris England, journalist/writer (My Life & Loves)
1858 Joseph Thomson Scotland, geologist (Thomson's gazelle)
1858 Charles Beach Hawley composer
1859 George Washington Gale Ferris engineer/inventor (Ferris Wheel)
1864 Israel Zangwill England, Jewish author/Zionist (Children of Ghetto)
1864 Robert E Park US, sociologist (human ecology, marginal man)
1868 Henricus A Poels Dutch Roman Catholic theologist/social foreman
1869 Charles Wilson English physicist (Wilson cloud chamber-Nobel)
1880 Aida Overton Walker US dancer/singer (In Dahomey, Salome)
1880 Edgar Leslie Bainton composer
1881 Otto Selz German psychologist
1881 William John Gruffydd Welsh poet/scholar (Ynys yr Hud)
1882 George Jean Nathan US, editor/author/critic (American Mercury)
1882 Ignaz Friedman composer
1886 Theodor Werner German painter
1892 Nikolaj A Orloff Russian/British pianist (Chopin)
1893 Kay Fisker Danish architect (Hornbeck House, Copenhagen)
1894 Jack Benny [Benjamin Kubelski], Waukegan IL, "Oh! Rochester!"
1895 Max Horkheimer German philosopher/sociologist (Studies in prejudice)
1895 Nigel Bruce Baja Mexico, actor (Son of Lassie, Spider Woman)
1897 Jorgen Bentzon composer
1898 Fritz Zwicky Swiss astronomer (super nova)
1899 John Randall Jr Michigan, historian/philosopher (Western Man)
19-- Alan Hunter Birmingham AL, one of 5 original MTV vee-jays
1902 Fred Scott Fresno CA, singer/actor (Vincent Lopez)
1902 Ray "Crash" Corrigan Milwaukee WI, cowboy (Crash Corrigan's Ranch)
1902 Stu Erwin Squaw Valley CA, actor (Stu Erwin Show)
1902 Valentin Ruiz Azner composer
1904 Charles William Oatley electrical engineer
1904 Hanning Phillips Lord Lieutenant (Dyfed)
1904 Hertha Kuusinen Finnish communist
1905 Thelma Ritter Brooklyn NY, actress (Miracle on 34th Street)
1907 Johnny Longden jockey/trainer (1958 Racing Hall of Fame)
1909 A Moses Klein Montréal, poet (Hath Not a Jew...)
1911 Florence Rice Cleveland OH, actress (Double Wedding, Riding on Air)
1911 Willem J Kolff Dutch/US internist/inventor (Artificial Kidney)
1912 Edmund George Love US, teacher/historian/author (A Small Bequest)
1912 Juan Pujol Garcia [Garbo/Arabel], Spanish British/German double agent
1912 Oliver Wendell Harrington cartoonist
1913 James Pike Oklahoma City OK, bishop (Beyond Anxiety)
1913 Jimmy Hoffa Teamsters leader who disappeared in 1975
1913 Mel Allen Birmingham AL, sportscaster (voice of the New York Yankees)
1913 Ab [Albert] Visser Dutch poet/writer (Man Without a Head)
1915 A W H Stewart-Moore CEO (Gallaher)
1915 Irving Gordon songwriter
1916 Edward Platt Staten Island NY, actor (Chief-Get Smart)
1916 Masaki Kobayashi Japanese director (Joi-uchi)
1916 Wawrzyniec Jerzy Zulawski composer
1917 Herbert A Hauptman New York NY, x-ray crystallographer (Nobel 1985)
1920 Arnold Elton consultant surgeon
1921 Hugh Downs Akron OH, TV journalist (20/20, Concentration)
1921 Skeezix of "Gasoline Alley" discovered on Wallets' doorstep
1921 Albert Sloman Vice-Chancellor (Essex U)
1921 Jeanne Demessieux composer
1921 Piet Kraak Dutch soccer player
1923 Jay Herbert golfer (1960 PGA winner)
1923 Derrick Holden-Brown CEO (Allied-Lyons)
1924 Arghyris Kounadis composer
1924 Countess Mountbatten of Burma
1925 Elliot Lawrence Philadelphia PA, orchestra leader (Guide Right, Howard Cosell)
1925 Peg Murray Denver CO, actress (Me & Mrs C)
1926 John Clark CEO (Plessey Company)
1927 Lois Maxwell Kitchener Ontario, actress (Miss Moneypenny)
1928 Ben Garrido Blaz (Representative-R-Guam, 1985- )
1928 Juan García Hortelano Spanish author (Tormenta de verano)
1929 Matthew G Martinez (Representative-D-CA, 1982- )
1930 Duncan Montgomery Stewart principal (Lady Margaret Hall-Oxford)
1931 Phyllis McGuire Middletown OH, singer (McGuire Sisters)
1931 Bernie "Boom Boom" Geoffrion NHL right wing (Canadiens, Rangers)
1931 Lord Rossmore
1929 Vic Morrow Bronx NY, actor (Combat, Roots, Twilight Zone the Movie)
1932 Alexander Kluge writer
1932 Brian Kelly Detroit MI, actor (Flipper, Straightaway)
1932 Jack Hibbert director (Central Statistical Office)
1932 Jocelyn Stevens CEO (English Heritage)
1932 Michael Ball Bishop (Truro)
1932 Peter Ball Bishop (Gloucester)
1933 Andrey Mikhaylovich Volkonsky composer
1933 Bertram Jay Turetzky composer
1933 Evelyn Ebsworth Vice-Chancellor (Durham U)
1934 Florence Henderson Dale IN, actress/singer (Carol-Brady Bunch)
1934 Marlene Matthews Australia, sprinter (Olympics-2 bronze-1956)
1935 Christine CT "Christel" Adelaar Dutch actress (Pipo the Clown)
1935 David Wilson British Governor (Hong Kong)
1935 Lord Wilson of Tillyorn
1935 Mickey Wright San Diego CA, LPGA golfer (4 times LPGA champion)
1935 Peter Phillips printer
1936 Andrew Pine Jennings FL, actor (V, WEB, Wide Country)
1936 Fanne Foxe [Annabella Battistella], Argentina, (Wilbur Mills affair)
1937 John MacGregor British MP
1937 Magic Sam rocker (Chicago Bluesman)
1938 Lee Chamberlin New York NY, actress (Electric Company, Viper)
1939 Chris Pyne trombonist
1939 Michael Rudman English theater director/producer (Donkeys' Years)
1940 Porpoise 1st born in captivity in US (Marineland, Florida)
1941 Paul Tsongas (Senator-D-MA)
1941 John Butterfill MP
1942 Margaret Wright chief commissioner (Guide Association)
1943 Eric Anderson Pittsburgh PA, singer (Avalanche, Be True to You)
1943 Ischa Meijer journalist/critic/actor (Boezemvriend)
1943 Maceo Parker US tenor saxophonist (King's One, Mo' Roots)
1943 Robert J Murphy Jr Brooklyn NY, PGA golfer (1968 Philadelphia Classic)
1944 Carl Bernstein Washington Post investigative reporter (Watergate)
1944 Alan Parker English actor (Bugsy Malone, Evita)
1944 Bruce Summerhays St Louis MO, PGA golfer (Provo Open-1966, 91 93)
1945 Gregory Hines New York NY, actor/dancer (White Nights, Taps)
1945 Hans Adam prince of Liechtenstein
1945 K M Jenkins British director of personnel (Royal Mail)
1945 Vic Briggs England, rocker (Animals)
1945 William Hill Boner (Representative-D-TN, 1979- )
1946 David Green English TV/video producer
1946 Tim Buckley Washington DC, rocker (Blood, Sweat & Tears-When I Die)
1946 Tina Aumont Hollywood CA, actress (Master of Love, Casanova)
1947 Heidemarie Rosendahl German Federal Republic, long jumper (Olympics-gold-1972)
1947 Judd Gregg (Representative-R-NH, 1981- )
1947 Pham Tuan Vietnam, cosmonaut (Soyuz 37/36)
1947 Salah-ud-Din cricketer (played 5 Tests for Pakistan 1965-69)
1948 Pat O'Brien reporter (Entertainment Tonight)
1948 Jackie [Jr John Coger] Martling "Jackie the Jokeman", comedian (Howard Stern Show)
1948 Raymond Joseph Teller Philadelphia PA, magician (Penn & Teller)
1948 Wally Tax Dutch guitarist
1949 Ewa Aulin Stockholm Sweden, actress (Candy, Fiorina LeVacca)
1949 Jimmy Randell rocker
1949 Richard E Neal (Representative-D-MA)
1950 Raymond van het Groenewoud Belgian vocalist/actor (Brussels by Night)
1951 Kevin Keegan British soccer player/manager (Newcastle United)
1951 Michael Doucet singer/musician (Beausoleil)
1953 Wayne Siegel composer
1955 R Jeremy H Lascelles grandson of English princess Mary
1956 Dave Dravecky pitcher (San Francisco Giants), had arm amputated
1956 Howard Edward Davis Jr Glen Cove NY, lightweight boxer (Olympics-silver-1976)
1958 Perry Stephens Frankfurt Germany, actor (Loving, All My Children)
1960 Jim Kelly NFL quarterback (Buffalo Bills)
1960 Meg Tilly [Margaret], Los Angeles CA, actress (Big Chill, Impulse)
1963 D'Wayne Wiggins singer (Tony! Toni! Tone!)
1963 Jeff Dellenbach NFL center (New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers-Superbowl 31)
1963 John Marzano Philadelphia PA, catcher (Seattle Mariners)
1963 Zach Galligan New York NY, actor (Gremlins)
1964 Darrick Brilz NFL center (Cincinnati Bengals)
1965 Jessie Tuggle NFL linebacker (Atlanta Falcons)
1966 Clark Sherwood Dennis Houston TX, PGA golfer (1990 Hawaiian Open-3rd)
1966 Petr Svoboda Most Czechoslovakia, NHL defenseman (Philadelphia Flyers, Olympics-gold-1998)
1967 Calle Johansson Göteborg Sweden, NHL defenseman (Washington Capitals)
1967 Laura Martin LaJolla CA, WPVA volleyballer (Nationals-13th-1994)
1967 Manuela Maleeva-Fragniere Sofia Bulgaria, tennis player (1984 US Open Mixed Doubles)
1968 Chris Lewis cricketer (in Guyana England all-rounder)
1969 Chad Magee Tyler TX, Nike golfer (1993 NIKE Shreveport Open-36th)
1969 Harry Colon NFL safety (Jacksonville Jaguars, Detroit Lions)
1969 Jeff Graham NFL wide receiver (Chicago Bears, New York Jets)
1969 Roy Barker NFL defensive end (Minnesota Vikings, San Francisco 49ers)
1969 Shana Zadrick Grand Junction CO, model (Guess Jeans)
1970 David Podlich Brisbane Queensland, Australasia golfer
1970 Elaine Youngs Orange CA, volleyball outside hitter (Olympics-96)
1970 Guillaume Raoux France, tennis star
1970 Kelly Stinnett US baseball catcher (New York Mets)
1970 Richard Smehlik Ostrava Czechoslovakia, NHL defenseman (Team Czechoslovakian Republic, Buffalo)
1970 Sean Hill Duluth, NHL defenseman (Ottawa Senators)
1971 Derrick Witherspoon NFL running back (Philadelphia Eagles)
1971 Gheorghe Muresan NBA center (Washington Bullets/Wizards)
1971 Kenny Shedd WLAF receiver (Barcelona Dragons, Oakland Raiders)
1971 Lonnie Johnson NFL tight end (Buffalo Bills)
1972 Mayne One rocker (Young Nation)
1972 Bruno Heppell CFL full back (Montréal Alouettes)
1972 Drew Bledsoe NFL quarterback (New England Patriots)
1972 Erika Rachael Schwarz Folsom LA, Miss Louisiana-America (1996-2nd)
1972 Raymond Beerens Dutch soccer player (PSV, FC Groningen)
1973 George Hegamin NFL/WLAF tail back (Dallas Cowboys, Frankfurt Galaxy)
1973 Michael "Mike" Theodore Lambert IV Thomaston GA, rower (Olympics-1996)
1973 Steve McNair NFL quarterback (Houston Oilers)
1973 Tyus Edney NBA guard (Boston Celtics, Sacramento Kings)
1974 Michael Lowery NFL linebacker (Chicago Bears)
1974 Rob Jahrling Australian rower (Olympics-96)
1975 Jennifer Michelle Roberts Greensboro NC, Miss North Carolina-America (1996)
1977 Nathan Osmond Utah, vocalist (Osmond Boys)
1978 Laurie Schwoy soccer forward (Olympics-96)
1985 Jacob Parker actor (Evening Shade)
1998 Arpad Flynn Busson New York NY, son of model Elle MacPherson


Deaths which occurred on February 14th:
0869 Cyrillus Greek apostle of Slaves, dies
1400 Richard II British King (1377-99), murdered at 33 at Pontefract Castle
1405 Timur/Tamerlan "Lenk" [Crippled], Mongols monarch, dies at about 68
1528 Edzard I the Great count of Austria-E Frisia (1494-1528), dies at 66
1571 Benvenuto Cellini Italian sculptor/metalsmith/author (Perseus), dies at 70
1571 Odet de Coligny Cardinal of Châtillon/count of Beauvais, dies at 53
1681 Francesco Nigetti composer, dies at 77
1760 François Collin de Blamont composer, dies at 69
1779 James Cook British explorer, murdered by natives in fracas with Hawaiians
1780 William Blackstone English lawyer, dies at 56
1790 Capel Bond composer, dies at 59
1818 John C Hespe Dutch journalist/politician, dies at 61
1820 Charles F Duke of Berry, murdered at 42
1831 Vincente Guerrero Mexican revolutionary hero, dies
1841 Antun Sorkocevic composer, dies at 65
1846 Cornelis F van Maanen Dutch supreme court justice, dies at 76
1857 Johannes B van Bree Dutch violinist/composer/conductor, dies at 56
1873 Charles Samvei Bovy-Lysberg composer, dies at 52
1891 William Tecumseh Sherman Union Civil War General (captured Atlanta), dies at 71
1901 Edward John Hopkins composer, dies at 82
1908 Georges Jean Pfeiffer composer, dies at 72
1916 Petko J Todorov Bulgaria writer (Zmejova), dies at 36
1937 Erkki Gustav Melartin composer, dies at 62
1943 David Hilbert German mathematician (Hilbert Space), dies at 81
1943 Frieda Reiss French 11 month old baby, murdered in Auschwitz
1950 Eduard Hermann German linguist (Homer), dies at 80
1950 Karl G Jansky Czechoslovakian discoverer of cosmic radio sources, dies at 44
1955 Charles Cuvillier composer, dies at 77
1960 Sven R Lidman Swedish writer (Tvedräktens Barn), dies at 77
1961 Wallis Clark actress (Easy Money), dies at 78
1965 Desire-Emile Inghelbrecht French composer/conductor, dies at 84
1967 Sig Ruman actor (Schultz-Life With Luigi), dies at 82
1967 James Schneider actor (Keystone Kops), dies at 85
1969 Vito Genovese US mafia chief, dies at 71
1969 Wolfe Barzell actor (Blue Angel), dies of heart attack at 72
1972 Lambertus "Bertus" van Lyre composer/conductor (Dike), dies at 65
1974 C S Dempster cricketer (10 Tests for New Zealand, 723 runs), dies
1975 Heintje Davids [Hendrika David], Dutch cabaret artist, dies at 87
1975 Julian S Huxley English scholar/director-general (UNESCO), dies at 87
1975 Pelham G Wodehouse English/US writer (Piccadilly Jim), dies at 93
1979 Adolph Dubs US ambassador to Afghanistan, murdered
1982 Henk Schaer [Hendricus J M Schaareman], Dutch actor, dies at 79
1987 Bola Sete guitarist, dies at 63
1987 Dmitry Borisovich Kabalevsky composer, dies at 82
1988 Frederick Loewe US composer (My Fair Lady), dies at 84
1990 Graeme Hole cricketer (18 Tests for Australia, 789 runs), dies
1990 Jean Wallace [Walasek], actress (Big Combo), dies of hemorrhage at 66
1991 Arno Breker German sculptor (Third Reich), dies at 90
1991 John A McCone Head of CIA (1961-65), dies
1992 Angelique Pettyjohn actress (Biohazard), dies of cancer at 48
1992 Jacob "Bob" de Uyl journalist/author (Restless Travel), dies at 61
1992 Roepie Kruize hockey player (Olympics-bronze-48/silver-52), dies at 67
1993 Buddy Pepper composer, dies of heart failure at 70
1994 Christopher Lasch author (Culture of Narcissism), dies at 61
1994 Gary "BB" Coleman blues vocal/guitarist/producer, dies at 47
1995 Alberto Burri Italian physician/sculptor/painter, dies at 79
1995 Ischa Meÿer journalist/critic/entertainer/interviewer, dies at 52
1995 Michael Vincent Gazzo US actor/playwright (Godfather 2), dies at 71
1995 Nigel Lucius Graeme Finch TV Director/film-maker, dies at 45
1995 Patricia Highsmith writer, dies at 74
1995 Roger de Grey English chairman of Royal Academy (1984-93), dies at 76
1995 Siem Suurhoff TV-director (Behind the News, Sonja), dies at 58
1995 U Nu PM of Burma (1948-56, 57-58, 60-62), dies
1996 Bob Paisley football manager, dies at 77
1996 Caroline Blackwood writer, dies at 64
1996 Eva Hart Titanic survivor, dies at 90
1996 Ivan William Hannaford sociologist, dies at 64

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