6th December, on this day

963 Leo VIII elected Pope
1060 Béla I of Hungary is crowned king of Hungary
1160 Jean Bodels "Jeu de St Nicholas" premieres in Arras
1196 Northern Dutch coast flooded, "Saint-Nicolaas Flood"
1240 Mongol invasion of Rus' : Mongols under Batu Khan occupy and destroy Kiev under Danylo of Halych and Voivode Dmytro
1421 Henry, the only child and heir of King Henry V of England is born. He becomes King at the age of eight months on 31 August 1422
1424 Don Alfonso V of Aragon grants Barcelona the right to exclude Jews
1491 King Charles VIII of France marries Anna of Bretagne
1492 Haiti discovered by Columbus, at Môle Saint Nicolas
1527 Pope Clemens VII flees to Orvieto
1534 Quito, Ecuador founded by Spanish
1631 1st predicted transit of Venus (Kepler) is observed
1648 Pride's Purge: Thomas Pride prevents 96 presbyterians from sitting in English parliament
1723 Emperor Karel VI's Pragmatic Sanctie declares Constitution
1732 1st play in American colonies acted by professional players, New York, NY
1745 Bonnie Prince Charlie's army retreats to Scotland
1756 British troops under Robert Clive occupy Fulta India
1768 1st edition of "Encyclopedia Brittanica" published (Scotland)
1790 The U.S. Congress moves from New York City to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
1820 US President James Monroe re-elected, Daniel D Tompkins Vice-President
1825 President John Adams suggests establishment of a US observatory
1833 HMS Beagle/Charles Darwin departs Rio de la Plata
1841 Robert Schumann's 4th Symphony in D, premieres
1846 Battle of San Pasqual : the Californios, and their Presidial Lancers, led by General Don Andrés Pico, (1810-1876), defeated Stephen W. Kearny's US Army column of 150 men, killing 18

1846 The opera "La Damnation de Faust" is produced (Paris)
1849 Harriet Tubman escapes from slavery in Maryland
1857 During the Indian Mutiny, British troops recapture the town of Cawnpore
1862 President Lincoln orders hanging of 39 Santee Sioux Indians
1864 Battle of Deveaux's Neck SC
1865 Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution is ratified, abolishing slavery
1868 Battle of Itororó : First battle of a series fought during December between the Brazilian Army and the Paraguayan Army. Around 13,000 Brazilians attack a fortified position on a river bridge, defended by 5,000 Paraguayans
1870 Joseph H Rainey, 1st black in the House of Representatives (South Carolina)
1873 1st international football game in US: Yale 2, Eton (England) 1
1876 1st crematorium in US begins operation, Washington PA
1876 US Electorial College picks Representative Hayes as President (although Tilden won)
1877 Washington Post publishes 1st edition
1877 The world's first recording of the human voice is heard when the inventor of the phonograph, Thomas Edison, recites 'Mary Had A Little Lamb' and plays it back
1882 Atmosphere of Venus detected during transit
1884 Aluminum capstone set atop Washington Monument, Washington DC
1896 D T Suzuki found the awakening at Engakuji temple, in Kamakura
1897 The world's first fleet of motorised taxi cabs starts operating in London
1903 Sumatra Atjehs guerilla leader Panglima Polim surrenders
1904 Theodore Roosevelt confirms Monroe-doctrine (Roosevelt Corollary)
1906 Britain grants self-government to the Transvaal and the Orange River Colonies in southern Africa
1907 Monongah Mining disaster : At least 360 miners are killed in a pit disaster in West Virginia, USA
1912 China votes for universal human rights
1914 German troops over run Lódz
1916 In Britain, David Lloyd George becomes Prime Minister
1916 German army under General Mackensen occupies Bucharest
1917 Finland declares independence from Russia (National Day)
1917 Halifax Explosion : French munitions ship "Mont Blanc" explodes in Halifax, kills 1,639+ and injures 9,000+
1921 Irish Independence is granted to the 26 states in southern Ireland which become known as the Irish Free State. The six counties of Ulster, in Northern Ireland, remain part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain
1922 1st constitution of Irish Free State comes into operation
1923 1st presidential address broadcast on radio (President Calvin Coolidge)
1923 United Kingdom general election : The Conservatives, led by Stanley Baldwin, won the most seats, but Labour, led by Ramsay MacDonald and Herbert Henry Asquith's reunited Liberal Party gained enough to produce a hung parliament
1925 Italy, Britain and Egypt sign Jaghbub accord (Italy)
1929 Turkey introduces female suffrage
1930 Pablo Neruda marries Marie A Hagenaar Vogelzang in Batavia
1933 Ban on James Joyce' "Ulysses" in US, lifted : U.S. federal judge John M. Woolsey rules that the James Joyce's novel Ulysses is not obscene
1933 1st known photo of Loch Ness monster (or whatever) is taken by Hugh Gray
1936 Characters Desperate Dan and Korky the Cat make their first appearance in the comic 'Dandy'
1938 French/German non-attack treaty drawn (Ribbentrop-Bonnet Pact)
1939 Cole Porter's musical "Du Barry was a Lady" premieres in New York NY
1940 Gestapo arrest German resistance fighter/poster artist Helen Ernst
1940 Pietro Badoglio resigns as viceroy of Ethiopia
1941 Dutch and British pilots see Japanese invasion fleet at Singapore
1941 The United Kingdom declares war on Finland in support of the Soviet Union during the Continuation War.
1941 King Leopold of Belgium marries Lilian Baels
1942 Queen Wilhelmina announces Dutch Commonwealth
1942 RAF bombs Philips factory (150 die)
1944 US 95th Infantry division reaches Westwall
1947 The Everglades National Park in Florida is dedicated.
1950 Pope Pius XII publishes encyclical Mirabile illud
1952 Czechoslovakian government tells Israeli ambassador, he's persona non grata
1954 Simone de Beauvoir receives Prix Goncourt
1955 New York psychologist Joyce Brothers won "$64,000 Question" on boxing
1956 Nelson Mandela and 156 others arrested for political activities in South Africa
1956 A water polo match between Hungary and the USSR takes place during the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne, against the backdrop of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution
1957 1st US attempt to launch a satellite fails - Vanguard rocket blows up
1958 Japan launches the world's largest oil tanker
1958 US lunar probe Pioneer 3 reaches 107,269 km, falls back
1962 US abandons Skybolt ballistic missile program
1963 English call-girl Christine Keeler, one of the models named in the scandal involving British Secretary of State for War John Profumo, is jailed for 9 months for perjury arising from the trial of an ex-boyfriend
1963 Beatles begin a tradition of releasing a Christmas record for fans
1964 President Segni of Italy resigns
1965 2 trucks crashed into a crowd of dancers (Sotoubouam. Togo) kills 125
1965 Pakistan's Islamic Ideology Advisory Committee recommends that Islamic Studies be made a compulsory subject for Muslim students from primary to graduate level.
1966 Polio vaccination becomes obligatory in Belgium
1967 USSR performs nuclear test at Sary Shagan USSR
1969 300,000 attend the Altamont Free Concert featuring the Rolling Stones at Altamont Speedway in California. During the concert Meredith Hunter is killed by the Hells Angels
1969 USSR performs nuclear test
1971 Pakistan severs diplomatic relations with India following New Delhi's recognition of Bangladesh.
1973 The Twenty-fifth Amendment : The United States House of Representatives votes 387 to 35 to confirm Gerald Ford as Vice President of the United States -- the 1st unelected Vice-President -- (on November 27, the Senate confirmed him 92 to 3). Gerald Ford succeeds Spiro T Agnew
1973 Bahrain's constitution goes into effect
1975 Balcombe Street Siege : An IRA Active Service Unit takes a couple hostage in Balcombe Street, London.
1976 War criminal Pieter Menten arrested in Zurich
1977 South Africa grants Bophuthatswana independence
1978 Spain approves its latest constitution in a referendum
1980 Jim Bakker rapes Jessica Hahn
1980 NASA launches Intelsat V
1981 Rob de Castella of Australia sets Marathon record at 2:08 18
1982 11 soldiers and 6 civilians die by bomb planted by Irish National Liberation Army exploded in a pub in Ballykelly, Northern Ireland
1982 Senator Ted and Joan Kennedy divorce
1982 Bomb attack on Londonderry, North Ireland disco, 17 killed
1983 A bomb planted on a bus in Jerusalem explodes, kills 6 Israelis
1984 Hijackers aboard Kuwaiti jetliner kill 2nd hostage
1984 France performs nuclear test
1984 200 die in a gas explosion at a nine-story apartment building at Nafluksaya Street, Tbilisi, Georgia
1985 UK joins US Star Wars project
1986 France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
1987 3 satanist Missouri teenagers bludgeon comrade to death for "fun"
1987 Christa Rothenburger skates female world record 500 meter (39.39 seconds)
1988 60 die in the Jean Monthe Institute secondary school panic disaster, Yaunde, Cameroon
1988 Arafat meets prominent American Jews in Stockholm, Sweden
1988 Nelson Mandela is transferred to Victor Vester Prison, Capetown
1988 Carlos Andrés Pérez re-elected President of Venezuela
1989 Mafia drug kingpin bombs security force at Bogotá, kills 52
1989 Worst Canadian mass murder : Marc Lepine kills 14 women at University of Montréal
1990 Saddam anounces release of all foreign hostages
1991 "Star Trek VI : The Undiscovered Country" premieres
1991 In Croatia, forces of the Yugoslav People's Army bombard Dubrovnik after laying siege to the city since May.
1992 300,000 Hindus destroy Ayodha Mosque of Babri India, 4 die; riots follow. Hindus believe this structure was built on the site of the birthplace of Lord Rama
1993 An American court orders actress Zsa Zsa Gabor and her husband to pay $1.3million damages for libelling German film star Elke Sommer
1994 Maltese Falcon auctioned for $398,590
1997 A Russian Antonov An-124 transport cargo plane crashes into an apartment complex near Irkutsk, Siberia, killing 67
1998 Hugo Chávez Frías, Venezuelan military and politician, is elected President of Venezuela.
2001 Name of the Canadian province of Newfoundland changed to Newfoundland and Labrador.
2005 116 die when an Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force C-130E crashed into apartment building, Tehran, Iran
2005 Several villagers shot dead during protests in Dongzhou, China.
2006 NASA reveals photographs taken by Mars Global Surveyor suggesting the presence of liquid water on Mars.

6th December 2005

Many killed in Tehran plane crash

Suicide bombers kill Iraqi police

Row as 'hungry' Niger hosts games

6th December 2006

Iraq report 'is no magic formula'

UN pulls staff from Darfur town

Sri Lanka invokes anti-terror law

6th December 2007

Gun rampage US teen 'wanted fame'

One killed by Paris parcel bomb

Dozens killed in China mine blast

6th December 2008

Brown urges Zimbabwe action

Obama vows rebuilt infrastructure

Russian warship in Panama Canal

6th December 2009

Clashes erupt at Athens march

Bus collision kills 20 in Bangladesh

Ancient site reveals mass cannibalism

6th December 2010

Dozens killed in Pakistan attack

Continental blamed over Concorde

Wikileaks bank account frozen

6th December 2011

Birthdates which occurred on 6th December :

1285 Ferdinand V king of Castile & León
1421 Henry VI king of England (1422-61, 1470-71)
1550 Orazio Tiberio Vecchi composer
1608 George Monck/Monk English general/Governor of Scotland
1731 S von Laroche writer
1732 Warren Hastings England, 1st Governorernor-General of India (1773-84)
1743 Franz Nikolaus Novotny composer
1768 Johann Baptist Henneberg composer
1775 Nicolas Isouard composer
1776 Paul Friedrich Struck composer
1792 Abraham J van de Aa lexicographer (Biographic Dictionary)
1792 Willem II Frederik King of Netherlands (1840-49)
1806 Louis-Gilbert Duprez composer
1808 Johan M Dautzenberg Flemish author (Future)
1808 Johann Christian Gebauer composer
1809 Stephen Thomas Brigadier-General (Union volunteers), died in 1903
1816 Henry Eustace McCulloch Brigadier-General (Confederate Army), died in 1895
1822 John Eberhard built 1st large-scale pencil factory in US
1831 Joshua Woodrow Sill Brigadier-General (Union volunteers), died in 1862
1833 John Singleton Mosby lawyer/Colonel (Confederate Army), died in 1916
1843 Albert de Vriendt Flemish historical painter/etcher
1846 Henryk Jarecki composer
1870 William S Hart actor, silent Westerns (Wild Bill Hickok, Tumbleweeds)
1872 Mikulas Moyzes composer
1876 Dewi Angrènie [Martha CA Giese] Flemish/Dutch actress (Champagne)
1884 Rose Schneiderman New York State Department of Labor Secretary (1937-44)
1885 Albrecht Schaeffer German writer (The General)
1886 Joyce Kilmer US, (male) poet (Trees)
1887 Joseph Lamb composer
1887 Lynn Fontanne Woodford England, Broadway actress (Dulcy, Arms & the Man)
1892 F Osbert S Sitwell London, poet/writer (Out of the Flame)
1892 Lina Carstens Wiesbaden Germany, actress (Homeland, Broken Jug)
1893 Lou Little college football hall of fame coach (elected 1960)
1896 George Trafton NFL center (Chicago Bears)
1896 Ira Gershwin lyricist ('S Wonderful, I Got Rhythm)
1896 Arnold Foster composer
1897 John Axel Fernstrom composer
1897 O W Cisek writer
1898 Gunnar Myrdal Swedenden, sociologist/economist (Nobel 1974)
1898 Herman Shumlin actor (Watch on the Rhine)
1898 Alfred Eisenstaedt photo journalist
1899 Harry Buller Siege Willis son of South Africa boer in Ladysmith
1899 Nikolai Batalov Moscow Russia, actor (Mother)
1902 Virgilio Mortari composer
1904 Eve Denise Curie French pianist/author/daughter of Madame Curie
1906 Agnes Moorehead Clinton MA, actress (Endora-Bewitched)
1906 Antoon Spinoy Belgian politician
1909 Alan McGilvray cricketer (20 games for New South Wales mid 30's)/cmmentator (ABC)
1909 Kenneth Watkins woodland conservationist
1910 Alan McGilvray cricket commentator
1911 Alfred James Broomhall Methodist missionary
1913 Eleanor Holm New York NY, 100 meter backstroke swimmer (Olympics-gold-1932)
1914 Cyril Washbrook cricketer (stalwart Lancs & England opener)
1918 Granville James Leveson Gower land owner
1918 Harold Horace Hopkins inventor (Endoscope)
1918 Peter A Juten office clerk/resistance fighter
1918 Willem Oosterheers resistance fighter
1920 Dave Brubeck Concord CA, jazz pianist/composer (Gates of Justice)
1921 Otto Graham AAFC/NFL QB (Cleveland Browns)
1921 Nicolas A Piña Venezulian/Aruban songwriter
1924 Susan Foster Chicago IL, actress (Sierra)
1924 Wally Cox Detroit MI, actor (Mr Peepers, Hollywood Squares)
1925 Andy Robustelli NFL defensive end (Los Angeles Rams, New York Giants)
1926 Martti Katajisto Parkano Finland, actor (Mar Oksalla Ylimmaellae)
1927 Jacques Bondon composer
1928 Bert Geoffrey Achong inventor (electron microscopist)
1929 King Moody New York NY, actor (Shtarker-Get Smart)
1929 Mark Kopytman composer
1930 Bobby Van [Robert King] New York NY, singer (Hollywood Palace)
1932 Don King Cleveland OH, boxing promoter (Muhammud Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson)
1933 Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki composer
1933 Jim Pothecary cricketer (South African pace bowler on 1960 England tour)
1934 Nick Bockwinkel wrestler (WCW/AWA)
1938 David Ossman comedian (Firesign Theater)
1939 Tomás Svoboda Paris France, Czechoslovakian composer (Etude)
1940 Steve Alaimo Rochester NY, rocker (Mashed Potatoes)
1941 Helen Cornelius Hannibal MO, country singer (Nashville on the Road)
1941 John Nelson San José Costa Rica, conductor (Les Troyens of Berlioz)
1941 Richard Speck mass murderer (killed 8 student nurses in 1966)
1942 Len Barry [Leonard Borisoff] Philadelphia PA, rocker (Bristol Stomp)
1942 Peter Handke Austrian songwriter (Ritt über den Bodensee)
1943 Mike Smith London England, rocker/pianist (Dave Clark 5-Glad All Over)
1944 Jonathan King London England, singer (Everyone's Gone to the Moon)
1945 James Naughton Middletown CT, actor (Trauma Center, Making the Grade, Stranger is Watching)
1945 Larry Bowa 2nd baseman (Phillies)
1946 Frank Hayes cricketer (106 England vs West Indies on debut 1973)
1947 Miroslav Vitous rocker
1948 Don Nickles (Senator-R-OK)
1948 JoBeth Williams Houston TX, actress (Kramer vs Kramer, Poltergeist)
1948 Marius Mueller-Westernhagen Duesseldorf Germany, rocker (Stinker)
1949 Peter Willey cricketer (England batsman late 70's early 80's)
1950 Daniel Sahuleka Moluks/Dutch singer/guitarist (Viva la Libertad)
1952 Terence Knox Richland WA, actor (Peter-St Elsewhere)
1952 Ric Charlesworth cricketer (Western Australia opener, Australian hockey captain)/MP (Labour)
1953 Gina Hecht Winter Park FL, actress (Melanie-Hizzoner, Mork & Mindy)
1953 Kin Shriner Indiana, actor/twin brother of Wil Shriner (Scott-General Hospital, Rituals)
1953 Thomas Hulce Plymouth MI, actor (Amadeus, Equus, Echo Park)
1953 Wil Shriner New York NY, talk show host/twin brother of Kin Shriner (Wil Shriner Show)
1954 Miles Chapin New York NY, actor (French Postcards, Get Crazy, Funhouse)
1954 Chris Stamey rocker
1955 Steven Wright droll comedian (Steven Wright Live)
1955 Bill Lloyd Bowling Green Ky, singer (Foster & Lloyd-Crazy Over You)
1955 Malcolm Jarvis cricket lefty paceman (Zimbabwe's 1st Test side)
1955 Rick Buckler [Paul Richard Buckler] rock drummer (Jam)
1955 Tish Hinojosa San Antonia TX, country singer (Something in the Rain)
1956 Peter Buck US pop guitarist (REM-Murmur)
1956 Randy Rhoads Santa Monica CA, rocker (Ozzy Osbourne-Flying High Again)
1957 Luis Mariano Delis Fournier Cuba, discus thrower (Olympics-bronze-1980)
1960 Jasmina Perazic Gipe WNBA guard/forward (New York Liberty)
1962 Ben Watt rocker (Everything but the Girls-Sir Idlewood)
1963 Janine Turner Lincoln NE, actress (Maggie-Northern Exposure)
1964 Will Johnson CFL defensive end (Saskatchewan Roughriders)
1966 Lindsay Price actress (All My Children)
1967 Spanky Marcus Hollywood CA, actor (Jimmy Joe-Mary Hartman)
1967 Kevin Appier Lancaster CA, pitcher (Kansas City Royals)
1969 Elmore Spencer NBA center (Portland Trail Blazers)
1969 Greg Knox CFL safety (Calgary Stampeders)
1969 Todd Black Kenton OH, 800 meter runner
1970 Eric Mahlum NFL guard (Indianapolis Colts)
1971 Ryan Wayne White born with hemophilia, later to contract AIDS from blood-clotting products.
1971 Ainsley Robinson Oshawa Ontario, 62 kg Greco Roman wrestler (Olympics-96)
1971 David Defiagbon Sapele Nigeria, Canadian boxer (Olympics-silver-96)
1971 Matt Maloney NBA guard (Houston Rockets)
1971 Richard Krajicek Netherlands, tennis star (Wimbledon-1996)
1971 Rika Hiraki Beirut Lebanon, tennis star (1992 Japan doubles)
1971 Thomas Bailey NFL wide receiver (Cincinnati Bengals)
1972 Brendan Garard Australian field hockey halfback (Olympics-96)
1972 Gary Bandy NFL defensive end (Atlanta Falcons)
1972 James Logan NFL linebacker (Seattle Seahawks)
1972 Mike Gruttadauri corner (St Louis Rams)
1973 Tim Kohn guard/tackle (Oakland Raiders)
1974 Arjan Ebbinge soccer player (FC Groningen)
1975 Natalie Titcume Australian softball catcher (Olympics-bronze-96)
1976 Alicia Machado Venezuela, Miss Universe (1996)
1976 Lindsay Price Arcadia CA, actress (Bold & Beautiful, All My Children)


Deaths which occurred on 6th December:
1185 Afonso I the Conqueror, king of Portugal (1143-85), dies at 76
1352 Clement VI [Pierre Roger] Pope (1342-52), dies
1531 John Volkertsz Trimaker Dutch anabaptist leader, beheaded
1550 Pieter Coecke van Aelst Flemish painter, dies at 48
1562 Jan van Scorel Dutch painter/architect, dies
1598 Elbertus Leoninus Dutch lawyer/politician, dies at about 78
1640 Matthijs Elsevier Flemish/Dutch book publisher/merchant, dies at 75
1651 Anna Roemers Visscher Dutch poetess, dies at 68
1658 Gracian writer, dies
1779 Jean-Baptiste Siméon Chardin French still life painter, dies at 80
1793 Marie Jeanne Becu comtesse du Barry mistress of Louis XV, beheaded
1799 Joseph Black Scottish medical/chemist/physicist, dies at 71
1834 Jonas Daniel Meyer Dutch lawyer, dies at 54
1865 Sebastian de Iradier Spanish composer (Arreglito), dies at 56
1867 Giovanni Pacini composer, dies at 71
1869 Jan de Liefde II Dutch vicar/author (People's Welfare), dies at 54
1873 Manuel Acuña Mexican poet (Ante un Cadáver), dies at 24
1882 A Trollope writer, dies
1889 Jefferson Davis President of Confederate States of America (1861-5), dies at 81
1889 Joseph H "Jozef" Neuhuys painter, dies at 48
1892 E Werner von Siemens German industrialist (Siemens AG), dies at 75
1903 Frederick Grant Gleason composer, dies at 54
1914 Eduard Jacobs Dutch cabaret artist, dies at 47
1920 Karel Kovarovic composer, dies at 57
1926 Claude [Oscar] Monet French painter (impressionist), dies at 86
1933 Auguste Chapuis composer, dies at 75
1940 Charlie Hime cricketer (one Test for South Africa 1895), dies
1941 Anthony G Kröller entrepreneur/government advisor, dies
1943 Firmin Baes Flemish painter, dies at 69
1943 Hermann Lohr composer, dies at 72
1946 Maximilian Oseyevich Shteynberg composer, dies at 63
1949 Leadbelly [Huddie William Ledbetter] blues singer, dies at 64
1951 J Edward Bromberg dies at 47
1953 Konstanty I Galczynski Polish poet (Zielona Ges), dies at 48
1958 Erwin Bodky composer, dies at 62
1959 Len Doyle actor (Harrington-Mr District Attorney), dies at 66
1963 Jozef Goossenaerts Flem philologist (Language Boundary), dies at 81
1965 Alberto Vaccari Italian jesuit/old testament scholar, dies at 90
1966 Hermann Heiss composer, dies at 68
1970 Thomas S Power USAF-General (Raid on Tokyo-March 1945), dies at 65
1971 Hugo Godron composer, dies at 71
1971 Jan Altink Dutch painter/co-founder (Plough), dies at 86
1972 Janet Munro actress (Crawling Eye, Swiss Family Robinson), dies at 38
1973 Justus Hermann Wetzel composer, dies at 94
1973 Robert A Watson-Watt England, physicist (radar), dies at 81
1984 Ruth Cummings actress (Daybreak, Dream of Love), dies at 90
1985 Burr Tillstrom puppeteer (Kukla Fran & Ollie), dies at 68
1985 Burleigh Grimes US baseball pitcher, dies at 92
1986 Malik Oussekine Algerian/French student, killed by police at 22
1987 James Dobson actor (Impulse, Jet Attack, Okinawa), dies
1988 Roy Orbison US Rock singer (Pretty Woman, Only the Lonely), dies of a massive heart attack at 52
1988 Bill Harris US guitarist (Clovers-Love Potion No 9), dies at 63
1989 Frances Bavier actress (Aunt Bee-Andy Griffith Show) dies at 86
1989 John Paine actor (Miracle on 34th St), dies at 77
1989 Sammy Fain composer, dies at 87
1990 Tunku Abdul Rahman PM of Malaysia (1957-70), dies
1991 Ann Sorg Coston actress (Anna-Aldrich Family), dies at 62
1991 Headman Tshabalala South Afr singer (Ladysmith Black Mambazo), dies
1992 Hank Worden actor (Red River), dies of natural causes at 91
1992 Percy Herbert actor (Captain Apache), dies of heart attack at 72
1993 Don Ameche actor (Cocoon), dies of prostate cancer at 85
1993 Professor Wolfgang Paul German physicist (Nobel 1989), dies at 80
1993 Rita Macedo actress (Divinas Palabras), dies of heart attack at 65
1993 Rouaz Lakhdar Algerian supreme court justice, murdered
1994 AJ Bronkhorst vicar/theologist (Reform The Netherlands), dies at 80
1994 Alan Owen English screenplay/actor (Hard Day's Night), dies at 69
1994 Gian Maria Volonte actresss (Fistful of Dollars), dies at 61
1995 [Schaff] Claire Polin composer, dies at 69
1995 Dmitri Antonovitch Volkogonov soldier/historian, dies at 67
1995 James "Scotty" Barrett Reston journalist, dies at 86
1995 John Trevor Key photographer, dies at 48
1995 Kathleen Harrison actress (Fast Lady, Big Money), dies at 103
1995 Leslie Wilkinson journalist, dies at 97
1996 [Alvin] Pete Rozelle commissioner (NFL), dies at 70
1996 Bryan Clieve Roberts lawyer/civil servant, dies at 83
1997 Alan Mouncer film director/producer, dies at 68
1997 Edmund Charles Wolf Myers soldier/engineer, dies at 91
1997 Eliot Daniel composer (I Love Lucy theme), dies at 89

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