30th December, on this day

0274 St Felix I ends his reign as Catholic Pope
0987 French King Hugo Capet crowns his son Robert the compassionate king
1317 Pontifical degree "Sancta Romania" against spiritualists
1370 Pope Gregory XI begins his papacy
1460 Wars of the Roses: Battle of Wakefield
1591 Pope Innocent IX dies
1621 English king James I cracks Protestation of Parliament
1665 "Messiah" Sjabtai Tswi departs to Constantinople
1689 Henry Purcell and Tates opera "Dido and Aeneas" premieres in Chesea
1703 Tokyo hit by Earthquake; about 37,000 die
1731 1st US music concert (Peter Pelham's great room in Boston)
1794 French troops conquer Grave Netherlands
1809 Wearing masks at balls forbidden in Boston
1813 Danzig surrenders to allied armies
1817 1st coffee planted in Hawaii (Kona)
1835 After gold discovery in Georgia, Cherokees are forced to move across Mississippi River
1835 HMS Beagle/Charles Darwin sails from New Zealand to Sydney
1836 Lehman-theater in St Petersburg catches fire; 100s die
1853 Gadsden Purchase - 45,000 square miles (120,000 km) by Gila River from México for $10 million; Area is now southern Arizona & New Mexico
1853 A dinner party is held inside a life-size model of an Iguanodon created by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins and Sir Richard Owen in south London.
1854 Pennsylvania Rock Oil Company, 1st in US, incorporated in New York NY
1861 US, banks stops payments in gold
1877 Johnannes Brahms' 2nd Symphony in D, premieres in Vienna
1879 Gilbert and Sullivan's "Pirates of Penzance" premieres
1880 Boers, under Stephanus Kruger, declare the Transvaal in southern Africa to be a republic
1884 Anton Bruckner's 7th Symphony in E, premieres in Leipzig
1886 Germany and Portugal reach agreement on the boundaries between Angola and German South West Africa
1887 A petition, signed by more than 1 million women in Britain, is sent to Queen Victoria calling for public houses to be closed on Sundays
1892 Dr Miles V Lynk, physician, publishes 1st Black medical journal
1893 Russia signs military accord with France
1897 Province of Zululand annexed to Natal colony
1903 Electric lamp sets fire to Iroquois theater in Chicago; 602 die
1906 Iran becomes a constitutional monarchy
1907 Abraham Mills' commission declares Abner Doubleday invented baseball
1911 Sun Yat-sen elected 1st President of Republic of China
1915 Cromarty Harbour, British cruiser H M S Natal explodes: 405 die
1918 John E Hoover decides to be called J Edgar Hoover
1922 Russia officially becomes the USSR - the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
1924 Edwin Hubble announces the existence of other galaxies.
1927 Japan dedicates 1st subway in the Orient (route under 2 miles long)
1932 In Britain, the completion of the electrification of the London to Brighton railway line
1935 Italian bombers destroy Swedish Red Cross unit in Ethiopia
1936 United Auto Workers stage 1st sit-down strike, at Fisher Body Plant
1938 Electronic television system patented by V K Zworykin
1940 California's 1st freeway (Arroyo Seco Parkway) opens
1941 Al Capone's son Sonny marries in Miami Beach
1941 Nazis require Dutch physicians to join Nazi organization
1941 The first "Liberty Ship", the SS Patrick Henry is launched. Liberty Ships will prove to be major parts of the Allied supply system.
1941 Winston Churchill addresses Canadian parliament
1947 King Michael of Romania, forced by communists to abdicate his throne
1947 Romanian republic proclaimed
1948 "Kiss Me, Kate" opens at New Century Theater NYC for 1077 performances
1949 India recognizes People's Republic of China
1950 Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia become Independent states in France Union
1952 Tuskegee Institute reports 1952 as 1st year in 71 with no lynchings in US
1958 French franc devalued
1959 The George Washington, 1st ballistic missile sub commissioned
1961 Moscow: premier of Dmitri Shostakovich's 4th Symphony (out 1936)
1965 Ferdinand Marcos inaugurated as President of the Phillipines
1967 Beatles' "Hello Goodbye" single goes number 1 and stays for 3 weeks
1969 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakhstan/Semipalitinsk USSR
1971 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakhstan/Semipalitinsk USSR
1972 President Nixon halts bombing of North Vietnam and announces peace talks
1973 1st picture of a comet from space (Comet Kohoutek-Skylab)
1974 Beatles are legally disbanded (4 years after suit was brought)
1975 Constitution of Democratic Republic of Madagascar comes into force
1976 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakhstan/Semipalitinsk USSR
1977 Carter holds 1st news conference by US President in Eastern Europe (Warsaw)
1977 Ted Bundy escapes from his cell in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.
1979 Rock group, Emerson Lake and Palmer break up
1979 Togo adopts constitution
1980 "Wonderful World of Disney" last performance on NBC-TV
1985 IBM-PC DOS Version 3.2 released
1985 President Zia of Pakistan ends martial law
1986 US begins Military exercises in Honduras
1987 Premier Mugabe elected President of Zimbabwe
1988 Canadian Senate OK's free trade pact; with US
1988 Former Soviet President Brezhnev's son-in-law sentenced to 12-year (bribery)
1988 Mercedes-Benz pays $20.2-M fine failed to meet '86 government fuel standard
1988 North subpoenas Reagan and Bush as defense witnesses for upcoming trial
1988 Yugoslav government resigns
1989 Dmitri Volkov swims world record 50 meter freestyle (27.15 seconds)
1990 Albanian Jews are given permission to leave the country and emigrate to Israel
1993 Israel and the Vatican agree to establish full diplomatic ties - seeking an end to 2000 years of painful realtions between followers of the different religions
1993 Singer Deni Hines (22) weds INXS guitarist Kirk Pengilly (35)
1995 The lowest ever UK temperature of -27.2°C was recorded at Altnaharra in the Scottish Highlands. This equalled the record set at Braemar, Aberdeenshire on February 11, 1895 and January 10, 1982.
1997 An abandoned building collapses on New York's 42nd St, no one hurt
1997 In the worst incident in Algeria's insurgency, the Wilaya of Relizane massacres, 400 people are killed from four villages.
2000 Rizal Day Bombings: A series of bombs explode in various places in Metro Manila, Philippines within a span of a few hours, killing 22 and injuring about a hundred.
2004 A fire in the República Cromagnon nightclub in Buenos Aires, Argentina kills 194.
2005 Tropical Storm Zeta forms in the open Atlantic, tying the record for the latest tropical cyclone ever to form in the North Atlantic basin.
2006 Madrid Barajas International Airport is bombed.
2006 Saddam Hussein is executed by hanging

30th December 2005

Twenty Sudanese die in Cairo raid

UN concern at Guantanamo force-feeding

Russia says gas cut won't hit EU

30th December 2006

Saddam Hussein executed in Iraq

Indonesian ship 'sinks in storm'

Madrid blast 'ends Eta ceasefire'

30th December 2007

Bhutto's son named as successor

Police die in Mexico convoy raid

France to halt links with Syria

30th December 2008

Israel pounds Gaza for fourth day

International call for Gaza truce

Christmas massacres 'killed 400'

30th December 2009

8 US civilians killed in Afghanistan

Double blast hits Iraq city of Ramadi

US aware 'Nigerian' prepared for terror attack

Birthdates which occurred on 30th December :

0039 Titus 10th Roman emperor (79-81), conqueror of Jerusalem
1566 Alessandro Piccinini composer
1569 Georg Quitschreiber composer
1644 Philips van Almonde Dutch Zeeuws Lieutenant-Admiral
1678 William Croft composer
1741 Bartolomeo Giacometti composer
1756 Pavel Vranicky composer
1774 Pieter G Witsen Geysbeek Dutch historian/literary [or Dec 31]
1775 Heinrich Carl Ebell composer
1784 Dorothea von Benckendorff Baltic monarch of Lieven
1818 James Cantey Brigadier-General (Confederate Army), died in 1874
1819 John White Geary Brevet Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1873
1819 Theodor Fontane German writer (Effi Briest)
1828 Mark Perrin Lowrey Brigadier-General (Confederate Army), died in 1885
1847 John Peter Altgeld German/US (Governor-IL)/pardoned Haymarket-anarchists
1848 Mary Frances Allitsen composer
1851 Asa Griggs Candler developed Coca-Cola
1853 Andre-Charles-Prosper Messager composer
1855 Heinrich Hart German writer (Song of Humanity)
1859 Josef Bohuslav Foerster composer
1864 Alessandro Longo composer
1865 Rudyard Kipling Bombay, author (Jungle Book, Gunga Din-Nobel 1907)
1867 Simon Guggenheim philanthropist (died aboard the Titanic)
1869 Stephen Leacock Canada, economist/humorist/professor
1869 Adolphe Max Belgian Representative (Liberal)
1872 William A Larned tennis champion (US Open-1901)
1879 Sri Ramana Maharshi Hindu philosopher/yogi (Maharshi Research Institute)
1880 Alfred Einstein German/US musicologist/nephew of Albert Einstein
1883 Lester Patrick NHL pioneer
1883 Mary Forbes Hornsey England, actress (Terror by Night)
1884 Tojo Hideki Japanese PM during WWII
1884 Karl Heinrich David composer
1887 Henry George Ley composer
1889 Georg von der Vring German painter/writer (Soldier Suhren)
1891 Antoine Pinay French premier (1952)/minister of Foreign affairs
1892 Jaromir Fiala composer
1892 John Litel Albany WI, actor (Virginia City, My Hero)
1895 August De Boodt Belgian politician
1896 Tom Keene Rochester NY, actor (Our Daily Bread)
1898 Vincent Lopez Brooklyn NY, orchestra leader (Welcome Aboard)
1904 Dmitri B Kabalevsky St Petersburg Russia, composer (In the Fire)
1905 Emmanuel Levinas philosopher
1906 Sir Carol Reed motion picture director (3rd Man)
1906 Johan A earl von Kielmansegg German general/commandant NATO-Europe
1907 Christina E "Christine" Auwen Dutch model/singer (Haghezangers)
1907 Robert Grant Grant-Ferris politician
1910 Dennis Morgan actor (Cattle Town, Canyon Pass, Waterfront)
1910 Herman van der Horst Dutch cinematographer (Faja Lobbi)
1910 Paul Frederic Bowles US composer/writer (Shelting Sky)
1911 Jeanette Nolan Los Angeles CA, actress (Richard Boone Show, Virginian)
1913 Svend Simon Schultz composer
1914 Bert Parks [Jacobson] Atlanta GA, TV host (Miss America)
1917 Nancy Coleman Everett WA, actress (Edge of Darkness)
1918 W Eugene Smith US photographer (Saipan, Walk to Paradise Garden)
1919 David Valentine Willcocks composer
1919 Dick Spooner England, cricket wicketkeeper (Godfrey Evans' shadow)
1919 Jo Van Fleet Oakland CA, actress (Gunfight at OK Corral, East of Eden)
1920 Aad de Haas Dutch religious painter/graphic artist/cartoonist
1920 Michael Allinson London England (George Washington)
1921 Michael Hollings catholic priest/crusader
1921 Rashid Karami Lebanon, 10 time PM: 1955..87 of Lebanon
1923 Sara A Lidman Swedish author (Jag Och Min Son, Samtal in Hanoi)
1926 Stanley Tracey composer
1927 Bernard Barrow New York NY, actor (Ryan's Hope, Louie Slavinsky-Loving)
1927 M Lawrence Antouin college president (Emeritis)
1928 Bo Diddley [Ellas Bates] Mississippi, rock 'n' roll pioneer (Bo Diddley)
1928 Jack Lord New York NY, actor (Steve McGarrett-Hawaii 5-0, God's Little Acre)
1929 Barbara Nichols Jamaica NY, actress (Dear Heart, Disorderly Orderly)
1929 Bob Bouma Dutch TV host (For a Postcard in the Front Row)
1930 Jerome Theisen benedictine
1931 Charles A Bassett II Dayton OH, Captain USAF/astronaut
1931 Richard Christ writer
1931 Skeeter Davis [Mary Penick] Dry Ridge KY, singer (End of the World)
1932 John Hillerman Denison TX, actor (Magnum PI, Blazing Saddles, Audrey Rose)
1934 Nicolas Coster London, actor (Our Private World, Lobo, Ryan's Four)
1934 Russ Tamblyn Los Angeles CA, actor (Twin Peaks, Tom Thumb, Win Place or Steal)
1934 Barry Briggs New Zealand auto maker (World Champion 1957, 58, 64, 66)
1935 Jack Riley Cleveland OH, actor (Carlin-Bob Newhart, Ocassional Wife)
1935 Sandy Koufax Dodger pitcher (Cy Young '63, '65, '66, perfect-1967)
1935 Bruno Canino composer
1935 Omar [Albert B] Bongo President of Gabon (1967- )
1937 John Hartford New York NY, singer/songwriter (Smothers Brothers Hour, Gentle on My Mind)
1937 [Noel] Paul Stookey Baltimore MD, singer/musician/comedian (Peter, Paul, & Mary)
1938 Joseph Bologna Brooklyn NY, actor (Citizen Cohn, My Favorite Year)
1939 Del Shannon [Charles Westover] Coopersville MI, rocker (Runaway)
1939 Doeke Eisma sociologist/Dutch MP (D66)
1940 James Burrows TV producer/director (Mary Tyler Moore Show, Cheers)
1942 Michael Nesmith Houston, rocker/actor (Monkees-Last Train to Clarksville)
1942 Fred Ward San Diego CA, actor (Chain Reaction, Thunderheart, Equinox)
1942 Robert Quine rocker
1943 Rolf Gehlhaar composer
1945 [David] Davy Jones Manchester England, singer/actor (Monkees-Last Train to Clarksville)
1945 John Kevin Moorhouse test pilot
1945 Preston Andrew Trombly composer
1947 Jeff Lynne rocker (ELO-Telephone Line, Travelling Wilburys)
1947 Michael Burns Mineola Long Island NY, actor (Barnaby West-Wagon Train)
1947 Stephanus S "Tian" van Merwe leader (South Africa Democratic Party)
1948 Surinder Amarnath cricketer (son of Lala 124 on debut vs New Zealand 1976)
1949 Bruce Davidson equestrian 3-day (Olympics-silver-96)
1950 Yunus I Mahomed South African attorney/leader (UDF)
1951 Nancy LaMott singer
1952 Larry Bartlett photographic printer
1952 Somtow Sucharitkul [SP Somtow] Thailand, sf author (Utopia Hunters)
1953 Daniel T Barry Norwalk CT, PhD/astronaut (STS 72)
1956 "Chérie" Samba (Mbimba N'zinga) Zaïre painter (Pitie la prostituée)
1956 Sheryl Lee Ralph actress (Moesia, Designing Women)
1956 Suzy Bogguss Aledo IL, singer (I Want to be a Cowboy's Sweetheart)
1957 Patricia Kalember Schenectady NY, actress (Georgie Whitsig-Sisters, Susannah Hart-thirtysomething)
1957 Matt Lauer New York NY, TV host (Today Show)
1958 Brandon Clark New York NY, actor (Sean-The Fitzpatricks)
1958 Steven L Smith Phoenix AZ, astronaut (STS 68, 82)
1958 Brandon Clark New York NY, actor (Sean-The Fitzpatricks)
1959 Tracey Ullman Slough England, comediennesinger/actress (Tracey Ullman Show)
1960 Addy Bucek Australian 470 class yachter (Olympics-9th-92, 96)
1961 Ben Johnson 100 meter runner (Olympics-gold-1988-disqualified)
1961 Sue Malaxos Australian marathoner (Olympics-96)
1962 Paul Crowder rocker (The Adventures-Sea of Love)
1963 Alessandra Mussolini Naples Italy, actress (Ferragosto OK)
1963 Johnny Schip Dutch soccer star (Ajax, Genua)
1963 Milan Srejber Czechoslovakia, tennis star
1963 Robert Jenkins NFL tackle (Oakland Raiders)
1964 Kimberly [Cindy] Taylor model/Penthouse Pet (1990)
1964 Kris Tschetter Detroit MI, LPGA golfer (1992 Northgate Computer)
1965 Brad McNamara cricketer (New South Wales all-rounder)
1965 David Baker Sheffield England, UK cyclist
1965 Tony Jones WLAF receiver (Amsterdam Admirals, Frankfurt Galaxy)
1967 Colleen Miller Winnipeg Manitoba, rower (Olympics-96)
1968 Kevin Dahl Regina, NHL defenseman (Calgary Flames)
1968 Sean Higgins NBA guard/forward (Philadelphia 76ers, Portland Trailblazers)
1969 Anthuan Maybank Georgetown SC, 200 meter/400 meter runner
1969 Jeff Thomason NFL tight end (Green Bay Packers-Superbowl 31)
1969 Michelle McGann West Palm Beach FL, golfer (1995 Sara Lee Classic)
1970 Grant Carter CFL defensive end (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)
1970 Gus Nketia Auckland New Zealand, 100 meter sprint (Olympics-96)
1970 Kevin Salvadori NBA center (Sacramento Kings)
1970 Robert Hall WLAF wide receiver (Amsterdam Admirals)
1971 Scotty Lewis WLAF defensive end (Frankfurt Galaxy)
1971 Steve Hardin NFL/WLAF offensive tackle (Indianapolis Colts, Rhein Fire)
1971 Sylvester Wright NFL linebacker (Philadelphia Eagles)
1971 Thomas Strzalkowski Krakow Poland, US fencer-sabre (Olympics-96)
1972 Maureen Flannigan actress (Evie-Out of this World)
1972 Kerry Collins NFL quarterback (Carolina Panthers)
1972 Loren Meyer NBA center (Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks)
1973 Don Reid NBA guard/forward (Detroit Pistons)
1973 Robert Walker Australian rower (Olympics-96)
1975 Tiger Woods golfer
1976 Rhoshii Wells Austin TX, middleweight boxer (Olympics-bronze-96)
1976 Solveig Lilja Gudmundsdottir Miss Iceland Universe (1997)
1978 Dikla Hamdy Miss Israel Universe (1997)
1980 Eliza Dushku Boston MA, actress (This Boy's Life, True Lies, Journey)
1983 Rachel & Ross Trudeau twins of Jane Pauley & Gerry Trudeau


Deaths which occurred on 30th December:
0273 Felix I Italian Bishop of Rome, dies (or 274)
1525 Jacob Fugger German banker/merchant, dies at 66
1572 Galeazzo Alessi Italian architect (Palazza Marino, Milan), dies at 60
1591 Innocent IX [Giovanni Facchinetti] Pope, (1591 62 days), dies at 72
1635 Jan Baptista Van Helmont physician/alchemist, dies
1777 Maximilian III Jozef elector of Bayern (1745-77), dies at 50
1788 Francesco Zuccarelli Italian rococo painter/etcher, dies at 86
1796 Jean-Baptiste Lamoyne composer, dies at 45
1821 Angelo Maria Benincori composer, dies at 42
1825 Peter Gronland composer, dies at 64
1828 Waldemar Thrane composer, dies at 38
1832 Colonel Abijah Hammond owned large portion of Greenwich Village, dies
1870 Prim Spanish general, murdered
1893 Samuel White Baker English explorer, dies at 72
1894 Amelia Jenks Bloomer suffragist (Bloomers named for her), dies at 76
1895 LP Hartley British writer, dies
1896 José Mercado Rizal anti-Spanish rule of Philippines proponent, dies
1899 James Paget English surgeon (disease of Paget), dies at 85
1912 Alfred von Kiderlen-Waechter German foreign minister, dies at 60
1931 Tyrone Power Sr actor (Big Trial, Test of Donald Norton), dies at 62
1940 Fritz Volbach composer, dies at 79
1943 Hobart Bosworth actor (Woman of Affairs, Big Parade), dies at 76
1944 Romain Roland French writer/pacifist (Nobel 1915), dies at 78
1946 Charles Wakefield Cadman composer, dies at 65
1947 Han [Henricus A] van Meegeren Dutch painter/art forger, dies at 58
1951 Jozef E Stokvis Dutch MP (SDAP), dies at 76
1952 Ivan Olbracht writer, dies
1959 Maria Baers Flemish social female worker/senator, dies at 76
1961 Jacobus "Ko" van den Bosch Dutch actor (Amsterdamned)/director, dies at 53
1966 Christian A Herter US Minister of Foreign affairs (1959-61), dies at 71
1966 Trygve Halvdan Lie 1st UN Secretary-General (1946-53), dies at 72
1967 Bert Berns US songwriter/producer (Twist & Shout), dies at about 38
1971 Dorothy Comingore actress (Citizen Kane), dies after illness at 58
1971 Jan Mul composer, dies at 60
1973 Henri-Paul Busser composer, dies at 101
1979 Richard Rodgers composer (Rogers & Hammerstein), dies at 77
1986 Jiri Jaroch composer, dies at 66
1989 Madoline Thomas actress (Girl in the Canal), dies
1992 César [Caesar] Domela painter/son of Ferdinand D Nieuwenhuis, dies
1992 Ling-Ling 1st panda China gave US, dies at 23
1993 [Irving Paul] "Swifty" Lazar superagent, dies of kidney failure at 86
1993 Mack David US songwriter (Bachelor in Paradise), dies at 81
1994 Lloyd James Austin french Scholar, dies at 79
1995 Heiner Muller dramatist, dies at 66
1995 Roger W Suddards solicitor, dies at 65
1996 Jack Nance actor (Meatballs 4, Whore, Voodoo), murdered at 53
1996 Lew Ayres screen actor (Salem's Lot, State Fair), dies at 88
1996 Robert Grant-Ferris politician, dies at 89

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