11th December, on this day

359 Honoratus, the first known Prefect of the City of Constantinople, took office.
384 St Damasus I ends his reign as Catholic Pope
0969 Johannes I Tzimisces, crowned emperor of Byzantium
1282 Llywelyn the Last (b. c. 1228), the last native Prince of Wales, is killed at Cilmeri, near Builth Wells, south Wales.
1419 Heretic Nicolaas Serrurier exiled from Florence
1477 Duchess Maria van Bourgondie ends Great Privilegie
1572 Spanish troops begin siege of Haarlem
1602 A surprise attack by forces under the command of the Duke of Savoy and his brother-in-law, Philip III of Spain, is repelled by the citizens of Geneva. Commemorations/celebrations on Fête de l'Escalade are usually held on December 11 or the closest weekend.
1618 Russia and Poland signs Peace treaty of Dailino
1620 103 Mayflower pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock
1665 "Messiah" Sjabtai Tswi festival in Smyrna
1688 King James II arrested
1710 Battle of Villa Viciosa (France beat Habsburgers)
1718 Battle at Frederikshall, Norway
1719 1st recorded display of Aurora Borealis in US (New England)
1730 Voltaire's "Brutus" premieres in Paris
1769 Venetian blinds are patented by Edward Beran in London
1792 France's King Louis XVI went on trial, accused of treason
1812 1st newspaper on Curaçao (Curaçao Gazette and Commercial Advertiser)
1816 Citizens of Geneva thwarted Savoyard invaders
1816 Indiana becomes 19th state
1835 Siege of Béxar ends : Texans successfully besiege and defeat Mexicans
1844 1st dental use of nitrous oxide, Hartford CT
1866 1st yacht race across the Atlantic Ocean
1868 Battle of Avahy or Avaí : Allied troops, mainly Brazilians, attack 4,000 Paraguayans part of War of the Triple Alliance
1872 1st black US Governor took office, Pinckney Benton Stewart Pinchback (Louisiana)
1882 Boston's Bijou Theatre, 1st American playhouse lit exclusively by electricity, 1st performance, Gilbert & Sullivan's "Iolanthe"
1882 Victorien Sardou's "Fedora", with Sarah Bernhardt, premieres in Paris
1888 French Panamá Canal company fails
1893 11 fishing ships wash up at Wadden Sea, 22 killed
1894 There is a total of 9 exhibitors at the world's first Motor Show which is being held in Paris
1899 2nd defeat of "Black Week" - Battle of Magersfontein - Boer leader Piet Cronje defeats British forces
1901 Marconi sends 1st transatlantic radio signal, Cornwall to Newfoundland
1903 British forces under MacDonald & Young march into Tibet
1903 World's first wildlife preservation society is founded in Britain : the Society for the Preservation of the Wild Fauna of the Empire
1905 British government of Campbell-Bannerman forms
1905 A workers uprising occurs, establishing the Shuliavka Republic in Kiev.
1906 US President Roosevelt attacks abuses in the Congo
1907 Fire destroys the Parliament Buildings at Wellington in New Zealand
1908 Frederick Delius' "In a Summer Garden" premieres
1909 Colored moving pictures demonstrated at Madison Square Garden, New York NY
1914 Britain's Royal Flying Corps, which later becomes the RAF, first adopts the distinctive red, white and blue roundel to identify its aircraft more easily during World War I
1916 David Lloyd George forms British war government
1917 13 black soldiers hanged for alleged participation in Houston riot
1917 German-occupied Lithuania proclaims independence from Russia
1917 British General Edmund Allenby enters Jerusalem on foot; declares martial law.
1919 Boll weevil monument dedicated in Enterprise, Alabama
1921 Several members of the Indian National Congress are arrested by the British authorities for advocating self-rule for India
1925 Pope Pius XI publishes encyclical Quas Primas
1927 Guangzhou Uprising : Communist militia and worker red guards launch an uprising in the Chinese city of Guangzhou, taking over most of the city and announcing the formation of a Guangzhou Soviet.
1928 Buenos Aires police thwart an attempt on President-elect Herbert Hoover
1931 British Statute of Westminster gives complete legislative independence to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, Newfoundland
1931 Japan leaves the Golden Standard
1936 King Edward VIII abdicates throne to marry Mrs Wallis Simpson; Duke of York becomes King George VI
1937 Italy withdraws from League of Nations
1939 New anti-Jewish measurements in Poland, proclaimed
1940 Russian General Zhukov warns of German assault
1941 Germany and Italy declare war on the United States. The United States, in turn, declares war on Germany and Italy.
1941 Japanese occupy Guam
1941 Dutch government in London declares war on Italy
1941 Japanese attack Wake Island (only failed WWII-landing)
1942 Australian/Dutch guerrilla troops evacuated to Timor near Australia
1944 Surprise attack on House of Keeping Axe, 29 prisoners freed
1946 UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) established (Nobel 1965)
1946 Hank Williams begins to record on Sterling label
1946 Spain suspended from UN
1950 Maria Hertogh riots in Singapore
1956 Anti-Russian demonstrates in Stettin and Wroclaw, Poland
1957 Jerry Lee Lewis weds Myra
1958 Upper Volta (now Burkina Faso) gains autonomy from France
1960 Black Sunday - Riot in Algiers, 114 die
1961 Adolf Eichmann is found guilty of war crimes, in Israel
1961 Elvis Presley's "Blue Hawaii" album goes to number 1 and stays for 20 weeks
1961 Two US helicopter companies arrive in Saigon, capital of South Vietnam - the first direct USA military support in the war against Communist guerillas
1961 "Please, Mr. Postman" by Marvelettes, released
1964 Che Guevara speaks at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City. An unknown terrorist fires a mortar shell at the building during the speech.
1967 Beatles' Apple Music signs its 1st group - Grapefruit
1967 Unveiling of the prototype of Concorde, the world's first supersonic airliner
1967 6.5 earthquake in West India, 170 killed
1967 People's front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) established
1969 Libya adopts constitution
1972 Apollo 17 Astronauts Cernan and Harrison become 11th and 12th on the Moon
1973 Houston Astro Caesar Cedino jailed in death of 19 year old woman
1973 West German chancellor Willy Brandt normalizes trade with Czechoslovakia
1975 In London, end of the IRA Balcombe Street siege
1978 6 masked men bound 10 employees at Lufthansa cargo area at New York Kennedy Airport and made off with $5.8 million in cash and jewelry
1979 Great Britain grants independence to Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)
1981 Muhammad Ali's 61st and last fight, losing to Trevor Berbick
1981 El Mozote massacre : Salvadoran armed forces kill an estimated 900 civilians in an anti-guerrilla campaign during the country's civil war.
1981 UN Security Council chose Javier Perez de Cuellar of Peru as 5th Secretary-General
1981 Argentine President/General Roberto Viola flees
1983 1st visit to Lutheran church by a pope (John Paul II in Rome)
1984 Mauretania military coup under Colonel Maawiya Ould Sid'ahmed Taya
1985 General Electric acquires RCA Corp and its subsidiary, NBC
1985 Computer store owner in Sacramento, CA killed by package bomb
1986 South Africa censors press
1987 The cane and bowler hat, trademarks of silent film comedy actor Charlie Chaplin, are sold at auction for £82,500
1990 13 die in 83 vehicle accident in Chattanooga, TN (I-75), due to fog
1990 Albania announces it will allow the formation of independent political parties
1991 William Kennedy Smith found not guilty of rape
1992 Nor'easter storm hits New York, doing $650 million+ worth of damage
1993 Forty-eight people are killed when a block of the Highland Towers collapses near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
1994 First Chechen War : Russia sends troops into the region of Chechnya to control the independence movement
1994 Philippine Airlines Flight 434 : a bomb exploded on board killing one passenger
1997 Federal judge orders Microsoft not to bundle IE4 in Windows
1997 The Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change opens for signature.
1998 A Thai Airways Airbus A310-200 crashes near Surat Thani Airport, killing 101.
2001 The People's Republic of China joins the World Trade Organization.
2005 The Buncefield Oil Depot in Hemel Hempstead is rocked by explosions, causing a huge oil fire.
2005 Cronulla riots: Thousands of White Australians demonstrate against ethnic violence resulting in a riot against anyone thought to be Lebanese (and many who were not) in Cronulla Sydney. These are followed up by ethnic attacks on Cronulla.
2006 The International Conference to Review the Global Vision of the Holocaust is opened in Tehran, Iran by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
2007 Two car bombs go off at the Constitutional Court building in Algiers and the United Nations office. An estimated 45 people are killed in the bombings.

11th December 2005

Massive blaze rages at fuel depot

Families seek Nigeria crash dead

Massive rally for Croatia suspect

11th December 2006

Outrage over killing of Gaza boys

Iran's Holocaust conference

Pinochet supporters pay respects

11th December 2007

'Dozens killed' in Algeria blasts

Israeli tanks push deep into Gaza

Mars robot unearths microbe clue

11th December 2008

Blast at Iraq restaurant kills 47

Belgium detains al-Qaeda suspects

Sarkozy sparks Iran row

11th December 2009

EU calls for tax on bank transactions

EU's climate aid pledge dismissed

Blackwater denies covert CIA help

11th December 2010

Afghan bomb 'kills 15 civilians'

'One dead' after Stockholm blasts

Bernard Madoff son found hanged

11th December 2011

Birthdates which occurred on 11th December :

1475 Leo X [Giovanni de' Medici] Italy, Pope (1513-21)
1566 Manuel Cardoso composer
1676 Johann Georg Weichenberger composer
1712 Francesco Algarotti Italian earl/encyclopedic (Viaggio in Russia)
1757 Charles Wesley composer
1758 Carl Friedrich Zelter composer
1781 Sir David Brewster Scotland, physicist/inventor (kaleidoscope)
1783 Max von Schenkendorf German poet
1793 Pietro Coppola composer
1797 Hiram Paulding rear-admiral (Union Navy), died in 1878
1801 Grabbe writer
1803 Hector Lou Berlioz Côte-Saint-André Isère France, composer (Manqué)
1810 Alfred de Musset Paris France, writer (Un Caprice, Bettine)
1823 Yury Nikolayevich Golitsin composer
1835 Adolf Stoecker German anti semite/PM
1836 Jan Boissevain Dutch politician/ship owner
1838 Emil Rathenau German industrialist (AEG)
1838 Whitney Eugene Thayer composer
1840 Kemal Bey Turkey, poet/author (Fatherland-1872)
1843 Robert Koch German bacteriologist (TB, cholera, Nobel 1905)
1849 Ellen Key Swedendish theory/author/feminist (Courageous Woman)
1855 Julian Edwards composer
1856 Georgi V Plechanov Russian revolutionary theorist
1863 Annie Jump Cannon US, stellar spectroscopist (Harvard-classification)
1868 Ernst Henrik Ellberg composer
1874 Paul Wegener German actor/director (Student of Prag)
1876 Mieczyslaw Karlowicz composer
1882 Fiorello La Guardia (Mayor-R-NY, 1933-45)
1882 Max Born Germany, physicist (quantum mechanics, Nobel 1954)
1889 Paul Kornfeld writer
1892 Leo Ornstein Kremenchug Russia, composer (Bio in Sonata Form)
1894 Eddie Dowling Woonsocket RI, composer (Anywhere USA)
1896 Georgi K Zjukov Russian minister of Defense (WWII)
1898 Nils J E Ferlin Swedendish poet (Barfotabarn)
1899 Vera von der Heydt psychoanalyst
1904 Joe Coral bookmaker
1905 Eugen Fink German philosopher
1905 Gilbert Roland [Luis Alonso] Juarez México, actor (Juarez, Barbarosa)
1905 Koos van de Griend composer
1906 Birago Diop Senegalees writer/ambassador (Leurres et Lueurs)
1907 Norbert Rosseau composer
1908 Elliott Cook Carter Jr New York NY, composer (Tom & Lily)
1910 Robert Grieve civil servant
1911 Nagib Machfus Egyptian writer (Nobel 1988)
1911 Vincent Henry Kemp poet
1913 Jean Marais Cherbourgh France, actor (Eternal Return, Beauty & the Beast, The Storm Within, Donkey Skin, Orpheus, Stealing Beauty - 1996)
1913 Carlo Ponti Milan Italy, married to Sophia Loren/director (2 Women)
1915 Anna van Beers [Graeve] actress (A Woman like Eve)
1918 Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Russia, writer (Cancer Ward, Nobel 1970)
1920 Eddy Firestone San Francisco CA, actor (Eddy-Mixed Doubles)
1922 Grace Paley writer (1970 Arts & Letters Award)
1922 Peter Birch Bronx, choreographer (Jane Froman's USA Canteen)
1923 Betsy Blair actress (Marty)
1924 Marie Windsor [Emily Marie Bertelson] Utah, actress (Double Deal)
1926 Big Mama Thornton blues singer (Ball & Chain, Stronger than Dirt)
1927 Stein Eriksen Norway, giant slalom (Olympics-gold-1952)
1928 Tomas Gutierrez Alea filmmaker
1929 S P "Fergie" Gupte cricketer (brilliant Indian leg-spinner)
1930 Jean-Louis Trintignant France, actor/director (Man & a Woman, Z)
1930 Leonard Friedman violinist
1931 Rita Moreno [Rosa Dolores Alverio] Humacao Puerto Rico, (West Side Story)
1931 Richard Devon Glendale CA, actor (Battle of Blood Island)
1932 Wynn Irwin New York NY, actor (Lotsa Luck, Sugar Time)
1932 Aldár Kovácsi Hungary, pentathlete (Olympics-gold-1952)
1932 Anne Heywood [Violet Pretty] Handsworth England, Miss Great Britain (1949)/actress (Midas Run, I Want What I Want, Good Luck Miss Wyckoff)
1933 Earnest P van Altena author/interpreter (Chansons van Earnest)
1934 Ron Carey Newark NJ, actor (Barney Miller, Montefuscos, High Anxiety)
1934 Salim Durani cricketer (successful Indian batsman of 60's)
1935 Femke Boersma Dutch actress (Verjaring, Pastorale 1943)
1936 Tom Fuccello Newark NJ, actor (Dave-Dallas)
1936 Hans van den Broek Dutch foreign minister (-1992)
1937 Adrian J Vlok South African NP-minister of Law & Order (1986- )
1939 Thomas McGuane US, writer (Cold Feet, Tom Horn, Missouri Breaks)
1939 Tom Hayden 60's activist/Mr Jane Fonda/(Representative-D-CA)
1940 Patrick Tovatt Garrett Ridge CO, actor (Cal-As the World Turns)
1940 David Gates Tulsa OK, musician (Bread-If, Everything I Own)
1941 Max Baucus (Senator-D-MT)
1941 Rogier van Otterloo Dutch composer/conductor
1942 Karen Susman tennis pro (Wimbledon 1962)
1943 Donna Mills Chicago IL, actress (Knots Landing, Incident)
1944 Lynda Day George San Marcos TX, actress (Casey-Mission Impossible)
1944 Booker T Jones US organist (Booker T & MGs-Green Onions) [or Nov 12]
1944 Brenda Lee [Brenda Mae Tarpley] Lithonia GA, singer (I'm Sorry)
1944 David Ashley White composer
1945 Robert Pickett rocker
1946 Teri Garr Lakewood OH, actress (Mr Mom, Young Frankenstein)
1946 Rick McCosker cricketer (fine Australian opener 1975-80)
1947 Tom Fuccello Newark NJ, actor (Dave-Dallas)
1948 Elizabeth Baur Los Angeles CA, actress (Fran-Ironside, Teresa-Lancer)
195- Isabella Hoffmann actress (Kate-Dear John)
1950 Christine Onassis [Andreadis] New York NY, Aristotle's daughter
1951 Robert Cochran Claremont VT, skier (Olympics-1972)
1952 Susan Seidelman director (Desperately Seeking Susan)
1953 Bess Armstrong Baltimore MD, actress (Julia-On Our Own, 4 Seasons, Jaws)
1953 Ken Wahl actor (Wanderers, Wise Guys)
1953 Peter Isacksen Dover NH, actor (CPO Sharkey, Jessie)
1954 Jermaine Jackson Gary IN, singer (Jackson 5-ABC)
1954 Bradley Dub Bryant Amarillo TX, PGA golfer (1995 Walt Disney)
1954 Sylvester Clarke cricketer (West Indian fast bowler & brick-thrower)
1955 Stu Jackson Reading PA, NBA coach (New York Knicks (1989-90)
1958 Nicki Sixx San Jose CA, rock guitarist (Mötley Crüe-Girls Girls Girls)
1958 Regina Marsikova Czechoslovakia, tennis star
1959 Tina Gayle Frankfurt German Federal Republic, Cowboy cheerleader/actress (Kathy-Chips)
1959 David Iwasaki-Smith Warragul Victoria, Australasia golfer
1959 Jean-Louis Lamarre La Prairie Que, golfer (Québec PGA-1982, 85)
1960 Danny Mijovic Belgrade Yugo, Canadian Tour golfer (1984 Mexican)
1960 Mary Beth Zimmerman Mount Vernon IL, LPGA golfer (1987 Henredon Classic)
1961 Mike Henneman St Charles MO, pitcher (Texas Rangers)
1962 Kim Linehan swimmer (1979 1500 meter World record)
1962 Curtis Williams rocker
1962 Ejo Elburg Dutch soccer player (Pax, NEC)
1963 Mark Alalmo actor (Avenging Force)
1963 Claudia Kohde-Kilsch German Federal Republic, tennis star
1963 John Lammers Dutch soccer player (NAC)
1963 Mark Greatbatch cricketer (big-hitting New Zealand opener)
1964 Dave Gagner Chatham, NHL center (Toronto Maple Leafs)
1964 Justin Currie Scottish rock vocalist/bassist (Del Amitri)
1964 Thomas Howard Middletown OH, outfielder (Cincinnati Reds)
1965 Laurie Carr Dallas TX, playmate (December 1986)
1965 Jay Bell Eglin AFB FL, infielder (Pittsburgh Pirates)
1966 Terry Sharpe rocker (The Adventures, Starjets-Starjets)
1967 Davidson Matyczuk Thunder Bay Ontario, golfer (Thunder Bay-1986, 87)
1967 Jackie Gallagher-Smith LPGA golfer
1967 Katy Steding Lake Oswego OR, basketball forward (Olympics-gold-96)
1967 Richard Stemp cricketer (Yorkshire & England A left-arm spinner)
1968 Derek Bell Tampa FL, outfielder (Houston Astros)
1968 Mark Dailey Parma OH, 1.5k runner
1970 Danan Hughes NFL wide receiver (Kansas City Chiefs)
1970 Doug Nussmeier NFL quarterback (New Orleans Saints)
1970 Errict Rhett NFL running back (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
1970 Victoria Fuller Santa Barbara CA, playmate (January 1996)
1971 Cedric Ihalauw soccer player (Roda JC)
1971 Willie McGinest NFL outside linebacker (New England Patriots)
1972 Daniel Alfredsson Grums Sweden, NHL right wing (Ottawa Senators)
1972 Francisco Rodriguez Brooklyn NY, pitcher (Minnesota Twins)
1972 Robert Robinson CFL defensive linebacker (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)
1973 Erin Moorad Chicago IL, pairs skater (& Richard Gillam)
1973 Luke Casserly Australian soccer defender (Olyroos, Olympics-96)
1973 Ralph Intranuovo East York, NHL center (Edmonton Oilers)
1974 Kevin Devine cornerback/kick returner (Jacksonville Jaguars)
1976 Shareef AbdurRahim NBA forward (Vancouver Grizzlies)
1980 Rider Strong San Francisco CA, actor (Shawn Hunter-Boy Meets World)


Deaths which occurred on 11th December:
0711 Justitianus II emperor of Byzantium, dies at about 42
1282 Llywelyn ab Gruffydd monarch of North Wales (1246-77), dies
1282 Michael VIII Paleologus, Byzantine emperor (1259-82), dies
1524 Henry Van Zutphen Dutch protestant martyr, burned at stake
1573 Alardus/Eilard de Waterlant duke of Alva, hanged
1582 Fernando Alvarez de Toledo marquis of Soria, dies at about 75
1595 Philip III van Croij prince of Chimay/general, dies at 69
1610 Adam Elsheimer German painter/cartoonist/etcher, buried at 32
1610 Forges Dimitri #2 czar of Russia, murdered
1686 Louis II Condé duke of Bourbon, dies at 65
1718 Charles XII King of Sweden (1697-1718), shot dead
1748 Ewald G von Kleist German lawyer/inventor of condensator, dies at 55
1756 Theodor A Freiherr von Neuhoff German adventurer/king, dies
1817 Max von Schenkendorf German poet, dies at 34
1831 John George Schetky composer, dies at 55
1847 Moritz Grave von Strachwitz German poet, dies at 25
1857 François Henri Joseph Castil-Blaze composer, dies at 73
1891 Johan C J van Schagen Dutch poet/writer (Narrenwijsheid), dies
1899 Andrew "Andy" Wauchope British general-major, dies in battle
1899 Lord Winchester British marquis/major, dies in battle
1902 Matthias Hohner German manufacturer (harmonica), dies at 68
1903 Patrick McShane cricket player/umpire (1884-85 Ashes series), dies
1911 Thomas Ball US sculptor/painter/singer, dies at 92
1918 Ivan Cankar Slavic author (Hlapec Jernej), dies at 42
1930 Friedrich von Bernhardi German war theorist/historian, dies at 81
1933 Emile C Wauters Belgian painter (Van der Goes Klooster), dies at 87
1955 Franz Adolf Syberg composer, dies at 51
1955 Johan C Altorf sculptor (October 3 Monument), dies at 79
1964 Percy Kilbride actor (Ma & Pa Kettle), dies at 76
1964 Sam Cooke US, singer (You Send Me, Sad Moon), slain at a motel at 33
1967 Howard Freeman actor (Double Dynamite), dies after illness in New York NY
1967 Richard Stohr composer, dies at 93
1967 Victor De Sabata composer, dies at 75
1968 Nadine Riga dies of cerebral hemorrhage at 59
1972 John Mills cricketer (7 Tests for New Zealand in early 1930's, 241 runs), dies
1972 Semjon I Kirsanov Ukrainian poet (Zolushka), dies at 66
1974 Reed Hadley actor (Racket Squad, Public Defender), dies at 63
1979 Claire Carleton New York NY, actress (Alice-Cimarron City), dies at 66
1983 Szymon Laks composer, dies at 82
1984 George Waggner director/writer, dies at 90
1986 Paul Keenan actor (Summer Fantasy), dies at 30
1990 Fernand J Collin Belgian economist/banker, dies at 92
1991 Headman Tshabala musician (Ladysmith Black Mambazo), slain at 44
1991 Artur Lundkvist Swedish writer/professor (Swedish Academy), dies
1991 Daniel Simon Scott dies of Alzheimer's disease at 71
1991 Robert Q Lewis US comic/TV panel member (RQL Show), dies at 70
1992 Michael Robbins actor (Lunch Hour, On the Buses), dies at 62
1992 Vilma Banky silent film actress (Eagle, Rebel), dies at about 90
1993 Ales Gartner Slavic ski trainer of Norway, dies at 45
1993 Eliva "Elvire" Popesco Romanian/French actress (Le roi), dies at 99
1994 Stanislaw Maczek Polish/British general-major (WWII), dies at 102
1994 Yao Yilin Vice PM of China (1979), dies
1995 Arthur Mullard comedian, dies at 82
1995 John Heawood actor singer/choreographer (Pleasure Garden), dies at 75
1995 Robert Shelton (Shapiro) journalist, dies at 69
1996 Herbert Sally Frankel economist, dies at 93
1996 Robert Bromston Thesiger Daniell soldier, dies at 95
1996 W G G Duncan-Smith fighter pilot, dies at 82
1996 William George Rushton actor (TW3)/author/cartoonist, dies at 59
1997 Kenneth William Gatland aerospace scientist, dies at 73

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