10th December, on this day

741 St Zachary begins his reign as Catholic Pope succeeding Gregory III
1041 Empress Zoe of Byzantium elevates her adoptive son to the throne of the Eastern Roman Empire as Michael V
1294 Pope Celestinus V becomes Pope (until Dec 13th)
1474 Isabella crowns herself queen of Castile and Aragon
1508 The League of Cambrai is formed by Pope Julius II, Louis XII of France, Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor and Ferdinand II of Aragon as an alliance against Venice.
1520 Martin Luther publicly burned papal edict demands he recant
1541 Thomas Culpeper and Francis Dereham are executed for having affairs with Catherine Howard, Queen of England and wife of Henry VIII
1582 France begins use of Gregorian calendar
1652 Sea battle at Dungeness: Lieutenant-Admiral Maarten Tromp beats English fleet
1672 New York Governor Lovelace announces monthly mail service between New York and Boston
1684 Isaac Newton's derivation of Kepler's laws from his theory of gravity, contained in the paper De motu corporum in gyrum, is read to the Royal Society by Edmund Halley
1688 King James II flees London
1690 Massachusetts Bay becomes 1st American colonial government to borrow money
1710 Battle of Villaviciosa : Indecisive battle between retreating Austrian-Dutch forces and a Franco-Spanish army
1745 Bonnie Prince Charlie's army draws into Manchester
1799 Metric system established in France
1810 Napoleon Bonaparte annexes northern Hanover, Bremen, Hamburg and Lubeck in Germany
1810 Tom Cribb (Great Britain) beats Tom Molineaus (US-Negro) in 1st interracial boxing championship (40 rounds)
1816 Dutch regain Sumatra
1817 Mississippi admitted as 20th state
1831 "Spirit of the Times" begins publishing (weekly horse racing sheet)
1845 Pneumatic tyres are patented by civil engineer Robert Thompson
1861 The Confederate States of America accept a rival state government's pronouncement that declares Kentucky to be the 13th state of the Confederacy.
1864 General Sherman's armies reach Savannah and 12 day siege begins
1868 The world's first set of traffic lights are installed in Westminster – helping Members of Parliament reaching the House of Commons
1868 First publication of Whittaker's Almanack
1869 Wyoming becomes the first territory in America to give women the vote
1877 Siege of Pleven ends : Russians, after reverses, defeat Ottomans
1882 Johnnes Brahms' "Gesang der the Parzen" premieres
1887 Austria-Hungary/Italy/Great-Britain signs military treaty of Balkan
1898 Signing of Treaty of Paris between United States of America and Spain ends the Spanish-American War. Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Phillipines are ceded to the United States for $20 million
1898 The first western pilgrims were welcomed at The House of `Abdu'lláh Páshá
1899 1st defeat of "Black Week" - Battle at Stormberg South Africa - Boers vs British army; nearly 3000 British troops killed
1899 Frank Wedekind's "Der Kammersang" premieres in Berlin
1901 1st Nobel Peace Prizes (to Jean Henri Dunant, Frederic Passy)
1902 Women are given the right to vote in Tasmania.
1903 Nobel for physics awarded to Pierre/Marie Curie
1904 King Peter I of Sweden named nationalist regime
1906 U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt wins the Nobel Peace Prize, becoming the first American to win a Nobel Prize
1907 The worst night of the Brown Dog riots in London, when 1,000 medical students clash with 400 police officers over the existence of a memorial for animals who have been vivisected.
1907 Ruyard Kipling receives Nobel prize for literature
1910 JD Van de Waals wins Nobel Prize for physics
1911 Calbraith Rogers completes 1st crossing of US by airplane (84 days)
1911 Tobias Asser given Nobel prize for peace
1913 Kamerlingh Onnes receives Nobel prize for physics
1914 French government returns to Paris
1915 President Woodrow Wilson marries Edith Galt
1915 10,000,000th model T Ford assembled
1920 President Woodrow Wilson receives Nobel Peace Prize
1922 Nobel awarded to Fridtjof Nansen, Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein
1923 Polish government of Grabski, forms
1924 Willem Einthoven awarded Nobel for medicine
1925 George Bernard Shaw awarded Nobel Prize
1926 2nd part of Hitler's Mein Kampf published
1931 Jane Addams (1st US woman) named co-recipient of Nobel Peace Prize
1931 Manuel Azaña becomes premier/Niceto Zamora President of Spain
1932 King Rama VII (Prajadhipok) grants Thailand a constitution and becomes a constitutional monarchy
1934 Fascist dictator of Latvia Ulmanis begins building concentration camp
1934 Saint-Adelbert cooperation formed by Catholic elite
1936 England replaces King Edward VIII stamp series with King George VI
1936 King Edward VIII abdicates throne to marry Mrs Wallis Simpson
1936 Stockholm: physicist PBJ Debije receives Nobel prize for chemistry
1940 British anti-offensive in Libya (Sidi Barrani)
1941 British battleships Prince of Wales and Repulse are sunk by Japanese aircraft in the Battle of Malaya
1941 Battle of the Philippines : Japanese troops land on northern Luzon in the Philippines
1941 Japanese troops overrun Guam
1942 Hitler names Mussert "leader of Netherlands people"
1942 North Africa: 5th German pantser army forms under Colonel-General von Arnim
1943 British 8th Army occupies Orsogna/Ortona Italy
1944 9 Dutch citizens hanged by nazis
1944 German counter attack at Dillingen-bridgehead at Saar
1945 Preston Tucker reveals plan to produce the Torpedo, a new 150 MPH car
1945 Opening of Waterloo Bridge across the River Thames in central London - designed by architect Sir Giles Gilbert Scott
1947 USSR and Czechoslovakia sign trade agreement
1948 UN General Assembly adopts Universal Declaration of Human Rights
1949 Chinese Civil War : The People's Liberation Army begins its siege of Chengdu, the last Kuomintang-held city in mainland China, forcing President of the Republic of China Chiang Kai-shek and his government to retreat to Taiwan
1950 1st black American awarded Nobel Peace Prize - Ralph J Bunche
1952 Albert Schweitzer receives Nobel Peace Prize
1956 Establishment of MPLA in Angola
1958 1st US domestic (New York-Miami) passenger jet flight-National 707 flew 111
1961 Dr Ruth marries Fred Westheimer
1961 US performs nuclear test at Carlsbad, NM (underground)
1961 USSR AND Albania break diplomatic relations
1963 6 year old Donny Osmond's singing debut on the Andy Williams Show
1963 Zanzibar becomes independent within British Commonwealth
1964 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Dr Martin Luther King Jr
1966 Israeli Shmuel Yosef Agnon wins Nobel Prize for literature
1966 Nobel for chemistry awarded to Robert S Mulliken
1968 Joe Frazier beats Oscar Bonavena in 15 for heavyweight boxing title
1968 Japan's biggest heist, the still-unsolved "300 million yen robbery", occurs in Tokyo.
1970 North American Soccer League awards New York and Toronto franchises
1971 West German union chancellor W Burns receives Nobel prize of peace
1972 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakhstan/Semipalitinsk USSR
1974 Helios 1 launched by US, Germany; later makes closest flyby of Sun
1974 European Economic Community calls for a European Parliament
1975 Andrei Sakharov's wife Yelena Bonner, accepts his Nobel Peace Prize
1977 The inaugural flight of the world's first supersonic airliner, Concorde, from London to Singapore
1977 Soyuz 26 carries 2 cosmonauts to Salyut 6 space station
1978 In Oslo, Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat accept 1978 Nobel Peace Prize
1980 Soyuz T-3 returns to Earth
1980 USSR performs underground nuclear test
1981 El Salvador army kills 900
1981 The United Nations General Assembly approves Pakistan's proposal for establishing nuclear free-zone in South Asia.
1981 During the Ministerial Session of the North Atlantic Council in Brussels, Spain signes the Protocol of Accession to NATO.
1982 Soyuz T-5 returns to Earth, 211 days after take-off
1983 Danuta Walesa, wife of Lech Walesa, accepts his Nobel Peace Prize
1983 Raul Alfonsin inaugurated as Argentina's 1st civilian president as democracy is restored
1984 South African Bishop Desmond Tutu received his Nobel Peace Prize
1984 1st "planet" outside our solar system discovered
1985 Junta leaders Videla and Massera sentenced in Buenos Aires
1986 Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel accepts 1986 Nobel Peace Prize
1986 France performs nuclear test
1989 President Gustav Husák of Czechoslovakia, resigns
1989 Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj announces the establishment of Mongolia's democratic movement that peacefully changed the second oldest communist country into a democratic society.
1990 Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein refuses international calls for him to withdraw his troops from Kuwait
1990 Hindu-Muslim rebellion in Hyderabad-Aligargh India, 140 die
1993 The last shift left Wearmouth Colliery in Sunderland. The closure of the 156-year-old pit marked the end of the old County Durham coalfield, which had been in operation since the Middle Ages.
1994 Nobel prize awarded to Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres and Yasser Arafat
1996 Rwandan Genocide: Military Advisor to the United Nations Secretary-General and head of the Military Division of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations of the United Nations Maurice Baril recommends that the UN multi-national forces in Zaire stand down
2005 Sosoliso Airlines Flight 1145, a DC-9 with 110 people on board, crashes during landing in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. 107 people die.
2006 One million Lebanese opposition supporters gather in downtown Beirut, calling for the government to resign.

10th December 2005

Last-minute climate deals reached

Nigeria jet crash 'kills dozens'

Hundreds treated over Tehran smog

10th December 2006

Chile's Gen Pinochet dies

Civilians killed in Darfur attack

Anti-poverty banker accepts Nobel

10th December 2007

Afghan troops take Taleban town

Migrants drown off Turkish coast

Rape case ruling shocks Australia

10th December 2008

Strike adds to unrest in Greece

UN raises child accidents alarm

Human remains found in Argentina

10th December 2009

Obama collects Nobel Peace Prize

Philippines gunmen hold hostages

EU debates climate change

10th December 2010

Car bomber rams Pakistan hospital

China anger at 'farce' of Nobel Peace Prize

PM condemns royal attack

10th December 2011

Birthdates which occurred on 10th December :

1538 Giovanni Battista Guarini Italian writer (Faithfull Shepherd)
1679 Willem Maurits Dutch count of Nassau/Governor of Zeeuws-Flanders
1691 Cornelis Pronk Dutch portrait painter/cartoonist
1741 Agatha "Aagje" Deken Dutch writer (For the Elderly & Children)
1764 Louis-Sebastien Lebrun composer
1765 [Izaäk J] Alexander Gogel Dutch minister of Finance/patriot
1787 Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet Philadelphia PA, pioneer of educating the deaf
1794 James Wolfe Ripley Brevet Major General (Union Army), died in 1870
1805 John E Feisser theologist/founder 1st Dutch baptist church
1813 Zachariah Chandler US, merchant/politician (founder of Republican Party)
1813 Errico Petrella composer
1815 Ada Byron (Lovelace) London England, considered the first computer programmer
1820 David Allen Russell Army Brevet Major General (Union), died in 1864
1821 Nikolai A Nekrasov Russian poet (Russkije Zjenjshiny)
1822 César Franck Liège Belgium, composer (Rébecca)
1822 Thomas Casimer Devin Brigadier-General (Union volunteers), died in 1878
1823 Wilhelm Kuhe composer
1824 George MacDonald Scotland, sci-fi author (Lilith, Princess & Curdie)
1830 Emily Dickinson Amherst MA, poet (Collected Poems)
1830 Kálmán Tisza premier of Hungary (1875-90)
1831 Alexander Conze German archaeologist
1851 Melvil[le Louis K] Dewey created Dewey Decimal System for libraries
1868 Louis Victor Saar composer
1870 Pierre Louis France, novelist/poet (Aphrodite, Woman & Puppet)
1870 Adolf Loos Austria architect (building of houses)
1870 Rudolf W Canne Fries playwright (Der de Wier Us)
1870 T R McKibbin cricketer (New South Wales & Australia off-spinner late 19th century)
1872 Johann Babtist Thaller composer
1872 Ludwig Klages German philosopher (study of graves)
1882 Otto Neurath Australian/British philosopher (Foundation of Social Sciences)
1883 Andrej J Vysjinski Russian lawyer/foreign minister/UN-ambassador
1885 Janos Hammerschlag composer
1885 Mario Varvoglis composer
1886 Victor McLaglen England, actor (Informer, Academy Award-1935)
1886 William Booth cricketer (Yorks all-rounder, England before WWI)
1889 Ray Collins Sacramento CA, actor (Homecoming, Good Sam, Rose Marie)
1890 George Merritt London England, actor (I Monster, Q Planes)
1891 Leonie "Nelly" Sachs German/Swedish poet (O the Chimneys-Nobel 1966)
1893 Walter Rein composer
1894 Earnest Haenchen German new testament expert
1894 Gertrud Kolmar writer
1894 Paul Dessau composer
1897 Karl H Waggerl Austria writer (Power of Love)
1898 Anton Mauve Dutch painter
1898 Yuri N Libedinski Ukrainian writer (Birth of Hero)
19-- Joel Brooks New York NY, actor (Lieutenant Dean-Private Benjamin, J.D.-My Sister Sam)
19-- Pepsi Demacque rocker (Pepsi & Shirley-All Right Now)
19-- Tom DeFile rock bassist (Saigon Kick-New World)
1901 F Fischer German war criminal (Breda 4)
1903 George J Lewis Guadalajara México, actor (Don-Zorro)
1903 Una Merkel Covington KY, actress (42nd Street, Abraham Lincoln)
1903 William Plomer Transvaal, author (Paper Houses, I Speak of Africa)
1904 Antonin Novótny Czechoslovakia, President of Czechoslovakia (1957-68)
1907 Rumer Godden England, author (Thursday's Children)
1907 Amedeo Nazzari Cagliari Sardinia Italy, actor (Lure of Sila)
1907 Michael Blankfort US, writer/producer/director
1908 Olivier Messiaen Avignon France, composer (L'Ame en Bourgeon)
1908 Arnold A van Ruler Dutch theologist
1910 Dennis Morgan Prentice WI, actor (Dennis-21 Beacon Street)
1910 John Hammond Sr New York NY, rock/jazz producer (I Can Tell, So Many Roads)
1910 Jill Summers actress (Agatha Coronation Street)
1911 Chet Huntley Cardwell MT, newscaster (NBC Huntley-Brinkley Report)
1912 Rien van Nunen Dutch actor (Spuit Elf)
1913 Morton Gould Richmond Hill NY, unbelievably prolific composer (Verdun)
1914 Dorothy Lamour [Mary Kaumeyer] New Orleans LA, actress (Road to Bali, Greatest Show on Earth)
1918 Anne Gwynne Waco TX, actress (Ride 'em Cowboy, House of Frankenstein)
1918 Professor Longhair king of New Orleans music
1919 Sven-Eric Emanuel Johanson composer
1920 Ragnhild Hveger Denmark, 200 meter swimmer (Olympics-silver-1936)
1922 Allen Dwight Sapp composer
1923 Harold Gould Schenectady NY, actor (He & She, Martin-Rhoda, Big Bus)
1923 Abelardo Quinteros composer
1923 Jorge Semprun French writer (2nd mort de R Mercader, Z)
1925 Carolyn Ashley Kizer US writer (Yin, Pulitzer 1985)
1926 Dag Schjelderup-Ebbe composer
1926 Eddie Jones "Guitar Slim" rocker
1928 John Colicos Toronto Ontario, actor (Battlestar Galactica)
1929 Dan Blocker Texas, actor (Tiny-Cimarron City, Hoss-Bonanza)
1930 Clayton K Yeutter Nebraska, US trade representative/Republican National chairman
1933 Grenville Alabaster cricketer (New Zealand tourist to Australia 1973-74)
1937 Don Sebesky Perth Amboy NJ, orchestra leader (Jimmy Dean Show)
1937 Don Bies Cottonwood ID, PGA golfer (1975 Sammy Davis Jr)
1938 Yuri Temirkanov Nalchik Russia, conductor (Kirov)
1940 William Fred Dempster Berkeley CA, crew member (Biosphere 2)
1941 Fionnula Flanagan Dublin Ireland, actress (Rich Man Poor Man)
1941 Tim Considine Louisville KY, actor (Mike-My 3 Sons)
1941 Tommy Rettig Jackson Heights NY, actor (Jeff's Collie-Lassie)
1941 Jeff Jones cricketer (England left-arm pace bowler in 60's)
1941 Peter Michael Goetz actor (Jumping Jack Flash, King Kong Lives)
1941 Tommy Kirk actor (Old Yeller)
1942 Bear Bossu [Berend F Gertenbach] actor/vocalist (Pub Chantant)
1943 Theodore Wilson New York NY, actor (That's My Mama, Sanford Arms)
1943 Chad Stuart rock vocalist/guitarist (Chad & Jeremy)
1943 Jessica Cleaves rocker
1944 Tisha Sterling Hollywood CA, actress (Coogan's Bluff)
1945 Eric Boom Dutch guitarist/producer
1946 Gloria Loring New York NY, actress/singer (Days of our Life)
1946 Chris Kefford rocker
1946 Walter "Clyde" Orange Florida, rocker (Commodores-Too Hot to Trot)
1947 Sinaida Woronin USSR, gymnast (Olympics-gold/silver/2 bronze-1968)
1947 Wayne Northrop Sumner WA, actor (Roman-Days of our Lives)
1948 Brendan Harkin rocker
1948 Ralph Tavares rocker
1949 Linda Galloway LPGA golfer
1950 Simon Owen Wanganui New Zealand, Australasia golfer
1951 Frank Beard US country rock drummer (ZZ Topp)
1951 Johnny Rodriquez US, actor (Nashville Girl, La Bamba Party)
1952 Susan Hallock Dey Illinois, actress (1st Love, Partridge Family, LA Law)
1953 Jack Scalia actor/director (Amore, Deadly Desire, Donor, T-Force)
1956 Michael VerMeulen journalist
1958 John J York Chicago IL, actor (Mac Scorpio-General Hospital)
1958 Paul Hardcastle keyboardist (Don't Waste My Time, Just for Money)
1959 Burke Moses New York NY, actor (Sean Baxter-As the World Turns)
1959 Mark Aguirre NBA forward (Detroit Pistons)
1960 Kenneth Branagh Belfast, actor/director (High Season, Dead Again)
1960 Paul Assenmacher Detroit MI, pitcher (Cleveland Indians)
1961 Nia Peeples [Vernia] Hollywood, actress/dancer/singer/host (Fame, Party Machine)
1961 Mark McKoy Canadian track star (world record 50 meter indoor)
1962 John de Wolf soccer player (Feyenoord)
1963 Robin White San Diego CA, tennis player (US Open doubles 1988)
1963 Doug Henry Sacramento CA, pitcher (New York Mets)
1963 Gerald Sandel soccer player (Sparta)
1963 Michael Lofton Montgomery AL, fencer-sabre (Olympics-96)
1964 Luis Polonia Santiago City Dominican Republic, outfielder (New York Yankees, Orioles)
1965 Jennifer Wyatt Vancouver Canada, golfer (1992 Crestar-Farm Fresh)
1966 Eric Naposki WLAF linebacker (Barcelona Dragons)
1966 Norberto Martin Santo Domingo Dominican Republic, infielder (Chicago White Sox)
1968 Rob Davis NFL guard (Green Bay Packers-Superbowl 31)
1969 Darren Berry cricketer (Victorian wicket-keeper since 1989-90)
1969 Nadim Khan cricketer (brother of Moin Pakistani lefty spinner 1993)
1969 Rob Blake Simcoe Ontario, NHL defenseman (Team Canada, Los Angeles Kings)
1969 Todd Furdyk CFL tackle (British Columbia Lions)
1970 Bryant Stith NBA guard (Denver Nuggets)
1971 Amanda Hardy Altona Australia, badminton player (Olympics-96)
1971 Carla Sacramento Lisbon, 1.5k runner
1971 Manjula Munasinghe cricketer (Sri Lankan ODI pace bowler)
1973 Marcus Wall CFL receiver (Montréal Alouettes)
1985 Raven-Symoné Pearman actress (Cosby)


Deaths which occurred on 10th December:
0969 Nicephorus II Phocas Byzantine co-Emperor (963-69), murdered
1041 Michael IV Paphlagonicus, emperor of Byzantine, dies
1198 Averroës ibn-Rusjd Moorish philosopher, dies
1490 Antoine Haneron Bourgundy diplomat, dies at about 90
1524 Henry van Zutphen Dutch Augustine/Lutheran minister, burned to death
1572 Cornelis Musius Dutch humanist/poet, murdered at 72
1595 Reynier Cant mayor of Amsterdam, dies at about 59
1603 William Gilbert Queen Elizabeth's physician, dies at 59
1616 Diogo do Couto Portuguese historian/archivist of Goa, dies at 74
1638 Ivan [Dzivo F] Gundulic Dalmatian writer (Osman), dies at 49
1665 Tarquinio Mercula composer, dies
1749 Gabrielle Châtelet [La belle Emilie] writer (Voltaire), dies at 42
1770 Theophil "Gottlieb" Muffat German court organist/composer, dies at 80
1805 Friedrich Franz Hurka composer, dies at 43
1826 Benedikt Emanuel Schack composer, dies at 68
1833 Dieudonne-Pascal Pieltain composer, dies at 79
1875 Otogaki Rengetsu zen nun/benefactress of Tessai, dies at about 84
1877 Federico Ricci composer, dies at 68
1877 Jared Kirtland US physician/naturalist, dies
1888 Mariano Obiols composer, dies at 79
1889 Ludwig Anzengruber Austrian playwright, dies at 50
1890 Ludolf Sloet van de Beele Governor-General (Net India 1861-66), dies at 84
1896 Alfred Nobel Swedish Nobel Prize ceremony on this date, dies at 63
1904 James Cranston cricketer (scored 16 & 15 in Test for England), dies
1909 Red Cloud Sioux Indian chief, dies
1910 Pablo Hernandez Salces composer, dies at 76
1911 Joseph D Hooker British botanist, dies at 94
1921 Viktor Jacobi composer, dies at 38
1931 Max Elskamp Belgian author/poet (Six Chansons), dies at 69
1935 John H Aberson 1st rector of Landbouw high school, dies at 78
1936 Luigi Pirandello Italian writer (Enrico IV, Nobel 1934), dies at 69
1936 Robert Abel cricketer (744 runs in 13 Tests for England 1888-1902), dies
1938 Mario Pilati composer, dies at 35
1939 Wilhelm Grosz composer, dies at 45
1946 Damon Runyon US journalist/writer (Guys & Dolls), dies at 66
1946 Walter Johnson great pitcher (Washington Senators), dies at 59
1958 Juliane Gabriels Flemish physician, dies at 72
1959 Charles Jones cricket batsman (West Indies in 4 Tests 1930-35, 63 runs), dies
1959 Henri Vidal French actor (Fabiola), dies of a heart attack at 40
1965 Henry (Dixon) Cowell US pianist/composer (Aeolian Harp), dies at 68
1966 Boris Koutzen composer, dies at 65
1967 Brazilio da Cunha Luz Itibere composer, dies at 71
1967 Carl Cunningham rocker (Bar-kays), killed in a plane crash
1967 Jimmy King rocker (Bar-kays), dies in a plane crash
1967 Otis Redding singer (Dock of Bay), dies in plane crash at 26
1967 Phalin Jones rocker (Bar-kays), dies in plane crash
1967 Ron Caldwell rocker (Bar-kays), dies in a plane crash
1968 Karl Barth Swiss theologist/minister (Kirchliche Dogma), dies at 82
1968 Patsy Moran actress (Children of the Wild), dies at 65
1968 Thomas Merton French/US priest/writer (7 Story Mountain), dies at 53
1969 Franco Capuana composer, dies at 75
1969 Leigh Harline composer, dies at 62
1971 Jozef Cals Dutch Minister of Education/premier (1965-66), dies at 57
1972 Mark A Van Doren US literary (Our Lady Peace), dies at 78
1973 Earle Foxe actor (Dance Fools Dance), dies at 81
1974 Paul Richards actor (Dr Thompson-Breaking Point), dies at 50
1978 Edward D Wood Jr director (Plan 9), dies of heart failure at 54
1978 Miura Isshu Zen teacher, Hakuin Rinzai line, dies at 75
1979 Fulton J Sheen archbishop/religious broadcaster (Life is Worth Living), dies from a heart attack in New York NY at 84
1979 Ann Dvorak actress (G Men, Life of Her Own, Scarface), dies at 67
1981 John Kieran TV host (Information Please), dies at 89
1982 Freeman "Amos" Gosden US radio actor (Amos 'n' Andy), dies at 83
1982 Roy Webb composer, dies at 94
1983 Dorothy Cummings actress (Dancing Mothers), dies at 84
1983 Patrick O'Moore actor (Jungle Gents), dies at 74
1986 Kate Wolf folksinger (Back Roads), dies of leukemia at 44
1986 Susan Cabot-Roman actress (Sorority Girl, Carnival Rock), dies
1987 Jascha Heifetz Russian born-US violinist, dies at 86
1988 Dick Clair comedian (Clair & McMahon, Facts of Life), dies of AIDS
1988 Richard Castellano aqctor (Honor thy Father), dies at 55
1990 Armand Hammer CEO (Occidental Petroleum), dies at 92
1991 Berenice Abbott US photographer, dies at 93
1992 Carlomagno Andrade Equadorian general, dies
1993 Maroun Bagdadi director/writer (Little Wars, Veiled Man), dies at 42
1994 Garnett Silk vocalist, dies at 28
1994 George G F van Renesse concert pianist/music director, dies at 85
1994 Keith Joseph British MP (C), dies
1994 Ruth Evelyn Mansfield doctor, dies at 92
1995 Darren Robinson singer, dies at 28
1995 Gillian Rose philosopher/writer, dies at 48
1995 John Francis Boyd journalist, dies at 85
1995 Mary Madge Lascelles literary critic/poet, dies at 95
1995 Phillip Piratin communist, dies at 88
1996 Faron Young country singer/actor (Hidden Guns), commits suicide at 34
1996 John Duffey bluegrass musician, dies at 62
1997 Violet Carlson stage dancer/singer, dies at 97

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