1st December, on this day

772 Pope Adrian I elected
800 Charlemagne judges the accusations against Pope Leo III in the Vatican
1016 Canute the Great begins his reign as King of England
1135 Henry I of England dies of food poisoning from eating "a surfeit of lampreys"
1167 Northern Italian towns form Lombardi League
1299 Battle of Falconaria : a battle of the latter days of the War of the Sicilian Vespers
1420 Henry V of England enters Paris.
1566 Spanish king Philip II names Fernando Alvarez, duke of Alva
1626 Pasha Muhammad ibn Farukh tyrannical Governor of Jerusalem, driven out
1640 Portugal regains independence after 60 years of Spanish rule : End of the Iberian Union
1641 Massachusetts becomes 1st colony to give statutory recognition to slavery
1653 An athlete from Croydon is reported to have run 20 miles from St Albans to London in less than 90 minutes
1656 Germany promises Poland aid against Sweden
1708 Great Alliance occupies Brussels
1742 Empress Elisabeth orders expulsion of all Jews from Russia
1750 1st American school to offer manual training courses opens, Maryland
1768 Founding of the Royal Academy of Arts
1768 The slave ship Fredensborg sinks off Tromøy in Norway.
1783 Charles and M N Roberts ascend 2,000' in a hydrogen balloon
1783 J van North launches unmanned balloon
1804 Emperor Napoleon marries Joséphine of Martinique
1813 The signing of the Declaration of Frankfurt in which the Allies - including Britain and Prussia- agree to invade France to defeat Napoleon Bonaparte who had refused at reply to peace terms.
1821 Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) proclaims independence from Spain
1822 Dom Pedro crowned emperor of Brazil
1822 Franz Liszts (11) debut as pianist Isabella Colbran
1824 House of Representatives begins to end election deadlock between John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, William Harris Crawford and Henry Clay - Adams eventually declared president
1825 In Russia, death of Tsar Alexander I - succeeded by his younger brother, Nicholas I
1826 French philhellene Fabvier forces his way through the Turkish cordon and ascends the Acropolis of Athens, which had been under siege.
1831 Erie Canal closes for entire month due to cold weather
1835 Hans Christian Andersen published his 1st book of fairy tales
1843 1st chartered mutual life insurance company opens
1852 Telegraph company opens throughout Netherlands
1864 Raid at Stoneman: Knoxville, TN to Saltville VA
1864 Skirmish at Millen Brutal GA
1868 In London, the opening of Smithfield meat market
1868 John D Rockefeller begins anti oil war
1878 1st White House telephone installed
1884 American Old West : Near Frisco, New Mexico, deputy sheriff Elfego Baca holds off a gang of 80 Texan cowboys who want to kill him for arresting Charles McCarthy
1887 Sherlock Holmes 1st appears in print: "A Study In Scarlet"
1887 Sino-Portuguese treaty recognizes Portugal's control of Macao
1891 James Naismith creates the game of basketball
1896 1st certified public accountants receive certificates (New York)
1900 South African President Paul Kruger visits Flanders
1903 "The Great Train Robbery", the 1st Western film, released
1906 Cinema Omnia Pathe, world's 1st cinema, opens (Paris)
1906 Shoemaker Wilhelm Voigt (Captain of Köpenick) sentenced to 4 years
1909 1st Christmas Club payment made, to Carlisle Trust Company, Pennsylvania
1909 1st Israeli kibbutz founded, Deganya Alef
1913 1st drive-up gasoline station opens (Pittsburgh)
1913 Continuous moving assembly line introduced by Ford (car every 2 38)
1913 Crete, having obtained self rule from Turkey after the first Balkan war, is annexed by Greece.
1917 Boys Town founded by Father Edward Flanagan, west of Omaha NE
1918 Danish parliament passed an act to grant Iceland independence
1918 Serbian-Croatian-Slovic kingdom proclaimed in Belgrade
1919 AA Milne's "Mr Pim Passes By" premieres in Manchester
1919 Lady Nancy Astor sworn-in as 1st female member of British Parliament
1921 1st US helium-filled dirigible makes 1st flight
1921 US Post Office establishes philatelic agency
1922 Polish state chief marshal Jozef Pilsudski, resigns
1924 Calles becomes President of México
1924 George/Ira Gershwin's musical "Lady Be Good" premieres in New York NY
1925 Treaty of Locarno signed is signed in London, establishing post-war territorial settlements
1928 Railroad museum opens in Utrecht, Netherlands
1929 Game of BINGO invented by Edwin S Lowe
1930 Ruth Nichols becomes 1st woman pilot to cross the continent
1931 Ottawa branch of Royal Mint begins operation as Royal Canadian Mint
1933 Rudolf Hess and Earnest Röhm become a minister in Hitler government
1934 In the Soviet Union, Politburo member Sergei Kirov is shot dead at the Communist Party headquarters in Leningrad by Leonid Nikolayev
1935 Austria has world's 1st Day of Postage Stamp
1936 Bell Labs tests coaxial cable for TV use
1936 EW Brundin and FF Lyon obtain patent on soilless culture of plants
1937 Japan recognizes Franco government
1938 School bus and train collide in Salt Lake City UT
1939 Himmler begins deportation of Polish Jews
1939 In New York, the world premiere of the film 'Gone With the Wind'
1941 British cruiser Devonshire sinks German sub Python
1941 Japanese emperor Hirohito signs declaration of war
1941 Last day of first-class cricket in Australia for 4 years
1942 Gasoline rationed in US
1943 FDR, Churchill and Stalin agree to Operation Overlord (D-Day)
1944 Béla Bartòk's Concerto for orchestra, premieres
1944 Mail routing resumes in free South Netherlands
1944 Prokofjev's 8th Piano sonata, premieres
1948 Arabic Congress names Abdullah of Trans Jordan, King of Palestine
1951 Golden Gate Bridge closes due to high winds
1951 Benjamin Britten's opera "Billy Budd" premieres in London
1952 The New York Daily News reports the first successful sexual reassignment operation.
1953 First issue of Hugh Heffner's Playboy magazine: the centre-page spread featured American actress Marilyn Monroe in the nude
1954 Nationalist China and US sign dike agreement
1955 Rosa Parks (black) arrested for refusing to move to the back of the bus
1956 Alain Mimoun wins 13th Olympic marathon (2:25:00.0)
1956 Indonesian Vice-President Mohammed Hatta, resigns
1957 Sam Cooke and Buddy Holly and Crickets debut on Ed Sullivan Show
1958 Our Lady of Angels School in Chicago burns, killing 92 students and 3 nuns
1958 Central African Republic becomes independent from France.
1959 Antarctic Treaty : 12 nations sign a treaty for scientific peaceful use of Antarctica
1959 The 1st color photograph of Earth received from outer space
1960 Patrice Lumumba caught in the Congo
1960 Paul McCartney and Pete Best arrested then deported from Hamburg, Germany for accusation of attempted arson.
1961 The independent Republic of West Papua is proclaimed in modern-day Western New Guinea
1963 Nagaland becomes a state of the Indian union
1964 Martin Luther King speaks to J Edgar Hoover about his slander campaign
1965 Airlift of refugees from Cuba to US began
1965 South Africa government says children of white fathers are white
1966 Georg Kiesinger elected West German chancellor
1966 Britain issues its first special edition Christmas stamps
1967 Queen Elizabeth inaugurates 98-inch (249-cm) Isaac Newton telescope
1968 Burt Bacharach/Hal David's musical "Promises Promises" opens at Shubert Theater NYC for 1281 performances
1968 Gonzalo Barrios elected President of Venezuela
1969 US government holds its 1st draft lottery since WWII
1969 A statue of former British Prime Minister SIr Winston Chuchill is unveiled in the House of Commons
1970 Independent People's Republic of South Yemen becomes the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen
1970 Luis Echeverria Alvarez sworn in as President of México
1971 Cambodian Civil War : Khmer Rouge rebels intensify assaults on Cambodian government positions, forcing their retreat from Kompong Thmar and nearby Ba Ray.
1971 Indian Army occupies part of Kashmir
1971 John and Yoko release "Happy Xmas (War is Over)" in US
1971 People's Republic of South Yemen renames itself People's Democratic Republic of Yemen
1973 Australia grants self-government to Papua New Guinea
1973 Jack Nicklaus becomes 1st golfer to earn $2 million in a year
1973 Stan Stasiak beats Pedro Morales in Philadelphia, to become WWF champion
1974 Los Angeles Skid Row slasher kills first of 8
1974 TWA Flight 514, a Boeing 727, crashes northwest of Dulles International Airport killing all 92 people on-board
1974 Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 6231, crashes northwest of John F. Kennedy International Airport.
1974 Jacqueline Hansen runs female world record marathon (2:43:54.5)
1975 US President Gerald Ford visits China People's Republic
1976 Angola admitted to UN
1976 Bangladesh General Ziaur Rahman declares himself president
1976 Sex Pistols using profanity on TV, gets them branded as "rotten punks"
1978 President Carter more than doubles US national park system size
1978 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1981 Inex-Adria Aviopromet Flight 1308 : Yugoslavic DC-9 crashes into mountain at Corsica, 174 killed
1981 The AIDS virus is officially recognized.
1982 At the University of Utah, Barney Clark becomes the first person to receive a permanent artificial heart.
1982 Miguel de la Madrid inaugurated as President of México
1982 Michael Jackson releases "Thriller"
1983 Rita Lavelle, former head of EPA, convicted of perjury
1984 France performs nuclear test
1984 Greg Page KOs Gerrie Coetzee in 8 for WBA heavyweight boxing title
1985 Noraly Beyer becomes Netherlands' 1st black TV newscaster
1985 South Africa's Cosatu union centre forms
1986 Musée d'orsay opens in Paris
1987 Digging begins to link England and France under the English Channel
1988 596 dead after cyclone hits Bangladesh, half a million homeless
1988 Benazir Bhutto named 1st female PM of a Moslem country (Pakistan)
1988 NBC bids record $401 million to capture rights to 1992 Barcelona Olympics
1988 Chinese minister of Foreign affairs Qian Qichen visits Moscow
1989 "Day Without Art"- Artists demonstrate against AIDS
1989 East Germany drops the communist monopoly from its constitution
1989 The end of 70 years of hostility between USSR and the Vatican when Russian Premier Mikhail Gorbachev meets Pope John Paul II in Rome
1989 Right-wing military rebel Reform the Armed forces Movement (RAM) attempts to oust Philippine President Corazon Aquino in a failed bloody coup d' etat.
1990 Channel Tunnel : British and French workers meet in English Channel's tunnel
1990 Iraq accepts Bush's offer for talks
1990 Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia hold their 1st joint session
1990 Hissene Habré of Chad flees to Cameroon
1991 AIDS awareness day
1991 Ukranian people vote for independence
1991 Colorado party wins Paraguay parliamentary election
1991 Nursultan Nazarbayev sworn in as President of Kazakhstan
1992 2 C-141B Starlifters collide in Montana and crash, 13 die
1992 Amy Fisher sentenced 5-15 years for shooting Mary Jo Buttafuoco
1993 Northwest Airlink plane crashes in Minnesota, killing 18
1994 Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere announce they are separating
1994 Ernesto Zedillo innaugrated as President of México
1994 PTL leader Jim Bakker released from jail
1996 Colin Montgomerie of Scotland wins Million Dollar Challenge, the richest first prize in golf - $1 million
1997 Heath High School shooting: Michael Carneal opens fire on a group of his fellow students at Heath High School in West Paducah, Kentucky, killing three and wounding five.
1998 Exxon announces a US$73.7 billion deal to buy Mobil, thus creating Exxon-Mobil, the largest company on the planet.
2001 Trans World Airlines flies its last flight, after being bought by American Airlines.

December 1st 2005

Controversy clouds World Aids Day

Violence mars Egyptian elections

US 'admits' Iraq propaganda drive

December 1st 2006

Huge Beirut rally demands change

HIV 'afflicting global workforce'

Contact in positive polonium test

December 1st 2007

Turkish army fires on PKK in Iraq

Militants kill 14 Iraqi villagers

Global effort on World Aids Day

December 1st 2008

Dozens killed in Iraqi bombings

World economy 'weakest since 30s'

India makes protest to Pakistan

December 1st 2009

Obama 'to detail Afghan end-game'

EU Lisbon Treaty comes into force

South Africa vows to treat all babies with HIV

December 1st 2010

Snowfall disrupts northern Europe

Venezuela floods kill at least 25

Portugal denies need for bail-out

December 1st 2011

Birthdates which occurred on December 1st:

1549 Johan van der Veeken merchant/co-founder (VOC)
1566 Philip earl of Nassau-Dillenburg, Governor of Fort Gorinchem/Nijmegen
1573 Philippus Rovenius [Rouveen] apostile vicar
1605 Juan de Padilla composer
1634 John-Erasmus Quellinus [Quellien] Flemish painter
1671 Francesco Stradivari Italian violin maker/son of Antonius
1671 John Keill mathematician
1709 Franz Xaver Richter composer
1712 Bernhard Christian Weber composer
1722 A L Karschin writer
1724 Charles Theodoor elector (Palts & Bayern)
1724 Dismas Hatas composer
1726 Eggert Olafsson Icelandic writer
1726 Oliver Wolcott US judge/signer (Declaration of Independence)
1729 Giuseppe Sarti composer
1743 Martin H Klaproth German chemist (uranium)
1779 Pyotr Ivanovich Turchaninov composer
1781 Charles Philippe Lafont composer
1784 François Henri Joseph Castil-Blaze composer
1787 Pavel Ivanovich Dulgorukov composer
1792 Nikolay Lobachevsky mathematician
1800 Mihály Vörösmarty Hungary, poet/dramatist ("To a Day-Dreamer")
1810 Joseph Gungl composer
1814 August Rockel composer
1823 Ernest Reyer composer
1826 William Mahone Major General (Confederate Army), died in 1895
1832 Archibald Gracie Jr Brigadier-General (Confederate Army), died in 1864
1835 Micah Jenkins Brigadier-General (Led Hoods Division at Chickamauga), died in 1864
1844 Alexandra Danish princess/Queen of Great Britain/Ireland
1844 Alfred Cellier composer
1847 Agathe Grondahl composer
1850 Peter Erasmus Lange-Muller composer
1871 Archie MacLaren cricketer (424 Lancashire vs Somerset 1895)
1873 Charles JM Ruys de Beerenbrouck premier of Netherlands (1918-25, 29-33)
1874 Dominicus Johner composer
1876 Johanna W "Mina" Bakker Dutch actress (Boefje)
1878 Arthur B Spingarn US NAACP-chairman (1940-65)
1883 Romanos Hovakimi Melik'yan composer
1884 Karl Schmidt[-Rottluff] German painter/sculptor (Brücke)
1884 Torben Myer Copenhagen Denmark, actor (Girl Who Came Back)
1885 Guy de Lioncourt composer
1886 Rex Stout mystery writer (Nero Wolf)
1886 Jack Crawford cricketer (England all-rounder in 12 Tests 1905-08)
1886 Pierre Kemp Dutch poet (Fugitives & Constants)
1886 Willem E Crown Antillian writer
1888 Benjamin Crémieux French author (Le premier the la Classe)
1891 Foppe G Scheltema Dutch lawyer (wreck laws)
1893 Ernst Toller writer
1893 Herman Griffith cricketer (pioneering West Indies pace bowler)
1896 Petko Staynov composer
1897 Manuel A Neat Curaçao author (Nobleza di Coerazon)
1898 Cyril Ritchard Sydney Australia, actor (Peter Pan, Hans Brinker)
1899 Robert Welch found John Birch Society
19-- Ryan Roxie rocker (Electric Angels-I Believe, Whiplash)
1901 Dorothy James composer
1902 Morris "Red" Badgro Washington, NFL hall of famer (Yankees, Giants, Dodgers)
1904 W A "Tony" Boyle United Mine Workers president
1905 Charles Finney US, author (Circus of Dr Lao)
1905 Ida Carroll musician
1906 Jean Cartan composer
1909 Jan Koplowitz writer
1910 Dame Markova [Alicia Lilian Alice Marks] London, ballerina
1910 Joel Fluellen Louisiana, actor (Burning Cross, Learning Tree)
1911 Walter Alston baseball manager (Dodgers)
1911 Wim van Nuland [Willem C Möhlmann] Dutch priest/writer (Doorstep)
1912 Minoru Yamasaki architect (World Trade Center, New York)
1912 Terence Beckles pianist/teacher
1913 Mary Martin Weatherford TX, actress (Peter Pan) Larry Hagman's mom
1914 Dame Alicia Markova ballerina (Diaghilev Ballet Russe 1925-32)
1914 Johnny Johnston St Louis MO, singer (Make that Spare)
1917 Marty Marion baseball player (National League MVP 1944)
1917 William Tracy Pittsburgh PA, actor (To the Shores of Tripoli)
1918 Kirby Laing English contractor/multi-millionaire
1919 Anne Cox Chambers Dayton OH, US ambassador to Belgium (1977-81)
1919 Ike Isaacs guitarist
1921 Ralph Manza San Francisco CA, actor (Banacek, Mama Malone, Newhart)
1922 Geraldine McCulloug Maywood IL, painter/sculptor (Phoenix)
1922 Paul Picerni New York NY, actor (Agent Lee Hobson-Untouchables)
1923 Stansfield Turner CIA director
1925 David Doyle Omaha NE, actor (John Bosley-Charlie's Angels)
1925 Jaime Mendoza-Nava composer
1925 Jordan Klein Miami FL, cameraman/director (Thunderball)
1926 Allyn Ann McLerie Québec, actress (Tony Randall Show, Thorn Birds)
1926 Keith Michell Adelaide Australia, actor (6 Wives of Henry VIII)
1926 Robert Symonds Bristow OK, actor (Robert E Lee-Blue & Gray)
1927 Grant Beglarian composer
1929 David Doyle actor (Charlie's Angels, Pursuit of Happiness)
1929 Dick Shawn Buffalo NY, actor (Producers, Maid to Order, Angel)
1929 Alan Mouncer film director/producer
1929 Emily McLaughlin White Plains NY, actress (Jessie-General Hospital)
1929 Leon Biriotti composer
1932 Robert T Herres Denver CO, USAF/astronaut
1934 Billy Paul Philadelphia PA, singer (Me & Mrs Jones)
1934 Hilly Axwijk Suriname social worker
1935 Roger Christian US, ice hockey player (Olympics-gold-1960)
1935 Woody Allen [Allen Stuart Konigsberg] Brooklyn (Zelig Annie Hall)
1935 Lou Rawls Chicago IL, vocalist (Dean Martin's Golddigers, Natural Man)
1936 Lou Rawls Chicago IL, singer (Dean Martin's Gold-diggers, Natural Man)
1937 Gordon Crosse Bury Lancashire England, composer (Grace of Todd)
1938 Sandy Nelson Santa Monica CA, 50s rocker (Teen Beat, All Night Long)
1938 Bill Playle cricketer (New Zealand batsman in 8 Tests without distinction)
1939 Dianne Lennon Los Angeles CA, singer (Lennon Sisters)
1939 Lee [Buck] Trevino Dallas TX, PGA golfer (US Open 1968, 71)
1940 Richard Pryor Illinois, comedian/actor (Lady Sings the Blues, Stir Crazy)
1940 Ron Finn Toronto Ontario, NHL linesman
1940 Matthias Habich actor (Straight to the Heart, A Corps Perdu)
1940 Mike Denness cricketer (England batsman & captain mid-70s)
1942 Peter Kalikow Queens NY, real estate developer/publisher (New York Post)
1942 John Crowley US, sci-fi author (Deep, Beasts, Novelty)
1943 Orton Enderlein German Federal Republic, luge (Olympics-gold-1964)
1943 Nicholas Peter Negroponte New York NY, founder/director (Media Lab at MIT)
1944 John Densmore Los Angeles CA, drummer (Doors-Light My Fire)
1945 Bette Midler Aiea HI, singer (Wind Beneath My Wings, Do You Want to Dance?)/actress (Beaches, First Wives Club)
1945 Ross Edwards cricketer (Aussie middle-order bat of the 70's)
1946 Gilbert O'Sullivan Ireland, singer (Alone Again Naturally)
1946 Ho-Jun Li Korea People's Republic, rifle (Olympics-gold-1972)
1948 Sarfraz Nawaz cricketer (successful Pakistani pace bowler 1969-84)
1949 Pablo Escobar Gaviria Colombian drug baron
1950 Richard Keith Lafayette LA, actor (Little Ricky-I Love Lucy)
1951 Alexander Panayotov Aleksandrov Bulgaria, cosmonaut (Soyuz TM-5)
1951 Eric Bloom rock vocalist/guitarist (Blue Oyster Cult)
1951 Jaco Pastorius US jazz guitarist (Weather Report-Word of Mouth)
1951 Treat Williams Rowayton CT, actor (Flashpoint, Hair)
1954 Bob Goen TV host (Wheel of Fortune, Entertainment Tonight)
1955 Uwe Benter German Federal Republic, coxsman (Olympics-gold-1972)
1956 Stuart Kimball rock guitarist (Face To Face)
1958 Charlene Tilton San Diego CA, actress (Lucy Ewing-Dallas)
1960 Carol Alt[man] Queens NY (Mrs Ron Greshner), model/actress (Private Parts)
1961 Barb Mucha Parma OH, LPGA golfer (1992 Oldsmobile Classic)
1962 Stan Albers Pleasant Beach NJ, actor (Curtis-Loving)
1962 Pamela McGee WNBA center/forward (Sacramento Monarchs)
1963 Arjuna Ranatunga cricketer (Sri Lankan Test batsman since 1982)
1964 Soren Henriksen Denmark cricket all-rounder (86-94 ICC, Lancs 85-86)
1966 Craig David Parry Sunshine Victoria, PGA golfer (1994 Honda-2nd)
1966 Matthew Laborteaux actor (Killing Stone, Deadly Friend)
1967 Nestor Carbonell New York NY, actor (Luis-Suddenly Susan)
1968 Anders Holmertz Swedendish free style swimmer (world record 400 meter)
1968 Eddie Britton wide receiver (Baltimore Ravens)
1973 Eric Thomas Chartage TX, 400 meter hurdler
1973 Mia Farrance Melbourne Victoria Australia, canoeist (Olympics-96)
1975 Alya Rohali Miss Universe-Indonesia (1996)
1975 Sandra Maidana Miss Universe-Uruguay (1996)
1976 Konerak Sinthasomphone Milwaukee WI, Jeffrey Dahmer's victim
1988 Zoe Kravitz daughter of Lisa Bonet & Lenny Kravitz


Deaths which occurred on December 1st:
0660 Eligius/Eloy French bishop of Tournay-Noyon/saint, dies
1135 Henry I Beauclerc king of England (1st king that could read), dies
1374 Magnus Eriksson king of Norway/Sweden, dies
1417 Walraven I van Brederode viceroy of Holland, dies
1455 Lorenzo Ghiberti Italian sculptor, dies at 77
1515 Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba [el Gran Capitán] Spanish general, dies at 62
1521 Leo X [Giovanni de' Medici] Italian Pope (1513-21), dies at 45
1530 Margaretha of Austria governess of the Netherlands, dies at 51
1580 Edmund Campion English jesuit, hanged at 42
1580 Giovanni Morone Italian theologian/diplomat/cardinal, dies at 71
1623 Thomas Weelkes composer, dies at 47
1633 Isabella of Austria infante of Spain/governess in Holland, dies at 67
1635 Melchior Teschner composer, dies at 51
1651 Cristobal de Isla Diego composer, dies at 65
1700 Willem ten Rhijne Dutch physician in Batavia, dies at about 53
1707 Jeremiah Clarke composer, dies
1709 Abraham a Santa Clara [Johann Megerle] German court vicar, dies at 65
1727 Johann Heinrich Buttstett composer, dies at 61
1729 Christian Ludwig Boxberg composer, dies at 59
1736 Simon van Slingelandt Dutch grand pensionary (1727-36), dies at 72
1750 Doppelmayr mathematician
1755 Maurice Greene composer, dies at 59
1797 Oliver Wolcott US judge/signer (Declaration of Independence), dies at 71
1808 Anton Fischer composer, dies at 30
1813 Ferdinando Bertoni composer, dies at 88
1817 Justin Heinrich Knechtl composer, dies at 65
1825 Aleksandr I P Romanov czar of Russia (1801-25), dies at 47
1842 Philip Spencer 1st US naval officer condemned for mutiny, hanged
1865 Constant van Crombrugghe Flemish monastery founder, dies at 76
1887 Albertus J Duymaer van Twist Governor-General of Dutch-Indies, dies at 78
1892 ? de Bruyne Belgian sergeant in Congo, murdered
1892 Joseph Lippens Belgian lieutenant in Congo, murdered
1893 Eduard Franck composer, dies at 76
1901 George Lohmann cricketer (in South Africa 18 Tests, 112 wickets), dies
1916 Charles E Vicomte de Foucauld French explorer, dies at 58
1925 Vicente Arregui Garay composer, dies at 54
1926 Hans Heinrich XIV Hochberg composer, dies at 83
1932 Amadeo Vives composer, dies at 61
1934 Sergei M Kirov Josef Stalin's collaborator, assassinated in Leningrad
1935 Bernard Schmidt inventor (Schmidt camera), dies
1939 Max Fiedler composer, dies at 79
1941 Horace Chapman cricketer (2 Tests for South Africa, 39 runs, 1 wicket), dies
1945 Harvey Bartlett Gaul composer, dies at 64
1947 Aleister Edward S Crowley British occultist, dies at 72
1947 Hardy mathematician, dies
1950 Ernest John Moeran British composer, dies at 55
1951 Felix Petyrek composer, dies at 59
1952 Victor E Orlando Italian premier (1917-19), dies at 92
1960 Ion Vasilescu composer, dies at 57
1968 Hugo Haas actor/director (Bait, Pick Up), dies of asthma at 66
1970 Frank Smailes cricketer (England pace bowler Test vs India 1946), dies
1971 Arthur B Springarn US NAACP chairman (1940-65), dies at 93
1972 Antonio Segni Italian PM/President (1955-57, 59-60, 62-64), dies at 81
1973 David Ben-Gurion founding father of Israel, dies in Tel Aviv at 87
1974 Lajos Zilahy Hungarian/US author (Angry Angel), dies at 83
1974 Stephen Gill Spottswood US bishop/chairman (NAACP), dies at 77
1975 Nick Kenny US columnist/songwriter (Nick Kenny Show), dies at 80
1977 Paul Hardy Belgian designer (Italian Country, dies at 69
1980 Sam Levene actor (Purple Heart, Designing Women), dies at 75
1982 Dorothy James composer, dies on 81st birthday
1983 Mirsky mathematician, dies
1985 Philip Larkin English poet
1986 Horace Heidt orchestra leader (Swift Show Wagon), dies at 85
1986 [Irving] Lee Dorsey [Kid Chocolate] US boxer/singer, dies at 59
1986 Robert L "Bobby" Layne football player (Detroit Lions), dies at 59
1987 Donn Fulton Eisele Colonel USAF/astronaut, dies of a heart attack at 57
1987 James Arthur Baldwin writer (Another Country), dies at 63
1989 Alvin Ailey US choreographer (Blues Suite, Revelations), dies at 58
1990 Jan H de Groot Dutch co-founder (Vrij Nederland), dies
1991 Byron Webster actor (That Man Bolt), dies of AIDS at 58
1991 George Joseph Stigler US economist (Nobel 1982), dies at 80
1994 Hugh Chilvers cricketer (151 wickets leg-spin for New South Wales 1928-37), dies
1994 Lionel Stander actor (Max-Hart to Hart), dies at 86
1996 Barbak Karmal politician, dies at 67
1996 Irving Gordon songwriter, dies at 81
1997 Denis Gerald Barrington artist, dies at 67
1997 Stephane Grappelli French jazz violinist, dies at 89

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