22nd August, on this day

392 Arbogast has Eugenius elected Western Roman Emperor.
476 Odoacer is named Rex italiae by his troop.
565 St Columba reported seeing monster in Loch Ness
851 Erispoe defeats Charles the Bald near the Breton town of Jengland.
1138 Battle of the Standard between Scotland and England.
1454 Jews are expelled from Brunn Moravia by order of King Ladislaus
1485 The Battle of Bosworth Field in Leicestershire. Richard III is killed as he tries to reach the usurper of his crown, Henry Tudor. It's the last battle in the War of the Roses between the Houses of Lancaster and York
1559 Bartolomé Carranza, Spanish archbishop, is arrested for heresy.
1639 Madras (now Chennai), India, is founded by the British East India Company after buying a sliver of land from local Nayak rulers.
1642 Beginning of the English Civil War - between supporters' of King Charles I (Royalists or Cavaliers) and of Parliament (Roundheads), when the King raises his standard at Nottingham
1654 Jacob Barsimson arrives in New Amsterdam. He is the first known Jewish immigrant to America.
1717 Spanish troops land on Sardinia.
1762 1st female (Ann Franklin) US newspaper editor, Newport RI, Mercury
1770 James Cook's expedition lands on the east coast of Australia.
1775 King George III proclaims colonies to be in open rebellion
1780 James Cook's ship HMS Resolution returns to England (Cook having been killed on Hawaii during the voyage).
1787 John Fitch's steamboat completes its tests, years before Fulton
1791 Haitian Slave Revolution begins
1798 French troops land in Kilcummin harbour, County Mayo, Ireland to aid Wolfe Tone's United Irishmen's Irish Rebellion.
1827 José de La Mar becomes President of Peru.
1831 Nat Turner's slave rebellion revolt commences just after midnight in Southampton, Virginia, leading to the deaths of more than 50 whites and several hundred African Americans who were killed in retaliation for the uprising.
1846 New Mexico is annexed by the USA
1849 First air raid in history. Austria launched pilotless balloons against the Italian city of Venice.
1851 Gold fields discovered in Australia
1851 Yacht "America" wins 1st Royal Yacht Squadron Cup (America's Cup)
1864 Signing of the Geneva Convention for the protection of wounded and those taken prisoner during war - leading to the founding of the International Red Cross
1875 The Treaty of Saint Petersburg between Japan and Russia is ratified, providing for the exchange of Sakhalin for the Kuril Islands.
1901 Cadillac Motor Company founded.
1902 President Teddy Roosevelt became 1st US chief executive to ride in a car
1902 The German Luger becomes the official German sidearm for both World Wars.
1906 1st Victor Victrola manufactured
1910 Japan annexes Korea
1911 Theft of the Mona Lisa is discovered.
1914 In Belgium, British and German troops clash for the first time in the war.
1922 Irish republican Michael Collins, the founder of Sinn Fein, is assassinated by extremist republicans in an ambush in Ireland
1926 Gold discovered in Johannesburg, South Africa
1932 BBC begins experimental regular TV broadcasts
1941 German troops reach the outskirts of Leningrad - completely surrounding the city on September 8th and beginning a siege which lasts until January 1944
1942 Brazil declared war on Germany and Italy.
1944 Thirty-two Spaniards and four French Maquis tackle a German column (1,300 men in 60 lorries, with 6 tanks & 2 self-propelled guns), at La Madeiline, France. Three Maquis are wounded, with 110 Germans killed and 200 wounded. .
1949 Queen Charlotte earthquake: Canada's largest earthquake since the 1700 Cascadia earthquake
1950 Althea Gibson becomes 1st black competetor in national tennis competition
1951 Harlem Globetrotters play in Olympic Stadium, Berlin before 75,052
1952 The penal colony on Devil's Island is permanently closed.
1956 President Eisenhower and VP Nixon renominated by Rep convention in SF
1962 15 terrorists attack French leader General de Gaulle in the 22nd of 31 attempts on his life. Despite being sprayed with a volley of at least 150 shots, de Gaulle is only slightly injured by flying glass
1962 The NS Savannah, the world's first nuclear-powered cargo ship, completes its maiden voyage.
1963 NASA civilian test pilot Joe Walker in X-15 reaches 67 miles (106 km)
1968 1st papal visit to Latin America (Pope Paul VI arrives in Bogota)
1968 Cynthia Lennon sues John Lennon for divorce on adultry
1969 Hurricane Camille strikes U.S. Gulf Coast kills 255
1971 J. Edgar Hoover and John Mitchell announce the arrest of 20 of the Camden 28.
1972 Rhodesia is expelled by the IOC for its racist policies.
1973 Henry Kissinger is named US Secretary of State - replacing William Rogers
1978 The Shroud of Turin goes on show for the first time, on the high altar at St John's Cathedral in Turin
1978 The Frente Sandinista de Liberacion or FSLN occupies national palace in Nicaragua.
1979 200 black leaders, meet in NY, to support Andrew Young
1982 Gen Ariel Sharon urges Palestinians to discuss peaceful coexistence
1984 Rep convention in Dallas renominates Pres Reagan and VP Bush
1985 A British Airtours Boeing 737 bursts into flames at the end of the runway at Manchester Airport after aborting its' take off. 55 are killed by flames and strong fumes - another 80 passengers manage to escape
1986 NASA announces tests designed to verify ignition pressure dynamics
1987 Madonna's "Who's "That Girl," single goes to number 1
1988 Australia unveils 1st platinum coin (Koala)
1989 1st complete ring around Neptune discovered
1990 President Bush calls up military reserves
1992 FBI HRT sniper Lon Horiuchi shoots and kills Vicki Weaver during an 11-day siege at her home at Ruby Ridge, Idaho.
1995 Negasso Gidada is elected President of the newly-named Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
1998 Republican terrorist group the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) announces a 'complete ceasefire'
2003 Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore was suspended after refusing to comply with a federal court order to remove a rock inscribed with the Ten Commandments from the lobby of the Alabama Supreme Court building.
2004 A version of The Scream and Madonna, two paintings by Edvard Munch, are stolen at gunpoint from a museum in Oslo, Norway.
2007 The Storm botnet, a botnet created by the Storm Worm, sends out a record 57 million e-mails in one day

22nd August 2006

Russian plane crashes in Ukraine

Italy steps in with Lebanon offer

Saddam trial hears of gas attack

22nd August 2007

Bush in Vietnam warning over Iraq

Curfew after Bangladesh clashes

Some 10,000 flee Congo to Uganda

22nd August 2008

Russia says withdrawal complete

Somali insurgents 'take key port'

US troops 'to quit Iraq by 2011'

22nd August 2009

FBI boss attacks Megrahi release

Pakistan Taliban name new chief

Top Italian lottery prize is won

22nd August 2010

Thousands flee Pakistan floods

Australia PM Gillard begins task to build coalition

Iran unveils first bomber drone

Birthdates which occurred on 22nd August :

1836 Archibald M Willard US, artist (Spirit of '76)
1862 Claude Debussy St Germain-en-Laye, composer (La Mer, Clair de lune)
1891 Francis McDonald Bowling Green Ky, actor (Will-Adv of Champion)
1893 Dorothy Parker US, short story writer (1958 Marjorie Peabody Award)
1895 Paul White Bangor Maine, composer (Adante & Rondo for Cello)
19-- Debbie Peterson rocker (Bangles-Walk Like an Egyptian)
19-- Tricia Pursley actress (All My Children)
1900 Elizabeth Bergner Vienna Austria, actress (Catherine the Great)
1903 Ren‚ Wellek Vienna Austria, writer (Concepts of Criticism)
1904 Deng Xiaoping Chinese leader (1976-1983)
1909 Mel Hein NFL center (NY Giants)
1911 Edith Atwater Chic, actress (Phyllis-Love on a Rooftop)
1917 John Lee Hooker Mississippi, blues musician (Canned Heat)
1920 Dr Denton Cooley heart surgeon (1st artifical heart transplant)
1920 Ray Bradbury Ill, sci-fi author (Fahrenheit 451, Illustrated Man)
1922 Micheline Presle Paris, actress (Nea, Donkey Skin)
1926 Honor Blackman London, actress (Pussy Galore-Goldfinger)
1928 John Lupton Highland Park Ill, actor (Tom-Broken Arrow)
1928 Karlheinz Stockhausen M”drath, Germany, composer (Kontrapunkte)
1932 Gerald P Carr Denver Colorado, Col USMC/astronaut (Skylab 4)
1933 Sylvia Koscina actress (Jessica, Hercules)
1934 Diana Sands actress (Raisin in the Sun, Doctor's Wife)
1934 Norman Schwartzkopf NJ, US General (Liberated Kuwait from Iraq)
1935 Morton Dean Fall River Mass, TV newscaster (CBS, ABC)
1939 Carl Yastrzemski NY, Boston Red Sox great (1967 AL MVP, Hall of Fame)
1940 George Reinholt Phila, (Another World, One Life to Live)
1940 Valerie Harper Sufferin NY, (Mary Tyler Moore Show, Rhoda, Valerie)
1942 Kathy Lennon Santa Monica Calif, singer (Lennon Sisters)
1945 James G Richardson Gainesville Fla, actor (Tim Cassidy-Sierra)
1945 Ron Dante Staten Island NY, rocker (Archies-Sugar, Sugar)
1947 Cindy Williams Van Nuys Calif, actress (Shirley-Laverne & Shirley)
1949 Diana Nyad swimmer (1st to swim Bahamas to Fla-1979)
1959 Juan Croucier heavy metal rocker (Ratt-Round & Round)
1961 Roland Orzabal singer (Tears for Fears-Shout, Head over Heels)
1963 Terry Catledge NBA star (Orlando Magic)
1964 Mats Wilander Sweden, tennis player (1988 US Open)
1966 Mark Michaels heavy metal guitarist (Teach Yourself Rhythm Guitar)


Deaths which occurred on August 22nd:
1818 Warren Hastings 1st governor-general of India (1773-84), dies at 85
1922 Michael Collins Sinn Fein leader, killed by rebels
1926 Charles William Elliot Pres of Harvard (1869-1909), dies at 92
1977 Sebastian Cabot actor (Mr French-Family Affair), dies at 59
1978 Jomo Kenyatta president of Kenya, dies at 83
1991 Colleen Dewhurst actress (Murphy Brown), dies of cancer at 67