11th August, on this day

2492 BC Traditional date of the defeat of Bel by Hayk, progenitor and founder of the Armenian nation.
480 BC Greco-Persian Wars: Battle of Artemisium - The Persians achieve a naval victory over the Greeks in an engagement fought near Artemisium, a promontory on the north coast of Euboea. The Greek fleet holds its own against the Persians in three days of fighting but withdraws southward when news comes of the defeat at Thermopylae.
355 Claudius Silvanus, accused of treason, proclaims himself Roman Emperor against Constantius II.
1492 The infamous Roderic Borgia bribes enough Cardinals to be elected Pope Alexander VI
1576 English navigator Martin Frobisher enters the bay in Canada which is later named after him
1772 Explosive eruption blows 4,000' off Papandayan Java, kills 3,000
1780 Barbados hurricane begins
1786 Captain Francis Light established the British colony of Penang in Malaysia
1804 Francis II assumed title of first Emperor of Austria
1835 George B Airy begins 46-year reign as England's Astronomer Royal
1858 First ascent of the Eiger.
1860 US's 1st successful silver mill opens (Virginia City, Nev)
1866 World's 1st roller rink opens (Newport, RI)
1877 Asaph Hall discovers Mars's moon Deimos
1898 Spanish-American War: American troops enter the city of Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.
1909 SOS 1st used by an American ship, Arapahoe, off Cape Hatteras, NC
1914 Jews are expelled from Mitchenick, Poland
1918 Battle of Amiens ends in WW I, Allied victory over Germans
1919 Constitution of Weimar Republic adopted
1920 The Latvia-Bolshevist Russia peace treaty, which relinquished Russia's authority and pretenses to Latvia, is signed.
1934 1st federal prisoners arrive at Alcatraz in SF Bay
1941 World War II: US President Franlin Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill sign the Atlantic Charter to demonstrate solidarity between the Allies
1942 World War II: English inventor Barnes Wallis patents a 'bouncing bomb' for use to breach several German dams by the RAF to the following year
1942 Opening of the New Waterloo Bridge over the River Thames in London
1945 Allies refuse Japan's surrender offer to retain Emperor Hirohito
1948 Summer Olympics opens in London
1949 1st Naples-Capri swim, 17 miles (27 km) (Giovanni Gambi)
1951 In US 1st colour baseball game (Braves vs Dodgers) telecast (WCBS-NYC)
1952 King Hussein succeeds to the throne of Jordan after his father, King Talal is deposed becuase of his mental illness
1954 Formal peace takes place, ending 7+ yrs of fighting in Indochina between French and Communist Vietminh
1956 Elvis Presley releases "Don't Be Cruel"
1960 Chad declares independence
1962 Andrian G Nikolayev, becomes 3rd Russian in space aboard Vostok 3
1962 Beach Boys release "Surfin' Safari"
1963 The Kingston Trio are the mystery guest on "What's My Line?"
1964 Beatles' "A Hard Day's Night" opens in NYC
1964 Race riot in Paterson, NJ
1965 6 day insurrection starts in Watts section of Los Angeles
1965 Violent race riots break out in the Watts area of Chicago, USA
1965 Beatles movie "Help" opens in NYC
1966 Last Beatle concert tour of the US begins
1968 The Beatles launch the "Apple Records" label
1968 The last steam passenger train service runs in Britain. A selection of British Rail steam locomotives make the 120-mile journey from Liverpool to Carlisle and returns to Liverpool before having their fires dropped for the last time - this working was known as the Fifteen Guinea Special.
1971 Construction begins on the Louisiana Superdome
1972 The last United States ground combat unit depart South Vietnam.
1974 Head-on collision between two buses kills 21 (Ankara, Turkey)
1975 The British Government takes over ownership of British Leyland, the only major British-owned car company
1975 US vetoes proposed admission of North and South Vietnam to UN
1975 East Timor: Governor Mário Lemos Pires of Portuguese Timor abandons the capital Dili, following a coup by the Timorese Democratic Union (UDT) and the outbreak of civil war between UDT and Fretilin.
1976 Keith Moon, drummer for the Who, collapses and is hospitalized in Miami
1978 Funeral of Pope Paul VI
1984 Carl Lewis duplicates Jesse Owens' 1936 feat, wins 4 Olym track golds
1984 During a radio voice test President Reagan joked he "signed legislation that would outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in 5 minutes"
1988 Meir Kahane renounced US citizenship to stay in Israeli Parliament
1989 "Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child" premiers
1989 Voyager 2 discovers 2 partial rings of Neptune
1990 Egypt and Morocco troops land in Saudi Arabia to prevent Iraqi invasion
1991 Shite Muslims release US hostage Edward Tracy
1999 The exceptional Salt Lake City Tornado tears through the downtown district of the city, killing one.
2003 NATO takes over command of the peacekeeping force in Afghanistan, marking its first major operation outside Europe in its 54-year-history.
2003 Jemaah Islamiyah leader Riduan Isamuddin, better known as Hambali, is arrested in Bangkok, Thailand.
2003 A heat wave in Paris resulted in temperatures rising to 112°F (44° C), leaving about 144 people dead.

11th August 2006

UK threat level remains critical

UN steps up push for Lebanon deal

US warns of India terror attacks

11th August 2007

Bomb kills southern Iraq governor

Thousands flee Philippine clashes

Landmark election in Sierra Leone

11th August 2008

Russian troops in Georgia advance

Turkish soldiers killed in blast

Gaza tunnel collapse kills three

11th August 2009

Hundreds of Taiwanese dead

Car bombs kill eight in Baghdad

Anger greets Suu Kyi conviction

11th August 2010

UN launches $459m Pakistan flood appeal

Bodies found in Bosnian Lake

Markets drop on US economy fears

Birthdates which occurred on 11th August :

1778 Friedrich Ludwig Jahn founder of turnverein (gymnastics) movement
1823 Charlotte Mary Yonge England, writer (Heir of Redclyffe)
1833 Robert Green Ingersoll NY, author/politician/agnostic (Att Gen-R-Ill)
1837 Sadi Carnot engineer, French president (1887-94); assassinated
1862 Carrie Jacobs Bond Janesville Wisc, songwriter (I Love You Truly)
1867 Joseph Weber comedian (Weber & Fields)
1892 Hugh MacDiarmid Scotland, writer (Scots Unbound)
1897 Louise Bogan Maine, writer (Sleeping Fury)
1900 Alexander Mosolov Kiev Russia, composer (Zavod)
1900 Charles Paddock sprinter (world's fastest human of 1920s)
1902 Lloyd Nolan SF Calif, actor (A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Peyton Place)
1911 Henry Kulky Hastings-on-Hudson NY, actor (Otto-Life of Riley)
1912 Jean Parker Montana, actress (Beyond Tomorrow, Little Women)
1913 Sir Angus Wilson England, writer (Mulberry Bush-1955)
1920 William Masselos Niagara Falls NY, pianist/prof (Juiliard 1976)
1921 Alex Haley US, author (Roots)
1924 Arlene Dahl Minneapolis Minnesota, actress/TV panelist (Ambush)
1925 Carl Rowan gun-toting newspaper columnist (Wash Post)
1925 Mike Douglas Chicago Ill, talk show host (Mike Douglas Show)
1926 Claus Von Bulow accused of murdering his wife
1927 Raymond Leppard London England, conductor (St Louis Symphony Orch)
1929 Alun Hoddinott Bargoed Wales, composer (Floriture)
1930 William A O'Neal (Gov-D-Ct)
1933 Jerry Falwell televangelist, Moral Majority head
1937 Anna Massey actress (De Sade, Doll's House)
1940 Kip King Chicago Ill, actor (Charlie & Company)
1941 Elizabeth Holtzman Bkln DA (D-Rep-NY, Watergate Committee)
1942 Mike Hugg drummer (Manfred Mann)
1946 Marilyn Vos Savant St Louis Mo, writer/world's highest IQ (Guinness)
1947 Jeff Hanna singer/guitarist (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band)
1947 Sergey Kovalneko USSR, basketball (Olympic-bronze-1968)
1949 Eric Carmen Cleveland, Ohio, rocker (All by Myself)
1949 Ian Charleson Edinburgh Scotland, actor (Jamie-Master of the Game)
1950 Erik Brann guitarist (Iron Butterfly)
1950 Steve Wozniak cofounded Apple Computer
1952 Ann Michelle England, actress (Virigin Witch)
1953 Hulk Hogan [Terry Bollea], Ga, WWF heavyweight champion (1984-89)
1953 Sanford Jensen South Haven Mich, actor (Foley Square)
1954 Lina Polito Naples Italy, actress (Love & Anarchy)
1955 Joe Jackson England, singer (Steppin' Out)
1959 Linda Rhys Vaughn Grossmont Ca, playmate (Apr, 1982)
1964 Hamish rocker (The Pasedenas-Riding on the Train)
1969 Eddie Garcia LA, actor/musician (Guys Next Door-I Was Made For You)
1971 Julie Anne Clark Tucson Az, playmate (Mar, 1991)


Deaths which occurred on August 11th:
1868 Thaddeus Stevens architect of Radical Reconstruction, dies at 76
1956 Jackson Pollock abstract artist, dies in auto accident (East Hampton)
1973 Peggy Castle actress (Lily Merrill-Lawman), dies at 46
1982 Tom Drake actor, dies of lung cancer at 63
1988 Anne Ramsey actress, dies of cancer at 59
1988 Jean-Pierre Ponnele opera director (Carmina Burana), dies at 56