6th April, on this day

648 -BC- Earliest total solar eclipse; chronicled by Greeks
402 Battle at Pollentia Roman army under Stilicho beats Visigoten
610 Lailat-ul Qadar, the night the koran descended to Earth
774 Charles the Great affirms Pippins promise of Quiercy
1106 Fire in Venice
1199 King of England Richard I, Coeur de Lion, killed in battle
1320 The Scots reaffirm their independence by signing the Declaration of Arbroath.
1327 Italian poet Petrarch 1st sets eyes on his beloved Laura
1362 Robber bastion Tard-Venus strikes at Brignais, France
1385 John, Master of the Order of Aviz, is made king John I of Portugal.
1516 A Willaert installed as singer of cardinal Ippolito I d'Este
1634 Heeren XIX asks "to secure Eylands Curaçao"
1652 Cape Colony, the 1st European settlement in South Africa, established by John of Riebeeck
1663 King Charles II signs Carolina Charter
1664 France and Saksen sign alliance
1667 An earthquake devastates Dubrovnik, then an independent city-state.
1672 France declares war on Netherlands
1712 Slave revolt in New York
1722 Peter the Great ends tax on men with beards
1724 Duke of Newcastle becomes English minister of Foreign Affairs
1727 Denmark signs Covenant of Hannover
1757 English king George II fires minister William Pitt Sr
1782 Rama I succeeds King Taksin of Thailand, who was overthrown in a coup d'état.
1789 1st US Congress begins regular sessions, Federal Hall, New York, NY
1793 During the French Revolution, the Committee of Public Safety becomes the executive organ of the republic, and the period known as the Reign of Terror begins.
1808 John Jacob Astor incorporates the American Fur Company.
1814 Napoleon abdicates. He is then exiled to Elba.
1815 English militia shoots prisoners, 100's killed
1830 Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints is founded by Joseph Smith-Fayette in New York. The followers are known as Mormons
1832 Black Hawk War begins - The Sauk warrior Black Hawk enters into war with the United States.
1841 Cornerstone laid for 2nd Mormon temple, Nauvoo IL
1843 English poet William Wordsworth is appointed Poet Laureate -a day before his 73rd birthday
1848 Jews of Prussia granted equality
1859 US recognizes Liberal government in México's War of the Reform
1862 Battle of Shiloh, Union defeats Confederacy in SW Tennessee
1865 Battle of Sayler's Creek, 1/3rd of Lee's army cut off
1866 G.A.R. (Grand Army of the Republic) is established
1868 Brigham Young marries his 27th and final wife
1868 Ku Klux Klan founded in America
1869 1st plastic, Celluloid, patented
1883 Work starts on the first Channel Tunnel project
1886 City of Vancouver British Columbia Canada incorporated
1886 Declaration of Berlin neutralizes Tonga
1889 George Eastman places Kodak Camera on sale for 1st time
1890 French troops under Captain Archinard occupy Segu, West-Sudan
1893 Andy Bowen and Jack Burke box 7 hours 19 minutes to no decision in St Louis (111 rounds, longest bout in boxing history)
1893 Mormon temple in Salt Lake City dedicated
1895 Oscar Wilde is arrested (in Cadogan Hotel, London) after losing a libel case against the John Sholto Douglas, 9th Marquess of Queensberry.
1896 1st modern Olympic games begin in Athens Greece; American, James Connolly, wins 1st Olympic gold medal in modern history)
1903 The Kishinev pogrom in Kishinev (Bessarabia) begins, forcing tens of thousands of Jews to later seek refuge in Israel and the Western world.
1906 1st animated cartoon copyrighted
1908 British Prime Minister Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman resigns because of ill-health. Dies less than 3 weeks later
1909 1st credit union established in US
1909 American Arctic explorer US Commander Robert Edwin Peary becomes the first man to reach the North Pole - at his sixth attempt in 15 years
1912 Electric starter 1st appeared in cars
1916 German parliament OKs unrestricted submarine warfare
1917 United States of America declares war on Germany and enters World War I with Britain and France as its main Allies
1919 Gandhi orders a General Strike.
1920 French troop attacks Main/Darmstadt/Hanau
1924 4 planes leave Seattle on 1st successful around-the-world flight
1924 Italian fascists receive 65% of vote of parliament
1924 Völkische Block (Nazi's) receives 17.8% of vote in Bayern
1925 1st film shown on an airplane (British Air) 1
1926 Walter Varney Airlines makes first commercial flight (Varney is the root company of United Airlines).
1930 Gandhi raises a lump of mud and salt and declares, "With this, I am shaking the foundations of the British Empire." Thus he starts Salt Satyagraha.
1930 1st transcontinental glider tow completed
1930 Hostess Twinkies invented by bakery executive James Dewar
1931 1st Scottsboro (Alabama) trial begins - 9 blacks accused of rape
1934 418 Lutheran ministers arrested in Germany
1936 Tornado kills 203 and injures 1,800 in Gainesville, GA
1938 Teflon invented by Roy J Plunkett
1939 US and UK agree on joint control of Canton and Enderbury Islands (Pacific)
1939 Great Britain and Poland sign military pact
1941 Italian-held Addis Ababa capitulates to British and Ethiopian forces
1941 Beginning of 3 day bombardment of Belgrade (17,000 die)
1941 British General Gambier-Parry caught in North Africa
1941 German bombardment on Piraeus (munitions ship explodes)
1941 Germany invades Yugoslavia and Greece during World War II
1943 British and US offensive at Wadi Akarit, South-Tunisia
1944 Pay As You Earn (PAYE) income tax is introduced into Britain. The system was devised by Sir Cornelius Gregg
1944 Jewish nursery at Izieu-Ain France overrun by Nazi's
1945 Coevorden freed from Nazi's
1945 Japanese giant battleship Yamato heads to Okinawa
1945 Massive kamikaze-attack on US battle fleet near Okinawa
1945 US marines explore Tsugen Shima near Okinawa
1947 The first Tony Awards are presented for theatrical achievements.
1954 TV Dinner is 1st put on sale by Swanson and Sons
1955 Anthony Eden becomes Prime Minister of Great Britain
1954 US performs atmospheric nuclear test at Bikini Island
1955 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1955 Yemen failed coup by Abdullah Seif el-Islam
1956 Polish communist Gomulka freed from prison
1957 Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis buys the Hellenic National Airlines (TAE) and founds Olympic Airlines.
1957 NYC ends trolley car service
1957 USSR performs nuclear test (atmospheric tests)
1958 Arnold Palmer wins 1st major golf tournament-the Masters
1964 Egypt and Belgium restore diplomatic relations
1965 Intelsat 1 ("Early Bird") 1st commercial geosynchronous communications satellite
1966 Mihir Sen swims the Palk Strait between Sri Lanka and India
1967 Premier Pompidou forms new French government
1968 94.5% of East German voters approve new socialist constitution
1968 Gunpowder stock at a sporting-goods store explodes, killing 43 (Virginia)
1970 Newhall Incident: Four California Highway Patrol officers are killed.
1972 Egypt drops diplomatic relations with Jordan
1972 Easter Offensive - American forces begin sustained air strikes and naval bombardments.
1973 Harbor strike in Gent/Antwerp, Belgium
1973 Indies troops invade Sikkim
1973 US launches Pioneer 11 to Jupiter and Saturn
1974 Swedish group ABBA win the Eurovision Song Contest with 'Waterloo'
1974 200,000 attend rock concert "California Jam"
1975 Bundy victim Denise Oliverson disappears from Grand Junction CO
1976 1st quadraphonic movie track "Ladies and Gentlemen the Rolling Stones"
1977 Judge rules the Beatles 1962 Hamburg album can be released
1979 Rod Stewart and Alana Collins wed
1980 Post It Notes are introduced
1981 Yugoslav government sends troops to Kosovo
1982 Columbia returns to Kennedy Space Center from White Sands
1984 11th Space Shuttle Mission (41-C)- Challenger 5 is launched; 1st time 11 people in space
1985 Sudan suspends constitution after coup under General Swarreddahab
1985 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1986 Soccer ball juggled non-stop for 14:14 hours
1987 Al Campanis appears on Niteline saying blacks may not be equipped to be in baseball management, sparking a racial controversy
1988 North pole explorer Matthew Henson buried next to Robert Peary in Arlington
1991 Former child actor Adam Rich arrested for breaking into a pharmacy
1991 Argentine soocer star Diego Maradona suspended for 15 month by Italian League for testing positive for cocaine use
1991 Iraq accepts cease fire term during the Persian Gulf War.
1992 Britain Radio Authority licenses Virgin and TV-AM radio licenses
1992 Voting begins on choice of Elvis postage stamps
1992 Microsoft announced Windows 3.1, upgrading Windows 3.0
1992 Serbian troops begin siege of Sarajevo
1993 1st test flight of Ilyushin IL-96M (Moscow)
1993 Following public disquiet on the subject, Queen Elizabeth II begins paying income tax
1994 Palestinian suicide bomber kills 7 Israelis and himself
1994 Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarinana and Burundi President Cyprien Ntaryamira are killed in a rocket attack on their plane. Millions more die in the resulting conflict in Rwanda
1997 Veteran BBC news reporter Martin Bell announces he will be standing as an independent 'anti-sleaze' candidate against sitting Tory MP Neil Hamilton at the forthcoming General Election in Britain
1998 Pakistan tests medium-range missiles capable of hitting India.
2004 Rolandas Paksas becomes the first president of Lithuania to be peacefully removed from the post by impeachment.
2005 Kurdish leader Jalal Talabani becomes the Iraqi president; Shiite Arab Ibrahim al-Jaafari is named premier the next day.

6th April 2006

Giuliani describes 9/11 horrors

Najaf car bomb kills at least 10

Firm offers $16m to end seal cull

6th April 2007

Billions face climate change risk

Ramadi suicide bombing 'kills 30'

Islamabad faces suicide bomb call

6th April 2008

US forces clash with Iraq militia

Clashes along Olympic torch route

French Muslim war graves defaced

6th April 2009

Powerful Italian quake kills many

Deadly bomb attacks hit Baghdad

Schindler's List found in Sydney

6th April 2010

75 Indian soldiers killed by Maoists

Flooding in Rio de Janeiro state kills 50

Baghdad blasts kill at least 35

Birthdates which occurred on 6th April :

1483 Raphael [Raffaello Sanzio] Urbino Italy, painter/master builder (Madonna Sistina)
1631 Vincenzo De Grandis composer
1660 Johann Kuhnau composer
1671 Jean-Baptiste Rousseau French playwright/poet (Sacred Odes & Songs)
1672 Andre Cardinal Destouches composer
1708 George Reuter composer
1741 Sébastien-Roch-Nicolas Chamfort French playwright (Maximes)
1752 Johann Friedrich Kranz composer
1757 Alessandro Rolla composer
1773 James Mill Scotland, philosopher/historian (Hist of British India)
1778 Joseph Funk composer
1806 Elizabeth Barrett Browning poet (Sonnets from the Portuguese)/Mrs Robert Browning
1810 Philip Gosse intentor of institutional aquarium, writer (Omphalos)
1812 Aaron Bernstein writer
1812 Gavril Yakimovich Lomakin composer
1815 Friedrich Robert Volkmann composer
1818 Francis Henry Brown composer
1819 Johann A H Scheler Belgian librarian
1823 Joseph Medill St John New Brunswick Canada, newspaper editor (Chicago Tribune)
1826 Gustave Moreau French painter
1828 Charles William Field Major General (Confederate Army), died in 1892
1830 James Augustine Healy Macon GA, 1st black Roman Catholic bishop
1833 Johan H C Kern Dutch linguist (Sanskrit, Old Javan)
1835 Jose Marraco y Ferrer composer
1844 Joseph Ludwig composer
1860 René Lalique French jewel designer
1866 Joseph Lincoln Steffens muckraker/journalist (Shame of the Cities)
1866 Butch Cassidy [Robert Parker] US desperado (Wild Bunch Passage)
1869 Louis Raemakers Dutch draftsman/painter
1871 Alexander grandson of England's Queen Victoria
1878 Carl Emil Theodor Ehrenberg composer
1878 Erich Mühsam writer
1883 Mien Labberton Dutch poetress
1884 Walter Huston Toronto Ontario Canada, actor (Maltese Falcon, Treasure of Sierra Madre)
1885 Carlos Leon Salzedo composer
1888 Daniel Andersson Swedish poet/writer (Svarta Ballader)
1889 Barry Macollum Northern Ireland
1889 Gabriela Mistral writer
1890 André L Danjon French astronomer
1890 Anthony Herman Gerard Fokker Holland, aircraft pioneer (Spider)
1892 Lowell Thomas Woodington OH, newscaster (High Adventure)
1892 Donald Wills Douglas US, aircraft pioneer (McConnell Douglas)
1892 Mateusz Glinski composer
1896 Juan Tomas Perez composer
1898 Bobby Gilbert Pennsylvania, actor (Rebel Set, Marcus Welby MD)
1900 Andrés Sas Perú, composer
1900 Leo Robin US writer (Thanks For the Memory)
1901 Willem Pelemans Flemish composer/music reviewer
1902 Gertrude Short Cincinnati OH, actress (Stella Dallas, Blonde Venus)
1903 Harold Edgerton foremost high-speed photographer
1903 Mickey Cochrane baseball hall of fame catcher (.320 average)
1904 Kurt G Kiesinger German chancellor (Wherever They May Be)
1906 John Betjeman English Poet Laureate 1972-1984 (Mount Zion)
1908 Vano Il'ich Muradov [Muradeli] Russia, composer
1910 Desmond Dreyer British Admiral
1911 Phyllis Margaret Duncan Tate composer
1912 Endre Szekely composer
1912 Wilhelmus H L "Willem" Tollenaar actor/director (Don Carlos)
1914 George Reeves Ashland KY, actor (Superman, Gone With the Wind)
1917 Julian Faber CEO (Willis Faber)
1917 Walter "Shakey" Horton Mississippi, harmonicist (Everybody's Fishin')
1918 Joan Bernard Principal (Trevelyan College, Durham)
1918 Karen Verne Berlin Germany, actress (Madame X)
1920 Bernard Carter British painter/etcher
1921 Andrew Welsh Imbrie composer
1921 Franta Belsky British sculptor
1921 Lord Moore of Wolvercote
1922 Barry Levinson Baltimore MD, director (Homicide@Life on the Street, Avalon, Rain Man, Diner)
1925 Arthur D Larsen tennis champion (US Open-1950)
1925 John Knox British supreme court justice
1925 Marcus Worsley Lord-Lieutenant of North Yorkshire
1926 Ian Paisley North Ireland, clergyman/MP
1927 David Ingram Vice-Chancellor (University of Kent at Canterbury)
1927 Gerry Mulligan British saxophonist/orchestra leader (Jazz on a Summer Day)
1928 Joi Lansing Salt Lake City UT, actress (Bob Cummings Show)
1928 James Dewey Watson chemist (co-discovered structure of DNA)
1929 "Crazy" Joe Gallo mobster
1929 André Previn Berlin Germany, conductor (London Symphony)/composer/pianist
1929 Arthur S Taylor Jr US drummer/band leader (Taylor's Wailers)
1929 Edison Vasalievich Denisov composer
1929 Li Yuan-chia artist
1929 Willis Hall British writer
1931 Ivan Dixon New York NY, actor (Car Wash, Hogan's Heroes)
1931 Joan Carlyle British soprano
1933 Dudley Sutton British actor (Leather Boys, Brimstone & Treacle)
1934 Antonius Geesink Holland, judo (Olympics-gold-1964)
1934 Reijo Jyrkiainen composer
1935 John Pepper Clark Nigeria, writer (Horn, Song of a Goat)
1936 Manfred Schoof composer
1937 Billy Dee Williams Harlem New York NY, actor (Lady Sings the Blues, Chiefs, Empire Strikes Back, Double Dare)
1937 Merle Haggard Bakersfield CA, country singer (Death Valley Days)
1937 Tom Veivers cricketer (Australian off-spinner in the 60's)
1938 Paul Daniels British magician
1938 Roy Thinnes Chicago IL, actor (Invaders, Falcon Crest, General Hospital)
1940 Anne Campbell MP
1940 Homero Aridjis Mexican poet (La Tumba de Filidor)
1941 Hans W Geissendorfer Augsburg Germany, director (Sternsteinhof)
1942 Phil Austin comedian (Firesign Theater)
1943 Susan Tolsky Houston, actress (Madame's Place, Here Come the Brides)
1943 Harry Conroy trade unionist
1943 Joaquin Agostinho Portuguese cyclist
1943 Roger Cook investigative journalist/broadcaster
1944 John Stax rocker (Pretty Things-Don't Bring Me Down)
1944 Judith McConnell Pittsburgh PA, actress (Sophia-Santa Barbara)
1944 [Holly] Michelle [Gilliam] Phillips Long Beach CA, singer (Mama & Papas)/actress (Knots Landing)
1944 Felicity Palmer British mezzo-soprano
1945 Bob Marley reggae musician/singer (Whalers-No Woman)
1945 Rodney Bickerstaffe trade unionist
1946 Paul Beresford MP
1947 Jan Kees Wiebenga Dutch MP (VVD)
1947 Tony Connor Romford Essex England, drummer (Hot Chocolate-You Sexy Thing)
1949 Jane Actman New York NY, actress (Barbara-Paul Lynde Show)
1949 Mary Maples Dunn college president (Smith College)
1950 Dennis E Eckart (Representative-Democrat-OH, 1981- )
1951 Ralph Cooper Australia, drummer (Air Supply-All Out of Love)
1952 Marilu Henner Chicago IL, actress (Taxi, Man Who Loved Women, Evening Shade)
1952 Udo Dirkshneider heavy metal rocker (Accept-Balls to the Wall, Udo)
1952 Judith McConnell actress (Sophia Capwell-Santa Barbara)
1953 Janet Lynn ice skater (Olympics-bronze-1972)
1954 Judi Bowker Shawford England, actress (Clash of the Titans)
1956 Dilip Vengsarkar cricketer (prolific Indian batsman 1976-92)
1956 Mudassar Nazar cricketer (son of Nazar Mohammad Pakistani bat)
1957 Maurizio Damilano Italian speed walker (30K World Record)
1959 Dianne Brill Tampa, fashion designer/party girl (Queen of the Night)
1961 Mike Schuchart Omaha NE, Nike golfer (1994 NIKE Tour Championship)
1961 Rory Bremner impressionist
1962 Stan Cullimore bassist (Housemartins-Happy Hour, Over There)
1963 Lorenzo Lynch NFL safety (Arizona Cardinals, Oakland Raiders)
1964 Johnny Dee heavy metal drummer (Britny Fox-Boys in Heat, King Kobra)
1964 Bill Brooks NFL wide receiver (Buffalo Bills)
1965 Rica Reinisch German Democratic Republic, 100 meter/200 meter backstroke (Olympics-gold-1980)
1965 Gerald Diduck Edmonton, NHL defenseman (Hartford Whalers)
1965 Virginia Lee Australian rower (Olympics-96)
1966 Kymberly Paige Newport Beach CA, playmate (May 1987)
1967 John Ratzenberger Bridgeport CT, actor (Cliff Clavin-Cheers)
1967 Derrick Fenner NFL running back (Oakland Raiders)
1968 Chris Anderson Australian high jumper (Olympics-96)
1969 Ari Meyers San Juan Puerto Rico, actress (Emma McArdle-Kate & Allie)
1969 Andy Harmon NFL defensive tackle (Philadelphia Eagles)
1969 Bret Boone El Cajon CA, infielder (Cincinnati Reds)
1969 Brian Williams NBA center/forward (Detroit Pistons, Los Angeles Clippers)
1970 Olaf Kolzig Johannesbourg Saf, NHL goalie (Washington Capitals)
1970 Oliver Miller NBA forward/center (Toronto Raptors)
1971 Anthony Redmon guard (Arizona Cardinals)
1971 Tamara Henry Miss Arkansas-USA (1997)
1971 Tom Sorensen Racine WI, volleyball middle blocker (Olympics-96)
1971 Vivian Y Herding Albuquerque NM, Miss New Mexico-America (1996)
1972 Jason Hervey actor (Wayne Arnold-Wonder Years)
1972 Dickey Simpkins NBA forward (San Francisco Warriors, Chicago Bulls)
1972 Donald Blair CFL slot back (Edmonton Eskimos)
1972 Hurvin McCormack NFL defensive tackle (Dallas Cowboys)
1973 Donnie Edwards linebacker (Kansas City Chiefs)
1973 Randall Godfrey linebacker (Dallas Cowboys)
1975 Damon Phillip Pampolina rapper/drummer (Party)
1976 Candace [Helaine] Cameron Bure Panorama City CA, actress (DJ Tanner-Full House)
1976 Soleil Moon Frye Glendora CA, actress (Punky Brewster)
1976 Simon Coombes Melbourne Victoria Australia, swimmer (Olympics-96)
1979 Ali Burr Miss North Carolina Teen-USA (1997)
1979 Frederick MGDL Windsor son of English prince Michael
1980 Matthew Thomas Carey actor (Once You Meet a Stranger)


Deaths which occurred on April 6th:
0885 Methodius Greek apostle of the slaves/archbishop of Sirmium, dies
0912 Nottker "the Stamelaar" benedictine monk/poet, dies at about 71
1199 Richard I the Lion-hearted, King of England (1189-99), dies at 41
1252 Peter of Verona [Peter Martyr] Italian inquisitor/st, dies at 45
1348 Petrarch's Laura dies of plague
1362 Jacques de Bourbon count of Marche, killed in battle
1472 Pieter Bladelin Belgium, land owner (Middelburg castle), dies
1489 Hans Waldmann Swiss military/mayor (Zurich), beheaded
1490 Matthias Corvinus king of Hungary, dies
1520 Raphael [Sanzio] artist (Sistine Madonna), dies on his 37th birthday
1528 Albrecht Dürer German painter/graphic artist, dies in Nürnberg Germany at 56
1551 Joachim Vadianus Swiss physician/mayor of Sankt Gallen, dies at 66
1590 Francis Walsingham English Secretary of State, dies at about 57
1593 Henry Barrow English puritian/Congressionalist, hanged
1593 John Greenwood English Congressionalist, hanged
1605 John Stow British historian, dies
1674 Charles de Méan Belgian lawyer (Observations), dies at 69
1707 Willem Van de Velde the Young, Dutch seascape painter, dies a 73
1779 Tommaso MFS Traetta Italian opera composer (Farnace), dies at 52
1782 Rynoldus Popma van Oevering composer, dies at 90
1805 Lorenz Justinian Ott composer, dies at 56
1817 Bonaventura Furlanetto composer, dies at 78
1822 Franz Xaver Partsch composer, dies at 62
1829 Niels H Able Norwegian mathematician (infinite series), dies at 26
1838 José B de Andrada e Silva premier of Brazil (1822-23), dies at 74
1854 William Strickland US architect, dies
1862 Adley Hogan Gladden Confederate Brigadier-General, dies in battle at 51
1862 Albert Sidney Johnston US Confederate General, dies in battle at 59
1865 John Austin Wharton US Confederate General-Major, dies at 36
1865 Reuben B Boston US Confederate cavalry Colonel, dies in battle
1884 Emanuel Geibel writer, dies at 68
1906 Alexander L Kielland Norwegian writer (Working People), dies at 57
1913 Jose Marraco y Ferrer composer, dies on 78th birthday
1919 Stefan Surzynski composer, dies at 63
1926 Giovanni Amendola antifascist/editor-in-chief (Il Mondo), dies at 43
1931 Giuseppi Radiciotti composer, dies at 73
1935 Edward Arlington Robinson US poet, dies
1939 Robert Courtneidge British theater producer, dies
1940 Andres Isasi composer, dies at 49
1945 Benjamin M Telders president (Dutch Liberal States Party), dies at 42
1947 Vaclav Kapral composer, dies at 58
1949 Stanley Christopherson cricketer (1884, MCC President during WWII), dies
1951 Halfdan Cleve composer, dies at 71
1961 Jules J B V Bordet Belgian bacteriologist (Nobel 1919), dies at 90
1962 J C Heldring Dutch businessman, dies at 74
1966 Julia Faye actress (10 Commandments. Samson & Delilah), dies at 73
1968 Bobby Hutton US Black Panther leader, shot to death
1971 Igor F Stravinsky Russian composer (Le Sacre du Printemps), dies in New York at 88
1972 Heinrich Lübke West Germany President (1959-69), dies at 77
1974 Willem Dudok Dutch architect (Hilversum Town Hall), dies at 89
1976 Ruth P Thomson writer, dies
1978 Nicolas Nabokov composer (Holy Devil), dies at 74
1978 Reinoud Anders Dutch actor (Unrest of Grave), dies at 65
1979 M Marie Widlow softball pitcher (Hall of Fame 1957), dies at 61
1979 Milton Ager US composer, dies at 85
1981 Bob "The Bear" Hite singer (Canned Heat-Goin' up the Country), dies
1983 Ana Maria Salvador guerilla leader, murdered
1984 Jimmy Kenndy British songwriter (South of the Border), dies
1984 Ral Donner singer/narrator, dies at 41
1990 Lady Nancy Hawkes (1946 best-dressed woman) dies at 73
1990 Ronald E Evans astronaut (Apollo 17), dies of a heart attack at 57
1991 Bill Ponsford cricketer (Test average 48 22, 1st-class average 65 18), dies
1992 Isaac Asimov science fiction writer (I Robot), dies from kidney failure at 72
1992 Molly Picon yiddish actress (Milk & Honey), dies of Alzheimers at 94
1993 Divya Bharati "Baby Doll" Indies actress (Diwana), dies in car at 19
1993 Hedi Amira Nouira PM of Tunisia (1970-80), dies
1994 Agatha Uwilingiyimana Rwanda/1st female PM in Africa, assassinated
1994 Cyprian Niayamira President of Burundi (1993-94), assassinated
1994 Dick Cary jazz musician, dies at 77
1994 Juvénal Habayarimana President of Rwanda (1973), assassinated
1994 Patricia Louise Dalton chair (Sherlock Holmes Society), dies at 75
1994 Theo Bosch humanist/architect (Amsterdam), dies at 54
1995 Vieno J Sukselainen PM of Finland (1959-61), dies
1996 Greer Garson actress (Goodbye Mr Chips), dies at 92
1997 Jack Kent Cooke NFL owner (Washington Redskins), dies at 84

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