3rd April, on this day

309 -BC- Origin of Seleucid Era
245 -BC- Origin of Era of Arsaces
419 [Etalius] ends his reign as Catholic Pope
1043 Edward the Confessor crowned king of England
1312 2nd council of Vienna
1367 Battle of Navarrete (Najera), English beat France
1559 Spain and France signs 2nd Treaty of Le Cateau-Cambrésis
1582 French van Valois honored as duke of Gelre/earl of Zutphen
1645 English parliament accept Self-Denying Ordinance
1657 English Lord Protector Cromwell refuses crown
1679 Edmund Halley meets Johannes Hevelius in Danzig
1721 Robert Walpole becomes England's 1st Lord of the Treasury
1764 Austrian arch duke Jozef crowned himself Roman Catholic king
1776 Washington receives honorary Ll.D. degree from Harvard College
1783 Sweden and US sign a treaty of Amity and Commerce
1790 Revenue Marine Service (US Coast Guard), created
1834 The generals in the Greek War of Independence stand trial for treason.
1848 Thomas Douglas becomes 1st San Francisco public teacher
1856 Gunpowder in church explodes killing 4,000 in Rhodos
1860 Pony Express began between St Joseph, MO and Sacramento, CA
1864 Skirmish at Okolona, AR
1865 Union forces occupy Confederate capital of Richmond, VA and Petersburg, VA
1865 Battle at Namozine Church, VA (Appomattox Campaign)
1868 An Hawaiian surfs on highest wave ever, he rides a 50' tidal wave
1882 Wild West Outlaw Jessie James is shot dead by one of his own gang, aged 35
1885 Gottlieb Daimler is granted a German patent for his engine design.
1895 The libel trial instigated by Oscar Wilde begins, eventually resulting in his imprisonment on charges of homosexuality.
1910 Highest mountain in North America, Alaska's Mount McKinley climbed
1913 English suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst is sentenced to 3 years in prison for inciting supporters to place explosives at the London home of British politician David Lloyd George
1917 Lenin leaves Switzerland for Petrograd
1918 House of Representatives accepts American's Creed written by William Tyler
1919 Austria expels all Habsburgers
1922 Stalin appointed General Secretary of Communist Party
1925 Great Britain goes back to gold standard
1926 2nd flight of a liquid-fueled rocket by Robert Goddard
1926 1st performance of Jean Sibelius' 7th Symphony in C
1926 Italy establishes corp of force in order to break powerful unions
1929 Persia agrees to Litvinov Pact
1929 RMS Queen Mary is ordered from John Brown & Company Shipbuilding and Engineering by Cunard Line.
1930 Ras Tafari becomes Emperor Haile Selassie of Abyssinia (Ethiopia)
1933 1st airplane flight over Mount Everest
1936 Bruno Richard Hauptmann is executed for the kidnapping and death of Charles Augustus Lindbergh II, the baby son of world-famous pilot Charles Lindbergh.
1941 Churchill warns Stalin of German invasion
1941 Rasjid al-Gailani forms pro-German regime in Iraq
1942 Japanese forces begin an assault on the United States and Filipino troops on the Bataan Peninsula.
1944 British dive bombers attack battle cruiser Tirpitz
1945 Hengelo freed from nazi control by Canadian army
1945 Nazi's begin evacuation of camp Buchenwald
1945 US 1st army conquers Hofgeismar
1946 Japanese Lt. General Masaharu Homma is executed in the Philippines for leading the Bataan Death March.
1948 Harry Truman signs Marshall Plan ($5B aid to 16 European countries)
1948 In Jeju, South Korea, a civil-war-like period of violence and human rights abuses begins, known as the Jeju massacre.
1949 North Atlantic Treaty, pact signed by US, Britain, France and Canada
1954 Don Perry climbs a 20' rope in under 2.8 seconds
1955 Fire in cinema to Sclessin Belgium, kills 39
1955 Night express train in Guadalajara derails, killing 300
1955 The American Civil Liberties Union announces it will defend Allen Ginsberg's book Howl against obscenity charges.
1956 The western part of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan is struck by a deadly F5 tornado (known as the Hudsonville-Standale Tornado).
1956 Bulgarian vice premier Traitsjo Kostov rehabilitated
1956 German war criminals Hinrichsen/Rühl/Siebens/Viebahn are freed
1957 USSR performs atmospheric nuclear test
1958 Fidel Castro's rebels attacked Havana
1964 Beatles hold the top 6 spots on the Sydney Australia record charts
1964 US and Panamá agree to resume diplomatic relations
1965 1st atomic powered spacecraft (SNAP) launched
1966 Luna 10 orbits Moon
1967 113 East Europeans attending World Amateur hockey championships in Vienna, ask for political asylum
1968 North Vietnam agrees to meet US representatives to set up preliminary peace talks
1968 Martin Luther King Jr. delivers his "I've Been to the Mountaintop" speech.
1969 U.S. Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird announces that the United States will start to "Vietnamize" the war effort.
1970 Miriam Hargrave of England passes her drivers test on 40th try
1973 The first portable cell phone call is placed in New York City.
1974 148 tornadoes are reported over an area covering a dozen states in the east, south and midwest killed approximately 315
1975 Bobby Fischer stripped of world chess title for refusing to defend
1975 James Rupers kills his family to inherit
1976 France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
1976 Britain wins Eurovision Song Contest with 'Save All Your Kisses For Me'
1977 Egyptian President Anwar Sadat's 1st meeting with President Jimmy Carter
1977 Netherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg adopt summer time
1978 European market and China signs trade agreement
1979 Belgium's Martens government forms
1979 Start of regular radio broadcasting from British Parliament
1980 France performs nuclear test
1980 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1981 Arnie Boldt of Saskatchewan jumped 6' 8.25", with 1 leg
1981 Race riots in London's Brixton area
1982 UN Security Council demands Argentina's withdrawal from Falkland Islands
1982 UK dispatched a naval task force to the south Atlantic to reclaim the disputed Falkland Islands from Argentina.
1984 Soyuz T-11 carries 3 cosmonauts (1 Indian-Rakesh Sharma) to Salyut 7
1984 Guinea suspends constitution after coup
1985 Vic Elliot pocketed 15,780 pool balls in 24 hours in London
1985 French government adopts equal electoral system
1987 The jewels of the late Duchess of Windsor, the former Mrs Wallis Simpson who married Edward VI of England after his abdication in 1936, fetch more than £30million at auction
1987 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakhstan/Semipalitinsk USSR
1988 Somalia and Ethiopia sign accord about Ogaden desert
1988 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakhstan/Semipalitinsk USSR
1991 UN Security Council adopts Gulf War truce resolution
1996 US Cabinet member Ron Brown, a top advisor to US President Bill Clinton, dies in military plane crash in Croatia along with several senior American corporate executives
1996 Suspected "Unabomber" Theodore Kaczynski is arrested at his Montana cabin.
1996 A United States Air Force airplane carrying United States Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown crashes in Croatia, killing all 35 on board.
1997 Thalit massacre begins in Algeria; all but 1 of the 53 inhabitants of Thalit are killed by guerrillas.
2000 United States v. Microsoft: Microsoft is ruled to have violated United States antitrust laws by keeping "an oppressive thumb" on its competitors.
2004 Islamist terrorists involved in the 11 March 2004 Madrid attacks are trapped by the police in their apartment and kill themselves.
2007 An official new world record for conventional-train speed of 574.8 km/h (357.2 mph) is set by a French TGV on the LGV Est high speed line east of Paris.

3rd April 2006

Taylor pleads not guilty at trial

Thaksin claims Thai election win

Sudan 'blocks' UN trip to Darfur

3rd April 2007

French set new rail speed record

Sri Lanka army 'kills 23 rebels'

Seized Iran diplomat free in Iraq

3rd April 2008

Nato to back US missile defence

Men 'planned airliner explosions'

Symbolic Cyprus crossing reopens

3rd April 2009

US siege gunman kills at least 12

Jump in US unemployment

Clashes on Thai-Cambodian border

3rd April 2010

Iraq gunmen kill at least 25 in attack

German troops kill 5 Afghan soldiers

Terreblanche killed in South Africa

Birthdates which occurred on 3rd April :

1367 Henry IV Bolingbroke Lincolnshire, King of England (1399-1413)
1438 John III van Egmont [Manke John], viceroy of Holland
1485 Lieven van der Maude [Ammonius] South Netherlands poet
1569 Giovanni Battista Massarengo composer
1593 George Herbert English metaphysical poet (5 Mystical Songs)
1603 William Smith composer
1617 Antimo Liberati composer
1627 Johann Caspar Kerll composer
1649 Joseph-François Salomon composer
1682 Johann Valentin Rathgeber German benedictine/composer
1715 John Hanson Port Tobacco MD, 1st US President under Articles of Confederation
1720 Elia van Vilnius [Elijahu ben Salomo Zalman] Latvian rabbi
1727 Philippe-Lambert-Joseph Spruyt Flemish painter/engraver
1751 Jean-Baptiste Lamoyne composer
1757 Ferenc Verseghy composer
1764 John Abernethy London, surgeon
1783 Washington Irving New York NY, American writer (Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Rip Van Winkle)
1798 Charles D Wilkes Commander (Union Navy), died in 1877
1812 Louisa Maria Queen of the Belgians (1832-50/wife of Leopold I)
1822 Edward Everett Hale US, clergyman/author (Man without a Country)
1823 William Marcy "Boss" Tweed corrupt NYC political boss
1825 Adolf Rzepko composer
1837 John Burroughs writer/nature enthusiast (Burroughs Medal namesake)
1838 Léon Michel Gambetta French attorney/premier (1881-82)
1842 Ulric Dahlgren Colonel (Union volunteers), died in 1864
1858 Matthew Ricketts 1st Black man elected to Nebraska State Legislature
1859 Reginald De Koven composer
1860 Frederik W van Eeden Dutch utopian writer (Walden)
1866 James B Hertzog South African General/premier (1914-39)
1871 José Juan Tablada Mexican poet (El Florilegio)
1874 Eduardo Sanchez de Fuentes composer
1881 Alcide de Gasperi Italian premier (1945..53)
1881 Margaret MJ "Daisy" Ashford English author (Young Sisters)
1882 Simon Elzinga Dutch educator
1884 Jackie Matthews cricketer (Australia leg-spinner, two hat-tricks 1912)
1885 Harry St John Philby [sheik Abdullah], British explorer
1888 Neville Cardus cricketer (doyen of cricket writers)
1889 Grigoras Dinicu composer
1893 Leslie Howard [Stainer] London England, actor (Ashley Wilkes-Gone With the Wind)
1894 Dooley Wilson Tyler TX, actor (Bill-Beulah, Sam-Casablanca)
1895 Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco Firenze (Florence) Italy, composer
1895 Bjarne Brustad composer
1896 Douwe Kalma Dutch literary/leader (Young Frisian Movement)
1898 George Jessel toastmaster general/entertainer (Diary of Young Comic)
1898 Henry R Luce Tengchow China, publisher (Time, Fortune, Life, 1965 Fisher Award)
1899 Cees Lasseur Dutch actor/owner (Hague Comedy)
19-- John Laughlin Memphis TN, actor (White Shadow)
19-- Kuan Yin buddhist/taoist deity
1900 Camille Chamoun President of Lebanon
1902 Henri Garat Paris France, actor (Congress Dances)
1902 Siguringi Eirikur Hjorleifsson composer
1903 Peter Huchel writer
1904 Peter Van Steeden Amsterdam Netherlands, orchestra leader (Break the Bank)
1904 Sally Rand US, actress/ecdysiast/fan dancer (1933 Chicago World Fair)
1904 Iron Eyes Cody Tulsa OK, actor (Black Gold, Ernest Goes to Camp)
1906 Kathleen Tillotson Emeritus Professor of English (Bedford College)
1907 Isaac Deutscher Polish/English historian (Stalin/Trotsky biography)
1911 Harold Watkins Shaw musicologist
1911 Michael Woodruff FRS, surgeon
1911 W R Lee language teacher
1912 Addeke H Boerma Dutch Director-General (FAO)
1912 Bert Bakker Dutch publisher (Free Netherlands)
1913 F H Tate vice-CEO (Tate & Lyle)
1913 George Barati composer
1914 Katherine Stammers Menzies England, doubles tennis player (Wimb 1935)
1915 Paul Touvier war criminal
1916 Herb Caen Sacramento CA, columnist (San Francisco Chronicle)
1916 Robert Jesse Charleston museum Curator
1917 Bill Finegan Newark NJ, (Sauter-Finegan Band, Sat Night Revue)
1917 Tibor Andrasovan composer
1918 Sixten Ehrling Malmö Sweden, conductor (Royal Opera of Stockholm)
1918 Enrique Iturriaga composer
1918 Louis Applebaum composer
1919 Duke of Grafton KG
1920 Stan Freeman Waterbury CT, pianist (Melody Tour)
1921 Harry Landers New York NY, actor (Ted Hoffman-Ben Casey)
1921 Marilyn Maxwell Clarinda IA, actress (Grace-Bus Stop)
1923 Jan Sterling New York NY, actress (1st Monday in October, HS Confidential)
1923 John Smith English large landowner/financier/MP (C)
1924 Doris Day Cincinnati OH, "girl next door" actress (Pillow Talk)
1924 Marlon Brando Omaha NE, actor (Superman, Godfather)
1924 Canon A D Caesar Sub Dean (HM Chapels Royal)
1924 Murray Dickie opera singer/director
1925 Tony Benn British minister of technology (1968)
1926 Virgil Grissom Mitchell IN, Lieutenant Colonel USAF/astronaut (Merc 4, Gemini 3)
1926 Andrew Keir actor (Rob Roy, Absolution, Blood Hunt, Catholics)
1927 Eva Székely Hungary, 200 meter backstroke swimmer (Olympics-gold-1952)
1929 Miyoshi Umeki Otaru Hokkaido Japan, actress (Best Supporting Actress Oscar-1957-Sayonara, Mrs Livingston-Courtship of Eddie's Father)
1929 Dennis Farr director (Courtauld Institute Galleries)
1930 Max Frankel journalist (Tables of Id of Organic Compounds)
1930 Helmut Kohl chancellor (Germany, 1982- )
1930 Lawton Chiles (Senator/Governor-Democrat-FL, 1971-89/91- )
1931 Alex Cord Floral Park NY, actor (Jack-WEB, Michael-Airwolf)
1931 Johnny Nicholss soccer star
1932 Janet Bately Professor of English Language (King's College London)
1932 Nourse British lord justice
1933 Robert K Dornan (Representative-Republican-CA, 1977-83, 85- )
1934 Jane Goodall London England, ethologist (studied African chimps)
1934 Jim Parker NFL guard, tackle (Baltimore Colts)
1934 David Jones British reverend/headmaster (Bryanston School)
1934 John Lelliott English contractor/multi-millionaire
1935 Jeffery Bowman CEO (Price Waterhouse Europe)
1937 Simon Brown British high court judge
1937 William Gaunt Leeds England, actor (The Champions)
1937 Sandra Spuzich LPGA golfer
1938 Jeff Barry Brooklyn NY, rock writer (Tell Laura I Love Her)
1938 Philippe Wynne Detroit MI, US soul singer (Spinners, Parliament, Ghetto Child)
1939 Vitaliy Davidov USSR, ice hockey player (Olympics-gold-1964, 68, 72)
1939 Malcolm Thornton MP
1940 Lino Brocka San Jose Philippines, director (Macho Dancer, Jaguar)
1940 R S Burman CEO (Association of British Chambers of Commerce)
1941 Eric Braeden Kiel Germany, actor (Victor Newman-Young & Restless)
1941 Jan Berry Los Angeles CA, rock vocalist (Jan & Dean-Deadman's Curve)
1942 Michael Elliott US, skier (Olympics-1968)
1942 Rick Sylvester parachute ski jumper (world record 3,300')
1942 Billy Joe Royal Valdosta GA, country singer (Down in the Boondocks)
1942 Marsha Mason St Louis MO, actress (Blume in Love, Cinderella Liberty)
1942 Wayne Newton Roanoke VA, singer (Danke Schön)
1943 Jonathan Lynn Bath England, writer/actor (Greedy, Bar Mitzvah Boy)
1944 Tony Orlando New York NY, singer (& Dawn-Tie a Yellow Ribbon)
1944 Barry Pritchard rock guitarist (Fortunes)
1945 Catherine Spaak Boulogne-Billancourt France, actress (Empty Canvas, Hotel, Libertine, Circle of Love)
1945 Richard Manuel rock pianist/vocalist (The Band-Up on Cripple Creek)
1945 Wim J Deetman Dutch minister of education/MP (CDA)
1946 Carlos Salinas de Gortari President (México, 1988-94)
1946 Dee Murray rocker (Elton John Band)
1946 John Virgo British snooker player
1947 Pat[rick] Proft Minneapolis MN, comedy writer (Naked Gun, Airplane)
1948 Garrick Ohlsson Bronxville NY, pianist (International Busoni winner 1969)
1948 Mary Gordon-Watson England, equestrian 3 day event (Olympics-gold-1972)
1948 H C Tomlinson Headmaster (Hereford Cathedral School)
1948 Jaap G de Hoop Scheffer Dutch MP (CDA)
1949 Anne De Salvo Philadelphia PA, actress (Compromosing Positions)
1949 Richard Thompson vocalist/guitarist (Shoot out the Lights)
1949 Jan Keizer Dutch singer (BZN-Rhythm of My Heart)
1949 Lyle Alzado NFLer (Los Angeles Raiders)/actor (Oceans of Fire, Hangfire)
1950 Curtis Stone North Hollywood CA, singer (Highway 101-Cry Cry Cry)
1951 Mel Schacher Owosso MI, bassist (Grand Funk Railroad-Some Kind of Wonderful)
1951 Gwen Welles US actress (Desert Hearts, Nashville)
1953 Huub van der Lubbe Dutch rock singer (Stampei-The Dike)
1955 Mick Mars [Bob Allen Dale] Terra Haute IN, guitarist (Mötley Crüe-Girls Girls)
1955 Aleksandr Nikolayevich Yablontsev Russian Lieutenant-Colonel/cosmonaut
1956 Miguel Bosé Aries Panamá, Spanish singer (Lo Mejor del Año)/actor (El Avaro, Queen Margot)
1957 Charles Jones NBA forward (Houston Rockets)
1958 Alec Baldwin Amityville NY, actor (Joshua-Knots Landing, Beetlejuice)
1959 David Hyde Pierce Saratoga Springs NY, actor (Niles Crane-Fraiser)
1961 Eddie Murphy Brooklyn NY, actor (Saturday Night Live, 48 Hours, Beverly Hills Cop, Raw)
1961 Melissa Etheridge rock guitarist/vocalist (Come to My Window)
1962 John Griffith rocker (Red Rockers)
1962 Mike Ness rocker (Social Distortion)
1962 Nancy Filteau Swift Current Saskatchawan, 72k judoka (Olympics-96)
1963 Chris Bosio baseball pitcher (Seattle Mariners)
1963 Zakir Khan cricketer (two Tests for Pakistan 1986-89)
1964 Ajay Sharma cricketer (Indian spin all-rounder played one Test 1988)
1965 Laura Bryan Birn actress (Lynne-Young and the Restless)
1966 Bo Orlando NFL safety (San Diego Chargers, Cincinnati Bengals)
1966 Shelley Michelle Hollywood CA, actress (Golden Eye)
1967 Brent Gilchrist Moose Jaw, NHL center (Dallas Stars)
1967 Pervis Ellison NBA forward/center (Boston Celtics)
1968 Sebastian Bach [Bierk] Bahamas, rock (Skid Row-18 and Life, I Remember You)
1968 Bernd Karbacher Germany, tennis star
1968 Mike Lansing Rawlins WY, infielder (Montréal Expos)
1969 David Morland North Bay Ontario Canada, golfer (1992 Trafalgar Rookie of Year)
1969 Reid Hayston Hamilton New Zealand, beach volleyball player (Olympics-96)
1969 Rodney Hampton NFL running back (New York Giants)
1970 Keith Franklin WLAF linebacker (Amsterdam Admirals)
1970 Matt Gay WLAF safety (Rhein Fire)
1971 Anthony McClanahan CFL linebacker (Calgary Stampeders)
1971 Kevin Farkas WLAF tackle (Amsterdam Admirals)
1971 Peter Schwab Boston MA, rower (Olympics-1996)
1971 Picabo Street skier (Olympics-gold-94)
1971 Quilvio Veras Santo Domingo Dominican Republic, infielder (Florida Marlins)
1972 Jennie Garth Urbana IL, actress (Kelly Taylor-Beverly Hills 90210)
1972 Sandrine Testud Lyon France, tennis star (1993 Strasbourg)
1973 Greg DeLong NFL tight end (Minnesota Vikings)
1973 Jim Campbell Worchester MA, US hockey forward (Olympics-1994)
1973 Kelly Lochbaum CFL linebacker (British Columbia Lions)
1975 Thomas Hamilton NBA center (Boston Celtics)
1976 Keith Closs NBA center (Los Angeles Clippers)
1977 Veronique De Kock Miss Belgium-Universe (1996)
1979 Esmeralda Gonzales Miss Wyoming Teen-USA (1997)


Deaths which occurred on April 3rd:
0033 Christ crucified (according to astronomer Humphreys & Waddington)
0628 Chosroes II emperor of Persia (579..628), murdered by his son
1287 Honorius IV [Giacomo Savelli], Italian Pope (1285-87), dies
1512 Richard Pafraet Dutch printer, dies
1525 Giovanni Rucellai Italian poet (Le Api), dies at 49
1581 Huibert Duifhuis Roman Catholic pastor (Rotterdam/Utrecht), dies
1682 Bartolomé Esteban Murillo Spanish painter, dies
1694 Ferdinand van Apshoven de Jongere Flemish painter, buried at 64
1695 Melchior de Hondecoeter Dutch still life painter, dies at about 58
1769 Gerhard Tersteegen German evangelist/poet (in blood), dies at 71
1797 Nonnosus Madlseder composer, dies at 66
1811 Pieter-Jozef Verhaghen Flemish (court)painter, dies at 83
1822 Friedrich Bertuch writer, dies
1826 Reginald Heber bishop & hymn writer, dies
1838 Francesco Antommarchi Napoleon's physician on St Helena, dies at 57
1849 Juliusz Slowacki Pol poet (Father of the Plague-Patient), dies at 39
1850 Vaclav Jan Krtitel Tomasek organist/pianist/composer, dies at 75
1858 Sigismund Ritter von Neukomm Austrian composer, dies at 79
1862 James Clark Ross Arctic explorer, dies
1868 Franz Adolf Berwald Swedish composer, dies at 71
1876 Henriette Davidis writer, dies
1882 Friedrich Wilhelm Kucken composer, dies at 71
1882 Jesse James outlaw, shot dead at 34, in St Joseph MO by Robert Ford
1884 Carel JCH van Nispen tot Sevenaer Dutch Cath politician, dies at 59
1897 Johannes Brahms German composer/conductor (Hung Dances), dies at 63
1901 Richard D'Oyly Carte promotor (Gilbert & Sullivan operas), dies
1909 Benjamin Johnson Lang composer, dies at 71
1915 Andrew Stoddart cricketer (England captain at turn of century), suicide
1919 Paul Geisler composer, dies at 62
1920 Homer Newton Bartlett composer, dies at 74
1936 Bruno Hauptmann convicted Lindbergh baby killer, executed
1941 André Michelin French tire manufacturer, dies at 88
1941 Pal Teleki-von Szek PM Hungary (1920-21, 39-41), suicide at 61
1942 Albert Siklos composer, dies at 63
1942 Paul Gilson composer, dies at 76
1943 Conrad Veidt German/US actor (Cabinet of Dr Calgary), dies at 50
1945 Joseph Weinheber Austria poet/writer (Vienna Verbatim), dies at 43
1946 Lieutenant General Masaharu Homma (responsible for Bataan Death March), executed
1949 Basil Harwood composer, dies at 89
1950 Carter G Woodson "father of black history", dies in Washington DC at 74
1950 Adolf Wiklund composer, dies at 70
1950 Kurt Julian Weill German composer (Dreigroschenoper), dies at 50
1951 Johannes C Kielstra Dut economist/Governor (Suriname 1933-44), dies at 72
1956 T Kostov Bulgarian vice-premier, executed
1958 Theodor Kramer writer, dies
1960 Anton Pannekoek Dutch astronomer/marxist theorist, dies at 87
1962 Benny "Kid" Paret US welterweight boxer, dies after fight, at 24
1962 Manolis Kalomiris Greek opera composer, dies at 78
1966 Russel Crouse US stagewriter (Life with Father), dies at 73
1969 Rex Evans actor (Frankenstein meets the Wolfman, Zara), dies at 65
1971 Joseph Valachi US gangster, dies at 66
1971 Manfred Bonnington Lee [Ellery Queen], detective writer, dies at 65
1972 Ferde Ferdinand Rudolph von Grofé composer (Grand Canyon Suite), dies at 80
1975 Mary Ure actress (Sons & Lovers, Where Eagles Dare), dies at 42
1976 Maurice Johnstone composer, dies at 75
1977 Jack Ryder cricketer (20 Tests for Australia, 1394 runs), dies
1980 Luella Gear actress (Joe & Mabel), dies at 82
1982 Warren Oates actor (East of Eden, Stoney Burke), dies at 53
1982 Herman W Filarski Dutch bridge journalist, dies at 69
1986 Peter Pears English tenor (Death in Venice), dies at 75
1986 Richard Manuel rock pianist/vocalist (Band), dies on 41st birthday
1988 Milton A Caniff US cartoonist (Terry & the Pirates), dies at 81
1989 Norman Woolard actor (Guilty, Saul & David, Medeleine), dies at 79
1990 Sarah Vaughan jazz singer, dies of lung cancer at 66
1990 Katharine Balfour actress (Love Story), dies of ALS at 69
1991 Graham Greene British writer (3rd Man, Our man in Havana), dies at 86
1992 Lloyd "Slim" Andrews actor (Buf Bill in Tomahawk Territory), dies
1992 Margaret Barker actress (Fathers & Son), dies of lung cancer at 83
1993 Alexander Mnouchkine French movie producer (Professional), dies at 83
1993 Dieter Plage German wildlife filmmaker, dies at 57
1993 Eduardo Cabellero Calderon Colombian writer/diplomat, dies at 83
1993 Pinky Lee kiddie host (Pinky Lee Show), dies of heart attack at 85
1994 Betty Furness actress/news consumer reporter (WNBC), dies at 78
1994 Frank G Wells US director (Walt Disney), dies at 62
1994 Jerome Lejeune French geneticist (Syndrome of Down), dies at 67
1994 Pat Harper NYC news anchor (WPIX, WNBC), dies
1995 David Alexander Reginald Herbert writer, dies at 86
1995 Harvey Pennick golfer/teacher, dies at 89
1996 Carl Stokes 1st black mayor of a major US city (Cleveland OH), dies
1996 Christopher John Seward aid worker, dies at 45
1996 Ronald Harmon Brown Secretary of Commerce, dies in an accident at 54
1996 Roosevelt "Booba" Barnes bluesman, dies at 59
1997 Judy Flannery master triathlete, killed by a car at 56

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