27th April, on this day

4977 BC - Johannes Kepler's date for creation of universe
1296 Battle of Dunbar: The Scots are defeated by Edward I of England.
1509 Pope Julius II excommunicates Italian state of Venice
1518 Treaty of St Truiden anti-French Trapdoors/Bourgondisch covenant
1521 Battle of Mactan: Explorer Ferdinand Magellan is killed by natives in the Philippines led by chief Lapu-Lapu.
1522 Battle at Bicacca Charles I and Pope Adrianus VI beat France
1526 Mogol King Babur beats sultan of Delhi
1539 Re-founding of the city of Bogotá, New Granada (nowadays Colombia), by Nikolaus Federmann and Sebastián de Belalcázar.
1565 1st Spanish settlement in Philippines, Cebu City, forms
1576 Peace of Beaulieu and Paix de Monsieur
1578 Duel of the Mignons claims the lives of two favorites of Henry III of France and two favorites of Henry I, Duke of Guise.
1643 Tirso de Molina's "Bellaco Sois, Gomez", premieres in Madrid
1646 King Charles I flees Oxford
1650 The Battle of Carbisdale: A Royalist army invades mainland Scotland from Orkney Island but is defeated by a Covenanter army.
1662 Netherlands and France sign military covenant
1667 The blind, impoverished John Milton sells the copyright of Paradise Lost for £10.
1694 Frederik August I "the Strong" becomes monarch of Saksen
1746 Battle at Culloden Moor Duke of Cumberland beats "James VIII & III"
1749 First performance of Handel's Fireworks Music in Green Park, London.
1773 British Parliament passes the Tea Act (eventually leads to Boston Tea Party on December 16)
1805 First Barbary War: United States Marines and Berbers attack the Tripolitan city of Derna (The "shores of Tripoli" part of the Marines' hymn).
1810 Beethoven publishes his latest composition for the piano, Fur Elise
1813 War of 1812: United States troops under General Pike capture the capital of Ontario, York (present day Toronto, Canada). Pike is killed
1827 The Petrel, Australian Coal carrying ship sinks in stormy seas, off Hope Bay, Tasmania.
1828 Zoological Gardens at Regent's Park London, opens
1830 Simon Bolivar abdicates from his position of President of Colombia
1838 Fire destroys half of Charleston
1840 Foundation stone for new Palace of Westminster, London, laid by wife of Sir Charles Barry.
1841 Imakita Kosen, 1st Zen teacher of D T Suzuki, found the awakening
1857 Establishment of Jewish congregations in Lower Austria prohibited
1859 "Pomona" sinks in North Atlantic drowning all 400 aboard
1860 Thomas J Jackson is assigned to command Harpers Ferry
1861 President Abraham Lincoln suspends the writ of habeas corpus
1861 West Virginia secedes from Virginia after Virginia secedes from US
1863 Battle of Streight's raid Tuscumbia to Cedar Bluff, AL
1865 1450 of 2000 paroled Union POWs on their way home are killed when river steamer "Sultana" explodes on the Mississippi River
1867 The opera "Roméo et Juliette" is produced (Paris, France)
1870 Heinrich Schliemann discovers Troi
1874 White League, Paramilitary white supremacist organization, forms
1877 President Rutherford Hayes removes Federal troops from Louisiana, Reconstruction ends
1881 Pogroms against Russian Jews start in Elisabethgrad
1890 French troops under Captain Archinard occupy Oussébougou, West Sudan
1903 Long Island's Jamaica Race Track opens
1904 The Australian Labor Party becomes the first such party to gain national government, under Chris Watson.
1905 World Exposition opens in Luik
1908 Start of the Fourth Modern Olympic Games in London (April 27-October 31). Britain heads the medal table winning 56 gold
1909 Sultan of Turkey Abdul Hamid II is overthrown, and is succeeded by his brother, Mehmed V.
1910 Belgian parliament rejects socialist motion for general voting rights )
1911 Following the resignation and death of William P. Frye, a compromise is reached to rotate the office of President pro tempore of the United States Senate.
1920 Pogrom leader Petljoera declares Ukraine Independence
1922 Yakut ASSR formed in Russian SFSR
1922 Fritz Langs "Dr Mabuse, der Spieler" premieres in Berlin
1923 Mussolini government italian place in South Tirol/Alto Adige
1933 Karl Jansky reports reception of cosmic radio signal in Washington, DC
1935 Brussel's World Expo opens
1937 The world's longest suspension bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, is officially opened. Its length: 4,200 feet
1937 US Social Security system makes its 1st benefit payment
1938 Greece and Turkey sign a treaty of friendship
1940 Himmler orders establishment of Auschwitz Concentration Camp
1941 German troops occupy Athens, Greece
1942 Tornado destroys Pryor Oklahoma killing 100, injuring 300
1942 Belgium Jews are forced to wear stars
1943 Soviet Union breaks contact with Polish government exiled in London
1943 Britain's first professional women's jockey makes her racing debut
1945 2nd Republic of Austria forms
1945 Italian partisans capture Mussolini prisoner
1945 US 5th army enters Genua
1945 Last German troops are expelled from Finnish Lapland (the last day of World War II going on in Finland).
1945 The Völkischer Beobachter, the newspaper of the Nazi Party, ceases publication.
1946 1st radar installation aboard a commercial ship installed
1947 Babe Ruth Day celebrated at Yankee Stadium and through the US
1948 Arab legion attacks Gesher bridge on Jordan River
1950 South Africa passes Group Areas Act segregating races
1950 The Communist Party is outlawed in Australia
1950 Britain officially recognises the State of Israel
1951 Mohammed Mossadeq chosen premier of Persia
1953 1st general elections in British Guyana, won by Jagans PPP
1956 Heavyweight champion, Rocky Marciano, retires undefeated from boxing
1956 Burma Premier U Nu's Volksliga voor Vrijheid loses election
1959 Liu Sjau-chi elected President of People's Rebublic of China
1959 The last Canadian missionary leaves the People's Republic of China.
1960 1st atomic powered electric-drive submarine launched (Tullibee)
1960 France grants Togo independence (National Day)
1960 South Korean President Syngman Rhee resigns
1961 NASA launches Explorer 11 into Earth orbit to study gamma rays
1961 Sierra Leone declares independence from UK
1962 Arnold Wesker's "Chips with Everything", premieres in London
1962 US performs atmospheric nuclear test at Christmas Island
1963 "Jopie" Pengel forms government in Suriname
1963 Cuban premier Fidel Castro arrives in Moscow
1964 John Lennon's "In His Own Write" is published in the US
1965 RC Duncan patents "Pampers" disposable diaper
1967 Expo '67 opens in Montréal
1968 The Abortion Act legalises abortion in Britain
1967 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1971 Curt Flood resigns Senators after 13 games & departs for Denmark
1972 Apollo 16 returns to Earth
1974 A Soviet airliner crashes shortly after take-off from Leningrad Airport killing all 108 passengers and crew on board
1974 Pan Am 707 crashes into mountains of Bali, killing 107
1974 10,000 march in Washington, D.C., calling for impeachment of US President Richard Nixon
1975 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakhstan/Semipalitinsk USSR
1976 Arabic Monetary Fund established in Abu Dhabi
1977 Bloody riots in Soweto South Africa
1977 28 people are killed in the Guatemala City air disaster.
1978 Former Nixon aide John D. Ehrlichman is released from an Arizona prison after serving 18 months for Watergate-related crimes.
1978 Afghanistan President Daoud Khan is killed during a military coup; Nur Mohammed Taraki succeeds him.
1981 Xerox PARC introduces the computer mouse.
1981 Beatle Ringo Starr marries actress Barbara Bach [Goldbach]
1982 Trial of John W Hinckley Jr, attempted assassin of President Ronald Reagan, begins
1984 Over 70 inches of snow falls on Red Lake, MT
1987 US Justice Department bars Austrian Chancellor Kurt Waldheim from entering US, due to his aid of Nazi Germany during WWII
1989 Beijing students take over Tiananmen Square in China
1989 Mandatory seatbelt law goes into effect in Italy
1989 Hurricane in Bangladesh, kills 500
1992 Betty Boothroyd becomes the first woman to be elected Speaker of the British House of Commons in its 700-year history.
1992 Russia and 12 other former Soviet republics win entry into the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.
1993 In a referendum, Eritreans vote overwhelmingly for independence from Ethiopia
1993 Afghan Antonov AN-32 crashes at Tashqurgan, kills 76
1993 All members of the Zambia national football team lose their lives in a plane crash off Libreville, Gabon in route to Dakar, Senegal to play a 1994 FIFA World Cup qualifying match against Senegal.
1994 President Richard Nixon buried in Nixon Library in California
1994 South African general election, 1994: The first democratic general election in South Africa, in which black citizens could vote.
1996 The Israeli military operation in Lebanon, Operation Grapes of Wrath, ends after 16 days of heavy bombing.
2002 The last successful telemetry from NASA space probe Pioneer 10.
2005 The Superjumbo jet aircraft Airbus A380 makes its first flight from Toulouse, France.
2006 Construction begins on the Freedom Tower for the new World Trade Center in New York City.
2007 Estonian authorities remove the Bronze Soldier, a Soviet Red Army war memorial in Tallinn, amid political controversy with Russia.

27th April 2006

Putin criticises West over energy

Curfew after Sri Lanka air raids

Woman tried for eight baby deaths

27th April 2007

Saudis foil 'air attack plotters'

US holds 'senior al-Qaeda figure'

Putin steps up missiles warning

27th April 2008

Karzai unhurt after parade attack

Algeria army 'kills 10 militants'

Austrian 'hid daughter in cellar'

27th April 2009

WHO raises swine flu alert level

Swine flu outbreak reaches Europe

GM to cut a further 21,000 jobs

27th April 2010

Greek bonds rated 'junk'

Goldman Sachs attacked at hearing

Chaos as Ukraine ratifies fleet deal

Birthdates which occurred on 27th April :

1410 John Van Lannoy Flemish Governor of Holland/Zealand/West Frisia
1623 Johann Adam Reincken composer
1701 Charles Emanuel I King of Sardinia
1707 John Burman Dutch botanist/director botanical gardens
1724 Ferdinand Philipp Joseph Lobkowitz composer
1737 Edward Gibbon England, historian (Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire)
1759 Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin England, writer/feminist (Female Reader)
1767 Andreas Jakob Romberg German violinist/composer (Song of the Clock)
1791 Samuel Finley Breece Morse US painter/inventor (telegraph)
1802 Abraham Louis Niedermeyer composer
1803 Alfred Julius Becher composer
1812 Friedrich von Flotow composer
1820 Herbert Spencer Derby England, Victorian philosopher (Social Statics)
1822 [Hiram] Ulysses S[impson] Grant Point Pleasant OH, 18th US President (1869-77, Republican)
1824 William Richard Bexfield composer
1828 Gerben Colmjon Dutch Frisian linguist/publisher
1835 John Murray Corse Pittsburgh PA, Brevet Major General (Union volunteers)
1840 Edward Whymper 1st to climb Matterhorn (1865)
1861 Georgy L'vovich Catoire composer
1861 Johan M Skjoldborg Danish writer (Dynaes-Digte)
1865 Emile Erens Dutch Hagiographer (Pastor of Ars)
1869 William Victor Harris composer
1871 Arthur Finlay Nevin composer
1873 Harry M O'Connor Chicago IL, actor (Stranger than Fiction)
1875 André Baillon Belgian/French author (Un homme si simple)
1875 Freddie Fane cricketer (Hobbs' 1st Test opening partner)
1875 Lumsden Hare Ireland, actor (Oregon Trail, Desert Fox, Young Bess)
1883 Hubert Harrison St Croix Virgin Island, writer/freedom fighter
1884 Louis de Bree [Louis C Davids] actor (Bluejackets)
1891 Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev composer
1892 Louis Victor de Broglie physicist (studied electrons)
1893 Norman Bel Geddes Adrian MI, theatrical designer (Rivals, Dead End)
1894 Nicolas Slonimsky composer
1896 Rogers Hornsby Winters TX, 2nd baseman (St Louis Cardinals)
1896 Wallace Hume Carothers inventor (nylon)
19-- Ellen Regan Long Island NY, actress (Irma-Ted Knight Show, Me & Mrs C)
1900 Walter Lantz animator (Woody Woodpecker's creator)
1902 Kitty Kelly New York NY, actress (Ladies of the Jury, Behind Office Doors)
1903 Frank Belknap Long American writer (Rim of the Unknown)
1903 Hans Walter Kosterliz biochemist
1904 Arthur F Burns economist/chairman (Federal Reserve Board)
1904 Cecil Day-Lewis England, poet laureate/detective (Nicholas Blake)
1904 Ragnar Skrede Norwegian poet (Lauvfall)
1905 Julian Stryjkowski writer
1905 Philip Radcliffe composer
1906 Mark Alexander Abrams market researcher
1909 Muriel C Bradbrook English writer (That Infidel Place)
1911 Colin Gordon Ceylon, actor (John-The Baron)
1911 Georges Dargaud French publisher (Asterix, Tintin)
1912 Franz Weyergans Belgian literary (Les Gens Heureux)
1912 Frederick Rand Weissman philanthropist
1912 Renato Rascel actor (7 Hills of Rome, Secrets of Santa Vittoria)
1914 Albert Soboult French historian
1916 Jan Rychlik composer
1918 John Alfred Scali journalist/correspondant (ABC)
1918 Kirby Stone New York NY, jazz combo leader (Baubles Bangles & Beads)
1918 Willem N "Pim" Koot pianist of Concert building (Oh, Lady! Lady!)
1919 Walter Ritchie sculptor
1922 Jack Klugman Philadelphia PA, actor (Oscar-Odd Couple, Quincy, Goodbye Columbus)
1922 Daphne Anderson London, actress (Beggar's Opera, Hobson's Choice)
1927 Connie Kay jazz drummer
1927 Coretta Scott King Marion AL, civil rights leader
1927 John Joseph Moakley (Representative-Democrat-MA, 1973- )
1929 Nina Ponomareva Romaschkova USSR, discus thrower (Olympics-gold-1952, 60)
1930 Roelof F "Pik" Botha South African minister of Foreign affairs
1931 Robert Donner New York NY, actor (Yancy-The Waltons, Exidor-Mork & Mindy)
1931 Igor Oistrach Russian violinist/son of David Oistrach
1931 Krzystzof Komeda composer
1932 Anouk Aimee [Françoise Dreyfus] Paris France, actress (8½, La Dolce Vita)
1932 Casey Kasem Detroit MI, radio personality (American Top 40)
1932 Charles Adkins US, welterweight boxer (Olympics-gold-1952)
1932 Chuck Knox NFL coach (Rams, Bills, Seahawks)
1932 François Bayle composer
1932 Maxine Brown rocker (Browns)
1932 Petar Ozgijan composer
1936 Khalid Wazir cricketer (son of S Wazir Ali 2 Tests for Pakistan 1954)
1937 Phil Jones newsman (CBS)
1937 Sandy Dennis Hastings NE, actress (Honey-Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?)
1938 Earl Anthony bowler (PBA money champion 1974-6, 1981-3)
1939 Judy Carne Northhampton England, comedienne (Laugh-in, Fair Exchange)
1939 Jerry Mercer Montréal Québec Canada, rock drummer (April Wine)
1941 Judith Blegen Missoula MT, opera singer (Papagena-Magic Flute)
1941 Friedrich Goldmann composer
1941 Jan D Blaauw Dutch MP (VVD)
1942 Gordon Roddick English cosmetic manufacturer (Body Shop)
1942 Valeri Vladimirovich Polyakov Russian cosmonaut (Soyuz TM-6, TM-18)
1943 Helmut Marko auto racer (Le Mans Grand Prix)
1943 Eugene Polyakov dancer
1944 Michael Fish British TV weatherman
1944 Cuba Gooding US singer (Everybody Plays the Fool)
1944 Herb Pedersen Berkley CA, singer (Desert Rose Band-Love Reunited)
1945 August Wilson US, playwright (Fences, Pulitzer 1987)
1946 John Maclean cricketer (Australian wicket-keeper 1978-79)
1947 Ann Peebles St Louis MO, soul singer (I Can't Stand the Rain)
1947 Jim Ryun middle distance runner/world's outstanding athlete (1966)
1947 Pete Ham Swansea South Wales, rock guitarist/pianist/vocalist (Badfinger-Come & Get It)
1947 Herbie Murrell US singer (Stylistics-You are My Everything)
1947 Peter Gena composer
1948 Kate Pierson Weehawken NJ, vocals/guitarist (B-52's-Rock Lobster, Love Shack)
1949 Douglas Sheehan Santa Monica CA, actor (Ben-Knots Landing, Joe Kelly-General Hospital)
1949 Yoshiaki Fujiwara wrestler (NJPW/PWF/UWF)
1951 Ace Frehley Bronx NY, heavy metal rocker (Kiss-Beth, Frehley's Comet)
1951 Boris Kinberg rock percussionist (Mink Deville)
1953 Dr Ellen L Shulman Baker Fayetteville NC, MD/astronaut (STS 34, 50, 71)
1955 Cora Ann Mahalick New Jersey, news anchor (WNYW-TV)
1956 Dennie Shupryt-Knoop Chicago IL, beach volleyballer (Olympics-96)
1958 Keith Denunzio rocker
1959 Marco Pirroni London, rock guitarist (Adam & The Ants)
1959 Sheena [Shirley Orr] Easton Belshill Scotland, singer (Morning Train, For Your Eyes Only)
1962 Denise Baldwin Atlanta GA, LPGA golfer (1991 Futures Salisbury Classic)
1962 Grant Show Detroit MI, actor (Jake-Melrose Place, Rick-Ryan's Hope)
1962 Patricia Susan Plumer Levere Covina CA, 1.5k/3K/5k runner
1963 Schae Harrison [Deborah Schaeffer] Anaheim Hills CA, actress (Darla-The Bold & Beautiful)
1963 Arther van Dijk drummer (Ivy Green)
1964 Paul Osbaldiston CFL kicker (Hamilton Tiger Cats)
1965 Courtenay Becker-Dey Greenwich CT, Europe yachter (Olympics-bronze-1996)
1966 Peter McIntyre cricketer (Australian leg-spinner 1995)
1967 Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, Dutch crown prince/son of Queen Beatrix of Netherlands/heir apparent
1967 Bridgette Gordon WNBA forward (Sacramento Monarchs, Olympics-gold-88)
1968 Adrian Cooper NFL tight end (Minnesota Vikings)
1969 Mica Paris rocker (So Good)
1969 Brett Steven Bermuda, New Zealand tennis player (Olympics-96)
1969 Francine "Frankie" McRae Australian softball outfielder (Olympics-bronze-96)
1969 Tyrone Rodgers CFL defensive linebacker (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)
1970 Mikiko Hagiwara WNBA guard (Sacramento Monarchs)
1970 Tim Hanshaw NFL guard (San Francisco 49ers)
1971 Hayley Barr [Sparks] Salzburg Austria, actress (Courtney-As the World Turns)
1971 Craig Keith NFL tight end (Jacksonville Jaguars)
1971 James Burton cornerback (Chicago Bears)
1971 Ricky Sutton WLAF defensive end (Barcelona Dragons)
1972 Alison McKnight Bakersfield CA, 100 meter hurdler/heptathlete
1972 David Lascher New York NY, actor (Josh-Clueless, Kidz in the Wood)
1972 Ethan Brooks NFL/WAFL tackle (Atlanta Falcons, Rhein Fire)
1972 Silvia Farina Milan Italy, tennis star (1995 Maria Lankowitz doubles)
1972 Tim Ruddy NFL center (Miami Dolphins)
1972 Tommy Thompson NFL punter (San Francisco 49ers)
1973 André Gower Culver City CA, actor (Monster Squad, Baby Makes 5, Fathers & Sons, Mr President)
1973 Sébastien Lareau Montréal Québec Canada, tennis player (Olympics-96)
1974 Carlos Fortes soccer player (Sparta)
1974 Pete Chryplewicz tight end (Detroit Lions)
1975 Kenny Harris safety (Arizona Cardinals)
1975 Michael Booker cornerback (Atlanta Falcons)
1992 James Duke Mason son of singer Belinda Carlisle & Morgan Mason


Deaths which occurred on April 27th:
1076 Willem bishop of Utrecht (1054-76), murderer of earl Floris I, dies
1124 Alexander I king of Scotland (1107-24), dies
1404 Philip the Stout, Duke of Burgundy, dies at 62
1521 Ferdinand Magellan world traveler, killed by Filipino natives at 50
1605 Leo XI [Alessandro O de' Medici] Italian Pope (1605), dies at 69
1656 Gerard van Honthorst painter, dies at 65
1656 Jan J van Goyen Dutch landscape painter, dies at 60
1682 Theodorus III czar of Russia (1676-82), dies
1694 Johan Georg IV elector of Saxony (1691-94), dies at 25
1695 Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz [Asbaje] Mexican poetress/nun, dies at 44
1702 Jean Bart French captain/sea hero (Escape out of Plymouth), dies at 51
1758 Jan Francisci composer, dies at 66
1764 Jaime de Casellas composer, dies at 73
1794 William Jones British Orientalist/jurist, dies at 47
1806 Amalia Fürstin Gallitzin Prussian daughter of Golitsyn, dies at 57
1813 Zebulon M Pike US explorer (Pike's Peak), dies in battle at 34
1871 Sigismond Fortune François Thalberg composer, dies at 59
1872 Ion Heliade-Radulescu Romanian politician/author, dies at 70
1881 Ludwig A Benedek Austrian General, dies at 76
1882 Ralph Waldo Emerson US poet (Representive Men), dies
1893 John Murray Corse US General (Union), dies on his 58th birthday
1901 Richard Redhead composer, dies at 81
1902 Julius Sterling Morton who started Arbor Day, dies at 72
1915 Alexander N Skriabin Russian pianist/composer (Prometheus), dies at 43
1932 Harold "Heart" Crane US poet (Bridge), commits suicide by jumping from a steamer while sailing from México to New York at 32
1936 Frederik A Stoett linguist (Dutch Proverbs), dies at 72
1936 Karl Pearson mathematician, dies
1937 Antonio Gramsci Italian philosopher/marxist theorist, dies at 46
1938 Edmond Rubbens Belgian minister to Colonies, dies at 44
1950 Adam Tadeusz Wieniawski composer, dies at 70
1950 Karl Straube German organist/conductor, dies
1951 Philip Albert Myburgh Hands cricketer (7 Tests for South Africa), dies
1957 Mario A Gianini creator of the maraschino cherry, dies
1959 Gordon Armstrong inventor of baby incubator, dies
1961 Roy Del Ruth director (About Face, Folies Bergere), dies at 67
1964 Georg Britting writer, dies at 73
1965 Alan Bunce actor (Albert-Ethel & Albert), dies at 61
1965 Edward R Murrow newscaster (Person to Person), dies at 57
1969 Dino Terranova actor (Young Dillinger), dies at 65
1970 Arthur Shields actor (Your Show Time), dies at 73
1972 Kwame Nkrumah President of Ghana, dies at 62
1972 Phil King rock (Blue Oyster Cult), shot in head at 24 while gambling
1973 Jim Sims cricketer (England leg-spinner in 4 Tests 1935-37), dies
1973 Libbe de Wal founder of Humanistic Covenant, dies at 72
1975 Nicholas Soussanin actor (Last Command), dies at 86
1977 Stanley Adams actor (Lillies of the Field, Thunder Alley), dies at 61
1978 Mohammed Daud premier/President of Afghánistán, murdered
1982 Tom Tully actor (Line-up, Shane), dies at 85
1984 Piet Kraak Dutch soccer player, dies at 63
1991 Ken Curtis actor (Lost, Freckles, California Gold Rush), dies at 74
1991 Marcus Heeresma writer/poet (Anna, Son of a Whore), dies
1992 Olivier Messiaen French composer, dies at 83
1993 Hans Sahl German/US writer (Tie Exil im Exil), dies at 90
1994 Jerome Lejeune physiologist, dies at 69
1994 John Preston US writer (Gay House, Big Gay Book), dies at 48
1994 Lynne Frederick Unger actress (Trail of Pink Panther), dies at 39
1996 Joan Sterndale Bennett actress (Elizabeth-Dark Shadows), dies at 86
1996 William Egan Colby CIA Director, dies at 76
1997 Paul Lambert actor (Tom-Executive Suite), dies at 73

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